Late but not lost, it’s the October 2021 Glossy Box

I debated whether or not to post this one, after all it is November and this is the October Glossy Box, but I figured I would go ahead and post it so that if nothing else there was a record of what’s in the box and what’s going on with Glossy Box for those of you contemplating subscriptions.

First, the basics. Glossy Box is a monthly subscription box that costs $21 if you have an annual subscription the cost drops to $18. If you don’t have any subscription and want to try it out before you decide, then you can get your first box (the November one) for $16 with the code: DESIRE16. They have six products in the box. Mostly they are deluxe samples but they usually pop one or two full sized items in the box. In general this is one of those boxes that I really enjoy. I have the annual subscription so I enjoy it at the $18 price. I did enjoy it at the $21 price, but I found I was a bit pickier about it. At the $18 mark I am a lot happier.

The October box was a little strange for me. I’ve had Glossy Box coming in later and later each month for the past few months, but a lot of that can be chalked up to postal issues (both them getting products in and getting them out). I think that will be interesting to watch as the Holiday season ramps up. Of all my subscriptions, Glossy Box seems to be struggling the most with this. My annual subscription with them renews in June rather than January, so I will be with them through the holiday season and hopefully it will be smoother sailing in the new year.

They did send e-mails this month about the lateness of the box. I received one in the first week of October, stating it was going to be late. I received a second one mid month stating that my box would be the standard pink Glossy Box instead of the special October Masquerade box, but that the items would still be the same. My guess is they had box manufacturing issues somewhere along the way. then near the end of October I received an e-mail stating that the box would be mailed out within seven days. three days later I received the tracking information and the box arrived yesterday.

I know, that is a lot of back story, but I figured some of that might be helpful for those of you thinking of subscriptions. I know at this time of year i start my evaluations of subscriptions, so hopefully that helps you out when thinking about Glossy Box.

So one to the products!

We will start off with the One Kind Dream Cream Night Time Moisturizer. It is a deluxe mini (value $12). I am actually amused by this actually. I just finished a full sized night cream and pulled a sample to replace it. The sample I pulled was this moisturizer. When I opened it, I found very little product in it and am actually not going to get through the week with the amount of product in the sample so I am just going to move this directly into the bathroom so I can open it as soon as the first sample is empty (which should be tonight actually). So I am actually really happy that this sample arrived and that it arrived when it did. So stay tuned for my thoughts.

Next up is also an item I have seen before. it is the AHAVA Smoothing Body Lotion Superfood Kale and Turmeric. It is also a deluxe mini (value $5) and has 40ml worth of product inside. For those who have followed my for many posts, you know that AHAVA and I sometimes get along and sometimes don’t. However my mother adores them. while generally their body lotions I do like, I generally just pass any AHAVA products off to her unopened. She actually raved about the last sample of this I sent to her and so I know she will love this one. So off to mom it goes.

There is a third skincare item in this box and it is the popmask Starry eyes Self-warming eye mask. (value $4). I have used thes masks before and they are really nice. They are very soothing and the last time I wore one, I fell asleep while wearing it. I’m sure the self heating part isn’t natural and so I don’t tend to buy these masks, but they are a product that if it comes in a subscription box I will use. So I am happy to use this mask. I just have to time it right because I will fall asleep.

This month there are two makeup items. The first is the Eyeko Eye Do eyeliner (travel size $12). I don’t wear eyeliner a lot, bit when I do, Eyeko is one of my favorite brands. I haven’t tried the Eye Do and as much as I would love to swatch it for you, the travel sizes dry out pretty quickly. I am going to hold off using it until I have worked through a few of my last remaining open liquid liners. I may actually go through them this weekend. I had to get rid of two Eyeko liners recently as they dried out. So for now, I am keeping this one safely sealed in it’s little box. If it stays in the box I might remember it isn’t actually opened and not grab it and open it just to use. Maybe.

The second makeup item is a liquid lip from Josephine Cosmetics. It is a full size (value $30). In the past year or two they seem to be popping up everywhere. I have a highlighter and a liquid shadow from them as well as an eyeliner I believe. The products I have tried have impressed me so I am happy to give the liquid lip a try. I might actually use it today. It is a red shade, which I always love at the holidays. As long as it isn’t too pink, this may be the perfect time of year for it.

And finally we have the item I am most happy to see. it is the Judith Lieber Trial Size Discovery Set for her (retail $12).It contains three sample sized perfumes. I have actually never tried a Judith Lieber perfume although I have heard a lot about them. They are supposed to be long lasting and sophisticated. At least that is what I have heard. It will be nice to try for myself. Plus you know I love discovery sets for perfumes. I may add to my full sized collection as I build my library of scents, but I don’t purchase perfumes I haven’t tried so for me perfume samples are key. Scents smell different on everyone and some scents you like in the store or on someone else may not actually suit you. Plus I’ve tried some scents that I really liked for one day but after a week I couldn’t stand them. Conversely I’ve also had scents that were so -so the first day but by the end of the week I absolutely adored. Which is why I always give my perfumes a week long trial before making a call on them.

But that isn’t part of this review, that’s just my own take on perfume samples and my way of saying i am thrilled to have a discovery kit in my box this month.

Or last month, actually.

So that was the October Glossy Box. I missed the decorated theme exterior, but received the products inside. Was it the most exciting box? No. It was full of brands I had heard of, some products I’ve seen before, but a few I hadn’t. I am still exploring Josephine Cosmetics so I am happy to have a lipstick to try. I adore Eyeko and am looking forward to trying out a different liner. Having said that, while I will pass on the body lotion, everything else in this box is something I will use. They are things I will enjoy using and am quite pleased to have. If you are looking at the money then the retail value of this box comes to $75. I think that is a pretty good deal. It was a pretty good box this month. Not one of their great boxes, but a good solid one. And as I will use all of it, I think it was a pretty good deal. Even if I did have to wait for it.

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