Trying out the Secure Skin Gripping Primer from LYS

For the past few weeks I’ve been using the LYS Secure Skin Gripping Serum primer. Now we all know that in general, I love primers. I think it is a holdover from painting. I think of applying a primer as well, priming the canvas to get the best results when you apply the makeup above it. As I’ve gotten older I appreciate the pore filling, wrinkle eliminating elements a bit more than I used to.

This LYS Primer was a little different from what I am used to, or at least the description was a little bit different than is typical of the primers I tend to gravitate towards. I’m going to paste a chunk of info from the website here so brace yourself as it is a bit more than the usual description.

stands up, all on it’s own

This daily serum primer helps balance the look of skin and control the appearance of excess shine throughout the day for a seamless complexion — with or without makeup. It’s packed with skincare ingredients for guilt-free beauty that feels as good as it looks.

Who We Made This For: Combination to Oily Skin, Blemish-prone, Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Enlarged Pores

Instantly perfect your canvas with this silicone-free serum primer that helps balance the look of skin and control the appearance of excess shine throughout the day without any of the nasties. Made with oily, blemish-prone skin types in mind, this skincare-infused primer is packed with Niacinamide, Ginger Root, Lemon and Grapefruit extracts to visibly minimize the look of enlarged pores and brighten the appearance of hyperpigmentation for benefits that outlast your glam. With a gripping formula, this primer latches onto your favorite complexion products for a just-applied finish that lasts. With nourishing skin-enhancing ingredients, like an AHA-Fruit Blend, Secure Skin helps visibly improve skin texture and uneven tone.

LYS Beauty

Okay that’s a lot of interesting claims for a primer. Before we dig into how well they did, let’s mention the packaging a but. The LYS Secure Skin Gripping Serum Primer comes in a squeeze tube. However it is shaped into a triangle so that it can stand up. I absolutely love this. A lot of my primers come in squeeze tubes and corralling them is always interesting because most of them simply don’t stand up. Or only stand up until you move the drawer and then you have to watch the careful arranged line topple into chaos. This is sturdy. It stands and it isn’t going anywhere. I feel that someone actually thought about the packaging and came up with a good plan. I think they should be saluted. The pink and gold together is also rather pretty.

This is a serum formula so when you dispense it, put it int the center of your palm. I tend to put primers and foundations on the top of my hand and then apply from there. If you try that with this primer it will drip everywhere. It applies well, but it applies wet. Like any other serum you need to give it a second to dry down a little.

When it does dry down, the serum becomes very sticky and it does grip the makeup very well. During this trial I tried to wear my makeup longer throughout the day than usual to see if it helped with longevity. It did. It generally kept makeup in place longer than when I didn’t wear the primer.

However it didn’t work the same with every type of foundation. I used a series of foundations, rotating through the different types in my collection. With most of them there was no noticeable difference. The foundation applied with no issues. I couldn’t feel the primer and the foundation didn’t seem to care that it was there at all.

Then there was the serum based and Powder foundations. With the serum based foundation, I could tell that the primer was there. I could feel it pulling at the foundation and gripping it as I applied. It still applied well, but I ended up using a bit more foundation than I was used to using so the foundation ended up looking a little heavier than I planned. I think in the future I simply won’t use this primer with a serum based primer. Something about the two serums combined didn’t mix.

then there was the powder foundation. The powder foundation felt the grip of the skin gripping primer. A little too much actually. It made the powder foundation apply in patchy ways. while I sorted it out in the application phase, by the end of the day, my skin was looking a little on the patchy side as well. It was a pain to combine the two products. They didn’t want to combine and i will not combine them again. This is not the primer to use with a powder foundation.

Over all though, except for those two types of foundation, it applied and worked beautifully in regards to gripping the foundation. It wasn’t as fabulous at pore filling. It did provide a good base and initially it filled in the pores and fine lines, but as the day wore on the fine lines started to show. I think part of that is because it is a serum that has skin care benefits and is designed to be absorbed by the skin..

when it works, it works well (there was no sunlight on the day I took the photo)

Yup, the skincare benefits may have gotten in the way of some of the primer functionality. Looking over the ingredients list, there are a lot of fruit extracts that can soften skin and lighten dark spots. there are Niacinamides which help with fine lines. I am happy with all of that and even though there were no results in a two week period I’m sure that with regular continued use, just like with any other skin care, the effects would show.

I really do think that some of the skin care elements make it a less effective primer. My skin pulling those ingredients in may be why at the beginning of the day the makeup looked fabulous and then as the day went on, products I normally don’t have issues with settling into fine lines, suddenly decided to settle into fine lines. I don’t have a problem if makeup has good for me ingredients in them. I rather like it.

In general there is a sort of line between makeup and skincare. While I am a fan of good for your skin makeup, it felt like this primer wanted to unite the world of makeup and skin care and the makeup side of things suffered because of it. I am more than happy to use a serum to help plump up my fine lines and then add on a primer with my makeup. This product tried too hard to do too many things. While it made my makeup look good when applied, and it did keep my makeup on my face for a longer period of time, it had about a four hour window of looking good. If I need to look good for a meeting when I didn’t have any makeup on before hand, I would reach for this knowing that I would look good for my meeting and then probably wash my face after the meeting.

As for wearing this primer on the skin on it’s own for a no makeup day. I can see where the skin care benefits might really shine there. However it is still sticky After a minute of drying down it becomes a very sticky substance. I tried wearing it on it’s own and it simply didn’t work. It was far too sticky to be worn on it’s own.

It is a very interesting product and wearing it felt really nice. It is however a primer I like best in small doses. When worn for a few hour long stretch, it is fantastic. I will rotate it in and continue to use it. I just don’t see myself purchasing it once this bottle is empty. It is just not the primer for me.

It’s Exfoliating time with Edible Beauty

For those of you who are subscribed to BoxyCharm, then you know that each month Boxycharm gives you points for reviewing the products in the boxes you receive. Each month I review the items, but often times when I go to their charm room there aren’t a lot of items I want to use my points to redeem. Recently I was in the charm room and I saw this Edible Beauty Desert Lime Flawless Micro Exfoliant face polish and I thought it looked like an interesting product to spend my points on. I believe it might have been an item in some of the base boxes for either November of December (not entirely certain about that as I don’t get the base box).

I love the internal seal

You know I love exfoliants and I am a big fan of lime scent. I don’t think people use it enough. And I had never even heard of Edible Beauty. Because I am spending a month with the Juice Beauty Bamboo Pore Clearing mask, I am bringing up a lot of buried clogged pores to the surface so it is also the perfect time to test out an exfoliator. The Juice Beauty mask may bring things up but another product is needed to clear what comes up away.

