Acing face mask Friday

Welcome my darlings to the Friday Face Mask. This week, I can’t lie, its been stressful. And a fifteen minute break with a relaxing face mask on zoning out from the world sounds like a fantastic plan. Unfortunately, I am still waiting on Rapid test results which should be in later this afternoon, and every time i try to simply lie back and relax non-relaxing thoughts creep in.

Somedays, being alone with your thoughts isn’t the best plan.

So I chose a mask that i can move around and do things while wearing. Plus it is also a new to me mask that I have been really eager to try. This Aceology Brightening Treatment mask was supposed to come in my December IPSY bag. It didn’t quite make it to the station on time and so I had to wait for it to be sent along later.

Incidentally IPSY was really good about it and it did get here very shortly after. It just felt like a long wait because I really wanted to try it. I was actually impressed with IPSY turn around on it

And then of course the mask was mine. Now I know what you are thinking, haven’t you reviewed Aceology before? First of all, if it’s a good mask, it will always come back into rotation. Second, that was the greeny/gold Aceology Lifting Treatment Mask. And actually this was the reason I was so excited to give this mask a try. with repeated use, I actually saw a big improvement in my skin’s texture. It felt smooth pretty much right away, but I didn’t notice most of the benefits until I used the mask a couple of times.

And then I continued using the mask until it was all used up.

So since this is the first time using this Brightening Treatment Mask from Aceology, I don’t actually expect to see magical brightening, but I do think that over the course of using this tube, I will see a brightening to my skin. According to the website this mask…

Provides gentle exfoliation, Revives tired, dull skin, Encourages an even skin tone, Reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation, Easy-to-remove peel-off mask 

*Product can be applied with finger or any brush or applicator. Please note this product does not include a brush. 

always peel from the bottom and go up to keep from dragging your skin down

Luckily, I have my handy dandy silicone masking brush. I can’t reccomend picking one up highly enough if you are a routine Masker. It makes application so quick and clean and it really does help you not waste product. They make expensive masking brushes and very inexpensive ones. They all work. I just reccomend getting a silicone one. With peel off masks you just set it to the side after applying your mask and when it dries, peel it off the brush. Easy peasy.

I wash the brush afterwards, but the bulk of the mess is dealt with.

This mask smells light and fresh with a scent that more or less just smells like skincare. I’m sorry i don’t have a more clarifying scent profile to offer, but when i smell it my brain just thinks ‘skincare’. The mask applied easily. It isn’t too sticky.

Because it is a peel off mask, I went and dermaplanned my face just before so there would be fewer hairs for the mask to pull when I peel it off. The painful part of the pull off mask is generally due to those fine hairs on your face being pulled out. Less hair, less pain.

a little brighter maybe, but definitely really nicely exfoliated

It’s pretty simple math.

The mask is a lovely metalic-ish blue that I really like. As with all peel off masks you have to let them dry down completely before peeling. If there is a wet spot it simply won’t peel. So you just have to wait. Normally it still takes about fifteen minutes for the peel off mask to dry down all the way. Today it is really wet outside so it took about eighteen for it to fully dry and be ready to peel off.

It peeled off relatively well. There was not a lot of drama because I took off some of the fine hairs first. So there wasn’t much pulling at all. As always when first removing a peel off mask there is a moment of redness, because you have actually been pulling your skin. Once that dies down (after about five minutes) the redness goes away. Unless you have actually had a reaction. In which case you might want to stop using the product and see someone about the irritation.

My redness was just from pulling (Plus I tested the mask on my arm a few days ago just to make sure there were no issues.). After the redness died down I took a good look at my skin. While I can’t say that any dark spots were magically faded, my skin did feel as though it had just been lightly exfoliated. It wasn’t a major exfoliation, just a very light one, still it is something to keep in mind. If you routinely use exfoliating products then when you use this mask you might want to give them a pass so you don’t over exfoliate.

It is a very light exfoliation though so I didn’t feel like it was too rough on my skin and I really liked the feel of my skin after I took the mask off and let the redness die down. I really rather liked using this mask today. While it worked on my skin i was able to move around the house and o other things without worrying about it flaking off or dripping down. It stayed in place and my skin felt great after. I think to see some of the brightening effects I would have to use this mask on a routine basis. Because of the way it felt, I just might end up using this mask on a routine basis long enough to actually see the effects. This was a great first use of the Aceology Brightening Treatment Mask and I look forward to using it again.

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A little Refinement for the Friday Face Mask

For those who have been following along this week, you might have heard me mention that I am starting a four week long Face Mask trial. While I love trying out all sorts of new face masks and I love using them for a variety of skin concerns and wellbeing situations (because let’s face it sometimes you just need to give yourself a fifteen minute time out before your brain explodes), they are skincare items and many of them are supposed to show skin progress through repeated use.

I must confess I am very guilty of bouncing from mask to mask based on the skin concern of the moment or merely because something is new. In December I used Sheet masks throughout the week in order to dwindle my stock pile and on Fridays I used up a lot of my open masks, you know the ones that had only a few uses left but were so good that I didn’t actually want to use up the last bit of it. I don’t know why I do that. It is like I just don’t want to say good bye. Even though I know I can repurchase. I think part of it was that I kept telling myself I couldn’t buy masks until I used up and cleared out several from the drawer so i knew I wasn’t going to be repurchasing them right away.

