Ah…now that is a refreshing mask

There is no way not to look just a little bit crazy where wearing a face mask. I’ve accepted this. At least this Purlisse Match Green Tea and Lemon Detoxifying Charcoal Mask doesn’t make me look like I am ineptly attempting bank robbery. It is more of the pie in the face version.

I am quite surprised by the whipped cream look to the mask. With the word Charcoal in the title I thought for certain it would be black. Clearly I was mistaken.

This Purlisse Mask came in a subscription box this month (Birchbox I believe) and after applying one layer I can tell there is enough product left in the tube for two more applications. According to the Purlisse website this $35 mask will…

Detoxify, brighten, and clarify all in one step!


I know, a one sentence description. Technically I don’t think that’s even a full sentence. It is however short, sweet and to the point. And to be honest, Today I don’t feel like long drawn out descriptions. This week started off slow and steady and then got very stressful. To be honest, I was okay with what the oral surgeon had planned, but then they gave me three pages of worst case scenarios to read through. I know legally they have to cover themselves and I know I need to know what is going down before they start, but those were a dramatic and traumatic three pages. It is a back tooth so you can’t see it actually, it just affects me eating.

But it caused stress and as I will not be unwinding with a happy hour tonight as food is problematic and I really don’t think alcohol is a good idea, I made my friday masking time a little longer than usual.

I applied the mask using the masking brush. Mine is from Cosmedics and I do like the rounded edges, but really any silicone brush will work. Using the brush lets me use a little less product as I don’t have bunches stuck to my fingers that I have to wash off. So it lets me get the most out of this small tube.

As I mentioned before, I was not expecting the mask to be white because of the charcoal in the name. However it was. The mask has the consistency of a thick cream and a slight grittiness. I’m guessing those are the charcoal bits. They are very fine grained and when you rub a little bit of the mask between your fingers it feels like there might be a slight exfoliation going on but mostly it feels kind of like a sticky primer. It has that same, slight tacky feel to it.

The scent however is lovely. If you have ever had a bottle of the Lipton Iced tea green tea with lemon then you know what this smells like. This smells exactly the same. Which really shouldn’t come as a surprise as it is a Matcha Green Tea + Lemon face mask. I think I just expected it to smell more like skincare. The scent is very refreshing and the mask applied well.

Once the mask was on, I lit my candle (loving the La Playa Salted Blue Agave by the way – the fresh scent complemented the mask well) and lay back on the bed. Because I wanted something without words to I could just float away, I went with Vivaldi since it is light and frothy and seemed to suit both the mask and the candle.

When my fifteen minutes were over, I regretfully put the music aside and blew out the candle. The mask, while stiffer than when first applied, did not dry down hard and stiff like a clay mask. It stayed supple enough to allow facial movements. As I sometimes like to wear masks while working at my desk, I like to identify what masks I can wear at my desk and still, if necessary answer the phone, even if it is using the speaker function.

Instead of going to the small powder room I use for my skincare needs, I went to the full bathroom and went ahead and took a shower to wash off the mask, and wash my hair (still using the Zents Mandarin Shampoo and Water Conditioner – super fabulous and they continued the fresh theme. Even though I normally go with a hair mask on Saturdays, i decided today was the day i was going to need a little extra destressing time, so I used My ESPA Pink Hair and scalp Mud. It is the one that needs to sit in the hair for about 25 minutes.

I applied the mask,. cleaned out the shower/tub, ran a hot bath and dropped one of the Zents Mandarin Bath Truffles into the water. In addition to smelling absolutely yummy, they have both shea butter and epsom salts in them. My muscles were relaxed and my skin was softened.

More importantly, tension drained.

I did forget my I pod so there was no music, but I did spend quite a lot of soaking time contemplating one of those in shower speakers. I’m thinking that might be an upcoming purchase. We haven’t gotten around to upgrading the bathrooms yet so I am still kicking around ideas as to what i want to do when we do move into fixing up the bathrooms.

Regardless of future improvements, the face mask, hair mask and bath soak did wonders. (I washed out the hair mask at the appropriate time). It was a little longer than I usually take on a Friday. Usually I just have the fifteen minute masking time along with clean up and application time added in. Today I took a little over an hour as a relaxation time and I have to say I do feel much better because of it. It wasn’t over the top extravagant. i used items that I already had in the house, but just taking that little extra time to completely unwind did me a world of good.

I feel better both body and soul and I am confident that my afternoon will be much more productive because of it.

