Skincare Tools: Silicone Exfoliating Pad

I’ll be honest, when this came in one of my subscription boxes, I thought, I’ll never use that.  I have seen these small silicone exfoliating pads around for years, but never actually picked one up.   I know that sounds strange considering how much I enjoy a good exfoliation.

It just seemed like something I would never use. An extra tool to clutter up my small bathroom sink area.

But I decided since it was here, I might as well give it a try.

This particular Silicone Exfoliating pad comes from the Vintage Company.  It is soft pink silicone and has a suction cup on the back so that you can attach it to a tile or the mirror or what not in your bathroom/ shower and not lose it. It is also the perfect handle by which to hold it. It slides easily between two fingers and is quite maneuverable around the face.

The suction cup is quite handy actually and not only keeps it in reach but helps it to dry out quickly without liquid hiding in the depths of the silicone bristles.

The bristles are soft and the exfoliation is very light.  I have to say I was quite impressed with the way this pad worked.  I use it with my normal cleanser.  I tried the recommended way of use first.  The card included with the tool says to wet the pad and put a little product on the pad.  Then gently cleanse in a circular motion.  This worked well but, I’ll be honest, I much preferred to put the cleanser on my face as normal and then use the tool in circular motions before rinsing off.  I found that if I applied the product to the pad and then to the face it sometimes would be too w and drip off and I’d lose some of my cleanser.  So I found it easier just to put the cleanser on my face before reaching for the tool.

It is a very light exfoliation which at this time I really appreciate.  I really didn’t want anything harsh and this worked well.  I have been using chemical exfoliates but there is a part of me that always likes a good physical exfoliation. This came me the feeling of a physical exfoliation (because it was physical) but it wasn’t harsh and I never had any sort of damage.  I found this especially useful when I use it post clearing mask. 

One of my favorite clearing masks is the Herbal Dynamics Beauty Chamomile and Cacao Clay Clearing mask (and not just because it smells of cocoa).  This mask tends to draw out all of the buried clogged pores and essentially help everything work to the surface.  When I used the mask and then later used this exfoliating tool with my cleanser I found that it had just enough exfoliation to help but not enough to cause damage. 

I was skeptical when it first arrived thinking it was a tool I would never use.  It has now become part of my daily routine. It is a simple and cost effective skincare tool that really is nice to have around.


Ah…now that is a refreshing mask

There is no way not to look just a little bit crazy where wearing a face mask. I’ve accepted this. At least this Purlisse Match Green Tea and Lemon Detoxifying Charcoal Mask doesn’t make me look like I am ineptly attempting bank robbery. It is more of the pie in the face version.

I am quite surprised by the whipped cream look to the mask. With the word Charcoal in the title I thought for certain it would be black. Clearly I was mistaken.

This Purlisse Mask came in a subscription box this month (Birchbox I believe) and after applying one layer I can tell there is enough product left in the tube for two more applications. According to the Purlisse website this $35 mask will…

Detoxify, brighten, and clarify all in one step!


I know, a one sentence description. Technically I don’t think that’s even a full sentence. It is however short, sweet and to the point. And to be honest, Today I don’t feel like long drawn out descriptions. This week started off slow and steady and then got very stressful. To be honest, I was okay with what the oral surgeon had planned, but then they gave me three pages of worst case scenarios to read through. I know legally they have to cover themselves and I know I need to know what is going down before they start, but those were a dramatic and traumatic three pages. It is a back tooth so you can’t see it actually, it just affects me eating.

But it caused stress and as I will not be unwinding with a happy hour tonight as food is problematic and I really don’t think alcohol is a good idea, I made my friday masking time a little longer than usual.

I applied the mask using the masking brush. Mine is from Cosmedics and I do like the rounded edges, but really any silicone brush will work. Using the brush lets me use a little less product as I don’t have bunches stuck to my fingers that I have to wash off. So it lets me get the most out of this small tube.

As I mentioned before, I was not expecting the mask to be white because of the charcoal in the name. However it was. The mask has the consistency of a thick cream and a slight grittiness. I’m guessing those are the charcoal bits. They are very fine grained and when you rub a little bit of the mask between your fingers it feels like there might be a slight exfoliation going on but mostly it feels kind of like a sticky primer. It has that same, slight tacky feel to it.

The scent however is lovely. If you have ever had a bottle of the Lipton Iced tea green tea with lemon then you know what this smells like. This smells exactly the same. Which really shouldn’t come as a surprise as it is a Matcha Green Tea + Lemon face mask. I think I just expected it to smell more like skincare. The scent is very refreshing and the mask applied well.

Once the mask was on, I lit my candle (loving the La Playa Salted Blue Agave by the way – the fresh scent complemented the mask well) and lay back on the bed. Because I wanted something without words to I could just float away, I went with Vivaldi since it is light and frothy and seemed to suit both the mask and the candle.

When my fifteen minutes were over, I regretfully put the music aside and blew out the candle. The mask, while stiffer than when first applied, did not dry down hard and stiff like a clay mask. It stayed supple enough to allow facial movements. As I sometimes like to wear masks while working at my desk, I like to identify what masks I can wear at my desk and still, if necessary answer the phone, even if it is using the speaker function.

