Unboxing The Underclub May 2021

It has arrived!  My subscription from The Underclub is here!  I love that it is the first subscription to arrive each month as it never disappoints and always makes me happy.  In case you haven’t guessed from the name, The Underclub is a monthly luxury underwear subscription service.  There are several different tiers and some have one pair sent to you and others two.  My tier is the one pair for $15 per month one.  I have never once regretted signing up.  While some of the underwear I would not have chosen specifically for myself, I always absolutely love them.They always have a sign up deal going on as well. I’ll post the link if you are interested.

use code “SWEETDREAMS” with any 6 or 12 month Gift or Prepay Subscription and get a FREE UC Eyemask + Bag!

And then there is the store.

Underwear Packs discounted 20% off, just use the code PACK20

They are always releasing new sets and package deals like the seven day bundle.  The recent release of the Zodiac elemental sets are really hard to resist.  Since I was born at the end of June I am  a Water sign and the underwear and eyelash lace tank that goes with the Water are really calling to me. I just love that shade of blue. I couldn’t find a good picture of it, but all of their zodiac sign themed undie sets look amazing. All the links in the post will take you to their homepage if you want to check out the zodiac (or any other) collection. I really think they were well designed.

May’s Subscription set

I also love that they are very size inclusive.  There have been a lot of sites where I’ve seen something I liked and found out they just didn’t carry it in my size or if they did it was a lot more expensive than it would be for a smaller size.  The Underclub store has all their sizes at the same price and I am included in their size range.  Pretty underwear is one of my personal pleasures.  I really do like pretty undergarments.  It has become an additional daily treat as I wear the plane cotton Hanes underwear to the gym and then only put on the delicate lacy things after my post work out shower.  So it is an extra little incentive.

‘If you do the workout like you scheduled you can wear the pretty undies after.’

Somedays, I confess, I need the extra incentive.  Especially if it is raining and I don’t want to drive across town to the gym. 

Lace detail

But that is another story, we are here to talk about this month’s Underclub selection. 

And it is a nice one.  It is soft dusty pink lace in a boy short cut. I love the scalloped edging.  The las is soft against the skin and not scratchy.  As always I looked for any loose threads or missed stitches before I washed them and found none.  They are very good quality.  And even though they did come sealed in their own little bag inside a bag. I washed them before trying them on.  I also looked them over as they came out of the wash and found that nothing came loose in the wash either. 

On the small bag that the undies came in they are labeled Viola HW Cheeky in Rose Cloud.  And they do feel cloud soft against the skin. 

I am especially pleased with these because they are actually the Underclub brand of undies. Each month prior I’ve gotten a different brand, but I have never received a pair from the in house brand.  I was curious as to the quality of the actual Underclub brand of underwear.  I am not disappointed. 

I will get a lot of use out of these and quite frankly, they were the perfect reward for talking myself into doing an extra set of arm workouts today. I know my arms will be sore, but I still get to wear the pretty, pretty lace which makes me feel better about the sore arms. Way to go Underclub! This was a fabulous start to the May Subscriptions.

Unboxing the April 2021 BoxyCharm Premium Box

It has arrived!  My BoxyCharm premium.  This month it was a bit of a struggle.  There was no news for a long time, no tracking, no e-mails.  I texted the help line and the next day I received a tracking number as my box finally left the warehouse.  After that, it fairly sped through the system to arrive on my doorstep.

Everything arrived safe and sound.  This month we were allowed to choose two items for the premium box.  The first Item I chose was the Wander Beauty Do Not Disturb Over Night Repair Concentrate

I have been looking for a good night cream for a while and have had mixed results.  I’ve only tried out Wander Beauty’s makeup and never their skincare.  So even though we have been well stocked on skincare from subscriptions, this is not a category I have a lot of product in and I wanted to try Wander Beauty’s skin care, so That’s why I chose it.

The second item I chose was the Nars Blush in Angelika. What can I say?  I like blush and I really like NARS.  For me it was a no brainer.  The only issue was that I couldn’t pick multiple blushes and had to choose one color. But now I have a new blush.

Blush swatch

I also have a new primer.  I received the Marc Jacobs Under Cover Blurring Primer. And you know how much I love a good primer.  Plus I really do like Marc Jacobs Products. Again another win for me and quite frankly something I was very excited about. 

I will say the excitement continued when I opened the Eloise Beauty Rose Gold TearDrop brush.  I mean just look at that.  How stinkin’ pretty is that?  Very is the answer.  And that is the type of foundation brush I prefer.  It kind of reminds me of my 999 Master blender. 

It has a different shape but the same sort of dense bristles.  And I like having more than one foundation brush to rely on.  Hopefully this one will perform as well as it looks.  If so I will be thrilled.  I know this came up in a past Luxe Box and it was one of the items that made me wish I was signed up for the Luxe box.  I am actually really thrilled to have it here. 

Speaking of seeing before, I received the 111 Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment masks (5 Pack).  I received this set last year or maybe the year before.  I can’t remember the month, but I did receive them.  I am also now down to my last mask. 

They are a bit heavy so you have to lay down when you wear them to keep them from sliding off, but they are worth it.  My skin always feels so soft and hydrated after wearing them.  While never thrilled by a repeat, I can’t say I am sorry to have another pack.  I will definitely use them and I already know I enjoy them.

