The Make Up Bag: October 23rd, 2020

The Make Up Bag used the week of October 17th – 23rd

We had some highs and lows this week let me tell you.  The Kosas Tinted Face oil was a high.  It was a beautiful foundation that I am happy to have around.  I really enjoyed using it and will definately be repurchasing it.

The low of course was the very frustrating Illuminati X ISA shadow palette.  Oh, it gave me such angst.  The best over all description I can give is patchy.  No, actually that has to be capitalized because it was so bad it needs to be yelled. It was PATCHY.

Sorry for raising my voice, but I wanted to make sure those of you in the back row heard me. For details you can click on the link to read the full break out review.  As this palette caused me to waste a lot of time this week, I am not going to talk about it any more.

The primer I used this week was the Yensa Tone Up Primer Essential Glow.  I love this primer.  I think this is either the second or third tube of this I have purchased and at the moment I think I have about a week or two’s worth of product left in the current tube.  I might keep it around a second week and see if I can use it up. 

It is sort of bittersweet to use this one up.  Because I have quite a few open primers at the moment (I adore primers, as most of you well know.) I am trying not to just automatically repurchase products when I empty them. So even though this has been a staple for a while, and I will put it on my list of products to buy again, I am going to have to wait a bit before it makes an appearance in my dressing table again.

This week I added the Maybelline Instant Age rewind to my make up bag, but didn’t actually use it as concealler.  I slept tolerably well this week and my allergies are gone because the ragweed has finally withered away so I didn’t feel that I needed it.  Plus, the Kosas foundation was excellent. But it is a good concealer.  This week it was also used as an eyeshadow primer.  Admittedly so was every other primer and concealer I had in my collection as I tried to get the eyeshadow palette to work. But I do like the Age rewind concealer and will no doubt be using it again.

My bronzer this week was the Too Faced Chocolate Soliel.  I like the bronzer and the packaging is fantastic.  What can I say, I am a sucker for a good compact.

Speaking of which I also used the Zeesea pressed powder this week. It is a decent powder, works well and does what it is supposed to.  It isn’t a spectacular product, but the packaging is really nice.  I love their British Museum Collection and will probably end up picking up more from them at some point. 

They also just released an Alice in Wonderland Themed set. It looks absolutely stunning.  Zeesea is one of those brands where the product is good, but not excellent but the packaging is collectable. It is also interesting as to what they have up on their website ant any given time. sometimes you can find what you want and other times entire collections disappear only to reappear a few months later. right now they are all about Halloween so very few of their collections are available. Which is kind of a bummer as they have a sale going on. To be honest, once this powder runs out, I’m going to pry out the empty pan, find another product that fits and just keep reusing the compact. 

This week I had two Natasha Denona products in my makeup bag. I intended to have only one.  The one I planned to use was the Bloom Blush and Glow Palette. I love the darker cream blush. I thought I could use the cream blushes and the Glow section as a highlighter. While I loved using the blushes and in fact forgot how much I actually liked using cream blush in general (Note to self: I really need to pick up more cream blush) I was not terribly enthused by the glow section of the palette.  I think part of that may be my skin tone.  When I applied it, the product just sort of blended into nothing on my skin. I think if I was lighter or darker it might work better.  As it is, the glow did not get me. 

However, I have a Glow powder from Natasha Denona.  I never reach for it because I don’t really do much in the way of body shimmer.  Admittedly, that could make my work out gear more spectacular. So I tend to forget that it is in my make up drawer.  This week I pulled it out and used it as my highlighter.  It is a nice subtle glow that really worked well for me this week.  I absolutely loved it. And I need to remember to reach for it more often.

Wet ‘n Wild remained in my makeup bag this week with the Brow Kit and the eyeliner.  The liquid liner is almost completely out now and I am keeping it in this coming week to finish it out. 

Get great skincare at a low, low price! Take 10% off Wet n Wild skincare from now until 10/24! Use code WWSKIN10 to save!

I will be grabbing a second eyeliner in addition to the wet ‘n wild though as I think there are only a couple of days worth of product left in the tube. 

I added a brown eyeliner to the bag this week.  It was from Pretty Vulgar and has a gel like consistency.  It is one of those liners that lasts all day without smudging or fading and won’t budge unless you use a makeup remover.  It was excellent.  (FYI Pretty Vulgar is still having a sale featuring one of my favorite mascaras, the Feathers, if you are looking to stock up. It runs through the end of the month).

Pretty Vulgar Cosmetics

My loose setting powder was the Pacifica Cherry Velvet loose translucent powder.  I went through an entire one of these and picked up a replacement.  I decided this week was the week I wanted to break out the replacement. I enjoyed using it just as much as I did the first container. I have the feeling it will be used and then repurchased again and again.

Also something that will be used and repurchased, the setting spray, Timeless Skincare HA Spray to be exact.  Still using and still love. What more needs to be said?

The mascara was new this week.  I cleared out a lot of my older opened mascara so I was able to open one of the never been tried before ones.  This is the Lengthening Organic Mascara from Harvest that came in a Petit Vour box. 

Petit Vour

I’ll be honest, it isn’t my favorite mascara.  It has an odd smell to it that I can’t identify. I know it is some sort of oil and that it is supposed to smell like that, the product hasn’t gone bad. I just don’t like it. And to be fair it does a good job of lengthening the lashes.  But it tends to flake and by mid afternoon it looked as though I hadn’t applied any mascara at all.  I was not a fan.  I’m glad it is only a travel size because I don’t think I will be keeping it around.

Finally we reach the lips.  I kept the TreStique jar out this week but to be honest, after fighting with the shadow I ended up just reaching for the Elf Sheer Slick in Black Cherry. It was quick, easy and I didn’t have to think too much about it.  The Trestique lips and the lip liners I pulled languished this week.  Next week perhaps, there will be more concentration on the lips. This week, the eyes were just the problem child needing attention.

So that was my makeup bag this week.  The good the bad, the always keep around and the never again. It was quite the mix this week.

And as this is a Makeup bag post, I think it only fair to post about a make up bag sale. Kusshi has a sale going on right now. Friday through Sunday, they are giving away a FREE brush organizer ($39) with every purchase of a Signature or Vacationer bag. With the holidays around the corner, this is the perfect gift for all your friends and family! The Sale starts Friday at 7am EST and ends Sunday at 11:59 PST. Add brush organizer to cart for discount to applied. Their brush organizers are really nice as are their bags, I purchased on of the brush organizers for my Mom last christmas and she is absolutely in love with it. Clicking on the banner below will take you to their site if you are interested in more details. Happy shopping.

Illuminati X ISA Glam Palette

Oh my darlings, this palette took me on quite the ride this week. I’ll admit, I had never heard of Isabel Beddya or Illuminati before this Illuminati X ISA Glam Palette arrived in a Boxy Charm subscription box.  So I have no stake in the creator. From the images I saw on spoilers, I can’t say that I was very enthused about it.  Then it arrived, I opened it and saw the colors in person and thought, Not bad.  I can work with this.

And then I tried to work with it. Normally, I break it down by mattes and shimmers but this week I am going by rows. Mostly because that is what makes the most sense when dealing with this palette.

The top row swatches (L to R)

So row one. This row hit the three P’s for me: Powdery, Patchy and a Pain in the patootie to work with. I had high hopes for Purple Dream. I don’t really have a good purple shimmer in my collection. And after trying this, i still don’t have a good purple shimmer in my collection. It is a glitter that may in certain lights have a purple cast to it. The Purple dream was worthless when applied with a brush, but did okay when applied with a finger (mostly because I wasn’t packing on the glitter and just using it as a slight accent).  The trick to dealing with it was that you couldn’t blend it.  You touched your finger to the lid and that’s where the shadow stayed.  If you wanted more, you dip your finger back into the pan and apply a second dot.  Blending will just make it get streaky and disappear.  Still it was the best of the top row.

the second row – swatched L to R

The middle row was better and gave me great hope.  Bby Girl was the rock star of this row (second swatch). It was a little patchy, but could be applied on the outer edge of the eye and blended in for a one and done look.  I actually really liked the color. It got patchier the further away you went from where the brush initially met the eyelid, but it was the best of the lot. Addy was a lot patchier (and I think because of my skin tone more noticeable in it’s patchiness). Rose was really patchy and Azul was a major disappointment. In the pan it is beautiful, on the lid patchy and pastel. even the swatch on my arm looked better than it did on the eye. June 1st had the same issues as Purple Dream.  It could be applied using the finger method but blending is not going to be your friend.

Third ro – swatched L to R

And now we come to the third row.  Rich applied the same as Purple Dream and June 1st.  Izzy was similar except for more glitter. Although as a warning, using Izzy means you are going to have glitter for days, just not always on your eye. It has a large fall out rate, but once it falls out, it decides to stay where it fell. I found glitter three days after using it and had to wash my Make-up Eraser separately so that the glitter did not appear on my clothing. Trying to use the rest of the row was an exercise in frustration. They were patchy and a pain.

