Zents Mandarin Balancing Shampoo: Final thoughts

A while ago Zents very kindly scent to me this shampoo (along with conditioner) and I have been using it pretty much since it’s arrival. But now the bottle is alas empty. As I always go through more shampoo than I do conditioner (although I have never quite figured out how) I still have a week or so left on the conditioner. I plan to use it with a shampoo sample that didn’t arrive with a conditioner buddy.

And so we discuss the shampoo alone. This is the Mandarin balancing Shampoo. According to the Zents’ website…

Warming & Exotic
ginger, mandarin, cardamom, nutmeg, saffron, vanilla bean

Renewing color-safe, sulfate-free MANDARIN Shampoo uplifts and balances all hair types. Packed with moisturizing shea butter and lotus, nourishing MANDARIN Shampoo leaves hair soft, full, and beautifully luminous. Passionflower soothes and calms to support a healthy, flawless scalp. The gentle formula luxuriously cleanses without stripping hair or weighing it down, for maximum vibrancy, volume, and shine.

Before we look at those claims, I have to say a word about the scent of the shampoo. As the name implies, it has an orange scent. what I find interesting is that Zents has range of products in each of their scents. For example in addition to Mandarin Shampoo, there is also a Mandarin Bath truffle and a Mandarin Eau de Toilette. So you can get the same scent in multiple products. What I find interesting is that they aren’t the same in each product.

Compatible, yes. Identical, no.

With the Eau de Toilette much more of the warm spices come through in either of the bath products. The Bath truffle has more spicy elements than the shampoo (as well as fabulous epsom salts and shea butter – it is seriously wonderful to soak sore muscles in). The shampoo, I have to admit, smelled predominantly of oranges. It was clear that there was something mixed in to deepen it and tame the sweetness of orange, but the spices weren’t identifiable to my nose.

I think part of that is the subtlety of the scent. It is designed for people who are sensitive to scent. while it gives the lightly pleasant scent of orange it isn’t overpowering. It is a delicate whiff of scent that is gone even as the suds rinse out of your hair. I think that is part of the reason my nose mostly just picked up the orange. The scent was there and gone before I had time to react. If you are sensitive to scent, but still want a product that smells like something (rather than the neutral scented products) this might be something to look into.

But scent isn’t everything.

I have a lot of hair and it is rather thick. At the moment it is actually far longer than I usually have it. Mostly because just before the first quarantine, my salon closed shop and my stylist moved across country and before I could find a new one everything was shut down. By the time I felt comfortable looking for a salon again. the summer heat arrived. In the summertime, my hair spends about 90% of the time tied up on top of my head or (for variety) clipped up on the back of my head. I know, wild right?

Which is why I don’t get my hair cut in the summer, I generally go for fall and spring and let it grow out over the summer so it can all be bundled up without bits sliding out. Summer heat can knock the style right out of you.

The ends

However this is longer than I’ve been without a haircut and the longest my hair has been in a while. So the emphasis is on keeping it as healthy as possible until I can get to a stylist in the autumn. In this, the Zents’ Mandarin Shampoo has done a fantastic job.

It takes two pumps of product to wash my hair and the two pumps lather well. I had a head full of luxurious bubbles. What I really love about this shampoo is that it does not say, lather rinse repeat if you want a better clean. Id states in it’s usage, lather and let it sit for a minute do get deep down clean, then rinse it off. which sounds strangely logical when you think about it. The product works better if you give it time to work. Who knew?

It also really works.

Without using extra product.

Two things you really ought to know about me. First of all, I am rather frugal by nature. It isn’t that I mind spending the money, but I want to know i am getting good value for the money when I spend it. The second thing is that if something works well with my hair, I am willing to spend a little bit more. The Zents Mandarin Shampoo is pricey. There is no getting around that. However I started using this one bottle around April 14th. (That is the day I posted my first thoughts, so I probably used it the night before if you want to get technical). I used the last of the bottle last night, July 25th.

Because it takes just those two pumps and because you don’t just add more product when you want better results, it lasts. Which means that for me it was a great value for the money. It seriously felt like I was never going to get to the bottom of the bottle. (I should also point out I wash my hair with product twice a week, sometimes three. I have to rinse it every day, but I don’t use shampoo every day.)

I really like the way my hair looks and feels at the moment. It is clean and shiny, not weighed down and it feels great. I know I need to get the end cut as they look a little on the rough side, but you can see in the photo, there are no real split ends. They look as healthy as they possibly could. I am very impressed by it.

In the end I would have to say that the Zents is a splurge purchase, but definitely worth it. It is a product that I would definitely pick up again and use on my hair, especially if i wanted to treat myself. I am very sad that this bottle now has to go to the empties bin. At some point though, it will return.

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A second chance for an unloved product

Have you ever tried a product and thought, ‘That’s okay but I don’t really see what the big deal is about.’ Only to realize a little way down the road that you were using the product incorrectly?

That is what happened to me with the Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt. I know, you are looking at it and thinking, ‘Mimsy the product does seem a bit self explanatory’.

And you may be wondering what it is that I actually did with the above product. Well, I will tell you my darlings so that if you, like me, had issues then you can know that you are not alone.

And if it is just me, then you can feel superior, I don’t mind.

