The Daily: June 21st, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. I don’t know about you but I had a nice quiet restful weekend and I feel a whole lot better about life as we start the week. I’m still a little stressed about Friday’s surgery but it is very straightforward and at least I don’t have to wait too long. I’m going to try not to think about it too much and hope the days just sort of flick through fast so I can just get it sorted.

As for today, I managed to get in my exercises and then spent a really long time in line to deal with my phone. I am on Sprint which was bought by T-mobile and I had to get a sim card swap because they are now shutting down Sprint cell towers in my area. The swap took about 90 seconds yet the place was busy enough that i was in line for about two hours. In my sweaty sweaty gym clothes. In a building that was over air-conditioned.

I have never been so happy to get home and take a shower before in my life.

However when I did get home I found a box had been sent to me by Chomps with many delicious treats to try and review. I am so grateful to them for sending it over.

For me part of staying on track with my diet and exercise plan involves a small afternoon snack. If I have that snack I can get my workouts in and not be so hungry at dinner time that I overeat.

Sometimes it is a protein bar, sometimes a yogurt and sometimes fruit. I have to admit though I have a weakness for jerky and the like. I think it is because my dad used to make it when i was little. Regardless, the beef sticks are soft enough that I can actually eat it so I will be having one this afternoon and reporting in tomorrow about my snack time treat. I usually pick up one sort of snack and then just eat it for the week so I will probably make it a weekly post. Although next week may be dicey on the food front.

The trick is figuring out which snack to try first.

The Look:

Primer: Milk Makeup Hydro grip Primer

Foundation: Ciate London Extraordinary Foundation

Bronzer: Marc Jacobs Instamarc HI FI Filter

Blush: Julep Pore blurring Blush

Highlighter: Jecca Blac Glow Drops

Powder: ELF HD Loose Translucent Setting Powder

Eyeshadow: lime Crime Prelude Exposed Palette

Mascara: Wet ‘n Wild Big Poppa Mascara

Lips: bareMinerals Gen Nude in Pout

Setting Spray MAC Fix +

This week I am starting to try out the Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer. I really enjoy a lot of Milk Makeup Products and you know I have a weakness for primers. This one has been circling on my to try list for a while and I have to say it does not disappoint. I smoothed it on and thought, ‘oh this is just going to be a hydrating primer that’s disappointing.’ And then I tapped my cheek and realized they weren’t joking when they said grip. While it slicks on like a hydrating primer once you give it a second to settle it becomes a bit sticky and really holds the foundation in place.

Today’s foundation is the Ciate London Extra Ordinary Foundation and I really like the coverage and weightless feel to it. It is also the perfect tone for my summer skin. While I will be setting it aside to try out other foundation products, I will be reaching for this one a lot this summer. It feels weightless and I think it looks pretty good on me. It looks even better with the Milk Primer underneath.

One thing that i forgot I had but will be reaching for a lot this summer is the Jecca Black Glow drops in Champagne. It goes really well with my skin tone and it blends out to just a beautiful soft glow instead of a blinding highlight. I have these glow drops in both Champagne and Rose Gold. I remember trying them but I think when I did I tried them on as an all over the face under the foundation face product. which did give a nice somewhat dewy glow, but I’m not a dewy person. As a liquid highlighter in small drops I like them much better.

While those were the highlights for me with today’s makeup i really like the way the rest of it came out. It was kind of a nice and easy everyday look.

The Daily: June 15th, 2021

Good Afternoon my darlings. Summer hours have arrived. Any walk on the trail that does not occur prior to 10 am is just ill-advised. Apparently what little spring we had is completely gone. Actually this year it seems that winter just sort of passed the baton to summer without giving more than a nod to spring.

Regardless, I managed to get my walk in just as the sun was becoming scorching. There was still sweat but there wasn’t that too long in the sun dizziness. We’ve reached the stage where i start wondering if I could repurpose an umbrella to serve as a parasol during my walks. Quite frankly I think that is a fashion that needs to make a come back.

Fashion or not, the end result is that I managed to get my walk in. I’ve also realized that with the easing of restrictions I can feel more comfortable wearing more of my jewelry again. I actually had to put a lot of my earrings away for fear of mask entanglement. I almost ripped one out of my ear last year and decided away was a better course of action. I might have to spend tonight sorting and untangling.

But for Today’s Look, no jewelry I’m afraid.

Primer: YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer

Foundation: Elf Acne Fighting Foundation

Bronzer: NARS Laguna Beach

Blush: Ciate London Marbled Light Halo

Highlighter: Illamasqua Beyond Powder in OMG

Powder: Smashbox Photo Finish Fresh Setting Powder

Eyeshadow: Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered

Mascara: Pretty Vulgar The Feathers

Lips: Wet n’ Wild Mega Last Lip in Cinnamon Spice

Setting Spray: MAC Fix +

Due to sweat and stress and still occasional masking I have a few bumps coming up on my chin so the acne fighting foundation seemed like a good call today. Plus it is a fantastic foundation so no complaints. I also like the YSL Blur Primer. I am however trying to use it up at the moment. I have a sample size and it comes with a small paddle to apply the product rather than a pump and even though I have been careful It seems like something that could easily be contaminated, so I am trying to remember to use it more. I actually rather like it though. It is blurring to the pores and slightly brightening but not to gowy under the foundation. I am not a dewy look kind of person. The dewy look makes me think I need to blot with powder. Especially in the summer time.