It turns out Edible Beauty is an Australian based skincare company focused on a holistic approach to skincare. When this is applied to the Desert Lime Flawless Mirco Exfoliant the site description becomes…

A gentle micro-exfoliant that uses natural rice grains to gently dislodge and dissolve dead skin cells and impurities to reveal a smooth and radiant complexion. Australian native Desert Lime deeply hydrates whilst radiance is further boosted by naturally-occurring AHAs found in Strawberry and Lime fruit extracts which work to visibly maximise skin hydration for a renewed complexion.  

This polish is enriched with a nourishing blend of oils including Camellia Seed Oil, Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter which ensure skin is not stripped of its natural oil balance.  

Lime and Coconut scents complete the fresh and rejuvenating feeling when applying the polish.

Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Oryza Sativa (Rice) Powder, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil*, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Stearyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetaryl Glucoside, Glycerin*, Camellia Oleifera (Camellia) Seed Oil, Saponaria Officinalis (Soap Wort) Leaf Extract*, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Cetyl Alcohol, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Glyceryl Caprylate, Sodium Levulinate, Citrus Aurantifolia (Lime) Oil, Citrus Glauca (Desert Lime) Fruit Extract*, Xanthan Gum, Acacia Senegal Gum, Sodium Anisate, Acacia Victoriae (Wattleseed) Extract, Fragraria Ananassa (Strawberry) Fruit Extract, Gingko Biloba (Gingko) Leaf Extract, Limonene^

Edible Beauty

I put the ingredients list up with the description, mostly because I wanted to talk about scent. It is an interesting one. The scent of this exfoliant has a top not of lime which you get right away. as you apply it though the blended scent of coconut and sunflower oils come to the fore front. They are not so nice and sort of block out the lime scent. It is clear there is still lime in it but after that initial lime blast, the sunflower and coconut oils scents take over. (not that is smells like coconut. Coconut oil has a bit of a different scent to it.

before water is added

I was very surprised to find that this jar was listed for $28 on the Edible Beauty sight as the package feels far more Luxe. It is a glass jar with a study plastic lid. It feels heavy and kind of expensive in the hand.

The exfoliant itself is thick and creamy, almost like a moisturizer that has exfoliation bits mixed into it. Given the oils, butters and wax in the ingredients list, it is easy to see why. The exfoliates are very fine in texture and when massaged into the skin they are very gentle. This is not an overly harsh exfoliator. The cream is thick enough that it can be put on the skin and then massaged in without worrying about the product dripping.

rinsed but still left with a layer of moisturization

The directions say to apply it to the face in small circular motions and then add the water to emulsify. The water naturally thins out the cream and makes it spread more easily. When rinsing off the cream I used water splashed in my face and my hands. The I toweled dry. I like this method when I first use an exfoliant because it lets me know what is left behind. The rice powder washed away fairly easily. I didn’t have to scrub to remove all of the exfoliate. It is a micro exfoliant so the particles are smaller and I think they were unable to resist being dragged down the drain when the cream itself was rinsed off.

I only pat my skin dry and then waited. Once my skin was dried down and no dampness from the rinse remained, I again looked at my skin. the exfoliation particles worked well, my skin is smooth. There is a just been moisturized feel to my skin as well. Given the rest of the ingredients I would have bean surprised it there hadn’t been. Typically I prefer when my exfoliators rinse of completely clean, then I go back in with a serum on the newly exfoliated skin and follow with my moisturizer of choice. While this didn’t leave a heavy layer of moisturization behind after it, it was still enough that I did not feel as though I should add to it and just went about the rest of my afternoon.

As something to follow a pore clearing mask, this is a great second step. Is it my favorite exfoliator? No. Had the scent of lime not faded so quickly and been replaced by the scent of the emulsified oils, perhaps it would have stirred something deeper in my heart. But alas the scent faded. More importantly, it didn’t rinse away as cleanly as I would have liked. However it was a great exfoliator, the moisturization layer it left behind is more of a preference than a deal breaker and it was all in all a nice product to use. I plan to continue using it until there is no more left in the jar and in the future I would consider repurchasing it. It may not be my personal favorite, but the Desert Lime Flawless Micro-exfoliant face polish is still a very good product with a good price point that I have no problems using. In addition, I would not mind trying out more products from the brand in the future.

Acing face mask Friday

Welcome my darlings to the Friday Face Mask. This week, I can’t lie, its been stressful. And a fifteen minute break with a relaxing face mask on zoning out from the world sounds like a fantastic plan. Unfortunately, I am still waiting on Rapid test results which should be in later this afternoon, and every time i try to simply lie back and relax non-relaxing thoughts creep in.

Somedays, being alone with your thoughts isn’t the best plan.

So I chose a mask that i can move around and do things while wearing. Plus it is also a new to me mask that I have been really eager to try. This Aceology Brightening Treatment mask was supposed to come in my December IPSY bag. It didn’t quite make it to the station on time and so I had to wait for it to be sent along later.

Incidentally IPSY was really good about it and it did get here very shortly after. It just felt like a long wait because I really wanted to try it. I was actually impressed with IPSY turn around on it

And then of course the mask was mine. Now I know what you are thinking, haven’t you reviewed Aceology before? First of all, if it’s a good mask, it will always come back into rotation. Second, that was the greeny/gold Aceology Lifting Treatment Mask. And actually this was the reason I was so excited to give this mask a try. with repeated use, I actually saw a big improvement in my skin’s texture. It felt smooth pretty much right away, but I didn’t notice most of the benefits until I used the mask a couple of times.

And then I continued using the mask until it was all used up.

So since this is the first time using this Brightening Treatment Mask from Aceology, I don’t actually expect to see magical brightening, but I do think that over the course of using this tube, I will see a brightening to my skin. According to the website this mask…

Provides gentle exfoliation, Revives tired, dull skin, Encourages an even skin tone, Reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation, Easy-to-remove peel-off mask 

*Product can be applied with finger or any brush or applicator. Please note this product does not include a brush. 

always peel from the bottom and go up to keep from dragging your skin down

Luckily, I have my handy dandy silicone masking brush. I can’t reccomend picking one up highly enough if you are a routine Masker. It makes application so quick and clean and it really does help you not waste product. They make expensive masking brushes and very inexpensive ones. They all work. I just reccomend getting a silicone one. With peel off masks you just set it to the side after applying your mask and when it dries, peel it off the brush. Easy peasy.