So a while back I received a small deluxe sample size of this purifying scrub in a subscription box. I think it was Look Fantastic actually. I had heard of the brand and had a friend who raved about it, but never tried them. I was excited. I tried it and was not blown away. The salt was a bit too chunky and I had other products that I liked much better.

the product

Now, I think that first sample may have had som mixing issues, because I had two other deluxe sample sizes come to me fairly recently that didn’t have the large salt chunk issues and the full size certainly doesn’t have the issue.

However the main issue was that I wasn’t using it correctly. I saw the product and thought, Okay it’s like a hair mask with scrubby bits. It doesn’t help that the writing on the travel size is really small. And while my ThinOptics reading glasses are technically thin and designed to be taken anywhere (which is why they can clip onto the back of your cell phone), I generally don’t wear them in the shower.

So I used the scrub more or less like a mask. After shampooing I applied this mask in place of conditioner and let it sit on my hair, working just a little bit of the salt through my hair with my fingertips. Then I rinsed it off.

Those of you who know how this mask is supposed to be applied are now shaking your head at me. I can feel it, even through the computer screen. It’s okay, I should have read the package or looked on line before I used it.

Apparently this Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt is meant to replace your shampoo on the days it is used. I know, boy did I get that wrong. So I tried it again (remember I had two more travel sized samples as well as the full one). I figured I’d try one of the samples and if I still didn’t think it wa that great I;d pass the unopened products on to someone who would like them more.

So into the shower I went. No photos of that please. I think we can all live without that. I will say though that until i took the below photo I hadn’t quite realized how long my hair has actually gotten. I know I should have but there is something about seeing it in a photo like that and realizing just how far away you have to hold the camera just to get the hair in frame. Bt that is a different aside.

Hair just out of the shower and air dried with no additional product added

I treated the scrub like a shampoo. I applied it to wet hair and then massaged it. To my surprise it grew foamy. It produced a thick rich lather that reminded me of the ocean. It was fresh and clean and more importantly the foam carried the salty bits to my scalp cleaning it as the product was designed to do. I then rinsed it out of my hair and used my conditioner.

My current conditioner is Zents Water Conditioner if you were wondering. It is a moisturizing conditioner and summertime fabulous. However, I have to say, my hair felt extra fantastic after the use of the mask. I finally understood why so many people raved about it.

And I decided not to pass any of the product along. I will declutter somewhere else, but i am using every last dollop of this purifying scrub.

It was such a luxurious treatment for my hair. It isn’t something I would use daily, or even weekly. This is a once a month mask to cleanse the scalp and give your hair a nice refresh. Once I managed to read the product label and use the product as it was designed to be used, I really enjoyed it. I am very glad that I gave it a second chance.

And from now on, I will remember to read the labels of bath and hair products before taking them into the shower. i will do my best not to assume that I know how they work. I know, sometimes, I am my own worst enemy. But the Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea salt is now going on my reorder list. Luckily I have enough product not to need to reorder for a while. It’s a bit pricey, but the Skin Store has at least one Christophe Robin sale each year and I will be taking advantage of the next one.

For those of you who understood the product right away (r took the time to read the label correctly) I hope this provides you a nice moment of superiority to kickstart your day. Take it and know that you are smart and fabulous.

If, like me, you made assumptions, know that you aren’t alone. I am right there with you. And you too are still smart and fabulous. There was probably just steam on your reading glasses.

Trying out the Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind Avocado + Kiwi Mega Moisture Superfood Mask

In my house Saturday night is hair mask night. We’ll we do other things as well. we don’t sit around thinking Oh hair mask night, highlight of the week. It is however the night that I tend to treat my hair to a little extra something special in the form of a hair mask.

With mosk skin and hair care products I generally find that it is through repeated use that I can tell how much I like them. Hair masks are sort of a special category. Because they aren’t used every day, at least not by me, I can generally tell if I like them in one use.

I generally pick a hair mask that suits my hair’s needs at the moment and then see if the mask addresses them in that moment. It is probably why I find hair masks so satisfying. There is little waiting for a cumulative effect for most of the, There are some exceptions of course, but in general, you know if you like them with one use.

It is also what makes sample sizes so perfect. This week’s sample size is the Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind Avocado + Kiwi Mega Moisture superfood mask. It is a deluxe sample size and even though I can tell after one use how much I like it, the tube had three uses worth of product in it and this was my third use of this mask. The tube is now empty.

According to the product page…

For those with dry, dull and parched hair. This protein-free, nourishing hair mask is proven to boost moisture for softer, smoother and more manageable hair after 2 uses. 97% Naturally-Derived, Vegan & Cruelty-Free.

The first thing you notice when opening the mask is that it is green. I don’t know why I was expecting it to be white. I think it is because most maskst tend to be white or at least white-ish. But given the avocado and kiwi, the green makes sense. Given that I have been spending a lot of time in the sun, my hair does qualify as dry and parched, at least those were the concerns I went after this week.

This mask smells lovely. It actually smells a bit like candy to be honest. Very sweet and fruity. It has more of a kiwi sort of smell than anything, except the slight tartness I associate with kiwis is missing. I like the scent. It is quite delicious.

