Perfume Review: Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

In November Macy’s Beauty Box had a brand take over box. The brand that took over was Yves Saint Laurant. It was a very exciting bag and one of the items that came inside the bag was a deluxe sample of Mon Paris Parfum.

The box is a classy looking satiny pink with black and gold details that I think looks stunning. I love the combo personally. It is actually one of the only ways I like pink honestly, muted and with black and gold. I know it is a very Parisian color scheme but it is a classic for a reason, at least with me.

The bottle too is a simple squared off design that even in the sample size looks nice. The sample size mirrors the design of the larger bottle, which I think just looks elegantly stunning. Admittedly I have a weakness for cut glass. I do like that the sample size is also in a glass bottle and not plastic. The full sized bottle, if you purchase it from the YSL Site is $128 and engrave- able.

How stunning a gift would that be?

But of course as lovely as the bottle is, it is what is inside that counts. The description on the website is very simple as far as perfumes go.

A floral fragrance with red berries, Datura flower and white musk.

Honestly, it may be one of the shortest and to the point perfume descriptions I have seen in a really long time. And it is quite accurate. The Datura flower gives it a lovely floral aroma. The red berries are slightly sweet notes that have a lightly fruity element, but also add a slight tartness to the mix and the white musk helps ground the combination slightly so that even though the notes are floral and fruity it has a deeper back note to it.

Normally I tend to lean more towards the spicier perfumes as many of the florals are too sweet for me to take long term but I have to say I really like this one. It is well balanced and lighter than many of my other scents. I think it could be worn in the day time as well as the evening and it is more of a personal scent.

One interesting thing that may be a difference from the deluxe sample which I have and the full sized one, that I most certainly now have on my wish list is that the dispensing is different. The full sized bottle has a spray and the sample does not. To apply it I put my finger over the open top tilted it to get it on my finger and then touched my finger to my wrist. Because of this application, I very much controlled the amount of scent. I think that with a spray, more will come out and that the scent will be a little more potent for the first hour of wear. I did notice that even with the more controlled application, the scent came on strong and then faded back. Once it faded back it stayed at more or less the same scent level all day. The level is perfect for personal use. When wearing it, you can smell it but it doesn’t travel too far. Generally someone has to be within a foot or two of you to smell the perfume. It isn’t a scent that will proceed you down the hallway. With the spray of the full size you may want to give it a little longer to settle down. That would be the main difference that I see between this sample and the full sized version. For me, this is a scent that I am more than willing to add to my personal collection in any size.

While this is the Mon Paris Eau de Parfum, there are other scents in the Mon Paris line (Mon Paris Couture and Mon Paris Intensement) I believe Couture leans more towards the citrus notes while the Intensement is more floral in nature. I’m not sure I would like the more floral version as this is kind of my right level of floral, but I think I would like to try a sample of the Couture. But that will have to wait for another day. For the moment I am quite happy with my Mon Paris eau du Parfum and have already added it to my wish list.

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