Perfume Review: Libre from Yves Saint Laurent

This sample of Libre from Yves Saint Laurent came to me in a Macy’s Beauty Box. I know that is not surprising. Macy’s always includes, one, if not two perfume samples in each month’s box. This was part of a brand take over box in which every item, including the bag was from YSL.

It was a fantastic bag. And I got to try several items I hadn’t ever heard of let alone tried out. There were several perfumes in the collection of items and the Deluxe size of the Mon Paris from YSL has become one of the perfumes I will definitely be purchasing in the full size once i have worked my way through the deluxe sample.

Libre, was only in a small sample size however it was one of the scents I was most eager to try out. I think because I have heard so much buzz about it. This seems to be the YSL fragrance everyone talks about, at least on the sites I’ve looked at. Plus the bottle looks stunning.

According to the brand…

Libre Eau de Parfum is a bold and floral women’s fragrance. A statement feminine scent for those who live by their own rules. Lavender essence from France combines with the sensuality of Moroccan orange blossom and a daring note of vanilla extract for a unique long-lasting scent.

A celebration of freedom, this daring, yet distinctly floral and feminine perfume is for those who do what they want and dare to be exactly who they are. Breaking boundaries and paving their own way, this women’s perfume is inspired by the bold and the free.

YSL on Libre Perfume

Doesn’t that description sound fabulous? It has all of the good feels, breaking boundaries, freedom, inspired by the bold. I had high hopes for this one.

Alas they were not realized. While I thought Mon Paris was going to be floral and overly sweet it ended up with more depth and complexity than anticipated. This Libre perfume promises depth and complexity, based on it’s references. What it is tends to be a mix of lavender and orange blossom. To be honest, it reminds me of the sachets my grandmother put in her underwear drawer.

It is very lavender with a hint of orange blossom. Anything else is hidden under those powerhouses of scent. It is simple, overly floral, overly sweet and when sprayed the scent profile makes me think of little old ladies. It is a scent i would not expect to find worn by someone under the age of eighty. I was not a fan.

It lacks depth and complexity and isn’t something I will ever purchase. It is also not a sample tube I will finish. I struggled to wear it for week, using less and less each day and I still have half a tube. It will be passed on. Perhaps someone else will not find the scent as old lady as I did, or perhaps they will pass it on to their granny. Regardless, Libre by YSL will not be entering my collection and I am happy to let it go.

Perfume Review: Scentered De-stress

I know, it isn’t quite a perfume, but that did seem to be the best category of product to group this under. This Scentered De-Stress Therapy balm is applied to the pulse points and worn more or less like a perfume. The scents are supposed to calm you down and help you de-stress, as the name suggests. I suppose it is a wellness or aromatherapy product more than a perfume.

This week I wore this centered balm in the same way I would wear a perfume. According to the website…

DE-STRESS our remarkably soothing blend to help you juggle more throughout your day, keeping you calm and in control. It’s your portable companion to support you through life’s everyday journey. 

Our 100% natural, essential oil based Aromatherapy Balm is mess-free and won’t leak or spill in your bag. Use DE-STRESS as part of our Wellbeing Ritual.  


The scent notes listed for this balm are Chamomile, Neroli and Mandarin. While the neroli and mandarin don’t surprise me because there is a distinct orange scent to the balm, the chamomile does. The two scents I got from this balm are orange and lavender. I rather like it actually, the herbal notes keep the orange from smelling too sweet and the orange keeps the herby bits from smelling too medicinal.

however to smell this you actually have to hold your wrist up to your nose. There is no wafting of aroma. The scent is strong when you first apply it, but almost instantly it fades away. If you hold your wrist to your nose, you can smell the balm on your skin for about an hour before it is completely faded from even your skin.

I was hoping that the scent was a bit stronger as I like the thought of a perfume (or aromatherapy oil) coming in a balm format. It is spill proof and easy to travel with or keep in the purse. But the faint level of scent and small amount of time that it lasts makes it a pretty pointless product. I can see how the scent would be soothing. I find it a nice calming blend of aromas. However getting that scent to my nose in order to perform any soothing and de-stressing action was the difficult part.

