The Skincare Line Up: December 30th, 2021

No my darlings, you have not lost a day somewhere. I will be skipping Friday’s posting so I thought I’d get my skincare line up in a day early. There will be no Weekly weight post as this is the last week of my Holiday from the scale. Next week is when the world will get back to normal. Or at least that is what i tell myself.

You may notice that my Skincare line up is much diminished this week. In fact it is downright minimalist. Only three items, can you believe it?

The reasoning is simple. I had issues with my moisturizer. when I first dispensed the Juice Beauty product, it came out thin and watery. After two days it was coming out thick and applied on the skin like old fashioned zinc oxide sunscreen. Rubbing it in to remove the white cast took a great deal of effort. The product dates didn’t list it as expired. I’ve never had issues with Juice Beauty before. Perhaps it was just a bad batch or it wasn’t mixed properly. Either way it wasn’t fun. Then I started getting red and itchy. Trial and error pinpointed the cause as the moisturizer.

So I discontinued use, the redness and itchiness faded. This week however I took a break from makeup and therefore did not need any makeup removing products. I actually just kept to the three essentials.

My Cleanser was the Elemis Balancing Lime Blossom Cleanser. It was gentle enough to not irritate my angry skin while it healed but let me still wash my face at night. It was an excellent product and I am very glad it was in my line up this week.

The second Item I used was the Terravibe CBD Age Defying Eye Serum. Even though it is listed as an eye serum it was used all over the face. While the hyaluronic acid is a big help it was the calming and soothing elements in this serum that were very helpful this week.

And then the replacement moisturizer. I went with the sample of the belif Aqua Bomb moisturizer. I used it because I’ve used it before and knew it wouldn’t irritate my skin. It is a good moisturizer but usually it is way too wet a formula for me. I can sort of pull it off in the winter, but it really is too wet for my skin type. It is gentle. It just takes forever to absorb and I can only use a little bit. which is sort of a good thing as there isn’t much in the sample. It is a very small sample of product. I have maybe a day or two left and once I finish with it, I will roll in something else. While this is a decent enough moisturizer, it is too wet for me and not something I will repurchase.

I know, that is just such a small listing of skincare products. It seems so strange to me. But my skin needed the minimum this week. Next week, I will start adding things back in and see how things fare. For now, this trio really worked for me.

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