Seeing Double with Glossy Box, the November 2021 Unboxing

What is this before my eyes? Two Glossy boxes? Was there a mistake? An over order? Nope, it is an apology from Glossy Box. Last month Glossy box had some sort of mix up along the way. They came up with a specially designed box for October and then sent out loads of boxes that weren’t the specially designed box. I, if you recall, received a typical pink and black box. It did have all of the October items in it, just not the October exterior. I also received it at the beginning of November instead of in October. So if you are thinking there was already a Glossy Box review this month then you would be correct.

I think that Glossy Box received many complaints. So this month they sent out an e-mail. In addition to the regular pink box with November’s items, they were sending out the specially designed October Masquerade box with some goodies to make up for the mishaps in October.

I’m kind of impressed. I could have lived without the special box, especially as the October box had everything it was supposed to have in it, but I like having the box. And I am tickled at the extra surprises. Whatever they happen to be, it will just be an extra treat. But let’s see about the regular November box first shall we?

So to recap, for those who don’t know Glossy Box is a $21 per month subscription. If you get it for an annual subscription, which I do, it is $18. while I am sometimes on the fence about the $21 I always love this box for $18. At the moment you can get $5 off your first box with the code FIRST5.

I think that covers the basics. Now on to the first item. The first item was the heaviest item in the box and I couldn’t resist taking it out first. It is the Vitabrid C12 Daily C Balancing Cleansing Balm. And yes it is a full sized item with a value of $48. So right away, that more than pays for the box. I have actually been using the Vitabrid C 12 serum recently and really like it. I also have a cleanser from them to try that came in a different subscription box. I have to say that is one thing that I like about subscription boxes. Until they started sending the brand I knew nothing of it, now I get to try several items to see how I feel about the brand. And I love cleansing balms. I ran out (and actually purchased a travel one for upcoming travels because I ran out, so I am thrilled to have a new one to try. if it works as well as the serum I will be thrilled.

The second Item I picked out of the box was just too pretty to ignore. it is the Figs & Rouge Satin Soft Blurring Primer and Finishing Fix. It too is a full size with a value of $52. I have heard of Fogs& Rouge but I have never actually tried them. Mostly because they are a pretty pricey brand and I tend to be more of a try before you buy kind of person and no one had samples. At least not that I could find. By now everyone knows my weakness for primers so I am always happy to have a new one to try. And from a brand I haven’t tried anything from before. I am very much looking forward to giving it a go.

The third item in the box is the last full sized item and it is a lip oil from the Beauty Crop. It is the Oui Cherrie Lip Oil with a value of $12. I like lip oils in general, but I have to admit I have a checkered past with The beauty crop. I am always willing to give a lip product a chance. I’m nervous about the cherry scent because I am very picky with Cherry scents, but I am happy to have it to try and I love that there were three full sized items in this month’s box.

The next item, is not full size. It is a deluxe mini of the Commodity Fragrance called Paper (retail $10). I don’t mind getting a deluxe sample of a perfume. I have never heard of the brand before and certainly not the scent. I love trying out new perfumes so this is a win for me. I may feel differently once I smell the scent. Then I may either hate or love it, but for now I am pleased to see it in the box.

The final item is a travel sized eyeshadow Quad from Chella. It is valued at $20, which is fitting with Chella’s prices. The palette is Manifest Bronze and they are all colors I wear. recently I have been getting into eyeshadow quads and trios. I think it is just the ease of grabbing them and knowing there are a minimum of looks you can do. They are quick and easy and you don’t sit there debating color options for twenty minutes. I know debating color options is the fun part, but lately time seems to be evaporating on me and I am trying to save time wherever I can. The quads really help with that when I am in a rush. I know once New Year’s hits, my schedule will ease up a lot and I’ll end up taking out the larger palettes and playing more, right now, the smaller ones have my attention. And these are great shades for me.

So that was my November box. For those who like the math, I spent $18 and received $142 worth of products. On a month to month it would be a $21 spend. personally I still think it would be worth it. This was a really good month and better yet, they are all pretty much products I will use. The perfume’s use may depend on scent but as I love trying out new perfumes that’s fine with me. Novembe was a very good month and I can’t wait to see what they come up with for the December and January Boxes. Those are usually the boxes subscriptions go all out for so it will be interesting to see what they come up with. Interestingly, while Glossy Box usually does lean into skincare, this month there was only one sort of skin care item and that was a makeup remover. Because of the over abundance of skin care at the moment, this makes me very happy.

But this post isn’t over. What is in the mystery box? The special surprise? Let’s see.

We have a selection of items that have made appearances before. we have a Vitamasques Ruby sheet mask, A Hask Argan Oil Deep conditioning mask for the Hair, a brown ink pen style eyeliner from 3 INA A Four Sigmatic Cacao Mix, A Filorga Age Purify intensive serum and a brush duo from Elaina Badro. All of the items have been seen in previous boxes and quite honestly as a surprize gift I am thrilled to see them. I pick up the Hask hair masks periodically and have always found them good quality masks. I have enjoyed the Vitamasques before. While I have the Filorgia in waiting in my skincare I haven’t tried it yet. The Cacao mix is okay but not my favorite. it will get used as it is the season for hot beverages, but I probably woudn’t buy it on my own. I am currently using the set of brushes itentical the ones in this box and I have been really impressed with them so I am happy to have another set. Over all as a surprise gift, it is a nice one. I’m certainly please by it.

In general I am usually pretty pleased with Glossy Box, which is why I have an annual subscription instead of a month to month. There are occasionally months where they miss the mark, but for the most part, I really enjoy the box. They have brought many items to me that I might not have found or tried on my own. Sometimes these items flop, sometimes they sour. One never knows until they are tried. But this is a great way to try them and the November box, yeah, this month Glossy Box had a great box.

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