The Daily: October 14th, 2020

Today the sun was shining and over night the scavengers had time to clear out the unfortunate creekbed remains and the midge swarms are once again hiding in the shadows. So I was able to take my walk with out feeling like i was walking through a fishmongers after an extended power outage.

Deep breaths my darlings!

Inhale the actual air from the world outside.

And revel in the fact that the ragweed was smacked by the cold snap last night and making the eyes as happy as the lungs. That’s right, no itchy watery eyes for me today!

I see clearly, I breathe deeply and I crunched my way over the dried mud scales that currently coat the walking trail. While not the best of surfaces, the dried mud is not slick so no skidding down the hill for me today either.

It was quite pleasant, in fact it was so pleasant after I post this, I may go on a second afternoon stroll. more calories burned and more pressure put on the new deodorant i am trying out. If you recall from yesterday’s post, on a whim I picked up a new natural deodorant to try out. It is the Cucumber and Mint from Native.

After my first walk this morning I came in with still non-stinky armpits. However my skirt’s armpits were very very wet. I know it is a deodorant and not an antiperspirant but I was not expecting such damp cloth. I was wearing a black shirt so there were no noticeable pit stains. But the feel of the wet cloth was not my favorite.

I don’t mind sweating on my walk. Half the time everyone I pass is just as sweaty and messy as I am so that doesn’t bother me. The issue might be what happens when I test it out in a shirt sitting at my desk. I may have a lot of black clothing but not everything is dark and some clothes would definitely show stains. I think once I’ve determined that it doesn’t make me stinky when I’m working out, I will see about the non-work out results. There also may be an adjustment period as I just changed deodorants this past week.

But phase one, the not stinky in public phases is going well so far. If it remains so, I will move into Phase 2 testing. but for now I don’t stink. Having said that, I think i am going to take advantage of the very nice day outside and go for a walk. I may regret it when I have to play catch up tomorrow but my meetings are done for the day and quite frankly the sunshine and cooler temps are calling me to play. Resistance is futile.


The Daily: October 12, 2020

I know it is super early for the daily post but it is a strange day. Today is a holiday for my babydoll and it is pouring down buckets of rain. So all of the things he planned to do have gone by the wayside and he has asked if I wanted to play hooky and join him in a movie marathon.

And yes, yes I do.

Plus he made the puppy dog eyes which I can’t resist.

This morning I spent some time with the Wii Fit since I knew that even if the rain stopped the park would be flooded and thwart any attempt at using the walking trail. I am also monitoring my calories to make certain I don’t go over the non-walking day calorie count. It is kind of the best I can hope for fitness wise today.

So I will very shortly be turning off my computer for the day and taking advantage of the holiday. Partially, because I want to spend time with my baby and partially because he has already been in my office every twenty minutes with a new comment or question because he just doesn’t know what to do with himself. So the odds of me getting any work done this afternoon even if I decline the movie marathon are slim to none.

Sometimes it is just best to lean into the distractions and accept it.

And I don’t mind spending time with my baby.

I just need to resist the snacking. As long as there is no snacking, I shall be fine. Since I am preparing a big lunch salad which always fills me up just before we start our movie marathon, I should be okay. Plus there are almost no snacks in the house. I made certain not to pick them up last time we went shopping so they wouldn’t be here when the inclination to snack struck. And I know for a fact that yesterday my babydoll polished off his bag of emergency doritos. which he would only do if there was nothing left. I think my current snack foods include a small container of grapes (all that’s left of the bunch) and a kiwi fruit. So I should be well able to stay within my calories.

Its sort of like planning.

Oh and for those looking into more at home fitness, Prosource fit has restocked their Kettlebells. For a long time they were having trouble keeping them stocked because everyone was trying to build their own home gym (and they are affordably priced and high quality). But they have finally restocked and have all the sizes you could possibly desire in store. I mostly mention this because I have been planning on picking up some of their kettlebells for my own use and have thus far been thwarted by out of stock items. So they are now instock for those who, like me may have been previously thwarted.

