A walk in the Moonlight with LA Splash

I know what you are thinking. This LA Splash Face Palette didn’t get the full week to a week and a half testing. What gives? I’ll tell you. I couldn’t take this palette for a week and a half. I made sure to use all of these shades repeatedly and I just found it annoying. But let’s get into details.

First off the palette contains two blushes, Midnight Rose and Blushing Luna. In the pan one looks bright pink and the other looks neutral. On the cheeks they both show up as bright pink and extremely pigmented. a delicate dip into the pan, produced a lot of color on the cheeks. The neutral blush looking only a shade less pink than the bright pink shade.

L to R: Midnight Rose, Blushing Luna, Bronze Goddess and Ethereal Highlight

Now I am not opposed to high pigmentation as long as it blends really well. This one blended, but as soon as you started blending, the blush more or less disappeared. So I was left with either very pink clown like cheeks or looking like I applied no blush at all. There was no happy middle ground with either of these two blushes.

And then we had the bronzer. It is called Bronze Goddess. In the swatch above I had to do a double swatch just to get the bronzer to appear on my arm. And that is sort of how it performed on the cheeks. It was a very pale bronzer with very low pigmentation. It could be built up, but it took time.

A lot of time.

And I found the pigmentation level compared to the blushes rather shocking. Perhaps the low pigmentation wouldn’t have seemed so bad if it was just a pan on it’s own, but its low pigmentation was just brought out by the super strong blushes. It did blend well and it didn’t disappear when it was blended, but it was a bronzer that you had to work for.

The Ethereal Highlight was fine. I adore bronze highlights so this should have been right in my wheel house. The color is fine, but as a product it is more or less forgettable. It has a light shimmer on the skin and if it were on it’s own I might find it more appealing. But as this palette is more or less a bust for me in the other products, the highlighter isn’t enough to save it.

One of the reasons that i am not going to continue using this is because I have a very pale friend (strawberry blonde with skin to match) who is always complaining about bronzers being too deep for her. I’m going to pass this along and see if the issues with the bronzer are just because of my skin tone. Perhaps with lighter skin this palette would be fantastic. For me, the Moonlight Glow Palette from LA Splash is just not worth keeping around.

Giving the Pore Tight Peeling Mousse from NeoGen a trial run

Have you ever had a product you picked up for the sheer novelty of it? That’s how I came to purchase the NeoGen Pore Tight Peeling Mousse. I’ve tried a couple of products from NeoGen before. A few I liked, a few I didn’t. I was actually looking up one of those products on the NeoGen Website when I came across this product.

According to the website…

Unique mousse-type peeling formula with alginic acid found in deep-sea marine botanicals such as red algae captures impurities, blackheads, makeup residue, and dead skin cells within the pores of the skin to cleanse and purify the skin. The further added ingredient from purple sea urchins deliver tightening benefits to sagging skin for an overall smoother and firmer-looking skin.


Now normally after I list the basic product description I leave the website and go off on my own to try the product. For this product I am also going to list the how to use section because it is a bit important.

How to Use:

1. On dry hands and face, pump an adequate amount of mousse in your hands to apply completely across your face.

2. Thoroughly rub the mousse gently across your face until it completely disappears.

3. Once it completely disappears, make sure to completely rinse it off with water.

* Shake well in an up and down motion before using.

* Make sure to use only on completely dry hands and face.


I would like to point out that there are no other instructions for use. Or if they are then they are printed very small on the bottle and written in Korean. What I find missing from this description is how many times this product ought to be used. Part of this product sounds like it ought to be used daily in place of a cleanser or to remove makeup. But it is a peeling product and I am hesitant to use it more than once a week.

To try out this product I tried it on bare skin and then once on top of makeup to see if it was like a makeup remover or cleanser. I will say it did remove the makeup and my skin felt clean after use, but I felt like it was a waste of the product. It could be used that way in a pinch, but it is better on a dry makeup free face. You actually see more skin care benefits that way. When you use the peel over makeup then it just peels the makeup off. With the bare skin, it works on the skin.

As for usage, I tried once a day for a week and while it didn’t harm my face, it was a diminishing returns kind of experiment. Each day seemed to have less of an effect. Perhaps it is because there simply were less accumulated dead skin cells for the peel to remove. For me the best use time line is a once a week type of use, as though it were an exfoliant, which it kind of is.

awkward if you just try to dab it on, go in boldly and it works better

What this product does more or less is it pulls the gunk out of your pores so that your pores look smaller. What I found it helpful in dealing with are the clogged pores just below the surface of the skin. The first application of this Pore Tight Peeling Mouse, helped take away a lot of the smaller bumps and reduce the larger ones so they were smaller. With continued once a week use, there were less bumps in general.