The mask applied well, it provided moisture and rinsed out easily, leaving my hair clean and hydrated. There was no heavy residue. It is a good mask. Is it my favorite mask? No. Don’t get me wrong it is a nice mask and there was nothing wrong with it. In fact if I received another tube in a subscription box I would be thrilled and I would use it. However I don’t think I would purchase it. I actually proffered the moisture in the Mane Club’s Cry Baby Mask, It made my hair soft, hydrated, silk and very manageable. To be honest, it worked a little bit better than the Briogeo. It was also $3 for a pouch that gave me between three and five uses. This mask is $38.

And it isn’t just the price. I also get better results from ESPA Pink Clay hair masks and at $72 per jar, they are more expensive than this Briogeo mask. I just find this Briogeo Mask to be very middle of the road in terms of results. It isn’t the best, but it isn’t bad. Would I use the Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind Avocado + Kiwi Mega Moisture superfood mask again? Yes, it is a good mask. However, there are other hair masks, both more and less expensive, that I do prefer. It is simply not as stand out as some of the others and would not be my first choice when buying a hair mask. It is nice, I just probably won’t be repurchasing it anytime soon.

The Daily July 1st, 2021

Oh my darlings we have made it to July. I have no idea where june went. It sort of flew by in a haze of stress and pain. Quite frankly i am rather glad to see the back of it.

I have high hopes for July.

And a good feeling.

Today there was an early morning walk to get the blood pumping through the veins and the limbs moving. My legs have mostly recovered from the bike ride earlier in the week. I really do have to figure out a way to set some sort of timer on my bike rides. Perhaps i just need to simply set an alarm on my I-pod so that it interrupts the music when I’ve reached the halfway point.

Its just that once I get going, I tend to stay moving until I have gone way past the point where i know I should have stopped.

I’m sure I will figure it out though. And I do have time. The days are getting hotter and while we may still have a splash of a cool day some time, July and August tend to be brutal here so i am not counting on it. I doubt I will manage to get my bike out again until September.

But the walk was nice.

And the mail actually came early today. Guess what arrived?

My order from The Skin Store. They had a sale going on for Grow Gorgeous (25% off) and since I have been liking their Overnight Hair mask (The review of which I will try to get posted next week) I decided to take advantage of the sale and pick up a shampoo and conditioner set. I am still using (and loving) the Zents Mandarin Shampoo and Water Conditioner so it will be a while before I get to try this out, but i did want to take advantage of the sale. It is still going on by the way, I’ll post the link below for those interested. I figure that my Zents will last until close to the end of the summer and then I will switch up the shampoo and conditioner sets as fall descends. About that time my dye kit from e-salon will come in and while I will probably still dye my own hair, I will be getting a professional to cut my hair.

I have come to the realization that I am useless with anything but trimming the ends. At this point there are no layers left in my hair and that someone other than me really needs to be in charge of trimming my bangs. I made an absolute mess of it this last time. You’d think I’d get better, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. At least by fall they will have grown out again and need a trim, instead of being the overly short and not quite even set I have now.

Yeah, everyone has their own skills and talents. Cutting hair is definitely not in my wheelhouse. while it is good to branch out and try new things, sometimes it is also good to know what you need to delegate to someone else.

As for today’s makeup, I’m afraid there isn’t any. Today I decided that since i wasn’t going to really see anything but a few dog walkers on the walking trail and my computer screen, I would let my skin have the day off to breath. tomorrow i will start testing the natasha Denona Foundation. Doday, I have gone au naturale. Sometimes, you just gotta let the skin breathe.

And now it is time for me to get back to work. I’m hoping to clear off enough paperwork that tomorrow will be a nice and easy slide into the weekend. I’m not counting on it, but hope does spring eternal. I hope the rest of your day is absolutely fabulous.

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Using the Zents Mandarin Shampoo and Water Conditioner duo

Zent’s very kindly sent over their Shampoo and Conditioner set for me to try out and review.  While I initially posted my first impressions of the set, I am now about half way through the products and wanted to give you an update and a little bit more of how I feel about these products. 

The Shampoo in the set is Mandarin and the Conditioner is Water. If you look at the website you will see the description is…

Warming & Exotic
ginger, mandarin, cardamom, nutmeg, saffron, vanilla bean

Refreshing & Renewing
blue chamomile, coriander, lemon, mint, anise

Discover our clean, spa-grade hair care. Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner boost lustre, enhance body, and give hair a dose of hydrating organic shea butter. Ideal for all hair types, the formulas are color-safe, sulfate-free, and paraben free.

Balancing Shampoo & Hydrating Conditioner 

Our Shampoo and Conditioner, as with our entire collection of products, are sulfate free.


Sulfate and paraben free is something that always makes me happy to see on the label.  They are both harsh on hair and can strip away some of the natural moisture that your hair needs to stay soft an healthy. There are many discussions about their potential cancer risks, but for more on that, you may want to go to someone with more medical knowledge than myself.  I do know that when I use shampoos with parabens and sulfates I tend to have to use a lot more leave in conditioners so that my hair looks its best. With sulfate and paraben free products, I tend to use a lot less additional product.

One thing I find interesting about this shampoo and conditioner set is the scent.  Zents caries the scents of its products through an entire line.  So you can get Mandarin Shampoo, body lotion, bath truffles and eau de Toilettes all with the same scent. In addition to testing out this shampoo and conditioner, I have been working through a sample collection of their Eau de toilettes.  I have in fact tested both the Water and the Mandarin Eau de Toilettes.