And on that note, I am off, first to make a large lunch salad and then to indulge in a movie marathon with my baby. It feels quite decadent for a rainy Monday afternoon. But I am okay with the occasional decadence. For once I am not only caught up on my work, but actually ahead of schedule. And so I am off to enjoy. I’ll be back in the morning.

strength and toning equipment

Workout Waffle: August 17th, 2020

Okay so this is less of a waffle and more of a posting of a plan. During the early part of my weight loss, I depended on routine to help see me through. Part of that routine involved the gym and a set number activities on an established circuit of machines. Barring that, I have been drifting a bit. So I’m establishing a new weekly routine. A checklist if you will. Now I will say that the checklist is deliberately optimistic. I am well aware that it is likely I will not complete all of these activities each day, but I want a checklist that is aspirational. Sure this week I may only have one day where I complete every activity on the list. But the following week, I may have two.

Or I could end up doing them all each day and find out that I need to add more intensity to the system. I’ve been drifting since March and need at least something to keep me focused. So posted below is my list for the week. I’ll check in Friday and let you know how many things I managed to check off and how I actually feel about this checklist after a week.

As a note, the walks and their length tend to be weather dependent. So I may need some substitutions for rain. It is supposed to be dry this week so fingers crossed. I will add replacements if I get rained out.

Checklist: Week of August 17th-21st


  • 20 minutes of you tube videos focused on flexibility
  • long walk in the morning
  • ten minutes chair dancing with arm weights
  • short walk in the evening


  • 20 minutes of you tube videos focused on strength training (hand weights)
  • Long walk in the morning
  • short walk in the evening


  • 20 minutes of you tube videos focused on flexibility
  • long walk in the morning
  • ten minutes chair dancing with arm weights
  • short walk in the evening


  • 20 minutes of you tube videos focused on strength training (hand weights)
  • Long walk in the morning
  • short walk in the evening


  • 20 minutes of you tube videos focused on flexibility
  • long walk in the morning
  • ten minutes chair dancing with arm weights
  • short walk in the evening

Workout Waffle: August 11th, 2020

Yesterday for the first time in two weeks I managed to go on a walk on our walking trail. I was welcomed back by the speedwalking alder man who nodded at me as he quick stepped past and the siberian husky who is required to go on three walks per day despite the heat as his owners help him recover from a leg injury. They both (and the dog’s owner) kept their distance bu the dog got thouroughly wiggly at the sight of me so I know my absence was noted.

I took my walk slow as I figured my tender ankle might balk once I reached the furthest point from home. No medical knowledge there, just Murphy’s Law at work, really. Its the one law I’ve always been able to count on. So I took it at a slow amble, which also helped me in the heat. It made the walk longer but I didn’t feel like a completely melted pile of goo like the wicked witch after Dorothy doused her. I was only half melted like a plastic happy meal toy in a too hot car.

I have to say though, hot as it was, I really enjoyed just walking around outside. It was nice. Even with the mask.

During my little break from walking, I looked over my notes for August to sort of compare them to my current August. Last year, July was a little cooler than this July has been so I was able to walk regularly outside for longer before the heat made the gym a much more attractive prospect. At the moment the gym isn’t an option, and won’t be for a while. I touch far too many machines when I am there for me to feel comfortable there even if the machines are now spaced apart.

So in addition to walking earlier and trying to get some calories burned before the heat rises, I will be looking at establishing my own indoor workout routine/system as I anticipate the arrival of the dog days. I’ll still be using some You tube workouts but I want to get more of a system with the weights I do have so I have sort of a check list to work through. At the gym I always had a set pattern planned before I went in. At home I tend to drift a little and I think I’ve been skimping on some of my workouts. (I can only justify so much because of the ankle) Mostly it is me drifting. So I’m writing up a checklist this week so I can burn the appropriate number of calories.

I don’t know if it will help any of you out there, but once I set it up I can post it and then let you know how closely I stick to it. I think it is going to be a bit of trial and error on my part. But it should be fun-ish in a psycho sort of way. Plus, it will be nice to feel like I have a goal again (outside of work) I feel I’ve been drifting a lot lately as days sort of run into each other. As we approach fall I feel like As summer ends I need to get my ducks in a row. Perhaps it is my inner start of school year bell chiming. Either way, a schedule will soon be posted and the drifting will stop.

