The Daily: November 10th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. It has been an interesting day today. It started off normal, chugging along as expected and then I was thrown a curve ball that pulled me into a deeply unexpected project. It was a bit like finding the hair you are sitting in is really part of a catapult when it suddenly flings you into the middle of the lake.

I suspect I should have known it was a catapult, but somehow I missed the signs. And so I am now slowly swimming my way back to shore.

There was a walk before the unexpected splash down so at least I’ve managed to reach my caloric burn for the day, However there was no makeup. In fact there was very little that was expected other than the walk. Today and Tomorrow there are Singles Day/Veterans day sales going on all over the place.there are special sales specifically for the day. One of my favorite on-line stores, Lovely Skin has 22% off on pretty much everything. And Klorane has a slwew of offers going. I’ll list them below for those interested.

Klorane -Pre-Black Friday: Free 12-Piece Gift Set with orders $65+ , Use Code – 12FORME

Klorane -GWP – Cornflower Micellar Water with $45+, Step up Tote Bag with $55+ , Use Code – GLOWON

Klorane Deluxe Samples + Free Shipping on Orders $40+

And now, my darlings I must leave you and do my best to finish out this day with at least a little bit of what U had planned actually getting done. Always fun when the bottom drops out of a Wednesday. I hope your day and yur week are floating by on a little bit more of an even keel. with luck I’ll manage to settle things and then it will be smooth sailing until the weekend.

Providing no one wakes the Kracken. I’ll keep my fingers crossed on that one.

Quay Man | Stylish, Polarized Sunglasses

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