The image below took a surprisingly long time to pull off and still looked patchy in the end, you can see there were just parts of the eyelid the powder just wasn’t adhering to. And this is with the lid primed. I tried my concealer to prime it and then finally broke out the Uncaged Pretty Vulgar Lid primer which is like velcro for eyeshadow. The below image was still the best I could get out of these shadows.


As an overall note, this was not the easiest palette to work with.  It took extra time and by noon, most of the shadows faded into one muddy ghost.  After about the third day, I just swiped Bbygirl across my lids and called it done.  That worked really well for me, even if it did take longer than any other single shadow swipe and to be honest, I would keep this for that shade. 

Don’t get me wrong I will look for that shade elsewhere and if I find it happily remove this palette from my collection.  For now it remains because of the few colors I could work with.  It will not be a palette I reach for to use for the week.  It is one I would reach for to do the one and done shadow of Bby girl (maybe) or to use Izzy, or Purple Dream to complete a look done with different shadows.  Rich and June 1st are shades I have in better formulas in different palettes. I might use them it it is out, but I wouldn’t reach for them.

This palette retails for $48.  It looks like it should cost about $20.  Given the trouble it is to use, if you are looking to spend your money on a palette, I’d suggest passing this one up completely.  It is overpriced in general and a pain to work with.  Quite frankly, it is just not worth it.

Advent Calendars

I know some of you are thinking, ‘It’s October.  We haven’t gone through Halloween or Thanksgiving yet.’ (Well, US Thanksgiving anyway, I hope all my friends up north in Canada had a Fantastic Thanksgiving). 

I know, it seems a bit early for the holiday festivities, but Advent Calendars fall into a strange window of shopping times. 

For one thing generally you start opening them December first.  Well, at least in my house.  I know a lot of people get the calendars and open all the little doors and drawers at once.  That always feels a bit like cheating to me since the point is to get one little surprise each day.

Plus, I know a lot of people get advent calendars for friends and family as holiday gifts.  Many of them are perfect for those building a makeup collection or who want to try out a variety of skin care items. I have a couple I want to pick up and send so that they can be opened once a day starting December first so I’m in the order early category. 

And in addition to the regular holiday season, for my family this season is chock a block full of birthdays.  So September, generally kicks off my gift buying extravaganza. Or at least I start planning in September and procrastinate until October and then try to race to get everything picked up before Thanksgiving so that I can get it to where it needs to be.  At this time of year, me and the post office are friends.  They drop packages off, I often do some quick repackaging and then take it back to the post office to be sent on.

It’s a process.

I also wanted to put this post up a little earlier than I planned because some advent calendars have started selling out already and I wanted to let anyone reading know about them in time to maybe snatch up the ones they wanted before they sell out. This list is by no means exhaustive.  Every time I look around I see another advent calendar I didn’t know about cropping up.  These are just a few that caught my eye that I thought you might find interesting.

Okay, I picked the ones I found most interesting and am likely to purchase.

Some I will be getting as gifts for others, and some I am trying to justify splurging on for myself. I sort of have a game with those.  If I get all my holiday shopping done and still have money left over and the ones I like aren’t sold out, I can pick up one advent calendar for myself. Don’t get me wrong, there are way more that I actually want, in fact I kind of want all of the ones on the list, but I can only justify picking up one for myself each year. And it is an agonizing decision making process too as there are definitely several I really really want to buy this year.

So let’s start with a brief mention of the Advent Calendar that has already sold out.  This is the Look Fantastic Advent Calendar.  I know, so sad and I will not taunt you with details of its fabulocity. Although looking at the details you can see why it sold out quickly.  Luckily Look Fantastic has also released the 2020 Beauty Chest. I’ll list the details below with the other advent calendars (even though it isn’t actually one.  Luckily it has some of the same fantastic products inside. So The Beauty Chest will take the place of the Look Fantastic Advent Calender in the list below.

So the list…

Look Fantastic Beauty Chest: $130 with a $530 value. You can use the code  BCNEW to get $20 off the Beauty Chest when you purchase a 3, 6, or 12 month beauty box subscription.  I have to say this has consistently been one of my favorite subscriptions each month.  Brands in the Beauty Chest include : Kevyn Aucoin, Elemis, Eve Lom & many more. (I saw what looked like a full sized Elemis Marine Cream in the display of products which was really nice to see.)

Friends & Family Sale! Up to 30% Off Sitewide. Use code FAMILY

Glossy Box: This year’s Advent Calendar arrives as a beautiful Glossy pink and metallic gold box with a marble swirl design. Each product comes individually boxed. Filled with 26 beauty treats, this year’s limited edition collection is worth over $550 and will retail at $89 for subscribers and $99 for non-subscribers. It has 20 full size products and 6 deluxe minis from brands such as Iconic London, Wander Beauty, Tarte Cosmetics, Banila Co, Rodial, and even the newly launched GLOSSYBOX Skincare. From the image on the advert it looked as though one of the Iconic London Products was a full sized Palette.

Elemis: 25 Days of Spectacular Skin Advent Calendar – The Ultimate Countdown $250.00 with a retail value of $559.00. This festive season reawaken your sense of wonder with the ultimate spectacle in beauty advent. Welcome to twenty-five days of the finest scientific innovation for face and body. Packed with our award-winning superstars, it’s pure skincare theatre.

Shop Now!

You know I love Elemis products and I have to admit, I have been stalking this website since the calendar information was released.  I love that they list all of the products and let you know the size of each so you can decide.

Contents: Pro-Collagen Marine Cream 50ml Full Size,Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Masks (1=1), Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm 20g + Cleansing Cloth, Pro-Collagen Eye Renewal 5ml, Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream 15ml, Pro-Collagen Marine Oil 5ml, ULTRA SMART Pro-Collagen Complex⋅12 Serum 4ml, Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash 30ml, Dynamic Resurfacing Pads 14 pads, NEW Peptide4 Overnight Radiance Peel 10ml, Peptide4 Plumping Pillow Facial 15ml, Peptide4 Adaptive Day Cream 15ml, Peptide4 Thousand Flower Mask 15ml, Superfood Vital Veggie Mask 15ml, Superfood Blackcurrant Jelly, Exfoliator 15ml, Superfood Day Cream 20ml, Superfood Night Cream 20ml, Superfood CICA Calm Hydration Juice 20ml,Soothing Apricot Toner 50ml, Papaya Enzyme Peel 15ml, Herbal Lavender Repair Mask 15ml, Frangipani Monoi Body Oil 35ml, Frangipani Monoi Shower Cream 50ml, Frangipani Monoi Body Cream 50ml, Sea Lavender & Samphire Body Cream 50ml

Elemis Website

Frangipani Monoi Shower Cream

Transform your bathing routine by enveloping your body in this truly luxurious wash. Th… [More]

Price: $40.00

Several of those items are staples in my skin care drawer and others are on my list of things I really want to try out.  In general I have had fantastic luck with the Superfood line of products and I highly recommend the Dynamic Resurfacing pads.

The next item on the list is not strictly an advent calendar. Benefit does have an advent Calendar this year, but in all fairness I think the Benefit Holiday sets are a much better deal. You can follow the links and get to the advent calendar as well, but I was very impressed with the holiday sets and thought them more appealing They have several to choose from.

  • Your B. Right to Party skincare & brow care holiday value set for only $44 – a $90 value
  • BADgal to the Bone face & eye holiday value set for only $30 – a $68 value!
  • Cheers My Dears! holiday value set for only $50 – a $112 value!
  • Party Curl eyes, brows & face holiday value set for only $40 – a $93 value!
  • Cheers My Dears! holiday value set for only $50 – a $111 value!
  • Beauty Thrills eyes, brows & face mini holiday value set for only $20 – a $40 value!
  • BYOB: Bring Your Own Beauty eyes, brows & face holiday value set for only $40 – a $92 value!

As Bad Gal Bang remains one of my favorite mascaras I have to say I am drawn to the Bad Gal to the Bone value set. Which as the mascara is $35 on its own seems like a very good deal.

NYX – Has two advent calendars out this year – the 24-Day Holiday Countdown  available for $55 and the 12-Day Lipstick Countdown, Available for $40. Anyone who has read this knows that I am leaning towards the lipstick countdown.  I really like the NYX formula on their lip products and am always looking for new lip products. 

In addition I am sadly going to have to part with a few of my lippies before new years and will be looking for replacements. I do have at least one person on my list who is just starting to play with makeup (young teen) and as I generally find NYX cosmetics to be reliably good (I am currently loving the Bare with Me Tinted Skin Veil) and I know she likes NYX the few NYX products she has tried I will probably be picking up the Holiday Countdown Calendar for her as well.