As for the mask, I really liked this Purlisse Match Green Tea and Lemon Detoxifying Charcoal mask. My face feels soft and clean and I am looking forward to using this mask again. It’s light fresh scent makes it a mask I will reach for more in the summer time months, but I think that there will definately be a full sized purchase in my near future.

But for now, it is back to work.

Today there will be no Happy Hour post because quite frankly my treat is going to be a bowl of the Honey Vanilla Greek Yogurt from Greek Gods paired with plain bubble water via my soda stream. This will be paired with a couple of Ibuprofen. But oh that happy hour once this dental business is settled will be fantastic. For now though, it is back to work for me so i can slide into the weekend without leaving a load of paperwork behind. I hope the rest of your Friday is productive and that you have a wonderful weekend.

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Face Mask Friday with Korres

Have you ever come across a product that you completely forgot you had?  In the back of my masking drawer I came across the Korres pomegranate resurfacing mask.  I forgot completely that I had it.  I remember loving it, but then I had a slew of new masks come in and it ended up buried.  Since I skipped pretty much all of my exfoliation this week, once I saw the mask I knew, today it was time to see if I liked it as much as I remembered. 

This mask from Korres is also only a five minute mask.  Which given my still somewhat warped schedule, is not a bad thing.  I love the fifteen minute relaxing time with my music and candles.

(I even picked up a new candle actually.  It’s from Paddywax. They currently have a 20% off sale going on for Father’s day fight now if you are looking to stock up. I know you are braced for another Edgar Allen Poe Candle which I absolutely love and will purchase again in the fall, but I decided to shake things up and go with the La Playa Salted Blue Agave instead.  I’ve ordered it before and actually I still use the glass as a drinks glass. They are great glasses and I wanted something lighter and fresher for the warmer weather.  I love the beachy citrusy scent.)

But when time is short, sometimes the candles have to be used later in the day.  I’ll probably light the candle later tonight as it will go well with the ceviche I have planned.

It has been a while since I used the Korres Pomegranate Resurfacing mask.  It still smells as fresh as ever although there isn’t much left in the tube.  I may actually keep it out and use the last of it up this week rather than put it in the drawer again. And then repurchase a fresh tube later. 

Because this is a good mask that I do want to repurchase.  The scent is fresh and clean and very pomegranate-y.  It has a rough texture so you get both a physical exfoliation as well as a chemical one from this mask.  I know chemical exfoliation is supposed to be better for your skin because it is gentler, but there is just something I love about a physical exfoliate.  I don’t use them as much as I used to and limit my time with them so I don’t do damage to the skin and I am very careful about the ones I do use, but on occasion I really like a physical exfoliator.

And this one was really nice.  I left it for five minutes so the chemicals could do their thing and then I massaged it with a little water before rinsing it off.  My skin feels smooth and clean and super fresh.  I have to say, I am almost glad I ended up missing my exfoliation this week, just so I could have the fabulously fresh feeling that I have right now.  I will go back to my normal routine, but really, this is a wonderful feeling and I feel energized enough to plow through the rest of my work day at top speed.

Bring on the paperwork.  I am ready.

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Sand and Sky for Face Mask Friday

Today’s face mask is one that I have used many times in the past and will no doubt use many times in the future. I have gone through several of the small tubes as well as many of the larger, full sized containers. It is a clay mask that always makes me feel refreshed after using it.

I really like the Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay mask. First of all, I like most clay masks. Clay masks are just my happy place. This one is one I like when I feel just a little bit greasy from sweating, but don’t have a lot of major clogged pores or breakouts to worry about. It helps to kind of close down the appearance of my pores, but is less intense than some of my clearing masks.

At the moment my skin is looking really nice. I’ve had fewer breakouts and I personally feel my skin looks great. Plus as strange as this sounds, I don’t want to use something like the Herbal Dynamics Beauty Clearing Mask today because it will bring things to the surface. I just want a mask that makes my skin feel cleansed and hydrated while shrinking my pores. I didn’t need a deep cleanse.

Mostly because I am actually going out tonight.

I know, Leaving the house. For social reasons. Squee!

Can you feel the excitement?

My babydoll and I have been invited to a barbeque. I had to laugh when I received the invitation. It was just kind of amusing. it wasn’t just a, Hey we are having a Memorial Day weekend kick off barbeque, wanna come? sort of invite.

Almost dry… soon I can change facial expressions again

Oh no. It was more like…

Hey, we decided to have a barbeque because no one is really traveling for memorial day. It will be outside in the yard and on the back porch and including you two there will only be about six people and everyone invited has been vaccinated.

