A Wednesday Face Mask

I know my darlings it is not a Friday, but still I decided a face mask was in order.  Given the holiday week, I decided to skip the longer mask review and just go with a one time use.  Of course I did decide to double up.  I used both the SkinMedica Eye masks and the When The last Choice mask that came in this month’s Allure box.

I decided to wear the eye masks under the face mask.  For me the eye section of the eye masks usually fits a bit strangely anyway, so I figured this way I would know that my eyes were covered.  So The SkinMedica Eye masks, which according to the product overview…

The SkinMedica Instant Bright Eye Mask boosts the eye area with a concentrated dose of brightening hydration.

These premium gel patches make an ideal companion to the SkinMedica Instant Bright Eye Cream for their ability to provide immediate hydration and relief to puffy, fatigued eyes. Each gel mask provides potent brightening effects while Rhodiola rosea root extract moisturizes and soothes skin.

The eye masks were interesting coming out of the package.  The top side was a cloth feel which I usually have issues getting to stay on my eyes.  However, this one had a thick gel on the opposite side that more or less glues them into place when I put them on.  They weren’t stuck, I could move them around, but they did stay attached to my face which is a good quality, especially if I am going to use them at my desk. So initially I was very pleased.  But this was only step one of the masking phase.  Step two involved the sheet mask going over it.

thick mask, but not heavy

So to the sheet mask.  It is the When Last Choice Bio Cellulose sheet mask.  When It initially arrived I looked it up and while I found out a lot about the brand I couldn’t find this specific sheet mask. I decided to give it another go. I still couldn’t find it on the When site, but I did finally find it offered for sale at Belks for $7.  I don’t know if this means it is an exclusive to Belk’s mask or if it was discontinued. But the description comes from the Belk’s site. Which is…

When your skin needs a tall glass of hydration, Use When The Last Choice for instant hydration
Nothing feels worse than dry, flaky and tired skin. Ditch your dehydrated skin and soak your face with the latest in facial experiences. Introducing When The Last Choice Face Mask. Designed to drench your deserted skin in super hydrating moisture. When The Last Choice uses an innovatively designed bio-cellulose sheet made from coconuts. The unique second skin design evenly distributes key ingredients of the serum to the entire face effectively delivering the necessary moisture.

The hydrating agents within When The Last Choice include sodium hyaluronate and saccharide isomerate. The mask is the perfect sip for your skin on the go or a relaxing spa night at home.

So being reasonably certain I was in for a hydrating experience, I opened the mask.  It was sandwiched between a thick sick sheet and a thin sheet, that I wasn’t certain was a sheet and not a secondary mask.  I realized it was just ther to keep the mask from sticking to itself and peeled it off, applying the mask. I really like the material this mask is made from.  I’m guessing it is the bio cellulose.  It is thicker than regular paper and adheres well all over the surface of my face.  It feels like paper infused with some sort of gel, but it is lighter and thinner than a gel mask.   Essentially when I put it in place, it stayed there. 

While the mask does have plenty of serum, it wasn’t drippy so I didn’t have to wipe it off of my neck.  Confident everything was in place, I lay down and began contemplating my Thanksgiving day domination.  Even if it is just an in house gathering, getting the sides and the main to all come out at more or less the same time is always tricky. It requires a little plotting and planning.  So as I plotted and planned, (Listening to Rage Against the Machine in case you were curious) I felt my face mask grow cooler against my skin.  It felt as though it was chilling the skin down as I let it sit.  There was no tingling or anything, it just felt like someone had a fan turned on high and was blowing chilled air directly at me. Except without the air movement.

before (L) and after(R) not much different in visible effects but I felt very refreshed and my skin felt fantastic.

As I often use a chilled stone roller to de puff my eyes, I think the cooling will have a similar effect.  But I waited for the timer to go off. Which it eventually did. When I took the mask and eye masks off my skin was soft and very hydrated.  I actually used my vibrating face massager to get the remaining serum to sink into my skin. 

My skin was cool to the touch so I didn’t imagine the cooling nature of the mask.  To be honest, the eye masks were good and I would pick them up again. Given their design, they could easily be used at the desk without making a mess.  There is no dripping serum, no sliding and because the gel is only on the underside, your fingers stay clean.  Not a bad thing to have in the desk for special occasions. Like needing to appear awake for a boring meeting when you didn’t sleep well the night before.

The mask was excellent.  I loved the material, I loved the amount of serum in it and I really liked the serum. I’m a little disgruntled by the fact that I had a hard time hunting it down, but it is worth hunting down.  I think I will try our local Belk’s and see if I can’t find out a little more information. I’ll also poke around a bit, maybe they just changed the outer packaging and I somehow missed it.  Either way, I will definitely be looking for this mask again. I would like to see what effect this would have on routine use.

But for now my darlings, I have a bit of pre thanksgiving prep to do and then I need to put on my makeup and fix my hair for the first of the family calls.  Because yes, after the mask, my bangs are sticking up like a crazy person.  It’s one of the reasons I do my face masks either later at night or on Friday after I’ve completed everything but at the desk paperwork.  But my flat iron is heating up and soon, I won’t look as crazy. Hopefully. 

Have a happy Thanksgiving if you are celebrating and if you are elsewhere in the world, have a fantastic rest of the week. I am going to try to pop back on later with another sales page but I’m not not 100% sure I’ll make it today. It might be tomorrow. Regardless, I will definately be back bright and early Monday morning with my normal schedule.  See you then!

If you are still shopping one thing you might want to check out is the new Besame Cosmetics Mary Poppins Collection. Their collections sell out really fast as they are great makeup and rather affordable. Plus, their collections are absolutely stunning. I tried to get the Sleeping Beauty Collection and missed out. (I so wanted that mirror). The Mary Poppins one looks super fantastic. Plus, they are running the following deal: GET OUR BELOVED WEEKENDER BAG FOR 75%* OFF ($45 VALUE) WITH YOUR PURCHASE OF $65 OR MORE. USE CODE: BFCM2020

The Makeup Bag: November 25th, 2020

The Make up Bag used: November 21st -27th

Good morning my darlings.  I know some of you are looking at this and thinking, it is not Friday.  No you did not miss two days. This Thursday is Thanksgiving for me and I will not be posting on either Thursday or Friday.  Don’t worry, normality will resume on Monday. Or whatever passes for normality these days.  So no one is missing days and today we will have the Wednesday Face Mask as well. It will also be earlier in the day as this afternoon will be filled with the pre-feast arrangements and the first of the Thanksgiving Video chats with family.

It turns out not everyone wants to be on the same video call. I think I have some family who are deciding that the benefit of not gathering en masse for the holiday is that they can choose who they want to talk to. Kinda fun.

But this is less family drama highlights and more of the week’s make up.

 This week for foundation I went with the Maybelline Fit me Matte + Poreless.  I really like the foundation.  My thoughts haven’t really changed on it since my full review.  It is one of the better drug store foundations that I have tried out.  However there is an improvement.

