Weekly Weight: 219.2 lbs

The Scale: January 22, 2021

Weekly Weight: 219.2 Lbs

This week was an interesting week for me.  I worked hard on getting up early and actually managed to get up early.  Familiarity did not make getting up early any easier.  At no time did my body really accept that I was getting up early.  Each day, it tried to talk me out of it.  On some mornings I was able to do an early morning workout with my You Tube Video Workouts, on others I went for a super early morning walk.

While I know I need toe workouts so that I can target all my body, I really preferred the walking.  I think part of it was not having to face an enthusiastic instructor.  I’m pretty sure that in order to be a fitness instructor, you have to have a positive go team go kind of attitude.  I get that and normally its not too much of a problem. I just find it difficult to face in the mornings.

I much prefer walking with my music in the mornings. Actually what was interesting is that I thought it would be an early morning kind of slowly wake up affair.  I’d play gentle music maybe something from my classics collection, Vivaldi maybe or even Mozart, maybe listen to a podcast or the news on the radio.

Nope. I found myself gravitating to Metallica, Rage Against the Machine and Nine Inch Nails.

Every. Morning.

I don’t know if I’m really cut out for quiet Zen. Or perhaps it was dark and I was awake so the back of my brain just decided that there was no way this was an early morning workout, because I would not do such a thing to it,  so it must be a late night party instead and gravitated towards the most appropriate play lists.

I have to say it was kind of nice.  I have been listening to more classical music lately, mostly because I find it easier to work with music that doesn’t have lyrics. While RATM is often my Friday Face mask Music I haven’t listened to some of the other albums I played on my mornings this week in a while. It was nice to hear them again.

But music aside, I did manage to get in my morning exercise, which sadly means that the earlier wake up is kind of the way I need to move forward. Despite not really liking it, I had no skipped workouts because of time this week.  Getting them in and knocked out early before I start my day is really the best thing for me. 

This was not the outcome I was hoping for.  I was hoping I would find there was no change in how many workouts were skipped and I could decide this idea was not for me.  But alas my darlings it was not.  So for the next wile I will be getting up early where I want to or not and using that extra time to do my workouts. The only thing I have to watch is the sleepy snacking.  While I’m not a big snacker, this week I started gravitating towards the snacks.  It wasn’t bad, mostly because we don’t have anything really bad in the house. I had a hand full of peanuts here a slice of cheese there. The issue is that I wasn’t snacking because I was hungry but because I was sleepy. It is something I will have to monitor and keep track of moving forward.

Over all though, despite my wining it was a pretty good workout week.

The stats: Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s weight: 220.0 lbs

This week’s Weight: 219.2 lbs

Lost this week 0.8 lbs

Lost in total thus far: 26.8 lbs

It is a little shy of my one pound per week goal, but not terribly short.  I’m going to blame the snacking for part of it.  Also dinner was a little salt heavy which tends to throw the next morning off.  Either way I am pleased that my journey continues and my weight continues decreasing one sliver at a time. And now, it is on with the day! I hope you have a fantastic one, my darlings.

The Daily: January 21st, 2021

Somedays there is just random amusement to be found. I believe in an earlier daily post this week I mentioned that my BoxyCharm Ad on was marked by Fedex as delivered (on Tuesday) and that it had not in fact been delivered. If not, then that is what happened.

So today I was on the phone with Fedex asking about what to do and they again insisted that it was in fact delivered on Tuesday. As we were speaking, low and behold a Fedex vehicle pulls up to my hose and delivers the package in question. In response, the man on the phone said “See I told you it was delivered.”

And then he asked me to take a survey regarding his performance.

I find just a little dark humor in that.

And in case you were wondering, I did give him a positive review as he was trying to be helpful. My guess is that either it was delivered to the wrong address and someone flagged down the vehicle or it was checked off by accident and not actually delivered.

Either way the Butter London Teddy Boy Palette has arrived. I suspect it will be in next week’s Makeup bag. So if you want to hear about it stay tuned.

On a home fitness note, this morning’s rain made getting up not exactly my happy time, but I did it. I was planning to walk this morning but the rain knocked that plan out. I just couldn’t face a perky work out instructor so I set a timer and ran through all the exercises I could before the timer ran out.