Then I started using a pore refining mask (Juice Beauty). This mask brought more clogged pores rising to the surface and then I used this mousse to help clear them away. It Is an effective combo. I have several other masks that also raise pores (the Herbal Dynamics Cacao and Chamomile Clearing Mask still reigning as my favorite). Any good clearing mask will draw clogged pores to the surface so they can be more effectively cleared away. This Pore Tight Mousse is one of those products that does a great job of clearing away what is brought to the surface.

after the foam disapears

I would use a clearing mask to bring everything up to the surface, say on a Friday night when you are staying home and planning to be home all weekend. And then Saturday night clear away what the Friday mask brought up. Or make it a Tuesday/Wednesday thing. It’s your call. Just give the clearing mask time to bring as much up s possible before employing the Mousse.

Now while I did pick this up because I do like peeling products, I mostly chose this because of the novelty of the foam. I’ve only seen peeling masks in liquid form. The bottle looks like hair mousse. It also dispenses like hair mousse. There is a light skincare kind of scent to it, but the scent fades quickly.

After the foam and before rinse

While I like the fact that once the foam fades away it is time to rinse off the product, applying the foam to the face can be a little awkward. The best course of action is to be bold. Tie your hair back from your face, dispense the product into your hand, divide it between your two hands and rub it straight onto your face, concentrating on the areas you need help with the most. Don’t be timid or you will start to dab the foam on to your face and it will be kind of a pain because parts of your face will look like they are ready to be rinsed while others still have foam on them.

Just commit and go in with gusto. It is well worth it as once you are done, there are fewer raised pores and the skin is smoother and clearer looking. While I don’t think daily use would hurt your skin, I found the best results with once a week use. I did purchase this product for the novelty but in reality it is one of the best peeling masks I’ve used in a while. I am glad I indulged my curiosity and I would certainly purchase this NeoGen Pore Tight Peeling Mousse again.

Trying out the Viseart Bronze Noix

I have two Viseart eyeshadow palettes, one a full sized Palette and one a small travel sized one and I absolutely adore the formulas in both. While the full sized palette it in a hard plastic palette, the travel palette has the same fold up packaging as the bronzer and in my opinion just looks a little bit extra special.

Since I have the Viseart eyeshadow Palettes, I tend to think of Viseart as an eyeshadow brand, much the same was as I think of Bite Beauty as a Lip Product brand. But this week I was just all about getting out of my brand comfort levels. I tried a Bite Beauty Foundation and Viseart Bronzer.

Because the Viseart shadows are very pigmented, I was expecting the same thing from the Bronzer. I was expecting one sweep of the brush to add a thick dark line of product to my cheeks that needed to then be blended out. I found this was not the case. As you can see from the photos, one sweep of the brush left a light line across the skin. (I used the inside of my arm so it is easier to see. The second swatch has a couple of swipes of the brush so you can see that it is buildable.

single swatch

It just isn’t highly pigmented. For me this meant it was a lot easier to control how dramatically i wanted to bronze my cheekbones. I would much rather build up to the level I want rather than put on a lot of pigment and then have to blend it out. I also tend not to lean into dramatic bronzing during my everyday looks. Most of my makeup looks are the sorts of looks that you would wear to the office rather than a club. Or these days on a video conference call I suppose.

swatch built up

I will say that once in place, the bronzer didn’t really fade that much throughout the day. It remained pretty much how I put it onto my face until it was time for me to take my makeup off for the day. I didn’t have to worry about looking washed out mid day.

I did have to change the brush I used to apply it thought. Tyupically I use an angled and slightly fluffy brush for my bronzer. With this bronze Noix from Viseart I ended up reaching for the Flat Powder Brush from Laruce beauty (LR375) I found the flat edge and denser bristles much easier to use with this bronzer. Even though I think this is a travel pan for the brand, the pan is a really good size. The packaging I like so much also allows the packaging to create the space for what is a full sized pan in a travel sized package.

the Laruce brush

I really enjoyed this bronzer and I can see it being one that I reach for a lot in the up coming months. I suspect that even with it’s buildability it won’t be one I can use in the summer when I am tanned, but it is perfect for winter wear (when some of my more pigmented bronzers are far to deep in tone for me to wear now). It will just require the use of a brush with densely packed bristles to get the best out of this bronzer.

