Single Shadow Declutter, Autumn 2021

This will not be the most dramatic declutter I have ever done.  While I have an odd collection of single shadows and there are a few that I do reach for on a consistent basis such as the KVD Lolita, over all I don’t reach for single shadows much.  I will use shadow duos though more often than I will reach for singles.  I think it is because they look more substantial and I have a better chance of creating a look with a well paired set.  The few single shadows I keep tend to either blend well with others or work well on their own.

All of the single shadows

But this isn’t about what I am keeping, but what is leaving me. 

The first item leaving is actually a duo of shadows.  It is the Mesmerizing Mineral Duo from Pixi by Petra.  I had to think long and hard about this one.  They are good shadows but they are both shimmers and both in shades of bronze.  I know it is a mineral bronze duo, but the thing is, while I like the shades and would wear the shades I would need to pair them with something else.  I know it sounds odd, but I really like my duos to work together.  These are a darker and lighter shade of shimmery bronze.  For me it doesn’t work as a pair and because of this I never reach for them.  Luckily they are shades my mom will reach for often and so while they look relatively new I will clean them and send them to her to play with.

broken IBY

There are three single powder shadows that I am letting go of.  The first I am so sad to see go.  And truthfully the only reason that I am letting it go is because it is broken.  And honestly, I may try to repress it just to keep it a little longer.  It is the IBY Fire and Ice Lush Eyeshadow.  In the pan it looks awful.  It just looks muddy brown.  On the lids it goes from brownish to shimmering green like a beetle’s back.  It looks absolutely fantastic.  I will try and press it, but I don’t know how well that will work and suspect it will still be making its way out of my collection.

The second powder is The Rundown from the What’s the Tea collection from The Balm.  I like the shade it is like a brown with a purple-y tint to it.  And I like the Balm shadows.  If this were in a palette I would use it.  But as a single shadow I just don’t find myself reaching for it.  I suspect that I will end up purchasing the What’s the Tea? Palette at some point, because I like a lot of the shades, but I just am not reaching for this and I think it should be passed on.

And the third powder single I am passing on is the Colored Raine Champagne Life.  It is an okay shadow.  Not my favorite but it is one of my few light colored single shadows so I kept it around to pair with the darker ones.  The thing is, even when I use the darker shadows I find I’ll reach for a light tone from a palette, or use a highlighter rather than reach for this.  It is okay but I have better products and it is really old.  I think it has been in my makeup drawer for well over five years. So it is time to let it go.

LOC shadow Swatch

There are two liquid shadows I am decluttering this round.  The first is the LOC liquid Shimmer shadow.  I believe it is a Birchbox owned brand. It is actually really good as far as liquid shadows go.  It went on smoothly, dried fairly quickly and if you let it dry before blinking it didn’t really crease.  It is a sample size and it is also almost completely empty.  It is one I could see myself buying a full size of at some point.  But for now, the almost completely empty tube needs to go.

Model Co

The Liquid Metal eyeshadow from Model Co is also going.  It is a decent enough bronze shade but it is older and starting to get clumpy.  So I don’t really want to put it on my eyes.  In general I didn’t reach for it much because it took forever to dry down and I almost always ended up with lines where I blinked before it was dry.  It kind of drove me nuts to be honest. And now it is drying up so I feel a little bit bad, but I don’t think liquid shadows are sanitary to pass on so it was never going to be used by another.

And finally there are two loose powder pigments that I am passing on.  These can be used as shadows.  They can be used as highlighters.  Either way, I am not going to use them.  The bellapierre is a very glittery pink that just isn’t something I am going to reach for .  The Artist Couture is also lovely, but it is two glittery a shade for me as well.  And to be honest, loose powder shadows just aren’t my thing.  I’ve had several where the color was fantastic and the application lovely, but I just don’t reach for them.  I am just not a loose powder eyeshadow sort of person.   And so as stunning as these are, I will be rehoming them to someone who will get far more use out of them than I will. 

I know, it isn’t a massive declutter, but it does clear out a few products I am not using.  A few will get send to new homes where they will be used and loved while a few others will sadly go the way of the bin. But quite frankly, I really am enjoying getting rid of the items that I know I will not use.  It’s kind of a lightening up process for me.  And it makes me feel better about the products I am keeping.  Several of which I forgot I had and am now excited to find again.  It’s a bit like shopping without spending any money.

Sweet Sunrise Shampoo and Conditioner trial sized

Sweet Sunrise Trial Size

Autumn 2021 Eyeshadow Palette Declutter

All the palettes in my collection

Let me start by saying, I am not a minimalist.  I know I have way more product than I need.  I like trying new things and well, occasionally there is a buildup and it needs to be sorted.  With the exception of the few items that have expired, everything is going to be cleansed and disinfected and passed on to someone who will use it.  So this isn’t me trashing any product just because I don’t like it.

The palettes leaving

Oddly enough, most of the products I don’t like, I tend to pass on pretty quickly.  If I know I am not going to use it, I like to keep it as pristine as possible, disinfect it and pass it on to someone who will use it while it still looks as new as possible. 

