Ipsy Glam Bag Plus October 2021 Unboxing

Oh my darlings, my IPSY bag arrived in the mail. Can you believe it? I can’t remember the last time my IPSY subscription arrived this early in the month. It is a Halloween miracle.

So shall we see what’s in the pretty pink mailer?

First off we have the bag for the month. I like the print. i think it is very appropriate for the month. I also wish it was on an actual makeup bag. I’ve mentioned my disappointment in the drawstring bags already. i think it feels more objectionable this month since I not only like the print but IPSY’s price went up. This Glam Bag Plus is now $28 per month ($30.73 with Tax). I know it is because postage and product prices have gone up, and I do understand that, but it does make the bag feel extra cheap.

But let’s face it, I am never really going to like the draw string bags.

And it really isn’t about the bag anyway. So lets get into the products.

The first item out of my bag I really can not complain about. The Dermelect Self Esteem Beauty Sleep serum is always going to be welcome at my house. I know it can be used all over my face, but quite frankly when I get this serum, I mostly use it on my neck. It has made it into my skin care line up many times in the past and will continue circling through the line up. I finished my most recent bottle a few months ago and have it on my to be repurchased list. Now it is here again and i don’t have to repurchase it. So we are off to a good start this month.

The second item in my bag this month is also welcome. It is the Wander Beauty Staycation Hydrating Mask. I had a sample size of this not too terribly long ago and really enjoyed it. It is very hydrating though so for me this is actually quite timely. It is the kind of mask I can use in the winter but can’t really use in the summertime. As it is October and the weather is sort of on the turn, soon I will be leaning into my hydrating masks. Since I enjoyed the sample i used, i am happy to try the full size out.

The third item that was chosen for my by IPSY this month was also the one makeup item in my bag. It is the Roen Cake Lash mascara. Oddly enough I have managed to blaze through a large number of my stockpiled mascaras. For a while it felt as though I was drowning in them. I even had a separate mascara stash. Now the few mascaras I have that are unopened have been mixed in with my other unopened products and no longer need their own drawer. To be honest i was hoping to whittle them down enough so that I can try out the My Little Mascara Club. I’ll probably still try the subscription out soon, but until then I have another mascara to try and as my stockpile is down, I’m not mad about receiving this. The lip gloss from Roen is the only item I’ve tried from the brand so i am happy to see what their other products are like. I won’t open it though until I am ready to use it. The wand on the website looks pretty good though.

I’m also happy there was at least one makeup item this month.

The next two items are items that I chose. The choose selection was pretty poor this month, but I was actually pleased to see these two items. The fist is the Murad Skin Smoothing Polish. You know I love a good exfoliator and Murad is a skin care brand that I trust. I am currently using the Annmarie Skincare Kaolin Clay Exfoliator but it will soon be used up and I am happy to have another exfoliator on standby.

Finally we get to the Tokyomilk French Kiss Perfume. I was very happy to see this as I am a fan of the Brand. one of my favorite winter perfumes is #85 Novacaine from Tokyomilk Dark. That one is both a winter scent and a night time scent. From the first sniff this seems like it would be more of a day time scent. I am actually looking forward to trying it out. (Also on the add ons I ordered another perfume from the Tokyomilk brand and I’ll be trying that one out as well).

There is one thing that concerns me a bit with the perfume though. It is a bit on the small side. I have it next to the regular sized bottle that i ordered from the brand. It is significantly larger than the bottle that came from IPSY. While I am happy with the size for a perfume the comparison does bother me a little since IPSY PLUS is supposed to be full sized items. It is possible that the bottle sizes for the brand have changed as I have had my bottle for a little while.

Size issues aside I am very happy with my bag for this month. It is heavy on the skincare which is slightly disappointing, but all of the items are ones that I will use. So I am actually quite happy. I do hope that next month leans a little more towards the makeup side of things, but really this is one of the better plus bags that they have sent in a while. It makes me very happy. It also makes my decision on what subscriptions to keep in the new year and which to let go a bit more difficult.

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IPSY Glam Bag Plus September 2021 Unboxing

That’s right my darlings. We have reached the section of the month where unboxings sort of take over as subscription boxes start to arrive. This month has been strange as subscriptions that have been running late arrive early and the ones that usually arrive early are running late.

Apparently several of my packages have decided that they really like Smyrna, TN and have no desire to leave. I have no idea why. But it is one of the mysteries of the postal service.

The bag

One of the subscriptions that has been running late in the past few months is IPSY. Which is why I was surprised when my Glam Bag plus arrived mid month instead of towards the end. But arrived it has. Now normally I don’t say much about the draw string bags that now come with the IPSY Glam Bag plus subscription. It used to be actual makeup bags, now it is just a drawstring bag. I only mention this one because it actually feels a little less cheaply made than many in the past. I will actually be keeping this one and adding it to my travel kit. I like to keep underwear in small bags when I travel. I also was take too bags, one for clean and one for worn. And If I am traveling for a longer stretch I put a plastic ziptop bag inside the bag for the worn underwear just to keep everything super fresh until I can get to a laundry.

But that is besides the point.

What is to the point is that this is a $25 per month subscription. Or at least was. In October the price goes up to $27 per month. I have to say that given that IPSY hasn’t been spectacularly fabulous in the past few months, I’m not really sure how I feel about the price increase. I’ve had an IPSY subscription for a really long time, in one form or another and when I work out my end of year subscription evaluations and decide what subscription is going through with me to the next month, I never really considered dropping IPSY completely. This year that may change.

But on to the September products. In the Glam Bag Plus you receive five full sized products. Two they choose for you and three you pick from a selection. Let’s start with the two products they chose.

The first is the Murad Clarifying Oil Free Water Gel. In general I like Murad products. Currently in my skincare line up I have a Murad Toner that I am absolutely loving. The thing is, this moisturizer is designed for acne prone skin. While I am currently using an acne clearing product in my line up, I typically only need them once a month for hormonal break outs or if my skin has a reaction and breaks out. At the moment I am settling both at the same time, but that is a different story.

Because of this I tend only use acne fighting products once a month and rely on pore clearing masks to help with any clogged pores in the interim. The Clarifying cleanser from Murad is one that I will reach for periodically and it works really well, but I can only use it two days in a row before my skin dries out too much for me to use it. It is from the same line as this cleanser so I suspect it will be the same. I will hold the moisturizer until the current acne fighting one I am using (Neuralyze renewal complex, if you are curious) is finished, but that will take a while. It is a great brand, it is a pricy brand, and if you have acne prone skin it is a fantastic line of products. I’m not entirely certain it is going to be for me.

I know that is a lot to say about the first product, but for the moment it is important. One of the things that I always liked about IPSY is they pay attention to the beauty profile and your choices. I went back and looked and deliberately chose rarely for acne fighting products. Now one can say it is a fluke and perhaps I will end up enjoying it. However the second product they chose for me was also an acne fighting one.

The second item in my bag this month is the Neogen Dermalogy Intensive Blemish Care Foam Cleanser. Again, I like Neogen. I’ve tried a moisturizer from them that I really love. And to be fair I did put that I love cleansers because it is my most used category of skincare products (I also put that I love moisturizers for the record which I suspect is why they sent these). It’s the intense blemish control that I have issues with. So I will plan to try both of these when it seems appropriate, but suspect that before that comes around I will be passing them along to a younger relative who has this as more of a concern.