My one issue with this foundation was the open top to the glass bottle.  I dispense product onto my hand and then apply and with this I am always pouring just a little too much so I feel like I am wasting product. Then when I was poking around I found the Fit Me foundation is now on sale on Look Fantastics website ($8 in case you are interested) in a tube instead of a bottle.  I know, normally I adore glass bottles but without a pump or dropper or anything, I make a mess with this bottle.  Now it is offered in a tube. (Yes it is things like this that get me excited. Last time I checked my local drugstore only had it in the bottles but on my next store run I will check it out. If not, at least I know where I can replace it and eliminate the one complaint I had about this product. Happy holidays to me.

And yes, that is an egg cup holding my makeup sponge. It is slightly large when the blender is dry and still hold it when it is wet.

Applying my foundation was the tag team duo of my Master Blender from bdellium tools and my Huda Beauty sponge.  I am still loving both of them.

Bdellium Tools is having a sale where a lot of their Vegan Brushes are 50% off. If you are looking for quality brushes this might be a good time to stock up. Of course, Huda Beauty is also having a sale.

Huda Beauty Black Friday Sale. Up to 50% off SITEWIDE- exclusions apply

This week’s primer was the Urban Decay Optical Illusion Complexion Primer (Usually the full size is $36 but right now it is on sale for $18). I used to use this all the time.  I think the only reason I stopped picking it up was because I had too many primers at one point and decided to try and use them up before I repurchased.  Somehow this fell off my radar. 

A week or so ago I was getting a few Ulta gift cards for …well…gifts, and I saw this travel sized one in the section by the checkout so I picked it up to see if I still liked it.  I do.  I like it a lot. It is pore filling and my skin looked fabulous when I put it on.  I can’t believe I let this fall off my radar for so long and will happily be putting it back into my primer rotation.

My concealer was also a sample size this week.  It was picked up from IPSY and it was another product that I used to like but somehow fell off my radar.  This is the Tarte shape tape concealer.  (Tarte is having a 30% off sale sitewide, use code CYBER)

It is an adorable little sample.  Which is probably a good thing. As cute as it is, it did not perform as I remembered.  It worked really well on covering spots and blemishes, but under the eyes it was a mess.  It crinkled, it wrinkled and every person I saw thought I looked exhausted. I don’t know if the formula changed or if I am just old enough now that my skin no longer likes the formula, but it didn’t work for me. I will use the rest of this little tube as either eyelid primer or a spot concealer, but it is not going under my eyes.  I love many products from Tarte and their sister brand Sugar Crush (Especially their liquid lipsticks), this just doesn’t happen to be one of them anymore.

For blush and bronzer this week I went with two of my long standing favorites. What doesn’t show is that there are significant curves in the product of both the bronzer and the blush. The bronzer was from Marc Jacobs.

This Blacquer Friday, fortune favors the fabulous. Take 30% off all full-price items. Find new fascinations or fan past flames as you stock up on your all-time favorites. (11/25 – 11/29)

Technically it is the HI FI Filter contour duo, but the darker contour I can use as bronzer and the lighter shade I tend to use as a powder when I accidentally pick up a foundation that is slightly too dark.  I am not always the best at picking out shades so I have products to help modify some of them. I figure it is better to modify than to waste an entire bottle of product (assuming the product works well).  It also really helps when my skin is seasonally transitioning.    This is a duo I will be keeping around until the pan is completely empty.  And then I’ll reorder something similar. I don’t think this actual duo is sold any more but the products are sold individually. I just don’t think people are doing as much contouring as they used to.But the formula is great and I will be going for a Marc Jacobs Bronzer when this runs out rather than the contour kit.

The blush was the Gold Rush from Benefit.  What can I say, I love the blush, I love the slight glow it gives my skin and I also really like the way it makes me look on video calls, which I will be doing a lot of this week.  It may be family and not work, but I still want to look nice.

Benefit Cosmetics Black Friday Sale! Score 25% off sitewide and free shipping on your order! Use code: FRIYAY. Valid through 11/28.

For highlighter I grabbed the Fenty beauty (30% off sale going on now) and used the Moscow Mule more than ginger binge as it suits my skin tone more.  I wanted something that would blend out well without being to in your face bright. While I occasionally tease about the overly highlighted nose, my family is merciless with the mocking so I wanted to avoid bright spot but still highlight certain areas.  This highlighter worked well so I shouldn’t have any problems on the video calls.

No. 7 showing pan.

I had two powders this week.  My pressed powder is the No 7 Perfect light in medium.  As you can see from the photo, the pan has started to show through.  I may actually keep it in my makeup bag until I have used it up rather than trading it out with another one in the dressing table. 

The kicker is that since I reach for this one automatically (it is one of my favorites) I have several other pressed powders I’ve barely touched so I might do a quick count and see if I can justify reordering this immediately or if I will have to show some restraint and wait for a bit.  I would prefer not to show restraint but we will see what the powder count reveals.

My loose powder this week was the Smashbox Photo Finish Fresh setting powder. It came in my November Boxy Charm and was actually one of my choice items. I was intrigued by the dial that shaves off fresh powder for each use.  I thought it would help keep it from getting messy.  Which it does.  The powder is really nice and I do like using it.  The only issue is that when you turn the dial for the powder you have to have clean dry hands. 

If you have anything on your hands (moisturizer, serum, primer) turning that dial becomes a feat requiring herculean effort.  Otherwise it is fine.  Just remember clean, dry hands and you will be fine.  I am kind of interested to see what will happen as the level of powder drops.  While it may take me a really long time to get through eyeshadow or blush, I go through powders (both pressed and loose) at a fairly steady rate. They are the one item I am always replacing.  Even on no makeup days, I use powder over my moisturizer. Seeing how this solid performs as it gets shaved down further and further may be an interesting thing to watch.

This week I couldn’t resist reaching for my wet ‘n wild Color Icon Palette.  I have the My Glamour Squad one, but in all fairness it is a good enough formula that I would not mind picking up more of these little palettes (currently the 32 pan Color Icon palette which looks like it has all of the small pans combined is on sale for $9.99 – normally it is $15- I am very tempted by this.).  There is enough shadow for a variety of looks and the formula is easy to work with. If you are just getting into makeup or like to keep things easy, this is not a bad little palette to have around.  The shades tend to fade after about the tenth hour of wearing them, but it is rare for me to wear shadow more than 8-10 hours so I’ve never found that to be a problem.

And since I was taking out the wet ‘n wild eyeshadow I figured I’d go ahead and grab the ultimate brow kit.  I really like the wet ‘n wild formula.  Well for the brow powder.  That cream highlight is just awful, but the powder is really good.  I only use the one lighter shade.  While the kit is really very inexpensive, I feel like I am wasting the other two products.  I would love to just get that lighter powder in a single for my brows.  I think for now I might try using the darker shade as a powder eyeliner so it doesn’t get wasted.