Speaking of powder I pulled the Smashbox powder from the drawer today. It is a very frustrating product. I like the powder a lot. It is a great color on me and doesn’t look powdery. However it is a shave the powder as you go product. To use you twist the dial it shaves powder from a solid block and boom you have loose powder. In theory it is fabulous. However the longer I keep the compact the more the dial keeps sticking.I think I am going to use it until the dial won’t turn and the break open the compact and just use the powder as a pressed powder. For now the dial still turns though so it is used as intended.

The MAC Fix plus is working well as a setting spray After two uses I am about half way through the sample size of the setting spray so I will be finishing it out this week. It works well though so in the future i think i will look into picking up a full size.

Everything else is more or less a standard favorite. With Huda beauty i just did a quick swipe across the eyes and as always I am reminded of how much I like the Feathers mascara from Pretty Vulgar. I think it surprises me because I first picked it up solely because the packaging looked nice. I do love the curved wand and the lengthening the product gives my lashes though. It’s like being rewards for a superficial thought. Still a very good mascara.

Over all it is a pretty quiet day. Working away and trying to check things off my to do list. At least with the heat the way it is, I got my daily work out checked off early. The summer heat is sort of the anti-procrastination tool. which I suppose is a good thing. Anyway back to work for me. i hope all of you are having a fabulous Tuesday as well.

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The Daily: June 14th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. I hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday. For me this week is all about getting back on track and losing the massive amount of stress I’ve been carrying around for the past few weeks. Everything seems to have settled down and the details are known so there are no pending nightmare scenarios.

Which is kind of a relief.

and this week I can actually focus on myself again.

Which sounds a little strange to say, but as soon as anything major comes along anything that I am doing just for me is the first thing that gets jettisoned from the schedule. It is just the way life works. But now that everyone is sorted I can be a little more selfish with my time.

Which again isn’t a bad thing. When working on your health it is okay to be selfish. And while you are doing it for yourself, you are in a way doing it for those you love too. If that helps you feel a little less selfish. And yes I struggle with feeling guilty for taking tome out of the day just to work on me. It is something I struggle with.

But you didn’t come here for my personal therapy. Or at least I didn’t anticipate giving it.

Today I hit the gym and while it will never be my happy place, it did feel good to get back into the routine bright and early Monday morning. In addition I went on a walk. I went early and I sweated like I was melting. while I did use my Volition Prismatic Sunscreen on my face, when I sprayed down my arms leg and neck with the Neutrogena Beach defense spray sunscreen I went ahead and gave my face an extra coating. This turned out to be a bad idea. The Neutrogena may do well with sea spray, but it didn’t do well with the sweat. It dripped into my eyes while I walked and stung. it wasn’t damaging but it wasn’t pleasant.

So note to self: Don’t use the Neutrogena on the face when spraying down for a sweaty walk.

Otherwise it is a nice light sunscreen.

For the arms and legs. Not near the eyes.

But the remains were washed away in the shower and we moved on.

Today’s Look:

Primer Elf Poreless Putty Primer

  • Elf is still having a mass clearance sale on until June 18th if you are looking to stock up.

Foundation: Tom Ford Traceless Soft Matte Foundation

Bronzer: Tarte’s Park Ave Princess Contour palette (I also used this as my eyeshadow today)

Blush: bareMinerals Bounce and Blur Blush

  • 25% off Friends and Family Sale with the code: BAREBFF

Highlighter: Wander Beauty Wanderess Glow

Powder: No 7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder

Mascara: Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Mascara

Eyeliner: Eyeko London Fat eyeliner

Lips: Dr. Lipp Red Radish Tint

Setting Spray: MAC Fix +

Today I picked up the Tom Ford Foundation to use. I really like the light weight feel of it and the way it looks on my skin. It does have the tendency to settle into the lines around my mouth by the end of the day, but only a little bit. To fight it, I just need a pore filling primer. Once the pore filling primer is in place there are no issues with settling. So the primer I chose was the ELF poreless Putty Primer. It worked fantastically well. I use my bronzer palette for both my bronzer and my eyes today, mostly because there are shades in the bronzer/contour palette I am never going to use on my cheeks and I wanted to keep things simple as I played with the mascara and eyeliner.

With the eyeliner I mostly wanted to make certain it hadn’t dried out. I don’t wear a lot of eyeliner but when I do I tend to reach for the Eyeko liners. They always create a smooth line with no skipping and don’t fade throughout the day. For eyeliners they have been my standard for a really long time.