E.L.F.: The E.L.F Tastic 12 day advent Calendar is a $55 value for $45 and includes the best sellers Includes our best-sellers, Poreless Putty Primer, Ride or Die Lip Balm, Bite-size Eyeshadow and Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow there is Free Shipping on orders of $15 or more and with each $25 or more purchases there is a free gift.  I have both the Poreless putty Primer and two of the Bite sized palettes in my dressing table and I highly recommend both.

While liquid eyeshadow is only an occasional thing for me, the Ride or Die Lip balm is on my list of things to order from E.L.F. this year.  I am ordering several of the Bite sized palettes and lip tints for stocking stuffers and figured I would just add it onto the list.  I will more than likely add on the advent calendar as well once I start placing my orders. While I have included the link to the site here, be forewarned if you just google this, there is an ELF Advent Calendar that is associated with the Will Ferrell Movie ELF that will also come up. So look before you click. And yes I did click on the first one I saw and then thought “When did will Ferrell start advertising makeup?” Yeah there are days, right?

Revolution: Advent Calendar was $70, but is currently on sale for $55. Get ready for the Revolution Beauty 2020 Advent Calendar! Featuring 25 exclusive makeup products and accessories… behind each door you’ll find a Revolution favourite, an exclusive shade or maybe something completely new which no one else had! With 25 doors of joy, this advent calendar to gift yourself or someone else for the perfect countdown to Christmas

SPOILER ALERT… This set includes:  1. Exclusive matte lipstick, 2. Exclusive matte lipstick, 3. Exclusive jelly gloss, 4. Exclusive jelly gloss, 5. Exclusive lip gloss, 6. Exclusive lip gloss, 7. Exclusive lip liner, 8. Exclusive cream eyeshadow, 9. Exclusive cream eyeshadow, 10. New scrunchie, 11. Exclusive pressed highlighter, 12. Exclusive pressed blusher, 13. Exclusive pressed baking powder, 14. Exclusive brow crayon, 15. Exclusive brow pencil, 16. Exclusive clear brow gel. 17. Exclusive eye liner pencil, 18. Exclusive eye primer, 19. Exclusive make up brush, 20. Exclusive make up brush, 21. Exclusive make up brush, 22. Exclusive make up brush, 23. Exclusive mirror, 24. Exclusive 7 pan shadow palette, 25. Exclusive reloaded palette

Many of the items look to be full sized and I love the fact that not only do you get a full face of makeup, but you get brushes with the products. I honestly haven’t heard a lot about this calendar this year, but what I have seen makes me want to investigate further.

Molton Brown Advent Calendar – $250.00 WORTH $324 – Celebrate in style this year and count down to the joyful Christmas day with our sensational luxury advent calendar, filled with intriguing fragrances, bathing classics and much more. Inspired by the liberating glamour of the Roaring Twenties, this elegant calendar shimmers with holographic foil to evoke a 1920s chandelier. With a striking new design, it’s secured by a hidden magnet and opens from the side to reveal your 24 stellar indulgences.

Includes: Day 1: Vintage With Elderflower Festive Bauble 2.5fl oz, Day 2: Vintage With Elderflower Body Lotion 1.7fl oz, Day 3: Jasmine & Sun Rose Exquisite Bathing Oil 1.5fl oz, Day 4: Vintage With Elderflower Eau de Toilette 0.2fl oz, Day 5: Delicious Rhubarb & Rose Hand Cream 1.4fl oz, Day 6: Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Bath Salts 25g, Day 7: Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Fine Liquid Hand Wash 1.7fl oz, Day 8: Geranium Nefertum Bath & Shower Gel 1.7fl oz, Day 9: Muddled Plum Eau de Toilette 0.2fl oz, Day 10: Orange & Bergamot Radiant Body Oil 1.5fl oz, Day 11: Orange & Bergamot Hand Cream 1.4fl oz, Day 12: Heavenly Gingerlily Bath & Shower Gel 1.7fl oz, Day 13: Heavenly Gingerlily Body Lotion 1.7fl oz, Day 14: Muddled Plum Festive Bauble 2.5fl oz, Day 15: Vitamin Lipsaver 0.3fl oz, Day 16: Delicious Rhubarb & Rose Festive Bauble 2.5fl oz, Day 17: Volumising Shampoo With Kumudu 1.7fl oz, Day 18: Volumising Conditioner With Kumudu 1.7fl oz, Day 19: Fiery Pink Pepper Hand Cream 1.4fl oz, Day 20: Jasmine & Sun Rose Bath & Shower Gel 1.7fl oz, Day 21: Anti-fatigue Bai Ji Eye Gel 0.5fl oz, Day 22: Heavenly Gingerlily Caressing Body Oil 1.5fl oz, Day 23: Fiery Pink Pepper Festive Bauble 2.5fl oz, Day 24: Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Eau de Toilette 0.2fl oz

Molton Brown Website

This is another Advent Calendar I have been sort of on line stalking since its release was announced. Not only is it gorgeous but I absolutely adore their shower gels. I keep promising myself I am going to pick up the bath gel sampler pack so I can make a list of the scents I like, but then I just go on the site and reorder the Rhubarb and Rose every time.

Seriously, Every Time.

It is sweet but tart, the rhubarb really balancing out the rose so it isn’t overly floral and cloying. It is one of my top bath time products. I have never tried out any of their shampoos or conditioners and keep meaning to try them out as well. This advent calendar looks like a fantastic way to try out a lot of their products from different lines. This is actually one of the contenders for the calendar I want to buy once my holiday (and birthday) gift buying extravaganza is complete.

For now I think I am going to end this advent calendar post. More because it is getting rather long than because I ran out of Advent Calendars. I’m sure in the next few weeks I will find more that I just feel have to be mentioned and as we get closer to the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales more and more holiday shopping themed posts will appear. Hopefully you will find them useful when you go to do your own shopping, whether it’s for yourself or someone special on your list.

The Make Up Bag: October 16th, 2020

The Make Up Bag Used the week of October 10th – 16th

Welcome back to the Weekly Makeup bag post.  I’ve missed you. This week was a fun one.  I not only used my newly purchased e.l.f. Acne Fighting Foundation out, but I kept the last of the e.l.f. Tinted moisturizer out and even brought out the e.l.f. Flawless Foundation from the depths of my dressing table to do a full on comparison.  That’s right it was battle of the e.l.f. foundations. Well, sort of.

Buy 1, Get 1 25% Off Holiday Kits

All three were rock star products (at garage band prices) although my summer tan has not faded nearly enough for me to be able to use the shade of the Flawless foundation I have in my dressing table. I had to go in extra hard on the bronzer on the days I used it. 

TreStique bronzer and mini lip collection

My bronzer this week was my tried and true Trestique Color and contour stick. It is a longtime favorite and one I have replaced a couple of times.  It is an easily blendable formula and the stick format lets you put the product exactly where you want it. It is one of my favorite cream formula bronzers to work with.

trèStiQue: A makeup solution for your lifestyle

I can’t actually say the same for the Girlactik Cream skin glow.  It is a dual shade with one side a pinky tone and the other side a gold tone.  Both disappeared into nothingness on my cheeks.  I was not terribly happy with it.

Hourglass on the left, Girlactik on the right

I did enjoy bringing out my Hourglass Ambient Blush in Diffused Heat.  It was a little light for my summer tanned skin so I haven’t reached for it in a while, but now that my skin is starting to fade with the fall, I think I am going to be reaching for this product more often.  I love the way it blends out against the skin and not only adds color but seems to add a little light.

My primer this week was the Banana Bright Primer from Ole Henriksen.  I love the way it smells like banana candy.  The vitamin C isn’t a bad addition either.  Even though it is called a bright primer it doesn’t add a dewy shimmer to the skin. 

What it does do is add a little depth to your matte foundation so that your skin looks more natural. And the vitamin C included does help to fade dark spots too which is nice. The slight tint to the cream fades completely into the skin and is unnoticeable. It actually looks a little darker in the pic than it does in real life. This is currently one of my top primers.

40% off new Bring on the Bright Duo. Featuring a full-size Truth Serum and C-Rush Brightening Double Crème, this brightening and hydrating duo will keep your skin from going dull this winter. Price as marked. Ends 10/21/20. While supplies last.

Also at the top of my list of products?  My Benefit bad Girl Bang Mascara.  Alas this was this particular tubes last time in the makeup bag.  My sample sized tube is officially empty.  This little tube gave its all and no more product remains. 

Score free shipping on all orders! Use code: FALLSHIP. Valid through 11/23.