With the Eau de Toilettes, the scents are unsurprisingly, more intense than in the shampoo and conditioner.  In addition they are somewhat less complex.  For example, with the Mandarin the Shampoo gives me a fresh orange scent.  I am certain the spice notes are there because if it were just the Mandarin alone I feel it would smell a lot sweeter.  However my nose can’t pick them out in the shower.  It is partially because it is such a light scent that quickly dissipates. 

The scent is actually quite nice in how it works.  When the product is dispensed from the pump there is little scent.  The scent grows a little stronger when applied to wet hair and then the scent falls away with the suds and the rinse water.  For anyone overly sensitive to scent I would highly recommend checking this shampoo and conditioner set for that alone.

As a last comment about scent, the Mandarin Bath Truffles have the same complexity of scent as the Eau De toilette, but are let intense.  On the scent spectrum, they are midway between the shampoo and the eau de Toilette.

But as much as I can go on and on (and on) about scent, scent isn’t the only reason you us a shampoo and conditioner. They have to work.  And these products do work. With the shampoo I generally find I need two pumps from the bottle to deal with my hair.  I have a lot of hair and it is pretty thick. 

Interestingly, I have been doing a lot more working out.  Which causes a lot of sweat.  And to be honest we are going into the summer time and I live in Tennessee.  Even without the working out, summer is sweaty.  So often my hair needs a bit of a deep clean.  While I still use a once a week hair mask, my shampoo needs to work or I will just look greasy no matter how much dry shampoo I use.

Normally shampoos have a recommendation of lather rinse and if necessary repeat.  Zents had a different notice. 

Apply to wet hair. Lather and work shampoo completely through the hair and scalp. For additional cleansing power, allow product to remain on hair for two to three minutes before rinsing.


I came home from the gym a big sweaty mess (on a number of occasions) and instead of the lather rinse repeat, I tried this.  It really worked.  I applied the product to my hair, knew that one wash wasn’t going to cut it so I left the shampoo in for two minutes while I shaved my legs, and then rinsed it out.

The extra time on my hair did the trick.  All the sweat washed out, no additional product was needed and my hair felt clean without being stripped.  I have to admit, I clicked on the tips section of the shampoo description thinking ‘seriously, what tip are they going to have? It’s shampoo.’ I am so glad I clicked on that. I got better results with no additional product. 

I am also amazed at how little product I really need.  It is making the products last a lot longer.  Admittedly I don’t wash my hair every day.  Mostly because if I do wash my hair every day it doesn’t matter how fabulous the product is, by hair will get dried out and the ends will break. But using less means the products last longer.

I have also noticed that I have been using less leave in conditioners.  When blow drying my hair I used the Dream Cocktail from Color Wow (the Coconut infused one), but I only needed one pump. If I let my hair dry naturally I went with a light spray of The Mane Club’s One Hit Wonder. This has been primarily because I still need a little bit of a detangling spray after I wash my hair. 

While the Zents shampoo and conditioner don’t strip my hair and make it soft and healthy, my hair has just reached the length where is it going to tangle slightly no matter what I use. That is just the reality of my hair.  I don’t need a lot of the detangling spray which means that if I got my hair cut, it might not be an issue at all. 

However, I did lose my stylist in January of 2020 (she moved, she didn’t die or go MIA although the salon closed shortly after she left) and I have been trimming my bangs and ends ever since. While I have been looking for a new stylist, the reality is that in the summer time I generally just tie my hair up or pile it on the top of my head to get it out of the way.  So I will be spending the summer looking into salons, but probably not get a proper hair cut until the autumn.  My hair is just too thick to wear down in the summer time.

So with the length comes the need for the detangling spray.

But I have been using less.

I know I have talked a lot about the shampoo, but the conditioner is just as fabulous. In addition to organic shea butter, there is carrot extract and ginseng in the ingredients list.  The shea butter makes the hair soft, the carrot helps protect the hair from UV damage and the Ginseng nourishes the scalp.  All fabulous things and all leave my hair soft and silky.  I have very much enjoyed the first half of these products and am looking forward to continuing to use them.  With the small amount of product actually needed, they will last me quite a while. So for now, the test continues.

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Trying out a non-aerosol Dry Shampoo

As most of you know Klorane is my go to dry shampoo.  I used their regular Oat Milk Dry Shampoo for a long time and then tried the Nettle Infused for dark hair and it has become my new favorite.  Now Klorane has released a new non-aerosol dry shampoo. 

That’s right.  I know you are asking yourself how does that work?  I asked the same thing.  Luckily Klorane sent over a care package so I could try it.  Actually they sent over several types of dry shampoo and far too many so I am hosting a giveaway.  This link will take you to the giveaway details and I will be announcing the results on Thursday May 6th, if all goes according to plan.

Types of items in the Giveaway

But for this test I set aside my favorite dry shampoo for dark hair and tried out the non-aerosol version.  According to the website…

This plant-based, loose-powder dry shampoo eliminates oil, dirt and odors leaving hair clean, refreshed, full of texture and volume. Eco-friendly, fully-recyclable, non-aerosol bottle. Hair is clean and refreshed between washes. Extends the life of blow-outs and hair color. Instantly adds volume and texture. Ultra-fine powder. No white residue.         Ultra-gentle. Botanical based ingredients. Dermatologist tested. Vegan.