It was the first time I’ve been invited to a social event with so many specific notations.

Well, there was this one time where I attended a family thing where no one was allowed to mention that one of my seconds cousins was getting divorced because her husband slept with her business partner and they wanted to get through their son’s fourth birthday party before the divorce went down.

But that’s family.

And no one asked about my vaccine status.

But beyond that, it is a night out with friends. I am so looking forward to it. So today’s mask, was chosen in part because of that. It is a mask that will clean out my pores but not go deep enough to cause any clogged pores to rise. It will make my skin feel good and me feel fresh and ready to socialize.

The Sand and Sky mask goes on like any other clay mask. I highly recommend a silicon masking brush. the one i am currently using is from Cosmedix. I like it because it has a curved edge to it so I can get everything covered more easily without poking myself in the eye. The masking brush also keeps everything neat.

Although it does sound a bit extra, if you use a lot of masks, I highly suggest picking one up. You can get them relatively inexpensively in pretty much any place that sells skin care tools. I saw a boat load of them at TJMAXX last time I ventured through their doors. And even though it sounds a bit extra, the time it saves you in clean up post masking makes it so worth it.

This mask lightens as it dries and even though it says ten to fifteen minutes i like to make sure that it is actually dry. I try for a thin even layer of mask, but my cheeks always take a little longer to dry. Once the mask turns a uniform gray then I loosen it with a little water rubbed into it and then wash it off. It does take a little bit of rinsing to get it all off, but in the end the skin is clean, smooth and fabulously refreshed.

I really like this mask actually.

I’d like to say that I lay back and relaxed while wearing it, but I made the mistake of checking my e-mail just after I put it on, thinking I’d make sure there were no emergencies before i relaxed with the mask.

It turned out there was an emergency.

I dealt with it and then removed the mask. Now I feel ready to face the rest of the afternoon and then, oh yes my darlings, then it is time to socialize. With real people. Who don’t live with me. It’s a great way to kick off memorial day weekend. I plan to enjoy it fully and completely. I also plan to take the next few days off. So Monday there will be no posts, but Tuesday i will be back, bright and early. I hope you have a great weekend.

Incidentally if you are looking for a really good deep cleansing clay mask the Chamomile and Cacao clay clearing mask from Herbal Dynamics Beauty is one of my absolute favorites. And at the moment they have memorial day sales going on. You might want to check them out.

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Herbal Dynamics Beauty

Herbivore’s Prism for Face Mask Friday

Welcome once again to another episode of Face mask Friday.  I’m afraid today I am going to have to keep a very good eye on the clock as I am trying the PRISM Botanical AHA + BHA Exfoliating Glow Facial.  It is a resurfacing mask and it is recommended as for a maximum of 1 to 2 times per week usage.  With new chemical exfoliation masks (or at least new to me exfoliating masks) I am always a little on the nervous side the first few times I use them. After I see how my skin deals with the ingredients I relax a little bit more.  As I sometimes have a tendency to fall asleep if I lay down with a mask and some music, I am going to sit up with this one. 

It is a clear mask so looking into the jar really just makes the jar look empty until I put the spoon in it.  I am not a big fan of sticking my fingers directly into jars of skin care.  I like to keep the jars as free of contaminants as possible.  Plus with this jelly like consistency, just dipping fingers in to get a swipe of product didn’t really work.  It has the consistency of a loose water cream rather than a firm jelly.  I was expecting something more along the lines of the Vichy Mineral Mask.  It has a similar clear gel look to it, but is a bit firmer in texture.  That mask sort of melts to liquid in the hand, but this one is more liquidy right out of the jar. 

Hence the need for a spoon rather than a spatula. 

Applying it was super easy though.  I massaged it into my face like I wood a moisturizer, avoiding the eye area.  And then I rinsed my hands and the spoon off.  It didn’t take much to cover my entire face and then of course my face just looked wet. 

According to the Herbivore website this mask is…

A jelly-textured, concentrated blend of plant-based AHA‚ and Willow Bark-based BHA in an exfoliating rinse-off weekly facial that naturally helps transform skin from dull to radiant and glowing in as little as one use.

Use 1-2 times per week as a resurfacing mask. Apply a thin, even layer to clean, dry skin, avoiding the eye area, Leave on for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. For sensitive skin, leave on for 5 minutes and Follow with a nourishing Herbivore Facial Oil.