I wash the brush afterwards, but the bulk of the mess is dealt with.

This mask smells light and fresh with a scent that more or less just smells like skincare. I’m sorry i don’t have a more clarifying scent profile to offer, but when i smell it my brain just thinks ‘skincare’. The mask applied easily. It isn’t too sticky.

Because it is a peel off mask, I went and dermaplanned my face just before so there would be fewer hairs for the mask to pull when I peel it off. The painful part of the pull off mask is generally due to those fine hairs on your face being pulled out. Less hair, less pain.

a little brighter maybe, but definitely really nicely exfoliated

It’s pretty simple math.

The mask is a lovely metalic-ish blue that I really like. As with all peel off masks you have to let them dry down completely before peeling. If there is a wet spot it simply won’t peel. So you just have to wait. Normally it still takes about fifteen minutes for the peel off mask to dry down all the way. Today it is really wet outside so it took about eighteen for it to fully dry and be ready to peel off.

It peeled off relatively well. There was not a lot of drama because I took off some of the fine hairs first. So there wasn’t much pulling at all. As always when first removing a peel off mask there is a moment of redness, because you have actually been pulling your skin. Once that dies down (after about five minutes) the redness goes away. Unless you have actually had a reaction. In which case you might want to stop using the product and see someone about the irritation.

My redness was just from pulling (Plus I tested the mask on my arm a few days ago just to make sure there were no issues.). After the redness died down I took a good look at my skin. While I can’t say that any dark spots were magically faded, my skin did feel as though it had just been lightly exfoliated. It wasn’t a major exfoliation, just a very light one, still it is something to keep in mind. If you routinely use exfoliating products then when you use this mask you might want to give them a pass so you don’t over exfoliate.

It is a very light exfoliation though so I didn’t feel like it was too rough on my skin and I really liked the feel of my skin after I took the mask off and let the redness die down. I really rather liked using this mask today. While it worked on my skin i was able to move around the house and o other things without worrying about it flaking off or dripping down. It stayed in place and my skin felt great after. I think to see some of the brightening effects I would have to use this mask on a routine basis. Because of the way it felt, I just might end up using this mask on a routine basis long enough to actually see the effects. This was a great first use of the Aceology Brightening Treatment Mask and I look forward to using it again.

Kosas - available at

The Skincare Line Up: January 21st, 2022

This week I started to diversify between day time use and night time use a little bit more. Mostly in the form of my cleansers. This coming week I’ll roll in a night time serum as well as a new day time moisturizer sample to try out since the one i am using in the day has only a little bit left. But we’ll get to that in a moment. First, let’s see what the day time line up had in store for this past week.

The Daytime Line Up

YCleanser: Malin +Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser

Toner: Glow Recipe Watermelon Pore Tight Toner

Essence: 111Skin Antioxidant Energizing Essence

Serum: Serumkind Purple Cabbage Drops

Eye Cream: Glam Glow Bright Eyes

Moisturizer: Comfort Zone Hydramemory Cream Gel

Okay this week was a bit of a rollercoaster. We’ll start with a high. This week i decided to use the Malin+ Goetz grapefruit cleanser in the morning. This used to be one of my go to cleansers and then as I started testing out new products I started to get away from it. I had a bottle in my back up drawer that i knew I needed to work through so I took it out. I forgot haw absolutely fabulous it is. It is a light fresh grapefruit scent which is the perfect skincare wake up call. I know it removes makeup well also so I have no problem using it at night, but the morning scent is really where it shines. It is gentle on the skin and always leaves me feeling fresh and clean. I love when you return to old favorites and fall in love all over again, and with me this week, that is what happened with the cleanser.

I felt a dark delight with the toner this week. As you may recall I am working through this Glow Recipe toner because I don’t want to waste product. It works well, but i hate the scent. It smells like watermelon extract was mixed with stale water. Because it does work well I continued using it. This week, I finished it up completely and it is now leaving my skincare routine. it is going away and it will never return. I like many other Glow recipe products, this just isn’t one of them.

The 111Skin Essence worked well as always and smells like a high end spa. It is actually a joy to use, especially since I have taken it out of my skincare line up, just to see if it was working as it was supposed to. Essences are designed to make the other skincare you use more effective. This works well and smells fabulous while doing it. As the level drops though more product comes out with every shake so be aware and either tip it slowly so the weight of the product doesn’t force more product than you want out or just use less shakes to dispense.

This week the Serumkind gave me fits. I am still not convinced it is actually doing much for my skin. This is the third week of use so I will continue using it and see if week four hits a tipping point. The issue this week is that the serum is so thick that the dropper has a hard time picking it up. It was an effort to get it out of the bottle and the effort was a bit annoying since I don’t know if the drops actually do anything. They smell nice and there is something appealing in a mad scientist sort of way to see a bottle of purple-y serum on the skincare shelf, but I’m just not sure it is worth the time and trouble. I will continue, but thus far, I am not a fan.

with my eye cream this week I received a sad news. I may love the Glam Glow Bright eyes, but it seems that Glam Glow itself does not agree. It seems the Bright eyes has been discontinued. What i might do, is roll in one of my sample sized products to try while I have it around. Since I love the Bright eyes and it doesn’t clog pores or cause me issues, it might be good to have around while I test other products in case they give me fits. Since I get a lot of clogged pores around my eyes, I often have issues with eye creams. I’ll take a look in the skin care drawer this weekend. Until then I will just use this little pot of cream until it is gone and then bid adieu to the product.

Finally the Day time moisturizer is the Comfort Zone Hydra Memory Cream gel. In case you are wondering what a cream gel is, it feels like a light cream that is slightly thicker than a water cream. It is nice for day time use and absorbs quickly. while in the heat of summer I might be able to get away with using it at night, for the rest of the year it simply wouldn’t have enough moisture in it to work as a night cream. which is fine with me as I don’t really mind having a day cream and a night cream. While this cream was nice, the sample is ended and to be honest, I don’t see myself buying a full sized version. It worked well, but it wasn’t really thrilling. It is just kind of middle of the road. I have tried products I liked a lot better and I have tried products I liked less. I just don’t see myself purchasing this in the future.

The Night Time Line Up

Cleanser: Elemis Lime Blossom Balancing Cleanser

Makeup Remover: Vitabrid Daily C Cleansing Balm

Toner: Glow Recipe Watermelon Pore Tight Toner

Essence: 111Skin Antioxidant Energizing Essence

Serum: Serumkind Purple Cabbage Drops

Eye Cream: Glam Glow Bright Eyes

Moisturizer: Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Glow Moisturizer

Lips: Laneige Lip Mask in Berry

The Elemis Balancing Lime Cleanser and Vitabrid C 12 Cleansing balm are great products that I have been using for a while and that I am happy to keep using. The above links will take you to the full reviews if you are interested. I enjoy both products and will continue using them until they are gone. In the future, both are items that i would happily repurchase.