Shake well before use. Twist the cap to the right to reveal spray nozzle. Gently squeeze bottle, holding it vertically 10 inches away from hair, focusing at the roots. Leave on for 2 minutes and then thoroughly remove powder by brushing, by hand or with a blow-dryer. Can also be gently sprayed into the palm of your hand to touch up bangs with your fingertips. Do not inhale. Use in well ventilated areas. KLORANE BEAUTY TIP : Can be used to add texture to hair while braiding or styling.

FREE OF: Parabens, Sulfates, Preservatives

BEST FOR: All hair types. Those looking to increase the time between washes, and to extend the life of blow-outs and color. Safe for color and chemically treated hair. Suitable for even the most sensitive scalp.

nozzle when open

Now usually I kind of limit the details from the page, but I had to add in the how to use section since at first I wasn’t entirely certain how to use a non-aerosol dry shampoo.  Turns out, it is super easy.  You shake, you turn the top to show the nozzle and then you squeeze.  A puff of product comes out. You then move the bottle around your head squeezing each time you want to dispense more product. 

puff of product in hair

At first I was a little surprised because I have been using the dry shampoo for dark hair.  It shows a little gray when first applied so that is what I have become accustomed to seeing.  This was white when it came out.  It made me a little nervous at first.  But I let it sit the two minutes needed and then brushed it out.  There was no white residue left behind and no white cast at all. 

One of my favorite ways to use dry shampoo is as a quick refresh for my bangs so that is what the picture shows.  For me, my bangs tend to look greasier faster than the rest of my hair so they tend to need a bit of a touch up more. 

In these photos you can see the white powder clearly against the dark hair, but then see how easily it brushes out, leaving clean looking hair behind. 

Greasy on the let, post spray on the right. You can see no white cast and only clean hair

I was very impressed. The only thing I would say to watch out for is that after you shake it, when you first turn the nozzle there is a puff of powder that sort of comes out.  It mostly hit my hand, and when it did hit anything it was easy to clean up.  It is a tiny dribble but just something to note.

Personally I am impressed with the way the product works and I absolutely love that it is in a bottle that is fully recyclable. That is always exciting to see on a product and quite frankly something that I haven’t seen before.  If you’d like to try it for yourself, I am putting it in the giveaway so be sure to enter or visit Klorane to check it out.

I really like the way this product works with my hair and I absolutely adore the eco friendly aspects. I still am drawn more to the dark hair formula though. I have my fingers crossed that they will come out with other formulas in this eco friendly container. For me, that would just about be perfection.

Klorane USA

It’s an Earth Day Giveaway!

An assortment of Klorane Dry Shampoos including the new Eco Friendly packaging

Recently Klorane sent a box of their fabulous Dry shampoo products to me. As you know from reading this they are my go to dry shampoo brand. I loved their Oat infused Dry shampoo for years and have recently switched to the Nettle infused Dry Shampoo for Dark hair. It is designed for oily hair and has saved me from looking completely wrecked more times than I can count.

In addition, they have a new eco friendly bottle that you squeeze to spray out rather than press a dispenser to spray. I have actually set my beloved Nettle Infused for dark hair to the side in order to try it out and will have my review up soon.

I was going to hold the giveaway until I posted the review, but when I saw Klorane’s Earth day Press release I just couldn’t resist. Let me share it with you.

Klorane, the environmentally-friendly French pharmacy favorite is pleased to share that we’re celebrating Earth Month (it’s one of our favorites)! The Klorane Botanical Foundation has the mission of preserving biodiversity, plant life and green spaces by sharing botanical knowledge around the world, empowering citizens to become change-makers in their communities. In an effort to advance this mission, with every Klorane purchase made, a portion of sales goes to support the foundation’s Budding Botanist grant program, which will support KidsGardening – a non-profit dedicated to improving children’s lives through gardening.

Since 2018, over fifteen Budding Botanist grant packages were awarded to high schools in need across the USA. Our grant winners experienced a:

  • 91% improvement in environmental attitudes
  • 80% increase in community spirit
  • 75% increase in leadership

The Budding Botanist program has impacted 600,00 children globally and 13,000 children in the US are educated about botany. In addition to this education, the Foundation fervently protects endangered plant species through concrete action, such as by planting 10,000 desert date trees each year to build the Great Green Wall in Senegal, or 10,000 olive trees in the Peloponnese after disastrous forest fires. It’s not just about the products but about the change that we can collectively make to make our Earth a better place and it starts with education!

To celebrate Earth Day, we’re offering consumers with 20% off any purchase using code: EARTHLOVE (offer is live from April 22nd – April 26th).

They also sent along top ten gardening activities for parents and kids which I will post in a second post to keep this one from being immense.