It is a habit I am trying to break in the new year. Mostly because those last little bits of the mask I loved so much can in fact go bad and become unusable all while taking up space in a relatively small masking drawer.

before mask, front view

However as I started using up masks to clear out space, several new masks arrived in subscription boxes. So I have several new masks I really want to try out. While Fridays are going to be a mix of using existing products and trying out new ones, I am going to try and pick one product to focus on for the month so that I can see if there are any noticeable longer term results from the mask. This was week one for the Juice Beauty Bamboo Pore Refining Mask. Plus I figure if I post the before pictures here at the beginning of the trial then there will still be a copy of them even if I do something boneheaded like clear my photofile.

I chose this for a couple of reasons. First, while I usually love Juice Beauty products, I recently tried out a moisturizer that my skin did not react well with and that I honestly hated more than any moisturizer I’ve tried in the past five years. And I felt kind of guilty because it is a brand that I generally enjoy. The second reason is that over the holidays, I tried a one time sample of this and loved it. (a friend picked up a new sample and we had a face mask moment in the midst of holiday chaos.) It is actually in my notebook of products to pick up with a big star next to it.

Before mask, side view (a lot of my clogged pores occur along the lower curve of my orbital bone so I wanted to have a good pic of the area as this is where i want the most improvement)

The third reason is that it is a two minute mask.

A two minute mask means that on Mondays and Wednesdays, when I know I am going to not have to see anyone in the afternoon and don’t need a face of makeup, I can take lunch, remove my makeup, apply the mask, make my sandwich, remove the mask and then eat lunch, all without taking a huge chunk of time out of my schedule. Two minutes is a perfect weekday masking length.

And yes my darlings, I know today is Friday, but as it is the first week of the mask I wanted to go over my initial impressions (plus today I am making bacon blue cheese bread during the day for our happy hour treat tonight so I was going to save my Friday mask for after dinner tonight since masking and running to and from the oven aren’t really great mixes.

Mask on and thoughts of a career as a bankrobber dance through my head

So what does the Juice Beauty Bamboo Pore Refining mask do?

Clear and hydrate skin at the same time with our NEW Bamboo Pore Refining Mask. Help protect against ‘maskne’ with bamboo charcoal & kaolin clay to help detox; Aspen bark to help smooth & hydrate, and exfoliating polyhydroxy acids for a softer, smoother complexion.

Eco-values: With Certified Organic Ingredients to protect humans, animals and the planet.

Sustainable Packaging: Sustainable & recyclable glass jar. FSC Paper.

Juice Beauty

Clay and charcoal are always good things in my face mask products list and truth be told my area has very rapidly rising infection rates at the moment (on top of seasonal colds) and the face masks are back to being worn more diligently. I’ll admit there was a moment for a while where it looked like they could be eased out of use, but that moment passed. At least in my area.

So maskne too has returned. For me it is the rise of clogged pores, so there are no surface blemishes but I can feel the little bumps under the skin. So I’m hoping this mask will come in handy. It also means that Friday masks may end up focusing on brightening and other non-pore clearing things for a while. I actually have an Aceology mask I have been waiting to try out that is high on my list of new to me masks to try. I actually want to try out their Ice globe facial massagers but that is more for my skincare tools list than the masks.

But on to the first use of the Juice Beauty Bamboo Pore Refining Mask. As you can see in the above photos, the charcoal makes this mask black. There is a vague charcoal scent to it, but it is very much a back note. The scent of the mask is light and easily fades but I get more of plant like scent to it that I think might be from the aspen bark. The scent is light and fades quickly so the scent isn’t much of an issue if you are scent sensitive, but it is a pleasant scent while it lasts and I think it is from the Aspen.

After two minutes the only difference is where I felt an itch and scratched my face,

I expected from the description that the mask would have exfoliating particles in it, but it doesn’t It is simply a smooth clay like mask. It is lighter in feel than many clay masks I’ve tried.

When on the skin there was the feeling of coolness but I did not detect any tingling sensations. I always suspect masks with shorter wear times to tingle more as though they were super charged, but there was no tingling.

post mask, not a lot of change but i feel clean and refreshed,

Because of the Kaolin Clay I expected the mask to have to be scrubbed off like a mud mask, or maybe crumbled off. Because this one only sits for two minutes it was still wet when i went to remove it. Which made it super easy to remove. I am also glad I have the Glov mask removing cloth. It is already stained from another charcoal mask and using it kept me from staining my washcloth. And yes, before I included the Glov cloth in my routine I did have one wash cloth I just used for masks. The washcloth works well, just choose one for masks and use it, that way if a mask stains it, there is less of a concern.

The mask was easy to remove with a damp wash cloth and when it was gone, I rinsed out the cloth, hung it to dry and splashed a little clean water on my face to remove the last of the residue before patting my face dry.

Was there a lot of change after a first use? No. My skin did feel soft and hydrated. There was no issue with the mask being too intense for my skin and quite honestly my skin felt clean and refreshed. The next morning however I could see that some of my deeper clogged pores were moving closer to the surface. I think that this is a mask that will help bring those clogged pores up with repeated use. As I am gaining more and more clogged pores from wearing the mask again, it will be interesting to see how this Juice Beauty Bamboo Pore Refining Mask performs in the next three weeks. My hope is that it will bring the clogged pores to the surface so they can be cleared away and hopefully prevent other pores from clogging. But only time will tell how effective that will end up being. For a first use however, it was quite positive.

Face Mask Friday: Peach and Lily Super Reboot Resurfacing Mask

Ah yes my darlings. Today we are continuing the theme of clearing out for the new year. Behold! Its another foil packet. This one is the Peach and Lily Super Reboot resurfacing mask. As every order from Peach and Lily comes with a couple of free samples I know exactly how this foil packet ended up in my collection.