At the moment I have several unopened mascaras I need to work my way through before I look at buying another one.  As I know that the Bad Girl Bang is in one of the Holiday bundles that Benefit did for this Holiday season I am trying to justify buying the bundle as a holiday purchase rather than just buying the mascara.  I know it’s kind of a sneaky way around my ‘no buying mascaras until a few more are used up’ concept. And I know I shouldn’t but it is one of my favorite mascaras and I am not sure if I can resist the temptation.

There were two wet ‘n wild products in my makeup bag this week.  The first is the eyebrow kit, which will be staying for a while.  I really like the medium powder for my brows. And making a return is the wet ‘n wild mega liner.  I really do like the paint brush style of eyeliner.  As you can pretty much tell from the level of product in this container. 

Shop the Bretman Rock collection before its gone forever at 40% off! Use code WWBRET40 by 10/18 to save!

It doesn’t have a lot of product left in it and I am trying to decide if I want to keep it around until I finish it out or not.  I suspect I might because it is really light. I think I might rotate in a few brown eyeliners and just keep this in my makeup bag as the black liner until it is gone. 

I know I’ll end up replacing it but I also want to try out a couple others in this style, like the Pretty Vulgar and the KVD Vegan Beauty ones. But this week, the wet ‘n wild is the one I used and I really liked it.  You have to let it dry for a moment so it doesn’t transfer to your upper lids but once you get the hang of it, the liner stays in place all day without smearing or fading.  It is also the very first eyeliner I tried when I was just starting to get into makeup.  Which is probably why I am more comfortable with it than some other styles.

My HA Spray from Timeless skin is still in my makeup bag and will pretty much remain a constant until there is another product I want to test out. Even then I suspect I will test it out and then return to this.  I love the skin care benefits along with the actually set of the makeup.  For me it is a double win.

My setting powder was from Kristofer Buckle.  It is a great reliable loose translucent setting powder.  It clouds the air a little bit when you dip into it, but it doesn’t look powdery on the face.  I think it is just so finely milled that particles quickly become aerosolized around the brush.  It doesn’t look powdery though.

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My pressed powder this week was the No 7 Perfect light.  As you can see the pan underneath is becoming more distinctly visible.  (I didn’t realize how much was showing through until I linked to the product page and saw the untouched pan in the photo.) I really like using it and have a hard time sending it back to the dressing table.  However, I have other powders to use and so I must return it and give another product a chance to be used and discussed.

Finally, we end up at the lips.  To be honest I took the easy way out this week.  I have two sets of mini-lip crayons from Trestique.  Some are matte lip colors and others are sheer.  I just put them all in an jar and set them in my bathroom.  Then each morning I just picked whichever I felt like going with for the day.  They were really handy and I enjoyed using them all.

The limited lipstick selection is one of the things I don’t like about the weekly makeup bag.  While it comforts me to choose all the other products and know I have everything squared away and won’t get distracted by other products in my dressing table. With the lips, I really like variety. I am actually contemplating leaving the jar of Trestique in the bathroom and then just adding one or two lip products to the bag each week.  We shall see how that idea goes.  Who knows next week I may change my mind. 

But for this week, this was my makeup bag.  With the exception of the disappointing Girlactick I rather enjoyed all of the products I chose. It was one of my better make up bags.  Hopefully nest week will be just as good.

The Make Up Bag: October 9th, 2020

The Make up Bag used October 3rd – 9th, 2020

So tell me my darlings, can anyone spot the theme to this week’s make up bag? That’s right, this week I when I pulled out my mostly used up tube of elf tinted foundation I realized I had a lot of e.l.f. products in my dressing table. I decided to see how many I had and to see if I could actually get a full makeup bag out of them. I came close, but as you can tell it isn’t entirely elf based.

One of the other reasons I did this is because I already know that I am going to be getting a few elf products for people as christmas gifts this year. So very soon I am going to be putting in an order. I figured since I knew I would be putting in an order, I might as well go through what I had, see what I liked, what I didn’t have but wanted to try and what I wasn’t all that fond of. So this is an elf themed bag this week.

So let’s start with the primer. I actually own two primers from elf, the puff puff primer and the putty poreless primer. The puff is more of a hydrating primer and I was really feeling the pore filling this week. I like both and would repurchase them both. The truth is though that I tend to forget I have the putty primer for long stretches and then suddenly remember it is there, try it and fall in love all over again.

I need to start reaching for it more because I’ve had it a while and I don’t want it to go bad. I will say that a little goes a long way (which is why it lasts so long even if you don’t forget it) and it really fills the pores in well and gives you a nice smooth canvas on which to apply the makeup.

this week and next week’s foundations

Speaking of, this week’s foundation product was the elf tinted moisturizer. After not finding a link for it on line in yesterday’s post, I found it was discontinued. I am sad because it was a really good product. I did go out and pick up a replacement to try out. It isn’t quite the same but next week I will be trying out the elf acne fighting foundation. A friend of mine who tried both said it felt a lot like the tinted moisturizer on the skin. Since I still have a little of the tinted moisturizer left I can actually do a side by side comparison this week which will be fun. So stay tuned.

Next we move into a compact that is a bronzer and highlighter duo. At least I think that is what it is, there were no markings on the package. It if had a sticker it is gone. Of the pair I really liked the bronzer. It is really pigmented though so remember to tread lightly.

It does blend out really well so if you accidentally go a little dark with your first stripe you aren’t stuck with just a dark strip or having to start over. Once I realized how pigmented it was, I really enjoyed using it. I will be reaching for this compact more just to use the bronzer.

I will not be using the highlighter next to it. That I didn’t like. It disappeared instantly on the skin leaving no visible trace. occasionally throughout the day I would get the flash of one sparkle and that was it. It was not a good product, even for me who likes a subtle glow rather than a blinding flash.

I think this might be an older formula though. I know this year elf has been reformulating a lot of their products. While I will happily use this bronzer down to pan, I might try picking up a new highlighter when i place my order to see if I like the updated formula better.

the Benefit blush, wet ‘n wild brow kit and Doucce Mascara

As I found I did not have an elf blush (I don’t know how I missed that) I just grabbed one of my favorite blushes, the Benefit Gold Rush blush. It is a nice pink that I know I will still be able to wear as I lose my tan. the gold shimmer look to it, was mostly over spray and tends to go away once you start using the product. My skin does also react well with gold tones though, which it has even without the sparkle.

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If you aren’t a gold toned fan, you might want to go with a different blush like the Dandelion one. That is a nice pink without the gold undertones. I had that blush before I picked up this one and I used it down to pan before letting it go. So even though i would have liked to try out an elf blush this week, I used not having one as an excuse to use one of my favorites and just put elf blush on my shopping list.

My powders this week were both elf. One is loose and the other is pressed. I like both but I do find that after I have set my face I need spray my fixing spray and then tap with my makeup sponge in order to make certain there are no white spots from the translucent powder. It isn’t much, and a quick tap down is fine. I didn’t have this problem when I powdered my nose mid day in my t-zone, just with initial application. There was no flash back on camera though and the powder doesn’t look cakey and stays all day so I am okay with tamping it down. I do like the twist and lock mechanism on the inside of the loose powder as it keeps the powder from getting everywhere when you aren’t using it.

The slight white powder gave me more of a legit excuse to use my HA Spray from Timeless Skincare this week. I’ve used this spray for a month now and I am still blown away by how much I like it.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many other sprays I’ve tried that locked in my makeup and did it well, I just really like that this locks in my makeup and has skin care benefits to boot. In all honesty I will be using this until it runs out and then ordering it in a different scent to try out. I currently have my eye on the orange. I don’t know if it will be as good as the cucumber, but I am willing to give it a try.

For my eyes I went with the two elf bite sized shadow palettes this week. I ended up reaching for ‘rose water’ more, because the pink tones spoke to me, but I went for the ‘cream and sugar’ more when I wanted to wear the red lip rather than the sheer gloss. I liked both but which I wore was just lip dependent this week. I only have two elf lip products so I just bounced between them and chose the shadow accordingly. I like both so it wasn’t a hardship.

The liner was a potted black liner that came with a brush. I like the liner. I find that I really like using either the liquid liners you dip a brush into or the cream that you dip a brush into more than the pen style liners. The pen liners are quick, but I find I do better with my liner when I dip a brush into product.

Maybe it is because I am the one choosing the brush. This potted eyeliner cream came with a brush but I opted not to use it. there was nothing wrong with it, the handle of the brush was just short. I find I have more control with a longer brush. If the handle was longer I would have use it as the bristles were nice and it gave me a nice line.

At the moment I am keeping my wet ‘n wild brow kit in my makeup bag. I would like to try and elf brow product as I have never tried any of their brow products. I’m not even sure they have any, it is something I will look into.

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I like the one shade I use in the brow kit and am finding I like powdered brow products more than I thought I did. So I will keep using this kit and try to find my single shade in the wet ‘n wild formula when it runs out so that I don’t waste the other two products which I don’t use. I will also be looking into other brow products. This year was the year of foundation, maybe next year will be the great brow test. who knows?

