The Daily: November 22nd, 2021

Oh my darlings welcome to Monday afternoon. This week I’m afraid there isn’t going to be a lot as far as makeup goes. I am trying to get as much done as possible before leaving town and as I have been asked to bring several delicious treats along with me, there is a lot of cooking and baking going on.

I did get a walk in, but we have a rain storm blowing in this afternoon which may cut off the walking trail tomorrow and Wednesday. But at least I got my walk in this morning. I also managed to make a batch of Rum Balls to take with me. While I won’t be baking the pies until Wednesday, all of the other little treats I am taking down with me will be made ahead of time. The rum balls are from my grandmother’s recipe and have been a part of the family since well before I was born. They are in no way healthy, but they are delicious. Since I’m not listing the daily makeup, I’ll go ahead and list the recipe.

Rum Balls

2 T cacoa

1 Cup white sugar

1/4 cup rum

2 T light corn syrup

2 1/2 cups crushed vanilla wafers

1 cup nuts (sometimes we use pecans sometimes we use walnuts, occasionally peanuts. It just depends on what is in the house at the time)

Powders sugar for dusting.

Traditionally everything gets put in a bowl and it takes a while to mix up, then you form into balls and dust with powdered sugar. This is where my Hamilton Beach Food Processor really shines. I dropped everything except the powdered sugar into the food processor and pulsed (add the corn syrup last). It came together fast and then I just had to make the balls and dust with sugar. It cut the time needed in half.

I know I often wax poetic about my food processor. It is handy all year round but now is the time when it really shines. Over the weekend I broke down the last of this year’s pumpkins (cut up roasted and then pureed so they could be frozen and used as needed) and my food processor got quite the work out. At first I thought it was a bit extra, but once I went ahead and purchased it, I found out how fabulous it was. Need to grate butter for a quick rough puff pastry? Freeze it and send it through the grating blades. Same for cheese and firm tofu actually.

the pumpkin I am planning to use in pumpkin ravioli later this year and it would have taken me forever to get it to the right consistency without the food processor. Now when I am ready to make the ravs, I just need to thaw the purees, spice it accordingly (then mix with goat cheese and other elements- I’ll post the recipe when I make them if you are interested) no muss no fuss as the pumpkins are already processed.

Don’t worry, I won’t go into a true Ode to the Food Processor featuring rhyming couplets. Mostly because I don’t have time to write rhyming couplets. I still have chocolate truffles to make and a pot pie to construct with the left over chicken. The pot pie is actually for dinner tonight not travel. we are trying to use up the last of the chicken and some left over veg before we leave and this is one of the best ways to use it up. Quite tasty too. I just have to watch my portion size. I actually end up making several small ones so that I can more easily do it. when you cut into a large chicken pot pie it is really hard to do because the filling just sort of comes out and I always eat more than I anticipate. So I make the smaller ones and what we don’t eat can be frozen.

If you tuned in for makeup, I’m sorry. This week, there is going to be a lot more food than anything as the Thanksgiving prep work takes over. In a way though, it is a good thing. I just unboxed a couple of subscription boxes and new makeup has arrived. With skipping the makeup this week I have all new products waiting for me to try out when I return. If I opened and started testing them now, then I would be tempted to travel with them and traveling with new products isn’t always the best idea. So tried and true for travel and new and unknown once I return. Sounds like a plan to me.

And now my darlings, I am off to mix up a batch of chocolate truffles. Let’s just hope my babydoll doesn’t eat them before we have to pack up and go. He can not be trusted around chocolate. wish me luck with the chocolate preservation and I’ll be back tomorrow. Have a good rest of the day and I will see you bright and early tomorrow morning.

TWE Generic Christmas 2020

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