So now on to the three items I chose. I’ll be honest, while I do like the items I chose, the selection this month was awful. I literally chose the one product in each category that I thought would be okay.

The first is a Radiance Enzyme Scrub from the brand Juara. It is supposed to minimize pores, brighten, exfoliate and smooth. And I think by now we all know I love my exfoliators both chemical and physical. I try to limit them so I don’t scrub myself into a bad skin place, but I do enjoy them. Plus I don’t know all that much about this brand. I used a hand cream from them and while it worked nice I remember the scent being strong enough to make my eyes water. so it will be nice to try out something else.

The next item was a lip balm from the brand Mischo Beauty. I vaguely recall trying something from them a while back, but I can’t actually remember what it was or how I felt about it. I think it might have been a nail polish. This tinted lip balm looks good, has no scent to it and is in a shade that I very often use. So it could be a very good thing.

Lipstick swatch above, blush swatches below

The final item in the bag this month was a set of liquid blushes from the YC Collection. I was very relieved to open them and find they had do foot applicators. When I looked at them on line they just have liquid dots of product next to the contain so I was worried it would be just a liquid pour. I’ll be honest though, the swatches doo not enthuse me. They both look a little orange in tone. I love blush in… well pretty much any formula though, so I’ll try them out, but I’m not so certain these colors will work for me. Perhaps once blended they will surprise me.

I did choose two add ons this month as well and to be honest, those are the two products I am the most excited about receiving. Well, I say two products, but I mostly just ordered two of the same thing. It’s the Tatcha Rice Cleanser. So at least I know I’ll have one cleanser I can use in this lot. It just more than likely won’t be the one IPSY Chose for me.

I know not every month is going to be fantastic with every subscription box. However it has been a rough year for IPSY. I hate sounding down on subscriptions, especially one that I have really loved for so long, but there may be some serious end of year reevaluation where my subscription is concerned if this sort of trend continues. There are after all many other subscriptions out there. Perhaps, it is time for a change.


August 2021 IPSY Glam Bag X

It is time now for the Quarterly IPSY Glam Bag X box.  Each quarter IPSY has the possibility of upgrading your Glam Bag Plus to an IPSY X.  There is a price increase though.  On the Glam Bag X months you don’t get your regular Glam Bag Plus.  The total cost is $55 ($60.36 with all applicable taxes for me). This is the first year of the Glam Bag X and the third box they have done.  The boxes come out quarterly releasing in February, May, August and November.  I’m pretty sure the months were chosen so that they didn’t conflict with the Boxyluxe Months. Each quarter IPSY partners with someone for the box.  The first box was with Patrick Ta, the second with Khloe Kardashian and this third box is with Halsey.

With the increased price, there are increased expectations, at least on my part.  The first box (IPSY X Patrick Ta) was fantastic. The second box (IPSY X Khloe Kardashian) was a major let down. Let’s see what the third box with Halsey is like, shall we?

The first item in my IPSY X this month was the Herbivore Botanicals Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil (retail $48).  Herbivore is one of those brands that I have heard a lot of people rave about, but I honestly don’t know all that well.  There was an Herbivore Mask in a previous Glam Bag X.  I used it a couple of times but haven’t really used it enough to get a real feel for it.  I am happy to try something else out from the brand though.

The second item in this month’s box was an About Face Light Lock Highlighter.  (retail $32)  I was sort of expecting something from About Face as that is Halsey’s  brand and it would be quite strange if something form her product line wasn’t in the box. 

The packaging is beautiful.  I really like the cap that goes over the dropper.  It just sort of makes it feel a little more lux.  It also makes the liquid highlighter bottle rather large.  The highlighter itself is a lovely golden color, which tends to suit my skin tone better than many silver toned ones.  I am actually really looking forward to trying it out. 

The third item was the one I was most anticipating.  It is the Tatcha Silk Canvas Filter Finish Primer (retail $52). You know I love a good primer.  I have actually used this one before and really enjoyed it.  The last time I had this primer I used every speck of product before finally letting it go.  It is great under foundation, but I really liked it when I didn’t feel like wearing much makeup so I would just apply it and dust powder over and call it good. I am thrilled to have another one of these primers in my collection.   

The Nue co is a brand I have used before and rather like. This box had the Barrier Culture Cleanser.  (retail $42). I have never tried the Nue Co’s cleanser and am looking forward to giving it a go. I am always up for a good cleanser and it is one of those skincare categories that always gets used.  I may skip a serum now and again, but I always use the cleanser.

One of my choice items in this month’s box was the Laniege Lip Sleeping mask in Berry (retail $22). I have used the Laneige lip masks before and really like them.  In fact the one I used last was Berry.  It would have been nice to try the Apple Lime scent as I haven’t given that a go, but even though it was an option in the grand scheme of things, only the berry was in my choice section. 

But even without the scent choice, I am happy.  This is a mask you need so little of to coat your lips, so the product lasts a really long time.  And it comes with the cutest little silicone spoon to apply it.  With this mask I like the spoon not only because it keeps the mask from contamination by fingers, but it also lets you take out a smaller amount.  When I try to apply this mask with my fingers I always end up with too much and end up wasting it.  The little spoon is the perfect size for applying it cleanly and easily. 

This month I received a Fenty Beauty Mascara.  It is the Full Frontal Mascara.  (retail $ 24).  Those of you who read my daily posts know that I just finished up a tube of this mascara and sent it to the empties bin.  It is an okay mascara.  It isn’t fabulous.  It is a mascara I will use if it is here, but I won’t go looking for it when it runs out.  I will add it to my unopened drawer and eventually put it into circulation.  I am okay with having the mascara in the box.  It isn’t my favorite item, but it is a decent product.

Surprisingly, the last two items in my box this month, both choice items for me, weren’t even listed in the newspaper/pamphlet they sent with the box.  The first of these was the Elemis Skin Buff (retail $41).  I love Elemis and I am a big fan of exfoliators, so you know when I saw it on the list of options, I swooped in. 

I’ve used this product before and really liked it.  It is gentle enough to use once a week, at least for me.  I wouldn’t use it every day, but for a once a week exfoliation it is fantastic.  I will admit that the box looked like it had been through the wars by the time I excavated it from my Glam Bag X.  The box was crunched and beaten.  The product inside was fine so there aren’t any problems, but the box did look rough.

Finally there was the Saints and Sinners Hair Velvet Leave in conditioner.  (retail $20). I’ve tried one product from Saints and Sinners and I remember liking it but I can’t remember what the product was.  I think it might have been a heat protector, but I’m not entirely certain.  I am looking forward to trying out the leave in conditioner.  I really like leave in conditioners actually.

I thought it was a little strange that two of my items didn’t make it into the product information sheet.  However I really liked this box.  It is one of the better boxes we have received in a while.  It had a good mix of skincare, haircare and makeup.  In the selection categories, there were multiple products in each category that looked like items I would want to select.  In the past the options weren’t all that great.  This month was different.  There were options and I had to actually think about what I wanted to choose.  In addition the items chosen for me were based on my profile. 

