Foil Packet First Impressions

a selection of foil packets from my skincare drawer

I have a strange relationship with foil packets. I never consciously pick them up. They always seem to come as a gift with purchase, or a bonus item in a subscription box.They get touched into packages and sometimes arrive unannounced.

And I always think, okay, I’ve got to try that and see if it is worth giving it a full trial, either with a larger sample or a full sized bottle. Oh yes, there have been foil packets that completely sold me on the full size before. It is rare though. Usually with foil packets I don’t try to determine whether or not I would purchase a full size but rather would I be willing to try it again.

It has a much lower threshold.

But what happens with foil packets, is I gather them, thinking I need to try them and then they languish until I go to pull something out of a drawer and then they come cascading out like a strange skin care slot machine. Because I honestly don’t reach for them a lot. when going through samples and testing them out, I gather up the small tubes and tiny jars and work through them. I tend to completely forget about the foil packets. Luckily there are no bells and flashing lights when they slide out and remind me they are there.

So I decided that I would take a selection of foil packets partially because there are a lot of them and partially because Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming and I want to start making my lists. If I don’t try the sample, I can’t know if i want to pick up the product. In addition to products I like and want to try, there are also lists of gifts for Christmas and unlike me, who was sensible enough to be born in June, most of my family was born between November and February.

I don’t mind actually as it makes my birthday THE event of the summer while everyone else is just a part of the celebratory series that starts November 3rd and ends February 12 leaving everyone gasping with relief when Valentine’s day hits and we have quiet until Easter.

But it also means that I make birthday lists around the same time I make Christmas lists. It also means that even though I talk about my list the most, the items I want tend to take a back seat on my shopping extravaganza and sometimes have to wait for the spring sales.

Such is life.

But sometimes, I make it through the list and still get to shop for me. So i still make the list. But enough chatter, it’s time to sample.

The links below will take you to the product page for the company. I get absolutely nothing if you click on them. They are not affiliate links. I just want you to be able to find the products if you are interested.

Snowberry Serum

First up is the Youth Renewing Face serum with eProlex. from Snowberry. I believe the sample came as an added bonus in a Glossy Box. The serum comes out as a clear liquid and even though it looks like it is more serum that I usually use on my face each morning, the packet contained just enough for my face, neck and upper chest.

Snowberry Serum in hand

It took a little while to soak in, but I have been spoiled by the Hyaluronic Acid Serum from Timeless Skincare. That tends to soak into the skin on contact. I started the Vitamin C Serum trial (also a Timeless Skincare) this week and even that had a noticeably slower absorption rate. I think I might have just gotten used to the HA Serum’s speed. Either way it took only a little longer absorb. Since on the back of the packet Snowberry recommends waiting five minutes before continuing with other skin care, that’s what I did. (and yes I set the timer.)

I also used the five minutes to set up the coffee pot.

It absorbed before the five minutes, but as I occupied myself I didn’t mind the wait. In five minutes it was completely absorbed. while the serum is clear it is not odorless. The scent is faint and not unpleasant. I just can’t identify it. When I try to describe it I want to say that is smells like a soft gray streaked with light pink. I know sometimes my brain is not terribly helpful. It is a clean and pleasant sort of smell though. I checked the ingredients list, which they thoughtfully provided on the back. while I am happy there are Niacinamides, which my skin loves (although I know some people have a sensitivity to)there was no ingredient where I could say HA that’s what i am smelling. So for now I have to say that my broken snifter and bent brain translates the scent into a soft gray streaked with light pink. It is however a product that, after my initial test I would like to see more of so I will be putting it on the list to try again in a larger sample or even a full size.

High Expectations oil

The next two items were also extras added to a Glossy Box I believe. they are both from High SkinCare. One is the High Expectations Facial Oil and the other is the High Five Cannabis Facial moisturizer. Oddly they both had the same slightly lemony scent to them rather than the more typically earthy scent I associate with Cannabis/CBD oil based products.

oil in hand

The facial oil is 32% cannabis sativa oil. There was far more in the packet than I actually needed for one application, so I did not use it all. There wasn’t enough to add to a container to try and use a second time. Or maybe there was but I didn’t really feel like using it a second time. This oil felt a little heavy on my skin. At the moment I am using Pure 100% Squalane oil from Timeless Skincare in the mornings and the Malin+Goetz Recovery Oil at night. neither sit quite as heavy on the skin. The High Expectations did not meet, let alone exceed expectations in this first impressions test. I do not think I will be adding it onto any list.

High Five Moisturizer

However, I would consider picking up the High Five Cannabis Facial Moisturizer for a longer trial. It has 20% Cannabis Sativa seed oil and the same lemony scent that the facial oil has. (I know some of you are thinking – at least she said lemony instead of yellow, but lemony doesn’t ping in my brain as yellow it usually comes across as a pale green, so ha. Plus I am familiar with the scent of lemons.)

moisturizer in hand

The High Five cream absorbed well into the skin and was quite moisturizing. Again there was far more in the packet than could be used in one sitting. This I did add to a small jar and use at night. Because of its consistency, I really liked using it at night. It is as thick as a traditional moisturizer (as opposed to a gel or water cream). Even though the temperature has dropped, the sun is still bright and I spent longer on the walking trail than I have in a while. This was a very good cream after too much time in the sun. Unlike the oil, I would definitely consider picking up a larger size to try out.

Next there is the First and Free CBD Cream. It came in a Pinch Me Box. I have to say I was very glad to see it as they always seem to want to send me bandages and candy. And yes I looked over my profile with them but somehow I have gotten into some sort of candy eating klutz category. So it was kind of fabulous to be offered any sort of body lotion. The First and Free CBD uses canopy growth for their products which if I remember correctly is more sustainable. I can’t remember the details. I have only just started delving into the CBD world and my research is still a little shaky. As I just started trying out a CBD Cleansing oil, I will be doing more research soon. I would also do more research on the effects of using only canopy growth should I try out a larger version of this cream or any other product from the First and Free Brand.

CBD Cream in hand

As I really liked this cream, I think that is definitely a possibility. There was little to no scent to it. It smelled like lotion. Just that cream scent that unscented lotions have. As almost every lotion in my currently large collection is pretty heavily scented, this was kind of a relief. Lately I’ve been running around smelling of cake batter and sugar cookies. It’s made me want to bake more. But that could also be the cooler temps. Regardless, I would actually like to try using this cream for a longer trial to see how I liked it over a longer period and if I would like to add it to my continue to purchase list of products. As a note, when you go to the First and Free Site they will ask for your location so they can determine which products they could ship to you. Which i kind of like. I’d hate to accidentally buy something that wasn’t legal in my locale. The company does sell edibles though and I think the restrictions are more on that end then on the body lotion.

So there you have it, four foil packets and my initial impressions of the products within. Three I want to try further and one I definitely do not. Not a bad trial run. I hope you’ve enjoyed my foil packet first impressions.

My Current Skin Care Line Up

I know I talk a lot about different products, but I thought you might find it interesting to see the full regime as it stands now.  First off, I ought to say that I have a staggered rotation system for skin care. I like to have an older product I’ve been using for a while roll into my trial for a new product so that I’m not changing out every item at the same time. 

For example I am currently testing three Timeless Skin products (gifted to me by Timeless Skin for testing and review purposes for which I am extremely grateful).  The Hyaluronic Acid Serum I have been using for two weeks now (Labor day started week three so I will be reviewing it on the 21st after 30 days of use), while the while the Squalane Oil from Timeless skin is just starting its second week of use and the HA Spray is on its first full week of use.

The same can also be said for my Purlisse Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Cleansing Milk.  I used it for a month but will use it a little bit longer since I just started with the HA spray. I’ll use the same cleanser while I figure out how everything reacts and then I’ll start a new cleanser trial.  I generally find that staggering new products keeps my skin from freaking out with the new so I get a more accurate opinion about how things work.

Now I do have one disclaimer, my skin care routine is slightly jumbled a bit because I am trying to get in several workouts  and don’t want to just sweat off my products, so I’ll try to put those in here as well.

current cleanser

In the mornings, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I am trying to get in about twenty minutes of strength and flexibility training.  This is mostly with youtube videos, wii fit and yoga.  It is done in doors and because I have the tendency to talk myself out of it, I find it is easier to start with the workout before I’m fully awake.  So on those mornings I splash water on my face to rinse off the remnants of my night cream, towel off and after dressing, do my planned work out.

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After I turn on the coffee pot and cool down a bit, I start in on my morning skin care. I start by washing my face, currently with the Purlisse Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Cleansing milk. 


I then use a toner.  I just finished the Akar Balancing Toning Mist and am now trying the Pixi Skin Treats Clarity Tonic.  Typically with Pixi I tend to go for their exfoliating toners so this was a new one for me.  While early in my use thus far I have been liking it.


After toning I use a serum on my face, neck and decollete.  Currently, the serum I am trying out is the Timeless Hyaluronic Acid Serum.  And I did remember to take before pictures this time so I will have before and after photos from 30 days of use. 

I’ve actually noticed a positive change actually, but I will get into details with the full review.  At the moment I can say that I really like this serum and am turning into a pretty big fan of Hyaluronic Acid in skincare.

After I apply the serum, I brush my teeth while it takes it’s time settling in.  While this serum sinks in fast, I really like to give it a little extra time to settle in before I move on. You can probably see it in the background of the above photo but I am a big fan of the Aquafresh Extreme Clean toothpaste.  It has been my go-to for years.  I like the taste better than I like the regular aqua fresh.  Although sometimes the foaming can be a bit much.  But it is a good toothpaste.