The final item in my boxycharm Premium this moth was the Dose of Colors Eyeliner.   And guess what.  It is not a black eyeliner.  I repeat, it is not a black eyeliner.  It is green.  As I currently have enough black eyeliners to draw a line around the country I am very happy that it isn’t black. 

A non-black eyeliner

I look forward to trying out the formula and I have to say it is a very pretty looking liner. I also have to admit it took me a while to figure out that you didn’t twist to get the product out but just pulled off the cap.  Yeah, it kind of took me longer to figure that out than it should have. But for those playing with it, the pointy end is a cap.

I have to say I was thrilled with this month’s Boxy Charm Premium.  I think it might actually have been the best box I received this month.  I love that it leaned into makeup more than skin care.  Don’t get me wrong, I love skin care, but the past year it seemed that every box was heavy with skin care. 

It is nice to see some makeup again.  And really the makeup was NARS, Marc Jacobs and Dose of Colors.  So brands I know and love and products I can’t wait to play with.  Boxy Charm may have been slow out of the gate this month, but they certainly finished with a bang.  Fabulous box this month Boxy Charm, two thumbs, way up.

Unboxing the April 2021 Glossy Box

Happy Monday my darlings.  Guess what arrived on my doorstep this weekend?  Two separate subscription boxes.  The first is The April Glossy Box.  For those who don’t know Glossy Box is a $21 per month beauty Subscription.. If you sign up for a year (which I do) you still pay month to month however the cost drops down to $18.  In addition each month you get a chance to rate each of your products.  When you rate them, you earn glossie credit which you get to spend either on The Glossy Box website or the Look Fantastic Website.  The Look Fantastic website is huge.  While the credits are small they add up and don’t expire.  It really is a great way to take off some of the cost of pricier items all while enjoying a subscription service.  Personally there are several items I have my eye on but I’m also debating saving them up for the Advent Calendar in the autumn.

But that is a story for another time. 

April’s box theme was Woke up in Spring for April and the NCLA Nail polish certainly fits that theme.  It is a full sized nail polish and the shade I received is a lovely purple.  It is very spring like and I have to say I am glad that they didn’t choose pink. 

With Valentine’s day, Easter and spring themes going on I have a lot of pink nail polishes.  I actually had to declutter several because they were the exact same shade of pink.  This is spring like without being pink. 

Plus NCLA is a great nail polish.  It only took one coat to get full color coverage.  Which meant I could paint my nails quickly and let them dry. 

Also full size this month is the Freeman French Pink Clay Peel off mask.  Yes my darlings, I said clay peel off mask.  While I am not a huge fan of peel of masks, I do love clay masks.  I’m not entirely certain how to make a clay mask peel off, but I am curious enough to give it a try. 

Freeman is a brand I occasionally pick up at Target.  I tend to find them okay but not spectacular. They are relatively inexpensive and tend to be fun to use without massive skin care benefits.  Perhaps this pore clearing one will be different.  I’ll have to try it and see.  Perhaps this will be the mask I turn to this Friday.

Next out of the box is a mascara from Beautaniq Beauty.  It is a nourishing mascara which could me fun to try. It looks like this mascara is a full size as well actually. I believe we’ve gotten the Beautaniq Beauty cream blush before and I believe I passed it along to a new home as I didn’t particularly care for it. 

I think I liked the glass jar but not the product if I remember correctly.  This week I sent two mascaras to the empties bin so I might rotate this one in this afternoon to give it a chance and see how it performs.  Perhaps I will like it better than the blush. 

Next up is another makeup item and it was the Cargo Cosmetics Swimables Eyeshadow Stick  in the shade Sandy Bay. It too is full sized. I have a couple of Cargo palettes that I like and I have a lippie from the Cargo Swimables line but I haven’t tried the shadow stick before. 

Perhaps I’ll try it out along with the mascara today.  I have to say, swatched on the hand it isn’t the most attractive shade but I do like the fact that it is matte.  I have several shadow sticks but they are all shimmers.  I don’t tend to reach for them that much because I usually have a palette with shimmers in it. 

shadow swatch

Having a matte shadow stick means that I can just reach for shadow sticks which means I might use them more.  As I really like some of the shimmery shadow sticks I’m okay with that.  Providing this one works out okay.

The next item in my box this month was actually not listed in the little booklet they sent with the bo.  It is a set of LA Splash shadow brushes.  One is for defining and one for setting.  They actually feel like decent quality brushes.  I’m kind of impressed and looking forward to using them. 

Finally there was an extra treat this month.  It is called The Good Patch in Be Calm and it is some sort of mood enhancement patch.  You are supposed to place it on the inside of your wrist and wear it throughout the day to ensure you remain calm.  It has Hemp and menthol in it. 

I Think I may have to go looking for a little more information before I stick it on to my wrist. It could be something fabulous, it is just something new and unexpected. Since new and unexpected are part of the reasons I get this box, I’m happy to have it.  I’ll be happier once I look into it a bit more, but I also like research so that’s fun too. 

I have to say I really liked this month’s box.  Lately everything has been so skin care heavy that I’ve been missing the makeup.  This one had a few makeup items in it, and are ones I do want to try. In fact it really had only one skin care item and that was the mask.  