The ExfoliKate, I am kind of on the fence about. It works really well and I love how my skin feels, but the scent is starting to get to me. In the beginning it was kind of lemon scented skincare but as time passes it is reminding me more of floor polish in scent. I still adore the moisture it brings to my skin. My skin very much loves the formula, it is just the scent that is a bit industrial. While I am happy to use the rest of this jar, I am on the fence as to if I would repurchase it. I think it is going to depend on the final thoughts of if I know of moisturizers that are as good for my skin but don’t have an off putting scent.

The Laneige is as always fabulous. I have started using it not only as a night time lip mask, but also in the mornings. I will wash my face and then put on just a little of the lip mask before I start in with the other skin care. Then by the time my skincare is done and my coffee has brewed my lips are fantastically hydrated. I wouldn’t do this in the summer time but in the winter, now that the air is cold and the heater is running, the extra hit of lip mask is really helping to fend off winter chapped lips.

And that my darlings is this week’s skincare line up. It was a bit of a rollercoaster as far as product performance went. A couple of items were emptied and will soon be replaced and one was sadly discontinued. And of course I also fell back in love with an old favorite. When it comes to drama in the skin care, this is the kind of drama I favor. It’s a lot less amusing when it leads to break outs. Lamenting discontinued and fabulous as way easier to take.


Paging Dr. Botanicals and the Strawberry and Poppy Seed Cleansing Bar

This past year saw a rise in Dr. Botanicals products entering my world. They sort of quietly slipped in through subscription boxes without a lot of fan fair and then settled in to be some of my favorite products. The Lemon Rescue Butter has made it onto my list of repeat purchases and I have a mask from Dr. Botanicals waiting in the as of yet untried masking products line up that I can’t wait to try.

Today however there is a new product to discuss. It is the Strawberry and Poppy seed Cleansing Bar. According to Dr. Botanicals…

This is not a soap. Start your day with this completely vegan cleansing bar. Feel uplifted and energised as you wake up to clean, hydrated skin and a blissful scent every morning.

About this Product: This cleansing bar was made to simply clean, hydrate and gently exfoliate the body and hands. Black Poppy Seeds act as a natural exfoliator and buff away dead skin cells to reveal fresh, smooth skin. Moisture-loving glycerin hydrates the body, while we think breathing in the scent of juicy strawberries is the best way to wake up.

Dr. Botanicals Website

I think they go out of their way to tell you it isn’t a soap because it looks exactly like a bar of soap. And to be honest, you use it like a soap. with the poppy seeds I suppose it is intended to be an exfoliating soap.

This product has been perfuming my office since it’s arrival. Through the box, the scent of strawberries is prevalent. Anytime I opened the drawer where I stored it to wait it’s turn at use, a puff of strawberry scented air arose letting me know it was still there. So I finally decided to try it. While most of my uses were in the shower, I did take my pictures over the sink in the powder room for illustrative purposes.

The strawberry scent was strong, until the water hit it. Then it was as if the water seemed to call the scent of glycerin from the bar of not soap. It became very much a lightly strawberry scented vegan soap. Which it is. It just has that particular scent that all vegan soaps seem to have. I don’t mind it, actually I quite enjoy it, but it did kick the strawberry to the back seat. Which I thought was impossible given it’s previous dominance.

The soap itself lathers well and leaves the skin feeling clean and hydrated. There is no moisturizing residue left on the skin and the skin does not feel dried out. When you smell the skin after the shower, the scent of glycerin soap remains with only a hint of strawberry beneath it.

But this isn’t just a strawberry soap, it is a Strawberry and Poppy Seed Cleansing bar. The poppy seeds are there for an exfoliation factor. They failed miserably. And I had to take extra care to make sure they washed down the drain instead of sticking to the shower tiles. If they didn’t get rinsed down they tended to stick to the tiles when the shower dried and I needed to scrape them off so that my times didn’t become textured. Oddly enough providing the exfoliation the cleansing bar lacked, at least on my feet. The poppy seeds were disappointing. And the fading of scent was a bit disappointing. the quality of the cleansing bar itself was top notch.

I think that because this year has seen hit after hit come out of the Dr. Botanicals items, I felt that this just okay cleansing bar was a bit more of a let down than usual. While this was a good vegan cleansing bar, it wasn’t my favorite product and I don’t think that i would actually purchase it on it’s own. I will use the bar until it is gone, because it is a good cleansing bar, it just isn’t something I would feel compelled to repurchase. The Lemon Rescue Butter is a far better purchase.

Cruelty-Free Beauty Box

Giving the Pore Tight Peeling Mousse from NeoGen a trial run

Have you ever had a product you picked up for the sheer novelty of it? That’s how I came to purchase the NeoGen Pore Tight Peeling Mousse. I’ve tried a couple of products from NeoGen before. A few I liked, a few I didn’t. I was actually looking up one of those products on the NeoGen Website when I came across this product.

According to the website…

Unique mousse-type peeling formula with alginic acid found in deep-sea marine botanicals such as red algae captures impurities, blackheads, makeup residue, and dead skin cells within the pores of the skin to cleanse and purify the skin. The further added ingredient from purple sea urchins deliver tightening benefits to sagging skin for an overall smoother and firmer-looking skin.


Now normally after I list the basic product description I leave the website and go off on my own to try the product. For this product I am also going to list the how to use section because it is a bit important.

How to Use:

1. On dry hands and face, pump an adequate amount of mousse in your hands to apply completely across your face.

2. Thoroughly rub the mousse gently across your face until it completely disappears.

3. Once it completely disappears, make sure to completely rinse it off with water.

* Shake well in an up and down motion before using.

* Make sure to use only on completely dry hands and face.


I would like to point out that there are no other instructions for use. Or if they are then they are printed very small on the bottle and written in Korean. What I find missing from this description is how many times this product ought to be used. Part of this product sounds like it ought to be used daily in place of a cleanser or to remove makeup. But it is a peeling product and I am hesitant to use it more than once a week.

To try out this product I tried it on bare skin and then once on top of makeup to see if it was like a makeup remover or cleanser. I will say it did remove the makeup and my skin felt clean after use, but I felt like it was a waste of the product. It could be used that way in a pinch, but it is better on a dry makeup free face. You actually see more skin care benefits that way. When you use the peel over makeup then it just peels the makeup off. With the bare skin, it works on the skin.