The value ended up being $281 so it was well worth the cost of the box.  However more importantly to me the box contained products that I like and want to use.  There is nothing in this box that I won’t try actually.  There are a couple of things I am thrilled to receive.  In addition the box felt special. It felt luxe to receive.  As this is the first year of the category, I know there are going to be some bumps along the way.  I planned to give the box a full year to see how I felt about it and to decide if I wanted to continue on with it.  After May I was mostly certain that I was going to let this box go at the end of the year.  Now I am not so certain.  It was a fantastic box and I am very happy to have received it. IPSY has had a bit of a bumpy year this year, but the Glam Bag X from Halsey for the month of August, gets two thumbs up. Hopefully this is the start of an upward trend.

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Unboxing the IPSY Glam Bag Plus for July 2021

That’s right my darlings, today we continue the theme of the week of subscriptions. To be honest, I didn’t think IPSY would arrive this week. I received a tracking number towards the beginning of the month (July 10th) and it never updated. At least until yesterday morning when suddenly it changed to Delivery today by 9pm.

For those who do not know, IPSY Glam Bag Plus is a $25 per month subscription. Inside you receive fife full sized products. They used to come with a makeup bag, now they come with a cheap drawstring bag. July’s drawstring bag seems to be slightly better quality than many in the past so either they’ve upgraded or this one just happened to be nicer. Either way I don’t consider the bag as adding any value to the subscription so the less said about it the better.

Let’s move on to the products, shall we?

As for the products, IPSY chooses two and you are allowed to choose the remaining three products from a limited selection of items. Each choice option has about five or six options to choose from. Some months it is a hard choice, other months, not so much. This mont was not great but not really bad either. I felt like I had options and I did get to choose the one I prefered not as the best of a bad lot, but as options I actually preferred.

Let’s look at the two choices chosen for my by IPSY. The first was from Dr. Brandt Skincare and it is the pores no more® PORE PURIFYING CLEANSER (retail $36). I’ll admit, my thoughts are split on this. I like Dr. Brandt products actually and have used several of them. I have never actually received this cleanser so I am looking forward to trying it out. However this particular product has made the rotations for quite a while now. I;ve seen it appear as options in bags numerous times so it sort of feels like a remainder. I like it, but it still feels like a left over.

The second item chosen for me I am actually excited to try. it is the Juice Beauty SPF 30 Oil-Free Moisturizer (retail $30). I have tried several products from Juice Beauty and really liked them. There was a serum a while back that I loved and was very sad when it ran out. The only item I think I’ve tried from the brand that i didn’t like was the bar of soap and I think that is mostly because I don’t care for bars of soap in the shower and not because the product was bad. So I am happy with seeing this moisturizer in my bag.

The first of the items I choose I was very happy to see as it is one that I have thought about adding to my shopping cart numerous times. The only reason I hadn’t actually pulled the trigger on it was because I am trying to whittle down my masks and not buy any until they are a respectable number. (I actually have a lot of small sample sized mask tubes I’m trying to clear out.) But here this mask was as an option so I snapped it up. It is the Go-to-Skincare The Removalist Mask (retail $36). I know it is a detoxifying clay mask. of course I am going to want to try it. What can I say, clay masks are a weakness.

I’m sure I could have worse ones.

The second item I chose was the DR. EVE_RYOUTH Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid Hydrabright Night (retail $90). You know i love night creams. I know a lot of the time I use my regular moisturizer and when it needs a little help I roll in a night mask to help out the moisturizer. But truthfully, I really like having a seperate night moisturizer. I’m not entirely certain why. I don’t have a problem using serums in both the morning and the night, or essences, or toners or cleansers, but something about moisturizers. I really like having a seperate one for night time use. I;ve found a few I like well enough, but I haven’t found one that I find super fabulous. Honestly, I have never heard of this brand before, but I do love Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. so hopefully this will prove useful.

And finally I chose one makeup item from the choice items and it is the Beauty for Real Golden Hour Mango Butter Eyeshadow Palette (retail $36). I have tried a few Beauty for Real products, although not many. I am still trying to decide how i feel about the brand. Their mascara was absolutely fabulous. I remember thinking it wasn’t going to be because it had a small dinky little wand, but once applied I used every single drop and was very sad when it came time for the mascara to depart. The other products I tried from the brand were more or less forgettable. So I chose the palette to see which category it fell into. Also in all of my categories it was the only makeup item.

so that was my July 2021 IPSY Glam Bag Plus. Again I have mixed thoughts about it. I like the products and i am looking forward to trying them out, however once again it was heavily weighted towards skincare. I like skin care. Dare i say I even love skincare. However for a while now there has been a lot of skincare. It would be nice if they would just lean towards makeup a bit more. At least until I can use up a few more products. At this point in my beauty profile I have every makeup item possible checked and listed as send me frequently, so it should help with the product selection. Hopefully. And really I can’t be mad at this bag. I am interested to try all of the products I received and it is a good selection. I think I am just facing a little skincare burn out. Otherwise, IPSY was better this month than it is been in the past few months so I am hoping this is an upward trend.

Next month Is a Glam X month so my glam bag plus will be upgraded for the quarterly box. This is the third one they’ve done. Each quarter the Glam Bag X is a collaboration with someone. The first was Patrick Ta and it was fantastic. The second was with Khloe Kardashian and it was not good at all. In fact I felt a little cheated for paying the upgraded price for that month. This third Glam X is a collaboration with Halsey. I have my fingers crossed. Since it is new I am giving it a full year before I make my final judgement call on whether or not i want to keep it. In fact each year in November and December I review all of my subscriptions to see which ones I will be keeping in the following year. Usually there are a set few that stay and others that are evaluated. Usually Boxy and IPSY are the two pillars that remain, this year I am going to have to have a good hard think about both of them. But for now, I have products I enjoy so July was a decent month.

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Unboxing the June 2021 IPSY Glam Bag Plus

I know the last few months I have been pretty hard on IPSY, but the truth is they have been one of my favorite subscriptions for a long time. In general they are pretty good, which is why when they fall, it feels like they fall hard. IPSY is a beauty subscription with several tiers. They have a Glam Bag tier for $12 per month, a Glam Bag Plus Tier for $25 per month and a quarterly Glam Bag X that comes out, well, quarterly and costs $55.

This is the $25 per month Glam Bag Plus. With this tier you receive five full sized items. Two are chosen for you and three you get to choose from a slate of selections. Each choice has several options so it isn’t a blank slate choice, but there are five or so items in each selection category you can choose from to fill out your bag.

The subscription does come with a drawstring bag. the design is cute but really, I could do without the drawstring bags. I keep the ones I like so that when I travel i can keep undergarments in them rather than just chucking the undies in the suitcase, but other than that, I really prefer the makeup bags we used to get and always find the drawstring bags a disappointment.

I think part of the reason that I was upset with IPSY for the last couple of months is that my selection items were mostly items I already received in previous bags or flat out didn’t want. And they seemed to be paying no attention to my profile. This month there were many new selection items up that I had not seen before so choice was actually a choice which was nice. I didn’t just choose the one item I liked or didn’t have. In addition they seem to be paying attention to my actual profile.

