Weekly Weight: The December break from the Scale continues

Good morning my darlings. I have to say this week, I felt a little less thrilled by the break from the scale. It was a little scary. The scale is sort of my safety net as well as my so-often nemesis. Knowing I have to get on the scale helps me remember that I need to watch what I eat. So it was a little scary this week to be without it.

This week was filled with bursts of rain. And while I tried to make up for the lack of walking with indoor workouts, I always feel like I burn less with those. They are more about muscle tone. I know I do burn some, but I always worry about the balance. And of course the social gatherings started up. There were two this week and one that is tonight.

The ones earlier in the week were simply drinks with a few snacks. I had a glass of wine and some crackers with Hummus at one and a Gin and Tonic and a couple of marinated olives at the other. All told it was pretty easy to stick to one drink and to limit my intake. They weren’t terribly lengthy gatherings and everyone was well aware there was work in the morning so no one really over indulged.

Tonight is going to be the interesting one as it is a Friday night so no one has to really be anywhere in the morning and everyone will be staying later. Plus there will be way more food. I’m sticking to my plan of enjoying small amounts of things that I don’t see any other time of the year and avoiding the things like chips and such that are available year round.

But mostly I am going to just enjoy spending time with friends.

I know, I talked a lot about letting go and enjoying myself, but it is proving a little harder than I thought. Even when I am not stepping on the scale, the thought of it lingers in the back of the mind. This is my first real test with the limited indulgence plan for the holidays. Fingers crossed that it works. wish me luck.

I have a discount code for Prai Beauty to share with you. I am so excited. I have the Ageless Throat and Décolletage Cream and it is absolutely fantastic. I tried a sample that came in a subscription box and immediately ordered a full size. It is a fantastic cream at a really good price. And now you can get a discount! From now (December 10th) until December 16th you can get 30% off Prai Beauty Sitewide with the code MIMSY30.

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