As for usage, I tried once a day for a week and while it didn’t harm my face, it was a diminishing returns kind of experiment. Each day seemed to have less of an effect. Perhaps it is because there simply were less accumulated dead skin cells for the peel to remove. For me the best use time line is a once a week type of use, as though it were an exfoliant, which it kind of is.

awkward if you just try to dab it on, go in boldly and it works better

What this product does more or less is it pulls the gunk out of your pores so that your pores look smaller. What I found it helpful in dealing with are the clogged pores just below the surface of the skin. The first application of this Pore Tight Peeling Mouse, helped take away a lot of the smaller bumps and reduce the larger ones so they were smaller. With continued once a week use, there were less bumps in general.

Then I started using a pore refining mask (Juice Beauty). This mask brought more clogged pores rising to the surface and then I used this mousse to help clear them away. It Is an effective combo. I have several other masks that also raise pores (the Herbal Dynamics Cacao and Chamomile Clearing Mask still reigning as my favorite). Any good clearing mask will draw clogged pores to the surface so they can be more effectively cleared away. This Pore Tight Mousse is one of those products that does a great job of clearing away what is brought to the surface.

after the foam disapears

I would use a clearing mask to bring everything up to the surface, say on a Friday night when you are staying home and planning to be home all weekend. And then Saturday night clear away what the Friday mask brought up. Or make it a Tuesday/Wednesday thing. It’s your call. Just give the clearing mask time to bring as much up s possible before employing the Mousse.

Now while I did pick this up because I do like peeling products, I mostly chose this because of the novelty of the foam. I’ve only seen peeling masks in liquid form. The bottle looks like hair mousse. It also dispenses like hair mousse. There is a light skincare kind of scent to it, but the scent fades quickly.

After the foam and before rinse

While I like the fact that once the foam fades away it is time to rinse off the product, applying the foam to the face can be a little awkward. The best course of action is to be bold. Tie your hair back from your face, dispense the product into your hand, divide it between your two hands and rub it straight onto your face, concentrating on the areas you need help with the most. Don’t be timid or you will start to dab the foam on to your face and it will be kind of a pain because parts of your face will look like they are ready to be rinsed while others still have foam on them.

Just commit and go in with gusto. It is well worth it as once you are done, there are fewer raised pores and the skin is smoother and clearer looking. While I don’t think daily use would hurt your skin, I found the best results with once a week use. I did purchase this product for the novelty but in reality it is one of the best peeling masks I’ve used in a while. I am glad I indulged my curiosity and I would certainly purchase this NeoGen Pore Tight Peeling Mousse again.

A little Refinement for the Friday Face Mask

For those who have been following along this week, you might have heard me mention that I am starting a four week long Face Mask trial. While I love trying out all sorts of new face masks and I love using them for a variety of skin concerns and wellbeing situations (because let’s face it sometimes you just need to give yourself a fifteen minute time out before your brain explodes), they are skincare items and many of them are supposed to show skin progress through repeated use.

I must confess I am very guilty of bouncing from mask to mask based on the skin concern of the moment or merely because something is new. In December I used Sheet masks throughout the week in order to dwindle my stock pile and on Fridays I used up a lot of my open masks, you know the ones that had only a few uses left but were so good that I didn’t actually want to use up the last bit of it. I don’t know why I do that. It is like I just don’t want to say good bye. Even though I know I can repurchase. I think part of it was that I kept telling myself I couldn’t buy masks until I used up and cleared out several from the drawer so i knew I wasn’t going to be repurchasing them right away.

It is a habit I am trying to break in the new year. Mostly because those last little bits of the mask I loved so much can in fact go bad and become unusable all while taking up space in a relatively small masking drawer.

before mask, front view

However as I started using up masks to clear out space, several new masks arrived in subscription boxes. So I have several new masks I really want to try out. While Fridays are going to be a mix of using existing products and trying out new ones, I am going to try and pick one product to focus on for the month so that I can see if there are any noticeable longer term results from the mask. This was week one for the Juice Beauty Bamboo Pore Refining Mask. Plus I figure if I post the before pictures here at the beginning of the trial then there will still be a copy of them even if I do something boneheaded like clear my photofile.

I chose this for a couple of reasons. First, while I usually love Juice Beauty products, I recently tried out a moisturizer that my skin did not react well with and that I honestly hated more than any moisturizer I’ve tried in the past five years. And I felt kind of guilty because it is a brand that I generally enjoy. The second reason is that over the holidays, I tried a one time sample of this and loved it. (a friend picked up a new sample and we had a face mask moment in the midst of holiday chaos.) It is actually in my notebook of products to pick up with a big star next to it.

Before mask, side view (a lot of my clogged pores occur along the lower curve of my orbital bone so I wanted to have a good pic of the area as this is where i want the most improvement)

The third reason is that it is a two minute mask.

A two minute mask means that on Mondays and Wednesdays, when I know I am going to not have to see anyone in the afternoon and don’t need a face of makeup, I can take lunch, remove my makeup, apply the mask, make my sandwich, remove the mask and then eat lunch, all without taking a huge chunk of time out of my schedule. Two minutes is a perfect weekday masking length.

And yes my darlings, I know today is Friday, but as it is the first week of the mask I wanted to go over my initial impressions (plus today I am making bacon blue cheese bread during the day for our happy hour treat tonight so I was going to save my Friday mask for after dinner tonight since masking and running to and from the oven aren’t really great mixes.

Mask on and thoughts of a career as a bankrobber dance through my head

So what does the Juice Beauty Bamboo Pore Refining mask do?

Clear and hydrate skin at the same time with our NEW Bamboo Pore Refining Mask. Help protect against ‘maskne’ with bamboo charcoal & kaolin clay to help detox; Aspen bark to help smooth & hydrate, and exfoliating polyhydroxy acids for a softer, smoother complexion.

Eco-values: With Certified Organic Ingredients to protect humans, animals and the planet.

Sustainable Packaging: Sustainable & recyclable glass jar. FSC Paper.

Juice Beauty

Clay and charcoal are always good things in my face mask products list and truth be told my area has very rapidly rising infection rates at the moment (on top of seasonal colds) and the face masks are back to being worn more diligently. I’ll admit there was a moment for a while where it looked like they could be eased out of use, but that moment passed. At least in my area.