So what did I receive? We’ll start with the items they chose for me.

The first of these items was the Aceology Lifting Treatment Mask (retail $69). We all know I love masks and I do try to use more regular face masks than sheet masks. I am still whittling down my collection of sheet masks but at the moment I am not buying any. I had to put my Facetory subscription on hold because I wanted to whittle down my collection actually. Although their Masking Monday’s usually get me as they put several masks on sale for $1 each Monday.

Most of the time I can ignore them but occasionally they put one that I know I love on sale so I end up stocking up. Which I can’t say I actually feel bad about. I’m whittling down the stack of masks that i acquired through subscription boxes and are just so so, but keeping the ones I really like on hand. Or at least that is the plan.

Regardless I am happy to give the Aceology Lifting Treatment Mask a try.

The second item they chose for me was the Christophe Robin Daily Hair Cream with Sandalwood. It is supposed to fight against split ends. I don’t have a retail price for this as I was supposed to receive an AHAVA moisturizer so that is what is listed in my Glam Bag Plus page of items. I can’t say I am mad at it though. AHAVA is always hit or miss with me, but since my mother loves them the way I love Elemis I usually just pass the products on to her unopened.

I have been trying out several Christophe Robin products lately and they are growing on me, so I am pleased to see how this works. While I have needed to cut my hair for a while as it has grown longer than I like, I almost never cut my hair in the summer (even when i have a stylist). My hair is pretty thick so I just keep it tied up for most of the summer and then have a cut in the Autumn once the heat breaks and I can wear it down again.

Admittedly usually that is when i sort have a shock at how much my hair grew over the summer. I think it is going to be quite shocking at the end of this summer. However having an extra product designed to protect the ends is very timely. I find the sandalwood scent an interesting idea though as I tend to think of the scent as warming and therefore belonging to the cooler months. I am trying to use up a few opened products first so I haven’t opened to take a sniff. Perhaps he scent will not be an issue.

I am still happy to see a product that is anti-breakage and anti-split ends (and from a brand I like) in my bag this month.

And now we enter the realm of choice. The first item in the choice section is the Viseart Petit PRO Deux (retail $39). I’ll admit I didn’t really look at what other options there were in this category, I just snapped up the Viseart Palette. It is a small travel palette that looks just adorable. The only reason I haven’t bought this on my own is that I always look at it and think that it is too expensive for such a small palette.

I actually have a regular Viseart Mattes palette and I absolutely love the formula of the shadows. They are highly pigmented and really easy to blend. I haven’t tried the formula for their shimmers yet so I am looking forward to that. But I have been eyeing the Viseart palettes for a long time and was thrilled to see it here. I know for some it was a choice a while back, but it wasn’t for me.

The next item I selected during choice was the REALHER Power Wear Probiotic Foundation in I Am Divine (retail $36). RealHer is a brand that I am really coming to enjoy. The three pan glow getter face palette I use a lot. I really enjoyed their mascara and eyebrow pencil. And when I remember to use them, their lip pencil formulas are really nice as well. I can’t wait to see what their foundation formula is like. I think I may have gotten a shade too light for the summertime, but I may try it out today and see if I can use tinted powders to darken it up, just so I can get a feel for the formula. As I have enjoyed pretty much every other product I’ve tried from the brand, I have high hopes for the foundation.

And finally the last choice I made was to select the WE ARE FLUIDE Otherworldly Palette (retail $18) from the selection. This one was a choice that I had to think about. There were a couple of other items that looked interesting and I already had an eyeshadow palette in my bag, but this palette looked like it had several colors I don’t have in my collection.

I keep trying to add more color to my eyeshadow palettes, but the last few colorful palettes I tried, I really didn’t care for. Since this had colors I didn’t own, I figured why not? Hopefully the formula works out because I would like to have something other than neutrals around for when I feel like playing around with color. I know I am mostly a neutrals person, but I do like to have options on the few days I am not.

I know, occasionally I am a contrary soul.

So that was my IPSY Glam bag Plus for the Month of June. I have to ay, I was really pleased with it. The selection of items was nice, the variety was nice and the items chosen went along with my profile. And while skincare will always be my first love, for a while it felt like subscription boxes were drowning us in it. I am happy to see makeup items returning to the beauty boxes. All in all I was thrilled with this month’s IPSY Glam Bag Plus and am really looking forward to seeing what appears in July.

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Unboxing the IPSY Glam Bag X for May 2021

And the subscription box arrivals continue with IPSY.  As a warning, I wasn’t as positive with this one as I usually am and there are some small rants throughout. While I love IPSY, I had a few issues.

This month was the IPSY Glam Bag X Month.  IPSY has recently launched a quarterly upgrade to the Glam Bag Plus.  The Quarterly bags come out February, May, August, and November.  Those months instead of paying $25 for the Glam Bag Plus, you pay $55 ($60.36 with taxes).

Even though it is quarterly, that is a steep price for a beauty box and so I tend to judge it more critically.  The first box was in February 2021.  It was a collaboration with Patrick Ta and I have to say IPSY hit it out of the park with that one. It was fabulous. And it also set expectations pretty high for future boxes. There was no doubt in my mind that the box was worth the price. 

This month, I’m not so sure.  For Each Glam Bag X they choose someone to partner with.  February was Patrick Ta and May was Khloe Kardashian. 

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan.  I never watched the show.  I tried once and couldn’t really make it through the episode.  It just isn’t my thing.

I’m even less of a fan after the whole freak out about the release of an unphotoshopped photo came out. But even though she chose these products and I have a hard time not rolling my eyes at the blog posts on the site dealing with Khloe’s Beauty Tips, it is really about the products. Therefore I am going to put her out of my mind completely.

So does this feel like a special $55 quarterly bag.

Let’s see.

Normally, I would start with discussing the bag, but in the IPSY Glam Bag X if you want the bag you have to substitute it for one of your products.  As all their other tiers come with bags as a standard feature I find this to be a little cheap on their part, which isn’t a good way to start out thinking of an upgraded bag. But that was their choice.  I chose not to get the bag this month.

The first Item out of my Glam Bag X Box this month was the 111 Skin Gold Radiance Booster (retail $135).  Okay, here is the deal.  I like 111Skin.  I really enjoy several of their products.  A few of them I find overpriced, but they are in general good products.  I actually have several 111SKIN Serums in my skin care drawer.  Many of them came from IPSY. 

In the $25 bag. 

While I like 111SKIN and they are an expensive brand, they are seen often enough in the regular bags that I would have thought that they would try a different brand in the Glam Bag X.  Or at least make this a variable.  I believe this serum was something everyone received in their Glam Bag X.  While I’m sure it is nice, I wasn’t excited by it simply because we see so much 111Skin in IPSY already.

The second item in my bag this month was the Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt (retail $53 – Although if you like this product currently it is on sale at the Skin store for $37, this link will take you to the site of the sale). I have tried samples of this hair and scalp scrub many times and I do like it.  The first one I had included too many chunky salt crystals to get through my hair and too my scalp, but the second and third samples I tried didn’t have that problem so I am guessing the first was just a bad mix.  