To be honest it was all about the mascara today. I saw that IPSY announced their August Glam Bag X for August. As I am still on the fence about that category I took a look through the newly released details. The Collaborator this time will be Halsey which I am happy with and the two products listed as possibilities in the bag are the Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer and the Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Mascara. Ive used Tatcha Skincare before and absolutely love their cleanser, but I haven’t tried any makeup from them and as you know I love primers I am thrilled to have a chance to try it out. The Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Mascara I have so I went ahead and pulled it to use today.

It is a decent mascara but not a fabulous one. I found I had to build it up with a couple of layers. But it didn’t smudge once it dried and there was no flaking. For me it falls into the ‘happy to use if I have it, but probably wouldn’t go out and buy it’. Which is fine. If I ended up getting it, I would use it. I am more excited about the primer though, but then I am almost always going to be more excited about the primer.

This was my first use of the Dr. Lip Tint which came in my Look Fantastic Box this month. It goes on smoothly and oddly isn’t as thick as the regula Dr. Lipp balm, which I actually like. The original can be a bit intense. The tint is very light and fades away quickly but the shine tends to remain longer and my lips felt really nourished after wearing it.

Likewise this was my first use of the MAC Fix + Setting Spray. I originally planned to use it, see how I liked it and then add it to my travel bag if it worked well. I think a few days of use will deplete it completely so I will just use it all week and then decide about it. Thus far I rather like the formula. I’ll let you know how I feel when the little spay bottle is empty.

And that was more or less it for me. A back to normal schedule and a lot less stress. I have the feeling this is the start to a really good week.

The Daily: June 10th, 2021

I have the power! Of electricity that is. We had a line of storms roll through and it knocked out electricity for a while on Tuesday Night/wednesday morning. When we got up Wednesday it looked like the power was back, but it was apparently just teasing us. It was actually kind of strange There were little bursts of power throughout the day. we’d have it come on for about twenty minutes and then just when you were confident that the power was back POOF it disappeared.

On the plus side, we how have a very clean fridge and freezer.

Along with a long grocery list for the weekend.

Things have also been interesting from a family perspective. My mother had a growth removed from her arm. She came through surgery fine, but it was worse than they thought. They sent the growth off for biopsy and it came back as cancer. Yesterday was her catscan to make sure it hadn’t spread to her lungs and other internal systems. Today the results came back and while she does need a second more extensive surgery on her arm, there is no spreading of cancer.

There is also a lot less stress and a lot more familial rejoicing.

And the world can get back to a little more normality. Part of my crazed schedule was getting things to a place where if I did need go for an emergency visit home I could. It’s part of the reason things have been a little scattered lately. Hopefully that can die down and focus can return.

Now there is a relief and a happy dance.

There was also a lot less working out this week and a bit of stress eating. I tried not to get too crazy with it, but it was there. But all we can do is move on. And be happy the stress is fading.

And now you know what has been going on with me lately in case you were wondering why things seemed a little off kilter.

So, Today’s Look:

Primer: Huda Beauty Complexion Perfection Pre-Makeup Base

Foundation: Tom Ford Traceless Soft Matte Foundation

Bronzer: Ace Beaute Bronzed in Paradise

Blush: Benefit Cosmetics Gold Rush Blush

Highlighter: Illamasqua Beyond Powder OMG

Powder: Ciate London Extraordinary Translucent setting powder

Eyeshadow: Lime Crime Prelude Exposed

NEW Lime Crime Venus Vivid Palette – intensely bold shadow hues in 8 shades & 4 finishes for your eyes and face.

Mascara: Ciate London Triple Shot XXL Mascara

Lips: OFRA in Pasadena

The HUDA Beauty Really grabs the foundation and locks it into place. It is a really good primer for that and it is thick enough that there is smoothing action going on. Sort of like spackling a wall. Which sounds odd, but I actually like. The Primer is a black tube with a pump on it so I can’t be certain how much product is left, but I think it feels a bit like it is half empty.

Almost completely empty is the Ciate London Triple Shot Mascara. I’m keeping it out to use up but i don’t think it will last more than a day or two before heading off to the recycling bin. The OFRA Lipstick is also starting to reach the end of it’s life. I love the shade Pasadena and I really like the formula. Before I repurchase it though I am going to have to do a serious lipstick declutter. I also need to shuffle them around. I tend to keep the same lipsticks out and because I see them, those are the ones I reach for. What I really need is some sort of display carousel for lipsticks so I can see them all and just rotate through usage instead of just reaching for the same few each time. Of course if I don’t declutter them then the carousel would be far too large for practicality and I’d get overwhelmed by the number of products. That might be my weekend project.

The decluttering, not the building of an enormous lipstick carousel.

Because I wanted to keep things simple today I just reached for the Lime Crime Palette. Abyss went all over the lits and I lightened the inner corner with Virgin. Then I just called it good and went off to get some things done. All of the other products were easy to work with favorites so getting ready was easy peasy.