Then once I have wiped up all of the toothpaste fall out, I apply my eye cream.  Currently I am using the Glossy box Skin Care Eye Boost Cream (I’ve almost finished my month of use so a review will be coming soon).  With eye cream I not only use it around my eyes, but on the fine lines around my lips. 

The same formulation that helps eye cream work on the delicate tissue around the eyes also helps it on the fine lines around the lips. It was one of my grandmother’s favorite tricks and one I use increasingly as I get older.  In its own way that skin is just as delicate as the eyes and a little extra help in fighting those lines doesn’t hurt.

Squalane Oil

After the eye cream I use the oil.  At the moment I am using the Timeless 100% Squalane oil.  Oddly enough, I am finding that I can use it both morning and night unlike many other oils which I have only been able to use at night.  I think it’s because squalane’s main purpose is to simply lock in moisture and it really is just one type of oil (it’s also a really affordable oil as these things go). I’ve just started using it so I’ll have to see how it works moving forward.  Right now I am really enjoying it.  I use three drops and apply it to my skin and then follow with my moisturizer. I like applying the oil first rather than blending it in with the moisturizer. No real reason, it is just what I prefer.


The moisturizer I am currently using is the Dior Dream Skin Capture Totale. It was sent to me by Influenster and comes in a refillable container.  I can already tell you I am going to want to get a refill.

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At the moment it is running about even in my moisturizer preferences with the Peter Thomas Roth Hungarian Thermal Water Mineral Rich Moisturizer and the Volition Celery Green Cream. 

Those three may be my top three moisturizers of 2020 at this point.  Still the year is not over.


Speaking of Volition, after I apply the moisturizer I top it off with my Volition Prismatic Luminizing shield with SPF 50. I keep trying other sunscreens and I keep going back to this one.

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You will notice there is a second sunscreen in the picture however.  This is the Polaar Fluide Solaire also with SPF 50. While it is a good sunscreen, I don’t like it on my face.  It feels just a little too heavy.  It is perfect for my neck and upper chest where v-neck t-shirts expose the skin and I have really been enjoying using it there to give my skin some extra protection. 

lip masks, the maple day cream is in the tube and the night mask is in the jar.

I then add my Bite Beauty Agave Lip mask in the scent Maple to my lips.  It really does smell like maple syrup.  And it tasks kind of like it too.  I generally find that not only does it keep my lips wonderfully soft but the scent makes me feel like I’ve already indulged in some delectable treat and thus makes it less likely that I will feel like snacking.  I sort of feel Like I’ve already snacked.

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And skin care done I sit at my desk and get a few hours of work done.  I don’t put makeup on at this point as my meetings tend to be in the afternoon and I still have my daily walk to get through.  All my skin care has a couple of hours to soak in though. 

Then I take my walk.  Before I leave the house I spray myself all over with a spray sunblock.  I’m partial to one from Neutrogena. Even with the sunblock underneath, I like to be extra careful, especially after my bad burn earlier in the spring.

In general I sweat profusely during my walks.  Which is fine.  I like to think of the seat as encouraging my weight loss.  However I am a mess when I return.  While I often employ the Busy Beauty Showerless wipes to get me through until I can take my evening shower, and have various ways of dealing with my hair, my face is a different matter. 

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If I don’t wash my face after my walk I am just going to feel gross the rest of the day.  But I don’t want to strip my skin.  So I tend to use a gentle cleanser that will just wash away the sweat (and sometimes pollen) residue from my walk in the park/walking trail. 

Post work out cleanser

The cleanser I have consistently used for a while has been the Olay Cleanse Gentle Foaming Cleanser.  It is an excellent oil free, no frills cleanser that just makes my skin feel less gunky after a good sweat. 

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To be honest I have been using this as my post workout cleanser since I started my weight loss journey.  I have lost track of how many times I have used up and replaced this bottle. It is also the cleanser I grab when another cleanser is giving me problems because I know it is effective and reliable. So I use it after my walks.

post workout serum

Something new I am trying, because it came to me in an IPSY box, is the 111Skin Cryo ATP Sports Booster.  It is a serum you are supposed to use after a workout.  So because I wanted to see how it worked, I have started adding it to my skin after my quick wash with the Olay.  Previously I just did the quick wash and then moved into my makeup.

After the 111Skin has had a few minutes to settle in, I apply my makeup for the day.  While I usually end with a setting spray, the HA Spray with Matrixyl 3000 sent to me by Timeless claims to be able to be used as a setting spray as well as being skin care, so this week I started using it to set my makeup.  There will be more on that later this week.  But I will tell you now that is it wonderfully refreshing and smells like cucumbers.

skin care based setting spray

And then I go about my day.

At the end of the day I use a cleansing balm or oil to remove my makeup and then I use a cleanser like the Purlisse.  I just finished the Province Apothecary Moisturizing Cleansing oil and tonight I will start using the Kahina Giving Beauty Oil Cleanser.  It too came in a Petit Vour Box and I am looking forward to testing it out. 

upcoming cleansing oil/makeup remover

Often times I will remove my makeup after dinner and then use a mask of some sort while reading or watching television or you tube.  With my mask I will apply the Bite Beauty Agave Nighttime lip therapy mask to my lips.  It is more intense than the maple one I use in the mornings, although with less of a scent. 

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It also keeps me from snacking while watching television.  I know it is technically supposed to be left on over night, and sometimes I will re apply it just before I lay down but I find when I am watching movies or television with my babydoll in the evenings I am tempted to snack.  This really keeps me from snacking, even after the face mask is removed.

Eventually, I will migrate to the bedroom.  I do my night time skin care before I start to read in bed.  Once or twice a week I will use an exfoliator.  At the moment I am using the Avant Gentle Rose Beautifying Face Exfoliant.  It is an extremely gentle physical exfoliate but I don’t like to use them too often lest it damage the skin. 


After the exfoliate is rinsed off (on the nights I use it) I go back in with my toner, followed by serum, teeth brushing, eye cream, oil and moisturizer. Depending on the moisturizer I am using I will either use the same one I use during the day or a night cream.  The Dior is good for both day and night, but on a few days where I have been outside a bit longer, I replace my moisturizer with a night cream.  Currently I am trying out the Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Retinol Sleeping mask.  I only use it a couple of times a week.

Then I read in bed for an hour or two and go to sleep.

night cream

I know, that’s a lot of different steps to my skin care.  Personally, I enjoy the ritual of it and I really like taking the time to work on my skin.  At the moment, my skin is doing really well.  Most of my acne has faded. I still have a few clogged pores where my mask presses into my face, but really that is a combination of mask and sweat.  Some combination of elements in the last week has really been doing my skin well. 

This is another reason I like rotating products.  I can check in with my skin and see what I was using when things start to get better and I can monitor it as I stop using certain products and see where things change.  I helps me to figure out what is actually working and what is not.  It is also why I am not opposed to taking extra time in my routine.  To be honest, written out it looks like it takes a lot longer than it actually does.  It only really takes me about twenty minutes in the morning and then another twenty at night (not counting the mask) so it isn’t really as onerous as it looks on paper.

But there you have it.  Even though some of the products rotate out, the sequence and system remains more or less the same.  There are always changes based on products though.  Sometimes the oil I’m testing is one I only want to wear at night and so I skip it in the morning.  Sometimes I will try two different serums, one at night and one in the day because one reacts poorly to the sun. Sometimes my skin needs more or less exfoliation.  But in general, this is my daily skin care regime.

Testing out two moisturizers by Peter Thomas Roth

Trial Sizes of the Hungarian Thermal Water Mineral Rich Moisturizer and the Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream Hydrating Moisturizer

At the beginning of the summer I noticed that my sample sized products were staring to pile up so I decided this summer I would make a concentrated effort to clear out some of them.  Personally I really like sample sixes as I can get a good feel for the product and when I travel, I don’t like taking full sized products with me if I can help it. With skin care generally a month of continuous use is necessary before results can be seen, however after about a week or two I can tell how the product works with my skin and if I want to invest in a full sized version of the product to give it a full thirty day trial.

So essentially I decided that I was going to go through a pile of my samples and make a list. Technically it’s three lists: pick up a full size for a more in depth trial, add to the maybe list and of course the thanks but no thanks list.

Plus I don’t think I’ll be doing a lot of traveling in the near future, so clearing out some of my travel sizes wasn’t a bad idea.

In my collection of moisturizer samples I found two products by Peter Thomas Roth.  One was the Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream Hydrating Moisturizer and the other was the Hungarian Thermal Water Mineral Rich Moisturizer.

To be honest, I have heard rave reviews about the Cloud Cream before I started trying these two moisturizers and almost nothing about the Mineral Rich one.   I started with the Cloud Cream and then moved to the Mineral Rich moisturizer.  There was a larger size of the Cloud Cream in my collection but it wasn’t filled to the top and I managed to get a little over a week and a half’s worth of product out of it. The Mineral rich was a completely filled little tube and I managed seven days out of it (minus the night of the seventh day).

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According to the product page the Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream Moisturizer…

Drench your skin with a liquid cloud of fluffy-light moisture that feels soft and weightless like clouds in the atmosphere. Concentrated 30% Hyaluronic Acid Complex cream has three molecular sizes of Hyaluronic Acid, a potent hydrator that draws in water. Helps plump the look of skin with moisture. Pentavitin® helps provide up to 72 hours of hydration—even after cleansing.* ProHyal+® helps improve hydration for healthier, smoother-looking skin. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is visibly reduced, leaving a silky, hydrated and more youthful-looking complexion. Dries light as a cloud and feels weightless on the skin. Oil-free, fragrance-free.