I like this scrub and am happy to have it in a full size.  I actually chose this scalp scrub from the list of options.  In the list of options for that category it was the only item I actually wanted to try or that I hadn’t tried before. This was kind of a standard theme for choice.  Sadly it has also been happening in the last few regular IPSY Glam Bag Plus bags as well. 

In the second choice category I chose the Sunday Riley CEO Glow Vitamin C and Turmeric oil (retail  $40 although I’m guessing it isn’t the real retail full size as that one retails for $80 -$90 on most sites – I lurk the sales to pick up this oil). I really like this face oil.  I have used it before and I am happy to have another bottle of it. It is very good face oil. And actually in the summertime when my hands get really roughed up by working in the garden, I tend to put a little bit on my hands before bed to smooth out the roughness. Not much just a drop or two to rub in especially around the joints and fingertips. It is kind of one of my summertime faves. So again, I am happy to have it.  I am less than thrilled by the fact that it was the only option in that category that appealed to me.

Chosen for my by IPSY was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Brow Pen (retail $22). As I’m sure all of you have noticed in my Daily posts where I talk about the makeup I chose for the day, most of my brow dilemmas involve finding a professional to tame them back rather than attempting to fill them in.

While I do use brow products, I favor powders and pencils to neaten up lines.  Admittedly as my bangs are too long and in need of a bolder trim then I gave them this weekend, they spent a lot of time hidden. I tend to forget brow products all together.  This brow pen, while I’m sure it’s fabulous, is not something I am going to use.  I will pass it onto my mother who back in the day plucked her eyebrows down to a thin line and has been trying to build them up ever since. She’ll either love it or look like she took a magic marker to her face.  Either way, I won’t be using it. While getting products that you don’t typically use is often the fun of subscription boxes, in my profile I have always had rarely marked for brow products and that is only because there is no never category. As I generally love ABH products and have quite the collection of other products i use frequently, this just isn’t one of them. It is a little frustrating to see a brand you like finally available in a subscription box and then get the one item category that doesn’t work for you.

I think that is where the annoyance lies actually.  Because I’ve been trying to figure out why this month’s bag has just caused a low grade annoyance factor, despite having good products from great brands.  I think it is because IPSY used to be really good at pairing items with your profile and for the last few months they sort of went off track.  I suppose I hoped that for their quarterly upgrade they would actually pay more attention to the profile than they clearly did. It was made a little worse by the newspaper pamphlet that came with the box this month.  It lists every item you could possibly get and several items that not only weren’t chosen but weren’t in my options are in my profiles top categories. I think I would have been a lot less frustrated had I not seen that.

Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

However now you get a break from my whining because the next product they chose for me was the Herbivore Botanicals Prism AHA + BHA Exfoliating Glow Facial (retail $58) which is very much in my top categories.  I am so looking forward to trying this for my Friday Face Mask this week. It is a brand that I have been looking into for a while and have wanted to try, and it is a product that I really want to use. With that product they hit the nail on the head. It was in fact the highlight of the bag this month.

Next up is the Mac Love Me Lipstick in Bated Breath (retail $21).  Again, I love MAC as a brand and I love their lipsticks. They tend to crop up fairly often so it is a little less exciting to see it in the Glam Bag X.  In addition, it is not an unusual color.  I  actually have at least five lip products in almost exactly the same shade.  I’ll wear it, but again, I wish they had gone a little more towards rarely seen products and brands for the Glam Bag X.

This month they also had an eyeshadow palette. It was the One/Size Patrick Star Visionary Palette (retail $42). Now, I like Patrick Star and wish him well, but this is a really boring palette.  The Olive Green Shimmer (second row next to the bright blue) is the only shadow I don’t have multiple versions of.  It actually looks interesting.  And yes I have been known to keep eyeshadow palettes because of one shade. 

I haven’t tried the palette yet so it could perform magnificently and I could end up loving the palette.  But to be honest looking at it, it is just kind of boring. Plus, there is the bottom edge.  If you look at the picture you will see that the bottom edge isn’t straight.  It is by design, the top of the palette has the angle in the other direction. So when closed there are points on either corner instead of a flat bottom edge.  As I stand my palettes up in the drawer, I suspect this is going to end up really annoying me after a little while.  But again, perhaps it will perform fabulously and I will love it and end up thinking the edge is quirky and fun. 

But at the moment it is a bit of a disappointment.

Finally, we come to the last item.  Again I chose this.  This item was in my final choose category and again, there was no real competition for choice.  I went with the Riki loves Riki Riki Cutie lighted makeup mirror (retail $60).  The mirror charges with a USB cable which is nice.  The mirror has three light settings:  On, Bright and Seen from Space, which is also nice. 

The plastic feels very cheap and thin and to carry it there is a cloth sleeve to slide it into. It feels like a $20 mirror not a $60 one and while it is currently in my purse, I’m taking bets as to where the mirror or the plastic surround get cracked first.

And that was my IPSY Glam Bag X this month.  I know I did a lot of complaining this month.  I hate when I do that.  In general, I am able to positively spin most bags.  This month just had so many irritants. And to be completely honest if any of these items showed up in my $25 bag, I would have been thrilled with the month.  I would have been a very, very happy camper. 

And I think that is a good chunk of my annoyance.  It felt like a $25 bag, yet I know I paid $55.

There is no doubt that monetarily I got my money’s worth, these are expensively priced items.  However, I suspect many of these items will be in add ons next month.  What I’m trying to decide is if it is worth keeping the Glam Bag X or just stick with the Glam Bag plus, wait a month and pick up the one or two items that interest me in the Add ons.

That is actually the point of the mini rants as I try to gure out how I feel about the subscription as well as the products. while I will use and evaluate the products separately, this is ultimately about the Glam Bag X.

It is only the second month of this tier’s existence.  Usually I give a subscription three to four months before I make a decision regarding cancellation.  Mostly because even the best bags have an off month.  Because this is quarterly I will give it the full year and then decide if this tier is going to follow me into 2022.  And as annoying as May was, February was fantastic.  And in general I really do like IPSY.  The past few months have been a bit rough, but I’ve had at least one tier of their subscription box for quite a number of years and in general really like them. So for now I will keep the subscription, watch the add ons to see what filters in and hope that August mimics February and that May was just a one off.

And in case you are interested: The Skin store’s Memorial day sale has started (hence the lower price on the Christophe Robin. Brands like Grow Gorgeous and Skinceuticals are also on sale.)

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Unboxing the April 2021 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

IPSY, oh IPSY.  This was not your month. With the IPSY Glam Bag Plus the cost is $25 and you get five full sized items.  Two are picked for you and three you get to choose.  The subscription tier comes with a drawstring bag instead of a makeup bag.  In my opinion it is not really worth mentioning. So that is all I will say about it.

So we are going to jump into the products.  We’ll start with the items IPSY chose for me.  The first item was a set of Beau Gachis eyeshadow Brushes.  Now this is nothing against the brand.  I actually have several of their brushes already in my collection.  They are nice brushes.  Quite sturdy and durable. Work well with pigments. 

