Snacktime: Four Sigmatic Mushroom Cacao with Reishi

Today we have something a little different for snack time. Instead of a tasted edible, we have a drinkable. It is the Four Sigmatic Mushroom Cacao with Reishi. I recently received several packets of this in a subscription box and I have to say I was very excited to give it a try. I have heard all this talk about how good reishi mushrooms are for you. Apparently it is supposed to help with stress and promote immune health and at this time of year both of those sound like amazing benefits.

Plus while I always love mushrooms, now is the time of year where I really like hot chocolate. So this sounded like the perfect time to try it.

I actually have a set of tea cups that hold 4 ounces of liquid and since that is the amount of liquid needed to turn one of these packets into a drink, I chose it to use today. I wanted to make certain that I didn’t overly dilute it with extra water.

I boiled my water in my electric kettle. I added the mix to the cup and then added the boiled waster untop of it. I stirred really well so there was no left over residue on the bottom. And then I had to wait for it to cool down a little because the cup is uninsulated and too hot to hold.

When I could hold the cup without burning myself I lifted it up and inhaled. There was a wonderful chocolatey scent. I took a sip. The taste did not match the scent. According to the Four Sigmatic website this drink is…

An evening treat that’ll transform your mornings too – Better bedtime starts with a better evening ritual. Organic cacao plus Reishi helps you leave today’s stress behind so you can feel great tomorrow. It’s delicious, just a little decadent, and undeniably good for you.


Organic Reishi mushroom (500ml per serving), Organic cacao powder, organic coconut palm sugar, organic cinnamon, organic cardamom, organic stevia

Four Sigmatic

When I tasted it, I got the cinnamon. I got the cardamom and I got the stevia. There was a slight chocolaty taste as a back note, but it was obliterated by the spices. In addition, even though I deliberately used a cup that could only hold four ounces which is the recommended amount, it tasted watered down with a back note that just read as stale. I think the stale might be down to the watery taste mixing with the mushrooms.

I think they were going for a Mexican Chocolate sort of flavor, which normally I really love. I think the problem is the water. As I said at the beginning, I have a couple of packs so I decided to try a little experiment. I heated up four ounces of milk. And made another cup of the cocoa.

With the milk it tasted more like Mexican Hot Chocolate and I enjoyed it more. It still tasted a little stale, as though it was a box of hot chocolate mix that was stored too long in the cupboard.

To be honest they need to bump up the chocolate flavor. But the milk did help. I honestly think it was the milk fats that kind of helped it out. I know they are going for a healthier alternative, but if they dialed back the cinnamon and cardamom and upped the chocolate it would have a better taste. If you are a vegan, I would consider using a vanilla almond milk with it. Normally the vanilla almond milk is a little too sweet for me, but I think the extra sweetness might actually help this out and make it a more rounded flavor.

I understand what they are trying to do and I think it is admirable, but for me I would rather just have a hot cup of tea or splurge for a hot cup of actual cocoa. This doesn’t replace either but falls short somewhere in the middle. I like the thought of a healthier drink and I don’t mind them adding mushrooms, In fact I would love to see them added to more things. They just fell down on flavor. I just plain didn’t like the taste. This is not a drink I will be repurchasing.

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