Instead of going to the small powder room I use for my skincare needs, I went to the full bathroom and went ahead and took a shower to wash off the mask, and wash my hair (still using the Zents Mandarin Shampoo and Water Conditioner – super fabulous and they continued the fresh theme. Even though I normally go with a hair mask on Saturdays, i decided today was the day i was going to need a little extra destressing time, so I used My ESPA Pink Hair and scalp Mud. It is the one that needs to sit in the hair for about 25 minutes.

I applied the mask,. cleaned out the shower/tub, ran a hot bath and dropped one of the Zents Mandarin Bath Truffles into the water. In addition to smelling absolutely yummy, they have both shea butter and epsom salts in them. My muscles were relaxed and my skin was softened.

More importantly, tension drained.

I did forget my I pod so there was no music, but I did spend quite a lot of soaking time contemplating one of those in shower speakers. I’m thinking that might be an upcoming purchase. We haven’t gotten around to upgrading the bathrooms yet so I am still kicking around ideas as to what i want to do when we do move into fixing up the bathrooms.

Regardless of future improvements, the face mask, hair mask and bath soak did wonders. (I washed out the hair mask at the appropriate time). It was a little longer than I usually take on a Friday. Usually I just have the fifteen minute masking time along with clean up and application time added in. Today I took a little over an hour as a relaxation time and I have to say I do feel much better because of it. It wasn’t over the top extravagant. i used items that I already had in the house, but just taking that little extra time to completely unwind did me a world of good.

I feel better both body and soul and I am confident that my afternoon will be much more productive because of it.

As for the mask, I really liked this Purlisse Match Green Tea and Lemon Detoxifying Charcoal mask. My face feels soft and clean and I am looking forward to using this mask again. It’s light fresh scent makes it a mask I will reach for more in the summer time months, but I think that there will definately be a full sized purchase in my near future.

But for now, it is back to work.

Today there will be no Happy Hour post because quite frankly my treat is going to be a bowl of the Honey Vanilla Greek Yogurt from Greek Gods paired with plain bubble water via my soda stream. This will be paired with a couple of Ibuprofen. But oh that happy hour once this dental business is settled will be fantastic. For now though, it is back to work for me so i can slide into the weekend without leaving a load of paperwork behind. I hope the rest of your Friday is productive and that you have a wonderful weekend.

Summer 2021 728x90

The Skincare Line up: June 18th, 2021

And so another Friday rolls around.  Skin care has been tried, it has been used and I am ready to talk about it.  There weren’t a lot of changes this week, but there were a few. So let’s take a look and see what happened.

The Daytime Line up

Daytime Skin Care

Deodorant: Native Powder and Cotton Deodorant

Cleanser: Korres Foaming Cream Cleanser Pre + Probiotics Greek Yoghurt

Toning Essence: Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence from Missha (product gifted by brand)

  • Currently on sale for 50% off ($27.50 instead of $55)

Serum: Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate

Eye Cream: Elemis Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask

Moisturizer: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Oil Control Moisturizer

Eye Serum: Dior Capture Totale Super Potent Eye Serum (product gifted by Influenster)

Sunscreen: Volition Prismatic Luminizing Shield in SPF 50

Okay lets go down the list.  At the moment the Native Deodorant is still working, but I will be picking up an antiperspirant for days where wet circles under the arms are a no go. Otherwise it is a really good product. The summer time is just extra sweat inducing.

This week I rotated in the Korres Foaming Cream Cleanser.  I’ll be honest, the reason I put off using this is because I have the face mask from the same Greek Yoghurt line and I suspected it would smell the same and because of the dairy scent, my face wouldn’t feel clean.  The cleanser however has a nice fresh clean scent to it. It is not as yoghurty as the face mask. It goes on to a damp face like a cream and then you add a little more water and it foams as you massage it into your skin.  The cleanser rinses off cleanly with no residue left behind whatsoever and my skin felt clean and fabulous.  I was very impressed with it’s first week of use and look forward to giving it the full test run to see how it performs for a month or even the length of the product as I suspect the tube will last longer than a month.

This week I was also really happy to have the Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment essence in my line up as well.  While I have been adjusting my walk times to account for the sun and increased heat and I have been wearing sunscreen, there was a lot of sun this week.  I also had some time spent in the garden which added to it.  This essence felt fantastic on the skin after too much time in the sun.  I have noticed that if I use it in the morning, I tend to use one or two drops and it absorbs in completely with no issue allowing me to move on with the rest of my skin care.  At night however, if I have spent too much time in the sun.  I soak one of my reusable cotton rounds with the essence and apply a thicker layer to the skin.  Then I let it sit for about ten minutes before returning to the bathroom and the rest of my nightly skin care. This extra product and extra time really helps soothe the skin. And I’ll be honest, I don’t mind stretching out my nightly skincare for a bit of personal pampering.

This week has also made me realize that I need to pick up a gardening hat. If anyone has any suggestions send them my way as I will begin the gardening hat quest this weekend.

But back to skin care.  You may notice that my Peach and Lily Glass Serum was swapped out this week.  It will be returning soon.  I received this Lancome serum sample in my Macy’s beauty box and the stopper was a little damaged.  I think the seal is still okay, but it looked like something I shouldn’t leave sitting for long so I decided to roll it into the line up just to use it.  I’ve been using it for almost a week and still have about three or four days’ worth of serum left.  I had high hopes for this as I really enjoyed the eye cream from the same line and this serum has been raved about by those reviewing it.  