The press release just made me so happy that Klorane was one of my most consistently ordered from brands that I just couldn’t hold back the giveaway any longer. So here is the deal: Two lucky winners will get to try an assortment of Klorane products including the new eco friendly version. All you have to do is:

  • Comment below an earth friendly activity you are doing, whether it is gardening, planting a tree, using a refillable water bottle or just using fewer disposable products in your makeup routine.
  • Be sure to follow this blog (follow tabs are at the top of the page in the right sidebar)
  • Leave some way to contact you (if you don’t want to post that on the site you can DM me on Instagram with a contact – @msmimsy1)
  • You must be 18+ to enter or have the permission of a parent or guardian since winning will involve providing me with a shipping address.
  • You must be located in the continental US (for shipping purposes, sorry about that)
  • The two winners will be chosen randomly and contacted. And if all goes well, the winners will be announced on May 6th, 2021.

Good luck to all who choose to enter. I am so excited to host my first giveaway and can’t wait to hear from you. And if you are interested in the Botanist Program, the above links will take you there. In addition there is that great sale to take advantage of. While I love Klorane’s dry shampoo, I highly recommend their waterproof eye makeup remover as well. It is a fantastic product that doesn’t sting the eyes and removes waterproof mascara like a dream. Happy Earth Day My darlings!

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First Impressions: Zents Mandarin Balancing Shampoo and Water Hydrating Conditioner

Last week I was sent a lovely package from the brand Zents.  It included a collection of samples from their Eau de Toilette collection (ten scents in all) and a set of their Mandarin Balancing Shampoo and Water Hydrating Conditioner. While I will get to the perfumes, each in their turn, it is time to begin the shampoo and conditioner trial.

I know some of you may be familiar with my shampoo and conditioner process and others are just tuning in.  If you are new welcome, if you have been here before, welcome back. While a first test of a shampoo and conditioner can tell you if it is something you want to try or if it is definitely not for you, I typically find that often as I use the product sin my hair my opinion sometimes changes.  I’ve tried several shampoos that I adored on first use, but by the time I made it midway through the bottle I was ready to chuck it. I’ve tried a couple that didn’t thrill me at first, but by the end of the bottle I was sad to see the bottle emptied.

So I tend to do multiple posts about a shampoo and conditioner set as I work my way through the bottle.  That way I am actually fair to the product. The first of the posts is the First Impression post where I am just getting to know the products, the second is posted when I am about halfway through the bottle and the third will be at the end of the bottle when there is no more product.  Sometimes I reach the end sad at the empty, other times relieved.

So this is the first of three posts on the Zents Mandarin Balancing Shampoo and Water Hydrating Conditioner.

First off, I like the pump bottles.  I really like the way they dispense the product and I like that I can tell the levels of product.  If I like and routinely use a product, then I like to reorder it before it actually runs out and bottles like this let me do exactly that. It isn’t a major thing, but it is something that I like.

I have been a big fan of Zents Bath Truffles for a while now.  Mandarin is actually my favorite scent for those actually. The products in the line from shampoo to body wash and bath truffles are designed specifically for those who are sensitive to scent. 

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While the owner and founder’s inspirational story can be found on the website, I’m not going to repeat it here, mostly because it is just very well written there.  I highly encourage you to read about the foundation of the brand.  There is one line that I have to quote because I really just loved it.

“We call our scents our “liquid memories” because they draw upon the brain’s powerful ability to connect scent to memory. With our scents we can relive our favorite moments.”


While I absolutely love scents, a lot of the time my sense of smell will help me determine whether or not I like a product.  Just recently I tested a perfume from Kierin NYC that I had a hard time actually describing because it smelled exactly like sitting in the sunroom with my mother when I was a child.  It was actually difficult for me to sit down and break that perfume into actual scent components.

While I do like scent, when it comes to a lot of hair products I often have some issues.  My hair is long, it is thick and it traps scents.  Sometimes it is an acivity scent,  If I am working in the kitchen and slow cooking items I will often carry that scent around with me.  Sometimes I like the scents of hair products, other items I don’t but whatever they are, they will usually stick with me for a while so I do judge shampoos and conditioners first on scent and then on how they work.  I know that sounds kind of strange but If I don’t like th scent I won’t use it no matter how good the product works.  I recently tested a shampoo and conditioner set like that.  The product worked well but the scent was not only strong and not to my liking, but it overpowered everything else.  I couldn’t wear perfume or even scented lotion because it clashed with the scent of my hair.

Now because I have used the Mandarin Bath Truffle I was prepared for the scent of the mandarin Shampoo.  I was wondering how different it would be.  The result is not different.  The scent is, as one would expect, orange. However it reminds me of the frozen pops my mom would make when we were kids.  Not the store bought kind but the kind where she just poured juice into reusable plastic pops and put it into the freezer.  We had a juicer when I was growing up and for frozen treats my mom would juice whatever fruit was in season. 

When it came to oranges, even frozen, you could smell the scent of orange.  It was blunted by the cold of the frozen pop, but you could still get a whiff of it.  That was the strength of the orange. When I dispensed it into my hand.  It was there, but not over powering.  When I applied it to my hair and began lathering, the scent was a little stronger, partially because it was closer to my nose and partially because of the steam in the air. I always find heat tends to intensify scents, at least to me.

When I rinsed my hair, the suds slipped off down the drain taking most of the orange scent with them. 

Then of course, came the conditioner.

