Face Mask Friday: Klorane Smoothing & Soothing Eye patches

Good afternoon my darlings and welcome to another face mask Friday. I have something special today. Klorane just released a new product. It is the Smoothing and Soothing eye patches and they sent a box to me to try out.

I know most of the time I am going on and on about their fabulous dry shampoo (which to be fair is pretty fabulous), but one of my favorite products from the brand is actually their waterproof eye makeup remover. You are probably wondering why that is relevant. Well, it is the Cornflower Waterproof eye makeup remover. And these eye patches are Cornflower and hyaluronic acid infused.

Easy open tab

While I always love hyaluronic acid, especially around the fine lines around my eyes, I’ve noticed that the Cornflower waterproof eye makeup remover tends to not only take off all eye makeup and not sting my eyes, or cloud my contacts, but it tends to leave the skin feeling soft and nourished instead of stripped. Which is actually quite an accomplishment considering it’s job is to take off waterproof makeup.

While I like the effect, I am very curious to see how this ends up working with the eye patches, especially in conjunction with the hyaluronic acid. According to the website…

In just 15 minutes, soothing hydrogel eye patches visibly reduce signs of fatigue and under-eye puffiness, diminish the appearance of dark circles and visibly smooth fine lines.


Personally I love eye patches, and the hydra gel ones are rapidly becoming my favorite style. Whenever allergies hit, my eyes get very puffy (as well as itchy and watery, but that can’t really be helped with eye patches)The eye patches really help with the puffiness. When things get really bad, putting them in the fridge for an hour or so before putting them on my eyes really knocks the puffiness out.


While it was tempting to put these in the fridge, I decided my first trial of them would be straight out of the box. while I am not suffering from massive allergies we are in the throes of the first regular heating use of the season. The first few weeks the heating is on, my eyes tend to be a little puffy. I think they are reacting to whatever might have sat in the vents when the system wasn’t being used. So eyepatches are a welcome relief right now.

Eye Patches on

This box comes with seven sets of eye patches (retail $26). Each set is encapsulated in its own container. I kind of like that actually. My eyes also tend to get puffy when I travel and having them in separate containers that are easy to slip into a travel bag is not a bad thing. The container is a durable enough plastic that it should be able to travel quite easily.

There is no real scent to the eye masks and there isn’t a lot of extra fluid. The packaging is damp with a few beads of moisture on them after the patches are removed but there is no dripping. Which is really nice as I like to sit up when wearing the eye masks. I like wearing them at my desk while I work.

After 15 minutes

The patches, which look like big blue commas stick to the skin well and don’t slide around. They aren’t sticky or anything, it is just the moisture and gel texture keeping them in place. Given that they have hyaluronic acid in them, I placed the fat part of the comma over the fine lines at the side of my eyes. Expecting miracles after fifteen minutes is pointless, but I think every little bit helps.

As it is skin care, even if it isn’t a full face mask, I made certain I wasn’t wearing any makeup when I put the eye masks on. I left them in place for the recommended fifteen minutes and I have to say my eyes do feel refreshed. The skin under my eyes feels soft and hydrated and yes, I think the bags under my eyes are slightly less than they were before.

All in all I am rather impressed with my first use of these patches. I will certainly use the ones in this box although I will probably mark at least one to slide into my travel bag for Thanksgiving. I really like the soothing cornflower mixed with the smoothing hyaluronic acid. With that combo, I can very easily see these Klorane Smoothing and Soothing Eye Patches as a repeat purchase and an essential element in my fight against seasonal allergy puffiness.

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