To be honest, I wasn’t blown away.  It is a good serum.  There is no doubt about that, but from the reviews I expected fabulous.  It isn’t.  It’s good, but not fabulous.  At least for me. While I will more than likely pick up the eye cream from this Lancome Line, I think that when this serum is finished, I will bid it a fond farewell, but it will not make the list of items to purchase in a full size.

And so now we look to the night.

The Nighttime line up

Nighttime Skin Care

Makeup Remover: Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

Cleanser: Korres Foaming Cream Cleanser Pre + Probiotics Greek Yoghurt

Toner: Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence from Missha (Gifted by brand)

Serum: Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate

Eye Cream: Elemis Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask

Moisturizer: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Oil Control Moisturizer

Eye Serum: Dior Capture Totale Super Potent Eye Serum (gifted by Influenster)

Neck serum: Dermelect Self Esteem Beauty Sleep Serum

Lips: Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask (in Maple), no lip scrub

.Night Mask: Bloom Effects Royal Tulip Nectar Night Mask

This week everything has been chugging along with the night time.  All of the changes to the line up were also changes made during the day time line up so there is little to add for most.  The Time Revolution is going to be a summer time favorite.  After too much sun it is just really soothing on the skin as well as performing like an essence is supposed to and opening the skin up for additional skincare.

The Bloomeffects I used only twice this week.  I had some blemish eruptions on my chin from stress, so I took care of them with some Peace Out Acne Dots and then just went with my current moisturizer.  Twice a week added the extra moisture I needed and my skin cleared up. I am very impressed with the First Aid Beauty Oil Control Moisturizer.  I tend to be hit or miss with First Aid Beauty but this was a clear hit.  It provides the moisture my skin needs without feeling heavy or greasy.  This is definitely one of the products I need to mark down to remember and reorder for summertime wear.

I don’t know if the photos show it or not, but my Dermelect bottle is empty.  The Self Esteem serum is no more.  I will continue to put serums and creams on my neck and chest, but I really liked having the Dermelect handy.  Not only did it work well, but its presence reminded me that I needed to take my skin care down my neck.  Seeing that red bottle was a really good visual cue not to miss that skin.  Admittedly it was also a good product that I really enjoyed using.  While it will be reordered at some point, right now I have a lot of new skin care to try out so I will be adding it to the list but refraining from repurchasing at the moment.

This week there is no other skincare to add to the line up.  I skipped the Sunday Prism mask as I was on the phone hearing all about my brother’s move to a new home and I also forgot to use the retinol and oil this week as well. So there is no other skincare to add.  Despite the stress and the need for the Peace Out Acne Dots, over all this was a really good skin week for me.

GlossyBox Unboxing June 2021

That’s right, it is time again for another June Unboxing. What can I say, everything arrives in clusters. For those that don’t know, Glossy box is a beauty subscription. Each month you receive five sample or deluxe sized products with the occasional full size thrown in. Actually lately there has almost always been at least one full sized item in the box. I am signed up for a yearly subscription, but still pay once a month. My price is $18 because of that. Without the annual subscription the cost is $21. From June 18th- 24th they are having a PINK WEEK special where you can get your first box for $15 with the code PINK.

While some months are better than others (all subscription boxes have good and not so great months) I’ve never really had a bad month with Glossy box. Which is why I signed up for the yearly plan with them.

Each month the box comes in a sturdy reusable box. Inside the items are wrapped up with tissue paper and tied with a ribbon. Most months it is a pink and black design but sometimes they branch out. May, for example, came in a lovely blue and gold box. opening it always feels like opening a present because of the packaging.

But as with most things, it is what is inside that counts.

The first item I saw in my box this month was the full sized Seed Phytonutrients Moisture Conditioner pump bottle. This is a hair product that is designed to help with dry ends and fly away hair. Always a useful product. I know a lot of people tend to have these sorts of issues in the summer so i can see why it is in the June box. Personally I have more issues with dry hair in the winter time. Summer is humidity frizz where I live. (and quite frankly the Color Wow DreamCoat has been Fantastic thus far this summer). But I know in the winter a product like this will be excellent for me.

I love that it is in a biodegradable bottle as well. Seriously, it is a pressed paper bottle with a pump top. We have received a product from the company Seed before. It was a moisturizer and it is in my skincare drawer. I haven’t yet gotten around to trying it out.

I might have to bump it up the line up though as each time I see something from the company i am more and more interested. I really want to find out if their products are as good as their ethos. Perhaps once i have finished my current moisturizer I will roll the Seed one into the line up. This hair care product will have to wait a bit for its use. However I am not mad about letting it sit. I will be putting this on a shelf with other hair care products and i want to actually see how the paper bottle holds up. October is when my hair (and the humidity) start to dry out so it will be interesting to see how the paper bottle deals with waiting. Regardless I am happy with this full sized product.

The second item in the box this month is the Naobay Cosmetics Freedom Low pH Hemp and Green Tea Cleanser (this link will take you to the Naobay site but i couldn’t actually find this cleanser). It is Full sized as well. I am always happy to have another cleanser on hand. It seems that even in skin care heavy subscription boxes, cleansers are always the least offered product. which is kind of interesting because I use them at least twice a day (sometimes I’ll add a third if I had a particularly sweaty workout). So I am always looking for a good cleanser. I’ve tried a couple of Naobay products before and they seemed to work well. I believe they were sample sized if i recall. It will be nice to test out a full sized product.