Nothing in the box made me super excited, but it is a good decent box with several interesting items inside. The fact that pretty much everything except for the bonus treat of the Be Calm Patech is full sized is actually really impressive. Usually there are one or two full sized items and the rest are deluxe samples. I actually didn’t realize until I started typing that everything this month really is full sized. Which is a nice surprise as well. I am looking forward to playing around with all of the items that came, which is always a good sign. After all a box is only good if you want to use the products you recieve.

As always, they announced their sneak peek for May in the April pamphlet.  I love that the sneak peek is the announcement of the Summer travel bag.  They don’t list specific products though so unfortunately no details. I can’t wait to see what that bag includes. Luckily for me, May isn’t too far away.

Trying out the Nadine West Clothing Subscription Service: April 2021

While the other side of the bag has the Nadine West logo on it, it also has my mailing label.

It is the time of year where the closet opens up, the clothing comes out and the sweaters are moved to the back while lighter weight garments take center stage.  Usually I take the time to go through and remove clothing that is now too worn or no longer fits.  In twenty-twenty my weight moved up and down, but it mostly stayed in the same range so there was no elimination of sizing at the end of the summer last year when I brought the fall clothes out. This fact was something I found a little depressing, even though I made the justification that last year was just bonkers.  I was also a little annoyed with myself.  So I didn’t go through the summer clothes.  I simply made certain they were washed before sending them into the dark depths of the closet.

While I am not down any sizes, when I took my warmer weather clothing out, I found that quite a few items had seen their last summer.  I think it was a combination of not shopping as much and hoping that before I did go shopping I’d be down another size. Regardless, I found I was in need of of a purge and some new clothing. 

I have wanted to try out a clothing subscription for a long time and quite frankly this seemed like the perfect excuse to do it. I am still not spending a lot of time shopping.  I really like to try on clothing before I purchase it, yet not too keen on changing rooms at the moment and I am very much in need of new clothing.

And we all know I love subscriptions. Plus it seemed like an interesting way to not only get pieces I like, but to push myself out of my comfort zone.

The question was what subscription to try first.  

The first determining factor was my weight.  My current size is just beyond the range of many of the subscription services.  If I lose two dress sizes, I have a much wider range, however currently, my options are limited.  It was one of the issues I faced when looking at underwear subscriptions, and ultimately why I chose to go with Underclub.  In the few month’s I’ve had that subscription, I have not once regretted signing up with them so I hoped the same would prove true for a more size inclusive clothing subscription service. Incidentally Underclub has a deal going on.

use code “SWEETDREAMS” with any 6 or 12 month Gift or Prepay Subscription and get a FREE UC Eyemask + Bag!

The subscription service I decided to try first was Nadine West.  They had my size and at $9.78 per month it is very budget friendly.  The $9.78 is the styling fee and if you choose to purchase any items in the subscription then the styling fee goes towards the item purchase.  At the time I signed up you could get your first month with no styling fee with the code NADINE.  I don’t know if the code is still valid (it was the last time I checked) but it meant that I paid nothing for my first bag.

Which seemed like a good way to try it out.

I really appreciate this, not only from a budgeting concern but because I suspect that any subscription service is going to need a few months to basically learn my style and tastes. I suspected the first shipment wouldn’t really suit me so it was nice that the code gave me a getting to know you bag bbefore actually charging me.

How well they learn will be part of the factor that determines how long I keep the Nadine West service.  As it was the first month and we are still getting to know each other, I wasn’t expecting to adore everything sent. With this first bag I wanted to see if the clothing was of a quality that would make the subscription service worth bothering to receive.

After all it may only be $9.78 but if they aren’t going to send me items of a quality that I could wear, there was no point in using the service.  And I wanted to see what they sent based on the initial survey.  Essentially this bag is the baseline for the subscription. With each bag I will comment on the items and see if the selection of products they send adapts.

The questionnaire that you fill out at the beginning is very vague.  It gives a basic style category (classic, romantic, trendy…).  Ask what parts of the body you want to hide.  (I said arms and belly).  And asks what colors you will not wear. It also had check boxes to check what items you are interested in receiving.  I did not see this on my first pass through the profile survey so all of the items were checked.  I have since gone back and removed a couple.

So what happened when I signed up?

I took my style quiz and did all the sign up items and then two days later I received a tracking number for my first bag.  It should be noted that you can choose to receive a bag once a month or once every two weeks.  Three days after receiving the tracking number the bag was at my house.  Because this was my first bag I was hazy as to how long I had before I needed to send the items I didn’t want back.  To be honest the website is not fabulous.  They do send you a series of welcome e-mails detailing what you need to know but quite frankly I would have preferred Just one or two paragraphs on the site giving me the information.  Since my first bag was free I wasn’t charged up front and found it really difficult to find out how much each following month would cost me.  The information came in a later e-mail.  Also in a later e-mail was the fact that the return by date would be on the packing slip.

I do like that the packages are scheduled to come in mid-month (I think they ship around the 14th).  This month my packing slip says I have until April 28th to return what I don’t like.  I will be charged for what I keep when they receive my return shipment and process it.   I really like knowing that as I can make certain my bank account is ready for the charge. I very much like that. I just wish all of that was spelled out in a paragraph for me on the site instead of a slate of follow up e-mails.