The Cloud Cream is also one of their best selling moisturizers. As the product info claims, there is no scent to this cream at all.  I appreciate the truth in advertising, but I found it a little odd.  It smells of absolutely nothing, not even cream.  I don’t know why that threw me, but it sort of did.  However if you have issues with scent, you might want to check this one out.  It seriously has zero scent to it.  It is also fluffy and light weight.  The formula is midway between a water and a gel cream in consistency 

To hydrate the skin you really only need a very little amount of this product. The amount shown in my hand was pushing it for me. I actually needed slightly less in the morning and about this amount at night. (I always use more product at night).

It goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly. It doesn’t feel greasy in any way.  However, don’t be tempted to over do it.  I noticed that if I tried to apply more than just a small amount, my skin became slightly sticky.  It wasn’t over the top sticky, but it was noticeable.  After about five minutes the stickiness faded.  To be fair it has been very humid where I live. 

I think I might not have had such an issue if it weren’t August in Tennessee. And I only had this problem if I applied too much product, and then for only about five minutes, by which time the slight stickiness faded.  It also didn’t return.  If I waited for it to absorb, even if I applied too much, then I had no problems when I left the house.  I was worried the stickiness would return once I stepped out of the air conditioned house.  It did not.  I kind of like the fact that the product sort of lets you know that you have over done it. I also think I am just on the line with the type of skin this formula is designed for. I think if you had dryer skin than I do, this would be more in your wheel house. I think the reason that I needed so little was because it wanted to give me more hydration than I really needed. while good after a day in the sun if I spent the day indoors it was a little too much for me unless I used very little.

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I had no break out problems or clogged pores with it, it was just obvious when I used too much. The right amount absorbs instantly and too much, well it gets sticky for five minutes as my skin worked to absorb it. Even though it is designed for all skin types, I think it wants to lean towards dryer skin. Its good for everyone but better for dry.

Over all, it was a very nice cream to try out.  I didn’t use the trial sized sample long enough to actually see any long term results obviously, but it did leave my skin feeling soft and well moisturized. I was going to put this in the maybe pile, as my skin really did like it, however as I was sorting out my little tubes, I noticed that I had a second smaller sample tube of the Cloud Cream in my collection. Because I am dryer in the winter, I think what I am going to do is wait until the weather cools down and the central heating starts the annual winter dry season and then try this cream out again. So in the end the Cloud Cream is a conditional maybe. It might end up being a seasonal Moisturizer for me.

However, it wasn’t the only Peter Thomas Roth Moisturizer that I tried.  There was also the Hungarian Thermal Water Mineral Rich Moisturizer.

According to this products description…

This fountain of youth moisturizer harnesses the power of Hungarian thermal water, botanicals and modern technologies. For years, people came from afar to soak in the mineral-rich, fountain of youth thermal waters of the Hungarian spas owned by Peter’s grandparents. Today, Peter uses the most mineral-rich thermal water on earth from a secret spring deep below Hungary’s Carpathian Valley, where the earth’s crust is the thinnest—allowing water to absorb the most minerals as it bubbles to the surface. Infused with natural Hungarian botanicals of Sunflower, Evening Primrose, Peach, Apricot, Sea Buckthorn Berry and Flaxseed extracts, bioengineered botanicals Gatuline® RC (from Beech Tree Buds), Merospheres-V (from Rosemary) and DETOSKIN™ (from Peonies) and a Bioidentical Triple Lipid Complex. Helps reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, uneven skin tone and texture for firmer, smoother, healthier and younger-looking skin.

You’ll see firmer, smoother, younger-looking skin in 7 days.

This moisturizer did have a scent.  It smells mineral-y in a kind of high priced spa way.  Which quite frankly makes sense given the description. There is an under tone of the sea to the scent.  There is no sweetness from peach apricot or primrose.  It basically smells like the earth and the sea combined. I think I might not know what the individual elements smell like on their own enough to distinguish them.  I will say though, I really liked the scent. 

While I’m not a big fan of added fragrances in skin care products, I like my products to smell like something.  I think that might have been one of my issues with the cloud cream.  I kept sniffing it and trying to identify something but never could.  With the Mineral Rich Moisturizer, I still might not be able to identify the scents but it had one and it was one I found pleasant.

I also have to say I liked the consistency of the formula a little bit more. It is not a thick cream but it is thicker than the Cloud Cream. It’s formula is more of a cross between a traditional moisturizer and a gel cream. For me this is kind of the ideal. I like the thicker creams at night, but they are often too thick to wear during the day, especially in the summer. The water creams often tend to provide more moisture than I really need and make me feel slightly greasy. This was kind of my personal ideal for a day cream. (although i used it at night as well).

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Like the Cloud Cream, only a little bit of the product was needed.  I didn’t have any issues if I tried to add too much, there was no stickiness the moisturizer just took a little longer to absorb into the skin. It still absorbed and gave me great moisture with no issues on my skin.  While it says that there is firmer younger looking skin in seven days, I really only used this sample for exactly seven days.  It just didn’t have any more product in it than that.  And trust me I tried to get more out of the bottle.   This tube has been squeezed dry.

When I caught myself rolling the little tube so that I could squeeze out just one more little drop, I realized that I was definitely going to want to do a full month long trial with this moisturizer. There was no mental debate.

With the Cloud Cream, I finished the cream and thought, ‘That was nice’ and then moved on to the next sample.  With the Hungarian Thermal Water Mineral Rich Moisturizer, I thought.  ‘That can’t be all of it.’

And I was sad it was empty.

And immediately went to look up the price rather than reaching for another sample.

So, the Hungarian Thermal Water Mineral Rich Moisturizer will be doing a full thirty day trial in the world of Mimsy. I forgot to actually order it this weekend during the Look Fantastic Peter Thomas Roth sale, but on the Peter Thomas Roth Site their Labor Day Sales Start September 1st. And this is definitely on my list.

The full sized Hungarian Thermal Water Mineral Rich Moisturizer:

The Cloud Cream was nice and I may end up circling back to try it out for longer, but for me it didn’t have that instant ‘Wow I need more of this’ that I got from the Mineral Rich Moisturizer. I’ll be trying a second sample once the weather cools, but at the moment that’s where I stand; Definite yes on the Hungarian and conditional maybe on the Cloud.

This is why I love sample sizes.  I love reading reviews and looking to see what other people say about products, but in all honesty everyone’s skin is different.  I mean look at these two products. Everyone loves the Cloud Cream but doesn’t mention the Hungarian, but it is that Mineral Rich formula that I would choose over the Water Drench. Of course,even my skin reacts differently to products based on where I am in the world and the season.  The only way to truly know how something works is to try it out on my own skin. 

like I mentioned above, Peter Thomas Roth is getting ready to start their Labor Day Sale.  It starts September first.  I remember it being a really fantastic sale last year and being disappointed that I didn’t make a list of what I wanted to order. My eyes kept flitting between products that sounded good but I wasn’t quite certain about. Now I have one definite product to order. Later this afternoon I will be trying out a foil packet of a mask from Peter Thomas Roth, because I want to know if I like it enough to order as well so even though it is Monday and not Friday, there will ba a mask post later today.

They also sell kits featuring deluxe sample sized products so that you can try out multiple products to decide what products work for you.  I will probably be picking up one of the masking kits if the mask goes well. So this afternoon I’ll let you know and then sometime in the near future I will give the Hungarian Thermal Water Mineral Rich Moisturizer a much more thorough trial.

Reviewing Two NUXE products

These two NUXE products came to me in the July Glossy Box, I believe.  I can recall seeing the NUXE brand before but I don’t think I’ve ever tried anything from them until now.  The first item is the Nuxe Crème Prodigieuse Boost Multi-Correctional Gel Cream for Normal to Combination skin.  

While my sample size contained 15ml worth of product and lasted almost exactly two weeks, the full sized version is 40 ml and retails for $25.15 on the Glossy Box site. The odd pricing is due to currency conversion I believe.  In case you are wondering (I know I was because I had to look it up) Prodigieuse means excellent in French.

the cream is super light weight and absorbs quickly with no greasy film

So what is this excellent cream? According to the product information it is… 

Refreshing care that rejuvenates the skin and corrects the issues caused by stress, fatigue and pollution. The Boost Multi-Correction Gel Cream preserves and supports the skin’s natural balance, easing the signs of ageing and providing a smoother, matt finish. Utilises a formula rich in natural active ingredients: jasmine, calendula, cellular sugar and hyaluronic acid. It contains 92% Natural Origin Ingredients and is Vegan Friendly. To use: Apply mornings to the face, neck and décolleté.