Its kind of nice when somethings are actually easy.

But my personal stress-o-meter is out of the red for the moment so it is back to work for me. I hope everyone has a great day.

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The Daily: June 8th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings.  I hope you are just having a fantastic day.  I have been blazing through my to do list today.  Items have been checked off right and left.  I took a little bit of a break to catch up with a friend I hadn’t spoken to in a while and found out she has a fabulous new job so many congrats sent out. I’m sure she is doing fabulously well with her first day.

So good news, good work flow and a generally good day for me.  As an added bonus, we have a break in the rain and while the creek does look close to bursting it’s banks, the walking trail was actually open, so I got to get a walk in before the heat and humidity became unbearable.

Not to tempt fate, but today has been a really good day.

As far as my makeup goes, I went a little E.L.F Tastic today. No there are no fake pointy ears.  I just took out some of my E.L.F makeup to use all at once.  The reason is quite simple.  E.L.F is having a major sale today.  60% off for loads of items. So I wanted to test out the products I have, see where my gaps were and decide what I wanted to purchase. So…

Today’s look:

Primer: ELF Putty Poreless Putty Primer

Foundation: ELF Acne Fighting Foundation

Bronzer: ELF Bronzer Turks Calcos (the label is damaged but I think that is what it says)

Blush: bareMinerals Bounce and Blur Blush

  • incidentally, bareMinerals also has LOADS of products on sale including their Loose Mineral Foundation, which was always my go to foundation in warmer months especially because it is so light weight as well as fabulous, and several of their Gen Nude Lips which I absolutely adore. I am currently loving the one in the shade Pout. This link will take you to their sale page.

Powder: ELF Perfect Finish HD powder (pressed)

Eyeshadow: ELF bite sized palette in Cream and Sugar

Mascara: Ciate London Triple Shot XXL Mascara

Lips: ELF Sheer Slick in Black Cherry

Okay I didn’t have an ELF Blush or Mascara so I chose what is rapidly becoming my favorite blush, the bareMinerals Bounce and Blur Blush.  It is super easy to blend and I can build it up or go light with it which I really enjoy.  I also don’t have an ELF Mascara at the moment so I picked up the Ciate. I like the Triple Shot Mascara although to be honest, for Ciate London I enjoy the Wonderwand just a little bit more.  At the moment it is hard to compare them as this is almost completely out.  The tube is making that sort of hollow sound that lets you know there isn’t much product left.  I may end up keeping this mascara out the rest of the week just to try to use it up actually.  It is a really good mascara, and I would definitely consider repurchasing it.  I just like the Wonderwand formula slightly better.

With the ELF Products, I really enjoy the putty primer.  I have a pretty deep divot in the center of this one and I am considering ordering a replacement as I know I will use it.  They just released an acne fighting version so I am torn as to whether or not to get it instead. I am currently using the Acne Fighting Foundation and it has been fantastic.  A little bit goes a long way, it has great coverage and looks fabulous.  When I knew I was going to have to wear a face mask for a long stretch of time, this is the foundation I chose as I had fewer maskne breakouts when I did. 

I am not a huge fan of the bronzer.  I don’t know if it is the formula or if I just have a shade that is too dark from my skin tone.  It is a highly pigmented bronzer so a very light hand is needed to use it.  I think I might enjoy a lighter shade so I may peruse the bronzers and see if I can come up with something more suitable to try out.  That would let me know if it is just the shade or if it is the formula.

The bite sized palettes I have waxed poetical about repeatedly.  Those and the Lip Sheer Slicks are items I have considered buying in the entire line.  The bite sized palettes are well thought out and easy to grab and put on in the morning with little thought, and they always look good.  The Sheer slicks have a tint of clor and really feel good on my lips.

So these are the items I used today.  I chose them because I wanted to think about the sale and what it was I wanted to order.  When looking I found some gaps, I found some favorites and I found a few new items.  Later I am going to put together a list and see what it actually is I want to order.  ELF products in general are very affordable but taking the affordable products and adding such a steep discount means that I can place a bigger order than I normally would.  I just needed to have a sit down and think about it.  Which will come at the end of the work day.  For now, I need to get back to work.  If you are thinking of taking advantage of this sale, I hope this helped you out. Happy Shopping.

60% off Clearance Sale! Starts June 8th and runs through June 18th, 2021

The Daily: June 7th, 2021

Happy Monday my darlings. I hope you had a fabulous weekend. Personally I worked in the garden on saturday in air thick enough to chew. It was almost a relief when the rain came pouring out of the sky ending my gardening time. Of course working in the garden kind of zonked me out a bit. I sort of collapsed and ended up binge watching almost an entire season of Why Women Kill. I am almost through with Season 1. Season 2 was just posted. It is really hard not to go ahead and finish out season 1 and roll straight into season two. I am really enjoying the show.