The conditioner is not Mandarin scented, so it isn’t reinforcing the orange scent, which I liked. The scent of the conditioner is called Water.  I’ll admit, when the scent of water comes to mind it is a fifty/fifty shot if my brain goes to the beach or the mountains.  Part of me thinks of the ocean and the other part thinks of the cool green scent that always lingers around swift moving streams in the mountains where  I used to hike.  I read the description to see which I should expect.  The description of Water is…

WATER: Refreshing & Renewing: blue chamomile, coriander, lemon, mint, anise

Luxurious, color-safe WATER Conditioner nourishes all types of hair, delivering intensive moisture with 100% organic shea butter. Rich jojoba extract guards against sun damage and imparts manageability. Icelandic moss and Sunflower Oil fortify the hair and protect against breakage. WATER Conditioner leaves hair full, vibrant, and lustrous.

I’ll admit, I thought those scents would make it a bit strong as those are some pretty potent scent notes.  If you do a lot of baking, you know that those scents can easily dominate. They don’t. And it isn’t the massive scent bomb I feared. It is a light delicate fragrance.  The lemon and mint I can detect a little in the freshness that is leant to the floral that I am guessing is the blue chamomile.  It is lightly floral, with fresh notes and just a hint of spice. 

I’ll admit, I didn’t get the hind of spice until I washed it out.  And once the conditioner was in, I no longer had any hint of orange.   It is like the conditioner said, ‘thank you for coming’ and sent the scent on its way.  Not that the conditioner lingered for much longer.  Most of the scent dissipated when the conditioner rinsed out. By the time I stepped out of the shower, my hair just smelled clean.  I couldn’t detect anything but clean hair.  I got my babydoll to sniff and he asked if I was trying to trick him because there was nothing in my hair. 

As this was the first impressions of the shampoo and conditioner, I towel dried my hair and let it air dry naturally.  I put no additional products in it.  Since whenever I dry my hair I use a heat protectant spray, I didn’t use my hair dryer.  I also added no leave in conditioners and even skipped this week’s hair mask.

Don’t get me wrong, I will be using those items moving forward, but for the first impression, it was the Zents Mandarin Balancing Shampoo and Water Hydrating conditioner only. I also held off dying my hair (even though my new eSalon kit had just arrived) so that the products would stand alone. 

And wow, did it stand. 

When my hair was dry I ran my fingers through it to see how tangled things were likely to become. I had no tangles and my hair felt luxuriously soft. It felt light and not weighed down and I had fewer fly aways than usual.  In the photograph in this post, my hair is air dried and brushed through.  There is no styling as both the styling and styling products might skew the first thoughts.  I have to say I was very pleased with how my hair looked and felt with just a simple brush through after air drying.  As I make my way through the bottles I will do a dive into ingredients and discuss some of the ingredients that I think my hair is responding to as well as talking about how they continue to respond to the shampoo and conditioner.  There will of course be other products used so I’ll get to see how they interact with each other. But thus far in this first impression, I am absolutely thrilled with my hair. I can’t wait to see how this plays out as I work my way through the bottle.

First Impressions: Rahua Shampoo and Conditioner

Recently I finished a shampoo and conditioner set from Color Wow. It was the Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner for Normal to Thick Hair. I adored the set and will be purchasing them again. However while I was using the set, I accumulated several sample/travel sized containers of shampoo and conditioner.

So I figured that before I started a new full sized bottle (and trial) I would work my way through the sample sets and see if any of them were ones I wanted to try out in the full size. The first set I pulled from the collection is the rahua Classic Shampoo and Conditioner. I have seen this brand around and I have to say I do find the bottles and their look appealing. I am also taken in by their descriptions and ingredients.

According to the rahua site the Classic Shampoo is…

Formulated with rare, sustainably sourced ingredients, this rich, restorative shampoo leaves hair soft, silky, and luminous, and scalp soothed. Made with omega-9 rich Rahua oil and naturally scented with the fresh, woodsy aroma of Palo Santo oil, this cult-favorite formula is concentrated and will keep scalp in balance—not too oily, and not too dry.

Best for all hair types. 

This shampoo retails for $34 and looks golden in the bottle. It is lovely to look at. It is golden in the sample size as well, but it is hard to tell through the white plastic. The Conditioner is the classic white conditioner and has the exact same description as the shampoo so I won’t copy it out a second time. It retails for $36.

Both of the products feature rahua (ungurahua) which is pretty much where the name comes from. It is supposed to strengthen hair and promote follicle growth. The signature scent of the product comes from the palo santo oil also known as holy wood. According to the rahua website this holy wood was…”prized by Amazonian shamans since the Incan era for its spiritual purifying properties, the essence of this wild tree is Rahua’s signature scent. Its sophisticated, earthy aroma offers a soothing aromatherapy experience.”

There are other ingredients, each sustainably sourced and each claiming to do wonderful things for the hair, but i will stop there because it is the signature scent that is most memorable.

Don’t get me wrong, the shampoo and conditioner are really nice. The shampoo lathers nicely and feels luxurious in the hair. It rinses out cleanly. The Conditioner leaves hair silky soft and when using it I did not need a detangler spray at all. I just let my hair dry naturally and it was quite easy to comb through. i used a bit of MoroccanOil to tame some fly aways and i was good to go. (I use the light Moroccanoil even though I have thick hair as I find it is lighter on my hair and prefer it even though it is targeted for fine hair. At $15 it is a product well worth keeping around, just as an aside.)

The products worked well.

Better than well in fact.

