Bath time with Bubble T

As you know yesterday was a cold cold day for me. Much of it was spent outside and I was in desperate need of a good hot soak to warm me through. In fact now that the weather has finally decided it is in fact Winter, I will be using many more of my bath products. I simply can not soak in a bath when it is really hot outside. I just can’t do it. So I collect all of the bath products that arrive in subscription boxes throughout the warmer months and then have bath time extravaganzas throughout the winter. It also lets me take advantages of sales for my favorite brands in the off months so I can stockpile.

Or at least attempt to.

My babydoll will take baths year round and there are some bath products that he likes but claims only to use because I happen to have them near by. So occasionally things go missing. For example I stocked up on the Zents Mandarin Bath Truffles during black Friday and yet mysteriously there is not a single one to be found in the storage closet.

No matter, yesterday when I sunk into my hot bath to completely warm myself up, I broke out the Bubble T Rhubarb Custard Bath Fizzer. I have used Bubble T products before, In fact I have their Earl Gray bath salts in my bathroom right now. It is a product i like but don’t love. Partially because it has little bits of plant matter in the salts that I have to clean out of the bath once I’ve finished using it, and partially because there is just a little too much bergamot for me to really enjoy the scent. It does make my skin wonderfully soft though.

So I had high hopes for this bath fizzer. It has a lot of the same skin softening ingredients, none of the plant bits and even in the plastic it smells of rhubarb and custard. Rhubarb was eaten in large quantities in our house every summer so I adore it. If you don’t know the scent, it is tart but slightly fruity as well. mixing it with the custard scent sort of mellows it. I found the scent even through the plastic absolutely delicious. The scent intensifies when the plastic is off and is quite strong in the water.

I would recommend using a pair of scissors to remove the plastic before heading into the bathroom. It is not easy to tear open, especially with wet hands. I know, that sounds like common sense. I struggled and then luckily found a nail kit in the medicine cabinet. It had a pair of nail scissors to help me out.

I found it a wonderful scent to luxuriate in and after my bath my skin was soft and fragrant as well. The scent from the bath fizzer only lasts about an hour or so after your bath. The softness remained and I didn’t have to use a body lotion after my bath as I usually do. Which was nice. I don’t think any of my body lotions go well with the scent of rhubarb custard so it was for the best that I didn’t mix them.

My one concern is regarding size. It is a really large bath fizzer. If this is the standard size for all Bubble T bath fizzers then in the future I would cut them in half and only use one half for the bath. Luckily the bag is resealable so i think that if you did have to cut the fizzer in half it would be easy to store the extra half. Usually when you do something like that it makes a bit of a mess. The package seems designed to contain that sort of mess. which probably means I’m not the only one who looks at it and things about cutting it in half.

The final question is always the same. Would I get this product again? Yes, I think I would. It was a lovely scent, it made my skin soft and I really enjoyed using it. I would not only get this again, but i would happily go on the Bubble T site and pick out other scents to try. while this one was one of their giant bath fizzers some of their smaller ones look like they would better fit my bath time uses without needing to be cut apart. If they have the same basic formula I would consider stocking up on Bubble T Bath fizzers.

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