Binge watching wasn’t exactly what I had planned for the weekend, but quite frankly a good collapse was probably what I needed. Rain and humidity sort of prevented anything from really happening outside the house so whatever outdoor chores didn’t get done Saturday morning just have to wait. It was kind of nice having that be out of my hands if I am honest. While I wouldn’t have minded getting the rest of my chores list knocked out, sometimes a break is necessary and I happily took one.

So this morning I was quite refreshed and ready to face the week. It was a rather nice feeling actually. I made it to the gym and ran through my work out. With the rain it is doubtful I will get a walk in today. Actually with the rain it is doubtful there will be any walking this week. It has been raining off and on for two days and so the park is no doubt flooded. More rain is expected throughout the week so I think I might just be popping into the gym for a little more walking time on the treadmill on my non gym days. if my schedule permits. We’ll have to see. But I’m hoping that will work.

As for today’s Look:

Primer: Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

Foundation: Ciate London Extraordinary Foundation

Blush/Bronzer/powder/highlight: Pur 4-in-1 Face palette

Eyeshadow: Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Palette

Mascara: The Feathers from Pretty Vulgar

Lips: Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Tulle

Clarins is one of those brands that people don’t talk about nearly enough. I have tried several products from moisturizers to makeup from them and they have always been top notch. I love this primer. It really helps with blurring out pores and smoothing the face in preparation for foundation. It is pink in tone, which happens to suit my skin tone and it does feel very silicone-y which I kind of like. It is a really good primer and the red glass jar just makes it feel a little special when I reach for it.

The Ciate London Extraordinary Foundation is the perfect shade for my current skin tone. It blends in well and feels weightless. I will need a little powder blot mid afternoon in the t-zone, but the shine is actually quite minimal. I could probably get away with not blotting, but I also know i will blot.

To be honest the Pur Face Palette and the Feathers Mascara were out on my dressing table because I forgot to put them away so I went ahead and used them today. I happen to really like both so it wasn’t a hardship. In fact i think I will be reaching for this palette a lot during the summer as it really does work well for me.

The Huda Beauty Gold remastered is a really nice eyeshadow palette. While there are clearly a lot of rosy tones, I happen to be a big fan of the rosy tones. There is a bit of fall out from these shadows though, so either do your eyeshadow before your face makeup when using this or be prepared to sweep away the residue. Although you can build these colors up to look quite intense, I went with a lighter look today. I took the red shade Maneater for my crease. Then I topped the outer corner with the brown of Coco and added a little trust fund bronze to the inner corner. It isn’t super crazy but it suited me.

Finally my lip was the colourpop matte in Tulle. I really like this shade actually andshifted it to a visible position so I will use it more. Today I tried the trick of not going all the way to the corners of my lips with the dark shade. Not going all the way to your lips corners is supposed to prevent you from looking like you are frowning with the darker colors. I think I like how it turned out, but I think it is something I am going to have to play around with. I may be spending some times with red lips as I work on this and go for a more neutral eyeshadow look. Bit for now, I think this worked pretty well.

Over the weekend I had a nice rest and Monday seems to be sliding along well. Over all it looks like a fabulous start to what I am sure will be an excellent week. I hope your monday is chugging along in a fantastic way as well.

The Daily: June 3rd, 2021

Good Afternoon my darlings and I hope you are doing well. I think I finally managed to sort things out with scheduling and will actually be able to roll into Friday with a lot less stress and the ability to have a regular week next week. I think that having a three day weekend, coupled with the fact that June has begun and that means the year is technically almost half over sort of threw a lot of things into a tail spin. People started evaluating projects and adjusting time lines like crazy.

Also I think a lot of the people I work with are now back to working in their offices rather than at home and they are finding themselves somehow less productive than they were working from home. I actually spoke to someone today who estimates their productivity is actually almost down by half. Part of that is that in addition to getting ready for the office in the morning, she has an hour long commute each way, plus all of the things that being physically in an office entails eating into her productivity.

It was a rather eye opening conversation actually.

But that is not the point. The point is that things seem to be settling down a bit for me and soon normality will resume. Actually it is sort of resuming now.

So woo hoo for me.

Today I did manage to go on one walk. The air felt thick enough to take a might of, but it wasn’t overly warm. There is the terrible sense of waiting though. The clouds are heavy and low, the air wet enough to wring and yet no rain. Or at least no rain yet. A minute or two ago I heard the rumblings of thunder so perhaps rain is imminent. I suspect there will be no possibility of a late afternoon walk.

I’ll manage to struggle along with out it.

Yesterday, I managed to get to the gym in the late afternoon and for future reference, that was a mistake. It was packed. I much prefer my off hours morning visits and will happily return to my normal schedule. It didn’t help that there were a lot of people who weren’t exactly wiping down the machines after use so I had to wipe off the ones I used before and after working out. I have to say even before covid, it really annoyed me when people did that and now my annoyance is just shared by more people. There was a kind of angry vibe in the gym.