Ingredients: ingredients : aqua/water, alcohol denat., glycerin, phenyl trimethicone, hydroxyethyl acrylate/sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer, propylheptyl caprylate, silica, parfum/fragrance, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin, acrylates/c10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, ribose, sodium gluconate, xanthan gum, butylene glycol, sodium hyaluronate, polysorbate 60, sorbitan isostearate, pentylene glycol, jasminum officinale (jasmine) flower extract, sodium hydroxide, faex extract/yeast extract, mica, ci 77491/iron oxides, calendula officinalis flower extract, tocopherol, benzyl salicylate, linalool, citronellol, alpha-isomethyl ionone, geraniol [n3904/a]

I like that it is a day cream.  Mostly because when I tried it, the cream wasn’t heavy enough to give me as much moisture as my skin needs at night.  I also like the focus.  Since I know my skin has different needs in the day and at night I like that the moisturizer knows it as well and concentrates on one thing at a time instead of trying to be an all round moisturizer.  I think the extremes of this summer have made me rethink my skin care a lot and I am starting to separate out items I use in the day and those I use at night a bit more than I have in the past.

That being said I am not a fan of the denatured alcohol in the moisturizer.  I’m not a fan of it in my skin care in general and really don’t like seeing it as the second ingredient.  As I’m sure you are aware, the higher up in the ingredients list, the more concentrated the amount in the product.  Ingredients are listed from most active to least until they get to be about 1% and then they can be listed in any order so it is generally the top ten ingredients you have to pay attention to.

The cream was nice on my skin though, I will give it that.  I am glad I was only using it once a day though.  While the cream absorbed well and wasn’t greasy, in fact it worked really well on my skin. The thing that got me was the scent.  It is fairly highly scented.  Even though the scent was stronger than I like, I didn’t really mind it, mostly for a nostalgia factor.  It smelled exactly like the skin care my grandmother used to use.  That is in no way a slam, she always had great skin and I’m not saying it smells old lady-ish.  I’m saying it reminds me of my grandmother.  She loved any skin care products that were scented with rose and this certainly fits the bill.  In fact given her love of French skincare it is entirely possible that she did use this cream or an early predecessor of it.  I think the company has been around since the early 1990s and she adored trying new skin care products.  I actually get my love of testing them from her.

But whether or not she used this cream or not, the scent is so reminiscent of her that I enjoyed it even though it was a stronger scent than I like in my skin care.  If you are sensitive to scent this might be something to take into consideration. Truthfully if denatured alcohol weren’t the second ingredient in the list, I would rank this cream really highly as a day cream.  It was non-irritating to existing breakouts, didn’t cause additional ones and made my skin feel soft and lovely.  It has however been drilled into my head that denatured alcohol is bad for the skin long term even if there are short term benefits.  It is only the fact that moisturizer sits on your skin far longer than most other product (toners, face wash) that gives me pause.  And honestly, I liked this day cream enough that I may have to look further into skin care and denatured alcohol before I am willing to cut it completely from my list of products to repurchase.  Because I need to do more research, I’m putting this in the maybe category for repurchasing.

The second NUXE item sent in my Glossy Box however goes straight to the top of reordering.  And that is the Nuxe Insta-masque.  The 50ml full size retails for $22.25 and it is a definite repurchase for me.  This mask is designed…

With an ultra-sensory gel texture, the mask turns into oil to exfoliate and even out the skin, instantly getting smooth skin and a luminous complexion. Suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive ones. Contains 98.3% of ingredients of natural origin.

slightly foamy with water

While this too lists Rose as a primary ingredient, the scent is much milder and perhaps mitigated by the macademia.  The mask looks like jelly in the jar, albeit a light pink jelly.  Where it touched my damp skin during application it turned a little white and then faded to almost clear on the skin.  I let it sit for two minutes while I brushed my teeth, then I wet my hands, rubbed them on my face and the jelly turned white and slightly foamy. 

The exfoliation is mild, it didn’t irritate any of my break outs and it rinsed away super cleanly and easily.  My skin felt amazingly soft and refreshed. I used it once a week, which is generally how I use exfoliators.  There are few I would use daily even though some actually suggest it.  This product recommends once or twice a week. 

Not sure if you can see much of a difference, but I could certainly feel it. Oh and in case you are wondering the slight redness to my skin is mostly because the water I rinsed with was really, really cold.

Once was perfect for me.  I was very sad when this container was empty.  It is definitely on my repurchase list.  Unfortunately I am working through the products that I have and not buying new ones until I’ve used up existing ones so it might be a while before I get around to repurchasing this, but repurchase I will.  The moisturizer maybe on a maybe list, but I have no qualms about using this Inta-masque repeatedly in the future.

As I mentioned before, both of these products came to me in a glossy box. If you are interested in trying out new products before you commit to buying the full sized versions, this might be a subscription box you might want to look into.  They generally have deals for the first box in your subscription and thus far, I have not been disappointed by any box I’ve received from them. The current offer, at the time of writing this is $22 off 6 or 12 month subscription with the code 22OFF (valid: 8/17-8/23). There are of course other perks, such as 20% off their newly launched skin care products.  I’ve been using their eye cream (which came in August’s box) and thus far am really liking it. I’ll post a full review after a month of use, but it does give me hope that the rest of their skin care line is going to be worth checking out. Anyway if you are interested you can check out Glossy Box below.

Reviewing The Celery Green Cream from Volition

Volition Celery Green Cream

A while back Volition sent me three products to use and review.  One by one I feathered them into my skin care regime and have given them each a month long trial to see how I liked them and how my skin reacted to the products. 

Volition is a crowdsourced skincare brand that produces clean, cruelty free, vegan products.  The crowdsourced is something I find very interesting.  (although the clean and cruelty free are also very important too). According to their site anyone who has an idea for a product that they’d like to see created can send in their ideas.  Volition then floats the idea to their community of voting participants (I believe you can sign up to be a member of that quite easily on their website) If the idea gets enough votes, then it is passed on to a team of professionals who turn the idea into an actual product.

Volition Beauty|Free Shipping, Free Returns & Free Sampling

Each of the three products sent to me came with a little card telling me about the innovator who came up with the idea for the product.  Aja came up with the idea for the Prizmatic Luminizing Shield.  Keidy came up with the concept for the Snow Mushroom Water Serum  and Nastia Liukin was the innovator behind the Celery Green Cream that I am reviewing today.  So what is the Celery Green Cream from Volution?

According to the website…

Celery. A classic staple turned modern juicing powerhouse. It’s the superstar ingredient in this oil-free face moisturizer that purifies and minimizes the appearance of pores for healthier-looking skin. This moisturizer hydrates and visibly plumps, helps minimize the appearance of pores and uneven skin texture, and purifies.  It is good for enlarged, clogged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin texture and tone.

Full Ingredients list: Water/Aqua/Eau, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Cetearyl Olivate, Apium Graveolens (Celery) Seed Extract, Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf, Cucumis Melo Cantalupensis Fruit Extract, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Extract, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract, Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry) Fruit Extract, Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Leaf Extract, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract, Lactic Acid, Polysorbate 20, Calcium Stearate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Carbomer, Sorbitan Olivate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Hydroxide, Decyl Glucoside, Lauryl Glucoside, Bismuth Oxychloride, Chromium Oxide Greens, Citric Acid, Mica, Potassium Sorbate.

So those are the claims.  Now let’s talk about the product.  As I said, it comes with an innovator card that lets you know a little bit about the person who created the product.  The product itself comes in a nice glass jar with a screw top lid.  The label is sleek and clean and I have to say I like that the label can be peeled off easily so that the jar can be reused.  Because quite frankly, this is the kind of jar that can be easily reused and that I probably will reuse.

But packaging is one thing, product is another.  When you open the jar there is a thin inner plastic lid covering the product. I like the inner lids keeping the product and the outer lid separated. Keeping as much air away from the product as possible is always a good thing.

When this inner lid is pried up, the cream is revealed.  It is a light green, almost celadon color and it smells fresh and clean. 

It actually reminds me of the celery soda we used to get at the deli when I was a kid. Without the bubbles of course. I suppose it is to be expected since it too was made with celery seed.  There is a very light vegetal quality to the clean scent, but it isn’t an added scent, just a natural one and it isn’t overpowering in the slightest.

My baby doll is much more sensitive to scents then I am and when he sniffed it, his reaction was to say it smelled clean not scented.  I don’t think it would bother anyone who is scent sensitive. It is mostly only noticeable when you first open the jar and dissipates quickly.

The consistency is of a thin gel or water cream and I found my skin drank it up quickly. There was no sticky feeling left behind, which I have on occasion had with these types of formulas before. It sat under my makeup beautifully and kept me hydrated throughout the day. 

Prior to transitioning into using this moisturizer, I had several stress related breakouts and have been treating them.  Sometimes the treatment dries out the skin around the problem and sometimes instead of hydrating the skin around the treated area, moisturizers just make things greasy and irritated. 

I did not have that problem with the Celery Green Cream.  It moisturized the dry patches and didn’t irritate the inflamed area.  I don’t normally have overly sensitive skin, but those were my sensitive areas and it handled them beautifully while they were healing. 

I used this moisturizer as my main moisturizer for a month.  I applied it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.  While it was beautiful during the day, I found I needed a little something extra at night.  Not every night though.  Instead of using a night cream every night, I found that I could use my night cream once or twice a week as an added boost to my night time moisturizing.  Generally, I found that the boost was needed after I spent large portions of the day outside in the heat. 

I suppose it shouldn’t be terribly surprising as on those days I was also drinking a lot more water.  I think that while working outside in the garden or walking on the walking trail, I just sweated out enough moisture that my entire body simply craved more hydration in every form.  And as I love masks in all forms, especially night masks I can wear while sleeping, I had no problem adding an extra product a couple of times a week.