The big problem I found was was that I could not find this product on the Viseart site. I spent a lot of time looking actually. I found several eyeshadow quads that I really want to purchase but the only bronzer I managed to find was in their FACE section. It is part of a bronze and contour palette. I actually have an e-mail into the brand to see if I can get more information, but as of yet I haven’t heard back. If and when I do I’ll post an update but for now all of the links go back to that face page. with luck this Bronze Noix is still available somewhere as I know once I work my way through the pan,. I am going to want to repurchase.


Making Changes with Bite Beauty Changemaker Supercharged Micellar Foundation

Bite Beauty has, for a long time been my go to for lip products. From their Amuse Bouche Lipsticks that not only look good and feel good, but smell utterly delicious, to their Agave Lip masks, I have been a fan for years.

However I have never branched out of my little lip zone where Bite Beauty is concerned. I tend to have that habit with a lot of brands actually. I will find one category of product that I really like and suddenly I will think of them as the brand that does great lip products, or mascaras, or foundations and forget that they usually have an entire array of products, some of which I might also enjoy. I remember seeing that Bite Beauty released the Changemaker Supercharged Micellar foundation and I remember thinking, I should probably check that out.

And then the next time I visited the site I picked up the maple scented Agave lip mask in a tube. (regardless of what lip masks I end up trying out, it remains a personal favorite.) Yeah, I completely forgot about the foundation I wanted to try.

Luckily for me the Bite Beauty Changemaker foundation was a choice item in a Boxycharm Premium so despite my memory lapse I finally got to try it. I’ve been using it for almost two weeks now and it has been interesting. At first, I didn’t really like the foundation. I used a brush to apply it and it didn’t spread very well and felt heavy and streaky. I was using my usual foundation brush to apply it and then going in with a makeup sponge to clean it up a bit.

In the places where I used the makeup sponge, I liked the way the foundation looked a little bit better. So the next day I left the brush alone and just used the makeup sponge to apply the foundation. It was a complete game changer. The foundation felt less thick and heavy because I was using less product when I applied it with the sponge. It went over my skin smoothly and easily and I was very impressed with the way it looked.

Because I was using less product, I also had no problem with it wearing away or peeling around my nose or mouth. I only had those issues when I applied it too thickly. Otherwise it worked beautifully. After I used the makeup sponge to apply it, I went to the Bite Beauty website. They recommend either using a brush or your fingers to apply it. While I had no luck with my brush and really good luck with my makeup sponge, it also applied really well with my fingers.

The foundation is also described as a light to medium coverage foundation that you can build up in areas where you need it.

I would describe it more as light coverage that might possibly be considered a light medium coverage if you wanted to stretch the term. And I didn’t have any luck building it up. It was a beautiful lightweight foundation that offered a great natural looking finish, but building it up to achieve more of a medium coverage didn’t work for me. Any attempt at building it up made the foundation look and feel heavy.

Which is a shame as it is such a good lightweight foundation. Making it feel and look heavy seems like an insult.

What I ended up doing on the areas where I wanted a little more coverage, was to go in with a concealer first and then blend in the foundation over the concealer. The foundation blended really well with the concealer and everything looked more natural. The concealer I used was one from Pretty Vulgar. It’s formula really blended well with the foundation and made it mostly undetectable.

I know a lot of people put concealer over foundation, but I’ve always found it easier to blend if I put it on my troublesome spots first and then blur the edges of the concealer with my foundation when I apply it. When I do it the other way around you can always see the spots I am trying to conceal as though I was highlighting them. So my preferred application actually worked really well with this foundation.

In the end I really enjoyed using this foundation. The foundation I have is just a shade too light for me. While I can get away with it when my skin is winter pale, if I am to use this foundation when the seasons change, I will have to get a darker shade. I think this foundation may just be worth keeping a seasonal shade around. It feels light weight enough that I might actually be able to wear it in the warmer months. Recently I started sticking with tinted moisturizers in the summertime instead of actual foundations, but this one is light enough that I could probably use it as a tinted moisturizer on days were I actually wanted the coverage of a foundation.