For eyeliner this week I used the Laura Geller Line and Define Dual Dimension eyeliner.  One is a crayon style and the other is liquid.  I really like both formulas but I think that the crayon side will just get thicker and thicker as I use it down.  It will be interesting to see how that wears. 

This week as I was attempting to put things where they belong in my dressing table I found an unopened Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara (they have both the regular packaging available now and a special Holiday packaging of this mascara as well as several kits where it comes in a travel size like this. You all know my weakness for kits and multi-product packs). 

I’m not ashamed to say I squealed just a little bit with delight.  For a while I had a fist full of these sample sized mascaras and I thought I used them up.  But no, this one was still sealed.  So I promptly unsealed it and used it, and yes, it is just as good as I remember it being.  So I was a very happy camper when I found I had that.

For lip products this week I had three.  One liner, one liquid and one gloss. The liner was Huda Beauty in Trophy wife, the liquid lipstick was OFRA’s Pasadena and the gloss was Thrive Causemetics in Ashley. 

I have used all three before, loved all three and will use all three again.  The Ofra formula is a really nice one that dries down to stay in place but doesn’t dry down so much that your lips feel parched.  It is a very comfortable formula to wear and a great nude. The thrive lipgloss is lip gloss shiny and not as glittery a it looks.  It is also not sticky.  The stick factor is one reason I tend to go matte and then just top it off with the few clear glosses I like.  This is one of the few I really like.

And finally we come to the setting spray, Milani’s Make it last Matte (Milani has 30% off site wide at the moment). I liked this spray actually.  After the paint fumes of Kokie I was braced for the worst but I ended up really liking this.  It has a slightly floral scent to it that fades quickly and more importantly didn’t give me a headache.

I think this is one I would definitely use until it is gone and then think about repurchasing in the full size. So that my darlings was the makeup bag for the week.  It sounds very strange to be saying that on a Wednesday, but such are the holidays.  I will be wearing these products for the rest of the week, with the exception of the tarte concealer.  I am now using the Pretty Vulgar concealer under my eyes as I don’t want to explain to every family member that I am not sick and exhausted.  That was my only real fail this week. 

Which shouldn’t be surprising as I specifically chose products I knew I could count on for the week since I was going to be so taken over with other things that I didn’t want to have to stop and evaluate my foundation, eyeshadow or powder mid gathering.  While there were a couple of new items, for the most part I went with products I knew I could count on.  It was just one of those weeks where stable was better than experimenting. I tried to add in as much information about brand’s sales as I could with the posts and hopefully it will help some of you out. More than likely I will be doing a second sales post later today as there were a bunch that I forgot on my massive sales cheat cheat that I posted yesterday. And of course there will be a face mask post later today as well. And no, it is not Friday. You really haven’t missed any days.

The Daily: November 24th, 2020

Good afternoon my darlings. I just had a very interesting conversation with my baby doll. He’s working from home today and came into my office to ask me a question about dinner. At the moment he sees all the food gathered for thursday’s dinner and is disappointed at anything else that lands on his plate in the days prior. we go through this every holiday. so that’s pretty standard. he sees the holiday food and wants the holiday food.

But that is not what was amusing. He came in as I was placing my order for Klorane. I am dangerously low on dry shampoo and really should have ordered a week or so ago. But I was trying to hold out for their sale (20 % off with the code FRIDAY20). And this time instead of my standard order I also picked up the Dry Shampoo with Nettles for Dark hair to give it a try. Okay I also got my standard bottle, but i am trying something new in addition to my favorite, so that sort of counts as branching out. I just really like having my standard on hand.

But despite having had dry shampoo in the house for years, often multiple bottles, I had to explain what dry shampoo was. He’s seen my hair care drawer, but just thought anything in a can is hair spray and anything in a tube is gel.

Once I explained dry shampoo and even demonstrated he informed e that it was just a can of fake snow and complemented the manufacturers on finding a year round use of it. He then walked out and went back to work.

Here’s the thing, now that he has it in his head, that is what it is forever going to be. I will be hearing about canned sno forever from this point on. It will be imported into his mental beauty lingo and dry shampoo will now be canned snow. It is always amusing when you can actually see a word becoming standard vocab before your eyes.

Anyway, in addition to expanding mt baby dolls vocabulary in unexpected ways, today I went on an extra long walk to make up for some of the traditional favorites that will be gracing the table this year. The cream, butter and sour cream going into the mashed potatoes alone will be enough to blow any calorie count through the roof.While I will limit my portions and try to aim for self control, it is a holiday and the rules can be bent, even if I am not chucking them out of the window. The benefit of not traveling however is that there are no road snacks and I won’t be snacking at multiple houses. while there are the dinner time favorites like the sinfully delicious mash, there are no bowls of candied nuts, cheese straws, crab dip and all sorts of other calorie laden concoctions. They are delicious but sneaky. You may only have a taste of each but those tastes add up. And realistically while I may make one of those as an appetizer, I’m not making ten or twenty of those for just us. And there is no one to be offended if I am not constantly snacking.

That was actually kind of rough last year. I lost some weight, so people knew I was trying and so I heard a lot of, ‘You know diets don’t count here, you can go back to the diet next week.’ And so I ate more than I actually wanted to eat so no one would feel like I was dieting during the holidays. Or that I didn’t like their cooking. This year I have better control over my indulgences even if I would rather see my family and risk overindulging.

And yeah, it’ll be the mashed potatoes where I over indulge. But I won’t be snacking. It may balance out, but if not, I can live with that and just get back on my calorie counting and walking Friday morning. But for now, I am on track, calories counted and an extra walk taken in preparation. Also there is salad for dinner tonight. That helps too.

Klorane USA

The Sales, Oh the Sales…

Good morning my darlings, I hope you are doing fabulously well on this Tuesday.  As you may have noticed I have been trying to include sales information for the Black Friday Sales on each post.  I know at this time of year when you may be buying gifts for others or stocking up on your own favorites sales can really help. There are a few items each year that I only purchase during the holiday sales. Partially because it is then on sale, but partially because it is the season where I feel like splurging on that little something extra that might seem like a bit much during the rest of the year. Plus there are a few things that only come out at this time of year.  (Personally I think peppermint is a year round scent/flavor, but apparently I am in the minority.)

Despite attempting to work the sales into my regular posts, there are just too many of them this year. So I decided on a single post blitz. While I am certain there will be sales that I miss (and will continue to cover in upcoming posts), I wanted to provide you with a sort of sales cheat sheet.  

I’ll try to keep it clean and just list the facts so this doesn’t become a mile long. But I thought it might be helpful to you to have a quick list to check. Personally, I have trouble remembering who is having sales when unless I see it.

As it says at the top of the blog, some of these codes are affiliate links (although quite frankly, most aren’t). For those that are, if you click and then buy, I make a very small commission (I make nothing if you just click) which goes to help support this blog. If you don’t feel comfortable clicking on the links, no problems my darlings.  Just use the information to help you in your shopping.

