Face Mask Friday with Aceology

Good afternoon my darlings and welcome to a frosty Friday afternoon. The sun is shining and the crunchy coating may have melted off of the grass leaving it soggy brown instead of crisp white, but the temps haven’t gone up much.

This week my IPSY Glam Bag X came in and inside of it there were two masks. One from Aceology and one from Cela. As I recently finished up one tube of an Aceology mask (of a different variety) I planned to try out the Cela mask. It is however a clay mask and as it is one of the first really cold days of the season I just couldn’t bring myself to apply a mud mask.

However I also couldn’t bring myself to open up the new full sized Aceology mask knowing I had an almost empty trial sized Aceology mask in my collection. So I decided to go for the open Aceology mask first, using it up before I open the new one. I know, they are different types, but I would still like to clear out some of my open masks before opening new ones.

Incidentally, for those shopping for masks this holiday season, I will be posting a mask overview on Monday, going over a few of my favorite masks and mentioning their strong points in case you are interested.

But today’s mask was the Aceology Brightening Treatment mask. It is blue. The mask I just finished up was a greenish tinged gold that made me feel like weathered copper. This one kind of makes me feel like Violet Beauregard, post blueberry pie incident. Or maybe in the middle of the incident.

For a while now I have shied away from a lot of peel off masks. I’ve tried a few that were really good and a bunch that hurt a lot when coming off but did very little to actually improve anything. As a result I just sort of avoided them thinking it might be for the best. The Aceology masks I am actually liking.

There is still a degree of pain as you remove them, however the pain is mostly the pulling of the small hairs on your face, nothing more. You can actually cut down on a lot of pain by derma-planeing your face before using a peel off mask. If you do, I highly recommend the Favy ones as they are a great size. Plus there is something about the angle of them as well as the grip that just make them easy to use. Actually they just came out with some velvet makeup sponges that look fantastic as well. I haven’t tried them yet, but I really like the shapes. I love having one flat edge on a makeup sponge and they have one exactly like that but they also have a sponge with a squared off tip that I like the look of. And I am looking for a new makeup sponge as mine is reaching the end of it’s life. Plus they have a 20% off thing going on right now. So bonus!

newly applied

But if that isn’t your thing, you can still sort of get your skin used to peel off masks by using them on a regular basis. You have to use them about twice a week, but the pain does fade after a while. I don’t know if the masks just remove all of the little hairs for you so there is less to pull or if your skin just gets used to the masks. It could be a combination of both. I do recommend that when you are removing your peel off mask, start from your chin and lower jaw line and work your way up. Not only does it seem to hurt less but it isn’t pulling your skin in a downwards direction. As gravity already has downwards covered, pulling up is not a bad thing.

dried down

The Aceology Mask has a clean fresh scent. It smells of skincare. I can’t actually identify any other scent to be honest. It just smells like skincare. It smooths over the face easily with either fingers or a silicone masking brush. For those looking for a silicone Masking brush Shop Miss A has one for $1. It has a nice curve to fit along the curve of your cheek too, which I like. And the fact that it is $1 shouldn’t be surprising as most of Miss A’s products are a dollar. I actually ordered a bunch of makeup up from them a little while ago so that I could test it out (I know I was very curious about $1 makeup). I’m hoping it comes in before I leave for Thanksgiving, but once I get it in I’ll test it out and share with you. But the brush looks really nice and inexpensive or very expensive the masking brushes work pretty much the same and let you use less product. My old masking brush came from Miss A and if I hadn’t gotten a new one in a Boxy Charm, I would still be using it.

the redness of the skin after peeling off the mask fades after a few minutes but can be quite startling at first.

I know that was a bit of an aside, but the brush helps with both using less product and with clean up. When applying masks with fingers there is always product left behind that you not only waste, but that you have to wash off. With peel off masks, most of the mask goes on the skin instead of the brush and to clean up you just leave the brush to dry and then peel off the mask. They are really handy, just don’t feel like you have to spend a lot on them.

So, back to the mask. Easy on and then sit. How long you have to sit, depends really on how thickly you applied the mask. The thicker you go, the longer you have to sit. Because you have to sit with the mask on until the mask is dried. then you peel it off. it will be a sticky mess if you try to peel before it dries. o let it take it’s time.

I find peeling the mask off oddly satisfying. I like trying to see if I can get it off in one piece. Sometimes it works better than others. After peeling, there is a bit of redness to the skin. Honestly that is mostly due to the peeling action. Once the pain fades and the skin settles down, the redness generally fades completely unless you are having a reaction (which is why you should always test masks on your inner arm before using them on your face. Trust me, hives on a spot on your arm is better than hives all over your face.)

Fir me, once I let my skin calm down, my skin felt nice and smooth and I feel like my complexion is a bit brighter. It is a good mask and I think that it does what it claims. Is it the best brightening mask? No, that title still goes to the Healing Bark Golden Tree Bark Mask. That mask was very brightening, noticeably so. This is brightening and I enjoyed using it.

Because I generally like my brightening products in the form of serums rather than masks, I don’t think that I would purchase this specific mask. I preferred the results of the Lifting Mask that I just finished and I have high hopes for the tightening mask I have yet to open. For me the only reason I wouldn’t buy this mask is due to the effect. The mask itself was good, I just prefer clearing, tightening and pore reducing masks to brightening ones. They are nice every once in a while, but not my go to. If you are looking for a brightening mask, this might be one to look into. While it may not be my thing, it does make me more excited to try out more Aceology products. I think it will be interesting spending time to get to know this brand.

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