However, last month IPSY chose a set of eyeshadow brushes for my box. And in one of the tiers where I could choose an item the only item I hadn’t received in that column was a set of eyeshadow brushes.  So last month I received two sets of eyeshadow brushes and this month I get another set.  One set has already made it to my mom who wanted new eyeshadow brushes so I’m good, but still. I like brushes and in fact could use a few new face brushes.  I’m pretty set on shadow brushes at the moment.

When I first saw the line up on April 2nd I sent them a message and the reply essentially told me that I needed to check my beauty profile. The message made it sound more or less like them choosing eyeshadow brushes for me two months in a row was somehow my fault.

Which I didn’t appreciate.

It made me feel quite a bit salty in fact.

The brushes are fine though.  I will either eventually use them or the set will end up in a Christmas stocking. It isn’t like brushes expire, so I’m essentially fine with that.  I was just annoyed by the e-mail exchange.

On a happier note, the second item they chose for me was the Pixi by Petra Flawless Beauty Primer.  You know I love Primers and I have tried several items from Pixi that I like.  However I tend to stick to their skincare. 

I really like their Clarity Toner. I’ve gone through two bottles and it is on my list to repurchase once I work through the few toners I have in my collection. I had to deliberately not repurchase it while I work through some other products. I also have an eyeshadow duo from them that I like (but tend to forget about and need to use more). I am pleased to try some more makeup products from the brand.

Now we get into the three items I chose. The selection wasn’t as poor as it was last month.  I didn’t have any problems choosing.  There was no agonizing over options.  Each tier had one product that I was like, ‘Yeah, that’ll do.’ I chose nice products that I will use and am looking forward to trying out, but usually there is a bit of a choice debate and often I will go into the add ons and purchase one of the items I didn’t choose when I had to make my decision.  That wasn’t an issue this month.  I didn’t buy any add ons and my selection was easy.

I chose the Nue Co’s The Pill All in 1 Serum.  It is a serum that runs heavily to hyaluronic acid which my skin loves.  At the moment I am using the Vitamin C Powder from The Nue Co and I Am really liking it, so I have high hopes for this this serum and look forward to testing it out.

I did also get a second serum.  It is the Vitabrid C12 Vitamin C Dual Drop Serum.  I have a cleanser from Vitabrid in my to try drawer and I thought a serum to go with it would at least give me two things from the brand to try.  I’m going to pair them up and eventually roll them into the line up.  I’ve never tried the brand before and really only seen it here so I am curious to see how it performs.

And now we reach the final item.  I chose the Honest Co’s Cream Foundation. I figured I had plenty of skin care so it would be nice to try out.  I love testing out foundations and I do like cream foundations.

Oh what’s that you say, you didn’t see it in the unboxing of products shown above?  That’s because when I opened my box they did not send the Honest Co Foundation, they sent the Item Beauty Bronzer in Cheek Money.

If some of you think this sounds familiar, you apparently have a better memory than IPSY. I received this exact bronzer several months back.  To do a quick recap, the packaging is lovely.  The product is horrible and the lovely compact now resides in my purse so I can use the pretty mirror without worrying about what happens to the poorly performing product.

And I sent a message to customer service.  I am waiting for a reply.  You know it is bad when you contact customer service twice in one month.

Normally I like IPSY.  They are one of my tried and true subscription boxes.  I almost never have any trouble with them. I have had the subscription in one form or another for over four years and not counting this month I’ve had to contact their customer service team three times. 

Once for a broken eyeshadow, once for a broken lipstick and once because my box held four repeat items out of the five in the box. 

All three were positive experiences.  The broken items were replaced asap and upon realizing that most of my box was repeat they apologized and I think gave me points.  I appreciated the apology more than the points to be honest, although points are always nice. I’m hoping my beginning of April e-mail from them was just a one off with someone having a bad day.  As I really do enjoy IPSY I’m willing to shake off one bad month.  The products (baring the Item Beauty Repeat) are all ones I am looking forward to trying out, so it isn’t a bad month, it was just customer service that got under my skin. Despite all of my grousing, it was a decent, if not spectacular month.

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Unboxing the Ipsy Glam Bag for March 2021

My final subscription box for the month of March arrived.  For some reason the regular $12 IPSY Glam bag always seems to have a mail delay.  This month as soon as the tracking number went active, the link led me to a page that said there was a delay in transit.  I’m not entirely sure what that was about since it also said it hadn’t left the warehouse yet.

However postal mysteries aside, the IPSY Glam bag arrived. For those who don’t know the IPSY Glam bag is a subscription that gives you five usually sample sized products based on your profile with a small makeup bag.

This month’s bag is rather cute.  It has a nice graphic of four women holding hands which echoes back to the Stronger Together theme. The materials are nice and the bag is one of the nicer ones. It is one I can see myself getting a lot of use out of. 

There was one product outside of my bag this month and it was the F.A.R.A.H. Pressed Powder Brush 620 F.  It is not a bad looking brush actually.  I am always hit or miss with F.A.R.A.H Brushes.  I’ve had better luck with the line of tapered gold handles brushes than I have with ones from other lines. 

I don’t know if they are made differently or what, but they seem to be slightly better quality. The quality increase seems to be consistent.   However, for me this isn’t really a pressed powder brush, or even really a powder brush.  It is absolute perfect for powder highlighters though.  And that is what I will be using it for. I am still on a quest for brushes more useful for cream products, but I will get use out of this with powder highlighters.

So now I get to open the bag and see the four remaining items.  The first Item I took out of the bag is the item I chose.  It is the Ciate London Mango and Lime Burst Lip Oil.  I have the Watermelon lip oil and I have almost used the entire tube up. 

Incidentally Ciate still has their Spring Sale going on and currently these lip oils , normally $16 are $11.20 (they are the fill size where as this is just a sample size)

I really like Ciate’s Lip oils and I am so glad they come in different scents and flavors. This one smells really nice.  It has the sweet, slightly floral scent of a mango blended with the tang of the lime. The taste on the lips is slight sweet and more mango than lime.  I think I will get just as much use out of this as I did the watermelon version.

I am less thrilled about the Clearly Balanced Days It’s the (Lip) Balm in Peppermint.  The Lip balm has CBD in it, which is not a deal breaker for me.  I actually like CBD.  The scent is like someone put a drop of peppermint oil into a CBD lip balm.  It smells very heavily of CBD oil.  Again that isn’t too big a deal for me. 

It isn’t a bad product, but it isn’t exciting and in my profile I selected rarely receive lip balms.  I really like to choose my lip balms. Actually what I really like to do is go on Cratejoy and sign up for the Jersey Shore Cosmetics Lip Balm subscription a few times a year to stock up on my favorites. It is the lip balm I use the most of and so deliberately ask not to be sent this in subscription boxes.

I also asked to be sent Hand cream rarely but IPSY has been ignoring that for quite a while. This month was no different.  This month I received the Dionis Vanilla Bean Goat Milk Hand Cream

The scent is nice, the feel is nice, but at the moment I have a large batch of hand creams that I am working through.  I will say that as the full sized bottle with a pump is only $12 it does seem really nicely priced. From the scent and feel of it when I tried it, I would consider picking up a full size once I whittled down my hand cream stash. Which to be honest will take quite a while.