I do have a sample size of this product though so perhaps with a full sized balm more of a scent would appear. I did try to cover a wider swath of my wrist with the balm in an effort to mimic the application of a full sized version. The scent level remained the same, however the waxy residue from the balm was just more prevalent. I like the thought behind it, I like the scent and i really wanted this product to work, but quite honestly I don’t think that it is for me. I simply didn’t get enough scent from it to work any de-stressing benefits. I think it could work, I just don’t think this product is quite there yet. So for me, the Scentered De-stress Therapy Balm is a pass.

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Perfume Review: Inkling Scent’s Sultry

I remember this roll on scent, Sultry from Inkling Scents, coming in a Birchbox a while ago. I remember sniffing it, thinking it smelled nice and that I liked rollerballs and then putting it in the box of sample scents to try.

And then forgetting completely about it.

When I went into the box to choose my next scent I heard something rolling around in the bottom of the box. I was concerned that rolling could equal breakage and ended up fishing this scent out to try simply because I didn’t want it rolling around. I am actually rather glad I did. The more I used this scent, the more I started to like it. According to the Inkling Scents website…

Wearing this smooth fragrance is an exercise in seduction. The base is creamy sandalwood and white amber, the heart is lotus flower, orchid and Bulgarian rose, while the top is silky vanilla. The blend is provocative, but clean – like naked skin. This mix is deep and rich enough to leave you purring with pleasure. This is our best selling women’s scent. 60,000 bottles went out in the FabFitFun luxury box!

Inkling Scents
plastic rather than metal roller ball

The scent is a light sandalwood blended with a hint of musk and orchid. Underneath I smell a bare whiff of vanilla. To me it is the right balance of earthy and sweet. I wouldn’t say that it is sultry or seductive. Generally when I use those sorts of terms I am thinking of a perfume I would put on for date night or an evening snuggled in with my babydoll.

This, isn’t that.

It isn’t a scent designed solely for quiet times with that special someone or even night time, which is also when I think of sultry scents. This is a scent that you could easily wear any time. It is subtle enough that you could wear it in an office environment without causing your coworker in the next cubicle over to wonder what you have planned after work ends. It isn’t a travelling scent, but one that generally stays in your personal space. It also had a sort of fresh, almost green scent to it that lightens the musky notes up so that it seems appropriate for day time use.

the mini roller ball is about the size of a bullet lipstick

I did notice that the longer I wore the scent, the more the musk became prominent. hen first applied the scent did seem more orchid and vanilla based with the sandalwood and musk as base notes underpinning them.

As my body heat worked with it, the scents flipped and the orchid and vanilla became the under pinning notes lifting the sandalwood and musk into a lighter fresher space. I enjoyed both versions of the scent, actually. I don’t think it would work as well for me in the warmer months though as it seems like a scent more suitable to the fall and winter. I suspect it might feel a bit heavier once the weather warms.

It is also not a terribly long lasting scent. If applied in the morning then I was catching whiffs of scent until about two in the afternoon. Around two-ish if I pressed my nose to my wrist there was a vague hint as though I just finished using a heavily scented hand soap. Half an hour later, there was nothing. I am using the smaller roller ball for application so i don’t know if that is part of the fading process. I personally really like roller balls and I like the fact that this is easy to tuck into a purse and rea apply. The good thing about this scent is that with the roller ball and the light, easily faded scent, it is incredibly difficult to apply too much of this scent. There is no over application. So you can’t over do it. Or if you do, then you are just wasting product not causing a scent riot in the office elevator.

Personally I find this scent appealing. This is my first scent from Inkling’s scents and it does make me want to try out several more. I like what I’ve read of the company on their website and will no doubt be trying a few more of their scents in the future. As for Sultry, the roller ball I have is the mini roll on (retail $15) and it will last quite a while. I suspect that when it runs out, I will be replacing it. I’m not sure if I’d go with the full size or stick with the mini roller ball though. All I know is that I am glad to add this Sultry scent from Inkling Scents to my collection.

Perfume Review: Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

I have to admit, I was looking forward to trying out this scent. I have tried a couple of skin care items from Dior and absolutely adored them. I’ve tried out the Dior lip gloss and loved it. I also love the packaging, but the gloss I like as well. But I’ve never tried out any of the Dior perfumes.

I know there is no correlation between their other products and their perfumes, but as I loved the other products and still think of Dior mostly as a perfume company, I was very excited to try one of their perfumes out. Even though I enjoy their skincare (seriously, their Dreamskin Moisturizer was fantastic) I do think of them more as a perfume brand. And I think that is because I see a lot of Dior perfume/ cologne ads. In fact, I am fairly certain I am being stalked by the Johnny Depp Sauvage commercial.