I have a small bottle of Go To Face Hero Face oil handy since I know how it reacts with my skin and I really like the oil.  I figure since I am using an unknown exfoliate, I might as well go with a known oil.

with the mask on, my face just looks wet

Full list of ingredients: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Vaccinium Myrtillus Fruit/Leaf Extract, Glycerin, Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Terminalia Ferdinandiana Fruit Extract, Salix Nigra (Willow) Bark Extract, leuconostoc/radish root ferment filtrate, Saccharum Officinarum (Sugarcane) Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Populus Tremuloides Bark Extract, Gluconolactone, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Fruit Extract, Citrus Limon (Lemon) Fruit Extract, Acer Saccharum (Sugar Maple) Extract, Sodium Phytate


I really like many of the items on the ingredients list, many of them like Aloe Barbadensis, Rosa Damascena Willow Bark and radish root are old friends and tend to work really well with my skin.  There are citrus fruit extracts like Orange and Lemon in this mask.  I know some people have a sensitivity to them.  I personally don’t and I tend to use products that include those elements infrequently enough that I don’t really fear using them here.  Even though this mask says it can be used once or twice a week, I tend to use a retinol during the week and then just turn to exfoliating masks just once a week.

While skin care tends to take time to work, this mask claims that in one use you will see results.  Below are images of my face before using the mask and after I removed it (but before adding oil).

Before on the left, after the mask on the right

I am pleased that there is no real redness as chemical exfoliating masks tend to give me a slight redness which tends to fade a few minutes after washing.  My skin might look a little brighter, but then again it could be just the really cold tap water I used to rinse the mask off.  I will say that my skin feels really soft and very smooth. For that alone I would continue to use this mask once a week.  While I would probably skip this week, I could see adding this to my Sunday evening routine. Using it once a week to see how my skin gets on with it over time. With the retinol in use during the week I don’t think I’d use it for one of my midweek face masks.  There may be others who see an immediate reaction with their skin, but I suspect for me it will take a few uses to show anything. Because I had no adverse reactions I am defiantly willing to give it a go.  Maybe I’ll check back with you after a month of once a week uses and see how I feel about it then. Perhaps the results will be more visible. 

I actually don’t mind that results weren’t immediate.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of instant gratification.  However in Skin care that sort of freaks me out a bit.  In most skin care (especially chemical exfoliants) if results are that immediate, there is something really, really strong involved and without knowing exactly what it is, I am hesitant to put it on my face.  Slow and steady increased results over time are more in my comfort zone. Skin care isn’t magic and really shouldn’t be expected to work with a Ta DA after a first use.  Since my skin had no issues, I am perfectly happy to give this mask space to work. So for now, my skin feels soft and smooth as well as refreshed.  For everything else, we’ll talk in a few weeks.  See you then.


A little Milk (Makeup) for Face Mask Friday

Welcome once again my darlings to the Friday Face Mask.  Today I chose to go with the Milk Hydrating Clay face mask.  This is one of those easy to apply, easy to remove face masks.  It comes in a stick form and you basically feel like you are running a fat marker over your face.

Except that you don’t end up with a sharpie mustache, but a face that looks like you ae turning into the Wicked Witch of the West. Or The Incredible hulk.  Take your pick. The best part is the complete lack of mess. 

Well the second best part.  The best part is that it is a really good clay mask. 

I have to admit, I did choose this partially because it is a good clay mask, but partially because of the lack of mess.  It is one of those masks  that doesn’t drip and while it does dry down it doesn’t dry to the point of restricting conversation.  So I was able to put the mask on and move around doing stuff instead of relaxing. 

I know, I usually love my fifteen minute break on Friday afternoons when I get to zone out for just a bit, but today, that just wasn’t happening.  Thursday did prove to be the calm before the storm and I have been running around today in an attempt to get everything squared away before the weekend.  This weekend I have   seedlings to plant and a long list of garden chores so I won’t be able to get much work done. And so I had a working mask today.

An easy mask to move around in, just don’t answer the door after forgetting that you are wearing it.

When doing a working mask, this Milk hydrating mask is a good one to use.  It is easy to apply and rinses off fairly easily.  It doesn’t drip and you can still talk while wearing it. You just might what to use the speaker phone option so it doesn’t get all over your screen.  Plus you do need to remember that it is green.  I forgot I was wearing it and surprised the Postman.  I heard him leaving a package, and opened the door before he could walk away.  He looked up and almost fell over. 

That was when I remembered I was wearing the mask.

But now the mask is gone and my skin feels fantastic.  It is soft and hydrated and ready to tackle the afternoon.  Despite not zoning out for a bit, I feel quite refreshed.  The one thing you have to remember with the Milk Masking Sticks is the same thing you have to remember with all Milk Products.  When you open them they come with a little interior plastic cap.  DON’T Throw it away. 