I think it’s natural look would really lend itself to summer wear as well as winter, providing of course that I can get the shade correct. They do have 32 shades so I’m sure the right one is in there, it is just a matter of finding it. I have pretty high hopes though. The shade I have is L20 and the image on the foundation splotch matches the foundation I squeezed out onto my hand almost perfectly so it is just a matter of finding the same undertone one shade darker. with luck, that shouldn’t be too hard a task. If you are interested in this foundation, when I popped onto the Bite Beauty website to check out the links, I found that this foundation is currently half off the usual price. Typically it sells for $44 but is currently $22.

I don’t think it is a sitewide sale, but they do have several products listed on their sale page and this foundation happens to be one of the items. I’m not sure how long the sale will last, but it is up now if you are interested in shopping for this foundation or any other Bite Beauty product. Several of their Agave Lip masks are on the list and as always, I will highly recommend them. And after this past trial, I have to say, this Changemaker Foundation from Bite Beauty is something I highly recommend as well.


Getting Misty with Peach and Lily

I’ll admit, when this product first arrived in a Boxy Charm Box I wasn’t entirely certain how to use it. I know, its a mist so clearly you spray t where you want misted. And I do like Peach and Lily, especially the serum from their Glass skin line, which this Peach and Lily Glass Skin Veil Mist is a part of. It just didn’t seem to fit exactly into any category. I couldn’t tell if it was a setting spray or used like a thermal water mist.

So I looked it up.

We launched the first-ever iconic Glass Skin product in 2018 and sparked the Glass Skin movement. The Glass Skin Refining Serum has become a staple for hundreds of thousands of people, regardless of skin type or skin concern, to achieve skin that looks poreless, luminous and translucent. We received daily requests for another transformative Glass Skin product. It took two years to perfect the ultimate complement for our Glass Skin Refining Serum. Now, the wait is over!

Meet the Glass Skin Veil Mist.

Our non-toxic, silicone-free hydrating mist delivers an instant glass skin look. Spritz throughout the day to keep skin replenished with hydration, antioxidants and calming ingredients. Each day we face a host of skin stressors – this luxurious mist keeps skin glassy through it all. Wear on bare skin for a hydrated, glassy veil or under/over makeup as a skin-improving highlighter. Refreshing, lightweight and highly-moisturizing with major glow-staying power. Think of it as glass skin on tap – anytime, anywhere!

Peach and Lily

To me that meant I should use it as a hydrating spray in much the same way as I use my Avene Thermal Water Mist. So I tried it. The bottle is frosted glass which looks and feel quite luxe. The mist is super fine. While the product claims to have a light cucumber and peach scent, Peach and Lily don’t add any fragrance to their products. And to be honest I couldn’t detect a scent in the spray.

The mist was fine enough to use over makeup without spoiling it, but it is not a setting spray. It does nothing for the makeup look, except when you are using a slightly drying product. This product is all about hydration and I did have a couple of foundation products I used where the mist helped them out. The KVD Lock it Powder foundation I really enjoyed, but if powdered products were put on top of it, they could look a little powdery. Spraying this Peach and Lily Glass Skin Veil Mist over it, took that dry look away.

I am in the phase of the year where my skin is the driest. Yet because I am not spending as much time in the sun, I don’t reach for my thermal waters as much. That is something I need to work on. And because i was testing out this spray, I kept it in reach so that I could use it throughout the day. Because of it my skin is less dry than it usually is at this time of year. Which is a reminder that facial sprays aren’t only for the summer time and should be kept around even when you aren’t hot and sweaty from work in the garden.

Over all I found this a good product. The mist is finer than in most sprays I’ve tried and the mist it produced was truly a mist that left no splotches on the makeup. It kept my hydrated and I really like the glass bottle. This Peach and Lily Glass Skin Veil Mist is an item I will be picking up again. If you are looking to pick up this, or any other Peach and Lily product, now might be a good time. Their 20% off sale is still going on and well worth looking into. Since I want to try this veil mist with the glass skin refining serum I went ahead and ordered a bottle so I can try paring the two to see how they work together. But that will be an upcoming trial. For now, the mist is great on its own and well worth picking up.

Shop Peach & Lily!

Trying out the AOA Prowear Foundation from Shop Miss A

I’ll admit, I was skeptical of a $1.55 foundation. But I will admit, I am willing to give most anything a try at least once. At least as far as makeup goes. And in general I will try it at least twice to make sure the first time wasn’t a fluke.

For the past two weeks I have been trying out this AOA Prowear Foundation to see how it performed. The shade I picked out may be a bit to light for me, which is totally my fault. with lipstick and foundation I am really bad at picking shades in the store. With the low price tag attached to this though it meant that there was very little risk.