The mascara I used this week was the Doucce Punk Volumizer mascara. It is one of those mascaras that has a really fluffy brush so you have high expectations. Its an okay mascara. If I got it again, I would use it, but I wouldn’t go out and purchase it. I’ve been using it off and on for the past few months and it is now at the end of it’s life span. Not only is it of an age where it needs to be disposed of, but it is starting to clump in the tube. So this will be the last use for this particular mascara in my makeup bag. I will not be repurchasing it. Should it arrive in a makeup bag, I might use it if I don’t have a lot of mascaras open or waiting to be opened, but chances are, I would just pass it along.

And so we come to the lips. The first is one I’ve used and reviewed for you before. It is the liquid lip in the shade Red Vixen. I really like this shade. It is pigmented, dries well without making your lips feel dry and desiccated and stays in place a long time. And when it does go away it fades quietly around the edges instead of just going crumbly which I personally prefer.

lip swatches, liquid lip on top and the sheer on the bottom

The second lippie was the elf sheer slick. It is a newer product and one I picked up recently but hadn’t gotten around to trying. The one I picked up is Black Cherry and was the darkest my store offered. It has no real scent to it and it is a sheer wash of color. It is shiny and glossy but not sticky. It is a roll up product and the clear packaging lets you see just how much you have left.

As a gloss it doesn’t have much staying power, I’ve never met a gloss that did. It however feels really comfortable on the lips and I will be using it a lot, especially on low makeup days in the winter. In the winter I tend to either go for barely there makeup looks or full vampy lips. I seem to have no in between during the cold months.

To be honest, I am actually considering picking up the full range of the sheer slicks so I have them all. It is rare that I say that with a line, but I think I might see how many lip products I have and then make out my order. It will be the last thing on the list so I may have to pick them up one at a time, but I could definitely see me getting the entire line.

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So that was this week’s make up bag. Next week I know I have a direct foundation comparison but I haven’t yet picked out the other products to go with it. Maybe I’ll pick out new products i have yet to try, maybe I will use upcoming sales to revisit old favorites. I won’t know until I start to fill the bag. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

e.l.f. cosmetics

Elf Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

This week I wasn’t entirely certain what I wanted to wear on my face for the week. Usually I have some notion of the items I am going to pick but the newest eyeshadow palette I had wasn’t really speaking to me. Usually I tend to align my products chosen for the makeup bag based in part on the colors in the eyeshadow palette. Without that I decided to start in the drawer where I keep my foundation products.

It is an odd time for my skin. Some of my summer shades are beginning to look slightly too dark, but my winter shades look slightly too light. It is the issue I have every October. I have the same issue in reverse in late April/early May. The seasons are changing and my tan isn’t sure it really wants to go, but isn’t committed to staying.

applying dots before using the foundation brush

As I was contemplating this in between time, I saw a tube of product I actually forgot I had. At the beginning of the year I was testing foundations only occasionally. I hadn’t yet taken the deep plunge into the pool. One of the products I tried was the Elf poreless foundation (its in a glass bottle, this is not it). I found it a great foundation that was vastly underrated. It was one of those products you try and then wonder why everyone isn’t talking about it and then start second guessing yourself about because you think it is really good but no one else is saying anything.

At least that is how it felt at the time.

Unfortunately as it was winter and my skin was as white as it ever gets, I picked up the lightest shade appropriate for my skin. Very shortly after my testing, the sun decided to emerge and call me out into it, so I had to set the product aside. At the time I picked up this Elf tinted moisturizer SPF 20 with Aloe, cucumber, and vitamins A, C and E. I was hoping that it would perform as well as the now too pale product and I really liked the thought of the extra vitamins inside.

So I used it.

And used it.

But I forgot to review it. And then I moved on to summery shades and it was shoved to the back of the drawer. So this week, I pulled it out thinking, ‘I remember really liking this.’ And so into the makeup bag it went. I chose the products around it, as you will see in the upcoming Makeup bag post tomorrow (don’t worry I won’t spoil the surprise).

Bafe skin on the left and just the tinted moisturizer (no primer) on the right

I also noticed that the tube felt very light in the hand. After using it this week, I realized it has maybe another week’s worth of product in the tube so I will be keeping it around a second week to use it up completely.

And then it will go on my ELF wish list. And yes I am compiling an Elf wishlist. There will be products for me and many others as stocking stuffers and filling out small gift bags for family members just starting to get into wearing makeup. But again that is a tale for another time.

As you may have guessed from the fact that this is actually the first full sized foundation product I have managed to empty this year, I really liked this product. As it’s name implies, it goes onto the skin like a moisturizer. Without a primer it sits on the skin like a moisturizer. Which means it is great for evening out tone but not so great at hiding texture. So I used the elf poreless putty primer under it and all was good.

full face (no primer day) and clearly before I did anything with my hair

With the primer, you could tell that I did something to my skin (as in you knew I was wearing something because my skin looked better than usual but it didn’t look like foundation). It is a light on the skin product. Both to wear and to see. It felt like a moisturizer. Because of this it stayed on all day and I had no issues with it wearing off. If I didn’t use the primer, it would settle into lines right away and stay there. This product was designed to even skin tone. If you are worried about lines, then use a primer underneath and there are no issues. This tinted moisturizer is just not going to hide those lines.

As I love primers and have many I live to use, I had no problem with this. well clearly as the tube is almost empty. If you have dark spots or red spots, this is a product you might want to look into. It didn’t obscure all my freckles, but it did cover the sun damage spots I am still working to repair. I would say it falls into the light to medium coverage category. I’m not certain if it is the aloe or the cucumber, but it smells slightly more like skin care than it does foundation. There is no paint like smell to it and it smells kind of fresh and light. The scent isn’t strong and dissipates quickly so don’t anticipate a blast of cucumber, but when sniffed, the scent leans more towards skincare than it does makeup. At least to my nose.

I do have one caveat. When I was in my local drug store a few days ago (on the way back from the Asian Grocery we did a quick stop) I checked in and this was available for $6. However, when I went to link it to the website, the product is listed as no longer available. I’m not sure if that is a temporary or permanent thing. As I did use this product all week, I’m going to let the review stand as is which is based on the notes I took throughout the week, however on the website there are two products that look like they might be compatible. I’m going to run out this afternoon and see if they can be picked up at my drug store. If they can, I will purchase them and report back. If not I will order them, wait for them to arrive and then use them and report back in. It will just take a little longer. I will also try to find out if this product was permanently discontinued or not and let you know.

This makes me a little sad. I have about a week’s worth of the elf tinted moisturizer left and I would repurchase this in a heartbeat (and because of the low cost i would pick it up in multiple shades without a flicker of remorse) but it may not be available. I’m not going to hoard it and save that last little bit for a rainy day though, even though a small part of me kind of wants to. I will use it up and send it to the empties bin. I’m trying to get better about that. Products don’t last forever so avoiding using my favorites for the day I know I really want to look good isn’t really helpful. As my long term favorite foundation being discontinued was what sent me on theis grand foundation quest to begin with, this is somewhat disheartening.

But in the end, I did enjoy using the elf tinted moisturizer this week. Hopefully I will have something to compare it to soon. And even though I really liked this product (even better than some of the pricier foundations I’ve tried this year) there are plenty of other products I have tried and liked. So I know it isn’t the only one out there for me. Knowing that actually helps me let go.

It also gives me license to pick up two new foundations to try, so it isn’t all bad.

e.l.f. cosmetics

The Make Up Bag: October 2nd, 2020

The Makeup Bag Used the Week of September 26th – October 2nd, 2020

I know normally we start off with the foundation or the eyeshadow, but today we are starting off with the Mascara. (incidentally I just realized it was cropped out of the above photo because I had it standing up, sigh).

Mascara is my second favorite category of product.  Let’s face it, lips will always take first and Powder is holding steady at number three with primer of course coming in at number four.  For those keeping score. This week’s mascara is The Feathers from Pretty Vulgar.  This is one of those products that actually rewarded my superficial nature. 

Pretty Vulgar Cruelty Free Makeup!

While I’m not sure that it a good thing long term, this product is quite as fabulous as its packaging.  In other words, I bought it because the packaging is really pretty and I thought that even if I didn’t like it, then it would be a nice decorative element on my dressing table.  It turns out it is very pretty and looks good on my dressing table AND it is a really good mascara.  Yeah, I win!

I started with it today because I wanted to make sure to mention that it is currently being featured in a month long sale.  Purchase any mascara (Faux Reals or the Feathers) with the Down Below primer and save $10! The sale started yesterday (October 1st, 2020) and runs through November first.  As my Feathers Mascara is nearing the end of its life, I will be replacing it.  The fact that the promotion also involves a primer is kind of a bonus for me.  Anyway I started with mascara since I wanted to make sure I mentioned that right away.