So I spent a week trying out the Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet. And it was lucky that I chose a different perfume for New Year’s eve because skipping a day of use was the only way this sample was going to last a week. There was very little scent in side. Usually I will use one of these samples for a week and have enough scent left over for a few more days, if not a second week. Personally I like that as I use the extra scent to remind me of why I like the scent when i decide it is time to add a full sized bottle to my collection.

at the end of the week, there was nothing but fumes left in this spray bottle. But truthfully, I’m okay with that. It won’t be a scent I pick up for my collection. But we’ll get to that in a moment. First, lets look at the description. According to Dior…

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is a fresh and sparkling eau de toilette fashioned like a dress embroidered with flowers.

The olfactory bouquet of this fragrance pays homage to Christian Dior’s legendary love of flowers. At the heart of Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet lies the tenderness of a Peony and Damascus Rose accord honed by a radiant Calabrian Bergamot. The poetic trail of this eau de toilette is adorned with a lacework of White Musks.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet leaves behind its springtime floral signature, the olfactory incarnation of a playful and charming Miss Dior.


I have to say, the description does not lie. This scent definitely leaves behind a floral signature. It is the sort of perfume that you could never wear when committing a crime. The detective would come into the room sniff the air and instantly proclaimed “The murderer is the one wearing Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet!” This is a scent that lingers in the room long after you have gone.

It isn’t a scent that travels ahead of you, though. It won’t announce your arrival. I found this an interesting feature. Usually a scent this big and bold tends to fill the air around you. Let’s people smell you coming from around the corner. This one didn’t travel. It just sort of bonded with the are in the places where you had been.

It was like a scent ghost.

Impressions of perfumes past.

The scent of this perfume is full on peony mixed with rose. There is nothing tender or delicate about it. It is when florals attack. If it does have bergamot in it, I couldn’t smell it. If there were white musks in the mix, I couldn’t tell. It was rose and peony combined. It is overly sweet and floral with nothing to ground or tame it. oddly enough, despite its tendency to linger like a ghost, since rose and peony are used in so many perfumes it makes this scent rather forgettable.

It may stick around long after the wearer is gone, but the perfume itself isn’t one I’ll remember. It is not unique and unbalanced enough to not really be very pleasant. It isn’t unpleasant either. It is just sweet, floral and forgettable. I for one will not be adding it to my collection and I am rather glad the sample is now empty. With Dior, I might just stick to their skincare and their lip gloss. Maybe I’ll have better luck with another Dior perfume, but Blooming Bouquet was certainly not for me.

Perfume Review: Perfect by Marc Jacobs

It is time once again for the weekly perfume review. I have a stockpile of samples that I am trying to get through. Which is also an actual pleasure for me to go through rather than a chore. I love perfumes. I know some people focus on finding one and establishing a signature scent for themselves. I actually know a lot of people like that. I have friends and family that the scent of a perfume always calls to mind.

I think that is great.

It just isn’t me.

I like to have a library of scents. That way I can choose the option that suits the day, the event, the time of year or my mood rather than just choosing one scent and sticking with it. It is one of the reasons I adore subscriptions like Scent Box, because you get a month’s supply of a scent and you can try it out for a long time before committing to an entire bottle. At the moment my Scent box subscription is paused because I am working my way through a box of samples.

I’ve amassed quite a collection actually. My plan at the moment is to spend a week with each of the samples and decide which ones I want to see more of. Then find them on Scent box when I unpause my membership, try the ones I liked for a full month and then decide if I want to add them to my permanent scent library by purchasing a bottle.

I know, it sounds like a lot, but I’ve noticed that there are some scents I like in the short term, but can not take for the long haul. And I am trying not to purchase products I won’t use. So I use this system. It works for me actually.

Today’s sample is Perfect By Marc Jacobs. According to the official site…

The playful and bright fragrance, PERFECT MARC JACOBS Eau de Parfum for her is a comforting floral scent celebrating self-love and being #PerfectAsIAm. The Perfect Marc Jacobs bottle is a fun mix of elegance and modernity. The weighted glass base is inspired by the grace and style of a classic perfume. At the top, the cap is crowned with an eclectic and multicolored collection of mis-matched charms. Each charm was selected by Marc himself, and injects a touch of his style into the design.