Okay so, just the facts.

Alyaka: 20% off purchase over $20: code FRIDAY20, 25% off purchase over $125: Code FRIDAY25

Urban Decay Friends and Fanatics Sale 30% off with code UDFANS30

skynICELANDCurrently there is <a href="http://<a href="https://shareasale.com/u.cfm?d=720860&m=97130&u=2299402&afftrack=">Pre Black Friday 20% Off20% for the Pre Black Friday Sale with code: PREBLKFRIDAY, Black Friday Weekend <a href="http://<a href="https://shareasale.com/u.cfm?d=720860&m=97130&u=2299402&afftrack=">Pre Black Friday 20% Off25% Off Sitewide: Code: BLKFRIDAY Sale runs 11/27 -11/29

Elemis: 30% Off Spectacular enjoy a FREE day or night gift at checkout, when you spend $125 after discount.* Use code: SURPRISE

NARS Friends and Family Sale: 20% off site wide, 30% off $150+ use code HOLIDAY

Clove and Hollow: BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND (including Cyber Monday) –30% OFF SITEWIDE, including on all our limited edition holiday launches, -Spend $100+, get a FREE Deluxe Sample of our bestselling facial oil, The Everything Oil

Hum Nutrition: The best time of the year is here! Save up to 50% OFF during HUM Nutrition’s holiday sitewide sale. Offer applies to orders $29+ and is valid now through 11/30. Use code SITEWIDE

Challas de Paris’: Get an EXTRA 20% OFF Black Friday Sale using the special link – THIS LINK –

Black Friday Special extra 20% Savings to Select Consumers!

Otherwise the Black Friday sale is 50% off  (If I read that right you get 50% off for the sale but if you use the select link there is an extra 20% off – I think that means a total of up to 70% off on some products. I’ve got an e-mail in to double check but haven’t yet received an answer, if I get one and it changes I’ll post the details.)

Dr. Squatch BLACK FRIDAY SALE: Up to 50% off Holiday Sale & 20% Off Sitewide With Code: SAVE20 – 11/27 ONLY and the Dr. Squatch Black Friday Sale EXTENSION: Up to 50% off Holiday Sale & 20% Off Sitewide With Code: SAVE20 – Offer Valid 11/28-11/29

Bite Beauty: Cyber Week Event – Clean Beauty with Byte | 35% off SITEWIDE! Starts 11/25 – Ends 11/30.

AmorePacific: Black Friday is here! Enjoy 30% off Best Sellers and treat yourself to our top rated skincare heroes! Promotion starts on 11/25 at 3am EST and ends on 11/30 at 2:59EST

KVD Vegan Beauty: BLACK FRIDAY EPIC-SCALE SALE | TAKE 30% OFF EVERYTHING INCLUDING SALE ITEMS, Starts 11/25 – Ends 11/29. No code necessary.

KristoferBuckle: Use Code BF40 for 40% Off + Free Shipping Site Wide at Kristofer Buckle! Starting 11/25 – 12/30

KIERIN NYC Black Friday Sale! Get 20% Off Sitewide with Code GET20!

Benefit Cosmetics Black Friday Sale! Score 25% off sitewide and free shipping on your order!* Use code: FRIYAY. Valid through 11/28

Huda Beauty Black Friday Sale. Up to 50% off SITEWIDE– exclusions apply

Julep: Black Friday – 25% Off Site-Wide on orders of $25+ with coupon code “BF25”. Include free shipping on orders of $35+. Running 11/25-11/28, Black Friday – 50% Off Site-Wide with free shipping on orders of $50+ with coupon code “BF50”. Running 11/25-11/28, Cyber Monday – Get $20 off orders of $40+ with free gift and shipping. Use coupon code “CM20”. Running 11/29 – 12/1

U Beauty: Shop U Beauty’s award-winning skincare with 20% off site wide. Use promo code EARLYBF

Revolution Beauty: Black Friday Promo is here! Up to 50% off no code needed Expires Sunday 29th November

FragranceNet: Holiday Clearance sale with up to 80% off

Wet n Wild is currently offering a free bag with a $10 skincare purchase, free gift with $30 purchase and free shipping over $15.

La Roche Posay: Black Friday Sale: 25% Off All Orders + Free Shipping with Orders $65+. Use Code: BESTDEAL. Valid: 11/25-11/27

Cowshed are offering up to 30% off on your favourites this month

Vichy Laboratories: Black Friday: 25% off + Free Shipping on Orders $50+ with Code: THANKYOU25. Valid:11/23-11/30. And  Save up to 25%: 10% off 1 item, 15% off 2 items, 25% off 3 items with Code: HEALTHYSKIN. Valid:11/30-12/6.

Nuxe: 15% Off Sitewide no code needed, discount automatically applied at checkout

Shop with No7 and receive 25% Off Sitewide! Code: 25OFF

SpaBreaks: Use Code: SPABF to get : 10% off online bookings, 15% off gift vouchers from November 25th – 29th

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Premium Jane: 35% off  11/25-12/03 with the code: BFCM35

Lovely Skin: From 11/21 – 11/25: Up to 33% Doorbusters + Amazing Free Gifts and free 2-3 Day Shipping on Most Orders

Lime Crime: Save 30% off sitewide. Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts, prices as marked. Ends 12/1/2020 11:59 pst, while supplies last.

Black Friday Savings! Get 30% off sitewide and Free GWP with orders $50+ plus free shipping! Ends 12/1/20, some exclusions apply

Peace Out Skincare: Use code ‘GIVETHANKS25’ for 25% Off Sitewide + Free Shipping!

Versed: Shop the NEW Limited Edition Holiday Bundles from Versed and Get up to 25% Off Your Favorite Versed Products!

I know that while that was a really long list (and not adding comments about some of my favorite products from each of the brands above was really hard, but would have made the list mammoth as I can’t resist adding details) but I also know that is only the tip of the iceberg as far as sales go. I also know that as soon as I hit post I will think of at least three that I forgot to add. So as incomplete as it is, I hope the list helps some of you as you are getting ready to shop. Happy Shopping!

Testing the wild rose and leopard lily of Tatcha’s The Deep Cleanse

I’ll admit, I tried two of Tatcha’s moisturizers before and wasn’t a fan. Some of the ingredients made me a little worried, but mostly I believe I heard so much hype about them that the actual products could never have lived up to the buildup created.  By contrast, I have heard nothing about the Tatcha Deep Cleanse.  

I’m sure there is a review out there.  In fact, I would be very surprised if there wasn’t.  However I didn’t come across any in my random ramblings, and after I put this as an add on in my IPSY Bag, I deliberately tried not to look at any reviews.

