Face Mask Friday: End of Week 1 for Healing Bark Golden Tree Bark Mask

This is a sponsored post, however as always my thoughts an opinions are my own.

I know some of you are looking at the title and thinking, wait, didn’t Mimsy talk about the Golden Tree bark Mask last week? Yes I did. And I will also be talking about it for the next few weeks. I am doing a month long trial of this mask from Healing Bark.

As with most skincare it takes about thirty days to see real results. There are a few exceptions, but really it takes about thirty days. This mask is designed to calm and cleanse your pores for a refreshed look to your skin. It is designed for all skin types and can actually be used daily. One container of this Golden Tree Bark Mask from Healing bark costs $14.99. I have been using it every day for a week and am certain at the end of the month i will still have some masking product left over. So if it does keep my skin clear, it is a really cost effective product.

So I decided to put it through a month long trial where I use the mask each day for the month of October. I think one of the things that really interests me is that this mask has one ingredient. That’s right one. It is the shortest ingredient label I’ve ever seen. It contains the dried and powdered bark of the Thanka Tree (Hesperethusa crenulata).

That’s it.

the mask

And while I am still doing research on the Thanka tree and the properties of it’s bark, this week has been more about mixing and working the daily mask into my schedule. While today I am masking mid afternoon for the Friday Face Mask in general I have been masking in the evenings. After dinner I take off my makeup, wash my face and then apply the mask. The mask can sit for anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes on the skin. I tried it for fifteen the first few days and then went to the full thirty after realizing there were no adverse affects.

three teaspoons absorbed

Before I started my trial I tried it on my arm to make certain it wasn’t going to cause any skin irritations for me. This is generally a good idea with any mask or any skin care product really.

Working it into my schedule proved surprisingly easy and quite honestly, I really have liked the addition of a daily half hour to sit and just sort of relax for a bit. While I can move around the house with the mask on, it isn’t something I am going to wear outside and quite honestly I like having the half hour of quiet time. It has given me the space to plan and think for a bit and has actually helped me clear my mind and focus on what needs to be done.

a little more water to make it easier to apply

Clearly the mask itself didn’t mentally help me, but incorporating that half hour each night really has helped me out a lot.

This week, as the first week of using the mask, I spent a lot of time learning to mix the mask. I know that sounds strange. This mask comes in powdered form and you spoon a little into the bowl and stir in the water. In my initial first impressions post mixing was a bit awkward. I thought I had too much water, I thought it got a bit drippy.

Turns out it was user error as well as measurement miscalculation. So here are a few things I learned this week as far as mixing goes. First off, I measured the powder into the bowl. I am using the masking kit that Healing Bark sent with the masks. while I have a bowl I usually like mixing masks in, it is a bit shallow and I find that this plastic bowl from the kit is actually a better depth for mixing.

easy to apply and looks like peanutbutter

Now I mentioned last week that I thought the three teaspoons of water mixed with the two teaspoons of mask was a bit much. It turns out I was wrong. This week, I started using slightly warmed water so that it absorbed faster. I added the three teaspoons of water to the masking powder and stirred. And stirred.

At first it didn’t want to incorporate. The powder sat on the water and I felt like I was just swishing it around. The reason is that the powder is really dry. It makes it very shelf stable so the mask will last a while, but it takes the powder a little bit to realize it needs to wake up and absorb the water. Once it does, it all seems to absorb at once.

bare skin, pre masking (after a week of prior masking)

It really is like flicking a switch. Water not absorbed, water all in. And it turns out, once the water was absorbed, the paste was really thick. A little too thick for me as I had trouble spreading it on my skin. It turns out, the three teaspoons weren’t enough water. So I drizzled a little bit more in.

wet mask

My goal was to make it into a spreadable paste. To me it looks like slightly wet peanut butter. which actually spreads really well with the silicon masking brush. The trick with the mask is to keep stirring until the water is absorbed and not to rush it. The process really doesn’t take that long, only about a minute, but just don’t get impatient.

I especially liked using the warmer water as it did incorporate faster, plus I feel like warm water helps to convince my pores to open up a bit more. I warmed up the water before taking off my makeup my Makeup Eraser used the hot water on my skin and then I used the hot water with my cleanser before adding the water into the mask. I’m hoping the heat helped open the pores as well as made the mask mix easer.

dried after half an hour

I was initially nervous about leaving the mask on for thirty minutes. But this seems to work really well for this mask. I had no adverse reactions on my skin. In fact my skin feels smooth and clean once the mask is removed. There is no tingling of any sort really. There is a slight cooling sensation that occurs as the water evaporates out and the mask dries down on the skin. It is a little more noticeable with the use of warmer water but it isn’t an actual tingling.

I have to say this Golden tree bark mask is one of the easiest masks to remove. As you sit for half an hour, the moisture evaporates. And since the mask is only water and powder, when you take a damp cloth to your skin, the mask just crumbles away. There is no real rubbing or stubborn spots. It was very easy to remove.

clean skin after half an hour of masking

While I will compare photos of my skin at the beginning of the month and my skin at the end of the month to determine if there has been any kind of change. I have to say, my skin feels nice. It feels extra clean without being stripped and my skin does feel refreshed. Hopefully that will translate to clearer skin at the end of the month, because I am actually really enjoying using this mask on a daily basis.

While I will have to wait for those results, thus far I like the fresh feeling I like the ease of mask removal and I am mental benefitting from taking the half hour out of my evening each night. And to be honest, i also enjoy the mixing. It makes me feel a bit like a mad scientist. And I kind of like feeling like a mad scientist. I do sort of wish I had an Igor though. I probably wouldn’t call him Igor as that is so last century. Maybe Jellybean. I can just hear it now.

“Jellybean, throw the switch!”

So much better than Igor.

But I digress. Thus far, the mask is working out well. Currently soft, clean and refreshed skin with possible long term results on the horizon. And now I have learned to properly mix the mask application is going much more smoothly. I am looking forward to seeing what next week will bring.

This week was all about getting the application right. Next week, we will take a deeper look at the Thanka tree. After all it is the only ingredient in the mask, clearly it feels it deserves it’s own spotlight. Next Friday, we’ll see if it’s true or not. Let week two of the Healing Bark Golden Tree Bark Mask begin!

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