Since they talk about the bottle, I’ll comment on it. I really like the weighted glass look of the bottle. I know that the charms are meant to be playful and I’m sure they are nice in person, but in the image on screen I think they come off looking a little on the cheap side. Which is strange because I usually adore Marc Jacobs Perfume Bottles.

But packaging isn’t everything.

From the charms I would expect the scent of banana to be in the perfume as it is front and center on the bottle. While I would describe the perfume as sweet and fruity, banana isn’t the fruit. I would say it is more in the peach family. It is however a sweet peach that has spent a lot of time in the floral department. The first spray is sweet and fruity. Then as the scent settles down, the fruitiness fades to sweet floral. There is some sort of back note to it that I can’t quite identify. It adds a touch of elegance to the scent keeping it from being a little girl scent. It is definitely an adult perfume.

Whatever that mystery ingredient is, there isn’t enough of it to ground and balance it for me. For me this scent is a bit too strong to wear. However this is the sort of scent that I would spray on the paper I use to line the bottom of the drawer holding my undergarments. I know that sounds a little strange but it a scent I like at one step removed more than I like directly. In addition my drawers are cedar lined and when the scent is applied to the paper and laid against the cedar, the cedar sort of gives it the grounding note that I think this scent is missing on it’s own.

It is a nice scent, but for me it is too sweet and a little unbalanced. While I will use the remaining sample on the drawer liners, I won’t be picking up a bottle for my collection. Perfect just isn’t for me.

Perfume Review: Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

In November Macy’s Beauty Box had a brand take over box. The brand that took over was Yves Saint Laurant. It was a very exciting bag and one of the items that came inside the bag was a deluxe sample of Mon Paris Parfum.

The box is a classy looking satiny pink with black and gold details that I think looks stunning. I love the combo personally. It is actually one of the only ways I like pink honestly, muted and with black and gold. I know it is a very Parisian color scheme but it is a classic for a reason, at least with me.

The bottle too is a simple squared off design that even in the sample size looks nice. The sample size mirrors the design of the larger bottle, which I think just looks elegantly stunning. Admittedly I have a weakness for cut glass. I do like that the sample size is also in a glass bottle and not plastic. The full sized bottle, if you purchase it from the YSL Site is $128 and engrave- able.

How stunning a gift would that be?

But of course as lovely as the bottle is, it is what is inside that counts. The description on the website is very simple as far as perfumes go.

A floral fragrance with red berries, Datura flower and white musk.

Honestly, it may be one of the shortest and to the point perfume descriptions I have seen in a really long time. And it is quite accurate. The Datura flower gives it a lovely floral aroma. The red berries are slightly sweet notes that have a lightly fruity element, but also add a slight tartness to the mix and the white musk helps ground the combination slightly so that even though the notes are floral and fruity it has a deeper back note to it.

Normally I tend to lean more towards the spicier perfumes as many of the florals are too sweet for me to take long term but I have to say I really like this one. It is well balanced and lighter than many of my other scents. I think it could be worn in the day time as well as the evening and it is more of a personal scent.

One interesting thing that may be a difference from the deluxe sample which I have and the full sized one, that I most certainly now have on my wish list is that the dispensing is different. The full sized bottle has a spray and the sample does not. To apply it I put my finger over the open top tilted it to get it on my finger and then touched my finger to my wrist. Because of this application, I very much controlled the amount of scent. I think that with a spray, more will come out and that the scent will be a little more potent for the first hour of wear. I did notice that even with the more controlled application, the scent came on strong and then faded back. Once it faded back it stayed at more or less the same scent level all day. The level is perfect for personal use. When wearing it, you can smell it but it doesn’t travel too far. Generally someone has to be within a foot or two of you to smell the perfume. It isn’t a scent that will proceed you down the hallway. With the spray of the full size you may want to give it a little longer to settle down. That would be the main difference that I see between this sample and the full sized version. For me, this is a scent that I am more than willing to add to my personal collection in any size.

While this is the Mon Paris Eau de Parfum, there are other scents in the Mon Paris line (Mon Paris Couture and Mon Paris Intensement) I believe Couture leans more towards the citrus notes while the Intensement is more floral in nature. I’m not sure I would like the more floral version as this is kind of my right level of floral, but I think I would like to try a sample of the Couture. But that will have to wait for another day. For the moment I am quite happy with my Mon Paris eau du Parfum and have already added it to my wish list.