So maskne too has returned. For me it is the rise of clogged pores, so there are no surface blemishes but I can feel the little bumps under the skin. So I’m hoping this mask will come in handy. It also means that Friday masks may end up focusing on brightening and other non-pore clearing things for a while. I actually have an Aceology mask I have been waiting to try out that is high on my list of new to me masks to try. I actually want to try out their Ice globe facial massagers but that is more for my skincare tools list than the masks.

But on to the first use of the Juice Beauty Bamboo Pore Refining Mask. As you can see in the above photos, the charcoal makes this mask black. There is a vague charcoal scent to it, but it is very much a back note. The scent of the mask is light and easily fades but I get more of plant like scent to it that I think might be from the aspen bark. The scent is light and fades quickly so the scent isn’t much of an issue if you are scent sensitive, but it is a pleasant scent while it lasts and I think it is from the Aspen.

After two minutes the only difference is where I felt an itch and scratched my face,

I expected from the description that the mask would have exfoliating particles in it, but it doesn’t It is simply a smooth clay like mask. It is lighter in feel than many clay masks I’ve tried.

When on the skin there was the feeling of coolness but I did not detect any tingling sensations. I always suspect masks with shorter wear times to tingle more as though they were super charged, but there was no tingling.

post mask, not a lot of change but i feel clean and refreshed,

Because of the Kaolin Clay I expected the mask to have to be scrubbed off like a mud mask, or maybe crumbled off. Because this one only sits for two minutes it was still wet when i went to remove it. Which made it super easy to remove. I am also glad I have the Glov mask removing cloth. It is already stained from another charcoal mask and using it kept me from staining my washcloth. And yes, before I included the Glov cloth in my routine I did have one wash cloth I just used for masks. The washcloth works well, just choose one for masks and use it, that way if a mask stains it, there is less of a concern.

The mask was easy to remove with a damp wash cloth and when it was gone, I rinsed out the cloth, hung it to dry and splashed a little clean water on my face to remove the last of the residue before patting my face dry.

Was there a lot of change after a first use? No. My skin did feel soft and hydrated. There was no issue with the mask being too intense for my skin and quite honestly my skin felt clean and refreshed. The next morning however I could see that some of my deeper clogged pores were moving closer to the surface. I think that this is a mask that will help bring those clogged pores up with repeated use. As I am gaining more and more clogged pores from wearing the mask again, it will be interesting to see how this Juice Beauty Bamboo Pore Refining Mask performs in the next three weeks. My hope is that it will bring the clogged pores to the surface so they can be cleared away and hopefully prevent other pores from clogging. But only time will tell how effective that will end up being. For a first use however, it was quite positive.

The Skincare Line Up: January 14th, 2022

welcome to Friday morning my darlings. As we all think about the list of things we need to get done before we can mark an official end to the week, let’s take a look back at some of the skincare that was used this week. While I will list out the products I used daily, this month i am also using the Juice Beauty Bamboo Pore Refining (2 min) mask twice a week (Mondays and Wednesdays). I will post a review separately after four full weeks of use, but I just wanted to mention that it is currently in use (this was week one). And now on with the Daytime skincare list.

Cleanser: Elemis Balancing Lime Blossom Cleanser (link will actually take you to my full review)

Essence: 111Skin Antioxidant Energizing Essence

Toner: Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Toner

Serum: Serumkind Purple Cabbage Drops

Eye cream: Glam Glow Bright Eyes

Moisturizer: Comfort Zone Hydramemory Cream Gel 24 hour double hydration cream gel

The Daytime Line up

The Elemis Cleanser I have used for a while. The link will actually take you to my full review. I absolutely adore this cleanser. And to be honest I would happily just continue to just use this cleanser. I did notice that I have a stock pile of sample sized cleansers though so what I might do is continue using this in the morning and then start rolling in some of the other sample sizes to try out in the evening. That way if any of them don’t perform as well as I would like I still have the Elemis there as back up. It is something I will look into later today. I think that might be a good way to try out some products with minimal concern.

The 111skin Essence is back and it is actually starting to look like the level is moving on the bottle. Since only one small drop is really needed with each application it felt like I was using it and magically the level stayed the same. I did take a week off, partially because I did want to test out the efficacy of the essence. The purpose of an essence is to prep the skin so it can more readily accept other skincare. It is essentially like a turbo boost for your skincare. So I wanted to see if i could tell a difference when I didn’t use the essence compared to when I did. And to be honest, I was happier with my other skincare when I was using the essence than when I skipped it. To me, that means that the essence is doing it’s job. Plus the scent of it is realty nice. It makes everything feel as though it is part of a high end spa. To be honest other than calling it ‘the scent of a high end spa’ I’m not entirely sure how to describe the scent other than slightly floral but not overwhelmingly floral. It smells like an expensive spa.

The Glow Recipe toner does not. It smells like watermelon juice mixed with stale water. As far as toners go it performs well and I’m sure the PHAs and BHAs are doing good things for my skin, but I just can’t take the scent. I have about a week’s worth of product left so I will be finishing this toner up this week, rolling it out of use and never repurchasing it again. There are many other Glow Recipe Products I love, this just isn’t one of them.

I do love the Glam Glow Bright Eyes Eye Cream though. This is not the first time I have used this eye cream and it won’t be the last. For a while it kept popping up on IPSY add ons and I kept picking up the little sample sized pots of it. It is what i am currently using. The small pots are adorable looking, but the also last a really long time. While it is good enough that I would be willing to spring for a full size, the small sample sizes last so long that I am perfectly happy using the sample size. In fact as this sample size was opened and rolled into my line up this week, I may see just how long one of the sample sizes lasts me. The trick is remembering which was the first week of use by the time I reach the end of the little pot of cream. I may take a second nw and put it on my calendar.

I am still on the fence about the Serum Kind Purple Cabbage drops. It is only the second week of use and I do like the way it feels on the skin, but I can’t say that i am seeing anything really note worthy. It is supposed to be calming and nourishing so perhaps I need to look a little harder to figure out exactly what i should be looking for. I do like the thickness of the serum and the fact that it does absorb fairly quickly. It does leave ,my skin feeling slightly sticky though which I’m not too fond of. Applying the moisturizer right after counteracts that so it isn’t a big deal, but it still isn’t my favorite feeling.