While I really liked using this moisturizer, for me, I think the consistency of it lends itself to warm weather months.  Once the weather starts to turn cooler, I tend to switch to a transition moisturizer which has a thicker consistency than the gel like moisturizers of summer and then as fall fades to winter I tend to want a thicker, more full bodied cream.  This is, however a fantastic summer cream.

Using it my skin felt hydrated and used in conjunction with the Snow Mushroom Water Serum I actually saw a plumping of the skin and a reduction of the fine lines around the corners of my eyes.  While I doubt anything natural will get rid of the line running across my forehead, I noticed it didn’t get any more pronounced while I used this cream.  I’m calling that a win.

There is about two to three weeks of moisturizer left in my jar of product as I write this. I will be finishing this jar of moisturizer and slowly weaving additional products into my routine in order to give them a fair trial.

While this Celery Green Cream was sent to me by Volition, in the spring, my summer skin care preparation is going to include ordering a new jar of this moisturizer along with the Snow Mushroom Water Serum.  As for the Prismatic Illuminating Shield, the sunscreen designed for those who hate sunscreen, I will be reordering that as soon as the bottle starts to feel too light for comfort. It is not something I want to run out of anytime soon.

Speaking of ordering, the links located throughout this site are for only ships to US and Canada, so if you are located in other countries, you and want to give Volition a try you can go through @cultbeauty, which ships Volition Beauty worldwide, and @meccamaxima / @meccacosmetica which ship to Australia and New Zealand. 

I personally really enjoyed my trial of Volition and will feel very sad when my jar of Celery Green Cream comes to an end.  At least I know, I can always recycle the jar. And as Volition has a skin care test to ask questions regarding all your skin’s needs, I will be going back through and looking at the other products listed. The three I tried, were all recommended on that list and my skin really enjoyed them. It gives my high hopes for the other recommended products.

Volition Beauty|Free Shipping, Free Returns & Free Sampling

Sunday Riley Skincare Review

The Line up: Good Genes, Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream Martian Matifying Toner, CEO cleansing Oil and CEO Vitamin C Brightening Serum

Quite a while ago I picked up a jar of the Sunday Riley CEO Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream to try out.  I believe it might have been one of the first moisturizer reviews I posted on this site.  While there were pros and cons (as with any product) I liked it enough to purchase a backup to have on hand.  In fact, I liked it enough to start speculating about other Sunday Riley Products. 

A couple of them I tried really small samples sized of, but there wasn’t enough product to let me get a good feel for them  Plus, it was long enough ago that I couldn’t actually remember much about them. So I started to acquire a few of the products and I decided that I would test them with the CEO Cream to see not only how the products worked alone but as part of a skin care regime.

For this trial there are five products I chose to work with.  The first is the CEO Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream that I previously tried and purchased a second time.  To go with it, I added two other items from the CEO Vitamin C line (because I really like Vitamin C and they were add ons for Ipsy so the cost was less prohibitive).  These are the C+E Micro-dissolve cleansing oil and the brightening serum. To this trio I added the Good Genes All in one Lactic Acid Treatment and the Martian Matifying Melting Water-Gel Toner.

Start of the trial skin

I eased into this skin care trial with the moisturizer.  I started with it partially because I already knew how my skin reacted to it and I like to phase in products so my skin doesn’t completely freak out with an entirely new regime every time I do a new trial.

I finished the moisturizer I was using before but was still using three products from Elemis (the Foaming Face Wash, the cleansing Balm makeup remover and the resurfacing pads, I already posted a review of the Face Wash and reviews of the other products will be coming soon). 

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After a few days of adjusting to the moisturizer, I put my Elemis cleansing Balm away and rotated in the CEO Micro-dissolve Cleansing oil. I kept the foaming face wash from Elemis because I like to double cleanse and I didn’t pick up a second Sunday Riley Cleanser.  (I thought I ordered one and it turns out I got distracted and didn’t check to see if it was in the cart, oops). 

I finished up the 111Skin Vitamin C Brightening Booster that I was testing a few days later and rotated in the Sunday Riley one.  A few days later I set aside the Elemis resurfacing pads and brought in the Good Genes and Martian toner.  There was no freak out skin-wise (other than external stress) and my trial began. 

Since I already tested the moisturizer, I made notes on this trial and then went over my previous review.  I am going to link the CEO Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream here rather than going over it too much a second time as there really was no change.  I like the cream and will more than likely pick it up again at some point. I adjusted the use with some of the other products, but I’ll cover that when I reach that point.

So first to rotate in was the cleansing oil.  What are the claims of the Cleansing oil?  As you would expect, it is pretty straight forward.

A wet or dry cleansing oil that dissolves pore-clogging debris, excess oil, and micro-pollution particles, revealing a fresh, bright, and calm complexion. Instantly dissolve and remove makeup (even water-resistant eye makeup), pore-clogging debris, excess oil, and micro-pollution for a perfectly, thoroughly cleansed complexion. With gentle white willow bark and lime pearl extracts—rich in beta hydroxy acid (BHA) and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) —C.E.O. C + E Micro-Dissolve Cleansing Oil gently refreshes the skin, while turmeric and vitamin C provide antioxidant-rich, calming skin support, for a clean, healthy-looking, and smooth complexion.

I’m pretty sure most cleansing oils have similar blurbs on their product pages.  My only concern was that to get the info about the product, I had to go to the Lovely Skin site. In general that isn’t a problem, because I really like the Lovely Skin site and tend to visit a lot. An extra excuse is not a problem.  The problem is that I couldn’t find the information on the Sunday Riley official site. In my experience that usually doesn’t bode well.  Typically it means a discontinuation of a product.  I could be wrong though.

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The cleansing oil is a decent cleansing oil.  It melted even water proof mascara off with no harsh rubbing required.  With mascara I had to do a second swipe under the eyes to remove the last raccoon like markings, but again there was no harsh rubbing.  The oil didn’t break me out and it wasn’t too heavy on the skin.  However, it is not a standalone product, at least not for me.  When using this I had to double cleanse. Rinsing off the product with just water left an oily film covering my face. 

With this oil I found that I could apply it and then jump into the shower.  Once I was finished with my shower I would be completely sans make up, but still feel the need of a quick face wash.  In fact after a few days of using this product, I just started keeping it in the shower. It has a pump that kept the water out so it was actually the perfect solution. 

It is a decent cleansing oil, but I don’t know if I would repurchase it.  It does its job well, but I didn’t notice anything extra enough to draw me back to it instead of another product. I will continue to use it until I use it up, but there are other cleansing oils I actually like better.

Next we move on to the CEO Vitamin C Brightening serum. This one was not only listed on the Sunday Riley Site, but it is listed among their best sellers.  It is…

C.E.O. Brightening Serum, powered by 15% advanced Vitamin C, is targeted to quickly fight the look of dullness, dark spots, and discolorations at the source, while diminishing the signs of aging. Skin looks and feels firmer and plumper, as youthful skin bounce and even-tone are restored.

C.E.O. Brightening Serum uses a sophisticated, ultra-powerful form of Vitamin C called THD Ascorbate. Both highly stable and oil-soluble, THD Ascorbate rapidly absorbs into the skin for visible anti-aging benefits, including visual improvement in loss of firmness, the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and dark spots and dullness.

This hydrating antioxidant formula instantly illuminates the complexion with bright radiance, while phytosterols help to reduce the look of skin sensitivity. Saccharide Isomerate extract diminishes the appearance of pores and reinforces the skin’s moisture barrier for a skin-smoothing glow. Rapidly brighten the appearance of the skin and boost vital skin bounce, in a flash!

I have to say, I can easily see why it is a favorite.  Personally, I really liked it.  Instead of being liquid like most serums it is a cream formula.  The recommended amount is two to three pumps of product, but I found that one pump’s worth was plenty for my face in the morning with maybe a little more at night.  And I was happy that the pump is the sort that allows you to only depress it half way so you can more easily regulate how much product being used.  I find it less wasteful that way.  Now my skin does really well with most vitamin C products, but I have to say I was a big fan of this one.  It absorbed really well and although this may be wishful thinking, I did notice the fine lines appearing around my eyes weren’t as prominent after the first week of use (I used this for thirty days for the trial). 

Incidentally, I did look up THD Ascorbate (Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate ) in case you are wondering.  It is just a slightly modified version of Vitamin C that has been tweaked so that the skin absorbs it more easily. And absorb it did.  Not only will I be using this ti the last creamy drop, but I will be repurchasing it at some point. Truthefully this was the highlight of the skincare test. Other products are good, this was excellent. So for the CEO line, at least the products I’ve tried, two out of three are things I would repurchase.  Not a bad average.  But how do you feel about Martians?

I found the Martian Mattifying melting Water-gel toner to be very interesting. Unfortunately, I have no official product information because it has been discontinued.  I find this to be a shame as I liked it for my oily days.  If I knew I was going to be sweating outside or having hormonal break outs, then using this in the morning really helped my skin. 

It is also a fun green slime texture. It worked well on the days I needed it, but it wasn’t an everyday sort of product for me.  I suspect it was too much for most people to use every days.  If you are looking to dry out oily skin for a bit and happen to come across this, it isn’t a bad thing to try.  I’ll keep using it until it is gone, but alas it is discontinued and no more.

This finally brings us to the Good Genes All in one Lactic Acid Treatment. I doubt this will ever be discontinued as everyone I’ve talked to seems to find this a skin care holy grail.  It made me very eager to try it. So first what does this best seller do?

Clean, purified glycolic acid deeply exfoliates and repairs the look of dull, congested, and sun damaged skin for a visibly radiant, healthier-looking complexion.