I wanted a chance to form my own opinion without thinking about what anyone else thought of it.  I have to say, I was kind of impressed. First, a little bit about the product…

The Deep Cleanse oil-free gel lathers into a creamy foam to lift away dirt, oil and impurities without over-drying. It cleanses with amino acids derived from silk gentle enough for even the most delicate skin, leaving skin soft, refreshed and comfortably hydrated.

The formula harnesses the power of the Japanese Luffa fruit, a natural beauty multi-tasker beloved by Japanese women for centuries. Ground fibers from the fruit exfoliate, helping to turn over dead skin cells, deeply purifying & decongesting pores, while the fruit extract beautifies and conditions skin.

Japanese Wild Rose works to visibly tighten pores and smooth skin texture, while Japanese Leopard Lily helps minimize excess oil.

Now as much as I really like exfoliators, I am always nervous when they come inside of a daily cleanser.  At best I use exfoliators a couple of times a week. Actually with the rise of face masks, I have been using exfoliators more regularly. Before I would go weeks without using one and then just have myself a spa day.  Now I do a once a week exfoliation regardless as part of my keep the maskne down plan.

So I was cautious when using this cleanser. I was very surprised.  It is a creamy gel.  I tended to damp my face, smear the cleanser onto my skin and then rewet my hands to work it into a lather.  Part of this was because it seemed the best way to get the best clean, the other part was due to the bottle. 

just on the damp face (I got the cleanser on my lips in case you are wondering about the facial expression, it smells good, but does not taste good)

The size of the sample bottle and the thickness of the plastic makes it almost impossible to apply with wet hands.  It just slides right out of the hands without dispensing product.  I really think it is the size of the sample tube (as well as its shape) that causes this issue.  I doubt it would occur in the larger size. So I made sure to squeeze the tube with a dry hand and hence the application sequence listed above. I also stood the tube upside down on the sink to help with dispensing.  Kind of like the ketchup bottle in the fridge.

The scent is lightly floral.  I’ll admit seeing the wild Japanese rose and the leopard lily gave me pause. While I don’t mind fragrance in my products, in fact most times I actually like the fragrance, some floral scents get really cloying. Or start to smell like industrial bathroom gleaners and or potpourri spray. And actually I had that problem with several products that I currently have arrayed on my skin care shelf. Yesterday’s Balance M Serum and tomorrow’s Derma E Toner to be exact.

the start of foam with water, and I am just rubbing my face and trying not to have drips hit the camera rather than whispering secrets to the medicine cabinet.

So I approached cautiously with my sniffer. It is not an overpowering scent and smells more clean than cloying.  It smells more like the cleanser had a brief love affair with florals but the memory has faded over the years to a brief shadow instead of an intense heat.

I recall one of the moisturizers I tried from Tatcha having a similar scent.  It was much stronger in the moisturizer than it is in the cleanser though.  This scent was very light.  And for those seeing Rose listed in the ingredients, it is not really a rose scent.  It is just lightly floral.  I think the Leopard Lily balances the Wild Rose out.  Whatever the cause it is a light fresh scent which I really like. Instead of bracing myself to use it, I eagerly reached for the bottle.

As for exfoliation.  It was extremely light. The exfoliates sort of faded from solid bits to almost nothing as I washed.  The exfoliation aspect of this cleanser was extremely light.  To my surprise it was a cleanser I could easily see myself using daily with no irritation or skin issues.  The fact that it was exfoliating merely meant that when I went in with my toner pad there was almost no trace of makeup left behind on my skin.I’m sure it managed to exfoliate my skin as well, but it was so mild that my skin felt no harsh rubbing. If you are worried about over exfoliating, but still want a little bit, this may be a product you might want to look into.

I managed a little over a week’s worth of use with this sample sized cleanser.  While it wasn’t enough to see any long term benefits I will say that it was gentle on my skin, smelled nice and clean, removed the last traces of makeup (I double cleanse) and did not strip my skin. 

It was quite frankly, a fantastic cleanser. I definitely think that the full sized version will be appearing somewhere in my near future.

Beauty counter is having a sale, now through November 30th. If you are looking to try out some excellent clean makeup products, This is a brand to look into.

Black Friday Savings at Beautycounter.com!

The Daily: November 23rd, 2020

I’ll admit it. This weekend I did my impersonation of a sloth. I slept in and sacked out on the couch for a movie fest. When I got tired of watching movies, I read. When I had to move around, I ended up moving slowly and as little as possible.

It was glorious.

I spent so much of last week running like a crazy person that just not doing much was exactly what I needed. It was a good reminder that sometimes a little down time is necessary. While I will be missing my family this week as we aren’t gathering in person, I am kind of relieved not to be traveling this week. November was a little crazy here with one thing and another and ending the month with a super stressful travel was not what either my baby doll or I needed.

And I know it would be stressful.

So instead I am cooking here so we can have all of our favorites for the holiday. And I have arranged a series of video calls stretching from late wednesday night to mid morning Friday. while I miss the hugs, the lack of stress and not spending seven hours in the car is a big bonus.

Tonight I am baking pie and pumpkin bread. My baby doll finally decided that he wanted to settle on pumpkin pie for Thursday but as he doesn’t get an entire pumpkin pie to himself I am also making pumpkin bread. Mostly because it is still sweet and holiday themed but can also be frozen so he doesn’t gorge the entire thing in one sitting. I’m always reminded at this time of year just how big a sweet tooth my babydoll has.

And while I am baking he is coming up with the holiday cocktail menu. I’m not entirely certain what he has planned but I do know that he was giggling when one of our orders came in. I think it might have been wine, but it very easily could have been whisky. I know he placed multiple orders, mostly for the holidays but also because our entire liquor cabinet was almost empty. We had an assortment of bitters, half a bottle of vermouth, homemade creme de menthe and about two shots worth of Jamesons. I can hear the gasps now. Clearly we needed a restock.

Plus, as pandemic numbers increase, I buy staples like dried rice and lentils, my babydoll buys alcohol. Well the hard liquor and wine anyway. He is brewing his own cream ale in the basement right now. And we hadn’t placed a large order since early March.

I do know that most of my family and his will end up toasting over video calls (hence the holiday cocktail menu) not just for thanksgiving, but Christmas and New Years. I think he and his father are competing to see who can come up with the best concoction. And my baby likes to plan ahead. Plus if the apocalypse does arrive we can have quite the blow out at our place. So tonight I start baking and my baby doll starts concocting. I’ll let you know what we end up going with. It should be fun. It’s also the reason I got a second walk in today.

TWE Generic Christmas 2020

Testing out the Balance Me Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum

Balance Me serum

I have to say when this Balance me Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum appeared in my beauty box, I was somewhat confused. (I can’t remember if it was a Glossy Box or a Look Fantastic Box).  I never heard of Bakuchiol before.  I had no idea what it was supposed to do or what I should expect.  Then the ingredient kept popping up in various places and it seemed like it was not as rare an ingredient as I thought.

