The Best Five Shampoos and Conditioners for happy Holiday Hair

I’ve tried out a lot of shampoos and conditioners in this past year and some have been utter flops, while others have risen to the top. As I have a lot of hair, I generally find that if my hair looks good, I look good, so keeping it healthy and happy is important to me. Whether styling it to the nines or simply letting it flow naturally, a good Shampoo and Conditioner is key. Here are my top five from this year’s tests and trials.

  1. Color Wow Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner. This Shampoo and conditioner set is free of any harmful things and full of color protecting fabulousness. The scent is reminiscent of a high end salon and quite frankly made me feel as though I had just come from a salon visit when I used it. My hair was clean, but not stripped and my color lasted longer when I was using it than it ever had before. There was less fading and rinsing out. I color my hair using products from eSalon and when I purchase my hair color I pick up both root touch up and a color enhancing rinse from them (both fabulous products as is the hair dye). With this shampoo, I didn’t need the color enhancing rinse, because the shampoo worked with the hair dye. I did need the root touch up more because the shampoo helped the dye last long enough that my roots grew out quite a bit. If you have dyed hair this is a top of the list sort of product.
  2. Zents Mandarin Balancing Shampoo and Water Hydrating Conditioner. This shampoo and conditioner set is made for anyone with a sensitivity to scent. The Mandarin scent is a soft burst of orange whose sweetness has been tempered by spice. The spice is almost undetectable in the shampoo, it is mostly just what keeps the Mandarin from being sticky sweet. The scent fades as the suds are rinsed from the hair. It doesn’t create buckets of lather, but it does produce enough that you feel like you are getting a good clean. By the time it is rinsed from your hair and you are reaching for the conditioner, the scent of oranges has faded. The Water conditioner has a lightly floral scent that barely tickles the nose. This clean shampoo and conditioner set is really designed for those sensitive to scent and who just want their hair to smell like clean hair. Once my hair was dry there was no scent to my hair whatsoever other than clean smelling hair.
  3. Grow Gorgeous Intelligent Haircare Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner. This is a brand that is growing on me more and more with each product i use from them. I’ve tried several products, including a couple of different shampoos from them, and of their shampoos and conditioners this is my favorite set. The scent is a bit intense and does take a bit to get used to but it is well worth getting used to. It reminds me of an old school hair salon where the little old ladies were getting their perms and having their hair set for Sunday. It is that kind of intensive smell. While it was surp5rising at first, I did find is somewhat comforting after a time. What I liked better was how it worked. When it says if gives you thicker hair, it means it. I felt a definite thickening in my hair and I found that when using this shampoo and conditioner set I had to use fewer other products to make my hair full and thick. It simply worked. My hair was thicker, but not weighed down and the thickness lasted between washes. I wash my hair every other day and had no issues with the fullness disappearing overnight.
  4. Kerastase Nutritive Shampoo and conditioner. In general I love Kerastase products. For a while now though I have tended to purchase items from their Genesis line. (their hair serum from that line is fantastic if you are looking to repair damage, you just need a little and it lasts for a while and does wonders for hair health). I received this set as a Birthday sample from Sephora and it made me remember how much I like their other products. The shampoo and conditioner smell fresh and clean and after using them my hair felt like pure silk. I needed no products for detangling and no hair oil for smoothing. It was just the shampoo and conditioner. When I styled my hair I still used the One Hit Wonder from the Mane Club as a Heat protector, but it’s use as a detangling spray was not needed while using the Kerastase products. My hair was amazing and the scent that remained made me feel as though I had just spent a lot of money on a hair treatment. the Products were good and a great reminder that there is more than one line of products I like from the brand.
  5. Verb Ghost Shampoo and Conditioner. This set was fantastic for detangling. When my hair was at it’s longest, this shampoo and conditioner set really helped me out with the ends of my hair. while the conditioner was fine on the rest of my hair, a little extra on the ends kept them from snapping and breaking when I was between salon visits. The scent in the shower is lightly fruity almost but with a clean scent to it. The scent lasts only s long as the product is in the hair and fades away as it is rinsed out. The scent doesn’t rinse away as completely as the Zents products but there is very little that remains on the hair.

So there you have it my darlings. The top five Shampoo and conditioner sets I’ve tried this year. Most of these brands currently have some sort of discount going. They currently range from 15-20%. I’m sure as we get closer to Black Friday some of those deals will increase. The links will all take you to the sites and should show the most active discounts so you can use this post to help you shop now, on black Friday/cyber Monday or well into the future. Each of these products has different strengths and hopefully you can find the one that is right for you. happy shopping.

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