There is no previewing the items sent.  You just get what you get.  There also seems to be a point system that I hope will be explained in a later e-mail. On my packing slip it says that I have 100 points and am classified as a beginner.  I understand the beginner part as this is my first bag, but have no idea what the points relate to. I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

The bag that the clothing comes in is a plastic one.  You open it, take the items out and the bag is reusable so you use it to send the items back. The clothing is wrapped in tissue paper. This means that there is no real wasted packaging with shipping.  The packing slip is inside and it is very clear how to send items back.

So what was in my first box? 

The first item I removed was a scarf, Butterflies and Peonies print in gray (retail $16.99).  It is a gauzy material and feels well made.  The tag was through all of the folded layers so it was impossible to unfold without removing the tag.  I did not remove the tag.  While I do occasionally wear scarves and I like the gray color, I’m not the butterfly wearing sort of person.   It is nice but certainly not for me.  The tag is simply a Nadine West tag so I am guessing it is their brand. I will be sending it back.  I have also checked no scarves on the list so we will see if that matters going forward.

As a note, I did try to take pictures of me in the garments, but the pictures came out horribly. My camera angle was off and the sun slanted inthrought the window and pounced off of the mirror. Next month I will have my babydoll try to take them for me, but this month is mostly laid out garments as the first pictures were just too bad to post.

the necklace on

There were two jewelry items in my bag which I really wasn’t expecting. They were in the style pictures, I just didn’t realize they’d be in the bag as well. I thought it was mostly reference. The first was a sliver necklace in the style Lizzie that retails for $44.99.  It was actually the most expensive item in my bag this month.  It is nice looking and of decent quality.  It isn’t excellent quality but it is decent enough that I would wear it.  I have several necklaces similar to it in my collection already and would have liked the chain maybe half an inch longer to sit slightly lower on my neck.  While I am sending it back, I am encouraged by the fact that it is something I like.  And really if I didn’t already have several very similar pieces I would consider keeping it. 

The earrings (retail $19.99) were also nice They thin hoops and it is easy to see why they are less expensive than the necklace. While still nice enough quality to wear, they are not quite as nice as the necklace.  I’m not a big hoop earring sort of person.  I do have a couple of pairs that I like, but most hoop earrings I am not a fan of. (My favorite pair of ‘hoop earrings’ are actually a pair of bronze squid tentacles if that helps with my hoop style) These are thin and delicate enough that I do like them, however they aren’t distinctive enough that I really want to keep them. While I tried on the necklace, I didn’t try the earrings on since I knew I wasn’t keeping them.

Now, we finally get to the clothing.  There were three clothing items included in my bag this month.  I’ll go ahead and be honest, I’m only keeping one item.  I’ll cover the two I’m sending back first so we can end on a high note.

The first clothing item was a sleeveless shirt from the brand Sheila Rose.  It retails for $39.49. While I will wear tank tops under clothing and to sleep in and I wear shells under jackets and blazers, I am not a big sleeveless shirt sort of person.  If something is sleeveless I am putting a jacket or a cardigan over it.  Even though at the moment I just don’t like showing off the jiggle, I have always wanted my arms covered.  I will show shoulders, but there are very few times that I am willing to go without sleeves.  This is not the shirt that is going to make me change that feeling.  While it is beautifully soft and a nice color the fit is odd.  It is strangely long and does not in any way suit me. It is tight across the breasts, loose just below them and then it clings to the belly fat. In fact it emphasizes everything I told them I wished to cover. It it were loose and baggy around the waist I would like it more, but alas I do not. I like the softness and the color and I even like the graphic on the front, but the fit is all wrong.  Also while it was a short questionnaire, I did mention I didn’t want to show off my arms. So this was a big miss.

The second Item was a pair of Yummy Joggers from the brand Shosho. They retail for $$23.49. They are soft and I could easily see myself working in them at my desk.  However, they don’t fit right.  They are a little long in the leg and despite the fact that they feel super soft on, I don’t like the shininess of the material. I think if they were closer fitting then the shiny material wouldn’t bother me so much, but because they are baggy the shininess makes them look ill-fitting rather than just intentionally baggy. They are good quality though so that was encouraging.   I was actually very disappointed that I didn’t like these pants. I really wanted to like them more than I did, so back they are going.

Finally we have arrived at the one piece I am keeping.  It is a Alex A Line dress in black (retail $34.49).  The brand is Zenana.  The material is soft and light weight enough for summer use.  The dress has some shape to it which I really like.  So often when you are larger, dresses are just formless sacks or they gather in places you don’t want them to gather. 

This dress pulls in at my ribs and has a decorative gather in the middle  so it has some detail (although not much) and it has a loose skirt that comes down long enough for me to feel comfortable in.  The stitching is nice.  It is the sort of comfortable dress you can wear running around in during the spring and summer.  It isn’t something you’d wear out to a restaurant.  It is just a comfortable everyday dress.  Which at the moment is sort of what I need as I had to bid farewell to four of my favorite summer dresses during my spring closet clear out. I also happen to like black.  A large section of my closet is comprised of black clothing, however two of the three clothing items in my bag were black.  It would be nice to shake things up a bit. And in my color selection I didn’t really limit it. I just left it wide open for any color they wanted to choose. That will be another thing I will monitor in future bags.