Perfume Review Riddle Roll On Oil

Recently (November) I received this roll on perfume oil in a Boxy Charm Premium. At first I was taken aback as the size didn’t seem full size, but apparently it is. And this past week I have been wearing it. I really like roller ball applications for perfume. In fact I really want to get an empty and reusable roller ball applicator for several of my regular perfumes. I actually prefer it to a spray. I like the control of product that a roller ball gives you and I always feel like I am wasting less product as it goes directly onto the skin instead of through the air.

And despite the surprise when this first arrived, I find the size is a decent one as far as use goes. The size fits in the hand well. Getting the roller ball started was interesting. It took a few swipes before any product came out and then far too much product came out. So i had to wash it off and try again. That was however a first use error that I should have honestly been expecting. When getting this roller ball started I recommend laying a piece of paper flat on the table and rolling the ball over it until product starts coming out instead of starting it on your wrist. It is an oil so once the paper looks a little greasy (and smells like scent) then you know it is coming out and can dispose of the paper and apply it to the wrist.

This is the Original scent of Riddle Roll On Fragrance Oil and according to the Riddle site…

This fragrance oil smells clean and subtle made with simple ingredients of Amber and Musk. This oil naturally creates a signature scent that is unique to you. Our Original scent is excellent for people who don’t generally like fragrance or suffer from fragrance-related headaches. Rest assured when you roll on your Original fragrance that it is EU Certified, Hypoallergenic, Non-toxic, Vegan, and Cruelty-free. You’re going to love your new signature scent.

Now personally I like fragrance and my scent related headaches generally are caused by either too much patchouli or overdoing it on the bergamot. Those are the two scents that get me.

I will agree that is is quite musky. when I first put it on it is a bit much for me. After about an hour of wear, I like it much better. i don’t know it it is because the scent is mixing with my body chemistry as the description claims or if it is just the inital musky blast fading. However once it settles down it is nice. It is an oil and I generally find that oil based scents tend to last longer on the skin (without causing any drying effects on the skin) but tend not to last too long in the bottle. which I suppose is another reason for the smaller bottle.

It makes sense when you think about it. I had no issue with the scent lasting all day. I find though that it is very easy to go too heavy on the scent. Once you get that roller ball going it is simple to keep rolling. Resist the urge and go for one swipe on a wrist then press your wrists together. That is all you need for all day scent.

in general I like this, however looking at the sight I think there are other scents that they make that I would like more. I like a little citrus in my scents and Poppy looked quite appealing. Admittedly so did Sphinx when I looked over the description. I knew nothing of this company before the scent came in a subscription box. For me I think that this scent encourages me to try some of the other scents that the company, Riddle, produces rather than encouraging me to repurchase this one. While it is nice, I think this will last me quote a while. Having tried it, I will wear it and am certainly thinking about trying additional scents from the brand. So in that case it is a definite win for me. The Riddle website will be book marked and soon I will return to try out more scents.

Perfume Review: Paper by Commodity

I know, some of you are looking at the name of the perfume and thinking, that seems like an odd name for a perfume. I agree, I thought so myself when this scent arrived in a subscription box. Yet Paper it is.

It is a name that is consistent with the brand. When going on Commodity Fragrances’ Website I found other similarly named scents. Gold, Velvet, Book, Milk and Moss were all listed as fragrance names. While interesting, I also found that all of their scents were listed as personal, expressive or bold. And that each scent had a personal, expressive and bold bottle. (there is one scent listed as Paper – expressive and one that is listed as Paper – personal, and the same holds true for all of their scents).

As these were not terms I came across before I looked into what they meant. According to the site, Expressive is…

The Expressive collection is considered by many to be the perfect balance of longevity and projection. These fragrances will make a statement without overpowering any space – to be noticed by you and the many around you.

While personal is…

The Personal Collection is for those who prefer a subtle, intimate fragrance – to be noticed only by you and the few you allow close. Soft, ethereal and luxurious, these molecular compositions have a trace of their ‘Expressive’ counterpart and embody the concept of less is more.

And bold is…

There is no modesty when it comes to the Bold collection. Infused with exotic notes, these are amplified renditions of their ‘Expressive’ counterpart. Designed for those intent on making their presence known, they are for you and everyone else.