Next up is an item I am not entirely thrilled to see. It is a Deluxe mini size at least so at least it wasn’t one of my full sized products. This third item is the PiperWai Natural Deodorant Cream.

I have nothing against the brand and I will say that I have tried a few deodorant creams that work well. I have also realized I am not a deodorant cream sort of person. I am simply not going to scoop out deodorant every morning and rub it into my arm pits. I’m just not. And I am okay with that. I’m sure it is a lovely product, but I will be passing it on unopened to someone who will use it.

The next item is listed as a deluxe mini as well although it is rather on the small side. It is the Pili Ani Ageless Concentrate. Apparently you only need one or two drops, thus explaining the small size I guess.

The Full sze is also $62 so I am guessing the size is related to the cost of the full sized bottle as well. It is an anti-aging and firming concentrate so I look forward to giving it a go and seeing what the results are.

The fifth item in my box this month was a full sized makeup item. It is the Josephine Cosmetics Flawless Liquid highlighter. I tested it on my hand thinking it was a liquid shadow.

So that’s why the swatch is so large. then I read that it was a highlighter. which is kind of sad as it makes a fantastic shadow. It bended into my hand leaving a glow behind. I clearly used too much product in one sitting. While blended out it looks nice, I might actually try it as a shadow as well. It certainly looks nice.

Normally this would be the last item in the box but this month Glossy box added a couple of Vital Proteins Collagen Packets. they are collagen supplements you add to a drink. These are unflavored. They are an added gift (which occasionally Glossy Box does) and so it is nice to have the extra. To be honest though I am not always thrilled to get something edible in a beauty box. Also I’m not entirely certain how I feel about edible collagen either. I’ve only done a little preliminary research (because there was a collagen powder offered as an IPSY choice in May) and I’m not sure how effective they are. I think I’d want to do a bit more research before ingesting.

But that was this month’s Glossy Box. They were going for an Eco friendly theme and they hit hat out of the park. with the exception of the Deodorant cream, I look forward to trying everything in the box. And truthfully, I do know someone who will love the deodorant cream. So it will be easily passed along to a new home. Over all I have to say, I consider this box well worth the price.

Birchbox June 2021 Unboxing

That’s right, the beauty box arrivals keep coming. This morning we are looking at Birchbox. Birchbox is a subscription that costs $15 per month. If you sign up for six months then you can get it for $14 and if you sign up for a year it is only $13. I am on the yearly plan at the moment (my year runs out in November if you are keeping track). With tax my cost comes to $14.27 under the yearly plan. You don’t have to pay for the entire year at once you simply agree to a year long subscription and then pay each month. I signed up for a year to give it a try and at the end of the year I will decide if i am keeping it or not.

Thus far it has been interesting. Over all I have been happy with the subscription but I think that I am happy with it at the $13 per month rate. I don’t think I’;d be as happy if I was paying the $15 rate and I think that is because at $15 it is almost a direct comparison to the Macy’s Beauty box. But each month has been different, so let’s see what five items this month’s Birchbox has in store for me.

This month I received the Clean Beauty Picks box. All of the items are clean alternatives to regular products according to the card. The first item in this month’s box is a sample of Milk Makeup’s Hydro Grip Primer. I have to say I am really excited to have a sample of this to try. I have heard a lot of things both good and bad about the primer and it will be nice to judge it for myself. In general I like a lot of Milk’s products. The Kush Lip glaze is something I keep on my repurchase list. And you know I love a good primer. I am looking forward to trying this one out.

The second item kind of made me laugh a little bit when I pulled it out of the box. One thing that Birchbox has been kind of mocked for in the past are their sometimes super tiy sample sizes. This PMS Soothing Oil sample size kind of brought me right back to that. I think what I found odd about it though is that the reason they usually put such small samples in boxes is due to the expense of the full sized item.

Birchbox has a tendency to put small samples of really expensive items in the boxes. This was a tiny sample of something that, in a full size, only retails for $17.95. Which made it seem a little strange to me. I’ll still try it, after all a roll on oil that relieves cramps would be an definite keeper in my medicine cabinet. I just found the size a little strange.

Next up is the Lighting Wand from Hero Cosmetics. It is a serum designed to lighter dark spots. The sample size is small but you are supposed to be able to see a difference after just one use. To test the claims I will try one use and see how the before and after look. Personally I rarely expect skincare to work with just one application, but the serum looks like it has maybe a week’s worth of product in it so perhaps if a single use doesn’t show any difference a week might. I’ll have to try it and see if it lives up to its claims. If it does I will be thrilled and add it to my line up of skincare heros.

Next we had something i was very happy to see. it is the Purlisse Matcha Green Tea + Lemon Detoxifying Charcoal mask. In general my skin gets along with Pur Lisse products. I used the Matcha moisturizer and really ended up liking it. It was one of those moisturizers that worked well for me in the transitional months where the weather was changing and the seasons had a difficult time deciding whose turn it was to rule. It didn’t do well in the heat of summer or the cold of winter, but it worked well with the fluctuations in temperature and humidity. While I haven’t tried the mask, I am always willing to try a new mask. Perhaps this one can be tried out this Friday.