While I want clothing that I like, I also went to be surprised and maybe pushed a little outside my comfort zone.   The dress I liked, and am keeping, is sort of the dead center bull’s eye of my comfort zone.  Which is both a good and a bad thing. I was sent something that I will wear and get a lot of use out if this summer and is something I would definitely have chosen on my own, but I also want a few surprises along the way, things that fit generally with what I like but I might not have known I wanted until I tried them on.

I know, I can be so picky sometimes.

All in all I have to say I am quite pleased by this month.  I know, it may not have sounded like it as I am only keeping one item, (and whined about not being surprised) but I genuinely had no real idea what to expect out of this Nadine West subscription.  It is also a first bag, a testing of the waters. Nadine doesn’t know me yet so I am going to give the bag, and the stylist/algorithm behind the bag a few months to see if they can come to grips with me. 

As my first foray into fashion subscriptions I am pleasantly please with the quality of the items and as I found one item in this initial bag that I liked it gives me hope that I will be able to find at least one item in the next bag so that my $9.78 styling fee will not be wasted.  I am sure that I can add a few decent quality, everyday wear items to my wardrobe. I’m not certain that this is the subscription I would turn to for dressier items, but perhaps it will surprise me.  As it is getting to know me, I am getting to know it. I think at the moment, I am willing to take that time and see how the subscription progresses. I also think this is a pretty easy clothing subscription to ease into.  I’m sure I’ll branch out in the future, but for now, this is a pretty good start.

Unboxing the April 2021 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

IPSY, oh IPSY.  This was not your month. With the IPSY Glam Bag Plus the cost is $25 and you get five full sized items.  Two are picked for you and three you get to choose.  The subscription tier comes with a drawstring bag instead of a makeup bag.  In my opinion it is not really worth mentioning. So that is all I will say about it.

So we are going to jump into the products.  We’ll start with the items IPSY chose for me.  The first item was a set of Beau Gachis eyeshadow Brushes.  Now this is nothing against the brand.  I actually have several of their brushes already in my collection.  They are nice brushes.  Quite sturdy and durable. Work well with pigments. 

However, last month IPSY chose a set of eyeshadow brushes for my box. And in one of the tiers where I could choose an item the only item I hadn’t received in that column was a set of eyeshadow brushes.  So last month I received two sets of eyeshadow brushes and this month I get another set.  One set has already made it to my mom who wanted new eyeshadow brushes so I’m good, but still. I like brushes and in fact could use a few new face brushes.  I’m pretty set on shadow brushes at the moment.

When I first saw the line up on April 2nd I sent them a message and the reply essentially told me that I needed to check my beauty profile. The message made it sound more or less like them choosing eyeshadow brushes for me two months in a row was somehow my fault.

Which I didn’t appreciate.

It made me feel quite a bit salty in fact.

The brushes are fine though.  I will either eventually use them or the set will end up in a Christmas stocking. It isn’t like brushes expire, so I’m essentially fine with that.  I was just annoyed by the e-mail exchange.

On a happier note, the second item they chose for me was the Pixi by Petra Flawless Beauty Primer.  You know I love Primers and I have tried several items from Pixi that I like.  However I tend to stick to their skincare. 

I really like their Clarity Toner. I’ve gone through two bottles and it is on my list to repurchase once I work through the few toners I have in my collection. I had to deliberately not repurchase it while I work through some other products. I also have an eyeshadow duo from them that I like (but tend to forget about and need to use more). I am pleased to try some more makeup products from the brand.

Now we get into the three items I chose. The selection wasn’t as poor as it was last month.  I didn’t have any problems choosing.  There was no agonizing over options.  Each tier had one product that I was like, ‘Yeah, that’ll do.’ I chose nice products that I will use and am looking forward to trying out, but usually there is a bit of a choice debate and often I will go into the add ons and purchase one of the items I didn’t choose when I had to make my decision.  That wasn’t an issue this month.  I didn’t buy any add ons and my selection was easy.

I chose the Nue Co’s The Pill All in 1 Serum.  It is a serum that runs heavily to hyaluronic acid which my skin loves.  At the moment I am using the Vitamin C Powder from The Nue Co and I Am really liking it, so I have high hopes for this this serum and look forward to testing it out.

I did also get a second serum.  It is the Vitabrid C12 Vitamin C Dual Drop Serum.  I have a cleanser from Vitabrid in my to try drawer and I thought a serum to go with it would at least give me two things from the brand to try.  I’m going to pair them up and eventually roll them into the line up.  I’ve never tried the brand before and really only seen it here so I am curious to see how it performs.

And now we reach the final item.  I chose the Honest Co’s Cream Foundation. I figured I had plenty of skin care so it would be nice to try out.  I love testing out foundations and I do like cream foundations.

Oh what’s that you say, you didn’t see it in the unboxing of products shown above?  That’s because when I opened my box they did not send the Honest Co Foundation, they sent the Item Beauty Bronzer in Cheek Money.

If some of you think this sounds familiar, you apparently have a better memory than IPSY. I received this exact bronzer several months back.  To do a quick recap, the packaging is lovely.  The product is horrible and the lovely compact now resides in my purse so I can use the pretty mirror without worrying about what happens to the poorly performing product.

And I sent a message to customer service.  I am waiting for a reply.  You know it is bad when you contact customer service twice in one month.

Normally I like IPSY.  They are one of my tried and true subscription boxes.  I almost never have any trouble with them. I have had the subscription in one form or another for over four years and not counting this month I’ve had to contact their customer service team three times. 