Where I fall down is that sometimes I will keep a palette because I like one color.  I am actually quite bad about that.  I will convince myself that I will reach into that palette solely for that one color I like even though every other color in the palette is something I have in several other palettes and never think to reach for the single one I like.  This time with my declutter I set all of the palettes that I liked with only one or two shades in them to the side and if I could find a comparable color in another palette then I let it go.  To be honest, that was the bulk of my declutter. 

There are also some palettes that I just don’t reach for.  The shades may be lovely, the formulas great, but for one reason or another I just don’t reach for them.  And so, while they are still capable of being used, it is time to let them go.

So I am just going to list them below as the palettes I am passing on. Ready?

Cargo Nude Beach

Cargo Nude Beach:  I like the cargo formula but I never reach for this palette.  It is a nice neutral palette and the black is highly pigmented (which is why I held on to it) but The other shades are cool toned and in general I don’t wear a lot of cool tones.  So I kept one cool toned shadow and found a black I like in a palette that has other shadows I like.

Makeup Geek

Makeup Geek Peach Bellini:  I like the formula of Makeup Geek shadows but I have every shadow in this palette in another palette.  It is a great peachy neutral palette and I know exactly who will get the most use out of it so I have no problems passing it on.  It is a great palette, I am just not reaching for it.

Beauty for Real

Golden Hour by Beauty For Real:  A recent trial I found I wanted to keep it for the blue shade. Everything else I had elsewhere.  I found a comparable shade in a blue palette and so I am passing it on.  It is a decent every day palette with one pop of color.


Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice: I wanted to like this palette, I really did.  The gold shadow is stunning actually and the formula isn’t bad.  I have every shade in the palette in multiple versions elsewhere and I simply never reach for this palette.  I used it a few times and quite frankly I put it away and forgot about it.  It has beautiful packaging, but it isn’t very exciting.


Eloise The Queen Palette: This palette is stunning.  The shadows are pigmented and blend really well.  I just never reach for it.  This is one of those palettes that I love looking at, but rarely reach for in order to wear.  I have a couple of colorful palettes and the shades I use in this one are replicated in those colorful palettes so despite how good the formula is, I feel happy letting this go to someone else.

One Size

One Size Patrick Starr Visionary: This is an okay palette in terms of performance but to be honest I was keeping it for Olive it.  It is a lovely green shimmer.  I don’t quite have an exact match but I know it is the only shade I like in this palette so it is best to pass it on.  I will look for the green elsewhere, but I am just not going to reach for this palette. Everything other than Olive It is easily found in another palette.


Illuminati X ISA: I was keeping this for shades I didn’t have elsewhere but truthfully I don’t really care for this formula.  The shades are nice but they look better than they perform.  This is more of a nice in theory palette but I am never going to use it.  The colors are nice but the formula just doesn’t deliver.


Revolution Pro HD Amplified 35 Palette: This is a cool toned palette and honestly there are two shades I use.  I have both of those shades elsewhere and so I don’t reach for this that much.  Part of why I don’t reach for it is that I find I don’t really like large palettes.  Whenever I pull out the larger palettes I end up just staring at them a really long time as I try to make a decision about what to do with them and then I use the same few shades as I used the last time I pulled out the palette.  Over time I have gotten rid of most of my really large palettes because I find I just don’t use them.

Rimmel Magnif’eyes Crimson Edition:  I’ll be honest I planned to declutter this one because most of the shadows I have elsewhere but I decided I’m not going to.  I really like it and am going to try to use it more.  If I haven’t used it by the time the next declutter rolls around I’ll let it go, but for now, I’m doing a last minute save and returning this to the shadow drawer


Elf Need it Nude:  I have these browns and golds in so many palettes.  It is a great palette but I just don’t reach for it as much as some of my other browns.  In fact I reach for the Elf bite sized palette when I want these colors.  It is the same nice formula, just fewer shades. So this is getting passed on.

Wanderess Rush Palette: Again a good palette and one I got a lot of use out of.  In fact I am not so certain I can actually pass this one on.  It is worn out and beat up.  And one of the shadows is busted.  It is time to let it go not because I didn’t like it but because I perhaps liked it a little too much.  It is a good little palette but it has served it’s time and now it must go.

Violet Voss

Violet Voss Fun sized Palette HG: I really do like the formula of Violet Voss shadows and I have kept another  Violet Voss palette because of it.  However I have all of these shades elsewhere and never reach for this.  As a result the palette looks virtually untouched.  So I am going to clean it up so it looks less touched (and is disinfected)and give it to a friend who I know will use this down to pan.  There are her colors and she loves the Violet Voss formula (which I do too, actually). So I feel really good about it.