Plus with a light foundation I can always work a bit of magic with a bronzer to balance it out. If the foundation works that is.

When the foundation arrived, I opened it and found I couldn’t squeeze it out. to use it you have to snip the top of the inner nozzle to release the product. I know, sometimes you have to be smarter than the packaging. I won’t tell you how long it took me to figure that out. But in the end, I did figure it out. After that I did like the dispensing of the product. It came out well and not in too large an amount. It is a classic creamy foundation formula. So it won’t run out like a serum will. I don’t think you have to shake it, but I found myself shaking it just because of the bottle shape.

I applied the foundation to my skin and then blended it in with my foundation brush. Streaks were left behind. I had to call in a beauty sponge to get rid of the lines. Once I did, all was well.

The foundation was a fairly decent medium coverage product. It will last all day, but you need to wear a pore filling primer underneath. It will settle into the fine lines around your eyes and the corners of your mouth. This is not a foundation that you can wear without a good primer underneath, unless you do not have a lot of fine lines. While I use many good skincare products, that ship has sailed for me.

just the foundation

Even with a good primer, you are looking at about eight hours of ear before it starts to really sink into those lines. This is one of those foundations that I found easy to apply in a hurry, if I had a surprise meeting as it does blend very well and very easily. It is just not something that I am going to pull out of my makeup drawer when I know i have a long day.

full face done

I have to say even with it’s slight issues, the foundation performed better than I thought it would. And to be honest I often find myself with unexpected meetings that I hadn’t prepared for rather than a full day of meetings.

settling in the corners

So for me, the longevity is not that big an issue. I just have to remember that f I quickly apply it for a meeting, I can’t leave it on and wear it when I go out. Having said that, I would definitely be willing to invest $1.55 more in picking up a shade that is more suitable for my skin tone and keeping this AOA Prowear Foundation around. I just need to remember it’s limitations.

First Impressions: TerraVibe CBD Age Defying Eye Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

This product was sent by the brand for the purpose of review. As always the opinions are all my own.

I have a new product rotating into my skincare line up this week. Well actually I have several, but this is not only a new to me product, but a new to me brand. Plus it is an eye serum. With eye serums, as around my eyes tends to be where the bulk of my fine lines live, I really like to measure their effectiveness. So I try to take pictures before I start using the product.

Unfortunately I then often forget to label the photos and have to go back and search for them trying to guess if that was the pre use photo. So I figured that to help myself out, and to share with you, I would post the pre use photos along with my first use and first thoughts on the product. That way there will not only be a record, but I am more likely to remember to label my photos.

So what is the new product? It is the Terravibe CBD Age Defying Eye serum with Hyaluronic acid. There isn’t a lot of information on the website. The official page states…

Ultra Broad Spectrum CBD with added terpenes and CBG, 30ml bottle

The list price for this bottle is usually $59 but it is currently on sale for $53.10. Oh and terravibe gave me a promocode to share with you as well if you are interested it is VGSKINCARE20 in case you want to try this out.

While I would like a little more description on the site, I do like that they have a Certificate of Analysis posted for the product. Which quite frankly makes me more comfortable using it. The Certificate tells me how much CBD is in the product and more importantly it tells me that THC is not in the product. While THC is actually a great night time ingredient that I don’t mind using to help calm my mind and send me off to sleep, I really don’t want to be using it in a day time serum. Also the COA (Certificate of Analysis) matches what is listed on the bottle so I know that everything is accurate.

I am still learning about CBD products and so I’m at the point where I am reading a lot of the documentation just to be certain I am actually using what I think I’m using. I might not need to read as much as I do, but I still read it anyway. This is a first use post and I will keep studying the product while I spend the next month using it, so I’ll have more to say about the details then.

For now the how to use is kind of important. While there isn’t a lot of info on the site, eye serum is pretty easy to figure out. There are directions printed on the bottle. They are actually interesting. It states…

full bare face at the beginning of the trial

Use a dime sized amount each morning. Using circular motions work lotion into your skin until absorbed fully. Use on your neck, face and upper chest. Best results come from daily use.

The serum comes in a white glass bottle. I really like that it is not see through a the ingredients can be protected from the light. The bottle also has a dropper to dispense the product. The product has the consistency of a thin water cream and has absolutely no scent.