I just can’t get past the scent. It is a very pungent scent that lingers. It is spicy but somehow bitter. If it was just something that I could use in the shower and wash away with the suds I would be okay with it, but the scent lingers in the hair and you get a whiff of it every time you move your head, or at least I did. There was enough shampoo and conditioner in the tubes for three washes, which is about a week’s worth of shampooing and conditioner for me as i wash my hair every other day. I lived with the shampoo last week and now the tubes are empty. While I love the feel of my hair, I am more than ready for the scent to go away. It is a fine product and I love the sustainable growth and harvesting practices. I even love that they have a sustainability set so you can buy refills and just reuse the same bottle.

I love all of the benefits both to my hair and scalp and to the environment and local populations, but I just can’t take the scent of this shampoo and conditioner. This is one of those products that I really wanted to like because I love the thought behind it, but I just can’t deal with an entire bottle of this. One week with the scent of the palo santo oil was more than enough. Because I really like their ethos I may look into other products rahua offers that do not contain the oil but a full sized version of this will not be coming home with me anytime soon.

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Hiding the Grays in the Camo Mist (from eSalon)

As many of you know from previous posts, I routinely dye my hair. After losing my stylist (she moved, nothing untoward happened to her) I tried box dyes and then tried eSalon. They very kindly gifted me a selection of their products and I absolutely adored not only their hair dye but the well thought out way they arranged things.

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You can read my full review of the dying process by clicking this link, if you are interested. The short version is that their system takes into account how your hair color works with your hair from root to tips and provides you with easy to follow instructions on every step of the process. It seems like a lot of steps when you first see it but it is really easy to follow and I ended up with great results. I also like that their profile was details and their color selection was something I could play with so that I could get exactly the shade I wanted. If you are looking for at home custom color, I very much recommend them.

I actually reordered my color and will very shortly be eliminating my roots with a shipment that I paid for this time from eSalon. I think it is going to be my go to hair color for a while. I was thrilled with how it worked out and how long it has lasted without fading. Admittedly, part of that may be due to the Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner from Color Wow that I used throughout.

However, if you notice in the pictures below I really should have re dyed my hair quite a while ago. While my still dyed hair looks nice, the roots do not. It is, surprisingly intentional. I deliberately let the roots grow because I wanted to test out the Camo Mist from eSalon. I ordered it when I placed my hair dye order and it is in the same color as the hair dye that I ordered. I have to say I was a little hesitant about the concept of the Camo mist. I figured it would be like spray painting my head (and in a way it is) and I had bad images from baldness cures running through my head.

I was also intrigued by the product. I figured that if it worked then I could keep my roots touched up and extend the length of my dye so that I wouldn’t have to dye it that often. While the eSalon dye was gentle and i didn’t have a lot of breakage, in fact my hair is actually quite healthy at the moment, I still like to stretch the time between hair dyes because I feel the less I dye it the healthier my hair will remain. So I had my fingers crossed when I tried this product.

I have to say I was very impressed. I did run a comb through my hair just to see if the spray would flake off in case you are wondering why one side looks combed and the other didn’t.

When i sprayed it I kind of worked it into the hair as well. The nozzle for the spray is perfect for that. It has a small tip to direct the spray to exactly where you need it. The spray is light and has a sort of hairdresser’s scent to it. It smells like a salon. And it made my bathroom smell like a salon, which was kind of nice. I went rather light on the spray because I didn’t want to overload my hair with product. I think if I went a little heavier there would be no seam showing between my roots and the rest of my hair.

targeted nozzle

The product matched well because it was the same color as my hair dye and I think it is a very good way to extend the life of your dye. When you spray it, the product does go in wet. The label says to leave it to sit for a minute or two, which I did. After two minutes I touched the top of my head and my hair was dry. It has a slightly odd texture to the hair. While it feels weightless, when you touch it, you can tell your hair has something in it.

The texture feels a bit like you sprayed heavy duty hair spray into your hair and then brushed it out. You know where you’ve brushed out the spray so that the hair isn’t stiff any more, but you can still tell that there was a product in your hair? That is the same feeling.

Because of that, I think there is a practical limit to how long you can let your roots grow while using this to disguise it. I don’t mind using it on the top of my head, but once it got past the crown and extended down the sides of my head I don’t think I’d want to use the spray. I think it is definitely a product to use on the top of your head. For me it hid the grays and blended in with the hair. I think it is also very good for those sneaky grays that just sort of wait until I’ve dyed my hair to pop out of my scalp and laugh at me. Their taunting time is now at an end.

The comb didn’t dislodge the spray or eliminate the coverage, but when I washed my hair the Camo Mist rinsed right out with no residue left behind. It didn’t cover my scalp in the deep auburn hair color, but stuck to my hair which I liked. It made me feel less like i was spray painting my scalp. It is essentially not noticeable except by touch. I think that I will be using this spray until I do redye my hair. As I ordered the same color from eSalon, the Dark Auburn, I will keep the Camo Mist until the next time my roots grow out and then use it to touch up until I feel it is time to dye my hair once again. If you are ordering hair dye, I would highly recommend adding the Camo Mist to your shopping list. It isn’t very expensive ($15) but I know when I like how my hair looks, it makes me feel like a million bucks. And since the same people are creating your custom color, you know it is going to be the perfect match.