There were lunges and arm circles. There was marching in place and side bends. Actually the marching in place was my standard for when I needed a moment to think about another exercise. If one didn’t occur to me right away I did some high stepping in place for thirty seconds while I thought of another exercise. It worked out pretty well actually. I moved the entire time and was sweaty and out of breath when I cooled down.

I’m marking that as a win.

My calories are in check today and tonight we are having sushi bowls. As long as I limit my rice intake, I should be on track. I’ll also have to monitor my soy sauce to make sure I don’t go into salt overload. Other than that, I’m doing pretty good despite the overcast day and intermittent rain.


The Daily: January 20th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. I hope you are having a good week this far. Mine as been pretty good. I maintained my early morning wake up and even pushed through a You Tube work out. It was short but my arms felt like limp noodles about two hours after so I think it was probably effective.

My afternoon post is coming a little late today because we had to do an emergency Target Run. While there I picked up a hair dryer. Is it the well researched one that I planned? No. I know nothing about this dryer other than it has both a smoothing and a volume attachment as well as a button for cold styling as well as hot. It is also a Revlon hair dryer and they are generally reliable.

When I research things I tend to take a while. In the summer time I can get away with it as air drying my hair is not a hardship. Air drying it in the winter is just miserable.

I can use towels to wick away a lot of the moisture but it is still going to be several hours with a wet head. So I picked up this Hair dryer to use while I do research. Who knows I may do my research and decide that this is the hair dryer I want. Or it could just be a hair dryer I use for now. Either way I now have a hair dryer and will not need to go running around the house with a wet head for several hours. We keep the heat low in our house and while it is fine normally when I wash my hair my ears get very cold by the time my hair is dry.

So hairdryer. Woo Hoo!

Especially since I have to wash my hair tonight.

Other than that I did my morning workout, which is good because my afternoon was interrupted by the target run (even if I am happy about the hair dryer). So if I hadn’t gotten up early I would be sans workout today. It doesn’t make me like mornings any better, but it was a benefit.

I’ve maintained my calories as well although I did want an annoyance snack. My Boxy Charm Add on order is marked as delivered by FEDEX and yet it is not here. Which means it might have been delivered to another address which has happened before. Never to the same address though. So now I have to wait until Fed Ex figures it out or one of my neighbors stops by. Thus far my neighbors have been good about things like this, but it always puts me on edge. fun stuff. Luckily there are no chips in the house for me to snack on. But it is still an annoyance. Beyond that, everything else is on track for mid week. I hope yours is doing the same.

The Daily: January 19th, 2021

Dieting and exercise are often an effort in delayed gratification. If you work out today and don’t eat the entire tray of cupcakes then at the end of the week you won’t be several pounds heavier. It is rare that you get an instant reward.

But sometimes, life just hands them to you.

Today my alarm went off at the new earlier time. I glared at it. The time didn’t magically roll back and the alarm shut off. So I turned it off and despite the fact that my bed was so cozy, I hauled myself out of it.

I actually slept pretty well last night. I claimed a solid chunk of sleep, but lets face it, I am never going to be a morning person. But at the moment it is necessary.

I will say I couldn’t face a Chloe Ting workout this morning. Some mornings a perky workout instructor is just too much to take. so I went on an early morning walk instead. My walking trail is well lit and there are loads of early morning joggers and dog walkers so despite the early morning darkness beigng held back by street lamps, it is fairly well trafficked and safe.

The grass was frosted white and it was chilly chilly chilly. But still better than facing a peppy workout instructor. And I get to see all of the heavy coated dogs in the area. It is a relatively warm climate where I live and this is the time of year that the huskies and Newfoundlands all look super excited about the world. Admittedly keeping the Newfies out of the creek is always a struggle, but as I’m not the one struggling, fun to watch.

This morning I went with old school Metallica as my work out music. It suited me and I walked jauntily along the trail. But what did I see when my steps brought me back to the house? Is that a UPS van pulling away from the curb? Why yes, yes it is.

Despite the fact that we have been getting all of our mail between the hours of 5 and 7 pm lately. this van decided a seven am package was on the schedule. I’m not complaining. Inside was my order from e-salon. They very kindly gifted me a card to order their custom hair kit so I could try out their process of customization and the custom hair color itself and when I returned from my early morning walk, there it was, newly dropped off by a UPS driver who seemed not to be in on the conspiracy of making me wait until the end of the day for packages. I’m sure someone will correct him.