Now, we can move on to eyeshadow.  This week’s eyeshadow was the Hip Dot Zion Palette. The link will take you to the full review.  The basic shake down was that I liked the colors and liked using it but there is a lot of fall out from the shadow to watch out for. I will also be looking into other Hip Dot palettes in the future with different color schemes.

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The foundation this week was the NYX Bare With Me Tinted Skin Veil.  When I pulled it from the drawer I was certain it was a summer shade.  I like it enough that I also knew I wanted to figure out what my winter shade would be, hence the reason I chose it (beyond liking it of course). After using it, I think I might be able to wear this shade for a lot longer than I thought.  I think there is enough variation in the tones that I might be able to get away with using it all the way until I am my palest of winter shades.  I won’t know until the sun fades out my tan but I am optimistic that I may only actually need one shade of this Bare With Me. Which is kind of awesome as it means I don’t have to double up on a product and risk it going bad. I enjoyed using this as my foundation this week.  It gave me great coverage and felt really good to wear.  I will happily keep it in rotation as long as I can.

Primer and No. 7 Pressed powder

The primer this week was the  Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer. It was a sample and this week did finish it out. The last time I used it I was on the fence as to whether I liked it or not. At the moment I think it is okay. It isn’t a bad primer but it isn’t one of my must have primers either.  Perhaps when my skin is winter dry I might like it more, but at the moment it is one of those products I’d use if it was here but I wouldn’t run out and purchase as soon as I started to run low.  For me, this week finished up the sample and so it is now out of my dressing table.  It might return sometime in the winter to see if it fares better when my skin is dryer but I am not rushing out to replace it.

I did love using the Too Faced Chocolate Gold Soleil Bronzer this week though.  That is a product I really like using.  The product is nice and not as sparkly as I feared it would be from its name and the gold shimmer inside. It is just a very good bronzer.  It is also a really pretty package.  I have to say I am a sucker for a good looking compact.  I really am.  Luckily, the product is also nice.

I had two powders in my make up bag this week; one loose and one pressed. The Kristofer Buckle loose translucent setting powder was my loose powder. 

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It is a good setting powder with no flash back when taking pics and it helps set my makeup.

No 7 Perfect Light Pressed powder in Medium was the pressed powder I used this week and I have to say it is rapidly becoming one of my favorite pressed powders. It sits well against the skin without looking powdery, it knocks any shine right off but never feels cakey. I know I ought to trade it out for something else but I don’t really want to so I am going to keep it around for another week and then next week I’ll trade it out.


The Julep Pore minimizing Blush in Rosewood was my blush this week and I really like the color.  It is a nice deep blush that goes so well with my summer tan.  I suspect that my time wearing it will soon be at an end.  I think that as my tan fades it may end up being too dark for winter. It is a great formula, but soon It may be taking a brief rest in the dressing table, emerging when the temperatures start to rise.

I will be keeping the Julep cushion complexion concealer out over the winter.  Right now I can really only use it to prime my eyelids because it it too light for my face but in a month or so I will be using it as a concealer.  I tried it on my face this week and while it is way too light at the moment, it did an excellent job of concealing so I look forward to using it for its intended purpose soon.

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The Fenty Beauty Killawatt Highlighter in Ginger Binge and Moscow mule came in my Boxycharm last month and I have to say I was skeptical at first.  I just really didn’t like the Trophy Wife highlighter I tried before.  This one feels much more finely milled and the rosy tones blended well with my skin.  The rose tends to lean more gold than silver which is also good for me.  I found that with a brush it was easy to apply a subtle shimmery look. 

If I applied with a finger then I could go much more bold and even when I went bold the highlighters on both sides blended out well so I didn’t have just a strip from my finger application.  I have to say I am a big fan of this combo.  I was more impressed I think since I really didn’t like the other Fenty Highlighter. This one is definitely a keeper.

This week the Wet ‘n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit returned.  It has been a while since I used it and I really enjoyed having it around again.  The powders work really well and I sort of realized that I like the brow pencils for giving me the shape for my brows but really prefer the powder to fill them in. 

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I don’t have major gaps in my brows so I really don’t need to draw any hairs in, I mostly just need a more uniform look.  At the moment this is the only powder brow product I have in my dressing table so I might just keep it around and just trade out my brow pencils for a while.  I’m sure I’ll pick up more powder brow products at some point but at the moment this wet ‘n wild kit works well and even though I’ve used it heaps, it still has a ton of product in it. So for now it may remain a constant in my weekly Makeup Bag.

I will say that as much as I like the wet ‘n wild brow powders I really do not like the cream highlight.  In fact if I was certain I could do it without damaging the powders I would pry it out and chuck it away. So the Billion Dollar Brows Brow duo Pencil Concealer and Highlighter was added to my makeup bag this week to make up for this.  I like the creamy texture and the precision of the pencil.  Which is kind of fun because I did not like the other BDB brow products that came in the kit with the highlighter. 

Another returning product in my bag this week was the Milk Long wear gel eyeliner for the water line. It is a creamy formula and I really need to look into other colors. It is a nice and comfortable liner to wear and it has great staying power.  Less impressive this week were the other two other eyeliners I tried out this week. 

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The first was the Aurora brown calligraphy pen style eyeliner that came in my Ipsy Mystery Bag.  I had high hopes for this.  Partially because I really wanted a brown eyeliner I could rely on that was in the calligraphy pen style. It was an interesting liner.  It went on smoothly and where it was on my lid where there were no other products, like eye shadow, it worked really well.  Where the eyeshadow was. The liner tended to skip.  I tried it when I wasn’t wearing eyeshadow and it gave me a smooth continuous line.  It just didn’t like going over eyeshadow. I think I am going to keep it around another week to play with it some more.  I’ll be adding a reliable eyeliner into the bag as well, but I want to see how it works with different shadows.It could be that it just didn’t like Hip Dot for some reason.

The Cleo Noir purple eyeliner from the September Allure Box was a disappointment.  It switched really well on the hands but was very stiff on the eyes.  I warmed it up on my hand but by the time it was warm enough to apply sort of well, my hand was covered in purple lines and I felt  wasted more product than I used. I think it is something I will keep around if I have a specific look in mind that needs a purple eyeliner.  But I also think that when I go to pickup more Milk Eyeliners I might see if they have a purple one I can replace this one with.

For those keeping track there is only one category that we missed.  And that’s the lips.  This week I had only one lip product.  I know, shock gasp, calls for temperature checks.  I know.  I chose one liquid lipstick, Dose of Colors in Stone for three reasons. One the Zion Palette from Hip Dot was so spectacularly purple that I knew it was going to be a neutral lip kind of week. Two I have had this lipstick for a while and I wanted to make certain it was still good.  And three I really like it.  It was for a long time my go to lip product.  I still have an unopened back up in the drawer waiting for this to run out. 

Which it probably will soon. It is actually getting kind of low on product.  I may just keep it in my makeup bag and use it up.  Clearly I’ll add other products, and it might not get used every week, but I want to keep it where I can see it so it does get used up before it expires.  The Dose of Colors formula is a great one for longevity and it is really easy to wear.  It can be a bit drying on the lips because once it dries down it isn’t going anywhere.  I tend to still use lip balm throughout the day when I wear it and I like that once dried it doesn’t tint my lip balm.  If you are worried about dry lips then a quick swipe of lip balm over the top after it is dried works wonders.  For me the drying is slight and over balanced by the rest of the formula’s perks.  Also I apply lip balm throughout the day anyway so the dryness isn’t much of an issue for me.

So there you have it, this week’s makeup bag.  A few plusses a few cons, some consistently reused products.  All in all a mix I was happy with. I have to say that I am torn about next week’s bag.  There is one eyeshadow palette that I was planning to review, but another one just keeps calling my name. “Play with me Mimsy, you know you love me.” Because of that I may actually end up doing a Current Dressing Table favorites makeup bag next week.  As soon I am going to start talking about Holiday bundles and Black Friday specials and lists, maybe a review of my favorites wouldn’t be a bad idea.  I’ll have to think about it today and then decided tonight when I switch out the makeup bag and load it up for next week. For now it is off to work for me.  I hope everyone out there has a fabulous Friday.  I’ll see you later this afternoon for the Friday Face mask.

Pretty Vulgar Make up

The Hip Dot Zion Eyeshadow Palette

This week the eyeshadow palette I chose to work with was the Zion palette from Hip Dot. It came in a BoxyCharm box and I have to say I am a sucker for the marbling on the outside of the package. The palette itself feels substantial and has a nice mirror in it. With this company I have never tried any of their shadows however I did purchase the Spongebob Palette they sell for someone else (they really like it but I’m not sure how much of that is spongebob and how much is the product).