Wet ‘n Wild Coloricon Quad:  I love wet ‘n Wild Eyeshadows.  And I don’t know if you can tell but this has been well used.  I really liked that the shadows were named for the parts of the lid they went with so I tried to avoid erasing the name with the shadow brush.  I have had this for years.  It has seen a lot of love, even if in the past couple of years it has fallen to the bottom of the drawer.  Yes, years.  It is old enough now that I won’t be passing it on I can only say a fond farewell.  I really love wet ‘n wild shadows but I would be hesitant to put this one near my eyes at this point.  I will end up picking it up again in a new incarnation, but this one has to go.

Sleek When the Sun goes down twelve pan palette: Oh yes my darlings, this is a twelve pan palette.  I attached a photo of the interior with my thumb in frame so you can see the reference for pan sizes.  I can tell you that this palette is at least ten years old.  When I picked it up I was in a job where I was traveling nearly constantly.  I had to drive long stretches and then had a few minutes to clean up from the drive before I had to conduct a meeting or a workshop.  I picked up this palette because it was tiny and fit well into the small purse I kept in my work bag.  It has a surprisingly large mirror and the colors are basic enough that I could touch up almost any work look I was wearing with no problem if I smudged on the drive. It was chosen for its base neutrality, its mirror and because I thought those tiny pans were just super cute. It was often a lifesaver and even after I stopped traveling so much, I kept it in my purse as a compact.  I would never use the shadows anymore and honestly they are starting to smell a little off.  The shadows were good when I used them. Neutral enough to blend with any of my work looks and the mirror was often a lifesaver.  It is however time to let it go and sent it on a journey far away.  Its time in service has been complete.

And with that we reach the end of the eyeshadow palettes.  I did a quick declutter of my single shadows but I think that as this post is long enough, I will post that one a different time. For now, this is the end of the 2021 eyeshadow palette declutter.

Reviewing the Norvina Palette Vol 1 by Anastasia Beverly Hills

I admit freely that I am much more of a neutral palette kind of person. While I do like reds and pinks, I do tend to use them as a backdrop. They are just a hint of color behind the brown or possibly black, shadow. Part of that is the consequence of working so long in a very conservative office environment. Glitter was not appreciated.

Although i often snuck in a good bronze shimmer.

Even in a conservative arena, I can’t resist a good coppery/bronze shimmer.

row 1

Part of it is also that I adore deep dark lipstick, Reds and berry shades are kind of my favorite and you can be forgiven bright lips with tame eyeshadow. Admittedly several neutral lipsticks have grown on me as of late and perhaps as a consequence I have been drawn to brighter eyeshadow.

Ah the Yin and Yang of lipstick and eyeshadow.

This Norvina palette Volume 1 was a product that came to me via a Boxy Charm Box. It was a choice, There were several palettes and I looked at this one and thought, ‘I have very few of those shades in my collection.’ so I chose it.

row 2

I don’t know if I would have picked it up on my own. One of the reasons I don’t own a lot of purple shadows is that when I use them I tend to come out looking like Ursula the Sea Witch. While there is a time and a place for Disney imitation, it doesn’t come around often enough that i feel the need to keep purple shadows around.

Row 3

Half of using this palette was figuring out the application process. But first the specifics. There are five rows of shadows in the palette and five shadows in each row giving a total of twenty five shadows. Ah basic math, how I love you. Eight of these shadows are shimmer shades and the rest are matte.

Row 4

All of the matte shades are highly pigmented. In fact if you look on the palette information some of them are not recommended for use on the eyes because they tend to stain the skin. And stain they do. It is predominantly the purple shadows that stain. They leave an oddly red toned stain behind. In the picture below this is my eyelid after removing my makeup when I used A3 on my lids. The shadows aren’t named, but rather given number assignments. Row one is A and the colors are numbered one through five. Then there are rows B to E with each of the shadows again numbered one to five.

Row 5

The mattes applied well and they were long lasting. Some even lasting through makeup remover. They stayed put and didn’t crease. They were however very messy to apply. Unless you employ some sort of shield, this is a palette you want to work with before applying the rest of your makeup. Even with tapping the brush off before applying, the side of my nose and my under eye were often coated in shadow when I applied it. It is just a formula that sprays about a lot.

lid after shadow removal

I also found that I needed to be very precise in my application. Using this eyeshadow was a job for the smaller blending brushes in my collection. Using the larger fluffier brushes made me feel a bit out of control. It brought out the Sea Witch look. Once I switched to a smaller brush and was more precise with the application, the shadows worked well. They blend really well without becoming muddy and were long lasting.

Just remember to use a smaller brush to control the application and that you will have to dust off your nose and under eye area and the shadows are fine. In the mattes, i have to admit, I fell in love with the flat whit shade. C1 if you are counting. It sounds strange to say, but I think it was my favorite shadow.

I could apply the super bright colors and think it was a little too dark and then add the flat white to the inner corner. then I could blend the white out and soften some of the more intense colors. For me, this shade made the palette a lot more wearable.