While it isn’t talked about as much, mostly because wrapping your tongue around those syllables takes some practice, bakuchiol is an alternative to retinol.  While retinols do a lot of good things for your skin (work on removing fine lines, smoothing and plumping skin) They can also make you sun sensitive.  Retinols are the skin care that only comes out at night.

Like Vampires.

Except they don’t drain you and in fact plump you up.

Like an… anti-vampire.

Okay, so the metaphor isn’t perfect. Neither is retinol as the sun sensitivity can last in some cases even if you only use it at night.  Bakuchiol is supposed to have all of the skin care benefits without the sun sensitivity.

So let’s look at this Balance Me Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum specifically.  According to the product page…

Our natural plant-based retinol alternative without the side effect of sensitive and redness! Think radiance, improved texture, a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our formula is enhanced with vital antioxidant, anti-pollution and anti-blue light protection.

Smooths, enhances collagen production, hydrates and provides vital antioxidant, anti-pollution and anti-blue light protection.

For all skin types, particularly dehydrated, dry, dull and pigmentation. Can be used when pregnant and breastfeeding.

All good things.  This is not the first Balance Me serum I have tried.  The last one was the Vitamin C serum.  While it worked well, it smelled exactly like the furniture polish, Lemon Pledge. I couldn’t get past the scent and so even though it worked well, I opted for another Vitamin C serum.

There was two weeks’ worth of product in my tube (it was not filled completely.)  I used it at night (while using other serums during the day).  While two week’s isn’t long enough to see a lot of results, my skin did drink up the serum and felt smoother to the touch.  It absorbed almost instantly leaving no greasy film behind. There was no fading of dark spots, and I have no way to test against pollution defense, but my skin felt very hydrated and the texture was definitely improved. I also experienced no sun sensitivity or any kind of issues really.  I think it I did continue using it I would probably see some pretty good results. It is quite frankly a very good serum.

However again I am stopped by the scent.  While its scent is not as strong as the Vitamin C serum, and doesn’t smell of Lemon Pledge Furniture polish (Incidentally this is nothing against Pledge.  They make a great furniture polish, I just don’t want to apply something that smells like it to my face.) It does however smell like some sort of industrial cleaner.  The notes are slightly more floral than citrusy but still the scent of it makes me think of newly cleaned bathrooms, not skin care.

The biggest problem is that even though the cream absorbs instantly, the scent lingers. And then it blends with everything else I apply, making everything smell like an industrial cleaner.

Again it isn’t a massively strong scent, and the product is actually really good on the skin. If you’ve had sun issues with retinol or are pregnant or breastfeeding and want to use a serum like this, I would say it is definitely one to look into. If you do not have issues with scent, then again, I would say this is a very good serum to try out.

It is a good serum. All of my skin likes it, my nose just vetoed it. I just don’t think I could get past the scent to use it every night. It is just that industrial cleaner scent. It is just too much for me.  I know that if I purchased a full sized tube, I would find reasons not to use it, just because of the scent.  (And yes there are some products I find excuses to use just because of the scent. It’s just the way I am built). So while the tube is now empty and journeying to my empties bin, I will not be repurchasing it.

If you are in the shopping mood, especially if you are into clean skincare, you might want to bounce on over to the Petit Vour site. They have a pretty large selection of Clean, vegan beauty items, ranging from skin care to makeup and their sale is 60% off with the code JOLLYSALE. I know you can find the B Kind Facial Scrub and the OSEA Cleanser on their site, both of which I highly recommend.

Allure Beauty Box November 2020 unboxing

Recently the Allure Beauty box got a make over.  The spectacular $15 per month box became $23.  As it was a pretty reliably good box at $15 I along with many others were very excited.  The October box was the first box at the new price and it was somewhat disappointing.  The main reason being that the only thing that really changed about the box was the price.  It stayed the same, but just cost more. At a higher price, the spectacular box, became less spectacular.

I decided I was just going to cancel.  When I went to cancel Allure offered me two months at the original price (of $15 instead of $23) to see if they could entice me to stay.  I figured why not. Essentially that is a long winded way of saying that even though this was a $23 box, I only paied $15 for it.  I will also get the December box for $15 and then decide after three months of the new box if it is worth keeping at the new $23 price. So this is the second month of the newly priced box and month two of my three month trial. 

So let’s see how they did this month.

The first item in my November Allure Beauty Box was the Dermelect Self-esteem Beauty Serum. It is full size and retails for $42.  I have tried this serum before and it is very much worth it’s price tag.  This is one of those serums that is suggested for face and neck, but I really just used it on my neck.  I have many other serums for my face, this one, really helped tighten the skin on my neck and I really loved using it. I actually had it on my list of things to pick up during the holiday sales, so I am very happy to have a bottle sent to me in my box. Incidentally if you are looking at sales, they have a 20% with any $50 order with code BFE20, 25% off any $100 order with the code BFE25, and (you guessed it), 35 % off with any $150 order using code BFE35.

The next item I pulled from the box was the Josephine Cosmetics Eye Dazzle liquid eyeshadow in the shade Leona. (retail $30).  I believe this is the second of the three full sized items in the box.  It is a nice bronzy shade on the skin when I tested it out and it seems like it would apply well.  I’ve seen the brand when poking around on the Petit Vour website, but I have never tried it. Which is fine, I like trying out new to me brands. If I like this I will look more into the brand, especially since I know Petit Vour specializes in clean beauty. I think the packaging looks sleek and pretty.

I am not a huge fan of liquid shadows, but I will use them occasionally and I like the ones with square bottoms as they stand up easily which seems to keep them longer or at least not to spill in the drawer.  I have a few from different brands at this point.  The Stila ones I have I generally use to finish out a look generally for parties. But I have several others I’ve gotten in subscription boxes that I never reach for.  I may have to pull them all out and do a liquid eyeshadow test.  I think that all of them are on the metallic scale as this one is, which is why I just consider them toppers.  Nevertheless I will try it out.  Who knows, It may prove to be a favorite.

The third item out if the box was also a full sized item and it was the Manna Kadar Lip Bliss Moisturizing lip mask. Retail is listed at $22 however on the Mana Kadar Site it is listed as $19. That could also be because this is the week the Black Friday sales start.  I’ve tried Manna Kadar products before and some I liked others I didn’t (which is standard with most brands).  I haven’t actually tried their lip mask before, but I am always down to try a new lip mask. As I apply a lip mask everytime I put on a face mask, I tend to use them a lot so I am always happy to see a new one come my way. well if they work I am happy to see them. I’ll have to try this and see.

I am also always happy to see eye masks and there was an eye mask set in this months box as well.  It is the Skinmedica Instant Eye mask.  I have never tried anything from Skinmedica so there is nothing I can compare them to.  I’ve not actually heard of the brand actually.  But I am willing to give them a try. 

This summer I fell in love with eye masks as a way to refresh tired eyes and reduce puffiness quickly during allergy season so I am happy to test out as many brands as possible to find the best brands for me before next allergy season hits.  Thus far Grace and Stella’s energy drink for your eyes eye masks and the Erno Laszlo eye masks are in the lead of that particular race. I look forward to seeing where the Skinmedica Instant Bright Eye Mask places.