Once for a broken eyeshadow, once for a broken lipstick and once because my box held four repeat items out of the five in the box. 

All three were positive experiences.  The broken items were replaced asap and upon realizing that most of my box was repeat they apologized and I think gave me points.  I appreciated the apology more than the points to be honest, although points are always nice. I’m hoping my beginning of April e-mail from them was just a one off with someone having a bad day.  As I really do enjoy IPSY I’m willing to shake off one bad month.  The products (baring the Item Beauty Repeat) are all ones I am looking forward to trying out, so it isn’t a bad month, it was just customer service that got under my skin. Despite all of my grousing, it was a decent, if not spectacular month.

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Birchbox April 2021 Unboxing

This was an interesting box this month for me. But before we get into it, let’s go over what Birchbox is, what it costs and what i should expect. So Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription. They send samples with the occasional full sized item thrown in. They are often kind of mocked for the small size of some of their samples. To be honest some of them are ridiculously tiny. Recently I’ve gotten small samples but none of the really tiny ones. The cost varies depending on if you get a month to month subscription, a six month subscription or an annual subscription. They usually have deals running about the subscription and I ended up signing up for a year subscription in November of 2020 because of their signing bonus which at the time was an advent calendar.

Because I signed up for a year I pay $13 per month ($14,27 with tax). If you sign up for six months then it is $14 (with tax) and if you go month to month it is $15 per month. If you are looking at subscription comparisons in terms of which one that you want to spend your money on, the Macy’s box, which I also get is $15. It also charges tax so the month to month cost for Birchbox and Macy’s are the same. I just reviewed Macy’s April Box if you’d like to look at it for comparison.

So now that we know what we are looking at, let’s get into it.

Usually Birchbox comes in a sturdy cardboard box. This month, due to Earth Day Celebrations it came in a reusable Stasher bag. I have to say I like this much better, although i doubt it will be repeated. I have been wanting to try a Stasher bag for a while. They are reusable bags that can go in the microwave, freezer and even in the oven. So it isn’t just a good storage item it is multi functional. And yes, I will be putting it to the test to see how it works so stay tuned for that review once I’ve put it through its paces.

However as fantastic as the Stasher bag is, it isn’t one of the five items in the box this month. The first item in the box is the only item that I knew would be in the box. Usually Birchbox gives you a multitude of choices and options, this month you could either trade in your box for points or a natural deodorant kit or you could choose the color of your Re.fil refillable Beauty Balm. I wanted the Stasher bag so I didn’t trade in the box and I am happy with my Native deodorant so I chose a green case for my refillable beauty balm.

I’ll admit, I was kind of annoyed that that was my choice. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of reducing waste and have been taking steps to reduce it in my own life. I use Makeup Erasers rather than disposable makeup wipes. I’ve started using washable faial rounds instead of disposable cotton rounds. And I can see that having a reusable balm would cut down on a lot of plastic waste. But the thing is, I have a lot of balms and part of reducing waste is using what you have instead of buying new, so I would have chosen something other than a balm if given the option.

I am also leary of reusable balms like this. I like the concept, but often times the product isn’t one I want to repurchase. Clearly I haven’t tried this one, so I don’t know how it performs, but if I am going to keep this around and reuse it repeatedly, it needs to be a good product, not just a good package. I actually have my fingers crossed that it will be a good product as it is a sturdy and reusable looking container.

But the jury is still out.

There is no deliberation on the second item. The second item in my box was a box of 2 Magnitone London Wipe Out Swipes. I couldn’t be more pleased. I received a set of these in a Look Fantastic Box and then accidentally ended up with two of the same boxes so I have four of these that I currently use. I really like them and am happy to add two more to the collection. They will immediately be put into rotation. They aren’t perfect, they do have some issues to get used to, but I really like them.

I also like that Birchbox has them listed for sale. You can buy a six pack for $20. One of the reasons I haven’t posted a review of these is because I couldn’t find them listed for sale in the US. I found other products from Magnitone london that I could buy, but not these swipes. Now I know at least one place I can buy them. So i am very thrilled about those.

The next item is a Comfort Zone Remedy Cream to Oil Ultra Gentle Cleanser. I like cleansers and we don’t always see a lot of them in subscription boxes so I don’t mind seeing it. The cleanser has at best two uses in the tube which is enough to let me know if I like the fragrance and if I have any initial reactions. It isn’t really enough to let me know how I’m going to like it on my skin.

A few months ago I used a Murad Cleanser that I loved for about a week and then found my skin dried out and flaky in week two. (It isn’t actually Murad’s fault, I didn’t realizing it was an acne wash for oily skin. It is great for one time use here and there for me but not a daily cleanser. It is fantastic for drying out oily, acne prone skin though). So I can get an initial impression. I think I may have heard of comfort zone but I can’t recall trying anything from them. So it will be interesting to see what I think of the one day use.

I have tried Grace and Stella before many times. Their under eye masks are one of my absolute favorites. This month I received a small Rose Water Facial Mist. I sprayed it and while I like rose, this was a little much for me. I am sure it is a fabulous product, but I know I wouldn’t use it because of the scent so I will be passing it along.