And yes I realize this post was sort of drifty too.

Weekly Weight: 205.0 lbs

June 12, 2020

Still chugging along, but I have to say this week was a bit harder than usual. The first few days this week, the heat about took me out on my walks. When it cooled down a little the humidity spiked and I came home looking like a drowned rat. Not a good look. I know sweat is good for purging the pores, but my pores were having a fire sale. I tried moving my walks to the early morning and the late evening. The morning was better, but still sweaty. The evening was just as hot but with swarms of midges and mosquitoes thrown into the mix.

Once the rain stopped pouring down on a daily basis here, I let some of my in house work outs slide and just revelled in the freedom of walking outside. I think I may be keeping my morning calorie burning walk and just adding in an afternoon of at home yoga and weights. I have a couple of weights I really like using, but I may look into picking up a few more to expand my at home work out capabilities. I think I also might need an additional yoga mat to up the cushioning between me and the floor.

As I suspect I will not feel comfortable in a public gym for quite some time, it actually seems like a pretty smart investment.

As well as a way to keep from basting in my own sweat under the sun. Or at least limiting it to the cooler hours.

Regardless of the change up I am happy the scale is once again moving. It never moves as fast as I want it too, but I keep reminding myself that’s not an entirely bad thing. I think I’ve also spent more time thinking about it than usual this week. I played phone catch up with everyone this week and the standard thread was that everyone’s eating and workout habits have changed in the past few months and either weight has been gained or muscles have gone soft. I have about five friends now doing the Chloe Ting Challenge. I told them I’d look into it and get back to them on Monday. I haven’t looked into it yet, but it is on my weekend to do list. If I get roped in, I’ll be sure to let you know.

But for today, I am just looking ad adding weights and (yoga mat cushioning) back into my routine as a means of getting out of the sun for a bit. So to the weekly stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 205.6 lbs

This week’s Weight: 205.0 lbs

Weight lost this week: 0.6 lbs

Weight lost thus far: 41.0 lbs

Weight left to lose (apx.): 82.0 lbs

I love when the numbers are easy to calculate. So there we have it. A week of sweating followed by a weekend of strategizing and investigating a trend that seems to have swept up a lot of my friends. As a plus sized woman I am always leery of any work out that promises miracles in two weeks and has the word shred in it. In my world shred is what you do to cheese. But who knows, a workout challenge could be fun and help me change up my routine. We’ll see. For now, I am going to post my weekly Make-up Bag Post and then get to work. Happy Friday everyone.

yoga gear

Weekly Weight: 207.4 lbs

April 17, 2020

I will say, there was a happy dance this morning when I saw the numbers were decreased from last week. I think the main reason they went down this week was that the rain finally stopped the flooding left the park and the walking trail was again opened. Also the recent cold snap brought in by the rain meant that I was one of the few people in the park. There were a couple of people, mostly walking dogs with thick fur coats.

One of my neighbors has a Bernese Mountain dog who looked like he was just sprung from prison. His owner was thankful that she had yet to give him his summer hair cut.

A fact she told me from across the wide expanse of the eight foot trail as we each held tightly to our sides, hers a more trying effort as the dog wanted to make new friends. Apparently he’s having issues with social distancing. Of course he also had issues with his attempts to make friends with the herons who have more or less taken up the creek side of the park. I’m guessing they arrived with the rains as several looked confused that the lake covering the trail and surrounding flat land covered by the overflowing creek was now gone.

I’m not sure if it was an accident, surprise from the Bernese, or retaliation for invading the park the herons now claimed as their own, but when taking off one of them dropped a fish on me.It was only about four inches long and more rounded than long and it was still wiggling. I didn’t realize the creek had more than minnows.

I have to say, people may be having a hard time with staying at home and not conducting their lives as usual, but the wildlife, at least in my area, seems to be having a blast with the change in the status quo. While there are always birds in our park, especially at this time of year, at the moment they seem to have taken over.