Next out of the box is a travel sized bottle of Neogen Dermalogy Real Ferment Micro essence.  I know the spoiler from the Look Fantastic November box featured a product from Neogen but other than that I hadn’t heard of the brand before.  And the November Look Fantastic box is still making it’s way through the postal system to me at the moment. I am interested to know what effects the rice and yeast ferments have on the skin.  I am just starting to incorporate essences into my skin care routine and look forward to giving this one a test. Like everyone else Neogen is having a sale right now, Free shipping with any $30 order plus a free gift when you spend $30. There is also a trial kit of some sort offered when you spend $50. I just ran across it when pulling the site up for this post and thought I’d pass it on. And while I’m at it Look Fantastic is having their pre Black Friday sale with up to 50% off a whole host of brands and products. At the moment they also have a limited edition Black Friday Beauty box for sale. It costs $45 and is worth over $195.

Baut to return to the Allure Beauty Box, the next item inside is one I have used before and absolutely love.  It is the Nature lab Perfect Shine Clarifying Scalp Scrub.  It is a really good scalp scrub.  I tend to use dry shampoo a lot between washes (my favorite being from Klorane in case you were wondering) and I find that a once a week scalp scrub really helps remove all of the residue the dry shampoo can leave behind.  And it sounds silly, but a healthy scalp help creates healthy hair.  This is one of my favorite scalp masks at the moment.  As it also makes my hair super shiny and soft. So I am happy to see it. 

There is a sheet mask in this box and it is from When.  It is the Last Choice sheet mask. (Oddly enough this mask wasn’t on the When site so the link will just take you to their selection of sheet masks) Every Allure beauty box I’ve gotten has had a sheet mask so seeing one isn’t a surprise.  I think I have seen this brand before from them.  I can’t remember what I thought of the mask though, which usually isn’t a good sign.  Still I will give the mask a go and see how I like it. 

Finally there is a moisturizer sample in the box.  It is the Acure Ultra Hydrating 12 hour facial Moisturizer. I like that it comes in a pouch with a spout so it is clearly a step above a foil packet and a lot easier to use.  Especially, since there is enough in the pouch for multiple uses.  Acure and I don’t have the best of relationships. I had a very bad experience with their shampoo and conditioner and have not been impressed by some of their other products.  Perhaps this one will be different.  I will certainly try it and see, perhaps this will be a fantastic product. And trying things you might not pick up on your own is part of the fun of subscription boxes at least for me.

So that was my November Allure Beauty box.  Now there are some very good products in here.  The Dermelect Serum and Naturelab scalp scrub are both in my top tier of products listed for repurchase. And there are several items that I am looking forward to trying.  But in evaluating the box I need to look at it as a whole if I am to decide if I want to keep the box or not. 

The difficulty I am having is that this box is not really substantially different from what it was before the price increase.  I will say it is better than the October box. But it still feels like a really good $15 beauty box and not like a $23 beauty box. I can’t exactly pin point why I feel that way.  Maybe it is because it doesn’t feel like they upgraded the box when they increased the price.  I will say that while I like the mix of products, November’s box isn’t rally convincing me to continue my Allure Beauty Subscription. I will see what arrives in December before I make my final decision, but unless December shows that this is clearly a new and improved box, I don’t think this subscription will be going forward with me into 2021.

Shop Annmarie Gianni Today.

Go ahead punk, Cake my Day (Facemask).

That’s right my darlings it is masking time! And although this is the friday face mask, I did something a little different today. I applied the mask as usual but this mask I also applied Monday and Wednesday. As it is recommended to use the mask two to three times a week for best results that it what I did. As we all know in skin care, consistency counts.

This I Dew Care Cake My Day mask is part of a trio f travel sized masks that I received from IPSY this month. And there was just enough product in this first jar to try it three times. This little jar is now, sadly empty. It gave it’s all for my facial hydration.

So let’s talk about it.

According to the product description for this specific mask…

Did someone say sprinkles? Scoop up I Dew Care Cake My Day Hydrating Sprinkle Wash Off Mask packed with moisturizing rainbow sprinkles that give skin an instant burst of hydration. This soft-serve inspired face mask is infused with hyaluronic acid to nourish and plump the skin, while squalane is known to provide deep hydration and improve moisture retention. Cake your day two to three times a week!

I went with three times, today’s face mask being the third. While even three times doesn’t show visible results I was able to get a better feel for it than a one time use.

First off when opening the jar it smells like vanilla cake batter. A part of me wanted to taste it, but I resisted. There is no eating of the face masks.

The mask is white with colored ‘sprinkles’ in it. when smoothed over the face, you can momentarily feel the sprinkles. It isn’t an exfoliate though as the sprinkled melt into the mask as you massage it on. It was just a little bit of a strange feeling when first applied.

Today I applied the mask, set my timer and lay back contemplating murder. Or at least alabis.

first applied

No I am not going on a rampage. I came up with an idea for a murder mystery I just need to figure out what my murderer uses for an alibi. I need it to be good enough to withstand the initial inspection but to have one slightly off detail that the intrepid detective can catch and use to prove she did it. I spent fifteen minutes thinking about it and I think I came up with a good one. Fingers crossed it works.

But then I set murder aside and went to wash off the mask. As you can see from the photo much of the mask sunk into my skin and my skin was very happy to have the moisture. I’m a big fan of squalane and hyaluronic acid so this was kind of a win for me.

15 minutes later

The mask washed off easily with no scrubbing. As it is a moisturizing mask there was no drying and tightening as there is with clay masks. A few splashes of water and a wipe with a washcloth and the remains of the mask were gone.

Using it three times I can definitely say that my skin felt nourished and hydrated each time. After only a week I can’t say that I actually say any real visible improvement, but moisture is always appreciated and there were no clogged pores in my problem areas. So good moisture and no damage. I did have a craving for cupcakes though. which is rare for me because I am not really a cupcake sort of person.

clean skin

Despite the odd cupcake craving, I think that I would definitely give the full sized jar of this mask a try. The full size is 100 g and costs $25 at Ulta. This travel size had 10 g of product in it and gave me a full week’s worth of masking.

Which means the larger one would last a while. Approximately ten weeks if my math is correct. that’s not a bad turn around for a $25 product.

(Incidentally Ulta also has the trio of travel sizes for $20. This is the first of the trio I’ve tried so I can’t speak to my feelings on the other two yet.) And as long as it doesn’t cause me to raid little kids birthday parties in a quest for a cupcake fix all will be well. Thumbs up for the Cake My Day.