Because my moisturizer was too heavy for day time use, I decided to roll in another sample to try and use that up as my day cream. this week I went with the Comfort Zone Hydramemory cream gel. It is a light weight cream (white cream as opposed to clear gel). It absorbed into my skin very quickly and easily and was perfect for day time use. It would be far too light for night time use though. If I did use it at night I would have to roll in a sleeping mask. Since I am using it only during the day I have about another week’s worth of use out of this sample sixed tube. while I am likening it as a day cream it has a strange plastic-y floral sort of scent that i don’t find all that appealing. the scent isn’t strong enough for me to not want to use, it is just a strange scent for a moisturizer to have. it kind of smells like those fake plastic flowers that sometimes have a faux floral scent to go with them. When I was little I remember a store in town selling them but I haven’t seen them in a long time. And I kind of hope no one makes them any more. But it is that sort of scent. Odd but not bad. And not enough moisture for night time use, but great during the day.

The Night Time Line Up

Cleanser: Elemis Balancing Lime Blossom Cleanser (link will actually take you to my full review)

Essence: 111Skin Antioxidant Energizing Essence

Toner: Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Toner

Serum: Serumkind Purple Cabbage Drops

Eye cream: Glam Glow Bright Eyes

Moisturizer: Kate Somerville Exfolikate Glow Moisturizer

Makeup Remover: Vitabrid C12 Daily C Balancing Cleansing Balm

Lips: Laniege Lip Mask in Berry

A lot of the products listed at night are also listed in the day time so I won’t bore you with a repeat of their performance here and just refer you to the above paragraphs. Next week I am going to start rolling in a few new products so there will be a greater difference between night and day.

This week not so much.

The vitabrid cleansing balm I am really liking. It does a great job of removing makeup with out a lot of harsh scrubbing on the skin and it rinses off clean with no oily residue left behind. Removing makeup and leaving when the job is done is kind of top marks for a cleansing balm in my book. I am happy to continue using this until it is empty. I also have a couple of other Vitabrid products waiting in the wings that this makes me excited to try so that’s also a plus.

The Kate Somerville is an excellent moisturizer. The lemon scent to it is slightly industrial but not overpowering and it makes my skin feel so good that i am willing to ignore the scent. Plus it isn’t really a strong scent. The amount of hydration is perfect for me in the winter and at night. it was too much during the day (so I rolled in a different moisturizer for day cream) and I don’t think I could get away with using this moisturizer in the summer. It is possible it could still be a night cream in the summer, but I think it might be too heavy for my skin even then. My skin is in that weird category called “normal” and in the summer it leans towards oily and in the winter it leans towards dry. It never actually makes it to either oily or dry, but it rides those lines pretty tightly. Right now, this is the perfect night time moisturizer for me so I will happily use it. And while I would repurchase it, I would repurchase it in November, not June.

And then we wrap up with the Laneige Lip mask. In the winter it takes just one hour long walk for my lips to go from hydrated and fine to desert dry and chapped. At the moment I am using this nightly so that the dryness never lasts. It has meant that my walks may leave my lips slightly chapped but by the next morning the chapping is gone and the dry and chapped don’t ever reach the painful stage. I am a huge fan. It is a great product and one jar will last for a long time. And the little spatula that comes with it is honestly adorable. I want to try so many flavors of this lip mask.

So that my darlings was the skincare line up this week. Next week I’ll be shaking things up a little so the day and night time look a little bit different and I can continue to use up some of my sample sizes. Some of the samples will make the cut and be listed on the products to be ordered in the full size and others will simply be used and cleared out to provide space for other products. I’m sure it will be a skincare adventure. I hope the rest of your Friday is fabulous. I’ll check back in with you later when we get to the Friday Face mask. Until then, have a great one.

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Cleaning up with Elemis Lime Blossom Balancing Cleanser

For well over a month the Elemis Lime Blossom Balancing Cleanser has been a part of my skincare Line up. While I mention it in my weekly line up posts, I wanted to take a minute and go over the product more fully in a separate post.

While Elemis is a brand that I will always go back to because I simply really like the way their products work, most of what I am familiar with is a part of their Marine Collagen line. I was first introduced to this brand through subscription boxes. While I heard of them before, they were a bit on the expensive side and I’ll be honest, when I purchase expensive items it tends to be because I have tried them in sample form and liked them enough to know that I will enjoy using the full sized product.

I prefer pump top cleansers for ease of use with wet hands

With Elemis, since the Marine Collagen line was so often in subscription boxes, I was able to try most of the line and start purchasing with confidence. At least from that line. I had also tried several items from their Super food Line. This Lime Blossom Balancing Cleanser is one I went out on a limb with a little bit. I had not tried anything Lime Blossom from Elemis , but by the time I ordered it I had enough confidence in the brand to feel good about ordering the full sized product. The full sized 200 ml bottle of this product is $36 which is actually quite a good price for a cleanser I thought. Most of my cleansers seem to come in this basic range.

two pumps of product were enough for a daily cleanse

Literally nothing I have ever used from Elemis has given me problems, and this cleanser was no exception. The Lime Blossom scent is lighter than many of their other products. The Lime Blossom scent, which I personally adore, is present, but it fades very quickly. Perhaps this is because it is a cleanser, perhaps it is because the scent of Lime Blossoms isn’t an overpowering one. If you have never smelled lime blossoms before, I highly recommend finding a lime tree and taking several deep breaths. The scent is lightly floral with a hint of citrus teasingly in the background. I find it an absolutely lovely scent.

The face was is light and creamy. It has a pump, which I really like for cleansers as it lets me control how much product I dispense. I always go through tube style cleansers far too fast simply because I squeeze the tube with wet hands. Sometimes that results in little product coming out, sometimes in loads more than I intended. Of course that also depends on the tube, some are easier to use with wet hands than others.

I still prefer the pump. And this one is good. It is a thinner style of pump but large enough to be sturdy and used with one hand. I generally found that two pumps was enough for my morning use. I tended to use more in the evenings to remove makeup. While I do love a good cleansing balm I did try this cleanser without a makeup remover beforehand. This cleanser will get you about 85% of the makeup off (non-waterproof makeup) without using a makeup remover balm prior. Personally i like to remove my makeup , then cleanse and then bask in the glory of a mostly clear toner pad. But that is just me. If you don’t use a makeup remover prior, then this is still a good cleanser to use. Just know you will have some makeup residue on your toner pad.

Product on face (sorry for the bad angle/ blur as my hands were wet and the camera was slipping) the cream texture lets you see where it is applied.

The cleanser is not foaming. At all. To apply I wet my face and then massaged the cleanser into the skin. It applies just like a cream. While I do enjoy a good foaming cleanser, there is a great deal to be said in favor of a non-foaming one. The first is that you can tell where you put the cleanser on your skin. I liked applying the cleanser and seeing that my whole face was covered before I started massaging the product over my skin to get it clean. It let me know I hadn’t missed a spot.