This palette as you can see is a very purple themed palette. Even the reds have purple tones to them. I don’t mind purple. The only real purple I’ve got is my Ciate London Jessica Rabbit Palette, which lets face it I bought because it is Jessica Rabbit. (and yes at some point I will be picking up the compact that goes with it, but as nice as many of Ciate London’s Products are that purchase again will have little to do with the actual product).Purple is not a tone I naturally gravitate towards. I don’t mind it or have bad associations, it just isn’t my go to like some other colors.

Swatches for the top row, L to R: Sandstone, Virgin, Canyon, maze and surreal

But that was another reason i chose this palette this week. I knew that I would probably not naturally pick this palette up. As you can probably tell from the above photograph, these are very powdery shades. The shimmers feel softer and more buttery than the mattes, but over all powdery is the term that comes to mind when thinking of this palette.when applying these shades you have to remember to tap your brush off when dipping into the pan or you will end up with a mess. If you ae the sort who applies eyeshadow before the rest of your face makeup, this is your time to revel in your good judgement. For me personally, I have never been able to do that. I always get everything put together except for the eyes and lips and then I concentrate on the eyes and finish with the lips. Everytime I try it in a different line up I completely wreck the eye look.


Even being careful, you will have some fall out as you apply so If you add extra setting powder and then brush it away after doing your eyes, then you will save yourself some trouble. even being careful I ended up with some of the color Virgin sparkling down my face after application.

Swatches middle row, L to R: Wanderlust, Grounded, Angel’s Landing, Wild River, and Whisper

Also be aware that tapping the brush off produces a lot of dust. My bathroom sink looks like a multicolored dust storm swept in after a week of using this palette. I usually clean it on Saturday, so that I can also get any mask spatter out as well and it will really need it’s Saturday clean. that being said, the colors do perform nicely. They are pigmented but buildable. The darker the color in the pan the more pigmented it becomes and the lighter you want to dip into the pan. not only is there more fall out as you dip, but the darker colors can be a bit overpowering.

Swatches Bottom Row L to R: Sublime, Narrows, Majesty, Mystery, and Vibration

The third row of the palette actually works well for a one and done look. When i used them I tapped into the pan, touched the brush to the outer edge of my eye and then used a clean brush to blend it inward. That row works best when used like that as they don’t tend to play well with the other shadows. If you try layering them they more or less just obliterate anything that came before them. They are still very beautiful to work with, they are just more stand alone kinds of shadows.

I don’t know if you can see this well but even being careful I ended up with a glittery cheek if I didn’t add extra powder to my under eye area to catch the fall out. You might have to zoom in to see. I will say though that once the eye shadow is on, it remains in place. There may be fall out when applying it, but it doesn’t migrate. I created whatever look I was going for and then used my HA Spray as my setting spray and that was that. At the end of the day my lipstick was gone but the eyeshadow remained. I did not get a lot of creasing (the line you see is the natural fold in my eyelid) and there was not a lot of transfer. The shimmers ended up migrating a little further up by the end of the day but that is mostly do to my slightly hooded eyes. It happens with pretty much every shimmer. Most of it remained where I put it but throughout the day is was pushed around a bit.The mattes didn’t budge. They faded a little, but as I expected to have purple under eyes from fall out throughout the day I was pleasantly surprised.

So the end of every eyeshadow palette: Is it a keeper or does it get cleaned and passed on and will I buy from this company again?

I think i will keep this palette in my collection. I don’t have a lot of shades like them and I did like how they performed. I would probably not have picked this up on my own as it is very purple themed and I am not. But I am glad it came to me in a subscription box. I probably won’t reach for it often, but I know I will reach for it when I am wanting purple. hich does happen occasionally. I think I will be looking at other palettes by Hip Dot in the future. I would probably choose a palette that was in a more consistent color scheme for me, but I would buy it. I would just remember the fall out and be prepared for a week of a very messy sink.

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The Make Up Bag: September 25th, 2020

Welcome my darlings once again to the weekly makeup bag post where I discuss everything that I put on my face that wasn’t officially skin care this week. My setting spray as the exception of course. I am still using the HA Spray from Timeless Skincare to set my makeup and quite frankly, I am loving it. It sets my skin and as it is a diluted form of the Hyaluronic Acid Serum (also from Timeless) it is also good for my skin. So bonus points. In all fairness even though I have only one more week on my official trial of the HA Spray, I will probably be using it until it runs out. And there is the possibility I will just replace it. I’m using the cucumber scented one now, but I think I might try the orange scented one next. It has the same properties just a different scent to it. While cucumber is nice and spa like, the orange might be a good ‘hello morning’ scent.

This week there was some excitement in the realm of foundation. I tried a sample of a foundation I forgot I had. My skin did not react so well with it. i got red and itchy. I’m not going to mention the name because I think the red and itchy was more my fault than the brand’s. I did a deep dive into their ingredients list and found nothing in the list that has troubled me before. So I suspect that I just kept it past it’s expiration date and paid the price. Considering I have no idea when or even where I picked up the sample, I’m going with user error on this one. It has produced in me the need for decluttering.

This weekend I will be going through and removing expired products and products that need to be passed on to someone else to use while they are still good. With my foundations, I will be arranging the ones I’m keeping. Those in open trial sizes will be used up first and then I will start rotating through the ones I have open, starting with the summer shades. I have a couple of unopened and untested products in my dressing table, but I think there are only two at the moment and both are winter shades and I know how old each of them is so I am not worried about waiting a few months. So for a while I will be using foundations I have previously tried, which means Thursday will feature a non-foundation post for a while. I’m sure I’ll find more things worth breaking out into a more fulsome review.

Speaking of products I’ve used before, with the foundation debacle, I ended up reaching for the Pretty Vulgar Lava Water Foundation. It is a beautiful bottle and the product inside works just as beautifully on the skin. I really enjoyed getting to use it again this week. even if I hadn’t expected to use it this week.

Pretty Vulgar Cruelty Free Makeup!

The eyeshadow palette this week was the Zoeva Caramel Melange palette and I really enjoyed it. The like will take you to the full review, but the color scheme was right up my alley and the pigments worked well for the way I like to wear them. It is a neutral palette but with enough variation that it wasn’t a boring neutrals palette. Which was very nice.

It did however affect my lipstick choice. While I was determined to use my Clarins Velvet Lip Perfector this week, the other neutral shades I chose to balance it out did not work with this shadow palette. I looked too blahly brown with this neutral palette if I went with a neutral lip. So I snuck my Yensa lip oil in Pink Shine and my Colourpop Disney Villains Evil Queen back for companions for the Clarins. The Yensa is rapidly becoming a favorite of mine as you can tell from the drop in the level of lip oil in the tube.

While the Evil Queen looks like it hasn’t been use much, that is because this is a replacement I purchased when I used up the first tube I bought. What can I say, I love a bold lip. The clarins has been patiently sitting in my makeup bag for two weeks waiting for it’s chance to shine. It simply didn’t go well with the other products. This week it did. The formula is smooth on the lips. Slightly too pink for my personal preferences but that is easily remedied when I wanted to mix. I think I expected more red from the tube color. It goes on smoothly.

The feel of it is a little strange. It is not quite a liquid lipstick and not quite a bullet lipstick in feel. It is like they took a bullet lipstick formula and added a little something to keep it from solidifying into a solid. If you like the precision of a liquid lipstick but prefer the formula of a bullet lipstick, this might be something you want to look into. It is very comfortable to wear but it does wear like a bullet lipstick. You will need to reapply it after eating. It is not like the Clarins Water Lip Stain that lasts for three days. This is not even going to get you through the whole work day. I will say it leaves less lip prints on things than traditional bullet lipsticks so it isn’t quite as messy on the coffee cup rim. Over all I really enjoyed it once I understood what the formula was giving me. It is strange, but it is a good kind of strange. I am often described the same way.

Under my Pretty Vulgar foundation this week I wore the Huda Beauty Complexion Perfection Pre-makeup base as my primer. It has a pump so it is easy to control how much is used. The product smells a bit like an unscented moisturizer and comes out creamy. I had my doubts about it being just a hydrating primer but when I applied it on my face, it melted into the skin so it was invisible and it was incredibly pore filling.

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It gave me a very smooth base on which to work. It is not sticky at all and it doesn’t have that silicon slide that some primers have. The finish on it isn’t matte, but it isn’t glowy or dewy either. It is like the product just says look you want matte look to your foundation and powder, you want glow look to your highlighter, I’m a primer. And that is what it is. It is a primer. It just creates a smooth base. I really liked it. I have respect for products that just do the job for which they were created without trying to add other tasks into the mix. And it does the job well. It created the nice smooth canvas and worked well with my foundation. It did it’s job and I will happily keep it in my dressing table to be used repeatedly in the future.