But at least I learned something about my own schedule.

Today’s Look:

Primer: HUDA Beauty Complexion Perfection Pre Makeup Base

Foundation: Pacifica Alight Clean Foundation

Powder/Blush/Bronzer/Highlight: PUR 4-in-1 face palette

Lips: Ofra in Pasadena

Mascara: Pretty Vulgar The Feathers Mascara

Eyeshadow: Too Faced Melted Chocolate in Amaretto Paired with The Too Faced Palm Springs Palette

I forgot how much of a grip the Huda Beauty Primer has. It fell to the bottom of the drawer and the fact that is hads dark packaging meant that it hid out in the shadows while other products were used. Sometimes it is a good thing to rummage down to the bottom of the drawers. The Huda Beauty Primer does a little blurring, but it’s main function is to lock makeup in, which it does very well.

The other face and lip products I chose because they work well and i didn’t really have to think about them. I was still spending most of my get ready time playing with the eyeshadows. The close up of the eye is one that didn’t make it into my earlier Too Faced Melted Chocolate Eye shadow review. I did take this look off and fix it, but I wanted to include this photo to show both how messy the liquid shadow is when using a finger to apply it versus a brush and because I applied the powder over the melted chocolate before the liquid was dried down so the brown over it looks quite patchy. I fixed it, but I thought you might like to see some of the mistakes.

Over all, the drama of the morning is over and this afternoon is relatively peaceful. Tonight I am planning on watching another episode of Tell Me a Story. It is a paramount plus original and I am hooked. I am trying to space out the watching of them rather than bingeing them because it is a new series and there aren’t that many episodes. It is so hard to be good though. I think I’m going to start alternating them with the new Why Women Kill which looks good. Has anyone seen that yet?

I don’t know how many of you have Paramount Plus or who are looking into it, but their prices are getting ready to change. I think they change on June 6th. If you sign up before then you can lock in your current deal. Just something to think about if it is something you were looking at. We’ve been rotating our streaming sites, getting rid of the ones we don’t watch and adding in new ones to try out. I’ve had Paramount plus about a month now and it seems like a keeper. Just a heads up on upcoming changes for those looking into it.

Crest White Smiles Logo

Trying out the Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Eyeshadow

The Too Faced Melted Chocolate Matte Eyeshadow was an interesting eyeshadow to work with.  While it has only appeared in a couple of Daily Makeup Posts I have been playing around with it since it came in May’s Boxycharm. I am used to only having shimmer shadows and having a matte one was fun.  The product smoothed on well over the eyes, dried down well and didn’t budge once in place.  I actually wore it on a walk and while I was sweating profusely, the shadow didn’t budge.  It came off with my current Elemis Cleansing balm very easily though so I didn’t need a specific waterproof makeup remover to take it off.  I could use my usual makeup remover.

the wand

The applicator tip is a small curved doe foot.  I can see it helping if you wanted to draw fine lines on your eyes for a more complex look.  Let’s face it though, I am not a makeup artist and I generally go for pretty simple looks. 

So when I used a one and done look I applied it on the outer edge of my eye and then used my finger to work it inward.  This works well except that my finger is a little large and I didn’t quite get the precision I wanted.  I tried using the do foot applicator on the other eye, but I ended it adding far more product than I needed or wanted. And with this shadow, a little is really all you need. In the photos below you can see the swatch I put on my hand and then the blending out of the swatch to see how far it would cover. You need very little to cover your eye lid.

Quick Swatch

In the end I applied a line of the liquid eyeshadow to the outer edge then took a clean flat blending brush to blend it over the eye.  It let me have more control over where the product ended up than I had with either the doe foot or my finger.

The shadow does dry down relatively quickly so you have a very limited window of time to move it around.  I highly suggest cleaning up the edges fast so they don’t dry messy. Actually this might be where scotch tape is your friend. It will let you get that clean line on the edge and allow you to just concentrate on blending out the color across the lid.

swatch blended out, I could have actually covered my whole hand with what was in the swatch

As it is a single shade I was curious as to how it worked with other shadows.  I played around  with both cream shadows and powder.  The powder shadows I chose were from the Too Faced Palm Springs Dreams Palette. 

The Melted chocolate shadow tends to get a little muddy if you try and blend it when it is wet.  Everything just sort of melts together.  If you apply it, wait a second for it to dry down and then apply your other shadows, everything is fine.  Creams, liquids and powders all apply equally well over the shadow.  It didn’t really do well on top of powdered shadows. 

on it’s own

On top of powders it got streaky and muddy and with other shimmers they just all blended.  This is very much a liquid shadow you lay down and then layer other products over it.  The shade Amaretto, which I have worked well with a range of browns and looked nice in my crease.  It also has enough of a pinky tone to it that it worked well with red toned shadows and pink shimmers.