Kerastase is having a sale and you know I have a weakness for some of their hair care products so I figured I would share this with you in case you too were looking at picking up some of their products.Because I like you and want you to have fabulous hair. From now until November 27th they have the Thanksgiving sale with 20% off. Use the code THXFF20. You also get free shipping with that as well. I am a huge fan of their Sérum Fortifiant Hair Serum. You only need a little and it lasts for a long time.Sérum Fortifiant Hair Serum

The Make up Bag: November 20, 2020

The Make Up Bag Used November 14th – 20th, 2020

This is going to be a bit of an odd post for me this week as I used a face palette from PUR for four of my face products.  This week the Pur 4-in-1 Skin Perfecting Powders served as the source of my powder, bronzer, blush and highlight. The link will take you to my full review, but overall it was a pretty good palette. 

While I wouldn’t reach for each product individually, I would feel confident in adding the entire palette to a makeup bag without adding any extras to balance it out.  Quite simply my darlings it is a face palette where everything works well. I was very pleased with it.

I was less pleased with the LA Splash Eyeshadow palette. While I was thrilled Glossy Box had a full sized palette (and really that is very rapidly becoming one of my favorite subscription boxes) The mattes were powder but the shimmers worked well. 

In the end I don’t think it was worth its $32 price tag as my $5.99 Wet ‘n Wild Color Icon Palette was so much better.  It did make me remember that I had that palette and will probably cause me to pull the wet ‘n wild palette out of the drawer and add it to next week’s makeup bag, so that was a plus.  But this palette was not my favorite. There are more details in my full review, but I would not recommend picking this palette up, even if I do still give a thumbs up to Glossy Box for the full sized palette.

With the eyeshadow I used both my Pretty Vulgar Lid Primer and my Pretty Vulgar Concealer in an attempt to get it to stay in place (not at the same time, you understand). I adore both products.  I really like the concealer as it does not crease on me and settle into fine lines and usually the Pretty Vulgar Lid Primer is like velcro for eyeshadow.  I was happy to have them both in my bag this week, even if there were some shadow issues.

This week I used up the last of my Hey Honey Trick or Treat CC2 as my foundation product.  I really enjoyed using this and am very sad my trial sized tube is now empty.  I will however be ordering it in a full size once I have worked through some of my open products.

Less successful this week was the First Aid Beauty Pores be gone Matte Primer. I love pore filling primers.  I love matte primers.  This was neither.  It is a very moisturizing primer. It feels good against the skin, but it is not filling any pores.  My skin liked it, but it didn’t do its job.  My pores remained unfilled and it wasn’t very matte. I am happy that it was a trial size and that the tube wasn’t really a full one.  After a week of use, the tube is empty and heading to the empties bin.  I will not be purchasing a full sized replacement even though I will be picking up a full sized First Aid Beauty Coconut Water Moisturizer soon.  While the moisturizer was a good product at least in a trial run, it seems to be a one off for me.  Other First Aid Beauty products don’t seem to work as well for me.

Doucce Eyeliner and Realher Brow pencil

You know what did work well for me?  The Doucce Ultra precision Eyeliner. After being so disappointed in the eyeshadow palette, I was thrilled that I really liked this eyeliner.  I tried it a long time ago (or a slightly different Doucce eyeliner) and loved it. It gave me a positive impression of the brand and then both the eyeshadow and mascara were only so so.  Which made me doubt the eyeliner.  But no, the eyeliner is just as good as I remember it.  It is creamy, glides on smoothly and stays in place all day.  What more could I want in an eyeliner? Oh yeah, to have it be on sale, which it is on the Look Fantastic site. They are having a bunch of sales, which I’ll post at the bottom of this post, but the eyeliner is on sale and this link will take you to that specific sale item (if you are shopping)

This week I finally got to open my Wander Beauty Unlashed Mascara. I had the Mile High Mascara opened and I couldn’t justify opening both at the same time, mostly because I knew I would just used the Unlashed and the Mile High would go to waste.  This is not a lengthening mascara, it is for volumizing and it always makes my lashes look thick and full.  It never flakes off and it lasts all day.  At least this was my impression with the last tube.  Now that the Mile High has joined the empties bin, I could open this one.  You know what?  Wander Beauty’s Unlashed Mascara is just as good as I remember.  I am a very big fan and so happy to have it open on my dressing table once again.

My eyebrows used the Realher eyebrow pencil, partially because I really like it and partially because I just forgot it was in the makeup bag last week and kept it around again. It was a happy accident and I enjoyed using it.  I’ll trade it out this week though.  But rest assure it will be returning.

Also from Realher this week was my lip pencil the shade number is 20218 and called I am Confident.  At first I thought the name was just a motivational slogan.  The shade is a nice neutral that worked really well with both my Lipsticks this week. The first was the Kristofer Buckle Cashmere slip lipstick in Bardot (yes I bought my favorite back out. I couldn’t help it).  The replacements are on the way and I want to use every smidge of this tube before they arrive. Plus, I just love the lipstick. Creamy long lasting and not drying. A clear winner.

The lip liner also went well with my Lorac lipstick this week.  The Lorac is in the shade Breadwinner. Both my lipsticks were neutral shades this week.  I expected to go heavy and dark with the eyeshadow. While that didn’t work out, these are two of my favorite lipsticks so I don’t mind the excuse to use them. 

Lip liner on top, followed by Kristofer Buckle in Bardot, Breadwinner from Larac and ending with Black Cherry from Elf (the elf really is more sheer than it appears in the swatch.

And using the Lorac reminded me I wanted to look at ordering one of the new Lorac Pro eyeshadow palettes. I’ve been eyeing the Soliel Pro Palette for a while now. I had one of the original Lorac Pro Palettes a long time ago and it was well used.  Lorac, Urban Decay and Chantecaille used to be the only shadows I kept around.  I had the Chantecaille Luminescent Eye Shades in a couple of singles, one Urban Decay Palette and one Lorac.  I used the Chantecaille shadows down to pan, I replaced the Urban decay but tend to forget about it and my Lorac met with an unfortunate accident during a move. I was very sad. And I kept meaning to replace it.  Now they have a new line out, I will.  I also may keep this Lorac Lipstick in my makeup bag as a reminder to dip into their sales next week.

To complete my lipsticks, I made it a trio and added the Elf Black Cherry Lip Slick to the bag as well this week.  I really like that it gives me a good wash of color without the fuss. It is a great formula and I tend to reach for it throughout the day regardless of what I started out with.  While I thought about getting the whole line, my Elf order proved larger than I thought is was going to be so I just added an extra Black Cherry Lip Slick as back up for this one. 

And finally to seal it all in, I added the Laura Geller Spackle Mist setting spray. It is in Coconut water and while slightly coconut-y, it is not a heavy scent and it really set my make up well. Especially after last week’s paint smelling setting spray. It was quite a nice refreshing change.

So that was this week’s makeup bag.  I really enjoyed most of it.  The Primer and the eyeshadow were failures, but everything else I tried worked well for me.  But the primer sample is empty and the eyeshadow palette is being passed along to someone who might enjoy it more. I can’t wait to see how next week’s bag shapes up.

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