Ageless assistance for my throat and decollate from Prai Beauty

This Prai Ageless Throat and Decolletage cream came to me in a recent subscription and I was very happy to see it. I think I may have done a happy dance. For me my neck and upper chest have been problem areas for many reasons.

One is the excess sun. While I am a sunscreen devotee and in addition to my normal sunscreen applied with my makeup in the mornings, in the summer time I spray down with additional sunscreen before my walks in the park, that skin does take a bit of a beating each summer. This year a lot of my walking t-shirts were v-neck which exposed the skin to more sun. I think that because of the sweat from my walking in the summer’s heat some of the sunscreen from my upper chest was less effective than planned. I found myself reaching for something to soothe and repair the skin more often this year than any other.

It is almost a blessing that most of the t-shorts I wore this summer wore out and are no longer wearable. I am making sure next summer has almost n v-necked shirts for my walking trail time. That skin needs protecting.

As a result, I am more than happy to try out creams, serums and any other product designed to help out the throat and decollate area. As an extra test for the cream I often find that as I lose weight it is the skin of my neck that shows it the most. The skin will look loose and droopy for a little bit and then tighten up again with every few pounds I lose. Anything that will help me tighten that skin back up, is a friend of mine.

While I know that I am a fan of the lengthy skin care ritual, I find that having a separate product specifically for my throat and chest helps me remember to apply the product to my neck and upper chest. I know I am supposed to bring my skincare down, but often forget. With the pot of crème there I actually remember.

This little jar was packed full to bursting with product. It has a tight fitting interior lid that helped keep the air out. The cream is white and very light weight. It absorbs quickly and didn’t leave my neck feeling greasy. Not a lot of cream is needed for each application so the small jar actually lasted three weeks. I know that is just shy of the expectant results mark, but during the time I did see some improvement in my skin so I have high hopes for a larger trial (and have already ordered a full size in order to conduct the trial).

Sorry for the visual up my nose but I was trying to show the neck without shadows.

Because you know I am almost incapable of trying a product without commenting on scent, I have to say this Prai product has an interesting one. To me it smells like soap. I can’t remember the brand, but I know my Aunt used to have a foaming soap that she liked to keep in her powder room. I know it was marked unscented because she knew there were those who had issues with scent. (Every product she used in her own space was either rose or lavender scented). Despite being unscented it had a distinct unscented foaming soap scent.

That is exactly what this cream has as it’s scent. It is a little on the strong side, but it dissipates quickly. If you have an issue with scent you might want to try a sample sized version first. To me it really does just smell like soap so I didn’t have an issue with the scent. I found it slightly amusing and occasionally had to resist the urge to rinse it off, but that’s just me.

Over all I really enjoyed the use of the cream and as I said I have already ordered a larger one to test out longer use results. Given that I saw such an improvement in a short term use, I have high hopes.

One additional benefit I have found is that this cream from Prai is not all that expensive. A jar costs $30. (It is the smaller of their full sized jars but as it has enough product to last a month, possibly more, it is the one I ordered). For me that is a really good price for a skincare item. If you are interested in trying this cream out, or any of the Prai products, or if you are already a fan and want to stock up, I have a code for 30% off. It isn’t a permanent code. The code is only active until the 16th of December (2021). So for this week only the code MIMSY30 will get you 30% off. The code is site wide, not just for the cream I was trying out. As I believe their holiday sales are still going on, this would be a little extra to help you shave off the cost of stocking up some fabulous skincare products.

Happy Shopping.

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