While I use the trail nearly daily, the bulk of the people who are on the trail during the day come from the large office buildings and private (year round) school that back up onto the park and walking trail. I know the businesses have their own interconnected walking trail for employees only that ties into the public one and the school’s play area is adjacent to it. With the schools and office buildings (they are corporate offices I think) all closed with only one or two staff to check on the buildings now and again, the use of the walking trail has gone down significantly.

Luckily, the birds are of different varieties or I would feel as though I was walking into an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

They stare but they look more confused by my presence (and those walking dogs) than anything else. Kinda fun. Other than that it has been a quiet week. My seedlings are almost to the point where I can take them out of the green house and start hardening them in the day time at least for preparation for being left out overnight. I am already snipping off mint and oregano to dry in the oven for teas and seasoning and I can tell you that after limiting my fresh veg because of grocery store avoidance, I have been very focused on my tomato seedlings and lettuce beds.

While the tomatoes will have to wait until high summer, at which point I will probably be buried under them considering how many I planted this year (Lycopene for everybody!) I know I’m going to have to hold back on thinning the salad veg too aggressively.

I can honestly say when I started my diet, I never thought I would actually miss salad. Oh, how the world has changed in a year.

As you can probably tell, it was a relatively quiet week here, which given the alternative, suits me fine. So, as you’ve been caught up on my world,to the stats.

Starting weight: 246 lbs

Last week’s weight: 208.6 lbs

This week’s weight: 207.4 lbs

Weight lost this week: 1.2 lbs

Weight lost thus far: 38.6 lbs

weight left to lose (apx.) 84.4 lbs

So there you have it my darlings, not to shabby a week. Now it is time for me to get back to work, even if the back of my brain is still trying to plot out how to defend the lettuces against the brigade of rabbits already plotting their invasion strategies. There will more than likely be chicken wire in my future. There will also be a face mask this afternoon. I received two really interesting ones in subscription boxes this month so I have to decide which one I want to use first by this afternoon.Tune in later to see which I go for. Until then, have a great Friday.

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sample kit

Weight Loss Regime Survival Tip #46: Why Bother?

a new pair of shoes and moving forward one step at a time

I had this conversation with a friend of mine the other day and it really stuck with me. We’ll call my friend Jane for the sake of this post and to respect her privacy. She and I have very similar weight issues, i.e. far too much of it and no actual underlying health issues that aren’t weight related (like joint pain from feet being asked to carry too much weight). I think I started in about two lbs heavier than she was, but as I was 246 that put her at 244. For the past year we have both been inching along with our weight loss.

We were also meeting up once every week or so for moral support (and because our gym schedules happened to allign). I haven’t actually seen her since February at this point though.

When I spoke to her a few nights back she said that she wasn’t going to bother even thinking about her weight until the world returned to something more stable. Her argument was, quite simply, Why bother? Why bother focusing on weight loss when there are so many more important things to focus on right now? She even went so far as to put her scale in the cupboard.

I didn’t argue with her as weight and its loss are both very personal things that need to be dealt with individually, but I thought about what she said. I thought about it a lot.

And I have to say I disagree.

First off, I would like to say that, you should still pay attention to what is going on in the world. Sticking your head in the sand isn’t going to help you, although holing up like a hibernating bear might. Like most people I am following the news. However, there comes a point where paying too much attention is likely to drive me mad and having something other than the outside world to pay attention to has helped me tremendously.

While I am always thrilled when the scale shows me a lower number, and every weight loss no matter how small is celebrated by a happy dance, my goal at this time is merely not to gain weight. My weekly step on the scale is more of a monitoring process and part of my weekly routine.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still trying to lose weight, but I am more forgiving with myself than usual.

I find routines very important. Its why I started doing the weekly weigh in to begin with. I wanted a consitent day and time to step onto the scale to monitor my progress, lack of progress or even set backs. It keeps me honest and because I am sharing it with you, accountable.

Maintaining that routine makes me feel a bit more normal. In addition, at this point in my world because my weight loss plan involves monitoring my caloric intake and my exercising I sort of know how many calories I need to consume each day. With several week’s worth of groceries on hand, monitoring my weight each week actually helps me avoid some of my stress eating. Even if I only see my baby and no one else, I am still accountable to the scale each week. If I gain a bunch of weight, it probably means I am stress eating and need to stop.