According to the rest of the information on the page the three categories are the company’s way of cutting through the traditional distinctions (eau de toilette verses parfum, etc) to something simple that states how many people your scent telegraphs to. It is a nice and simple explanation and an easy to understand system.

The Paper scent that I received is listed as personal. So in theory it should only be noticeable to me and those who I allow into my personal space. The scent descriptor for paper is…

Inspired by the cult-favorite Paper, this woody Iso E Super blend combines with touches of sweet Amber for a scent that comes alive on skin. The molecular wood transcends skin with a lightweight and effortless glow.

We began with Paper Expressive: a sheer and crisp woody blend of Sandalwood and Iso E Super. 

We then made this crisp composition sweeter and softer with a molecular Amber opening for a Personal rendition. 

We also made an earthy, Bold rendition where Vetiver and wet woods cling to the skin.

Commodity Fragrances

For those or you wondering what Iso E Super is, it is described as – dry, woody and cedarlike, with aspects of ambergris, vetiver and patchouli.

It is a strange description. Usually perfume descriptions sound like they are selling you a fantasy. whether it is a romantic fantasy, an exotic vacation to a world that doesn’t exist or a more exciting you, it is still a vision of a fantasy. This seems more workman like in it’s description, which might be because of the brand’s commodity ethos. It is enlightening, but I feel there is something missing. Still it is more about the scent than the descriptors.

So how did this perform?

well first off, the term personal is a bit of a misnomer when it comes to this scent. One spritz and for the next two hours the scent announces your arrival a few steps before you enter the room. After a few hours it does fade back, but in those first two hours it is a bold and assertive scent.

And to be honest, it is not my favorite scent. It took me a while to work out what I was smelling but it basically boils down to smelling like an acidic version of patchouli. There are other more subtle back notes, but they can’t really work their way past that top note to make much of a difference.

I love the thought behind the scent. I love the sleek design of the bottles and in a way, I like the straightforward names. I just didn’t like the scent. If you are a fan of patchouli infused scents, then you may have better luck with this, but for me it simply did not work. Even if you di like the scent though, I would caution you about relying too heavily on the scent space degerminator. While this scent did eventually fade back into something that was more personal in scent space domination, it took a while for it to fade back to that scent. Once it did, it stayed in the personal space for the rest of the day. But it takes a while to fade back. If you are looking to wear a personal scent, apply this one early and give yourself plenty of time before mingling.

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Gifts for Perfume Lovers

As the holiday’s approach gift giving starts to rise in a lot of minds. I don’t know about you, but I start thinking of my friends and family in categories. I tend to put headings on paper like Skincare, Sports and Cheese on pages and then put names under them so that can begin to group gifts. It isn’t a great way to think of people generally, but it makes shopping easier. The category of Perfume is always a tricky one. I actually have several family members who fall into that category.

I actually fall into that category. I love perfumes.

The issue is that all of us like different scent profiles. Something I like, may or may not be liked by the others on my list, so I have a few possibilities for scent based gifts, that will prove less problematic if you have scent loving people on your holiday lists.

  • Discovery Sets

Discovery sets are a great way to learn about any perfume brand The sets provide you with a range of products from the bran in a low cost way so that you can actually try them out and see which one(s) are worth a full sized purchase. It also allows you to experiment with a brand you may not be all that familiar with. When gift giving it is a great way to give someone a range of scents without committing to one on their behalf. Since scent is such a personal thing, it gives them the options to choose the best one for themselves. And most discovery sets seem to come with a code that lets you put the cost of the perfume discovery set towards a full sized purchase, which is a little something extra. There are two Discovery Kits that I tried this year and would highly reccomend.

The first is from Kierin NYC. This discovery set costs $20 and you get a $20 code towards the purchase of a full sized purchase. With the Discovery Kit you get Four rather large samples and a 1ml travel sized bottle of their newest scent. I absolutely adored this kit when I tried it. A couple of the scents I could see more for others than myself, but I ended up purchasing the 10 am Flirt as a scent for my personal collection. Interestingly enough when I first read the descriptions I thought it would be a different scent i gravitated towards, but this is the one that ended up hooking me. And as an added bonus, not that fabulous scent isn’t enough, the bottles that their full sized perfumes come in are all made from recycled glass. So it is just a little extra benefit in an already great product.

