The Daily: December 29th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. The rain has finally arrived. It is bucketing down and I am watching the temperature drop a few degrees at a time. It has been unseasonably warm and now with the rains, it is slowly getting back down to something that feels like normal for this time of year.

Disturbingly I have seen buds teased out on some of the trees in my yard. It concerns be because we are in December. I know we are going to have a least one hard cold in January or February. The trees just don’t seem to have gotten the message. Of course it was seventy degrees on Christmas day, so I don’t think they can be blamed for getting their wires crossed.

I’m actually thinking a lot about plants today because when i splashed my way to the mail box I found the seed catalogs have started to arrive. While it is way too early to start planting out, it is not too early to start dreaming of the garden that will be. I always find this part to be the most exciting. It is the building the garden in my mind phase.

In my head, all of the plats will thrive and not have to suffer through an invasion of caterpillars, the digging of squirrels or the concentrated attack by the local rabbit population. No, in my mind it is perfect and I will have an ocean of fresh veg for the house and kitchen.

Its a lot more work when you have to do it in real life, but it is a lot of fun to dream. Plus i love scouring the seed catalogs to find one thing that I’ve never grown or never even heard of in some cases, just to see if I can grow it and find a use for it. Last year I grew Mexican sour gherkins. They came in my the bucketful and were fantastic in salads. I pickled some in a sweet fridge pickle mix (vinegar, salt, sugar and a little bit of cilantro, I crushed the stems and used them rather than the leaves, it worked beautifully and gave me less kitchen waste). I will very much be planting them again this year. I just haven’t found next year’s surprise trial yet. I can’t wait to start looking. And it is quite a fun thing to do on a cold and rainy day. i can’t wait to see what i find this year.

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