But for now I had a moment of instant gratification. I forced myself to wake up and get out of bed for exercise and as soon as it was over, boom early morning mail. while i’m not counting on a repeat of the instant gratification, it was nice to have it once. It made the whole day seem just a little bit nicer. The fact that it is completely personalized made that just extra sweet. And the remembrance might actually help me get out of bed tomorrow morning. Of course unless something else magically appears first thing, the feeling will fade, but if it helps me get up tomorrow, I will cling to the feeling, at least temproraily.

Although i am super excited about the e-salon box as well. Despite the fantastic shine the Color Wow brought to my hair, I very badly need to redye it. And I am excited about trying the e-salon system. Just a glance into the box lets me know that it is so much more professional looking than the regular boxed dye. I can’t wait to step my game up. And of course I’ll share each step with you. For now I need to finish up some paperwork and pop some potatoes in the oven. Tonight is our homemade baked potato bar for dinner. My potato will use up the leftover broccoli and a dusting of cheddar as it’s topping so it will be well within my calorie count. So I have exercised, I am holding steady on my calories AND the e-salon package arrived. Today is a good day. Plus, I really like baked potatoes.

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The Daily: January 18th, 2021

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I hope everyone is having a good one. My baby doll has the day off today so I am having a short day myself and then running amuck with him. well, amuck, grocery shopping. Sort of the same thing really.

This week i decided to start my day a little earlier. I actually got up at six am and got my workout in early. I know I say that like I planned it. In reality, I didn’t sleep well and dozed off and on. At six am I decided falling back to sleep wasn’t possible and so I turned off my alarm and got up.

I have been getting up a little earlier each week for the past few weeks in an effort to train myself to get up and do my excercises before I start the day as it is actually easier for me to remember to do them if I start my day with them. I can usually fit in a walk during the day as it is a good brain clearing exercise for me. The non-walking workouts either go into my day forst thing or they just don’t make it in at all.

Adam, my favorite Halloween mug. Inside he says “You’re the Ghoolest” It makes me smile.

So insomnia or not I figured going ahead and getting up at six am could help set the theme for the week. while I doubt I will ever be a morning person, for now I think it might be a necessity to at least imitate one. I can’t say the exercise actually made me more awake. I was sweaty and my heart rate was up. But as soon as I cooled down that wakefulness faded. Perhaps in time it will stay longer. For today, there was coffee.

I’ll admit I grabbed my favorite halloween mug and Frankenstein’s monster did make me feel better. Did you know in the book, his name is Adam? Just a little bit of trivia from me to you.

I will say that getting in the exercise first thing did make me feel rather virtuous. But don’t worry, I won’t let it go to my head. And now, I’m going to take a few hours off and enjoy the rest of the MLK Holiday with my baby doll. I hope you have a fabulous rest of the day and I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow. Well early at least. I think it may take a few weeks of early morning habits before bright enters the picture. Until tomorrow, my darlings. I’m off to play hooky.

Weekly Weight: 220.0 lbs

The Scale: January 15th, 2021

Today I am pleased I lost some of the weight I gained over the holidays.  I am happy I lost over a pound this week. 

I didn’t always get my workouts it. Or at least not my full ones but I did manage to keep on track with my calories.  So that was a pretty big deal.  And I’ll admit, there were days this week I really didn’t want to.  I’ve been waking up sore and stiff and I couldn’t figure out what was happening. 

I foolishly started checking medical websites. After ten minutes I thought I was dying. Then I realized most of the symptoms didn’t match anything I had. The worst was when I thought it could be a heart attack and so I listened for my heart to see if it was beating okay and if there were any chest pains. 

Then I realized that to listen I was holding my breath, which was starting to cause chest pains until I released it.

It turned out it really was pillow and possibly mattress related.  We did a pillow swap and while the muscles still ache, I can tell it isn’t as bad as yesterday. New pillows will be ordered this weekend and the great mattress replacement quest will begin.

But as health related as that is, it is not the point of this post.

Although I will leave you with the recommendation that if you are going to look at medical websites, have someone with you to tell you when you are being crazy.  Don’t search them when you are alone or you will make yourself crazy.

But back to the weight. Less exercise but maintaining my calorie count helped.  I don’t know why I’m shocked as it is basic logic. Yet somehow, I am. 

So to the stats!