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The second discovery set I enjoyed this year was the Zents Samples Collection. This costs $22 and again comes with a discount code for a full sized purchase. It contains ten sample scents from their collection. I still haven’t made up my mind as to which one I want to purchase full sized, because there are just several that I really enjoyed. I’m having to narrow it down. Which the Zents products, these are Eau de Toilettes rather than perfumes. This makes them lighter in scent and the Zents scents tend to be ones that cling close to the skin to create a personal scent space rather than projecting out into the word around them. The scents tend to be more delicate in aroma. They are also designed to be layered together so if one of the samples is a little too sweet, you can add a bit from one that might be a little too heavy with spice you create your own blend. It is a really fun way to play around with scent. In addition. the scents in their Eau de Toilette collection are also featured in their bath and body products. There is some variation between products, but it is still the same basic profile. If you find a scent you enjoy, you can get it in a bath truffle, hand cream, soap and possibly even shampoo. Plus it is just fun to play around with.

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  • Perfume Subscriptions

There are a lot of perfume subscriptions out there. In general these feature a container of approximately 0.27 oz of product sent to you each month. The prices generally range from $10-$15 depending on the service. Some will send a one time refillable travel case others will send you a travel case each month. I’ve tried several of these services and my favorite one has to be Scent Box. It has a slightly lower cost than many of the others (by only a dollar or two), but it has a really wide selection. In addition each month comes with a case for the tube of perfume. I personally like this as even though the amount of perfume scent is supposed to be enough for a month, I sometimes have perfume left over tat the end of the month because I might be trying out another sample for a few days or skip a day or two wearing the scent. I find if I take the glass tube out of the case, It ends up rolling around in a drawer and getting lost. The cases I keep with my perfumes and reach for them more often. In addition Scent box gives you a monthly credit towards a purchase. Each month you get a subscription from the, they will give you a small credit (Scentbucks). You can put this towards the purchase of a full sized perfume, an extra sample size or something else from their website (candles, body products). It is an extra nice perk.

I have to admit one of my absolutely favorite reasons for recommending this subscription is the ease of exchange. I am a sucker for a good perfume description. But sometimes the scent that arrives, is not what I expected. If you get a scent you absolutely can’t stand you can send it back and they will send you a different one from your list of selections. They send you a return label and as long as you send it back within a certain time frame and with the majority of the product still inside, they will take it back no questions asked and simply send out a new scent. I find this gives me extra comfort in trying new scents that I may be on the fence about or to go for ones that might be just out of my comfort level.

Right now Scent Box has a discount on their gift subscriptions. A 3 month Gift is $35 (regular $44.95), a six month gift is $66.15 (regular $84.95) and a twelve month subscription is $124.55 (regular $159.95). There is also a discount on a regular subscription of you are purchasing it for yourself or someone in your household. They have two categories the Standard $14.95 per month and the Premium $19,95 per month. There are more items available in the premium category, but I have never had an issue with the standard selection. Right now you can get your first month of this subscription for 40% off.

Which is a good way to try it if you are looking for a little holiday treat for yourself. While they do have a scent of the month that they recommend to you each month, you can choose your own selections from their list of perfumes and build your own line up so that you can choose exactly what you are getting. I find this to be a fantastic way to try new scents, or to let someone you love who enjoys perfumes to try a wider array.

  • And finally…

My final suggestion for those looking for gifts for scent loving friends and family is alas, only for those of you reading in the UK.I mention this because I know some of you are in the UK and shopping for the holidays and it might be a benefit. I checked with them (repeatedly actually) but they can’t ship internationally and at the moment don’t have any plans to look into doing so.

I know so sad, but for those of us not living in the UK, the blog and information on the site is well worth bookmarking for reading up on scent related issues, even if all we can do is drool over the boxes and kits we can’t order. Who are these taunting devils? It is the Perfume Society.

They not only have established collections such as the Molton Brown Scent Collection (one I am looking at ordering for myself from the Molton Brown Site in the near future) but they put together discovery boxes. These are like any other subscription boxes, except that they contain a multitude of perfume samples. The Time To Shine Discovery Box (which I believe is their newest) is $30 or $26 for members. It looks as though it contains 12 scent products some deluxe sample sizes and one of which looks like a hand cream. I actually purchased this as a gift for a cousin of mine who does live in the UK.