And now we get to the shimmers. To be honest, I didn’t care for them all that much. They swatch much better than they apply. If applied with a dry brush they don’t apply well at all. If used with a wet brush they do become brighter and easier to apply. They also don’t dribble down the face. They tend to stay put all day.

The problem with the shimmers is that the other matte shades are so strong that the shimmers become somewhat irrelevant. The bright mattes are the star of this palette and they overpower the shimmers. If the shimmers are used with more neutral mattes, they are great. They stand out then. But at the same time, the shimmers aren’t that unusual. I have those exact shades in other formulas, some I like better than these others not as much. They aren’t bad shimmers, they just ride the middle line between not bad and not spectacular.

This is a palette that is all about the mattes and really all about the purples. The Norvina Volume 1 is bright and vibrant and contains a lot of colors that I don’t have elsewhere. It isn’t going to become an everyday palette for me, but it is one that I will reach for when I am in the mood for something bright.

The Otherworldly Eyeshadow Palette from Fluide

I’ll be honest, I chose this Otherworldly Palette by Fluide as one of my choice items in my IPSY Plus Glam Bag because of one shade. (and because there weren’t any other interesting options in that choice category that month). I saw the green and realized I didn’t have any colors like it in my collection. I tend to go for more everyday looks as sort of my natural gravitation towards shadows.

I do have an affinity for jewel tones, but spent a long time working in a rather conservative office, which shaped a lot of my daily makeup habits. Recently though I have been playing around a bit with color (sometimes not very successfully) and I have been wanting to add a bit more of a range to the colors available.

I didn’t actually envision myself liking much of the other colors, but that green just looked fantastic. I know, it isn’t the first time I’ve picked up a palette for just one color, and it probably won’t be the last. Although I do try not to make it a habit. I also justified it because I had never tried any shadows from Fluide before. I do like their liquid lips though. They are a nice, non drying formula. So justifications in place I tried the palette

There are eight shades in this palette. It is a nice sturdy cardboard palette with a small mirror shaped wither like a cloud or a UFO, I can’t really tell. There are five mattes, two shimmers and one glitter.

L to R: Stellactic, Astral Halo, Quarkle, Andromedaze

The top row contains two mattes, the glitter and one of the shimmers. I promise there are four shades swatched on my arm. The second shadeAstral Halo is almost a perfect match for my skin tone and so doesn’t show up well in the swatch.

L to R: Galatea, Mercurial, Queersar, Blood Moon

The second row has the one green shimmer that drew me into the palette in the first place and three mattes. Let’s talk about the mattes first. They are soft and buttery and have very little fall out. While Astral Halo is only really useful as a base layer to give me a solid color to work with, the other colors are rather nice. The shade that looks light brown in the pan, Mercurial has a reddish tone, almost like a terra cotta, on the eye which I rather liked. I was not expecting to like the orange (either the matte or the shimmer) but I ended up really liking it. I think because the dark brown can tame down that orange It worked really well for me. I was actually quite pleased by the orange.

The mattes had little fall out and blended easily with each other. In addition, they are well paired. If you want a bright look, there are colors to play with and if you want a hint of color, you can tame the brights, and if you just want something quick for the office, you can do that too. It is surprisingly more versatile than I thought it would be.

The shimmers applied well also. I could get a decent shimmer with a dry brush. If I wanted something gleaming, then dampung down the brush intensified the shimmers. While I loved the green as much as I thought I would, that orange shimmer was something I did not expect to like. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

And then there is the glitter. Oh, the glitter.

It feels soft in the pan and on the eyes. When applied with a dry brush it is a little patch and if you have slightly hooded eyes like mine, it will wear off in a line where the hood is. In addition it has a tendency to migrate down the face and then show little glittery bits for the next two days despite washing your face and taking a shower. With a damp brush, it applies better.

While none of the other shadows really need a primer, if using the glitter shade, use an eyelid primer. It will keep the glitter in place long enough for your look to shone where you are going. without the primer, You have maybe an hour before the fall out starts. I personally like the Pretty Vulgar Lid Primer as it has a great deal of stick to it that really locks the glitter down.

Over all, I enjoyed this palette. i wasn’t really expecting to like this Otherworldly palette by Fluide as much as I did. I quite frankly saw the oranges and was a little scared off. But the colors work well together, the pans are well thought out and the shadows are a really nice formula. while this Palette was part of Fluide’s Pride collection, I will certainly have to look into oher shadows from them in the future.

Viseart Petit Pro Palette Deux

Viseart Professional makeup has been one of those brands I have always been interested in. A while back I received an all Matte Palette Viseart palette in a Boxy Charm and I really enjoyed the shadows. They were buttery soft and highly pigmented. Still even knowing that they were good shadows, the palettes seemed a bit expensive. The small folding palettes like this Petit Pro Deux seemed adorable, but even more over priced due to the size.

I decided that since I knew the formula of the mattes was good, I would just wait until the mini palettes went on sale and then splurge on a product. Lucky for me, this Viseart Petit Pro Deux was a choice selection in an IPSY Plus bag. This let me pick up one of the palettes, test out the shimmer formulas and if I decided to pick up more, I could feel confident in the formulas and simply worry about colors.