As I only have the one shade I don’t know how it works with other Too Faced Melted chocolate shadows, but given the formula of the one I have, I would imagine that you would have to paint it on in layers. 

Over all I really liked the shade, and found it relatively easy to work with.  Just remember to dedicate a clean brush to working with and to let it dry down before attempting to add any other shades and it will work really well. Just remember though, a little goes a long way.

The Daily: June 1st, 2021

Good afternoon and welcome to June. It still looks very strange to see that written out. Over the weekend the temperatures dropped so now it feels like it is back to being early March. Over the weekend though we did get to open all of the windows and completely air the house out. The fresh air was nice, however the biggest benefit was not watching our central air system struggle between seasons.

And of course now the house feels extra fresh and clean. Which is nice.

I don’t know if it is just because we are coming off a three day weekend or what but today it feels as though everything is taking twice as long as usual. Its like that extra day made everyone completely lose their place from where they stopped on Friday. I really hope that it is just a slow start to the week and not a sign of the entire week.

I don’t think it helped that I overindulged this weekend. There was dinner and drinks with friends on Friday night. Take out and then a barbeque for Memorial Day. I lost track of anything even resembling a calorie count. Today I got back on track though and went back to writing down what I am eating.

On the plus side, the weather is absolutely fabulous to walk in right now so I got up early to start summer hours (even though there was no heat to beat today) and managed to get two long walks in today. I may have gone completely off track this weekend, but I am back in the correct lane now. And I plan to stay on track.

You will also notice that I went a little over board with the trimming of the bangs this weekend. I trimmed them and then realize they were lopsided so they ended up shorter than I planned just so I could make them reasonably straight. I think I need to clean up some details, but by the time I ended up with what I have I needed to step away from the scissors more. While it turned out okay, it really shows off how bad my brows have gotten. Clean up begins tonight. However…

Today’s Look:

Primer: Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Blur Primer

Foundation: No 7 Lift and Luminate Triple Action Serum Foundation

Bronzer: Ace Beaute Bronzed in Paradise Palette

Blush: bareMinerals Bounce and Blur Primer

Highlighter: Huda Beauty Highlight in Capri

Powder: Ciate London Extraordinary Loose setting powder

Eyeshadow: Too Faced Melted Chocolate matte Eye Shadow in Amaretto

Mascara: They’re Real Magnet Mascara from Benefit Cosmetics

Lipstick: MAC Love Me Lipstick in Bated Breath

This week I am testing out the Too Faced Liquid matte eyeshadow. I have the one color in Amaretto. It came in A Boxy charm actually. I love the fact that it is matte as every other liquid eyeshadow I have is a shimmer. Today I wore it alone and in upcoming days I’ll try pairing it with other products. This first use was interesting. I found my fingers were more useful for blending it than the applicator stick. I will be playing around with it, but as a one shade across the lids it worked really well, dried down pretty fast and didn’t crease at all. Thus far it seems like a pretty good product.

In fact everything that I used today I liked. I think this No 7 Foundation may be one I reach for a lot this upcoming summer. I may have to check the shades though and get one slightly darker if it is available. I really like the way it melted into the skin and felt weightless. It is definitely a formula I will be keeping handy.

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The Daily: May 27th, 2021

Oh yes my darlings, walking early is the way to go in the heat. It still hasn’t hit summer temps yet but with the humidity, the heat hits just a little bit harder. I went on my walk first thing this morning and it turned out well. I was a little damp around the hairline, but not a sweaty mess. I took out the first summer bottle of the Avene Thermal Water Spray, gave my face a good cooling does and felt ready to go on with the day.

I always thought the water sprays were just a little extra and a bit pointless, but if you are spending time exercising in the sun, whether walking or gardening, they can really be a life saver. I now keep a bottle of the spray water next to the garden door along with a bottle of spray sunscreen. I may use the Volition on my face and neck but a good spray down of arms and legs from Neutrogena Beach Defense is invaluable when working in the garden. I get the spray sunscreen going out and the Avene Thermal Water coming in.

And then I drink loads of water to replenish what I just sweated out.

It’s my process.

I have to say I am super pleased with myself for going on the walk early. Its earlier in the year than I usually switch to my summer walking schedule, but I can already tell the summer schedule needs to go into effect. Because I didn’t adjust my alarm any, I was a little late getting started but next week, the alarm switches over. Friday is a gym day so I’ll do the switch over the weekend and trick my brain into thinking I am just recovering from Memorial Day and that’s why it feels earlier when the alarm goes off. After a few weeks I’ll adapt, but the trickery helps me get started. I am just not a morning person. If I could go for my walk at two am after being up all night i would as that would suit me better. Unfortunately, walking around alone in the dark isn’t always the safest of plans. So I trick myself a little with the alarm.

Today’s Look:

Primer: The Porefessional from Benefit Cosmetics

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Foundation: Pacifica Alight oil Free Clean Foundation

Bronzer: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

Blush: bareMinerals Bounce and Blur Blush

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Highlighter Illamasqua Beyond Powder in OMG

  • Illamasqua is currently having a 25% off sale plus when you spend $60 you get a full sized Iconic Chrome.