Containing clean, ultra-pure, formaldehyde-free glycolic acid, to revitalize the appearance of dull, congested, and sun damaged skin, without compromising on what matters to you most: safety, quality, and fast results. Good Genes Glycolic penetrates the surface of the skin with tiny glycolic acid molecules, sinking deeper into the skin than other forms of AHA, to break apart pore-clogging debris and repair the look of sun-damaged, congested, wrinkled, or dull skin. With just one use, instant radiance and skin clarity are visibly boosted. Balanced with fermented prickly pear extract, perfect for sensitive skin, to soothe and calm the complexion, along with skin-purifying lemongrass extract.

After my recent sunburn episode, I was happy to try some repair work.  And I love exfoliators in general. So I was all in.  Again two to three pumps are recommended and you are only supposed to use this once a day.  The above picture shows one pump, which is all I ended up needing tocover my face.

For me, this replaced my night cream during the trial. 

Sort of.

It took me a few days to sort things out.  First, I want to address the one day claim.  I will say that the sun damaged parts of my face did show almost immediate improvement.  My face took less damage than my legs, but it still spent too much time accidentally baking. So I will have to give them that. 

The scent took a little getting used to as well.  For me it has the exact same scent as some of the cleaning products used in a building I once worked in.  It was an old building with wooden floors and the scent is a cross between floor polish and an herbal based disinfectant.  It’s not a negative as it is actually a nicely astringent scent, but to me that is what it smelled like. It is heavy on the lemongrass and I think that paired with the astringency was what triggered the memory.  Luckily the scent dissipated so I didn’t have dreams about my old office.

But again, that’s just me. Certainly no one else mentioned it smelling like a cleaning product.

It took me a while to adjust to using this product because it is not quite a night cream, but it is really hard to apply a moisturizer over it.  Things get very greasy quickly and I felt like I over did it.  The problem was that if I didn’t apply moisturizer, my skin felt a little too dry the next morning.

The best way I found to deal with this product was to wash my face and apply the Good Genes to my skin an hour or two prior to actually getting ready for bed.  (I like to read before going to sleep as a means to quiet my brain, so I did all of my pre bed routine (sans moisturizer) before reading, leaving the Good Genes on top of the skin and then just before bed, I went into the bathroom and did a quick moisturizer application before actually going to sleep. 

For me this worked really well.

end of trial skin

I will say that because my skin was sun damaged, I saw more of an effect than I might have otherwise seen.  It worked well, and I am glad I used it at the time I did, however I am not terribly familiar with chemical exfoliates.  I tend to go for the more physical variety.  I am starting to try out the chemical ones more though so I might be switching camps. 

So while I liked the product, I think I want to try a few more products, specifically Lactic Acid based before I commit to repurchasing it. 

In other words it was good, but it wasn’t so over the top good that I feel I must keep it on hand at all times.  Which, from the reviews I’ve read and seen, tends to be the reaction.  Perhaps when trying others I will find they fall far short of this and I will realize everyone else was right about the Good Genes.

I am very glad I did try this though as it is so beloved by so many people and it is nice to know the standard. For now though, I am sticking with, a good product, but I want to try others as my personal assessment.

So that was my Sunday Riley trial. Two items that I will repurchase repeatedly, one that isn’t really worth bothering with, one discontinued and one still to be determined. All in all an interesting mix.  I’m actually rather surprised to see the split. Everyone I talked to either loved or hated Sunday Riley products. There were very few inbetween. As there were many other products they offer that I find interesting, I am sure it will not be my last Sunday Riley test.  I suspect I will go to reorder the serum and find something I want to try.  But that is for another day.  For now, there is still a world of skin care out there for me to try. There are so many excellent brands I can’t wait to get my hands on.

Now I just have to figure out what I want to try next.

Below I’m posting three of my favorite skin care sites should anyone be looking to expand their skin care boundaries.

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Reviewing Lavido skincare

One of the things I love about subscription boxes is that occasionally they send something your way that you have never heard of and wouldn’t mind trying.  Sometimes different boxes from different companies send you products from the same line in the same month. From one box came the Lavido Age away replenishing cream  featuring Grapefruit seed, Melissa and avocado (retail $69) while another box provided Lavido’s 2-in-1 Purifying Facial Mask and Exfoliator (retail $36) featuring pomegranate seed oil, lemon and macadamia.

Since they arrived at the same time, and I was just finishing up a moisturizer trial, I decided to use them together. They arrived in early April and this morning (May 20th) I used the last of each of them.  So they lasted seven and a half weeks for me.  I will admit that one of the reasons I held off reviewing them was that I lost my initial weights (instead of putting it in the notebook where I usually keep things I jotted it down on a scrap of paper and then promptly lost said paper) so I figured I would just see how long they lasted with regular use.

Before I cover what I think of the products, let’s see what they have to say for themselves.  First, the Moisturizer. According to the Lavido website is…

Made with 11 innovative plant actives, this advanced anti-aging solution is clinically proven to diminish the appearance of dryness, wrinkles and rough texture while it deeply nourishes mature and compromised skin. Its rich, ultra-luxurious texture features Summer Snowflake, scientifically proven to strengthen cell integrity, slow the aging process, and stimulate new cellular regeneration. Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid boosts collagen production and imparts an instant volumizing effect for a naturally firmer, radiant, and more rejuvenated complexion.


The scent of the cream is floral.  It isn’t overwhelmingly cloying, but it is a noticeable scent. If you are sensitive to scents that might be something you want to consider.  The cream is also very thick.  A little dab into the hand was all that was needed.  It is designed for dry, mature skin and I think the formula would work really well with dry skin.  My skin is normal leaning towards oily on occasion.  Dry is not generally my skin care concern but fine lines are so I was happy to try it. 

white cast on skin after initial application of moisturizer (look towards the ear)

Because my skin isn’t dry I had some trepidation.  The fear was unfounded.  I needed only a little bit of the cream to cover my entire face and neck.  I will say that because it is so thick and my skin is not an arid desert, I had to spend some time massaging it into the skin.  If you look in the picture you will see a white cast on my skin where I only did a first pass rubbing it in. The benefit is that you sort of get a facial massage twice a day when using this product.  The down side is that it adds a little extra time to your morning and evening routine.

But if a product is worth it, I am willing to take a little extra time.  So is it worth it?

During this trial I used the cream morning and evening as my sole moisturizer.  When the weather was cooler (and the central heat still drying the air out) I really liked the moisturizer.  As the weather warmed, and in my part of the world the humidity rose, I found that while I still liked it as a night cream, I was less enthused by its use in the morning.  My skin was just not dry enough in the morning.  It was an excellent night cream however and I woke with my skin plumped and hydrated. Dare I say it, even glowing.  For my skin type I could use this as a night cream very happily or as a dry winter cream. It is an excellent cream and mature skin or not, I think the dryer your skin happens to be, the more you will enjoy this cream. I would have no problem repurchasing the Age Away Replenishing Cream as a night cream, but I wouldn’t use it as my go to daily moisturizer. Especially not at this time of year.

This moves us on to the 2-in-1 Purifying Facial mask and exfoliator. According to its product page…

This exfoliating and anti-aging multi-mask gently stimulates circulation and new cell regeneration while dried Pomegranate peel and seeds remove dead skin cells, revealing smoother, more radiant skin with fewer pimples, dark spots and wrinkles overtime. Use as an exfoliating cleanser or leave on as a mask to receive it’s full youth-giving benefits.

While I am always leery of any product that threatens to do too much, this isn’t too much of a stretch for a product.  As an exfoliator it is a fairly gentle one.  When applied to the skin it looks more like you have a slightly dirty face than are wearing a full mud mask. It has a slight roughness which you would expect from a physical exfoliator but it isn’t harsh.  I think because the peel is used rather than harder seeds.  I found it could be used every other day to brighten the completion without feeling like you were blasting away too many layers.  Used as an exfoliator it worked really well and I quite enjoyed it.  It has a slightly pomegranate scent to it but it is less present than the floral scent of the moisturizer and smells more fresh and clean than anything else.

While the exfoliator does leave your skin soft and refreshed, leaving the product on mask like actually did increase the benefits of the product.  My skin did feel better if I allowed it to sit for a few minutes.  What I ended up doing was using it as sort of a cross over.  On the nights I used it, I would wash my face, apply the exfoliator and let it sit while I brushed my teeth and then used a lip exfoliator on my lips I’d then wet my hands, massage the mask a little to help with the exfoliation and then wash it off and continue with my routine.  I found this gave me the best the 2-in-1 could provide. 

I have to say I would unequivocally buy this product again.  It is listed as good for all skin types and I have to say my skin loved it.  It was a gentle but effective exfoliator that could also be worn as a mask.  I really enjoyed using it and was very sad to see it now an empty tube.

Until I received these products in subscription boxes, I had never heard of the company or heard anything about them.  I can’t actually say I would have tried them on my own, but I am glad I did and I am certain I will be seeing these products in my bathroom again.

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Two from Tatcha: Worth the Hype?

Tatcha Dewy skin Cream and The Water Cream

For a while now I have seen rave reviews for Tatcha Skin Care.  The primary ‘must try’ seems to be the water cream (although in make-up the primer is the most talked about and duped).  So when IPSY had both the travel size for the Water Cream and the Dewy Skin cream for sale, I snapped them both up to try. My intention was to use them when traveling this summer, but that plan sort of changed and I used them here.