There are eight shadows in this palette, four mattes and four shimmers. The top row are the mattes and the bottom row are the shimmers. Pretty simple right?

L to R: Petal, Nectar, Honeysuckle, Foxglove

The mattes are well chosen for a simple traveling eyeshadow palette, which this one really is. This is the sort of palette, that you grab when you are going away for the weekend and want something compact and trustworthy. The shadow formula is relatively highly pigmented with little fall out and they blend well without becoming muddy. Foxglove on it’s own is a nice purple shade however layered over Honeysuckle it becomes almost black. Used separately Honeysuckle is a nice warm brown that can be deepened or lightened as needed. The bright pop of Nectar works well under both honey suckle and Foxglove as well as nicely on it’s own. Petal is great for lightening up the inner corners. I can’t wear Petal on its own as it disappears on my skin, but I imagine if you have darker skin it would be a nice brightening shade that could be used for a one and done look. All of the mattes pair well with the shimmers.

L to R: Primrose, Clove, Cosmos and Aster

The shimmers are interesting. They are butter soft and if applied with a dry brush they are very light and delicate, a mere subtle glimmer. If you damp down the brush before application or apply with a damp fingertip, the shimmers are stunning. They play well with all of the mattes and look great on their own.

Is this a revolutionary palette? No. The colors are not ones I haven’t seen elsewhere. They are however grouped logically so that when you look at the palette a couple of looks immediately spring to mind making it easy to use. This is not a palette you pick up and then have to study for a while before you can figure out what to do with it. It is very easy to use.

While the different colors work well together and can be blended to create different looks it has a limited amount of versatility. This is a palette you can pack in a bag and know that you will have reliable work looks that you can also make pop for after hours. In addition it’s folding design not only protects the shadows during travel, but it also keeps any potential spillage inside the palette and not all over your makeup bag.

I think this is a good palette. I think it is a bit overpriced, but I also think this is something I would splurge on because I am confident in how the formulas work. They apply well and stay on all day. I am very happy to have this in my collection and will seriously look at some of the others for potential additions. While these colors lean more towards neutral day looks, I am certain there are other brighter palettes in their collection. I am confident in their shadow formula and if the arrangement of colors in the other palettes is as good as they are in this one I would certainly consider making it a splurge purchase.


Trying out the Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Eyeshadow

The Too Faced Melted Chocolate Matte Eyeshadow was an interesting eyeshadow to work with.  While it has only appeared in a couple of Daily Makeup Posts I have been playing around with it since it came in May’s Boxycharm. I am used to only having shimmer shadows and having a matte one was fun.  The product smoothed on well over the eyes, dried down well and didn’t budge once in place.  I actually wore it on a walk and while I was sweating profusely, the shadow didn’t budge.  It came off with my current Elemis Cleansing balm very easily though so I didn’t need a specific waterproof makeup remover to take it off.  I could use my usual makeup remover.

the wand

The applicator tip is a small curved doe foot.  I can see it helping if you wanted to draw fine lines on your eyes for a more complex look.  Let’s face it though, I am not a makeup artist and I generally go for pretty simple looks. 

So when I used a one and done look I applied it on the outer edge of my eye and then used my finger to work it inward.  This works well except that my finger is a little large and I didn’t quite get the precision I wanted.  I tried using the do foot applicator on the other eye, but I ended it adding far more product than I needed or wanted. And with this shadow, a little is really all you need. In the photos below you can see the swatch I put on my hand and then the blending out of the swatch to see how far it would cover. You need very little to cover your eye lid.

Quick Swatch

In the end I applied a line of the liquid eyeshadow to the outer edge then took a clean flat blending brush to blend it over the eye.  It let me have more control over where the product ended up than I had with either the doe foot or my finger.

The shadow does dry down relatively quickly so you have a very limited window of time to move it around.  I highly suggest cleaning up the edges fast so they don’t dry messy. Actually this might be where scotch tape is your friend. It will let you get that clean line on the edge and allow you to just concentrate on blending out the color across the lid.

swatch blended out, I could have actually covered my whole hand with what was in the swatch

As it is a single shade I was curious as to how it worked with other shadows.  I played around  with both cream shadows and powder.  The powder shadows I chose were from the Too Faced Palm Springs Dreams Palette. 

The Melted chocolate shadow tends to get a little muddy if you try and blend it when it is wet.  Everything just sort of melts together.  If you apply it, wait a second for it to dry down and then apply your other shadows, everything is fine.  Creams, liquids and powders all apply equally well over the shadow.  It didn’t really do well on top of powdered shadows. 

on it’s own

On top of powders it got streaky and muddy and with other shimmers they just all blended.  This is very much a liquid shadow you lay down and then layer other products over it.  The shade Amaretto, which I have worked well with a range of browns and looked nice in my crease.  It also has enough of a pinky tone to it that it worked well with red toned shadows and pink shimmers.