You need to replace the cap after each use to keep the stick from drying out.  If you leave it in place the stick will last quite a while with no problems.   This is one of my top Milk Products.  I also like the Melatonin Overnight serum and the Matcha toner.  With all of them, just remember to keep the inner cap on them so they don’t dry out and they really do last a while. I really need to look into picking up that Melatonin Overnight serum again.  It was very light weight and perfect for summer.

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It’s Elemis for Face Mask Friday

Today my darlings is a bittersweet masking moment.  I reached into my masking drawer and pulled out one of my favorite masks. I was very happy to see it because I haven’t used it in a while.  It is the Elemis Superfood Vital Veggie Mask.  I think this actually might be my third tube of this mask. I liked it enough that I picked up several tubes. I think they might have actually changed the packaging a bit since my last stock up, so it is probably good that I finished this out. I actually like everything I’ve tried from the Superfood line actually. I have the cleanser from the line waiting in my skincare drawer ready to be called into use as well. I don’t tend to buy a lot of backup products, but that cleanser and this mask are two that I will pick up back ups for and tend to order multiples of during sales.

Elemis Best Sellers- Superfood Facial Wash

This Elemis Superfood Vital Veggie Mask is a long term favorite. I tend to lean on this mask when I want my skin to feel soft and hydrated just like I turn to the Herbal Dynamics Beauty Chamomile and Cocoa Clearing Clay mask when I want to bring relief to deeply clogged pores.  It is a masking staple for me.

So why is it a bittersweet moment with this mask you ask?

Because as I put the mask on I realized I was using the last of the product in the tube.  Oh yes my darlings, the mask container must now journey to the empties bin. There is nothing left inside. And it was the last backup of the mask I had on hand.

It does feel fantastic on my face and the scent just says spring is here and the world is full of green and growing things.  This mask does have a definite vegetal scent o it which I really like.   I also like the way my skin looks when it is washed off.  Today I used my Cosmedics Masking brush to apply.  Any silicon masking brush will do actually.  While it is a bit extra, if you do have a masking brush, this is the mask to use it on.  It has a creamy consistency and if applied with the hands there is a lot of product that remains on the fingers.  And thus has to be washed down the drain.  If you use the masking brush this isn’t an issue as the product goes on your face and not your fingers. 

And while a masking brush is an extra skin care tool to add to your collection, I do recommend them.  You can easily pick one up relatively inexpensively and it really does help you to use less product.  I may not be sold on the usefulness of jade rollers yet, but this is one skin care tool that has earned its place in my skin care arsenal. I am currently using the Cosmedics brush because it came in a Boxy Charm Box and I really like it.  It is sturdily built and I really do like the curved corners that let you get into the not so flat spots on my face.  I still use my very cheap silicon masking brush that I picked up on Amazon for less than a dollar, and it works fine.  The only issue is the squared off corners.  And to be fair that really isn’t that big a deal. I think if I were looking for a new one, I would look for one with rounded corners as that is the only difference that seems to matter.  But you really don’t have to spend a lot on these.

My masking moment today was less relaxing than usual as I had to take a call in the middle of it.  Luckily the Elemis Superfood Vital Veggie Mask is not a clay mask and allows my face to move while wearing it.  And the people I was talking to didn’t mind being on speaker phone so  I didn’t get mask all over my phone.  I did end up keeping it on longer than intended (by about five minutes).  I also cast longing looks at my unlit candle and I-pod.  I never got around to using either.  However the candle will decorate the bathroom when I lounge in the bath with my hair mask on this weekend.  I’m going with the ESPA Pink Hair and Scalp Mud  which has to sit on the hair for about twenty minutes so I’ll have plenty of time to use the candles then.   I just won’t use them today.

My skin didn’t have any issues with the extra five minutes of masking time.  And quite frankly I feel very pleased with the end results.  My skin is hydrated and refreshed. 

But now comes the hard part.  This is one of my standard favorite masks.  I am trying to work through all of my stockpiled masks and not purchase new ones until I’ve cleared out some space.  Not immediately reordering this is going to be difficult.  I think I may have to look at the drawer and figure out when I can reorder.  Maybe when I use up three more masking products I can reorder this mask.  Possibly two. We’ll see.  But this is one of my favorite masks and one that I will definitely reorder.

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A Peel off Clay Mask for Friday

I am not always a fan of peel off masks. There are a few that I like, but for the most part they seem to traumatize the skin with few benefits. I always have high hopes for them because I like the thought of not having to rinse off the mask at the end. I am however a huge fan of the clay mask, even with the washing up. In fact there are very few clay masks that I have tried that I have not liked.