The product is thick enough that it really didn’t drip so it was clean to apply and use. I also use a vibrating skincare device. While I often use it to massage in serums, it works really well with this style of cleanser and I felt I got a better clean because of it.

The Elemis Lime Blossom Cleanser rinses off clean without either stripping the skin or leaving any form of residue on the skin. My skin felt soft and clean, which is pretty much what I want from a cleanser. It was also a gentle formula that was non-irritating. During the past month I tried out a moisturizer that had an ingredient my skin did not like. Irritation followed and while I was careful with the products I used while the irritation faded, I never had to discontinue use of the Elemis Cleanser. It was gentle enough that it didn’t hurt or further irritate my irritated skin and still allowed me to wash my face with no issues. Over all, I found this Lime Blossom Balancing Cleanser to be a fantastic purchase and it is one that I will make again in the future. A month of use has seen me only a quarter of the way through the bottle and I am glad it will remain in the line up for a while longer.

Online Exclusives. The Best of Elemis available only at

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A month of Terravibe CBD Age Defying Eye serum

Good morning my darlings. Can you guess what time it is? That’s right it is time to look at the Terravibe CBD Age Defying Eye Serum with hyaluronic Acid and it’s effects on my skin, most notably the fine lines around my eyes, after a full thirty days of use. To give full disclosure Terravibe did gift this eye serum to me to to try out for the purpose of review. However, all of the thoughts and opinions are my own. This is my skin and my opinions of how this particular serum worked on it.

Before we get into the results and the before and after pictures, let’s talk a little bit about the serum. Age Defying is a pretty broad term. Age defying in an eye serum generally means trying to make those pesky fine lines at the edges of your eyes caused by several decades of smiling look a little less prominent. At least that is how I interpret it.

And if you are going to look at plumping up those fine lines hyaluronic acid is a great place to start. It essentially attracts moisture to the skin and locks it in, the fullness of the hydration tends to plump the skin lessening the appearance of those pesky little fine lines. If you are looking for a more detailed scientific explanation, this article will help you out with all of those details.

I personally like to think about it like a water balloon. When you have just a little water in it, the balloon is a bit saggy and droopy. If you put more water in it then the balloon gets tighter and smoother. Hyaluronic Acid is more or less the funnel by which the water gets into the balloon that is your skin.

This is also why deionized water is the first ingredient on the skincare label for the Terravibe CBD Age Defying Eye Serum. If the Hyaluronic Acid is going to put water into the skin it has to take if from somewhere. So why not have it in the serum. This seems to be fairly standard in Hyaluronic acid based serums, or at least the ones I have tried.

But what about the CBD? Like the Hyaluronic Acid it is listed on the label, and indeed it is listed first on the label. I’ll admit, I know a lot more about hyaluronic acid in skin care than I know about CBD in skincare. Mostly because CBD in skincare is still being researched. Or at least that is what I could find out. Nearly every article I found about CBD use in skincare had the sentence “Research is still ongoing.” Or some form of this sentence. The word “Promising” also appeared a number of times.

What I could find points to CBD as an anti-oxidant that reduces inflammation and the damage done to skin by free-radicals. Like many others, my research is on going. This article was one of the best concise run downs of CBD benefits. Others were more technical, but this was one of the more helpful and easy to understand articles.

So given everything that I found, I was expecting to see a minimization of some of my fine lines as well as a reduction in skin damage.

All things I would like to see.

So, The serum was opened. And used. For a full month.

The serum itself is a fairly thin liquid and the directions indicate that a dime sized amount should be used once each morning on your neck face and upper chest. And so this is what I did. The thin serum absorbed quickly. I could probably have gone in almost immediately with a moisturizer after the serum but I like to give serums a little time to settle in and make themselves comfortable before applying the moisturizer. However, on the mornings when things were a bit hurried, I didn’t have to wait as long. My skin just soaked it in like a sponge and there was no greasy feeling left behind.

Because it is an eye serum, I started my application around the eyes and then worked my way out around the rest of my face and down to my neck and upper chest. I have some sun damage remaining from this summer’s heat wave despite my reliance on sunscreen, and I was hoping to give it a little boost in any way possible. Of course by the time I reached my neck most of the serum was absorbed into my face.

Now you may also see in the picture that although the bottle comes with an eye dropper, it is an eye dropper with a bit of a bend in it. I found this interesting. With the recommended dose and the recommended once daily use, the amount of product lasts about 30 days. I am at this point scraping the bottom of the bottle. This makes the eye dropper a nice addition to the packaging. For the first two weeks, the curved eye dropper worked like any other eye dropper. It picked up product, I dispensed the product into my hand and used the product.

On the third week, the dropper picked up less product and so I had to do two pumps to get my dime sized amount. Odd but not too much of a problem. Then as I entered week four, it suddenly went back to working as it had in the beginning. I think that the curve in the dropper is designed so that you can get all of the last drops of the serum from the bottle even when it is low. The curve lets it suck the product from around the edges more easily.

Admittedly it took me a few minutes to work that out and I stared stupidly at the bottle trying to figure out how more product got into the bottle. I put on my skincare while the coffee is brewing and I am not at my brightest pre-caffeinated. Once I realized the shape was working for me, I was less confused. There was just a week in the middle there where the shape made it less effective, but still easily used and not really an issue. It is just something to note if you are using the eye serum.

But now that we have chatted about it’s use, how did it perform? Well…

Before on the left and after on the right

Personally I would say it performed really well. There is a definite decrease in the lines at the side of my eye. I took the after photo on Friday, January 7th. I had a bit of a cold so there is actually more puffiness under the eyes than there has been. But the deepest line at the side of my eyes is significantly reduced. Quite honestly I was very impressed.

While the results on the lines are really good, what you might not be able to see in the photos is that the texture of my skin is quite improved as well. The CBD Age Defying Eye Serum from Terravibe was designed, as the name says, for the eyes. And that is where it showed the most results. But the serum was spread all over the face and neck and my skin did feel more hydrated, less winter dry and softer all round in texture. I did have some wind burn on my cheeks that has cleared up and my skin just simply feels good. I was very impressed with the Terravibe CBD Age Defying Eye Serum and not only would I use this serum again, I want to try out more from the brand and I want to do more research on CBD products.

If there is one downfall it is that there is not a lot of information on the Terravibe site. I think their website might still be developing and I hope they do put more information up soon. Of course even if they did have the information up, you know I’d go looking for more information. You know how much I love research. Detailed website or not, this CDB Age Defying Eye Serum is certainly one to keep on the list.