While I don’t mind what I like to think of as the CBD Scent, I really like that it is a scentless product.

close up of the side of my eye barefaced before trial starts

In the bottle description I noticed that it isn’t just for around your eyes. Which makes the dime sized amount seem accurate. It it was just going around my eyes then a dime size would be way too much. For the face neck and upper chest, it was exactly the right amount of product to use. So I did.

I have to say my first use was quite positive. I started around my eyes and then sort of expanded out and then down my neck as I worked, mostly because I wanted my eyes and forehead to have the most of the hyaluronic acid benefits since those show my lines more.

There were no instant results as far as lines go, but I wasn’t expecting them really. As a first use this was just an initial reaction. The serum went onto the skin easily and absorbed quite quickly. It also left my skin feeling silky and soft. I was very impressed with it in that first use actually.

While I have used hyaluronic acids before and absolutely adore them for their skin plumping line erasing benefits, terpenes in skincare are new to me. From what I’ve found thus far they are supposed to be anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and might even help control sebum levels. For me that will be interesting. I am not a terribly oily skinned person, especially in the colder months so I will be watching to make certain that this doesn’t dry me out. Admittedly I am using it right before a day time moisturizer, so that might not even be an issue. It is just something I will be watching as I use the product.

While I did a test on my inner arm and had no sensitivity reaction, I have never really used a product like this on my skin and am very interested in seeing how it performs over time. Today begins the thirty days of testing. This Terravibe CBD Age Defying Eye Serum will be my day time serum for the next month. I’ll keep you updated in my weekly skincare line up (posted Fridays) and when the month is over, we’ll break down the actual results along with my final thoughts. Personally, given how well today’s first use went, I can’t wait.

Trying out the KVD Vegan Beauty Lock It Powder Foundation

For the past couple of weeks I have been trying out the KVD Vegan Lock It Powder Foundation. It is not a completely new product to me as I used to use this a long time ago, when the Lock it Powder first came out. I had the old round compact formula. I always found it a pretty good formula, at least what I remembered of it, and when I received this in a subscription box I was curious as to what changed.

The packaging has changed a bit. It is still a compact, but it is a square compact with the lid designed to look like an old wax seal. I find it rather aesthetically pleasing to be honest. The compact dose come with a small late application sponge. I didn’t use this. Actually what I found to be the best tool for applying this powder foundation was the older style flat foundation brushes. I used the one I have from the Billion Dollar Beauty brush kit and it worked fantastically well. Actually that entire brush kit has made its way into my favorites list.

However for the powder foundation, the flat brush from the kit was prefect. It could get into the edges by my eyes and it spread the foundation out well. I tried a fluffier brush with this foundation and it simply wasn’t the best tool. For me the flat foundation worked the best.

I did find that when I used a primer under it, I had to let the primer dry and sort of settle in before I applied the foundation. If I didn’t give the primer time to dry down a little, I would get more of the foundation powder clinging to the damp spots than the rest of the skin. Because this is a shade lighter than I would normally go with my foundation, the spots were noticeable. And this was really only an issue with a wet primer. When I used something like the Benefit Porfessionals, which had a thicker consistency, the foundation didn’t have a problem. I was however testing out the Figs & Rouge Primer this week as well and it is a very wet primer, so I had to wait for it to dry down a bit.

Just the foundation

The foundation was more full coverage than I expected and I was very impressed by it’s performance. I did find that after applying the foundation, if I went over it with a damp makeup sponge it completely illuminated any powdery look the product might have. Even without that step it didn’t look all that powdery once it was blended in. It only looked powdery if I applied powder over it. When I did that, my skin tended to look powdery. As a result I skipped the face powder when I used this foundation.

By the end of the day, the foundation looked a little faded, but there was no peeling or oily spots. Over all I was very impressed with it’s performance.

End of the day

I would like to end with a small but rather significant feature of this foundation. This packaging is refillable. Thee is a pin hole in the back of the compact so that when the product runs out, I can pop out the empty pan and replace it with a new one.

As the KVD Compact is not only pretty, but sturdy enough to last a while, I find this to be an excellent feature and one I will take advantage of when this pan runs out. I might choose to order a pan one shade deeper though. Just for a better shade match. Other wise, this KVD Vegan Beauty Lock It powder foundation was a winner.

The Best Drugstore Foundations

Oh my darlings we have reached that time of year. It is the time of year where inventory is taken, gaps marked out and the list of current sales grows longer each day. So each year I look at the products I use or have used throughout the year and decide which ones are worthy of repurchasing. Because the one thing better than getting a product you like is getting it on sale. while some sales have already been activated, some are yet to come, as they approach I’ll try to list them. For now, we look at products worth bothering to pick up. After all, even if it is on sale, somethings don’t need to be purchased. It is only a deal if it is a good product.

