Sampling Foil Packet Skincare

Those who have read my posts for any length of time know that I am a big fan of samples. I love the ability to try out a product for myself and decide if it is right for me before I purchase a full sized item. Because let’s face, a product can have all of the hype in the world and have dozens of people raving about it, but it just might not work well for you.

Conversely there are several products other people may absolutely despise that work wonders for your skin. Part of that is that everyone has different skin types, but part of that is also that we don’t all live in the same area. I spent large chunks of my life moving around and after pretty much every move I had to completely reevaluate my skincare regime just based on the climate where I lived.

Things my skin loved in New York didn’t work for me in Wyoming. What was fabulous in Louisiana couldn’t cut it in Texas. Every place I have lived I have had to completely alter my skincare. I may have kept the skin that I was in when I moved, but the difference in the world around me affected what products I needed.

It’s one of the reasons I would start stockpiling samples every time I knew a move was eminent. I would run out whatever skincare I was using, and then go sample crazy when I moved to a new place. However as much as I like samples, I am not a fan of the foil pack.

I tend to get them routinely with other orders. And I like that I get them routinely with other orders. Some of them have led me to products I love. But I tend to chuck them in a drawer and forget about them until they build up and then I have a good clear out.

As I have started running out my sample sized travel products, I decided to rotate in some of the foil packets to clear them out. These are first impressions of products that I have in amounts that only have one use in them. There are four I went through this week. I used them after the deluxe multi use sample in that category ran out and before I rotated in another product to take its place, that’ s why this is not part of the Friday Skincare line up.

So let’s see what these products are. The first up is the Peach Slices Gold Glow Priming serum with 24k gold. It retails on the Peach and Lily Website for $13.99 and according to the website…

Grab this primer and serum in-one and get ready for your “gwang” closeup.

What’s gwang? It’s that coveted, Insta-worthy, backlit KBeauty glow – instant dazzling radiance in a bottle.

The lightweight, fast-absorbing formula revives skin with 24K gold and antioxidants, and primes skin for a radiant makeup look. Star ingredients 24K gold boosts a glow, while bananas and berries hydrate, soothe and balance skin.

Wear under and over makeup – or alone – for a foolproof glow. Great for all skin types.

As you can see when dispensed it does have the gold flecks in it. I decided to use it as a serum under my moisturizer and I am glad I did. It is a very wet formula and feels more serum like than primer-esque. It took a while to dry down and the gold more or less disappeared. If there was any “gwanging” I didn’t see it. It was a slight bit sticky, so perhaps that would work to grip makeup. While I usually like Peach slices, I don’t think this priming serum is for me. It won’t be going on my list of items to purchase.

The second foil packet I used was the Laneige Radian C Cream. I used it as a day cream and it worked pretty well. I was thrilled to be able to try something else from the brand. I love their lip masks and I have tried a serum from them that I like, but never a moisturizer.

This moisturizer had a slight orange scent to it, which I suppose goes along with the vitamin c. while it was a somewhat thick looking white cream, it blended into my skin well and absorbed quickly. I found the one day I used it quite impressive. I would certainly be willing to give it a try in a longer trial.

The next two products were night time ones and I rotated them in accordingly. I was curious about the No 7 Laboratories Dark spot Correcting serum. I have several dark spots I wouldn’t mind correcting. I also like the brand No 7. Obviously as this is a foil packet and skin care items need more than a single use to show results, there was no immediate disappearing of the dark spots. However I did like the way this serum absorbed so quickly into my skin. It made application easy and did not extend my time getting ready for bed. Dark spots are not a huge concern for me so I don’t have a lot of experience with the serums used to treat it.

I do have a few though and wouldn’t mind them fading. I did find that this serum had a somewhat strong chemically scent that I didn’t particularly care for. I don’t know if that is normal or not as this isn’t a typical product for me. The scent did fade almost immediately though so perhaps it was a just out of the pack sort of thing. While I wouldn’t mind trying more skincare from the brand No 7, I am not sure this product was entirely for me. It did absorb well though and seems nice, I just don’t think it is a big enough issue for me to purchase the product.

And finally we come to Origins High Potency Night-a-Mins Mineral Enriched renewal cream. To be honest I have no idea where this foil packet came from. Origins was one of those brands that I used to purchase from all of the time and then slowly got away from for reasons I don’t recall. There was never a problem with a product I used from the brand. I think there were just too many products I wanted to try for me to simply stick to one brand all the time.

The night cream smelled lemony and absorbed well without leaving me feeling greasy. It is a heavy looking cream but it didn’t feel heavy on the skin. In fact it felt pretty good on the skin and I woke up the next morning feeling moisturized. It was actually the best of the four samples that I tried. Or at least the one I liked the best.

So even though it wasn’t heavy, it was enough to get me through the night, moisture wise. The scent was vaguely lemony. The last few lemony scented skincare products I’ve tried seemed more like bathroom cleaners than skincare. This actually pulled off the lemon scent without going into the cleaning products realm. Which is really hard to do for skin care. I rather enjoyed it and would not mind using this product in a larger size for a larger length of time.

So there you have it my darlings. I cleared out several foil packets from my skincare drawer. While it didn’t clear out a whole lot of space, they were just sort of flopping around and I feel better for having used them. Even if the results were mixed. I now know if I want to ty the products or not and feel good about getting them out of the drawer and starting the New Year with a little less clutter.


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