Unlike some of the mystery foil packets that just seemed to have appeared.

I think they like to hide in the sheet masks.

But I love a good exfoliating mask. I know it is technically a resurfacing mask but that word always makes me feel like I am doing road construction on my face. Which seems like something I should avoid doing. I think that level of work should be reserved for medical professionals. Not something I can accidentally do on my own.

So before we crack open this foil packet, let’s see what it is this mask is supposed to do, officially.

This is a pro-level wash-off mask that effectively and gently exfoliates, resurfaces and retexturizes skin. Consider this a unique deep-cleansing, purifying, and resurfacing facial where dead skin cells are unglued, impurities deep within pores are “de-gunked” and fresh skin is revealed. If you’re dealing with clogged pores, rough patches, or bumps, this mask is for you. The result? Dramatically smoother texture with drastically minimized appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Give your skin a total reboot.

Over time, the color of the formula may shift due to the natural ingredients. And that’s OK, as the formula remains potent and stable. This is what natural looks like – so enjoy your uniquely-hued formula. Texture: jelly-like, soothing, light Scent: Subtly fresh floral and hints of the ocean Skin Type: all skin types, even those with sensitive skin

Peach and Lily

The full size of this mask is $43 on the Peach and Lily site.

I have to say when I opened this mask I thought , wow that is a nice color. And because of the floral and oceanic description I had to smell it. It smells light and fresh, but the scent is very faint.

I can’t lie, I was slightly disappointed that the mask mostly just made my face look wet instead of imparting the green/aqua jelly like look to my skin. I don’t know why I find that fun, but it really just made my skin look damp.

first applied

The back of the package says that it may make your skin feel tingly and they aren’t kidding. I put the mask on my face and almost immediately I felt a tingling sensation. It wasn’t bad and oddly it was really only in a few places, predominantly along my under eye and cheeks. At first it was distracting. I planned to lay down and relax, but the word resurfacing kept swimming through my mind so I sat up and was kind of tensely waiting for the tingling to get worse.

It never did. The tingling remained in the same areas but it didn’t get any more tingly. When my timer went off at the fifteen minute mark I went into the bathroom to wash it off. I was pleased to see that there were no real red splotches under the mask. But it did say it was for sensitive skin, so I suppose I shouldn’t have worried. It has just been a while since I have used a mask that tingled so noticeably. It took a little bit of massaging water on my skin for the mask to release it’s hold on my skin.

after 15 minutes it is a sticky layer

In the fifteen minutes it seemed to have turned into just a thin sticky layer. I didn’t have to scrub hard to remove it, but it did take a few splashes of water before the mask rehydrated enough to rinse off. Then all at once it was gone from my skin. I patted my skin dry and let it sit for a minute.

There was no redness or irritation, but my skin, once I let it dry down post rinse, felt really smooth. And it feels really deep down clean. While the skin is smooth there is a feeling to the areas under my eyes that let me know the clogged pores I get are about to be lifted to the surface. I suspect in a couple of hours the raised bumps I usually feel under my skin on the tops of my cheeks under my eyes are going to rise to the surface and need to be cleared away over the weekend. It has that sort of feel to it.

rinsed off, patted dry and feeling fab

Which I am okay with. This is going to be a relatively quiet weekend where we aren’t going out too much. However it is something to remember about the mask. This is a mask you use when you want to clear out your skin and have a weekend available to you where you don’t go out. If you want clear skin, you would use this mask a week or two before the event where you want your skin to be clear and not the night before you are going somewhere important.

I know that sounds strange, but I actually have a couple of masks in that category. They are fantastic at bringing things to the surface so they can be cleared away. The problem is that they bring things to the surface.

While this was just a sample and clearly a one shot sample at that, I think I rather liked using it. I think it is a mask I would not mind using again (knowing not to use it the night before I go out). I think that I will be putting this Super Reboot Resurfacing Mask on my list of products to purchase in the full size.

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Face Mask Friday: MIA

I know, there is no masking today. I got called into an assist in helping to set up tables. It was like a demented math problem actually. You have X number of people coming to the charity dinner and auction. You have the space for all those people, but must now make certain that your tables are socially distanced without enlarging the space.

It sort of made me feel as though I forgot to study for an exam.

Luckily i was not actually in charge. I was just volunteer labor and not actually on any committee. To be on a committee I think you have to have at least eight generations of your family born within the confines of the town limits. I’m not sure what you have to do to lead the committee.

I don’t even want to guess actually. I think it might involve sacrificing a goat or something.

I do know that the Organization Committee and the Entertainment Committee are like rival gangs. With older southern lady hair and armed with scathingly polite commentary that cuts deep.

The table debacle involved one group ceding territory to another. It was quite dramatic.

It is for a good cause, the local Food Bank, but it was quite the dramatic pre event show. All side glares and polite insults. I’m sure tonight will be fun, and then we get to leave to have drinks and break down whatever drama occurs over drinks with the other people who want to be involved but lack generational rivalries.

While the event was an on-line auction with no dinner last year, two years ago the two committee chairs had a bidding war on the same item. I have never seen so many arched eyebrows and cold glares in my life.

It’s kind of fun to watch when you aren’t involved.

Sometimes it is good to be the outsider.

But the table math and debate took up more time than planned (especially since I hadn’t planned to be involved to begin with) so no mask today. However if you are looking to stock up on masks, Facetory has 48 hours left on their mega sale. So you might want to give them a look. But now I am off to finish a few things before I need to shower, change and head back to the Community Center. Have a great weekend!