As I only have the one shade I don’t know how it works with other Too Faced Melted chocolate shadows, but given the formula of the one I have, I would imagine that you would have to paint it on in layers. 

Over all I really liked the shade, and found it relatively easy to work with.  Just remember to dedicate a clean brush to working with and to let it dry down before attempting to add any other shades and it will work really well. Just remember though, a little goes a long way.

The One/Size Patrick Starr Visionary Palette

For the past week or so I have been using the One/Size Patrick Starr Visionary Palette. I did my best to use every shade and to try them in multiple ways. This palette came to me in an IPSY Glam Bag X and I have to say, I would not have purchased this on my own. And that is because it looks kind of boring to me. Most of the shades are ones I already have multiples of and the pop of color is a bright blue that i would never really use. I’m just not a fan of blue eyeshadow.

Bad 1980s memories I guess.

This is nothing against Patrick Starr. I actually like him quite a bit.

However even though I wouldn’t normally purchase this palette, I had it now, so I put it to the test. The first thing you may notice about the palette is that it looks like I have tilted the photo. that is because the bottom edge of the palette is slanted. It slants in the opposite way as the cover of the palette so there are two points on the corners. This is either going to be a non-issue or it is going to really annoy me in the future. I store my palettes standing up so that I can see their spines, like books, except horizontally in a drawer rather than vertically across a shelf. The points will either cause it to stand in a stable way and be something I don’t think about or they will gt crumpled and really bother me. I have no idea which way that will lean. Only time will determine that.

L to R: Manila Sands, Taupe of my Game, Brownie, Suede Charm, Turban Legend

So to the first row of shadows. The top row is a mix of cool and warm neutrals and a black shade. Manila Sands, Taupe of my Game and Suede Charm applied beautifully. They were very pigmented and easy to work with. Exciting, no. Useful neutrals, yes. If I didn’t already have multiples of these shades, I would love them. They are great to have in any collection. Brownie was still highly pigmented but a little patchy. Turban Legend was not as pigmented as everything else and very patchy when applied. I really had to work with this shade. It surprised me given the ease of all of the other shadows. There is a lot of fall out from these shades so either do your eyes before face when reaching for this palette or use some sort of shielding technique as there will be fall out.

L to R: Titleholder, Soft Serve, Everything, Olive It, Blue Mon Dieu

The second row again applied fairly well. The bright blue of Blue Mon Dieu had the same patchiness issue as the black of Turban Legend. It was harder to work with than the others and was more of a buildable formula than a highly pigmented one. The other matte in this row, Soft Serve was a beautiful neutral that wa highly pigmented and worked well. It was a shade I could use as a one and done easily and repeatedly. The other three shades in this row are shimmers. They are surprisingly pigmented and apply well and easily with a brush. The gold of titleholder and the pink of everything are pretty standard shades. Olive it was unexpected and one of the few shades I don’t have elsewhere. I really liked it. It was unusual, but wearable. the shimmers do leave a trail of glitter down the sides of your nose by the end of the day though. There is quite a bit of fall out from them.

L to R: Mango, Booked, Walnut Strut, Matcha, Rebel Gray

In the final third dow the three mattes Mango, Booked and Matcha were highly pigmented and super easy to work with. I don’t have a shade like Matcha and it was nice to see that greenish shade. I’m not sure how often I would wear it, but I do like it. Walnut strut is a shimmer and is a lovely copper tone. You know how I love coppers. It has the same fall out as the other shimmers, as does Rebel Gray. Despite the fall out, if there is one color that will keep me opening this palette it is the Rebel Gray. I really liked how it applied and how it looked. It was the stand out winner of this palette to be honest.

And that is actually where the issue lies for me with this palette. The formulas, with the notable exception of Turban Legend and Blue Mon Dieu, are really good and really easy to work with. There are three shades I don’t have in any other palette. I don’t wear a lot of green shadows because they tend to make me look a little jaundiced, so I’m not sure how often i would reach for those two shades. There is one shade I fell in love with. Everything else in the palette I have in other palettes. This is a palette I will reach for when i want to use Rebel Gray. I will either end up deciding I want to add the shade to a look I am creating with an otherwise matte palette or i will decide it is a Rebel Gray kind of day and pull the palette out, using the other colors simply because they are there.

While I have been known to keep palettes because I fell in love with one shade, I think that how long I keep this palette may be dependant on how often I reach for the Rebel Gray. If asked now if I would buy this palette, I would have to say i would look for Rebel Gray in a single shadow and give the rest of the palette a pass. There is nothing really wrong with it, but there is also nothing very spectacular about it either.

AnnMarie Skincare has a fantastic offer out right now that you might want to check out. It is called the Clean Beauty Trial. The Clean Beauty Trial is $19.99, you can nourish your skin naturally with FIVE total products to try:

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Also, while supplies last you can get two additional samples a mask & a scrub. I don’t know what mask they are including but their purifying mud mask is fantastic. It makes you feel a bit like a mad scientist as it comes as a dry powder and you mix water with it to get the consistency you want, but it left my skin feeling amazingly soft. (as i am actually ordering the kit to stock up my travel bag, I really hope that is one of the sample masks included.) FREE shipping (for US and Canadian residents only). A 100% money-back promise.

