The Daily: October 26th, 2021

Oh my darlings, today has been a bit of an upside down Topsy Turvey kind of day. The sky was heavy and low, but according to the weather man, I had just enough time to sneak in a walk this morning, which I did. I returned home just as the first drops started splattering the ground. I was actually feeling quite impressed with myself. Thinking it was likely the only chance at walking I would get I extended the walk a little bit and took down a couple of the highest hills on the trail.

I actually hit the recommended step count on my little step tracker just as I reached home again and unlocked the front door. So with my count reached and the rain just beginning, I felt pretty pleased with myself. I washed my face clean of the post work out sweat and went to pick out the makeup for the day.

This is when the phone rang. On his way into work his car had a few issues. Since he had to drive around all day for his job today we decided on an emergency car swap, so I drove out to his office, followed him to the mechanics and then gave him my keys so he could get back to work.

It turns out the starter needed to be replaced. So I spent much of the day in the mechanics office while that was done. Our local mechanics favor fishing related magazines should you be interested and I think I am now caught up on more than I ever wanted to know about Bass fishing.

Mostly because I forgot to bring a book.

Not quite the way I envisioned spending the day, but it needed to be done. And now my babydoll has a new starter. So he will not have issues getting too and from work. I will also be working later tonight than I planned as I lost a chunk of the work day. I don’t really mind as it really did need to be done. I just wish I took a moment of thought before I left the house and grabbed wither a book or my laptop before leaving. Or even properly charged the phone. It had about 10% battery life when i reached the mechanics. Mostly because I forgot to plug it in last night.

But I really can’t blame anyone else for that but myself.

So today didn’t go as planned. But it wasn’t a bad day. It was a no makeup day and the perfume I was wearing was overpowered by the scent of motor oil. Which is sort of impressive given the perfume i am currently testing.

I did check my e-mail when I returned home and found a lovely e-mail from Makeup Eraser. If you follow my Skincare line up you will usually see my Makeup Eraser listed in the line up as the first step in make up removal. while I have the one large Makeup Eraser, I have been eyeing the various seven packs they have come up with. These are sets of smaller Makeup Erasers and contain seven of them (obviously) so that you can use a fresh cloth each day.

I haven’t broken down and bought them yet because my Makeup Eraser is still in such good shape. Plus the set I was eyeing was limited edition and disappeared while I was debating it. But they have a new set of seven I may have to pounce on. It is a Disney Villain’s set. Each day features a new Villain. They look really good. Personally I’ve never been a princess fan, give me the villains every time. They are way more interesting. This may be a set I have to pick up.

Although I do have to wait at least a day. I know better than to go shopping when I’ve had an unpredictable day. Bad day plus online shopping generally means too much money gets spent. Not that today was particularly bad.

I also think I have a cousin on my Christmas list who would really like these as well. So I may have to buy two sets. So I need to check on that before shopping. But resisting temptation is hard. I’ll like the Makeup Eraser site below for those interested in checking out this or any other sets. Since dropping makeup wipes from my list of acceptable products, they have been invaluable tools in my world. Even if it is just dampening an edge to fix an eyeliner mishap, they are fantastic to have around. And much better than disposable products.

But now it is back to work for me. A hole was blown unexpectedly through the middle of my day and I need to see if I can patch it up before retiring for the day. Wish me luck!

Makeup Eraser

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