I seriously have hand creams stationed in every room in the house and still have a box full in the closet.  While I am willing to try out new hand creams and I understand that with all of the hand sanitizing it is a necessary item, the fact that I checked rarely send and they send quite often kind of irks me.

But to finish on a happier note, this month the final item in my IPSY Glam Bag    is the ECO Fabulous Cosmetics EcoFabulous Blush in Camellia.  It is a good looking blush in a reusable metal tin. 

While the blush pan is designed to pop out of the tin when used up and a new one inserted, the tin is a really nice size and could easily be reused to house bobby pins and things when traveling.  I like that the blush is held in a foam insert leaving the tin open inside and therefore usable for multiple things. 

It is a well-designed tin and I will be trying out the blush today when I put on my makeup and seeing how I feel about it.

This month I did receive a nice looking bag and five items that I will use. Was it the most exciting bag? No, not by a long shot.

I was a little irked that they don’t seem to be paying much attention to the profile, but they are nice products nonetheless and I will happily use them.  This will however be my last IPSY Glam Bag.  I will still keep my Glam Bag Plus and I will be keeping the Quarterly Glam Bag X for the time being.  I will however be opting out of the $12 bag. 

It is a good bag for the most part and a great subscription, but I’ve noticed that most of the items that I want to try are available as add ons.  At the moment, I would rather just get the one IPSY Subscription per month and then choose from the add ons if there is anything I want to try out.  For me it is a matter of product stockpiling.  I always want to try new things, but I also want to use up the items I have on hand. 

I suspect I will return to this subscription in the future.  I usually do.  I tend to let it go, use up a bunch of products and then see they have a sample coming up or a bag design I really like and then I’ll sign up for a few months.  So although this is farewell to this subscription, it is a temporary farewell.  I will no doubt return in a few months.

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IPSY Glam Bag Plus March 2021

This was an interesting month for me with IPSY. I liked the items that I received, but I was at the same time very frustrated with them. A few basics. IPSY Glam Bag Plus is a $25 per month beauty subscription. In each bag you receive A drawstring bag that is not really worth mentioning, a card that often has no information on the products inside and five full sized beauty items. Two of the items IPSY chooses for you and three of the items you get to choose for yourself. There ae categories. Choose one offers a selection of products, then you get a different selection of products for choice two and then a third selection of products for choice three. It isn’t just one group you get to pick three items out of. Which makes sense as they are trying to make sure everyone’s bag has the same approximate value. It is just also the source of this month’s frustration.

Let’s start with the two items selected for me.

The first item selected for me was the Ciate London Eye Lustre Creme Eyeshadow in the shade Cupid. I’ve tried the Eye luster before. I actually have one in my collection. It is a silver shimmer whereas this is more silver with pink undertones, so it is nice to have. Incidentally Cate London is having a huge Spring Sale. When I went to get the link for this Eye Luster I saw that it is now available for half the usual price (usually $22 currently $11) and there are many other items on sale as well. If you like Ciate products you might want to check it out. I maybe circling back later today for the mascaras.

It is a lovely shade, but if I remember correctly it does tend to crease a little after a few hours. At least on my hooded eyes. It is an excellent look for the start of a night out though as it is fabulously flashy. I like Ciate products in general and I like having this in my collection.

The second item chosen for me is the MOTD COSMETICS Eye Got It 5 Piece Brush Set. I have several MOTD brushes and one of their face brushes is one I consistently reach for. I have only tried the face brushes but they seem to be of decent quality. I’m not upset about having them and I know I will use them. I say this because of the final selection choice item. I am not unhappy with the brushes. I just think that someone dropped the ball.

If you notice the picture of the brush set, you will noticed that there are two brush sets by MODA in this month’s box. That is because of my third choice tier. In that tier I was offered a selection of products. The only one I had not received in a previous box was a second set of MODA Cosmetics eyeshadow brushes. It is a different set than the one they chose for me, this one being the In A Blush Blending Eye Brush Set, but it is still a set of eye brushes. Now i know that one of the items they featured as having in the Glam Bag Plus this month was the IT Cosmetics brush everyone raves about. While I would have liked that as an option, I would have been happy had they had even a MODA face brush instead of another set of eyeshadow brushes.

As it was the only item I hadn’t received in that category and I didn’t want a second one of the other listed products I chose it. I am sure the brushes are quality since the other brushes I’ve tried of theirs have been and I will be setting aside my Luxie Brushes to test them out, but it was a poor selection that just irritated me.

The first tier is always where the most products I want are located and this month was no different. There were two items I wanted, one was the Kosas Tinted Face Oil Foundation and the other was the Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser. What I ended up doing was choosing the foundation and then buying the Cleanser as an add on. I did it that way because the bag had my foundation shade selected and in add ons you never know what shades will be available. If it wasn’t my shade I would have chosen the Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser and then hoped my shade of foundation was in the Add ons.

I really like the Kosas foundation. It is lightweight and blends beautifully into my skin. I am about half way through the bottle in my dressing table and don’t mind adding a back up to the drawer as I know it will be used. As with the Korres, I have the mask from this line that I really like for my winter dry skin and have high hopes for the cleanser. As I usually have good luck with Korres products I expect it to work well and I am happy to have it waiting for me.

Finally we have the Air Repair Skincare Complexion-Boosting Moisturizer. I tried a sample a while back and liked it so I am not adverse to having it in the full size. I will say though, it was the only selection item in that category that appealed to me.Again, it is a nice item and I am happy to have it. However again the selection was poor.

I think over all that was what irritated me this month. It wasn’t the products I chose, it was the choice itself. I can’t remember the products much from the second tier leading me to choose the moisturizer because I was so irritated by the third tier of selections that the details went right out of my head, but it wasn’t good. To be honest, i would be less irritated if I was unable to make any selection and the entire bag was chosen for me.If they looked at my profile and didn’t offer any repeat items, I wouldn’t be so irritated.

I know it sounds like a lot of complaining since in the end I did get some good products, and I really don’t like complaining, but it was just irritating to see how little thought went into this month’s selections. In the end it really comes down to those brushes. If a face brush, from any brand had been offered instead of another set of eyeshadow brushes and there had been more items that i hadn’t already received so that it actually felt like a choice, I would have been very happy with the bag. I received an excellent foundation, a good moisturizer and I chose to add on a cleanser form a brand I really like for a discounted price. As I have been thinking about picking up the Korres Cleanser for a while now, it was actually nice to be able to pick it up here.

I think the irritation was mostly that they offer a wide selection and brag about their wide selection, but in the end offer very little selection. I think that is my irritation with this bag. The products are fine, it’s just IPSY.

And of course the announcements for May’s Glam Bag X came out. This May’s bag is featuring Khloe Kardashian. To be honest I forgot she became associated with IPSY a while back. It irritated me then and I wasn’t thrilled with the reminder now. I think IPSY buying out BoxyCharm threw it right out of my head. Now, here is the thing. I’ve never really watched the show. I tried an episode and decided it wasn’t for me. I know very little about the family and don’t care to. I have very little opinion of them as people. What I do know is that every photo of the Khloe Kardashian is altered, and from what I’ve seen altered pretty drastically, before release. I think that alone makes her a very poor and somewhat off putting choice for a partnership and it bothers me.