The link is below if you want to look into it. This kit is a fantastic way to try out products from a brand you may not have used before. I have tried several things from the brand and I am always surprised that more people aren’t talking about them as their products are really good.

Clean Beauty Trial – Evergreen 2021 Offer – $19.99 with free shipping & 2 free gifts

Clean Beauty Trial

Eyeshadow Palette Review: Lime Crime Prelude Exposed

I picked up the Lime Crime Prelude Exposed palette because I thought it was an interesting mix of neutrals. Also while I love their Velvetine Lip Line i had never tried any of their eyeshadows before. The only reason I hadn’t picked any of them up is that the boxy packaging looked like it might take up a lot of space. The Prelude palettes are a little boxy in their packaging, but with eight pans they aren’t terribly large.

It is a very neutral palette. As you can see the two darker shades Storm (top right) and Immortal (lower right) tend to leave a pit of fall out. None of the other shadows really had any fall out when applying them, however when using those two dark shades I found it easier to do my eyeshadow first , clean up the fall out and then proceed to work on the rest of my face.

The top row swatches go from left to right starting with Aphrodite on the left and ending with Storm on the right. I promise the shade Flesh is actually swatched on there it however almost exactly the color of my skin. The pigments are not terribly strong. They can be built up but this is not a really flashy palette. It is very subdued. I actually quite liked it for everyday wear. It has some interest, especially with the shade Aphrodite which has a blue white shift to it as you move in the light.

I think my favorite color in this palette was the almost mauvy tone of Abyss. It is a shade i could easily wear all on its own. I was able to get a pretty decent smokey eye with Immortal as well. And I have to say the gold of the 1484 is quite stunning. While it is a very neutral palette it isn’t a boring neutral palette. I had no problems wearing it all week and coming up with different combinations all week. It is a palette I could easily travel with and know that the eight shades would be enough.

As you can see the second row of swatches is more pigmented than the upper row. They are still not terribly deeply pigmented. They are very buildable. You can easily get a light wash of color or deepen the shades. I had no trouble blending the shades together. In the close up, I Started with Abyss and then layered Immortal over it. I added a touch of storm to the center and then blended in Aphrodite.

Normally I don’t use that many colors for fear of everything becoming muddy. However I wanted to see how they played together. The result turned out looking rather nice. While they work together, they blend, but don’t turn to mud.

Typically I only used one or two shades and they worked well also. I didn’t get a lot of creasing on the shadows but they did fade a bit throughout the day. By the end of an eight hour day what was left of the shadows sort of blended into each other so there was dark on one side and light on the other with no really distinct color variations. However that was really towards the end of the day. After hour six, they still looked fairly decent.

Over all I am very pleased with this palette and I can see myself reaching for it repeatedly. It is neutral enough to wear during the work day, has enough variation to keep it from feeling boring and has the ability to be a bit flashier with the 1484 and Aphrodite shades so I could easily touch it up at the end of the work day if I was going out. I am very happy to have this palette in my collection.

Cargo Cosmetics Swimmables Eyeshadow Stick

I recently received the Cargo Swimmables eyeshadow stick in a Glossy box and have spent the week putting it to the test. In addition to using it for my daily looks this week, I played around with it to see what it could do.

First off though, what is a Swimmables?

Lightweight, crease-proof, water-resistant, ultra-creamy eye shadow stick! 

  • High coverage formula that glides on.
  • Once applied the formula has a 20 second playtime to be blended out before it sets.
  • Color stays true and lasts as long as you do—it only comes off when you take it off!
  • Won’t budge through sweat, swim, or tears!
  • The creamy formula makes it easily blendable so you can mix it with your other shadow sticks.

At least that is what the Cargo Cosmetics site claims. The shade i received in my Glossy box was Sandy Bay. I’ll admit the swatch, at first was not all that inspiring. It looked more gray than blue, but I was encouraged by its creamy texture and full color coverage. I also liked that it is a matte shade. I know companies make them, I saw several mattes I wanted to try on the Bobbi Brown Site actually, but I only have shimmering shadow sticks in my collection so i was thrilled to play around with a matte.

And so I tried it. To give it its best shot, I tried it first on its own with no other shadows. It applied well and blended across the lid excellently. I really liked the fact that it looked more like blue smoke than it did on the hand swatch. There is a shadow cast by the camera and I apologize for that. The shadow was a nice subtle shae to wear.

And wear it did. All day in fact. The shadow lasted all day long without fading or creasing which I found really impressive. I thought I was going to have to use a waterproof makeup remover to get it off, however all I used was a wet Makeup Eraser and the shadow came right off.