Finally there was a sheet mask from Vitamasques in my box. It is the Hydrate Blue Agave Sustainable Sheet mask. I’ve used Vitamasques before and liked them. I think I have one currently in my masking collection that I was planning to use this week actually. I don’t know the difference between their regular sheet masks and their sustainable ones. What I might do is use the regular sheet mask for my Wednesday evening face mask and then use the Sustainable sheet Mask on Friday and do a comparison between the two. I figure using them that close together will at least let me know the difference as there won’t be too much time between uses.

So that was the April 2021 Birchbox. To be honest I love the Magnitone Wiper Out Swipes and know that I will use them. I love the Stasher bag and know I will use it. I am pleased with the sheet mask and feel kind of okay about the cleanser and Beauty Balm. Maybe I’ll be more excited once I try them out. While I love the swipes I really have to say I am most excited about the Stasher. Overall this wasn’t the most exciting box. It was okay but not spectacular and mostly saved by the Stasher. But that’s okay. Not every box is going to be fantastic. This one was just mediocre. I am signed up for Birchbox until November when i will have to decide if I am going to keep it for another year or let it go. seeing the good, bad and mediocre boxes throughout the year will certainly help me decide if this is a box I plan to keep long term or one I will need to let go so that I can try a different one.

And either way, I will end up using the Magnitone Wipe Out Swipes daily and get to see if the Stasher actually does all that it claims. So that’s something.

My Little Mascara Club

The Underclub April 2021

I love the double bag for the Underclub

This is rapidly becoming one of my favorite subscriptions. The Underclub is a monthly luxury underwear subscription service. While they have multiple tiers, some with more than one set of underwear, I went for the $15 per month option. It is exactly $15 no tax or shipping added. For this price I receive one pair of undies each month. It ships on the first and charges on the 11th. I actually received April’s pair on Thursday April 8th (there was a shipping delay adding two days to delivery) and I was charged for May’s set on April 11th.

I initially chose this subscription service to try for three reasons. The first is that I really like subscriptions. I really do like the surprise package in the mail and the ability to try new things.

The second reason was that I wanted to try some subscriptions that weren’t makeup and skincare based. I am trying to branch out more into lifestyle and clothing subscriptions.

Plus, one thing people don’t tell you when you start working out is that no matter what underwear you are wearing, it is going to take a beating. I generally pick up packs of Hanes Cotton Undies for workout wear but I like to have nice underwear when I am not working out and in my initial workout phase, I didn’t realize I needed to switch out my undies like I switch out my regular bra for a sports bra so a lot of my nicer underwear didn’t survive. So it is nice to build up my collection again.

And thirdly, when I went looking for sizes, the Underclub was very size inclusive. They not only had a size that fit me, they had models that weren’t Victoria Secret Standard. They were all beautiful women but they were also real women. I know that I do not look like a Victoria Secret model in my underwear. I know that even if I get my body down to a healthy weight I will not look like that. Which is perfectly fine. How boring would the world be if we all looked alike? I like that The Underclub recognizes that and markets for real world bodies.

Waist detail

I also like the quality and styling of the undergarments as well. This month’s set of pants was quite lovely. On the surface they look like plain black undies. They are made of a kind of net material. The front has an inner liner, the back does not. The Brand is MOD by Parfait which we have seen before.

This set, like every set I’ve received fit perfectly. So if you are looking for your size, follow the size chart. I measured myself, took my inch measurement to their chart and have not had an issue with fit. It is a spot on size chart, which is really nice when trying to find your size. And while I am on the heavy end of the spectrum, they do have extra small for those of you on the other side. They have a pretty wide array of sizes which is again one of the reasons I chose to try out the subscription in the first place.

With this month’s set, I was very impressed by the quality of the elastic around the waist band. I know that sounds very strange to say, but most of the underwear I’ve received thus far has less of a stout waistband, The thinner waistband suited the style and the elastic was thinner because of design. This pair has a thicker waistband and a correspondingly thicker elastic. The elastic doesn’t constrict too tightly and you can tell it is the sort of elastic that will last a while. It is an oddly difficult balance to find. The elastic fit properly and didn’t leave marks on my skin.

As with all the underwear, it went straight from the packaging to the washer and then I tried it on. There were no loose strings or missed stitches wither before or after washing. The garment was well constructed. Like I said before it fit perfectly.

My one issue was that there was not a liner on the rear as there was for the front. I understand the styling and looking at it, I really like the way it looks. However, I did wear them sitting at the desk while working on the computer and ended up with a net print across my rear end. It wasn’t in any way uncomfortable, just oddly textured skin when i stripped down for my shower. I was momentarily puzzled, then realized it wa from the pants.

Over all I am very pleased with this pair and happy to keep the subscription another month. I am still wearing the Valentine’s bralette and pants set. They have been in rotation since February and they are holding up quite well even though it is more delicate looking than untehr sets. It looks just as good now as it did when it arrived. I really like the bralette, I just have to remember it is in no way designed for exercise and change accordingly. It does fit well though and looks great when working at my desk or generally moving around. It just doesn’t have the support i need for workouts (which isn’t surprising as it isn’t a sports bra). I still have my eye on the minty green pajama set (pictured above) and now they have a Birthday three pack available. In fact each month they seem to come out with a new set in a different style and the list of ones I want just keeps getting longer.

