The Daily: January 4th, 2022

Good afternoon my darlings and welcome to Tuesday. Well , actually welcome to halfway through Tuesday anyway. And it has been a busy one. Oddly enough one spent mostly outside. As you know we had a warm spell of weather before the cold hit us. The warmth was long enough to trick some of the trees and they did not take the sudden reversal in temps well. There were several loud cracks heard in the night and this morning when I awoke to temps of around 16 degrees, a far cry from the 70 of a few days ago, things were a mess.

we had one tree that looked like it was split straight down the middle. And there were broken tree limbs all over the place. While a tidy yard isn’t enough of a reason for me to go out in cold temps, threatened power lines are. while I don’t ever touch the chain saw, I did haul branches and chopped up bunches of branches to safer locations. Safer locations being the ones that didn’t interfere with powerlines or traffic.

It is days like these that I wish we had a wood burning something or other. Unfortunately we don’t. But there are large trucks circling who are willing to take away the branches for free. I think they turn them into wood chips for mulch. As we could always use the mulch it would have been nice to chip them here and use them for much in our garden beds, but alas it was not to be.

We have no woodchipper. Mostly because we don’t generally need a wood chipper. There may be a lot of trees around but the yard isn’t that big. Also I think that if we did have a wood chipper then I would be tempted to chuck things into it to see what else it could chew up.

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t go all Fargo and dispose of people bits. But plastic bottles and possibly parts of old tires would not be safe. And yes I’m pretty sure it would damage the machine, or me when they kicked back. which is another really good reason for me not to have a wood chipper. I would break it. Or me. And I imagine they are quite expensive. I haven’t priced them out, but I imagine they are.

So I hauled and lifted and carried bits of trees leaving the eventual wood chipping to someone else. I ended up both cold and sweaty which is not a good combo. It does make me feel like I burned a lot of calories but it also makes me want to drink both buckets of water and a gallon of hot chocolate at the same time. We have now finished for the day, and I have peeled off the winter gear. I am hydrating with water while the hot parts of me cool down and the cool parts of me warm up. Then I will drink one mug of something hot and head into the bath for a good soak.

As you can imagine, there was no makeup today. In fact I brushed my hair, bundled it under a hat and that was about it. Admittedly at the moment you can’t tell that I actually brushed my hair, but I promise that I did.

I did have one pleasant surprise today. A bag arrived from IPSY today. No it wasn’t my monthly subscription, they aren’t that quick. Instead it was the item that was accidentally left out of my December bag. That’s right, it is the Brightening mask from Aceology. It has now arrived. Perhaps I will use it after my bath. I do know that in my bath, I will be using some form of bath product. I haven’t decided on a bath bomb, bath salts or bubble bath. I think I’ll wait until I have fully warmed up for that. For now though I have finished my rehydration and the kettle is now whistling. So it is time for me to get something warm to drink. Then I’ll decide on the bath product of the day. Then I might catch up on all the work I missed this morning. with luck. For now though, it is time for me to leave you. Have a good rest of the day. and stay warm.

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