Evaluating the Facemasks

Anyone who visits this site with any regularity knows that I love face masks. I am, to be honest an equal opportunity masking lover. I love the clearing masks, I love the hydrating masks and I love the brightening masks.

But all masks do not shave my love equally. At this time of year, I go through my masking drawer and I look at all of the masks I have on hand. I set the masks I plan to use up and discard to one side. I then look at what remains. I filter the ones with not a lot of product into one box so I can use them up and put them on a list for repurchasing and I set the unopened ones I still need to review to the side. I’ll still use new masks on Fridays from my reviews when possible, but throughout the week I will make an effort to use up as many open masks as possible to clear out space for the new year.

It’s sort of my process.

Mixed into the process is the general evaluation. Which masks did I use this year that i absolutely love and want to reorder. And to be honest, a few of the masks that made this list, I have already reordered. So who made the top cut? Let’s take a look. (I’ll try to post links to the Black Friday Sales if they are currently available)

  • Herbal Dynamics Cacao and Chamomile Clearing Clay mask: If you are looking for a mask to bring all of your deeply clogged pores to the surface, this is the mask you want to pick up. It is pretty intense, so test it on your arm first and pay attention to the length of time you have it on your skin. I can only use this mask about once a month. Although I will do spot treatments on my problem areas more often. It is a fantastic mask to have around, just know that because it draws everything to the surface, the next morning your skin may not look it’s best as you now have the clogged pores brought to the surface. I know, kind of a no brainer. I tend to use this on a weekend where I plan to stay in most of the time and treat it as an inhouse spa weekend. Apply on Friday and deal with the after effects on Saturday. With fab skin again on Monday. Or at least that is always the plan. Some weekends it works better than others. Just plan on dealing with the post mask rise of the clogs.

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  • Annmarie Skincare Charcoal Cacao Mask: This mask is a little more expensive than the other masks on the list, but so worth the splurge. It is thinner than a lot of masks and when I apply it I feel as though I am painting my skin with black ink. That is the charcoal. Despite the charcoal and Cacao in the mix, this mask smells fresh and clean with a hint of rosemary. While it doesn’t look very herbal in nature, and feels like it out to smell of squid ink, I would be surprised if anything from Annmarie skincare didn’t smell herbal. While I love the skin care, it is the scent of their products that draw me in. They had me hooked with their Aloe Herb Cleanser right from the start (it smells of Lemon Verbena). After using this mask, my skin felt clear and refreshed. At the risk of sounding too over the top, I actually felt slightly more luminous. My skin felt pampered, rejuvenated and fantastic. This mask is a splurge, but so worth it. Prior to this My splurge mask was the Mud mask from Annmarie Skincare. while I still love that mask, and will probably repurchase it. This mask has now risen to the top of the self care splurge list. Their black Friday sales starts November 25th and runs through the 28th, so instead of the black Friday sales link I am linking the Clean Beauty samples kit. If you have never tried the brand this is definitely the way to give them a try. Plus you get a coupon code that rolls the cost into a full sized purchase so it’s kind of a win. Especially with the upcoming holiday sales.