Starting weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 221.2 lbs

This week’s weight: 220.0 lbs

This week’s loss: 1.2 lbs

Lost thus far: 26.0 lbs

So I am going into the weekend feeling slightly foolish for my reaction to medical websites but over a pound lighter than last week. It doesn’t erase the feeling of foolishness, but it helps. I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday. And uses the buddy system for medical websites.


The Daily: January 14th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings I hope your day today has been absolutely fabulous. This morning I woke up with a sore neck and shoulder and a slight headache (mostly from the sore neck) So I skipped my morning workout.

Oddly, enough my babydoll also woke up a bit stiff. we were both mystified, but went about our days. About an hour ago he texted me from the office.

‘I think it might be the pillows.’

After some thought I realized it has been quite some time since we replaced our pillows and looking at them now, I realize they are a great deal flatter than they were when we purchased them. I think we may have found the culprit. I may have unnecessarily blamed certain workouts for my sore neck muscles. The pillows need to be replaced anyway so we will replace them and see if the problem is solved. Fingers crossed that the solution is found.

So tonight there will be online pillow shopping. I suspect a new mattress is not far away either. we picked this one up when we were both at our heaviest and it has now has some indentations that don’t match us any more.

So that will be another fun discussion.

But we are going to start with the pillows and see where we end up.

My walk was a short one today again because of the cold. I know that makes me sound a bit wimpy but it isn’t exactly the cold I mind. it is the damp cold I mind. The cold I have no problem walking in. I just bundle up really well and I’m off. Right now we have high humidity and low temps. It means that we get pretty silver white frosting on everything each morning, but it also means that after about five minutes breathing outside my lungs inform me that they would prefer i return to the house. They have never liked the cold damp. It is days like this that I really miss the gym.

But with my stiff neck, I probably wouldn’t have gone to the gym today had that been an option. So a little icy hot on my neck and it is back to work for me. Then tonight we order pillows and talk about a new mattress. perhaps I will add some decorative pillow cases as well. I was poking around on Boldloft and they have some really cute ones for valentines day. I always like to do a little something for the house on valentines day. It isn’t the full on holiday decorations, but just a little something. And the pillow cases are absolutely adorable.

Of course so are the glasses. and mugs. This is the glass set I have been eyeing a while. It is adorable and perfect for Valentine’s day. Many of their items are marked down at the moment so it isn’t a bad time to place an order.

Maybe when I order pillows I’ll order pillow cases as well as part of a bed refresh moment. Not sure i can justify the glasses as anything other than an early valentines. Luckily, my babydoll loves Valentines day. Okay, mostly he loves the fact that he can buy big boxes of chocolate and people smile sweetly at him instead of judging him.

I should point out that I only get one or two pieces of the chocolate. He is our household chocolate fiend. But me ordering glasses will remind him that Valentines day aka the chocolate extravaganza approaches, making him happy as we start researching new mattresses. New mattresses, while a necessity every now and again, don’t make him as happy as chocolate.

But such is life.

And now i will get back to it. I will see you bright and early tomorrow for the weekly weigh in. I’m hoping I have started to lose some of the holiday weight.

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The Daily: January 13th, 2021

Congrats one and all my darlings we have officially made it to the middle of the week. the middle of a frosty gray and overcast week. Perhaps that is why it feels like such an accomplishment. Today has been one of those days where I hunkered down with a long to do list full of lots of small relatively easy to accomplish items.

I have clicked through them and looking at the list, I feel like I need some sort of prize for efficiency. Seriously, it feels really good to look at the list and see so much of it marked off. A while ago I had to attend a seminar for work on office place efficiency. It was called something like Maximizing Workplace Productivity.

It was one of those seminars where you take a day out of your work week and attendance is mandatory for anyone who isn’t upper management. I remember upper management went golfing that day and anyone attending the seminar ended up coming in early and staying late the next day to catch up from the missing day. I left the company soon after as did many others. But that is another tale.

The one thing that I really did take with me was the check off task list suggestion. Te presented suggested listing all of the items you had to get done that day, with the most important ones at the top and then drawing a line threw the item when you completed it. I know it sounds silly but there is such a feeling of accomplishment when I get to check things off the list. I use a cheap spiral bound notebook for my lists and on days when I feel like I’ve gotten nothing done I’ll flipp through the pages and realize that I do often get a lot of stuff done.