If only so we don’t run out of groceries.

Being able to monitor the groceries also provides a level of comfort for me. Which is why I still have as healthy a meal plan as I can create at this point in time without constantly running out to the store for fresh veg and relying on a lot of frozen and dried produce from the freezer. Also much of that came from last year’s garden and needs to be cleared out as this year’s garden gets underway.

So the clearing out is actually a productive thing.

Adding workouts to my schedule despite not having access to the gym not only lets me build in breaks to my day, it also helps me relieve stress by focusing on just the way my body moves instead of following numerical progressions across the face of the globe. It not only keeps me active, which most doctors agree is a good thing, but I am doing exercises that force me to focus on my breathing.

During the exercise, whether I am following along with a Youtube yoga or five pound weight video or following along with the Planet Fitness Facebook page (my most common sources for videos) or walking around the neighborhood to stretch my legs in the sunshine between the rainstorms, there is my breath.

Steady in and steady out.

Not only does the action calm me, but as I don’t have any problems with the breathing in and out, I am also reassured that I am still healthy. I am reminded that I am fine.

No matter what news story I just finished watching.

While I respect my friend Jane and her decision not to even think about her weight or the scale for a while, for me, I believe there is ample reason to still bother monitoring my weight, even if it isn’t strictly to help with loss, and to maintain my workout routine, even if it isn’t completely for exercise.

I still focus on the outside world, but spending a little time focusing on myself actually helps me maintain a good balance so that I can deal with events without being overwhelmed. I know this isn’t technically speaking any sort of dieting tip, but I wanted to state why I am continuing with these posts the way they are. Hopefully you find the posts an enjoyable break from what’s going on in your life.

As for me, (and the lead photo for this post) my current pair of sneakers wore out and I just received their replacement. Actually my baby doll ordered the replacement based on a previous order. I was going to test out a different shoe this time around, but I forgot to tell him I was going to order them, so I have these.

I actually checked my chart and it was this time last year that I started monitoring my mileage on the shoes to see how many miles I got out of them before they were replaced. At that time I was alternating between the gym and the walking trail. At the moment, I am exclusively walking in the neighborhood and the walking trail. I think it just might be an interesting contrast to see how long this pair lasts compared to the others.

And yes that is another thing for me to keep track of, another item to add to my routine. I am by nature a list maker and I find this soothing. Hopefully you find it entertaining. So I will record this set of shoes for their mileage and compare it to last year. Then I’ll branch out to a different pair of shoes. maybe Reebok or Adidas next time instead of New Balance. We’ll see, for now the important thing is to just keep moving, one step at a time.

Weely Weight: 210.6 lbs

March 27th, 2020

Yeah, I knew there was going to be a significant weight gain. I was hoping it was less, but given everything I am not surprised. There was the lack of any form of work out last week combined with over eating very highly caloric foods. There was also stress.

Stress always makes me gain weight, or at least it has in the past. I don’t see why that would actually change.

But this week I started in on a new plan. I added a bit of yoga stretching and a segment of hand weights to my week to make up for the gym. I meant to add a third but there was a bit of a kerfuffle, Apparently our internet provider was not prepared for so many people to work remotely so wednesday I couldn’t get a video to load without spending more time looking at the circular loading symbol than the actual video. Thursday of course I did the weights again.

In general my gym sessions aren’t designed to burn massive calories though, I do it for my strength training more or less and burn calories with my walk.And when it is raining I use the gym’s treadmills.

So with the constant rain for the past week or so, either my walking around the block between bursts of rain did nothing or it did something and I was just worse off last week than I thought. Because I was kind enough to myself not to actually step on the scale at the end of last week, we will never know.

And quite frankly I am fine with that.

This week we got things situated so my baby can work from home and neither go bonkers nor drive me to the brink of insanity. which is a pretty big victory. Although I now have a standing lunch date as he more or less figures that if he is taking a lunch break then I should too, There are worse things.