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Face Mask Friday with Milk Makeup

This Milk Makeup stick mask is not a new one to me. In fact, that’s one of the reasons I chose it today. During the week I am using up my sheet masks so I can clear out some space for the new year. I decided that I would take a stroll through my non-sheet masks and do the same for Face Mask Friday.

So for now I am concentrating on using up a few of my open masks that are nearing the point of being empty. One of the first on the list is the Milk Makeup Cannabis Hydrating Face Mask. It is a great mask. It hydrates and sooths the skin without making me feel greasy.

Because it is a stick mask, it is amazingly easy to apply. You just take off the lid, remove the plastic protective eye and scribble the mask all over your face lik you are a child left alone with finger paints.

Only it is a great deal neater.

Plus it makes me feel like the Incredible Hulk.

Don’t forget to keep the plastic interior cap or the mask will dry out. That is really the only hard part to remember about this mask. It goes on with no mess, sits on the skin for fifteen minutes and then wipes off cleanly with a damp wash cloth. Then rinse out the wash cloth and you are done. No messy clean up, no extra tools. Just On, Sit and off.

Okay maybe this time Hulk not smash

It is why I have worn this mask down to a nub. Don’t get me wrong, when I realized it was almost out, I ordered a replacement. I also ordered a second different Milk Mask to try it out and see if it as good as this one. when it arrives I will put it with the new masks to try out. I have several that I do want to try. I am trying to resist the urge for the moment and step away from the new masks to use up the almost empty masks in the masking drawer.

If I can resist the new, that is December’s goal. Sheet masks during the week and other masks on Friday, using up the open ones before opening the new. I’m also hoping to do more month long trials for masks in the new year. Not every month, just more often. Mostly because as skin care it is with repeat use that you really get a chance to see the mask performing over time.

Not that one time uses are bad. I may not have used this Milk Makeup mask for a while, but todays use has left my skin feeling soothed and hydrated. It is a little sad that the last of the product is now gone and the tube is empty. The sadness is lessened by the fact that a new mask is already making it’s way through the postal service to reach me. But it is still sad to see it make its’s way to the empties bin. It is not good bye though, just an until we meet again.

I can live with that.

Incidentally if you are looking for Milk Makeup products, not only did their website get a revamp so that things are a lot easier to find (I love Milk products but always got lost on their website) but they now have Holiday Kits. Because so many of their products are in stick form (like the masks) they are fantastic for travel. And Holiday kits are ways to not only get your favorite products restocked but to try out new ones while restocking. I love holiday kits and bundles. I always end up going for the ones that have one or two items I would have purchased anyway and then have several products I’ve never tried before. It helps me get out of the rut of just restocking the items I already know I love. Personally I am eyeballing the Disco Berry Makeup set. It is one of their online exclusives.

The Daily: December 1st, 2021

Hello my darlings. Today, the world decided to go mad. I should have expected it, I know. We are on the first week back from a major holiday, November just ended and month’s ends are always a bit crazed. I think though that a lot of people flipped the calendar page today, realized that there were no more pages to flip this year and that a chunk of the month will be taken up by people taking days off for holiday adventures.

It seems to have made everyone I work with determined to get everything needed to get done before the end of the year set up before the middle of the month. I can’t even count the number of times I heard, ‘and it can be done before the 15th, right?’

I am pretty sure the next two weeks will be absolute insanity.

My two scheduled phone calls blossomed into about eighteen. Luckily most people have given up on the obsession with video conferencing, at least where I am concerned, so none of the calls involved video. Which is good because I never got around to putting on any makeup.

I did manage a set of under eye patches. It was a bitter sweet moment. I used my long term favorite ones, the Grace and Stella energy drink for your eyes, under eye patches. They were my allergy season life saver. However I hit them pretty hard. And while I loved putting them on today, I discovered that this was the last one I had. I have lots of single sets of eyepatches that came in subscription boxes that I need to use up, but no more of my favorites. I actually need to use the singles up before I order more, but with the sales going on it is really hard to resist. I think I may order a pack and set them aside to use after I use up the singles. I may even try the new pink ones to see if they are as good as the original.

Buy 4 of any product, get 30% off both!

Oh speaking of masks. December is the month I am going to go back to using up my sheet masks so that I can clear out the old and restock with the new. So Monday through Thursday there will be a Sheet mask each afternoon, with Friday being my regular Face Mask Friday.

Sheet mask for December 1st, 2021

Today’s sheet mask is the Elmolu Day Nature Mask. It is an energizing mask and hopefully it will do the trick. I’m keeping a list of the masks and my thoughts on them to post at the end of the month, in case you are wondering. This particular mask came to me in a Facetory subscription. If you aren’t looking for subscriptions, Facetory has a store where you can just purchase face masks of all varieties. (There is a huge Cyber Week Sale going on if you are looking for extra discounts). They are very reasonably priced and I have started building my list of favorites so that I know exactly what I ant to order from them in the future. I have actually been surprised by some of the ones that have made the reordering list. Whether this one will or not, remains to be seen as I will use it later today. And in case you are wondering most of the sheet masks I buy tend to either come from Facetory or The Masque Bar. It is just really easy to place an order for multiple masks from different companies with them instead of running all over the place. Facetory even has sheet masks from Challans de Paris which is a skin care brand I really enjoy. I didn’t realize they actually had sheet masks until I saw them on Facetory actually.

