The Skincare Line Up: December 10th, 2021

Before I go into this week’s products, I want to share something with you quickly. I have a discount code for Prai Beauty. I am so excited. I have the Ageless Throat and Décolletage Cream and it is absolutely fantastic. I tried a sample that came in a subscription box and immediately ordered a full size. It is a fantastic cream at a really good price. And now you can get a discount! From now (December 10th) until December 16th you can get 30% off Prai Beauty Sitewide with the code MIMSY30. I hope you take advantage of it.

And now on to the weekly skincare line up.

This week I continued to use up several of the samples that I took traveling with me. At the moment almost all of them are empty. A few of them have a day or two left on them so I am going to use that to stagger the new arrivals into the lineup so that I don’t start new products all at once. It was over all an interesting mix of products. Let’s take a look.

The Daytime Line up

Cleanser: Tatcha The Rice Wash

Toner: Thayers Rose infused Facial Toner

Essence: Raw Sauce from May Coop

Eye cream: Hey Honey Look into my Eyes

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Serum: Filorga Age Purify Intensive Serum

Moisturizer: Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream Day Cream

Sunscreen: Light Hearted By Sunday Riley

The Tatcha Rice wash I ended up really liking. It gave a good clean and I will probably end up ordering it at some point in time in a full sized bottle. I actually have a second sample size in my skin care drawer which I plan to save for my next upcoming travel as I know it works really well. It is however highly fragranced. If you have issues with scent you might want to give this one a pass.

The Thayers is a long time love and it was just dispensed into a travel bottle from the larger size so it will be seen again.

And then we come to the Raw sauce. I wanted to like it. In theory it sounded good and in practice it worked well, It is a good essence and my skin liked it. My nose however hated it. And I found myself offering excuses not to use it. I just can’t take the scent. It is strong, it is floral and it is overpowering. While it is still relatively fresh I am going to pass it on to someone else. I just can’t take the scent.

The Hey Honey eye cream I liked. Is it the best eye cream I’ve tried? No. But it is nice. It didn’t clog my pores and it did offer some skin benefits. I just have other products I like better. This eye cream falls into the category of I might not go out and buy it but if it came my way I would certainly use it. As I usually love Hey Honey Products, only liking it was a bit of a letdown.

The Florgia was also a letdown. It smelled nice which was a plus (especially in this lot) but I didn’t really like the feel of it on my skin. It may have great skin care benefits that I just can’t see in two weeks, but honestly there are so many other products that I like that I have no desire to purchase a full sized tube in order to find out. The tube is now empty and I am happy to let it go.

The elemis I absolutely adore and I will always be willing to roll this day cream into the lineup. It has what I like to think of as the Elemis scent to it, but I happen to like that. It is a bit strong if you don; like fragranced products. If you do, it is totally worth picking up. It absorbs well without being greasy and it sits beautifully under makeup.

The Sunday Riley Sunscreen is a yes for me as well. The first week I wasn’t sure of the scent but the longer I used it, the more I enjoyed it. The scent is slightly medicinal in my mind like an old fashioned liniment. But it absorbs well with no white cast and sits undetectably under makeup. For that, I can get used to the scent. This is a sunscreen I will order in the full size at some point.

The Night Time Line Up

Cleanser: Tatcha The Rice Wash

Toner: Thayers Rose Petal Facial Toner

Essence: Raw Sauce from May Coop

Eye Cream: Hey Honey Look into my Eyes Eye Mask

Serum: BareMinerals Ageless 10% photo Retinol Night Concentrate

Moisturizer: Goldfaden MD Wake Up Call Overnight Moisturizer

The two different products in the night time line up are the BareMinerals Ageless Concentrate and the Goldfadden MD night time Moisturizer. Quite honestly I am in love with them both. I’ve only used bareMinerals makeup before this and while I was always impressed with those products, I am certainly going to have to look more into their skincare line. This was a fantastic retinol. I do have enough for a few more days and I plan to use every single drop.

The Goldfadden was a bit of a surprise as the brand is usually hit or miss for me and the products that are hit still don’t end up being my favorites. That does not apply to this Wake Up Call Moisturizer. I really enjoyed using it and tonight I will be squeezing the tube down hoping for just enough for one more night. It is a great product and one I really want to pick up in the full size to give a proper trial to.

I know that a lot of these ‘reviews’ were short and nothing contained any long term benefits, but all of these products were sample sizes. As most skincare typically needs at least thirty days before you see any results, there simply weren’t going to be many results that could be seen. I will say that my skin at the moment looks and feels really good. As for this trial, it was mostly about seeing which products I actually want to commit to trying out in a full scale trial and which ones simply didn’t work for me. It also let me clear out a bunch of samples from my container of sample sized skincare products.

Actually the sample sizes are almost cleared out. I have a few more that I need to use up and I may take this as an opportunity to use them up and clear them out before the new year hits. That way I can start fresh and know that none of the samples I’ve got lingering in the drawer are all that old. Because if there is one thing I hate, its when good skin care goes bad.

But for now, those are the products I used this week. I can’t wait to see what comes out of the drawer next week. Have a good Friday everyone.

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