The travel sizes for both are offered for sale on the Tacha website.  Both travel sizes retail for $20 each while the full sized versions are $68 apiece.  The travel size contains 10 ml/0.34 fluid ounces of product while the full size contains 50 ml/1.7 fluid ounces. If you really love the water cream, they also have a Gratitude size offered for sale ($80 for 75 ml/2.54 fluid ounces). It is limited edition and has flowers on the jar. It is quit pretty actually, but then so are their regular jars. I find the packaging of the brand aesthetically pleasing in general. It’s not the reason I buy skin care of course, but it doesn’t hurt.

I like that they sell the travel sizes of the cream as it is a good way to tell if this is the moisturizer for you before you buy a full sized jar.  Skin care can be so subjective and just because someone else raves about it, doesn’t mean that it will be fantastic for you and of course the opposite is also true. Still, all the hype made me want to try it.

Both of these creams had enough product to last two weeks so I started with the Water Cream and when, after two weeks I ran out of product, I started using the Dewy Skin.  So essentially, 10 ml of product will last approximately two weeks. Extrapolating outward I would expect the full size of 50 ml to last ten weeks. So it would be a cost of about $0.98 worth of product used per day.

But the money only matters if you like the product. So since I started with the Water cream, I’ll cover it first. According to the Tatcha product page…

I forgot to take initial pictures so this is what was left on the lid it is a light white cream

This oil-free, anti-aging water cream releases a burst of skin-improving Japanese nutrients, powerful botanicals and optimal hydration for pure, poreless skin.  Provides nutrient-rich, balanced hydration: Unique water-burst cream breaks upon application to deeply deliver treatment benefits, hydrating without leaving skin sticky or greasy. Clarifies and refines skin with pure, powerful Japanese botanicals: Japanese Wild Rose visibly tightens pores and smoothes skin texture. Japanese Leopard Lily helps control excess oil and clarify skin by encouraging natural skin turnover.  Delivers anti-aging Japanese superfoods: Hadasei-3™, an anti-aging trinity of green tea, rice & algae, restores healthy-looking, youthful radiance. Imparts a subtle, shine-free glow with a touch of 23-karat gold.

I will say that in general, especially once the weather warms up, I like water creams and their lightness during the day, even if I use a heavier cream at night. I wasn’t terribly thrilled to see gold listed in the ingredients as it can be an irritant and it really has no actual skin care benefits that I’ve found listed on any sites.  It appears to be there for the ‘Wow, I can put gold on my face’ crowd. I’m not really certain who they are as I am more a part of, ‘does this actually work’ crowd. We hold meetings on alternate Thursdays.

Even if I was drawn in by the hype.

Gold is not listed too high on the ingredients list though.  It comes in at number 8 I believe. Still higher than I prefer as the higher on the list an ingredient falls, the more of it is actually in the product. The general rule of thumb is that it is the first ten ingredients you really have to focus on as those have the concentrations to be effective. At least that is what I was taught.  I’m not  a skin care professional or a chemist by any means, I just love skin care. Percentage wise, that’s what I was taught to look for when reading ingredients lists.

Also low on the ingredients list for the water cream, but still a little concerning are alcohol and added fragrance. I will say that the water cream does smell nice in a lightly floral way, but if you have a sensitivity, you might want to double check your reactions with a sample.  In general, I don’t have a sensitivity to fragrance, but as a warning, the scent does tend to linger after application.  It is not just the scent in the jar that dissipates quickly.

The formula is non-greasy, as it promises, but it does take a little while to sink into your skin, especially if you apply too much, which is easy to do. If you go with a pea sized amount as your usual measurement, make it an early snow pea rather than a garden one. You can always apply more if needed but in this case extra is not your friend. Even then, you need to give it a minute before going on with your morning routine.

It is a decent water cream. It was pleasant to use, but I can’t honestly say I found it all that amazing.  It did a good job moisturizing my skin, which is its job, but it is not spectacular.  I have tried other water creams I actually like a lot better.  The Touch in Sol Pretty Filter comes to mind. I believe I would repurchase that one before buying this one again. Although not a water cream, in this price range if looking for good light weight moisturizer I would lean more towards the Purlisse Blue Lotus Moisturiser before the Tatcha one to be quite honest. Perhaps I didn’t use it long enough to see any of the amazing benefits it is supposed to have, but I did use the entire jar. And while travel sizes are designed for travel, part of their job is also to convince me to buy a full sized jar, which this didn’t. Perhaps, it is a victim of its own hype. The rave reviews and grand claims did set my expectations high and they certainly weren’t met.

I didn’t notice any real pore erasing or skin refining during my trial. The Tatcha Water cream is good, but reviews make it sound like it is amazing, when it is just a decent water cream. With the added fragrance, alcohol, and possibly irritating gold, I’m afraid this does not make my repurchase list.

After I tried the Water cream I moved on to the Dewy Skin Cream from Tatcha.  According to its product page…

the cream is a light lavender color

A rich cream that feeds skin with plumping hydration and antioxidant-packed Japanese purple rice for a dewy, healthy glow. Ideal for dry skin, but can be used on normal skin for those who prefer a richer texture. This cream intensely hydrates and seals in moisture, helping to replenish ceramides for a healthy bounce and instant luminosity. A fermentation of Japanese anti-aging superfoods — green tea, rice, and algae — helps skin to look its most beautiful at any age.

This is a heavier cream, which I don’t mind.  It does absorb well into the skin and I have to say I was pleased to see squalene listed in the ingredients list.  My skin tends to really do well with this ingredient.  I know I first came across it in my Biossance skin care trial and since then I have noticed it has a tendency to appear in many of the things I like. I’m just glad it is now plant derived as once (long, long ago) it was apparently taken from shark’s livers. I am very pleased those days are over and no sharks gave their livers for my products. Viva la plant based squalene!

That being said I am somewhat troubled by the Violet 2 (Ci 60725) that gives this cream its lovely lavender color.  This synthetic colorant has made it to several ingredient watch lists as it can be a carcinogenic.  It is banned from lip and eye products lest it get into the system, so I’m a little disturbed to see it on a face cream that is supposed to absorb into my skin.  It is the very last ingredient listed on the ingredients list so I am not sure how much of the Violet 2 is in the product, but I’m not really happy to see it.  I think it is derived from either coal tar or petroleum, either way, I would prefer it not be in my skin care regardless of the concentration. While I think the lavender color is pretty it is not necessary to the product’s functionality and I can certainly live without it.

There is also added fragrance to this moisturizer and again it is pretty low on the ingredients.  It is lightly floral, but it is a heavier scent than the water cream. Like the water cream, this scent lingers as well. If anything it is much more prevalent.

While I do like heavier creams, I think that this cream needed dryer skin than mine to truly shine. It made me feel a bit greasy and I found myself using less and less of it as I went on.  As a consequence it actually lasted a full three weeks instead of two.  While the Violet 2 and the fragrance are a concern, I really believe that this was just not designed for my skin type. It is built for someone with much dryer skin.  If you have dry skin, perhaps you will find this a better fit. I have normal to combination skin so I get a little oily in the t-zone, but otherwise I’m not super oily. This cream made me feel super oily. For me, the Tatcha Dewy Skin Moisturizer is definitely a hard pass.

I really wish I liked these products better.  I still may try out their primers, but as for the moisturizers, they will not be making a reappearance on my skin care shelf anytime soon. I am glad I tried them so I could determine how I felt about them for myself, but I will not be buying them in any size again.

If you are looking to try some new skin care (or just find a good deal) here are a couple things you might want to look into:

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Wake Up Beautiful, A review

Wake Up Beautiful a sleep mask from Pacifica

I am a sucker for a good night cream and I adore sleep masks.  I love being able to apply a layer of skin care to my face at night, go to sleep and wake up feeling as though my skin was pampered while I slept. Like an invasion of magical skin care elves hit my place in the night. I also like to slather my feet with cream before bed in the hopes that my callouses will magically disappear in the night, but that is a different story.

For the past month I have been using the Pacifica Wake up Beautiful Sleep Hydration Sleepover Mask.  It was gifted to me by Pacifica, a fact I appreciate. For those who don’t know, Pacifica is both Vegan and cruelty free.  On the product page for the Sleepover Mask…

Good morning, sunshine! Supercharge your bedtime and wake up beautiful every day. Essential lipids, antioxidants and natural extracts help revive and hydrate. A no-rinse, non-greasy, non-sticky mask with aromatherapeutic benefits for relaxation.100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free, Formulated without: animal testing, animal ingredients, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, sulfates, synthetic fragrance and petroleum, Smells like geranium and rose absolute, it’s a creamy mask to help replenish and quench thirsty, stressed, or sun damaged skin.

All in all not a terribly long list of promises, which I like. I distrust when product promise the moon, unless there is a whole list of documented science behind it that they are willing to share. Although I’m betting such science would be proprietary and never shared with anyone. I am a big fan of reasonable claims.  I also appreciate the lack of petroleum and extra fragrances.  I don’t mind scent in my skin care, I just prefer it come naturally rather than have it be something that was added just to have it added. If it is in my skin care I want there to be a point to it being there.

Now even though the full size is 2 fl. Ounces or 59 ml, I received the travel size which comes in at 1 fl. Ounce or 29 ml. The full size retails for $14.99 at Target should you be interested, although I believe Pacifica is currently having a sale so their official website might give you a better deal. You can also use my code MIMSY15 if you are so inclined (I don’t get anything if you use the code, it is just a discount for you, although I think their current deal is 15% off everything on their site anyway, so either way you win. Not sure if you can add those two discounts together but it wouldn’t hurt to try.)