I’m going to try to remember to list the sheet mask of the day during the week this month, along with the daily makeup. However today, there was no daily makeup. Just my last pair of Grace and Stella Eye patches and an upcoming sheet mask. Tomorrow though, tomorrow there will be makeup. And walking. The calls made me skip my daily exercise as well today so there will probably be extra walking tomorrow as well.

But for now, it is back to work for me. I hope your day runs a little but more smoothly.

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Evaluating the Facemasks

Anyone who visits this site with any regularity knows that I love face masks. I am, to be honest an equal opportunity masking lover. I love the clearing masks, I love the hydrating masks and I love the brightening masks.

But all masks do not shave my love equally. At this time of year, I go through my masking drawer and I look at all of the masks I have on hand. I set the masks I plan to use up and discard to one side. I then look at what remains. I filter the ones with not a lot of product into one box so I can use them up and put them on a list for repurchasing and I set the unopened ones I still need to review to the side. I’ll still use new masks on Fridays from my reviews when possible, but throughout the week I will make an effort to use up as many open masks as possible to clear out space for the new year.

It’s sort of my process.

Mixed into the process is the general evaluation. Which masks did I use this year that i absolutely love and want to reorder. And to be honest, a few of the masks that made this list, I have already reordered. So who made the top cut? Let’s take a look. (I’ll try to post links to the Black Friday Sales if they are currently available)

  • Herbal Dynamics Cacao and Chamomile Clearing Clay mask: If you are looking for a mask to bring all of your deeply clogged pores to the surface, this is the mask you want to pick up. It is pretty intense, so test it on your arm first and pay attention to the length of time you have it on your skin. I can only use this mask about once a month. Although I will do spot treatments on my problem areas more often. It is a fantastic mask to have around, just know that because it draws everything to the surface, the next morning your skin may not look it’s best as you now have the clogged pores brought to the surface. I know, kind of a no brainer. I tend to use this on a weekend where I plan to stay in most of the time and treat it as an inhouse spa weekend. Apply on Friday and deal with the after effects on Saturday. With fab skin again on Monday. Or at least that is always the plan. Some weekends it works better than others. Just plan on dealing with the post mask rise of the clogs.

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  • Annmarie Skincare Charcoal Cacao Mask: This mask is a little more expensive than the other masks on the list, but so worth the splurge. It is thinner than a lot of masks and when I apply it I feel as though I am painting my skin with black ink. That is the charcoal. Despite the charcoal and Cacao in the mix, this mask smells fresh and clean with a hint of rosemary. While it doesn’t look very herbal in nature, and feels like it out to smell of squid ink, I would be surprised if anything from Annmarie skincare didn’t smell herbal. While I love the skin care, it is the scent of their products that draw me in. They had me hooked with their Aloe Herb Cleanser right from the start (it smells of Lemon Verbena). After using this mask, my skin felt clear and refreshed. At the risk of sounding too over the top, I actually felt slightly more luminous. My skin felt pampered, rejuvenated and fantastic. This mask is a splurge, but so worth it. Prior to this My splurge mask was the Mud mask from Annmarie Skincare. while I still love that mask, and will probably repurchase it. This mask has now risen to the top of the self care splurge list. Their black Friday sales starts November 25th and runs through the 28th, so instead of the black Friday sales link I am linking the Clean Beauty samples kit. If you have never tried the brand this is definitely the way to give them a try. Plus you get a coupon code that rolls the cost into a full sized purchase so it’s kind of a win. Especially with the upcoming holiday sales.

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  • Healing Bark Golden Tree Bark Mask: I used this mask for the entire month of October. It is one of the few masks that can actually be used on a daily basis with no ill effects to the skin. For the purists and label readers out there (i’m with you my friends) thee is only one ingredient on the label. It is the powdered bark of the Thanaka Tree. When using this mask daily I found my dark spots lightening significantly. I found my skin was less acne prone, even during the hormonal outbreaks and the blemishes I ended up with were cleared up more rapidly than usual. While this mask was fantastic on the skin, it was also the daily ritual of the mask I liked. Using it each night involved measuring the powder, blending it with water, applying it, letting it dry and rinsing it off. In addition it had to sit for about half an hour. I find having that ritual in the evening helped quiet my mind and relieve a lot of stress. As we go into the holiday season, I have restocked with a second container and will be using it to both calm the skin and my racing thoughts.
  • Vichy Masque Mineral: This is not a new mask to my collection. This is a mask That I have used for quite some time and always find myself returning to purchase. I think this may actually be my fifth jar. Possibly sixth. And it won’t be my last. This is a clear mask, that feels like jelly when you scoop it out of the jar (i recommend a spoon). With the Heat of your hand it very quickly melts to a liquid. A light layer over the skin is really all you need. The skin absorbs most of it so this is an easy mask to apply while sitting at your desk. If the layer is thin enough, you don’t really have to wash it off. I almost always go a little too thick and have to rinse the last of the residue off. Because it is clear, you just look really shiny when you are wearing it. In the winter time, this is my go to hydration mask. Vichy’s Black Friday sale starts on the 25th of November and has 25% off so it is a great time to stock up on their products. since their sales link is not available the link below will take you to their Antiaging Set with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. If you are shopping for someone who loves skin care I highly recommend this set. Both Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid are my hero ingredients for great skin. Its nice to see them in one place.