Since I reviewed a drug store shampoo this morning, I thought it only fair to continue with another drug store item, foundation. Now some of you may be looking at the above photo and thinking that you see some Ulta products. When searching my Drug store foundations, I saw several I liked that I knew were from Ulta so I addend them onto this list since they didn’t really fit anywhere else. There is an Ulta in my town so I can pick them up just as though I was running to the drug store, hence their inclusion. I don’t have a Sephora in town so I order from them on line, but generally pick up Ulta products in person.

As with all my foundations, I go with medium coverage and I wear primer underneath them.

So on to the items.

  1. No 7 Lift and Luminate Triple Action Serum Foundation: It does have SPF 15 in the mix, but that is just an extra perk and not something you should count on. What I like about this foundation is that the serum consistency makes it fairly melt into the skin. It is suitable for sensitive skin and I have never had any issues with it. Because of the bendability of the formula the shades are fairly flexible. I can actually use the same foundation year round and simply adjust it slightly at the extreme light and dark times of the year (aka mid-summer and mid-winter). It is a beautiful medium coverage foundation.
  2. E.L.F Acne Fighting Foundation: I’ve tried quite a few Elf foundations at this point and I think this one may be my favorite from the brand. It is excellent if you are in the midst of hormonal break outs (or any other breakouts actually) as it doesn’t irritate them at all. While I don’t know if it actually does fight blemishes, it doesn’t make them any worse. I apply in a thin layer at first and then blend it in. Going light with this foundation helps it not to streak with a makeup brush. Of all of these foundations, it is probably the most long wearing. It doesn’t melt into the skin like the serum foundations on this list, but it blends really well and stays in place all day.
  3. Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless: This is a classic must have for a reason. It applies well, stays on all day and looks fantastic. The only reason I don’t reach for it more is because of the bottle. The glass bottle has an open mouthed top. I always end up pouring out more product than I need. I know that in some places like Look Fantastic, you can order the foundation in a squeezable tube that is easier to control. If you can find this at your drugstore, go for it. My drug store only sells the glass bottles. Normally I am all about glass, but it is the open pour that bothers me. I tend to appropriate a dropped from a now empty skincare product to use it. It is a great foundation, it is just that pour.
  4. Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation: I know there are a lot of people out there who dislike this foundation for one reason or another. I actually like it. I think I like it because I don’t wear it more than about ten hours at a time. The bottle says 24 hour coverage. I’d say 12 is more realistic. As I said I rarely wear makeup more than 10 hours at a stretch. And in that time, this foundation looks great. It is a fuller coverage foundation than the others on this list. It is still medium coverage, but it is on the higher end of medium. It is what I lean towards when I have to give a presentation and know I’m going to be under some bright lights and the focus of the room’s attention. Again, I wouldn’t wear it more than 12 hours, but in those 12 hrs it performs beautifully.
  5. Ulta Youthful Glow Foundation Serum Drops: I was very impressed with this Ulta Foundation. It actually came as a bit of a surprise for me. I tried a couple of other Ulta foundations and hated them. I tried this one honestly because I liked the look of the bottle and i think it was on sale. The bottle of course, has changed. I am actually almost out of this and will have to repurchase it soon. So I don’t feel too bad about the old packaging as it will soon go away. I do however like the older packaging more than the new. I will happily repurchase this foundation again. I don’t there are many Ulta products in general I would say that about, and certainly no other foundations. Part of that is that I like the serum style foundation. I prefer foundations that blend into the skin and feel weightless. This one does. It looks good on the skin and lasts all day. It doesn’t have as high a coverage as some of the other foundations on this list so I generally use it when I am having a pretty good skin day. The big thing to remember with this foundation is to shake well before use.
  6. Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick: I seriously debated whether or not to include this on this list. But then I realized it is the stick foundation I find myself reaching for more often than the other products. Stick foundations are great when you are traveling or in a hurry. Well they are great in a hurry if they blend well. This one does blend well and gives good coverage that lasts throughout the day. It has a fairly wide shade range, however it doesn’t have a lot of flexibility. I have to keep two shades, one for summer and one for winter. As it is a very inexpensive product and quite contained, having two isn’t a problem, it is just something to keep in mind when shopping. It is a creamy formula and one that I tend to choose when traveling.