The only issue is that they are often messy.

This month in my April Glossy Box there was a French Pink Clay Pore Clearing Peel Off mask from Freeman. I like pore clearing masks and I like clay masks. If they could be combined with the lack of washing up from a peel off mask then this would be a fantastic find.

Now I have had Freeman products before. They are offered for sale at Target (among other places) are relatively inexpensive and generally fun. In fact that is how I usually think of Freeman products. They are generally fun. They are sht sort of thing you use for a group sleep over because they are good for almost everyone. I’ve never had a lot of major skin care benefits from them though. They are fun to use but I have never used them and then thought, wow my skin is fabulous I really need to keep this on hand.

But I am willing to confess that I have not used everything by them so at some point I may find something wow in their product line. And really a Peel off Clay mask is something I find appealing. So I put it onto my face and then lay down to wait. I was going to light candles and put on music, but I didn’t. Instead I ended up falling asleep.

It has been a long week and I should have known better than to lay down, still I did.

red with not much pore clearing

The mask was completely dry when I went to the bathroom to take it off. I haven’t used a peel off mask for a while and let me tell you, this hurt coming off. Admittedly that could be because I left it on too long. It could also be because I haven’t used a peel off mask in a while and am no longer used to them. Because it was completely dry it came off in more or less one sheet. so while somewhat painful it was easy to remove.

While my skin was red it was from the action of pulling, not from any chemical irritation. I will say though that there was really no pore clearing that I could see. My skin was soft but I think it was partially because the mask ripped out a bunch of fine hairs more than any actual skin care properties. I think in general this falls into the fun category and not in the category where I expect actual skincare benefits out of it. Freeman did not impress. If I am going to go with a peel off mask, I’m probably going to go with the Hey Honey Take off the Drama Peeling mask, it may have hurt when peeling off but the skincare benefits were unmistakable. This was not worth the pain.


It’s Masking time with bareMinerals

Today when I reached for my facemasks I decided to go with the bareMinerals ClayMates Mask Duo. As you can see from the jar there are two masks in the jar. They are separated by a plastic barrier so they don’t mix. The white mask is called Be Pure and the pink Mask is called Be Dewy.

I tend to not reach for this mask a lot and I have had it for quite a while. I was reaching for it fairly regularly for a while, but the problem was that I was really only reaching for the Be Pure side. The Pink Be Dewy side of the dup is okay, but not really my favorite. On the other hand I really like the Be Pure. It is an excellent clay mask.

As you can see from the photos I have now used up almost all of the Be Pure. I am actually going to keep the jar out of the masking drawer and make a concerted effort to use up the pink mask so that I can finish out the mask and not let it continue to age in the drawer. Like i said there is nothing wrong with the Be Dewy it just isn’t my favorite. I generally find that this sometimes happens when you get duos. One side you like better and use more while the other side gets left behind.

Since I do like the Be Pure Mask I am going to see if bareMinerals has it in a single rather than as a duo. If they do I will be repurchasing it. In general I like bareMinerals products. They work well and I don’t have to second guess the ingredients. They sort of fell off my radar for a while but I’ve been using both their Bounce and Blur Blush and Gen Nude Lip Gloss recently and it has just reminded me of how much I really do like the brand. The only thing I have to worry about when I go to their website is the fact that I am just going to want to add in a full size of the Bounce and Blur Blush to the cart.

I don’t like to buy full sizes of makeup products until I have used up the sample size that I have. Mostly because I know once I get the full size I will use it and stop using the sample and it will go to waste. This year the two samples I am trying to use up are the bareMinerals Bounce and Blur Blush and the Nars Bronzer in Laguna. Once I use them I will purchase both in the full size.

So no blush when I go mask hunting. Not yet anyway. I can tell you that when this jar is empty I will be finding a new use for it. It is heavy frosted glass with a rose gold top. It is just a pretty jar. with the divide in the center it might actually be a really good container for small earrings. I will see, but rest assured it will be reused.

Today’s masking moment was a nice time to lay down and relax. I went to the gym this morning and did the first workout in the trainer designed program. It turns out today was arm day. My arms now feel like limp noodles and the excuse to just sort of lie down for a little bit and not actually use them was fantastic.