Powder: No 7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder

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Eyeshadow: Lime Crime Prelude Exposed Palette

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Mascara: Wet ‘n Wild Big Boppa Mascara

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Lips: Milk Makeup Glow Oil lip + Cheek in Astro

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First off if my hair looks a little different to you then two thumbs up and thanks for noticing. My new dye kit from eSalon came in and I couldn;t resist going ahead and dying my hair last night. I went a little darker because the sun always kind of brightens it a little bit throughout the summer. I have to say though, I kind of like the darker color. I’ll just have to see how it fares as time goes by. But at the moment I am liking it.

I am also trying out different hair styles to lift my hair up and get it out of the way. It is long, thick and very hot in the summer. Last year I pretty much ties it up in a hair clip all summer long. This year, i am trying for a bit of variation. This was two pigtails on top of my head. then I braided the pigtails and sort of wrapped them around each other, pinning them with bobby pins. I’m happy with it and will probably try it again, but I am still going to play around. Since I haven’t had my hair cut in a while, there is a lot to play with.

But on to the makeup. The Pacifica Foundation is one of my favorite drugstore foundations. It works well with my skin and looks pretty good. On me it does need a pore filling primer underneath or it will settle into fine lines by the end of the day. With a pore filling primer like the Benefit Porefessional, i can sort of spackle the fine lines and it makes everything better. I think this shade might be a tiny bit too light for me in the summer so I may have to look for a darker shade. I like it enough that i wouldn’t really mind having two shades around. And I never mind using the Benefit Primer.

The Too Faced Bronzer is now coming into season as well. It is often a little too dark for winter wear but now is it’s time to shine as it is just right for me at this time of year. I will be able to use it from now until October so you may see it (and the Cocoa Palette from Too Faced) more in the next few months.

Two of my favorites were also taken out today and that is the bareMinerals Blush and the Illamasqua highlight. I know I have gushed about the blush many times, but I don’t talk a lot about the highlighter. What I really like about this highlighter is that its golden color can be applied heavier if you want bright shine or blended in for a more subtle glow. I’ll be honest, i will never feel comfortable with a blinding stip of highlight on my face. I will always have the urge to blend it in. O love that i can blend this and then in as the light catches the high points of my skin it just looks slightly glowy. You can achieve the blinding light with this if you want. It just isn’t my thing.

Today I deliberately chose the Lime Crime Palette to use because it is so neutral. I’ve been working with the Patrick Starr One/Size all week and I kept thinking; It performs well, but it is kind of borning. the Lime Crime is a neutral palette but I never think of it as boring despite having many of the same shades and no real pop of color. Yet I don’t find it boring. The shades can be a bit powdery so prepare for that either by doing your eyes first or employing some sort of powder defense, but they are pigmented and blendable. I really do like this palette. It is neutral, but not boring. Today I went for the shade Abyss on the outer edge with Virgin towards the inner half of my eye and then couldn’t resist a dot og golden 1484 in the inner corner. It is a very easy palette to work with. If Lime Crime didn’t have such bulky packaging, I would have the entire collection of their palettes. As it is i am trying to find a place where I could put more of the palettes should I decided to stock up.

I finished the eyes with Big Poppa from wet ‘n wild. It is a really good, affordable mascara with a large wand. Not so great for lower lashes, but great with the upper. I’ll have to check out my notes but I picked it up about a week after it’s release so I’ve had it a couple of months now. While it still works well, I can feel a little bit of a difference now as opposed to when I opened it. I think it will last the length of time that I normally keep mascaras but I am pretty sure that when I reach the six month mark (which is the longest I will keep a mascara) it will definately be time to throw this away.

Finally with the lips I went with the Milk Makeup glow oil in Astro. I like the touch of color and slight sheen it gave to my lips. I have two shades of this Glow Oil and i really need to start putting them in with my lip products. They are great for the lips and my lips always feel amazingly hydrated after using them. However I can’t stand them as cheek products. I put them on and go to blend and they blend into nothing. I have the travel sizes of these, which are actually the perfect size for the lips. I would buy these travel sizes repeatedly for the lips, but I don’t think I would purchase the regular size. The regular size would be good for the cheeks but as I only used them on my lips, travel size works best for me. And they are less expensive as well which means I get what i want and actually save money. kind of a win-win. As with all Milk products, remember to keep that inner plastic lid on them so they don’t dry out. It is a small thing, but it really helps.

And that is how my Thursday is going. I feel pretty smug about managing to get my walk in before the heat and humidity rose to sweat me out and I think my hair and makeup turned out pretty well. But now it is back to work fo me. While I am looking forward to the three day weekend, it does mean that if i want to take advantage of it there are a few things I need to clear out of the way before I take off for a three day relaxation.

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