So I have been steadily working through my list today. My calories are in check, but my walk was a short one today. It was cold and that wind just cut through my clothes. It felt like it was peeling my skin back beneath my clothes so it could whistle through my ribcage. So I decided short was a good idea. I would have warmed up as I walked, but this isn’t the kind of cold I need to be sweating in.

And after my walk I got to do a happy dance over a package. Color Wow sent a box of products for review. There is something very beautiful about the shiny silver packaging. Maybe i was a magpie in a former life. And I have to say it is appropriately named as I actually said Wow when i opened the box. And it is very timely too. The Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner are designed to help hair color last longer and stay more vibrant and I am soon going to be dying my hair. My current color has faded and gone dull. The roots are long and the grays are showing.

Don’t get me wrong, as a quick box dye it lasted quite a while and wasn’t half bad. It wasn’t to the level of my salon, but as my salon is now closed permanently, that wasn’t an option. The box was good in a pinch, but not my favorite (and I’m pretty sure that is part of the reason my ends went so raggedy.) This time round i am trying out e-salon and I am so excited. I just got the e-mail with the tracking number.

That’s right, the custom color from e-salon is currently winging its way to me through the post and so soon I will have new color. And now I get to try out the Color Wow Shampoo and conditioner before I redye my hair to see how it performs with the sad remnants of the last box dye and then again with the fresh new dye in place. plus the duo is supposed to help clear away the build up on your scalp from other products as well as leaving no residue of it’s own behind. I think it would be fabulous to clear out all the junk on my scalp before the new dye goes down. Sort of like sweeping the floor before you put down a new throw rug. Oh they have a sale going on too if you are interested, just click on the link.

Try eSalon Today! Only $15!

But it wasn’t just shampoo in the box, oh no. There was a bottle of Dream Coat in there. I have a friend who adores the Dream Coat and claims it turns her hair into silk. Then there is the Extra Mystical Shine spray which is clearly designed to help with shine. The pictures on the website caused instant hair envy. I think I might have actually drooled. The fourth product is the Dream Cocktail which helps with fluidity (i.e. making the dry straw like bits less dry and straw like, which is an annual winter problem for me as my hair dries out more at this time of year). Don’t worry I’ll look up more detailed information before I try the products and review them for you.

So that was a nice spin to the middle of my week. It also means I really need to get on the ball with replacing my hair dryer. (a couple of the products look like they are heat activated. Plus its a little too cold to be running around with wet hair as it air dries.) There are just so many options. I think that may be part of tonight’s post work agenda. Narrowing down the hair dryer options so I can purchase a replacement.

And now I am going to look away from the shiny hair on the website. Look Away, I tell you! And return to my to do list. I have several more items I want to strike through before the end of the day. Then I can look into hairdryers.

I hope you have a fantastic rest of the day and get everything you want to accomplish done as well.

The Daily: January 12th, 2021

I am feeling much less blah today my darlings. The sky is still overcast but that miserable half rain half snow has stopped. I got in twenty minutes of a ChloeTing work out and I feel energized. Don’t get confused though, this isn’t the ‘runner’s high’ everyone talks about. This isn’t endorphins flaring letting me know I did something good for my body. It is just the absence of muscle soreness.

I’ve started acclimating to consistent workouts so my muscles are gradually accepting that I am going to make them move whether they protest or not. Of course now they aren’t protesting. I’m sure that means it is probably time to increase my workouts, but I think I’m going to stick with the pain free version for a little while loner, then look at increasing the activity.

Actually I had a bit of amusement with my BoxyCharm Choice. One of the choice items, and the one I chose was the Elemis Muscleease Active body oil. You are supposed to massage it into your skin after showers to ease the pain from freshly worked out muscles. While I will probably be sore again well before my February Boxy Charm appears, I like the thought that soon it will be on the way. I’ve always had good luck with Elemis products before, so I have high hopes. Plus I’m sort of tired of the scent of Icy Hot. Sea Buckthourn sounds like a much more pleasant aroma to wear after my shower.

I know chances are, I’ll still need the Icy Hot, but a girl can dream can’t she?

As for calories, I have been pretty good in that department. The cold gray day has prompted many, many mugs of tea so I probably slosh when I walk, but at least I am not hungry. Today’s tea was Apricot Escape from the Art of Tea. I highly recommend it. It is sweet on its own without sugar and has a bit of tart. It also tastes like fruit (apricot) and so it make me feel like I am having a bit more of a snack than I actually am having. Which is an added bonus. As clouds are rolling in, I am going to leave you my darlings. I suspect once the weather turns, my productivity level will drop with the fading of the sun and there are a few things I want to get done before I call it a day. I hope you are having a fabulous day yourselves. I for one anm just glad my blahs have faded away. I don’t get them often, but I am always glad when they leave.