And finally we have the Lemon Superfood All-in-one Rescue Butter from Dr. Botanicals. It is a body cream. I like Lemon and citrus scented products and I’ve tried a couple of Dr. Botanicals products that I liked. But I’ll be honest, it is rare that i actually get excited about body lotion. Or at least seeing them in subscription boxes. Sometimes I try them and the product is fabulous, but they just don’t really excite me. I will add it to the list of body lotions i plan to try and who knows, maybe its lemon scented fabulocity will astound me.

That was this month’s Birchbox. I have to say it kind of left me feeling a little flat. There are several products that I am looking forward to trying out. There are several brands i routinely buy and there are some new ones That I am curious about. I think that some of the sample sizes were a bit on the skimpy side this month. I am okay with it being a $13 per month box, but I think if I paid the full month to month price i would be kind of disappointed. This month even though the Macy’s Beauty box had small samples the box felt abundant, where as this just felt skimpy. I know it is hard to compare subscriptions but as these two are more or less the same price t is hard not to compare them, and this month, Birchbox just felt a little short.

Beyond Clean Beauty. Ogee is plant powered, vegan, gluten-free, GMO free and certified organic ingredients.


The June Nadine West Clothing subscription

Nadine West is a clothing subscription service. For $9.78 per month you can have items sent to you and if you like them you can purchase them simply by keeping them and letting your credit card be charged. Your styling fee of $9. 78 goes towards the purchase price. Each item you are charged for will have a tax added to it so you need to remember that when keeping items.

This is my third month and this month I realized two things.

The first thing I realized was that my babydoll is many things, a photographer he is not. When asked to take a photograph of me wearing the items from the bag he was amiable. He then took the pictures. I assumed that he could at least take pictures showing me wearing the garments and did not think to look at them. I did photograph each one separately as it was laid out on the bed. Which turned out to be a good thing. My babydoll had me stand in front of a brightly lit window so you basically see a dark silhouette of me. You can tell that I am not naked, but but other than knowing I am covered in cloth, there is no real detail. Only the image of the necklace I am wearing came out visible and I think that is because he came in close to take the picture.

The second thing I realized was about nadine West. This month they did manage to send me items that all actually fit me, which was nice. However almost all of the items were made from the same sort of soft, cotton jersey type cloth that I tend to associate with pajama pants. It is fine for a few summer dresses’, but an entire wardrobe of it seems a bit excessive. I don’t know if that is just my size that lets them believe all my clothes need to feel soft and pajama like, but I’m not really a fan.

But let’s look at the items that came this month and discuss. There were ten of them this month. The first item is the only item I am keeping. It is a cotton dress in teal and is good for wearing around the house and in the garden. The high waist comes in just under the bust and give is some form so that it isn’t a complete sack like dress.It is comfortable and I can wear it in the garden. It feels like a giant t-shirt when it is on. And to be fair, I probably wouldn’t purchase it if I didn’t have the subscription fee rolling towards it.

The second item is made from the same cloth and it is a one piece jumpsuit in olive green with tank top straps. Putting it on made me look like a beached whale.Or as my baby so thoughtfully put it, twice the size I am normally.

The third item up was a t-shirt made form the soft t-shirt material. It is a nude color that really doesn’t look good on me and while the knot in the end is cute, it falls at the wrong location. While I could get away with the placement standing up, it is very awkward when sitting down.

There were two sets of pants in this box and I am happy to say they both fit tolerably well. However they were bag waist pants. with long flat drawstrings tied into a bow at the waist.

While they fit, the design added several inches to my waist and were not flattering. They were at least slightly stiffer material and not the t-shirt material.

Included this month was a light weight cardigan made from, you guessed it, t-shirt material. This at least had a texture to it. While I do like light weight cardigans to pull over myself when the air conditioning is turned too high, I have several more appealing versions of this already in my closet. So while I appreciate the thought, it too is going back.

The next item in the bag was a face mask, which quite frankly I already have in abundance at this point and see no reason to pick up here.

From here we go into the three items of jewelry sent. I tried asking them not to send jewelry, but received the message that they were unable to send clothing subscriptions without jewelry at this time. The earrings have a very lovely tree on them and they are rather nice quality.

I just didn’t really like them enough to keep. The bracelet is a plain golden band that reads ‘I love you to the moon and back’ However the opening was so small that I would have had to bend it to get it on my wrist. It has a heavy feel to it so it is a substantial bracelet.

The final item was the necklace and to be honest I toyed with the thought of keeping it. It looks nice, feels like decent quality for the price and looked allright on me. However i don’t think i would get enough wear out of it to justify the purchase.

Like I said in the introduction, this was my third month with Nadine West. I chose them because they have my size as an option for their subscription. However I am not impressed by the items they send in my size.

I am thrilled that they finally sent items that fit me. But I simply will not wear that many items made out of t-shirt material. And quite frankly i just don’t find their items appealing.

I think that this may be my last subscription bag from them for a while. Perhaps I will go back when/if I reach a smaller size, but what they send to me makes me feel both fat and frumpy. Neither is a good feeling and neither is one I really feel like paying for.