Free gifts on all orders over $25. Only at Pacifica Beauty!

Also as I started gathering a lot of travel sized products because I had a series of trips planned for this spring and summer, I will be working my way through a bunch of them so that I can clear out some space. For most of them, especially skin care, I would rather use them now and then repurchase when travel is back on the schedule. Plus despite their small size, travel products take up a lot of space when sitting in the drawer. At the moment though my bathroom looks as though it was attacked with a shrink ray. But I digress.

I didn’t use the mask every night.  I used it Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights for the month I used it. This wasn’t an attempt to make it last longer, I simply don’t use a night cream every night.  While I love night creams and sleep masks, I find if I use them every night, then it is just a little too much for my skin, so I go the MWF route with them unless something shakes up my routine.

Using this system, not only did the cream last a full month, but I have just enough left for one more week.  I know usually with skin care products I weigh them at the start and then at the end of the two week trial.  I didn’t weigh this one as I thought as a travel size I would use it for two weeks and then it would be done.  It surprised me and lasted longer than I expected.  As it is half the size of the full sized product I would say the full 2 ounce size would last about two and a half months (10 weeks), at least by my usage.

Needless to say, not a lot of this product is needed to cover the face and neck. Just a small pea sized amount will do. It is thick and very saturating. While the product claims to have a geranium and rose absolute scent, it is a very mild scent.  I can smell it if I put my nose up to the opening in the squeeze tube but once dispensed, the scent dissipates really quickly.  Even then the scent is just lightly floral in the tube. If you are extremely sensitive to scents it might bother you, but otherwise the scent is really not much of an issue.

not much product is needed

The cream is a plain white cream that applies easily to the skin.  If you apply it and then wait about five minutes before laying down, there isn’t a problem with the cream transferring you your pillow.  It just needs a couple of minutes to sink in.  I found my skin felt like it still had something on it, but it didn’t transfer to my pillow if I waited those five minutes. As I like to read before bed, I just applied it before I settled in with my book and I was fine. 

The sleepover mask did provide a nice hydration, and it didn’t break me out or cause clogged pores, which is always a plus in my book. I have to say where it shines the most was on the nights after I received a little too much sun that day. 

In early spring I always end up getting some form of sunburn.  Not only is my skin winter pale and susceptible to burn, but the temperatures are still cool enough that I forget the sun is still strong.  Applying the cream on those nights soothed the itchy, too much sun feeling I get from sunburn and calmed the skin.  I also didn’t peel as I usually do.  I’m guessing that is from the extra hydration added by the cream. It was only a mild burn, I wouldn’t use it on a major one, but It worked really well on too much sun skin (especially across the nose) as it claims in its product description.

100 percent vegan and cruelty free. Shop now at!

I really liked using this as a night cream/ sleep mask and I will use up the last of it this week.  I think I will also pick up another tube of this to have on hand as we move from spring and into summer.  I don’t burn a lot and I use an SPF when I am outside, but my time working in the garden is starting to increase and I will admit I have a tendency to forget my skin and stay out working in the yard until whatever task I’ve set myself is done.  Having something I can trust to give my skin a bit of a helping hand after I’ve spent too long outside is, in my opinion, a very good idea.  So two thumbs up for the Wake Up Beautiful Sleep Hydration Sleepover Mask from Pacifica and a definite placement on my to be repurchased list.

Pacifica Beauty

Dreamy Youth Day and Night Face Cream Review

Pacifica’s Dreamy Youth Day and Night Face Cream

For the past two weeks I have been using the Dreamy Youth Day & Night Face Cream from Pacifica. It was part of the package gifted to me by the company. This will not affect my review, my review will be an honest one.

As the bathroom where I get ready in the morning and prepare for sleep at night is a small one (our on-suite features only a powder room not a full bathroom)I have limited shelf space for my daily products.  I liked the idea that I could eliminate one of those products by simply having a single cream for both day and night. The fact that the product in question costs $16 and can be purchased both on-line and at Target is also a plus.

Admittedly, the available locally is less of a concern at the moment as anything I can order on-line I am to minimize my time and contact with others. Incidentally If you are looking to order from Pacifica, when I put my last order in to them, they had a relatively quick turnaround (that might be a little off at the moment) and I have a code you can use to get yourself an extra discount.  It is MIMSY15 and I don’t get any sort of compensation from that, it is just to help you guys out.

10% off sitewide at Pacifica Beauty. Valid 3/16-3/31. Shop Now!

Before we get into my thoughts, let’s look at the product.

According to the product page…

Age means nothing when your skin is healthy. Refuse to obey time with this potent formula supported by concentrated peptides, floral stem cells, antioxidants, and advanced extracts that join forces to deeply moisturize and improve skin’s youthful glow.  It is suitable for all skin types.

It’s a pretty simple claim and not too over the top. Oh, and for those unfamiliar with the company, they are 100% vegan and cruelty free.  I am always leery of creams that promise to de-age me by twenty years in a month’s time, so modest claims make me happy.  Oddly, wild claims make me suspects some sort of demonic ritual in an underground laboratory somewhere. But maybe that is just me. 

Instead of looking for demons (or maybe an alternate way of looking for demons) I looked at the ingredients list. The first ingredient is water, which as it is putting moisture back into the skin is actually a good thing.  Following it are some other pretty good ingredients.  Sunflower oil, shea nut oil, grape seed oil and aloe leaf oil are all included in their top ten ingredients.  I know the lower ingredients are also ones to watch out for but the top ten usually have the highest concentrations and therefore are the ones most necessary to pay attention to, but the top ten are really important. 

For those who don’t usually look at ingredients lists, companies are required to list the ingredients from highest to lowest concentration until they get to the one percent mark.  Once an ingredient is in the 1% concentrate or lower they can list them in any order they want.  Generally speaking after about the tenth to twelfth ingredient you start hitting that one percent mark.

Personally, I am pretty happy with seeing sunflower seed oil and grapeseed oil in the top section. My skin does really well with both of them.

As with all full sized face creams that come my way, I weighed the bottle before I started to use it and then again after two full weeks of use.  Newly arrived and unopened the starting weight was 2.75 ounces.  The package contains 1.7 ounces of product inside.  So we know the packaging itself weighs 1.05 ounces.

Incidentally, a word about the packaging.  This cream is packaged into a thin pump top tube.  I really like that the bulk of the product can be kept away from the air while it is used. I am also glad I don’t have to dip my fingers into it.

But to continue with the math, after two weeks of use I reweighed the package and found it now came in at exactly 2.5 ounces. So I know that 1.45 ounces of product still remain inside.  (Incidentally, I love when things come up in nice numbers like fives and zeros so I don’t have long decimal points to work in.  I know I have a calculator but it just looks neater to me somehow).

So in two weeks 0.25 ounces of product was used. That means the product should last another 13.6 weeks. Personally I am not surprised by the length of time as very little of the product was actually needed. One last bit of math before we continue on though.  The product costs $16 which means that  if it lasts a total of 15.6 weeks (2 week trial + 13.6 weeks), then the cost break down is about $0.95 per day to use the product. That is not a bad rate actually.

But cost isn’t everything.  I will use inexpensive products or I will splurge on the expensive ones. With most skin care I am willing to be flexible on price rather than seek the lowest cost. I’m also not a snob about it.  I will use what I feel works.

So about the cream.  It is a white cream with a lightly floral scent, gardenia or rose I believe is the basic tone but it is not strong and fades almost instantly.  I don’t think it would cause too many problems with those of you who have issues with scent as it really doesn’t linger.

When I used it, I used one pump of the cream per use.  More is not needed and in fact, more would just be a waste. In the mornings, I found one pump was a little too much product and used the excess on my neck and upper chest rather than on my face.  At night one pump was exactly enough for my face.  I think that is sort of the curse of the double use product.  One pump is perfect for use as a night cream, but a little much during the day.  For me at least.  I’m in the Normal to Combination range.  If you are on the dry side, I think you would enjoy the amount dispensed for both day and night, if you lean more towards the oily end of the spectrum then you might want to only use about half of the pump on your face and spread the rest out to the neck and chest.  Again that is the curse for going for all skin types. 

Currently the weather where I live is changing.  Each day seems to make its own decision as to what season it wants to be.  I’m pretty sure it’s actually making up some new seasons along the way. You know because the traditional four are just so passé.

CELEBRATE SPRING with Free Shipping over $40 at Pacifica Beauty. Valid 3/19-3/31 with Code GETLIT. Shop Now!

When it lingers on winter and my skin leans more towards dry, this cream really shines.  I think as the seasons turn and humidity rises as spring locks on and leads into summer, I will be less excited about using this cream during the day. For me I think this will be a routine staple of my winter skin care routine, but in the warmer months I will be using it as a night cream rather than both a day and night cream.  The good news is that given how little is actually needed of this cream, if I am only using it at night it will probably last me all the way into fall. I have to say, I am not mad about that.

For anyone following along on my weight loss journey, or who just want to remain fit when gyms are closed and your home becomes your world, I will be posting my first Home Fitness post this afternoon. I have some interesting fitness routines to try with minimal equipment needed and I will let you know how it goes so tune in for an afternoon post.  I’ll be sure to include links to the workouts so any of you working out at home as well can give them a try and see what you think.  See you then.

Pacifica Beauty