The getting back up part, not so much. I suspect that tomorrow will be somewhat achy for me. I can already start to feel it a little bit in my upper arms. which is not a bad thing. The ache at least means there are muscles under there somewhere. So that’s encouraging. I also think that tomorrow there will be a long hot soak in the bathtub with some muscle relaxing bath salts. But that is for tomorrow. There is still work to be done today and now that my masking time is through, I need to get going on it. I very much enjoyed my break though. I hope you have a great rest of the day and a fantastic weekend.


Its a pore clearing Face Mask Friday

Welcome my darlings once again to Face mask Friday.  As my fever earlier this week seems to have brought out a spate of bumpy clogged pores, I am going with a tried and true clearing mask for me.  It is the Herbal Dynamics Beauty Chamomile and Cacao Clearing Clay Mask. And yes, it smells like chocolate.  I know I’ve talked about this mask before so I will link here to the full ingredient break down. 

This mask is one I keep coming back to because it really does draw out the under the surface blemishes.  At the same time, it isn’t a mask I can use every week.  It is a somewhat intense mask.  Often what I do with it, it put a little strip of mask over my problem areas instead of my whole face because often times it is a little too much for my entire face.  Of course when my whole face needs a clear out it is perfect.

I can not smile even though I want to, my face mask won’t let me.

The mask is clay based so I do have sort of the stony faced bank robber look to me when I wear it, which is odd because the entire time I’m wearing it I am very much enjoying the scent of cocoa. The mask does tingle a bit.  Part of that is the drying aspect and part ingredients. I know that once I remove the mask everything will look more or less the same.  Then about five minutes later I’ll look in the mirror and parts of my skin will look a little red.  If I wait another five minutes then the redness is all gone.  What I noticed is that the parts that do get red are the parts that don’t really have any clogged pores for the mask to work on.  It’s why I usually use this mask as a spot treatment on red spots and bumpy texture.

By the time I go to do my skin care this evening, the redness will be a memory and the parts that were red will feel smooth and silky soft.  The parts that had bumpy clogged pores or blemishes that were thinking of coming out but were being really slow about it, will have risen.  It is not a good look, but once all of those blemishes break the surface and emerge from their hiding places deep under the skin, they can be dealt with.  Peace out Acne Dots Can be deployed as can salicylic acid based cleansers. And after a few days of work, I know my skin will be smooth and clear. 

little bit of red post masking

It is why when I do use this mask it is a bit strategic.  This weekend, gardening is the main goal.  It is time to put in the carrot seed in the back bed and start bringing the seedlings out of the greenhouse to harden in the sun during the day. They aren’t yet ready to spend the night outside. And this year I picked up these really cool carrot seeds.  The seed type is called Parisian. And it grows these little round carrot balls instead of long carrots.  We don’t have a deep bed so I’m hoping this will work. I would love to have fresh carrots this year.

But that is sort of irrelevant at the moment.  The point is that the back garden isn’t going to care if my face is dealing with mass break outs.  So it is the perfect time to deal with them.  Today the Clearing mask, tomorrow the breakouts.

If you are going to use this mask, or any clay mask really, I highly recommend getting one of those silicone masking spatulas.  I picked one up very cheaply on Amazon for less than a dollar.  I also have a more expensive one ($12), they both work more or less the same.  The $12 one is better materials and will probably last longer but that is really the only difference. They don’t have to be expensive tools to work.  The thing is, using them, while it feels a bit extra, actually helps you use less product so in the long run, it can keep you from running short of your favorite products.

While this mask can be worn for 10-15 minutes, I recommend doing a test spot to see how you are going to react to it and then starting off with less time, especially if you have sensitive skin. When it is dry I find it best to use a little water to loosen up the clay before you try washing it off. Just kind of pat some water onto it, or use a soft bristled brush to brush water over it to get the clay to loosen so you don’t have to scrub that hard to rinse.  If you do use a brush, go lightly as the point is to loosen the bask not scrub your skin.

There wasn’t a lot of Zen in my mask today. My baby doll is working from home today and when he is in the house masking becomes a sort of amusement for him.  He grew up with brothers and his mother had her own off limit’s bathroom so all this “fluffy” stuff is alien territory for him.  Some things he likes, some things he actively mocks.  And lets face it some things he actively mocks he really likes. Seriously, if you heard him mocking bath salts, bath fizzes and bubble bath, you would never suspect him of having his own private stash. He hasn’t tried any face masks but he finds them oddly fascinating. Also he thinks anything mud or clay based he can make up by taking a hose to a clay patch in the backyard. He keeps threatening to start his own skin care line called Mystic Mud. Don’t worry, I won’t let him.