Little and Lot Pant from

Unboxing the June Scentbox

As most of you probably realize by now, I am a very scent oriented person. I also am not a one scent sort of person. I like having a library of scents so that I can adjust the scent i wear to suit my mood, an event I am attending, the season and even the time of day. I like knowing that I have warm and cosy scents to reach for in the winter and slight and airy scents to reach for in the summer. I enjoy scents that I can wear to an office and having those I reserve for a special night out.

As anyone who likes perfumes can attest, perfumes can be somewhat expensive. And just because you liked the perfume you sprayed and sniffed once in the store or smelled on another person, doesn’t mean it will work out for you.

For me, I find sampling perfumes essential to finding ones I am willing to purchase and add to my collection. While I pick up perfume samples in a lot of places, I also like being able to choose my own samples. I like reading the descriptions and imagining the scents and then choosing what is sent to me. For a while I had a Scentbox subscription and then Ilet it lapse for a while as I had a stockpile of perfume samples to try out and I wanted to clear out older scents. I Have managed to clear out a few scents and I decided June was the perfect month for once again enrolling in Scentbox.

For those that don’t know, Scentbox is a perfume sampling subscription. Each month for $13. 95 you recieve one 0.27 ounce sample of the perfume you put in that month’s line up. While they do offer a monthly selection if you don’t have something in mind that you want to try, you fill out the queue by picking out scents that appeal to you. Sometimes I go with their recommendation and bump my choice down the line a month or two, other times I choose a perfume that appeals to me.

There is a discount for those wanting to try the subscription for the first time. $9.72 for your first box. I’ll post the current deal below if you’d like to try it out.

There are several things I like about this subscription. The first is that each month’s sample comes in a reusable metal traveling case. You twist the tube and the spray nozzle emerges from the tube. They are really handy for traveling. The first month the metal tube comes in a nice box like the one pictured here. I believe that while you still get a new case every month, the subsequent months the box it comes in is smaller and more compact.

In addition, each month you are a subscriber, you earn Scentbucks for your subscription. These add up and can be put towards another purchase form their site. Not only can you purchase full sized bottles of the perfumes, but you can also purchase various bath and body care items, candles and wellness/cbd items as well from the site. These items can also be added to the list so if you decide one month you would prefer a body scrub to a perfume, you can choose that instead. If you are going out of town you can skip a month easily and one of my favorite things about this subscription is that each perfume is mailed with a return label so if you get the sample, spritz, sniff and decide that it isn’t for you, the sample can easily be returned for a different one with no issues.

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I had to take a break so that I could work through my stockpile of samples, bt I am so glad I can once again receive a monthly sample to try out. This month I didn’t go for the suggested sample and instead went for Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream. I know it has been around for a while, but I have somehow missed a large number of Marc Jacobs Perfumes. And I have to say the bottle has always appealed to me. In case you happen to like this perfume Sobelia has it on sale currently for 42% off.

The Subscription charges on the 30th of the month for the following month and all shipments are mailed out on the 7th of the month. My sample arrived safe and sound. However as I am completing a Zents Eau de Toilette trial, I will hold of testing this out for a little while. But that of course would be the perfume review rather than the subscription review. My selection arrived safely in a rose gold travel tube. I think each month is a different colored tube so they can be told apart at a glance. The glass tube of product is filled to the brim with scent. And I am very much looking forward to giving the scent a trial run. I am also looking forward to saving up my scent bucks to put towards a full sized bottle of perfume from the site. It adds up slowly, but with each purchase the amount grows and as it does, I get to test out many fantastic scents to find ones that I really enjoy wearing.

For me this is an excellent, cost effective way to try out perfumes, finding out if the scent is right for me and if it is one i want to live with long term. It helps me not waste either money or product and while I will occasionally take a break, Scentbox is a subscription to which I will always return.

Look Fantastic June 2021 Unboxing

This month I opened my Look Fantastic Box and the first thing I thought was “Wow, this smells good”.  For those who don’t know, Look Fantastic is a monthly Subscription box that is from the UK and costs $19 per month.  I signed up for an annual subscription and although I still pay month to month, I receive the subscription for $16.

Each month you get five items generally travel sized but occasionally full sized.  What I like about this is that I tend to receive brands that are not in a lot of US based subscription boxes.  I find this subscription to be a nice way to try out brands that I have never heard of or heard of but never really seen or tried out.  This month is Eco Month for Look Fantastic and each product was chosen to go along with this theme. 

The first item out of the box was a reusable Gentle Facial Buffer made by the ecologically responsible brand SO ECO.  The product is all natural and the packaging is 100% recyclable.  I really like these kinds of buffers although to be honest I don’t use them on my face.  I tend to use them on my body as I find them a little too harsh for the skin of my face.  It is relatively soft, but still, I think this is more of a body product for me.  And There is even a body wash in this box for me to use it with.

The second item in the box is the item I smelled when the box was first opened.  It spells amazing.   It is the Rituals Ritual of Jing.  It is actually an exfoliating body scrub, which I absolutely love.  At the moment I am using another Rituals body product.  It’s a foaming cleanser. 

Once I’ve used that up (it is nearing the end of the product) I will roll this into the bath time line up to try out  There wasn’t a specific reason listed as to why this is considered for the Eco Friendly box, but it is a great brand that I love using and I am looking forward to testing it out.  I’ll make a note about it being eco friendly though so when I do get around to testing it out, I can do my research on that and hopefully come up with more information.  For now I just know that it smells fantastic. I also love that it is a good size. With body products so often the sizes are one or two uses. This one is large enough that I can use it for a while and truly get a feel for the product which I appreciate.