  • Korres Hydra Biome Probiotic Superdose Face Mask with real Greek Yoghurt: I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I was going to like this mask when I first saw it. I was worried that it would smell too yoghurt-y for me and that I would just feel like i was smearing my breakfast all over my face. It does have a light dairy scent, but it is a really fabulous mask. And it doesn’t feel like smearing yoghurt all over myself. For me I keep it in the fridge, partially because my brain won’t let me store it on a shelf. It has enough of a dairy scent that I just can’t stick it on a shelf. It is also a fabulous ,mask you use cold. It takes a little bit longer to absorb when it is cold, but it is so worth the wait. You not only get the coolness on a hot day, but most of the mask absorbs into the skin to give you a fantastically moisturized glow. (You just rinse off the excess).It is especially nice after you’ve spent too much time in the sun. Equally it is also nice after too much time in the cold wind. Wind is usually a winter problem for us here and I end up with wind burn quite often throughout the winter. This is a great product to use to sooth the cheeks. In the winter time just remember to warm yourself up first before applying it. This mask was definitely a surprise for me. I didn’t think I would like it, but once I tried it, I loved it.

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  • Milk Makeup Cannabis Hydrating Face Mask: This mask is going on my list for several reasons. While it is hydrating, it is also once of those masks that leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. I always feel good after I’ve used it. It is also a stick mask which makes application and clean up super quick and easy. It does leave your skin Hulk Smash green while it is on, but it is light weight enough to forget you are wearing it. Especially when someone unexpectedly knocks on the door. It’s only drawback is that it smells slightly like Play-doh. The scent is easily forgotten as it fades after application. But it is a little odd. I enjoy this mask, and I am going to be looking into other Milk Masks this year to see if it is just this one I like or if there are others to enjoy. It is simply quick and easy without a lot of messy clean up. That and fresh clean skin are two definite reasons to keep it around.

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  • Elemis Papaya Enzyme peel: I know, a peel isn’t exactly a mask, but this is one that you leave on for ten minutes, like a mask instead of simply rubbing and rinsing, so I thought I’d put it on the list as well. I really enjoy this mask. It has a light fruity scent, it is cool and clean on the skin. A thin layer goes a long way and my skin looks fantastic once the mask is rinsed off. It is one of the more gentle peeling masks I’ve tried so if you are interested in leaning into peeling masks, but are a little nervous, this might be a way to go. Try it on your arm first, but I’ve had no issues with it at all. For some reason I had three samples of this mask in a row from subscription boxes and I have been slowly working my way through the, This is my final sample and a full size is definitely now on my purchase list.

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So that my darlings is the list of the top products in my masking drawer. To be honest, I thought there would be more. However these are the ones that made the top of the list for this year. I’m sure that next year other masks will rise to the surface, but these are the products that have earned a place in my skincare drawer and will be repurchased.

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Face Mask Friday with Aceology

Good afternoon my darlings and welcome to a frosty Friday afternoon. The sun is shining and the crunchy coating may have melted off of the grass leaving it soggy brown instead of crisp white, but the temps haven’t gone up much.

This week my IPSY Glam Bag X came in and inside of it there were two masks. One from Aceology and one from Cela. As I recently finished up one tube of an Aceology mask (of a different variety) I planned to try out the Cela mask. It is however a clay mask and as it is one of the first really cold days of the season I just couldn’t bring myself to apply a mud mask.

However I also couldn’t bring myself to open up the new full sized Aceology mask knowing I had an almost empty trial sized Aceology mask in my collection. So I decided to go for the open Aceology mask first, using it up before I open the new one. I know, they are different types, but I would still like to clear out some of my open masks before opening new ones.

Incidentally, for those shopping for masks this holiday season, I will be posting a mask overview on Monday, going over a few of my favorite masks and mentioning their strong points in case you are interested.

But today’s mask was the Aceology Brightening Treatment mask. It is blue. The mask I just finished up was a greenish tinged gold that made me feel like weathered copper. This one kind of makes me feel like Violet Beauregard, post blueberry pie incident. Or maybe in the middle of the incident.

For a while now I have shied away from a lot of peel off masks. I’ve tried a few that were really good and a bunch that hurt a lot when coming off but did very little to actually improve anything. As a result I just sort of avoided them thinking it might be for the best. The Aceology masks I am actually liking.

There is still a degree of pain as you remove them, however the pain is mostly the pulling of the small hairs on your face, nothing more. You can actually cut down on a lot of pain by derma-planeing your face before using a peel off mask. If you do, I highly recommend the Favy ones as they are a great size. Plus there is something about the angle of them as well as the grip that just make them easy to use. Actually they just came out with some velvet makeup sponges that look fantastic as well. I haven’t tried them yet, but I really like the shapes. I love having one flat edge on a makeup sponge and they have one exactly like that but they also have a sponge with a squared off tip that I like the look of. And I am looking for a new makeup sponge as mine is reaching the end of it’s life. Plus they have a 20% off thing going on right now. So bonus!

newly applied

But if that isn’t your thing, you can still sort of get your skin used to peel off masks by using them on a regular basis. You have to use them about twice a week, but the pain does fade after a while. I don’t know if the masks just remove all of the little hairs for you so there is less to pull or if your skin just gets used to the masks. It could be a combination of both. I do recommend that when you are removing your peel off mask, start from your chin and lower jaw line and work your way up. Not only does it seem to hurt less but it isn’t pulling your skin in a downwards direction. As gravity already has downwards covered, pulling up is not a bad thing.

dried down

The Aceology Mask has a clean fresh scent. It smells of skincare. I can’t actually identify any other scent to be honest. It just smells like skincare. It smooths over the face easily with either fingers or a silicone masking brush. For those looking for a silicone Masking brush Shop Miss A has one for $1. It has a nice curve to fit along the curve of your cheek too, which I like. And the fact that it is $1 shouldn’t be surprising as most of Miss A’s products are a dollar. I actually ordered a bunch of makeup up from them a little while ago so that I could test it out (I know I was very curious about $1 makeup). I’m hoping it comes in before I leave for Thanksgiving, but once I get it in I’ll test it out and share with you. But the brush looks really nice and inexpensive or very expensive the masking brushes work pretty much the same and let you use less product. My old masking brush came from Miss A and if I hadn’t gotten a new one in a Boxy Charm, I would still be using it.

the redness of the skin after peeling off the mask fades after a few minutes but can be quite startling at first.