My powder this week was a repeat of the Becca Pink Haze. I really like the powder (although to be honest I mostly just forgot to change it out. I had no problem using it a second week in a row and will happily bring it out again in the future.

This week I used the Julep concealer. It is far too light a shade to be used as concealer with my current skin tone but it was a fantastic eyelid primer. Since I don’t have any major breakouts that weren’t covered by foundation, I was happy just to use this as my lid primer this week.

Julep, Korean Skincare Made Simple.

My eyeliners this week were two from Pixi and one from Milk. The milk is a light color I love using in my water line and will probably be a staple in my makeup bag for a while as it is one of my few light waterline eyeliners. I really enjoyed the Pixi eyeliners as well. They were creamy and applied smoothly. They faded a little throughout the day but they didn’t smear or run which I appreciated.

Brows saw a return of the Hourglass Pencil. Or maybe the keeping of the Hourglass brow pencil. Like the becca Powder Iforgot it was in there and when I reached in I grabbed it automatically. I like it and it does it’s job well. It has a nice fine point and a great color.

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Ciate London was the source of both my blush and mascara this week. The blush is one of my favorite formulas and I have used it before. I still love it, enjoyed using it and will use it again. It is the Marbled Light in Halo. The Mascara was one I hadn’t opened before. It is the Wonder wand Mascara and it was excellent.

It may even join my Bad Gal Bang and Marc Jacobs in the top of the Mimsy Mascara charts. The wand is thick and the lashes were quite nicely thickened and lengthened. I was very impressed. I have a second Ciate London Mascara that is currently unopened sitting in my dressing table. When I do my mascara purge I may have to open it as well and see if it is just as good. Unless it is the same one, in which case I will wait. It is a full sized one so fingers crossed.

My bronzer is still the Nars Laguna Bronxer. It is the sample size that I am committed to using up before I allow myself to purchase the full size. And I will be purchasing the full size which whould tell you how I feel about it.

The highlight was from Illamasqua and came in a Look Fantastic Box I believe. It is gold in tone and I love that I could make it as dramatic as I wanted. If applied with the finger t was an intense gold. If a brush was used it was a sort of golden glow, a kiss from the sun if you will. I was very pleased with it and will look forward to using it again.

The brush I used to apply it was the Fenty Beauty travel brush. The brush worked well but it was annoying having to pull the little metal lid up every time I snapped the lid on. I don’t know what the alternative is, but maybe a locking button. I pinched my finger once when i was in a bit of a rush.

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Finally the last of the tools. My 999 Master Blender Foundation brush was well used and still loved this week as is my Huda Beauty Makeup sponge. Alas I did not keep track of my shadow brushes. I will do better next week in figuring out which I used. This way not only will you know but I won’t have to stuff the jar so full and I’ll know which I use. The Context Powder brush was used again this week as you can tell from the pink bristles. It like all of my tools need to be cleaned tomorrow afternoon. Cleaning and purging are the min tasks for the weekend. But before the weekend, there is the rest of the workday, which I must now get to. Later I will rejoin you for the Friday Face mask, but for now, it is paperwork for me.

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The Zoeva Caramel Melange

I know some of you are thinking, wait a sec Mimsy, you always start thursdays with the foundation and then go to eyeshadow, what gives? Well my very astute reader, there were foundation issues this week. I had a sample sized foundation I wanted to try out this week and I did try it out. I applied it and wore it. And as I wore it I got very itchy and red. At first I didn’t tie it to the foundation as other things were going on that day. I washed my face, skipped a day of makeup and found my skin was back to normal. Tried the foundation again and the same thing happened. I am not certain if I am allergic to something in the foundation or if my foundation sample was from a bad batch or if it was just old. It was one I was surprised to see in the drawer so I don’t remember when or where I picked it up. To give the foundation the benefit of the doubt I will be looking into its ingredients list (in depth) and if nothing jumps out as reaction causing for me, I will try to pick upo a fresh sample for a second try and see if it turns out differently.

So instead I used my Pretty Vulgar Lava Water Foundation this week.Which I had no problem reusing. The link will take you to the full review of it that I did previously. I really like the foundation, but in all honesty it is also the easiest to grab since the bottle insures that it sits out on my dressing table rather than going in a drawer. So it is also the first one I see. But it is a good foundation so no complaints.

And speaking of no complaints, I really have none with the Zoeva Caramel Melange Eyeshadow Palette either. Well there is a tiny little wistful critique but no real complaints.

The outer box looks to me like a box of chocolates. I don’t know if it is the gold foil look or the diamond pattered but every time I saw it this week I thought ‘high end chocolates, nope eyeshadow’. I think part of that is the box of chocolates one of my great aunts used to keep as ‘adult candy’ when I was a child. I (and all the other kids) wasn’t allowed to touch it so it became the mysterious candy.

That was where my memories took me.

Which given the names of the shadows is pretty much where Zoeva meant me to go. well maybe not to Aunt Marie’s house specifically, but to a chocolate box.

It was a little hard to photograph the outside though as that goal bounced all sorts of reflections. Luckily the inside was much easier to photograph. Except for the shadow names. Wouldn’t you know it? After several weeks of palettes with no shadow names I finally get one with names, but the lettering (gold on dark brown) makes it really hard to read. Sigh. I’ll list them with the swatches for you so you don’t have to strain your eyes.

Top row swatched L to R: Wax Paper, Universal Delight, Aftertaste, 182 Degrees C, Liquid Center

The mattes are soft and buttery. They do kick up a bit of powder when you dip into them, but if you tap your brush off before applying you won’t end up with a lot of fall out as you apply. As with most shadows there is a little more fall out with the darker shades than the lighter. But seriously, even that wasn’t much. If I remembered to tap my brush I rarely had to brush off any excess from my nose or under my eyes.

The mattes are fairly pigmented but they blend really well. I found if I touched down on the outer corner of my eye with a shadow filled brush and then used a clean brush I could blow out the color across the lid with no problem for a one and done look. How heavy or soft depended on how much I blended it out. The colors also layered very well together. I will say it is very much a brown toned palette, which is perfectly fine with me. It is neutral without being boring. I know some folks want like one more exciting pop of color but that salmony colored Aftertaste (middle of the first row) did pack quite a color punch. And despite the over all neutral and brown theme, I could create different looks in the same family without wearing the same shadow look all week.

Second row swatched L to R: Alchemy, Start Soft, Finish Sensual, Almost Burnt, Edible Gem

The shimmers worked well for me as well this week. As anyone who reads this regularly knows, I am a sucker for copper tones and this was right up my alley. 182 degrees C and Liquid Center were my golden bronze go to’s this week. And I won’t lie, I loved using them. I don’t know what it is about bronze shades but they just make me feel both classy and fabulous.I have no answer as to why. I don’t think there is a hierarchy in the world of shadow colors.

It’s not like bronze tootles around in a Bentley while the good solid brown reduces carbon emissions in a Ford Fusion, and matte white insists on riding his bicycle everywhere, even on roads that were never intended for bicycles and are far too dangerous for them.

But still.


I will say that I was very pleased with the way the shimmers applied. because of the texture they applied well with a brush. They are a little softer than the mattes but not by too much. There are no bits in them so there isn’t a lot of fall out with them either. I didn’t need to wet the brush to apply them and while they were more intense when I applied them with my finger, I didn’t really have to. which is nice.

I do have one minor critique. In the second row there is a dark brown (Finish Sensual) and a really dark shimmer (Edible Gem). There isn’t a lot of shimmer in Edible Gem, but it is noticeable.I would have prefered to have the darkest shade be a matte shade. Or if they really wanted it to be a shimmer, add more shimmer to it and then make Finish Sensual a richer brown. And yes what I am saying is that I want the mostly brown palette to have one more darker brown. The Edible Gem without the sparkle would be the perfect super rich shade in this palette. The shimmer in it is enough to notice but not enough to pop. It’s sort of a neither fish nor fowl scenario.

It’s almost like a matte that spent a little too much time hanging out with the glitters and became slightly contaminated from cross over rather than a true shimmer on it’s own. This kept me from using it all that much. The dark brown Finish Sensual can be built up, which is what I did so there really is no harm. It was just my one real issue with this palette. Otherwise I absolutely loved the Caramel Melange Palette from Zoeva. Which is a nice feeling. I feel like I have complained a lot about eyeshadow palettes in the past few months as I had a run of those I didn’t really care for cross my dressing table. It is nice to have one that I really enjoy so much. Incidentally, that link will take you to the Zoeva site. I’m not affiliated with them nor is this post sponsored but when copying the link so readers could find the palette if they were interested I noticed that even though the palette is normally $28, it is currently on sale for $20. Clicking the link will take you to the Zoeva site. I have no idea how long the sale will last but for those interested, there it is.

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