The next item in the box was the Balance Me Pre and Probiotic Cleansing milk.  I have tried many Balance Me products.  While they always perform excellently, for me the scent is what causes me to not want to buy the full size.  Hopefully this will work as well as all of their other products and smell fantastic to boot.  I always have high hopes for Balance Me products.  So I have my fingers crossed for this one.  

The fifth item out of my box this month was the ESPA 24 Hour Replenishing Eye Moisturizer.  ESPA is a brand that works well and I have never had any scent complaints with.  The products always perform beautifully for me and I am always happy to have another eye cream on hand. 

To be honest, I actually like the sample sized eye creams almost better than the fill sized ones.  Full sized eye creams tend to come in jars, but the samples come in tubes.  With the tube you can dispense a tiny amount without exposing the rest to air and without having to dip your fingers in the pot.  Plus you really only use a little bit of product with eye creams so the samples usually last a long time. I am very happy to have an ESPA Eye cream ready and waiting for its turn to be used.

There was one sort of cosmetic item this month and it is the Dr. Lipp Tint.  It is 100% natural and pigmented with red radish.  I have tried the regular Dr. lipp before and absolutely love it.  It is amazing on really dry chapped lips.  I can’t wait to see how the tinted version works.  What I find interesting is that this is another one of those products that works better almost in a sample size than the full size.  The sample sized is perfect for lip use.  The full size is almost too large.  At least with the regular Dr. Lipp Nipple balm.  As Dr. Lipp is something I tend to keep in my purse all winter long, I am looking forward to giving the tinted version a try and perhaps extend its use out of the chapped lips repair category.

And finally last, but certainly not least is the Philip Kingsley Styling Finishing Touch.  It is a hair product and it is designed to fight frizz.  Until I started getting this subscription, I had only heard of the brand, but never seen it in real life.  It just simply wasn’t sold where I was looking.  Or if it was I didn’t see it.  I’ve recently been using a leave in conditioner from the brand.  It performs beautifully but is a little too coconut-y for me.  Hopefully this comes with a different scent to it.  I am looking forward to getting a chance to try this one out.

So that was my June Look Fantastic box.  Personally I think this was a pretty good month. Look Fantastic always tends to go a little heavy on the skin care, but I am happy they balanced it out with body care and a hair care item as well and quite frankly I am looking forward to using all of the products that arrived this month. It wasn’t a flashy sort of month but each of the items are ones that will see a lot of use. 

Macy’s Beauty Box June 2021 Unboxing

This Month’s Macys Beauty box was a little bit interesting postal wise.  I checked the tracking number and saw the expected date of arrival. Then on the travel log for the package I got to watch two separate post offices play a game of hot potato with it.  It went to and from the same post office about four times before they finally got tired of bouncing it between them and sending it on. 

I’ll admit, when it arrived, I expected the worst.

The package was surprisingly only slightly dented and when I opened it up the dropper on the serum bottle was bent but still worked and the spray cap for the dry shampoo was knocked off.  It popped right back into place and the product worked just fine.  I am a little worried about the air seal on the serum so I may be using it this week just to make certain it doesn’t go bad. 

But before we get into the products, this subscription is a $15 ($16.27 with tax for me) per month subscription and each month you receive five sample sized products.  They tend to be on the higher end of the spectrum and because of this subscription I have tried a lot of luxury brands that interested me.  I really like that as I enjoy trying things out before I invest in the full size. I find it helps me to not waste either month or product.

In addition some of the products that have been sent in these boxes were complete unknowns to me.  Some of them were from familiar brands and new product releases, others were things that I knew and loved already.  It has thus far been a really good box.  And the products generally go really well with the theme. 

Speaking of, this month’s theme is Expert’s Choice.  Each item included is something that critics have raved about. 

Since I already opened the serum, we’ll start with it.  The serum sample is the Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate.  I have heard a lot of rave reviews about this and I did try out the eye cream in this line as well.  I really liked the eye cream actually and put it on my must try in a full size list. Because the dropper is a little damaged and I opened it to see if it still worked, I will probably be using this serum this week just so that it doesn’t go bad.  I don’t think there is more than a week’s worth of serum in it so I think I can take a break from the serum I am currently using to try it out. Quite frankly I can’t wait to see if it is as good as the eye cream and it’s hype.

The second item was the Dry Bar Detox Shampoo.  This is not the first time I have tried this dry shampoo and it is a good one.  I actually just finished a bottle of my favorite Klorane Dry Shampoo (nettle for dark hair) and haven’t was thinking of working through some of my travel sized dry shampoos as I have a lot in stock.  Since I had to open it to repair the nozzle and see if it worked, I might just keep this one out.  It smells nice and as it’s been a while since I’ve tried a Dry bar product it will be interesting to shake things up for a bit.

The third item in my Macy’s Beauty Box this month is the Clarins Total Eye Lift Concentrate.  As I am in the middle of an eye skin care trial I will have to wait to try this out, but I am actually looking forward to using it.  I’ve tried several products from Clarins before and have always liked them. 

