Snacktime: Daisy Cottage Cheese with Strawberries

I have a long time fondness for cottage cheese. I know, it gets a bad rap. A lot of people don’t like it. Some think it’s bland and boring, others that it is tart and slightly sour. Some hate the texture.

Personally, I like the slightly sour taste and enjoy the texture. Plus it is something I grew up with. For me cottage cheese with applesauce was a breakfast staple. In cold weather it was almost always oatmeal in the morning, often with a swirl of maple syrup. When the weather was warm there were grapefruit halves sprinkled with sugar or cottage cheese and applesauce.

So when I saw the small snack sized container of Cottage cheese with strawberries, I had a wave of nostalgic good feelings and scooped one off the shelf to try as my afternoon snack. It is slightly over my usual snack time calorie count as it sits at 140 calories per cup (I generally try to stick to 90-120 cals) but I figured it was only a small amount over and I was only having one during the week, with fruit making up the rest of my snacks this week.

I’m actually using grapes as the grocery store had a really good looking bunch. The amount I measure out only comes to around 100 calories so I figured one day of splurge wouldn’t hurt.

I like the container. It is neat and easily portable. if you have an office fridge then it is easily tucked away. when opened, it has two compartments, the strawberries contained in the upper lid away from the cottage cheese until you mix them. I know it is a little extra packaging, but I do like the separation of products. (more on that in a minute).

The strawberry part of the mix is more like a thin strawberry jam. It slid easily out of the container and into the cottage cheese and was quickly mixed. No muss no fuss. Personally I think it is a little too sweet. It is as if they are trying to negate the slight sourness of the cottage cheese with extra sugar. While I liked the cottage cheese, and daisy is a good brand for cottage cheese, I did not care for the strawberry jam. It was too sweet.

What I did like was the reminder that I do like cottage cheese. And while I do like the separation of products until I am ready to mix them. I really am not a fan of so much packaging. Once in a while I can justify it, but a consistent repurchase I can’t. As the strawberries weren’t really to my taste (even though I love strawberries in general) I think that a little bit of cottage cheese mixed with a fruit substance might not be a bad snack.

I think that Buying a larger container of cottage cheese and measuring out a small serving and then adding my own fruit like bits…like applesauce, might be a better alternative. While I do work from home, if I was to take my snack elsewhere, reusable containers would be my preference. It would also be easily accomplished with the containers I have at my disposal. I have small containers designed to contain a servings worth of salad dressing that would be perfect for applesauce and many containers appropriate for the cottage cheese. It would be a simple enough thing to create and I think better to do so at home than to purchase the premade pack from the store. This way I get to waste less and create my own ideal flavor combination.

While the Daisy Cottage Cheese with Strawberries gets a thumbs up for concept, it is a thumbs down for execution. While it inspires, it will not be repurchased.

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