But that was my face mask for this Friday.  No candles or musical interludes with eyes shut and thoughts adrift. Just a good pore cleanse and empty threats about the skin care line my baby doll will never create. Fun and in its own way, a little relaxing.

Herbal Dynamics Beauty has a deal going right now with 25% off their Hyaluronic Acid based products just use code APRIL25 the sale ends on April 15th. Happy shopping

Herbal Dynamics Beauty

It’s a bird, it’s a plane. No it’s… Supermud!

GlamGlow Supermud that is.  Today I decided to take out the sample of the GlamGlow Supermud Clearing mask for my face mask Friday.  I have worn a mask quite a lot this week and while that means that breakouts might be imminent, I didn’t think it was quite necessary to break out my Herbal Dynamics Beauty Chamomile and Cacao Clay Clearing mask.

Instead I decided on the sample of GlamGlow Supermud.  While the tube looks like it might have multiple applications in it, alas it does not.  I managed one full face of super mud before the tube was squeezed dry.  I used my Cosmedix silicone brush to apply it so that I didn’t waste any drop of product. 

I have an interesting history with GlamGlow.  Sometimes I really, really like their products and other times I feel they are overhyped and underperform.  However the ones I like, I really like.  The Bright Eyes eye cream I used and loved. When a sample came up on IPSY I snatched up a second sample just to have it on hand. 

Mask on

I’d like to say that as soon as I put this mask on I relaxed, but I didn’t.  I put the mask on and thought “Wow this smells like a combination of Licorice, peppermint and Eucalyptus.’  And then I reallzed it tingled a bit and felt a bit too energizing to lay down and relax while wearing, so I went to my desk. 

I didn’t stay there long though as my baby doll is working from home today.  After laughing at the surprise of walking around the corner to find me in the mask, he decided it smelled delicious.  He wanted to know what was in it and so I pulled up the site.  He felt vindicated when they said licorice root was in it as it is (against all odds) his favorite candy.

I don’t like it as candy, but I do like it in skin care. In fact my skin reacts really well to it in skin care.

After fifteen minutes

Full Ingredients: Water\aqua\eau, kaolin, magnesium aluminum silicate, mandelic acid, carbon, eucalyptus globulus leaf, tartaric acid, pyruvic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, eucalyptus globulus leaf powder, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) root extract, cucumis sativus (cucumber) fruit extract, hedera helix (ivy) extract, symphytum officinale (comfrey) leaf extract, chamomilla recutita (matricaria) extract, peg-12 dimethicone, caprylyl glycol, sodium hydroxide, butylene glycol, mentha piperita (peppermint) oil, hectorite, hexylene glycol, glycerin, calendula officinalis extract, maltodextrin, ethylhexylglycerin, xanthan gum, fragrance (parfum), limonene, benzyl benzoate, linalool, phenoxyethanol, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, iron oxides (ci 77499).

Clean skin (I forgot the before picture today)

In fact this mask has several things my skin likes.  Kaolin clay is always a win with me as is much of the acid squad listed. Aloe and Eucalyptus I always like as well.  There is also the licorice root and the cucumber in there as well.

Over all it is not hard to see why I liked the feel of it on my skin or why my baby doll likes the smell of it.  In addition to liking licorice he adores the scent of eucalyptus.  It is his favorite bath salt. (not that he usually admits to having a favorite bath salt. At best he admits to using bath products he happened to find in the bathroom even if they are specifically ordered for him.).

Amused with the mask, and a story he wanted to tell, my baby doll stuck around until my alarm went off, even though I couldn’t chat as the clay tightened down on my skin.  After my fifteen minutes, he went back to work and I went to wash off my face. 

I wet the mask to loosen it and then washed it off.  It is clay so it did take a little bit of coaxing to rehydrate and rinse off.  Once off though, my skin felt really good.  While not always in love with the full slate of GlamGlow Products, I definitely think that the Supermud Clearing mask is going on my list of products to purchase from the brand. 

My skin feels nice and despite the lack of pulling my pores feel like they have just had the clearing of a peel off mask. It is a really nice and cleansing feeling. You know, without all of the horrid skin tugging drama of a peel off mask. This is definitely a product I will use again. Sadly though my sample sized tube is empty I am slowly working at clearing out my mask collection and only restocking the products I absolutely love. So it may be a while, but the GlamGlow Super mud mask will return.

For now, this little empty tube must become the first empty in the bin for April.  I have to say it looks kind of sad and lonely sitting in the bottom all alone. But at the moment, that can’t be helped.  Soon enough it will gain some friends.  For now, the mask stands alone.

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