Less impressive was the next test where I tried to blend it with a shimmery shadow stick from another brand. I tried to use the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow stick as it is a stunning shade and has never failed me.

I tried applying it over the Cargo Swimmables and this is the look that came out. t took a lot of work to get the shimmer to even show. Any blending and the Bobbi Brown slid off of the Cargo Swimmables onto my finger and refused to adhere. I did try playing with other shadow sticks and had the same results. It may work well with other swimmables shadow sticks but it didn’t play well with others.

I managed to get the shimmer on, mostly where I had not put the wimmables or had blended it in lightly. To apply the swimmables I started on the outer edge and used a finger to blend towards the center. With the Shimmer I started at the corner and blended outwards.

I tried reversing the order but the swimmables wouldn’t go over the shimmer at all. It simply didn’t show up but slid right off. As for powder that was an unholy mess. If applied over the Swimmables it was patch and sparse anf if applied under the swimmables sort of sucked the powder off of the lid and the shadow stick had to be wiped off.

While I like the Cargo Cosmetics Shadow Stick in their Swimmables line it is a product that needs to be used alone, or possibly with other swimmables. As I had only one, I couldn’t try that out. It doesn’t work well with other formulas, whether cream or powder. It stands alone. It looked nice alone and wore well, but it is just something to remember. When using it on your lids, you aren’t using anything else.

Makeup Eraser

Testing out the Ciate London Eye Luster Cream Eyeshadows

I will admit, I am not a makeup artist. I am probably the farthest thing from a makeup artist. I am just someone who likes playing around with makeup. And quite frankly, there are a lot more of us non professionals than there are professionals. There are certain products though that I approach with a certain amount of caution because they seem like you probably need professional level skill to deal with properly.

For me liquid eyeshadows have always sort of fallen into that realm. I can play around with shadows and feel confident that I will eventually come up with something i like. Most of my looks tend to be toned down and in the professional range because the reality is that I spend a lot more of my times in meetings than I do attending parties. but I do like to play around, especially when I am not expected to look professional. Thats when the wild colors, glitter and shine come out.

While I am fine with powder and cream, it is the liquid shadows that I am hesitant with. I have a couple of the Stila liquid shadows and I tend to use them at new years, or forget I own them. I really want to get more comfortable with them so I am making an effort to at the very least play with them over the weekends, so you may see them appearing more and more often (especially as I think my Stila ones are drying out).

To start with I tried the Ciate London Eye Luster Cream shadows. The one with the Gold cap came in a recent IPSy I believe. The one in the black cap I have had for a while and can’t remember where I got it. the packaging is slightly different so it may be old packaging. The newer one is called Cupid (gold lid) and I can not find a shade name or number on the one with the black lid.

The black lidded one is the top swatch and Cupid is the lower. For lack of an official name, I am just going to call the top one silver. In the new shades I think it matches the one called Ice. Both of these shadows performed the exact same way so even if the packaging changed, the product did not.

For my first use I attempted an all over the lid look to see how maximum coverage came out. I also used a dark powder shadow underneath to see how well it played with powder shadows since realistically, I will be wearing it in conjunction with a powder shadow. I tend to use shimmers as accents not all over the lid shades, but I extended the accent so to speak for this trial.

When I first applied it, I blinked while it was still wet. I have hooded eyes so there was an immediate line across the lid. I tried again and fanned the eye until dry. Confident that the lid was dry I blinked a bit and moved on to the second eye. If I let it dry, there were no lines and the shadow did give me decent coverage.

Throughout the day as the shadow continued to dry I ended up with little flakes of glitter decorating my cheeks. It was clear that the shadow wore away where my lids rubbed but for the most part it still looked okay. My cheeks were a bit on the shiny side. While I liked the color, as the shadow dried my lid started to itch so it was really hard not to rub my eyes. When I did, my knuckle came away with glitter and the shadow was no longer on my eye.

It was kind of the itching that got me. On other attempts at using the shadow I used it as accent marks. I dotted it on the inner corner in a true small dot and it looked great with no itchiness and no flaking. I used a small angled brush to play around with using it as a liner, both over and under the eyes. It worked well and there was no itching or fall out.

I think that is the trick with this eye luster. It isn’t really meant to guild the entire eye in color. Don’t get me wrong I love the shade cupid and if it had some of the glitter removed and it was just a cream eyeshadow I would definitely try using it across the lids. I just think that the glitter filled cream doesn’t do terribly well across large expanses of lid. This is an accent color. It looks good on the lid, but it doesn’t feel all that spectacular. Which is kind of interesting as I have a potted shadow topper from Ciate that I absolutely love all over the lids. This is a formula I will reach for to do the inner corner and to use as a shining liner, not is an all over lid shade. I like having it around, but it is also nice to know when I can reach for it and when i need to pass it by. Ovr all I am happy to have these Eye Lusters from Ciate in my collection. While they might not be for everyday wear, I am now confident enough that I can use just a dot or a dash here and there to brighten up a look while still looking appropriately professional. There will of course still be more playing around.