The electronics seemed to have sorted themselves out and after a full day of no rain yesterday, I went to check the walking trail and the flood waters were receding. I should actually be able to walk today in a normal fashion. As the lack of walking was beginning to make me feel antsy I am very happy to report that. So while I am not pleased with the weight gain, I was expecting it and in an effort to practice self-care, I am calling this a re-boot. I am not going to list how much I gained in my stats today (although you can easily do the math, I did it in my head already) I am going to simply take this as current weight and move on. As I become more comfortable with home workouts and begin walking again, I’m sure the numbers on the scale will once again be in decline and my spirits will rise. What that rate will be is anyone’s guess. For now I am happy to one again have a routine. Or at least the start of one. Please let me know if you find my Home Fitness Posts helpful or if you’d like to see something added or taken away from them. Or if you’d like me to drop them all together. For those who come more for the beauty related topics, next week I will be catching up on some of my palette posts as I got a bit slack with posting them. I have been practicing my swatching though so they might be more helpful this time around.

So to the stats.

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Current Weight: 210.6 lbs

Amount of weight lost to date: 35.4 lbs

Weight left to lose (apx.): 87.6 lbs

Okay folks there is the reboot. we will see where things go from here as we step out into this brave new world of ours. Well not too far out as we are all mostly still practicing self-isolation. Metaphorically out I suppose. Anyway I will see you all this afternoon for the Friday Face Mask. I hope you have a good Friday.

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Home Fitness: Let the Weights begin!

a set of five pound weights

Before I get started I have to say an apology to the world of yoga. I always knew it was exercise, but I thought it secondary to the gym. I have to say this morning when I got up, I could feel yesterday’s short bout of yoga. First of all I congratulated myself on taking it slow when getting started and easing myself into the new routine instead of dashing headlong into a full hour long workout.

I may have worked in the gym, but yoga is different. It feels easier when you are doing it somehow yet when you aren’t looking manages to kick your butt. It talks about breathing and calming stress while making you sweat.

It’s a sneaky sort of exercise.

I have to say I respect that.

For those of you who missed yesterday’s post I completed the Fifteen Minute Morning Yoga Routine from SarahBethYoga yesterday as my first stay at home fitness venture. I liked and repeated it this morning. Although I was a bit sore this morning, the routine loosened me up and made me feel better about doing other workouts.

Which was good because it was Tuesday and time for Weights. Yeah my weight options pretty much include the hand weights you see pictured above and a five lbs weight ball that I am pretty sure is buried somewhere in my closet.

So for today’s starting workout I walked a couple of laps between bursts of rain around my neighborhood. I used a large golf umbrella and my yellow rubber rain boots instead of my sneakers. My arches aren’t entirely happy with me but I found a set of Dr. Scholl’s gel inserts that I could tuck into the boots should they be necessary tomorrow. It’s not ideal, but we still have flooding. So I’ll take the sore feet.

Added to this was my hand weight workout. The specific one I tried today was called Workout with 5 Pound Weights – Home Workout with Dumbbells by Jessica Valant Pilates It is about ten minutes long, which I thought was good for a first workout with weights. It only uses the weights as the necessary equipment and was easy to follow along. There was no point where I was lost or confused and most importantly I could do all of the exercises. A few towards the end weren’t as stellar as the presenter’s versions, but I did them.

I also might have said a few not so nice things about people who actually seem to enjoy working out with weights, but I don’t think the people on the television heard me.

I hate weight day. I’ll be honest, I know it is important and I know I need to do it, hence the reason I schedule it, but I hate it.If I could get away with just walking I would. But I can’t. And since I can’t this was a good beginner workout for me to do. And as much as I complain about it, I will be doing it again on Thursday.

Tomorrow I will be trying a yoga fitness ball routine and will hopefully manage to neither explode the ball nor propel myself into a wall. At least if I do knock myself out on the wall, I know I won’t be home alone. Starting tomorrow my darling dearest will be working from home. He is not the sort of person to whom working at home comes naturally. He is very much a work is work and home is home and never should the two meet.

I’m sure there will be some adjustments.