Currently, I am using the Instant Perfecting Primer and absolutely love it.  Most of what I’ve tried from Clarins has been Moisturizers and face washes so an eye cream will be a different category to try.  I can’t wait to see if it performs as well as the other products I’ve used.

There was a fourth skin care item in my Macy’s Beauty Bag this month and that was the Retinol Ceramide Capsules From Elizabeth Arden.  To be honest I don’t think I have ever tried anything from Elizabeth Arden.  I’ve seen them around, but I have never picked up any products. I’ve actually seen this exact product and thought it looked interesting, but still never picked it up.  I think that was because I wasn’t too certain about the individual capsules. Now that it is here of course, I’ll give it a go. Perhaps the premeasured doses will be exactly right.

There were two makeup themed items in the bag this month.  The first is a tiny sample of the Giorgio Armani  Liquid lip.  I have gotten one of these tiny samples before in a different shade and I have to say while I still find the tiny size laughable, I really do like the formula of the lipstick so even in a tiny size, I am happy to have the product. And it is a nice color that I think might suit me.  So that’s always a plus.

The second makeup item is the MAC Fix + setting spray.  I’ll be honest I have setting sprays but I tend to forget to reach for them unless I know I am going out.  If I am getting ready for the day and know I will be sitting at my desk for the bulk of the day, I don’t generally bother with setting spray.  

I always use it when I know I am going to be running around where there are other people though.  And I always pack it when I travel.  I tend to really get on well with MAC products so I look forward to giving this a trial.  I might try using it this week and then adding what remains to my travel bag if I know it works well.  And then if it does work well eventually getting a full sized bottle.  My current setting spray is the Benefit Porefessional Super setter but it is always nice to have options.

Most months there are two perfume Samples included in the bag.  This month both come from Ralph Lauren.  One is Polo Deep Blue and the other is Ralph Lauren Romance.  At the moment I am leaving them sealed and adding them to the cache of perfume samples that I have yet to try out.  They will be added to the drawer and then like all perfume samples they will be worn and evaluated to see if they make the cut to be added to my collection.

Usually there is a makeup bag included in the Macy’s beauty bag. Sometimes they supplement other items in for the bag and this month they added the Beauty Supplements Box. 

I have to say, I’m not mad at it.  The box is hard plastic with tightly sealed latches and a rubberized seal so that if it is in a makeup bag and something leaks it won’t get into your supplements box.  Inside the box are two additional little boxes divided into compartments. 

While I have my vitamins, I also always travel with some Ibuprofen and because my babydoll has rather bad allergies I have started adding a few back up Benadryl for him just in case he forgot his allergy medicines.  This is a well thought out and well-designed box that will be getting quite a lot of use in my personal travel kit. I am quite happy with this month’s substitution for the makeup bag.

So that was my June Macy’s Beauty Box.  Was it worth the $15?  Yes, it most certainly was.  Everything in the box is something that I will use.  Many of the items are products I have wanted to try out and quite frankly I am very pleased with the selection of items this month.  This is definitely a subscription box I will be keeping.


Face Mask Friday with Korres

Have you ever come across a product that you completely forgot you had?  In the back of my masking drawer I came across the Korres pomegranate resurfacing mask.  I forgot completely that I had it.  I remember loving it, but then I had a slew of new masks come in and it ended up buried.  Since I skipped pretty much all of my exfoliation this week, once I saw the mask I knew, today it was time to see if I liked it as much as I remembered. 

This mask from Korres is also only a five minute mask.  Which given my still somewhat warped schedule, is not a bad thing.  I love the fifteen minute relaxing time with my music and candles.

(I even picked up a new candle actually.  It’s from Paddywax. They currently have a 20% off sale going on for Father’s day fight now if you are looking to stock up. I know you are braced for another Edgar Allen Poe Candle which I absolutely love and will purchase again in the fall, but I decided to shake things up and go with the La Playa Salted Blue Agave instead.  I’ve ordered it before and actually I still use the glass as a drinks glass. They are great glasses and I wanted something lighter and fresher for the warmer weather.  I love the beachy citrusy scent.)

But when time is short, sometimes the candles have to be used later in the day.  I’ll probably light the candle later tonight as it will go well with the ceviche I have planned.

It has been a while since I used the Korres Pomegranate Resurfacing mask.  It still smells as fresh as ever although there isn’t much left in the tube.  I may actually keep it out and use the last of it up this week rather than put it in the drawer again. And then repurchase a fresh tube later. 

Because this is a good mask that I do want to repurchase.  The scent is fresh and clean and very pomegranate-y.  It has a rough texture so you get both a physical exfoliation as well as a chemical one from this mask.  I know chemical exfoliation is supposed to be better for your skin because it is gentler, but there is just something I love about a physical exfoliate.  I don’t use them as much as I used to and limit my time with them so I don’t do damage to the skin and I am very careful about the ones I do use, but on occasion I really like a physical exfoliator.

And this one was really nice.  I left it for five minutes so the chemicals could do their thing and then I massaged it with a little water before rinsing it off.  My skin feels smooth and clean and super fresh.  I have to say, I am almost glad I ended up missing my exfoliation this week, just so I could have the fabulously fresh feeling that I have right now.  I will go back to my normal routine, but really, this is a wonderful feeling and I feel energized enough to plow through the rest of my work day at top speed.

Bring on the paperwork.  I am ready.

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