It makes me consider dropping the subscription.

At the same time, one of the products listed as being on the list of items in May is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream which I have been curious about for a long time. So it sort of makes me irritated with myself that I’m willing to temporarily suspend my dislike. It makes me feel bad about myself and a beauty subscription box is not supposed to make you feel bad. It is one of those things that I am going to have to sit down with and have a good long think about to be honest. Especially as IPSY and BoxyCharm are now part of the same group. I will have to determine how off putting I find her association with the brand is and if I can look past it to see the value for the box. I honestly don’t know where I will end up landing on that.

But personal annoyances aside, the products i actually received look to be good ones and I look forward to trying them out. And I hope next month’s selection is a better one.

The Skinstore is having a sale if you are looking to stock up on skincare items. They have a pretty wide selection.


Ipsy Glam Bag X February 2021 Unboxing

The First Glam Bag X: February 2021

The Postal gods have been appeased. My sacrificial offering of three forever stamps and a postcard depicting Thor did the trick and my IPSY Glam Bag X bag finally arrived.  This is the first bag for the new quarterly tier of IPSY.  It is $55 per quarter.  The months you receive the $55 bag are February, May, August and November. I am pretty sure they chose those months specifically not to interfere with Boxycharm’s Luxe Months (those are March, June, September and December). In between the Quarterly months, you would be signed up to receive your regular $25 Glam Bag plus.  At the moment, you can’t sign up for Glam Bag x without being an IPSY Glam Bag Plus Member.

For this bag, you are allowed to choose three items of your eight full sized items.  The first item I chose was the actual bag.  In that category, there wasn’t much else I wanted and I thought the bag looked cute. 

I like the shape, I like the red and the gold lips.  I like the bump out at the bottom and the way it expands.  I do not care for the letter decal on the back. I didn’t notice that when I chose it. 

On the small Ipsy Glam Bags it looks cute.  On this it just limits its usefulness.  However, with a few cotton swabs and some nail polish remover, the gold lettering on the back does come off.

The bag is better without it and more versatile. At least I will use it more that way.   It is somewhat cheap feeling though so I don’t know if I would choose the bag again moving forward. Its retail price is listed at $18 although I think that is a bit high for the bag. It feels more like $8.

The second Item I chose was the Saints and Sinners Illuminati Divine Shine Holographic Serum.  (retail $27.50). I’ve never heard of the brand before.

I chose it partially because I was intrigued by it and partially because it was the best item in my selection. I am always happy to try new things for my hair.  I’ve certainly never tried a holographic serum so it will be fun to give it a try. I also find the shape of the bottle oddly pleasing. I’m not entirely certain why, but I enjoy the shape.

The third item I chose I am actually really excited by.  It is the Private Doctor Define Minus Serum.  (retail $49).  It is a relatively new launch I believe, but I’ve heard good things about it and am very much looking forward to trying it out.  At the moment I am testing out the Unicorn Essence Serum from Farsali, but this is definitely going in my line up of products to try. 

While I was very happy to have the chance to pick this, the selection of items offered to choose from this time around wasn’t the greatest.  Flipping through the newspaper like booklet that came with the Bag I saw several items that weren’t in my selection at all. I’m going to check my profile and see if anything in there limited some of those items from appearing. I’m sure it was a cost issue as well on the part of IPSY so that all the bags have approximately the same value, but I think I will be fiddling with my profile to see if that helps with my selection process. Over all I am happy with the items I selected, but I wasn’t thrilled with the selection choices. If the selection had been better in the category where the bag was, I would certainly have chosen another option.

And now for the items chosen for me.  The first was a Patrick TA Blush (retail $32).  I think you could either get the blush or an eyebrow waxing kit.  I am very happy with the blush, especially as I don’t use wax on my eyebrows. I always think that heavier eye brow products tend to make eyebrows look more like stickers plastered on the face and I find the look somehow rather repellant. Admittedly as it has been about a year since I have had my eyebrows threaded and I am just awful with the tweezers, my brows aren’t exactly looking spectacular right now either. But that is another story. I didn’t get the eyebrow kit, I received the blush.

I am always happy to have a new blush to try and I have never tried the Patrick Ta formula. In addition the packaging is gorgeous.  I can see the metal finish collecting fingerprints, but it is really pretty and it is a huge blush so it will last for quite a while. 

The next item was the Pat McGrath Labs Fetisheyes Mascara (retail $30). I won’t open it until I am ready to try it, but I have had this mascara on my list to try out for quite some time. So I am thrilled to have it in the bag to try out. 

I was also very excited to see the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette Remastered.  I’ve tried the smaller Huda Beauty Obsessions Palettes and I really loved the formula.  I had my eye on the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette for a while but as eyeshadow palettes have been accumulating through various subscription boxes, I didn’t actually get around to ordering it.  I am so looking forward to playing around with it. So many of the colors speak to me. And yes I did swatch the copper shade as soon as I had it out of the package. I just couldn’t help myself. The shimmer was so soft and buttery as well as highly pigmented. I am going to have some fun playing around with this one.

Next up was the About Face Paint-it Matte Liquid Lipstick (retail $22).  There were several shades available and I received the shade Take Aim.  It swatches pretty well and like the blush and eyeshadow palette it will be going into my next week’s makeup bag to play around with. 

I may even crack and add the Pat McGrath mascara into the bag as well instead of waiting for it. I know I planned to have the number of mascaras I keep open lowered but I so want to try this formula.  I will try to resist, but I don’t know how good the resistance will be.

And finally the last item in the bag is the Complex Culture Sonic T-Bar Facial massager. (retail $58).  I am used to my Foreo and really like the vibrations on my skin when I am working product in.  I’m not sure about the T bar though.  That will be interesting to play around with as well.

Over all I am very happy with the products, both the ones I chose and the ones that were chosen for me.  I was a little disappointed in the variety of the selection and if I had to choose again I wouldn’t have chosen the bag.  I would have chosen one of the other products even if I wasn’t as enthused by them. If nothing else they could be passed on.

Otherwise, I am very excited by all of the items in my box.  I like the newspaper like brochure as it actually conveys more than just basic price.  It describes how to use the items and tells you a little more about them, which I find very appealing.

I am also very excited about one of the items that was in my box, but not a part of the actual Glam Bag X.  If you switched from Ultimate to Glam Bag X early enough the gift was a 111Skin Y Theorem Day Cream.  I switched early enough to be on that list.  I tried a sample size of this moisturizer last year and in my first impressions and really liked it. 

The cream actually made it on to my list for products I wanted to try in a full size so I am thrilled to now have it in a full size. I will definitely be scheduling a full skin care trial. So that was an extra bonus. 

Over all I was very impressed with this bag and I am very pleased that I am signed up to receive it quarterly.  I know I sound just a little surprised, but after the ups and downs of the Ultimate bag, I wasn’t entirely certain what to expect.  However if they manage to keep this level of products for the Glam Bag X, I think this is going to be a quarterly upgrade that I keep.  This was a very good month.