I know that was a bit of an aside, but the brush helps with both using less product and with clean up. When applying masks with fingers there is always product left behind that you not only waste, but that you have to wash off. With peel off masks, most of the mask goes on the skin instead of the brush and to clean up you just leave the brush to dry and then peel off the mask. They are really handy, just don’t feel like you have to spend a lot on them.

So, back to the mask. Easy on and then sit. How long you have to sit, depends really on how thickly you applied the mask. The thicker you go, the longer you have to sit. Because you have to sit with the mask on until the mask is dried. then you peel it off. it will be a sticky mess if you try to peel before it dries. o let it take it’s time.

I find peeling the mask off oddly satisfying. I like trying to see if I can get it off in one piece. Sometimes it works better than others. After peeling, there is a bit of redness to the skin. Honestly that is mostly due to the peeling action. Once the pain fades and the skin settles down, the redness generally fades completely unless you are having a reaction (which is why you should always test masks on your inner arm before using them on your face. Trust me, hives on a spot on your arm is better than hives all over your face.)

Fir me, once I let my skin calm down, my skin felt nice and smooth and I feel like my complexion is a bit brighter. It is a good mask and I think that it does what it claims. Is it the best brightening mask? No, that title still goes to the Healing Bark Golden Tree Bark Mask. That mask was very brightening, noticeably so. This is brightening and I enjoyed using it.

Because I generally like my brightening products in the form of serums rather than masks, I don’t think that I would purchase this specific mask. I preferred the results of the Lifting Mask that I just finished and I have high hopes for the tightening mask I have yet to open. For me the only reason I wouldn’t buy this mask is due to the effect. The mask itself was good, I just prefer clearing, tightening and pore reducing masks to brightening ones. They are nice every once in a while, but not my go to. If you are looking for a brightening mask, this might be one to look into. While it may not be my thing, it does make me more excited to try out more Aceology products. I think it will be interesting spending time to get to know this brand.

Face Mask Friday: Klorane Smoothing & Soothing Eye patches

Good afternoon my darlings and welcome to another face mask Friday. I have something special today. Klorane just released a new product. It is the Smoothing and Soothing eye patches and they sent a box to me to try out.

I know most of the time I am going on and on about their fabulous dry shampoo (which to be fair is pretty fabulous), but one of my favorite products from the brand is actually their waterproof eye makeup remover. You are probably wondering why that is relevant. Well, it is the Cornflower Waterproof eye makeup remover. And these eye patches are Cornflower and hyaluronic acid infused.

Easy open tab

While I always love hyaluronic acid, especially around the fine lines around my eyes, I’ve noticed that the Cornflower waterproof eye makeup remover tends to not only take off all eye makeup and not sting my eyes, or cloud my contacts, but it tends to leave the skin feeling soft and nourished instead of stripped. Which is actually quite an accomplishment considering it’s job is to take off waterproof makeup.

While I like the effect, I am very curious to see how this ends up working with the eye patches, especially in conjunction with the hyaluronic acid. According to the website…

In just 15 minutes, soothing hydrogel eye patches visibly reduce signs of fatigue and under-eye puffiness, diminish the appearance of dark circles and visibly smooth fine lines.


Personally I love eye patches, and the hydra gel ones are rapidly becoming my favorite style. Whenever allergies hit, my eyes get very puffy (as well as itchy and watery, but that can’t really be helped with eye patches)The eye patches really help with the puffiness. When things get really bad, putting them in the fridge for an hour or so before putting them on my eyes really knocks the puffiness out.


While it was tempting to put these in the fridge, I decided my first trial of them would be straight out of the box. while I am not suffering from massive allergies we are in the throes of the first regular heating use of the season. The first few weeks the heating is on, my eyes tend to be a little puffy. I think they are reacting to whatever might have sat in the vents when the system wasn’t being used. So eyepatches are a welcome relief right now.

Eye Patches on

This box comes with seven sets of eye patches (retail $26). Each set is encapsulated in its own container. I kind of like that actually. My eyes also tend to get puffy when I travel and having them in separate containers that are easy to slip into a travel bag is not a bad thing. The container is a durable enough plastic that it should be able to travel quite easily.

There is no real scent to the eye masks and there isn’t a lot of extra fluid. The packaging is damp with a few beads of moisture on them after the patches are removed but there is no dripping. Which is really nice as I like to sit up when wearing the eye masks. I like wearing them at my desk while I work.

After 15 minutes

The patches, which look like big blue commas stick to the skin well and don’t slide around. They aren’t sticky or anything, it is just the moisture and gel texture keeping them in place. Given that they have hyaluronic acid in them, I placed the fat part of the comma over the fine lines at the side of my eyes. Expecting miracles after fifteen minutes is pointless, but I think every little bit helps.

As it is skin care, even if it isn’t a full face mask, I made certain I wasn’t wearing any makeup when I put the eye masks on. I left them in place for the recommended fifteen minutes and I have to say my eyes do feel refreshed. The skin under my eyes feels soft and hydrated and yes, I think the bags under my eyes are slightly less than they were before.