So there you have it, the top drugstore foundations I am currently using and would consider replacing. All of the links will take you to sites where you can find them. I believe some of the sales have already begun. If not, then just wait a few weeks for Black Friday sales to really get underway and then stock up. For me, all of the products but the Catrice (which I tend to use for public presentations which haven’t happened in a while) and the No7 (which I just repurchased) are getting low enough in product that I have them on my repurchase list. The elf and the Revolution products are the two I will repurchase first, the others will depend on the other items I need to replace. I hope when planning your shopping lists, this helps you out.

Trying out the IPKN Moist and Firm BB Cream

While I occasionally make fun of some of the small sample sizes that arrive in some subscription boxes, with makeup products, especially face products like BB creams and foundations, sample sizes really help keep me from making a lot of wrong purchases. Because that’s the thing with foundation type products. You really can’t tell how they are going to perform for you until you wear them.

And trying out a bunch of products can be pretty costly. I’ve used a lot of, not really for me but since I’ve already spent the money to buy it I’m going to just figure out how to make it work until I can justify purchasing something else’ products.

I know sometimes my list titles are a bit much. I’m working on it.

Samples of BB products are my friends.

IPKN is a brand I have tried before however it was quite some time ago. I remember a friend recommending them and liking the items I tried, but that is about it. Other than a basic mental familiarity, I have one lip product in my collection that came from them. It is a nice protective lip gloss that actually works well as a balm and I like to wear when I know I’m going to be outside in the wind during the winter. Which of course is of no help when evaluating a BB cream. For those curious about the name IPKN, I looked on their about page…

IPKN was originally defined as “Independent Professional Korean New Yorker”.
It launched in 1999 as the first NYC-inspired South Korean beauty brand, bringing a universal beauty sense to Korea and helping to shape what we now call K-Beauty.

IPKN Website

And while we are on the site, according to the brand…

This all-in-one BB cream combines protection and control for 1-step perfection. Moist & Firm BB Cream promotes brighter and more even skin tone, increases the skin’s radiance, and supports firmness and elasticity. 

IPKN product page

I have no problems with skincare mixed into my makeup. It doesn’t always pan out, but I do like the thought. So how did this product work? Well actually. It is a BB cream so there is not a foundation facemask’s worth of coverage. I’ve posted the two photos side by side below to show my skin with nothing on it and then my skin with just the BB cream. While I am a huge fan of primers, for this photo, I skipped the primer. But only because of you. With this BB cream I would use a primer.

Without a primer the IPKN Moist and Firm BB cream did cover red spots and blemish marks fairly well. And it did last about six hours without an issue. I noticed after hour six, there was a bit less coverage. With primer it was better and the BB cream. With a primer underneath it, almost any primer actually, the BB cream lasted the full work day.

Bare Face

While it does blend into the skin well and for me this shade worked out fine, if you need any sort of pore filling, you are going to want a primer underneath. Because this BB cream is so light and melds into the skin so well, it tends to emphasis larger pores as the day goes on.

As I usually wear a primer, my main issue with this was the moist part of the moist and firm. I’m happy to have a BB cream firm all it wants, lord knows my skin could use it. The moist part was a bit of an issue. Sometimes with BB creams you can get away with applying it, then adding a brief kiss of blush and calling it good. I can’t wear this BB cream without powder. I have several good powders to choose from, but the moist aspect left my face looking a bit on the greasy side if I didn’t pat some powder over it. And periodically throughout the day (mid morning, lunch, mid afternoon) I had to pat away a bit of shine.

just the BB cream
full face in natural daylight

If you have dry skin, this may not be an issue for you. It may in fact be a large benefit and keep you hydrated throughout the day. It was too much for my skin and I looked greasy without powder. I also live in an area of high humidity, so that was also a factor. It is just something to watch out for. Think about your skin, before purchasing. As far as purchase prices go, it is not that expensive. A full sized bottle is $24. I think that is quite reasonable.

With this IPKN Moist and Firm BB Cream I think that I could probably use it more in the winter when my skin is dryer and there is less humidity. It is a good product that works well and looks lovely, but for my skin there is just a small window where I could use it without feeling overly hydrated and worried about looking greasy. I would love wearing the product during that window, but as I have other BB creams that I like using year round, I think I would pass on a full sized purchase. However, trying this product does make me want to look into the brand more and possibly see if they have a BB cream that is less moist. I’m fine with the firm though. I didn’t notice a difference, but I’m willing to be hopeful on that score.

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