They didn’t have any problems with me buying it as long as it was shipping to a UK address. It was more expensive as I was paying in US currency and the price listed is in pounds (I just couldn’t find the key to type the pounds sign). As it is a gift (and in a different country) I clearly didn’t open it, but I know she’s gotten things from them before and loved them. Personally I have been following their blogs for quite a while and love the information presented. Often I can find the items they mention elsewhere but it is often where I hear about new perfume releases and other interesting tidbits. so even if you can’t order, it is a great site to check out.

I hope that for those of you looking for potential gifts for scent loving compatriots, this helps you out in your quest for the perfect gift. happy shopping.

Perfume Review: Versace Dylan Turquoise

This past week I reached into my box of perfume samples and came out with Versace Dylan Turquoise. I’ll admit, I was a little nervous about giving this one a week’s worth of wear. I have a history of falling in love with the Versace bottles and then being disappointed when I don’t care for the perfumes.

And I have to say, the bottle on this one is really beautiful. There is just something in that blue and gold combo that I really like. In addition, I find the shape of the bottle really pleasing as well. Oddly this made me more nervous about trying the perfume as I have found the more I like the bottle, the deeper the disappointment. Because let’s face it, if I don;t like the perfume, I am not buying the bottle.

But it was the perfume sample I chose so I took the cellophane wrapper off of the sample, slipped the little tube from the paper holder and started spritzing on the wrist.

I actually found this perfume very interesting. Not wanting to be influenced by the details before I have a few days with the scent I set the card to the side and refused to look at the website. I find it very easy to fall in love with the thought of a perfume.

So flying blind I spritzed and sniffed. My first thought was wow that is a powerful scent. And it is. This is not a perfume to wear in an office environment. You will get noticed in an elevator. The scent isn’t the sort that sticks to your skin like a personal note to yourself. This is a friendly scent that wafts out to visit the neighbors. It isn’t an overbearing scent, but it is noticeable. That is always something I watch out for in a work environment. This is a non-work sort of scent.

I had a hard time placing it as either a day or night scent. I think it would actually work for either. It is not an overly sensual scent. It doesn’t conjure visions of intimacies, it is a rather fun scent though. Which also makes me steer away from office wear.

The thing I noticed most about this scent was that it changed as I wore it. When I sprayed it on, the first twenty minutes or so I thought, Oh nice, fresh and fruity. Is that orange I smell, maybe with a hint of lemon?

But as I wore it, the scent seemed to get slightly muskier. As though cedar or sandalwood were mixed in and sort of pushing the oranges and lemons to the side. At first I thought it was just me. But after a few days I noticed that the change was consistent. Fruity first, musky later.

Neither is a bad scent, in fact i enjoyed them both, I just found it odd. So I went to the website in search of more information.

Sensual, young and fresh, the new Dylan Turquoise fragrance balances the effervescent exuberance of zesty mandarin and primofiore lemon with hints of wood and musk. The vibrant notes are complemented with fruity accents of blackcurrant and guava, as well as jasmine and freesia floral tones. A twist on brand heritage,, the elegant bottle has curved lines reminiscent of a Greek amphora, refreshed in a crystalline turquoise tone.

Versace Website

I’ll admit, I got no floral notes. The scent for me was fruity at the start and slightly musky at the end. There was a hint of the fruit mixed in with the musk at the end of the day. But I really didn’t get florals. I think what is interesting is that the scent seems to mature over the course of the day. In the morning I felt it was an almost too young scent, like a little girl’s perfume. Then the fruit settled down and it felt like I was moving into high school. By lunch time the scent was all grown up. Not old, but just more adult. It also was wafting around less. It was still noticible to those around me that I was wearing perfume, but I no longer felt like i was moving in a cloud of scent.

It is, in my opinion, still too strong for an office environment, but when applied in the morning, by the time the afternoon rolled around I liked it more and felt less overpowered by the scent. I felt more like I was wearing it rather than it wearing me.

Over all I found this scent a very intriguing one. I’m not certain I could wear it on a daily basis, but I really like the thought of wearing it on occasion. There is still a little bit of perfume left in the spray bottle. I may set it to the side and then come back to it in a few months to see how I feel then. Right now i have to say I am on the fence. I like the scent and know I would wear it occasionally. I also know that I wouldn’t wear it regularly. The trick is to figure out if I would wear it enough to pick up a bottle. For me there is the possibility of seeking out a travel sized bottle rather than a full sized on, if that is available. I think that given the amount I would probably use it, that might be the best option. I just have to resist the delightful looking bottle.