All in all I am rather impressed with my first use of these patches. I will certainly use the ones in this box although I will probably mark at least one to slide into my travel bag for Thanksgiving. I really like the soothing cornflower mixed with the smoothing hyaluronic acid. With that combo, I can very easily see these Klorane Smoothing and Soothing Eye Patches as a repeat purchase and an essential element in my fight against seasonal allergy puffiness.

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Face Mask Friday: A month of the Golden Tree bark Mask from Healing Bark

This is a sponsored post but as always the thoughts and opinions are my own.

Skincare isn’t magic. There are very few items in the skincare realm that you can apply and expect to receive instantaneous results. And if they do give instant results they really should come with a doctor to supervise.

Or maybe a poof of smoke and jazz hands.

Possibly with a Ta Da to follow.

Skincare is something that takes time to work, the effects cumulative. It was one of the reasons that I was so tickled when Healing Bark sent their mask Golden Tree Bask Mask to me to try out. Like most masks it can be used a couple of times a week. It can also be used daily. Once i tried it out and found that my skin had no adverse reactions, I used it once a day for the past month.

It was an October long experiment.

Useful tools

In other posts I’ve gone into the ingredients list – in this case a list of one ingredient, Thanaka Bark as well as other aspects. As this is the end of the month long trial, this post is going to be about what I learned and re results i saw. But first, lets look at what the mask claims on the website.

Solve your skin problems with Myanmar’s ancient beauty secret! Give yourself beautifully renewed skin with the deep cleansing and detoxifying Healing Bark.100% Natural, Detoxify & Brighten, Anti-Oxidize, Cool & Calm, Gentle on all skin types.

Healing Bark

Over all it is not a long list of claims and none of them are that outrageous. This past month I used this mask on a daily basis. I got myself into the habit of taking off my makeup after dinner mixing up the mask and applying it to my skin. The mask then sat on my skin for thirty minutes. Then I rinsed it off and went about my evening.

The ritual of it helped calm things down. This was a bit of a strange month and I generally found that taking the time to slow down to use the mask calmed me down. It let me think through issues (mostly with scheduling) without panicking or making a snap decision without putting too much thought in it. The measuring out of the powder, the stirring until the water absorbed, the application and the sitting was actually very beneficial. And destressing also helps your skin out so there was a natural side perk to it.

The last mask of the month

With the mask itself I learned how to use it over the month. At the beginning of the month I followed the directions. I measured three scoops of mask powder and two scoops of water and then stirred. If it needed more then I added a bit more water. The goal was to get it to a spreadable paste.

I generally found that with these measurements, I had mask left over. So the first thing I did was reduce the tablespoons. I started with one tablespoon of mask to half a tablespoon of water. This wasn’t quite right so I added another half tablespoon of mask. Then dribbled a little water into it. That seemed to be about right for me on most nights. Occasionally i went with two tablespoons of masking powder. In general I found this cut down on waste.

With the masks Healing bark sent a masking kit. The bowl is perfect for mixing the mask. Even if you don’t use their kit, you need a bowl with rather steep sides. To mix the powder in, you need to mix fairly vigorously and for a little while as the water is slow to absorb. The high sided bowl keeps you from making a mess. The tablespoon in the kit was very handy as was the plastic palette knife. while I mixed with the plastic, I did use my silicone masking spatula to apply it to my face. As a consequence I mixed the mask to a consistency that was easily spreadable with the silicone spatula.

I learned that while you can’t rush water absorption, warm water mixes faster than cold water.

And finally with my reduced measurements, I went through exactly one container this month. So once a day masking used an entire container in one month’s time. As the mask retails for $14.99, that wasn’t an extravagant cost either. Of course it only matters if the mask works. And so to the before and after pictures. The before picture was taken on October the 1st before I used the first mask and the After picture was taken today after I washed off the last of the mask and patted my skin dry.


After each masking my skin felt fantastically clean. It didn’t feel stripped but it did feel as though I had given myself a deep down clean. And while I love the improved feel of my skin, I noticed that I was getting fewer blemishes and the number of clogged pores on my skin was also reducing.

My skin feels clearer and cleaner. The changes are subtle and a lot of them are things that are easier to see with the fingertips than they are with the eyes. But even though i can’t invite you over to feel my face (which would be very weird invitation in general). I think the before and after photos do show an improved look to my skin. For me having fewer clogged pores in my frequently clogged zones is just kind of amazing.

All in all I am very happy that I used this mask this month. Using the mask each day for an entire month gave me a real feel for it and an understanding of how best to use the mask. It allowed me to feel the cumulative results and to take that time out each day to just breathe and take a moment to sit and think rather than react.

So lets take a good look at those claims again and see how the mask did. Deep cleaning? Yes. I think that deep cleaning was definitely done with this mask. Detoxifying? Well if the fewer clogged pores are an indicator than yes, I think we were successful there as well. Anti-oxidizing? A fancy word for reducing the look of dark spots. My main dark spots are on my forehead and I can definitely see a reduction of the spots there, so I think we are good with that claim. Brightening? Yes we are good there as well.

Over all this mask did pretty much what it said it was going to do. It is what it claims to be. I like that. Just as I like that their ingredients list has only one item on it. Will I use this mask again? Definitely. Do I think this mask is worth picking up and adding to my masking collection? Absolutely. While I will still try out other masks, This is a mask I will keep coming back to when I need a good deep clean and a fresh feeling face. I was very happy with the Golden Tree Bark mask from Healing Bark.