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  • Healing Bark Golden Tree Bark Mask: I used this mask for the entire month of October. It is one of the few masks that can actually be used on a daily basis with no ill effects to the skin. For the purists and label readers out there (i’m with you my friends) thee is only one ingredient on the label. It is the powdered bark of the Thanaka Tree. When using this mask daily I found my dark spots lightening significantly. I found my skin was less acne prone, even during the hormonal outbreaks and the blemishes I ended up with were cleared up more rapidly than usual. While this mask was fantastic on the skin, it was also the daily ritual of the mask I liked. Using it each night involved measuring the powder, blending it with water, applying it, letting it dry and rinsing it off. In addition it had to sit for about half an hour. I find having that ritual in the evening helped quiet my mind and relieve a lot of stress. As we go into the holiday season, I have restocked with a second container and will be using it to both calm the skin and my racing thoughts.
  • Vichy Masque Mineral: This is not a new mask to my collection. This is a mask That I have used for quite some time and always find myself returning to purchase. I think this may actually be my fifth jar. Possibly sixth. And it won’t be my last. This is a clear mask, that feels like jelly when you scoop it out of the jar (i recommend a spoon). With the Heat of your hand it very quickly melts to a liquid. A light layer over the skin is really all you need. The skin absorbs most of it so this is an easy mask to apply while sitting at your desk. If the layer is thin enough, you don’t really have to wash it off. I almost always go a little too thick and have to rinse the last of the residue off. Because it is clear, you just look really shiny when you are wearing it. In the winter time, this is my go to hydration mask. Vichy’s Black Friday sale starts on the 25th of November and has 25% off so it is a great time to stock up on their products. since their sales link is not available the link below will take you to their Antiaging Set with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. If you are shopping for someone who loves skin care I highly recommend this set. Both Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid are my hero ingredients for great skin. Its nice to see them in one place.


  • Korres Hydra Biome Probiotic Superdose Face Mask with real Greek Yoghurt: I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I was going to like this mask when I first saw it. I was worried that it would smell too yoghurt-y for me and that I would just feel like i was smearing my breakfast all over my face. It does have a light dairy scent, but it is a really fabulous mask. And it doesn’t feel like smearing yoghurt all over myself. For me I keep it in the fridge, partially because my brain won’t let me store it on a shelf. It has enough of a dairy scent that I just can’t stick it on a shelf. It is also a fabulous ,mask you use cold. It takes a little bit longer to absorb when it is cold, but it is so worth the wait. You not only get the coolness on a hot day, but most of the mask absorbs into the skin to give you a fantastically moisturized glow. (You just rinse off the excess).It is especially nice after you’ve spent too much time in the sun. Equally it is also nice after too much time in the cold wind. Wind is usually a winter problem for us here and I end up with wind burn quite often throughout the winter. This is a great product to use to sooth the cheeks. In the winter time just remember to warm yourself up first before applying it. This mask was definitely a surprise for me. I didn’t think I would like it, but once I tried it, I loved it.

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  • Milk Makeup Cannabis Hydrating Face Mask: This mask is going on my list for several reasons. While it is hydrating, it is also once of those masks that leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. I always feel good after I’ve used it. It is also a stick mask which makes application and clean up super quick and easy. It does leave your skin Hulk Smash green while it is on, but it is light weight enough to forget you are wearing it. Especially when someone unexpectedly knocks on the door. It’s only drawback is that it smells slightly like Play-doh. The scent is easily forgotten as it fades after application. But it is a little odd. I enjoy this mask, and I am going to be looking into other Milk Masks this year to see if it is just this one I like or if there are others to enjoy. It is simply quick and easy without a lot of messy clean up. That and fresh clean skin are two definite reasons to keep it around.

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  • Elemis Papaya Enzyme peel: I know, a peel isn’t exactly a mask, but this is one that you leave on for ten minutes, like a mask instead of simply rubbing and rinsing, so I thought I’d put it on the list as well. I really enjoy this mask. It has a light fruity scent, it is cool and clean on the skin. A thin layer goes a long way and my skin looks fantastic once the mask is rinsed off. It is one of the more gentle peeling masks I’ve tried so if you are interested in leaning into peeling masks, but are a little nervous, this might be a way to go. Try it on your arm first, but I’ve had no issues with it at all. For some reason I had three samples of this mask in a row from subscription boxes and I have been slowly working my way through the, This is my final sample and a full size is definitely now on my purchase list.

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So that my darlings is the list of the top products in my masking drawer. To be honest, I thought there would be more. However these are the ones that made the top of the list for this year. I’m sure that next year other masks will rise to the surface, but these are the products that have earned a place in my skincare drawer and will be repurchased.

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