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Sampling the Crabtree and Evelyn Smooth and Refine Body Lotion

I don’t know about you, but the name Crabtree and Evelyn evokes memories of fancy soaps that I was not allowed to touch. When I was younger they were the soap of choice for all the ladies in church to have in their guest bathrooms. I was forbidden to go near them and it is still the first thought that comes to mind when I hear the name of the brand.

They seem to have gone through a rebranding since then.  I’ll be honest, I hadn’t actually heard of the brand since I was in middle school. A few months back I received a perfume sample from the brand and then in December’s IPSY I received this body lotion.

The body lotion I received was the Smooth and Define Body Lotion. Since the sample I received was small enough that using it on my body would make it simply a one use item, I decided to use it as a hand cream.  This way I could test its capacities over a slightly longer time then a one use blitz would afford.

So let’s see what the website tells of this body lotion…

Our Smooth + Refine Body Lotion is your new go-to. It moisturises, gently exfoliates and both without needing to do the dry-down dance.

Packs in hydration without the heaviness. Exfoliating apple AHAs get to work on resurfacing dry, dull skin. Leaves behind softness and our uplifting Crabtree scent

In general the description is what you might expect from a lotion. But let’s break it down by use.

The first thing we have to cover is scent.  I know those of you who routinely read my posts are thinking ‘When do you not start with scent, Mimsy?’ I know, I am very scent oriented.  However, with this body lotion, you cannot start any other way.  You unscrew the cap and ker-POW. Scent.

It is not a subtle scent.  It is not a delicate scent. It is the Crabtree and Evelyn scent.  It is the same scent as their perfume. It is also oddly reminiscent of the fancy soaps I remember from way back when.

It isn’t a bad scent.  It is however a strong scent.  It is also a very aggressive scent.  If you use this body lotion, you are not putting on any other perfume that day. There is no layering of other body product scents either.   The scent of this lotion will smother them all. To paraphrase LOTR – This is the one scent to rule them all.

This has you covered. It will be with you all day long. It will fade towards the end of the day, but it will still be noticeable when you go to take your shower at night.

And I know you see apple in the description, I saw it too.  Apple may be the source of the AHA’s but it is not in the scent.  This is the scent of their perfume. While I don’t mind the scent of their perfume, it isn’t one I would define as refreshing.  It is floral. It is rose with a back note of other florals to keep it from being just the single note of rose. It is well balanced though and not overly sweet or cloying.  Oddly the perfume is not as aggressive as the body lotion.  (but that is a different review)

While I like scent and could use this on my hands, I would be very hesitant to cover my entire body in this cream.  I think it would just be too much to handle.

cream on hand

As for the cream itself, it is a thinner cream that melts to a liquid rather than putting white streaks on your skin that you have to massage in.  You do need to massage it in and wait a moment for it to absorb. That being said absorption is really quick. There is also no grease factor left behind on the skin.

Once it absorbs it is a really nice cream, especially on over washed hands. Between the shea butter and the AHA’s from the apple, my hands felt wonderfully soft and hydrated from the moment I first started using it.  It is actually a really good formula for body lotion.  I don’t know if they have an unscented version of this lotion, but if they did I would not hesitate to purchase it and keep it next to the hand sanitizer by the sink or to keep a tube in my purse or in the shower for post shower body lotion. 

going liquid (before massaging in)

It is just the scent that gives me pause.  It is just so highly scented and so highly aggressive that I am not certain I could take it on a long term basis.  The small tube was large enough to let me know that the cream itself was fabulous, but it was also longer than I wanted to spend with this scent.  If they don’t have an unscented version then I might go for the Citron and Coriander instead as that scent might be more appealing to me. While I love scents, I find I tend to lean more into the spice and citrus rather than the florals.  Even if they are as aggressively scented I don’t mind it as much.  I think they have different components rather than just different scents though, so I’d have to try it out to find out if it works the same way.  If I decide to go for it, I will let you know.

For now I have to say the formula of the Crabtree and Evelyn body lotion is amazing, but the aggressiveness of the scent says use with caution.