As well as someone to make sure I don’t brain myself on the wall. Once I have the yoga ball routine I will be set for a week or so. It (or a routine I like) will be for Monday, Wednesday and Friday while I go for the weights on Tuesday and Thursday and then continue with the fifteen minute wake up as my initial morning stretch during week days. Hopefully the weather will clear up and I will then get to exchange my rain boots for sneakers and I will have some semblance of a set routine. Then if I get bored, I can branch out. I have no idea how long the world will be upended, and personally despite random predictions, I don’t think anyone else knows either. I suspect howeve it will last long enough for my new routine to become routine and need shaking up.

But this week is about set up. Next week will be about monitoring and adjusting. Today we worry about our own sanity, tomorrow we worry about the world’s collective sanity. As my Gran used to say, “Everything in it’s own time.”

I’m not entirely sure she meant pandemics, but I’m gonna run with it.

For those looking to start their own home fitness routine I’m going to post a few links below you might find useful in gearing up. (Hanesbrands Inc.)

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At Home Fitness Begins

My at home equipment

Last week, as far as weight loss goes, was a complete and utter bust. I completed no workouts, my menu plan went out the window due to grocery shortages and believing the world of fired restaurant food would soon be taken from him, my darling dearest came home with every assorted food he could think of to pick up from a take out place, most of which neither of us has eaten in over a year. As the phone rang off the hook and time was mostly spent checking on elderly relatives scattered in multiple countries, the comfort food was well appreciated. In addition to no workouts I think I binge ate more than four times my normal calorie budget each day.

But I made my peace with that.

I also didn’t step on the scale last Friday in an effort to preserve my own sanity.

But now that things are locked down for the most part, my sanity depends on regular exercise. So with all the gyms closed I am working out at home.

For those who have been reading my posts for a while, you will know that a big part of my exercise regime includes walking. It is low impact, and because I generally use the walking trail near my house it gets me some fresh air. It also provides breaks during my day so I am not always sitting at a computer.

The walking trails were put in the low lying flood prone areas to make use of mostly unusable land. Unfortunately when it floods, the trail is under water. It has been raining a lot lately. So even though today we only had intermittent rain, the trail was still under water. Luckily the houses are on higher ground as are the streets. So I, like a couple of my neighbors, have been taking advantage of the completely empty streets and the few breaks in the rain to get in a little outside time. So I’ve gotten some walking in today, while still maintaining my social distance.

I’ve also gone back to measuring my portion size and counting my calories. Stress eating at the moment is my biggest thing to avoid. While all of this is fine and standard. I am missing my gym. It is closed and I need some replacements. So I have turned to various sources to find them. Today, as the phones are still ringing, I added a fifteen minute morning yoga routine to my day courtesy of SarahBethYoga. If you click on the link it will take you to the video I tried.

Despite having a yoga mat, it has been a long time since I tried any yoga. I was somewhat nervous so I started with the fifteen minute routine. I figure I can do just about anything for fifteen minutes if I put my mind to it, with a few notable exceptions of course. Now while I have lost a substantial amount of weight (a little over 40 lbs at this point), I am still no light weight. I am probably at least ninety to a hundred pounds heavier than the woman in the video. I still managed to get through it relatively easily.

It was a good morning stretch and I will admit I did not do so well with the bending over and putting my hands on the ground part. I did use that as an extra stretch and figured the more I tried to do it the better I would get at the pose. I will aslo admit, my transitions, especially when it involved my knees and the floor, were not what anyone would call graceful. Still I made it through the video and I think I am going to add it to my morning routine. My plan is to build up a selection of workouts, alternating days, for example using Monday, Wednesday and Friday as flexibility work with yoga and then use Tuesday and Thursday as days to work with weights.

And as there are hundreds, if not thousands of videos in various sites available right now, I am sure to find enough that I can do with what I have and that I actually like doing. I think this one is definitely a keeper. Also as it is a basic stretching routine, I can use it as a warm up, even when I am doing other workouts. So I am well on my way to building a stable substitute workout routine at home. Also keeping myself moving keeps me from going stir crazy even if the rain is limiting my outside time.

Tomorrow, I will try to find a weight based one to start me off.Wish me luck.

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