While I am drawn to the mint green Pajama set mostly because I am starting to transition from my winter pajamas into more summer themed sleepwear, I also like the bra and pants in the same material and style. I’m actually torn as to which one I want to order as they both look really nice. Soon I will start inventorying my spring and summer clothing so it may end up being a decision made on what survives the purge. I have some spring and summer clothing that is now a little large on me and some that is just worn out from seeing too many summers. So I may make the decision after, but seriously how cool is that set? I think I may have said the same thing last month but it still remains true. I just really like the color and design of it. And if you are just looking for undies, they have great bundles as well as individual sets. I’ll link the birthday link below.

Personally, the more I receive from this subscription the more I like it. They are size inclusive and don’t make me feel badly about myself because I don’t fit a certain mold. They recognize that everyone deserves to feel pretty, which I love. If I am wearing pretty underwear, even if no one knows it, I feel pretty all the way through, which I’m sure reflects in my attitude and self confidence. while pretty underwear doesn’t fix everything it is often a great personal boost.

I like that they are always coming out with new designs and that every piece i’ve had from them is a quality piece. Plus it is a really good monthly surprise. Overall I just really like this subscription service. If you are looking to expand your underwear collection, this is definitely one I would recommend looking into. I for one will be keeping this one for a while.

Birthday Gift 3-Pack

April 2021 Macy’s Beauty Box

Good morning my darlings.  The April subscription boxes have begun to arrive.  First in the mailbox this month is Macy’s Beauty Box.  It is a $15 ($16.46 with tax).  I signed up for this box and December of 2020 was my first one so this makes the fifth that I have received.  Thus far I have been really impressed by the items they have included.  Each month has been very much worth the price of the box and I have to say, it is one of the subscriptions that I am really excited to find in my mailbox each month.

Inside the pink roll

While I believe prior to December Macy’s Beauty Boxes always came with a small makeup bag, for the past few months the makeup bag element has been substituted for other items.  In December there was a reusable plastic container with travel sized containers and I believe January’s bag was hair product themed so instead of a makeup bag they included a mini hair straightener. There has always been something that replaces the bag. Personally, I am okay with the substitutions. I like makeup bags, but there are realistically only so many you can use. This month, we actually received a makeup bag.

I kind of like it.  I wish the zipper went down the sides a bit so the mouth could open wider making the insides more accessible, but it is a really cute little bag that can hold quite a lot of items. I like the iridescent blue and the almost cracked mirror look.  While the bag does come with an information card, the card says nothing about the bag itself.

The card does give some pretty good information on the products and it also lists the theme as Red Carpet Inspo. Usually Macy’s does a pretty good job linking the theme to the products so it will be interesting to see how it relates.  Let’s dive into the pink tissue sausage roll shall, we?

I’ll admit, the first Item out of the bag made me happy.  It is a sample size of the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Blur Primer.  You know I love primers. They smooth the canvas of your face so that you may paint your daily masterpiece upon it.  A good primer can make even a not so great foundation better. This is one that I have wanted to try.  However it is on the pricey side, so I held off hoping I would get a chance to try it out before actually purchasing the primer. 

I know, I love trying products before I buy them. I’ve mentioned that about a zillion times before. Because here is the deal, it doesn’t matter if it is a very expensive luxury brand or a discount drugstore item, a product is only good if it works for you.  And you don’t know if it works for you until you try it.

There have been several products everyone raves about (both drugstore and high end) that just performed horribly for my skin and there are some that just really work well with my skin type that other people can’t stand to use.  Playing around with samples rather than listening to marketing is a better way to determine if something works for you.

Which is one of the reasons I love subscription boxes.  Now don’t get me wrong, I saw the YSL logo and the pretty, pretty gold flakes and I really wanted to take it home with me. Hence the delight that it is a sample in the bag.  I will gladly use the sample and see how I feel about the product after a week or so of use. And you know I am going to have to give it a go this afternoon when I put on my makeup. So you’ll get a first impression soon.

But on with the bag.

The second Item was a small Makeup Eraser. It is so small and cute. I really like Makeup Erasers.  They let me stop using makeup wipes and thus reduce the amount of trash that I produce and have become an essential part of my skincare and makeup routine.  While I do use makeup removing balms and oils, I apply the balm and oil to my face use the Makeup Eraser to help me out. It keeps the wash cloths from becoming mascara stained and keeps me from having to do any harsh scrubbing on my face. 

And the Makeup Eraser always washes up clean.  I’ve had mine for over a year (maybe 2 for the current one I’m using, I lost track) and after the wash it looks practically brand new.  The colors have faded a tiny bit, but there are no stains.  I can’t actually say the same thing for the PMD Cloth I received in a Boxycharm a few months ago, but that is another tale to tell.

Thus far I was as happy with this box as I have been with every other Macy’s box I’ve gotten. 

Then out rolled two black gel pencil style eyeliners. One is Natasha Moor’s Kohl it Magic Eyeliner and the other is Clinique’s Quickliner for eyes in Intense Ebony. I swatched them both and they look slightly different but feel the same on the skin.  I’m sure there are differences between them that I will find out once I start wearing them.  I’m sure that they are both fabulous.  But here’s the thing.  Its two black eyeliners in the same box. The same color. The same type of formula. It seems like a bad decision.

I have to say I was not all that happy with the Bodyography tapered blending brush either.  The ferrule is a little loose already and it feels a little cheap.

Next up we have the two perfume samples.  The Macy’s box tends to come with at least five items and usually includes two perfume samples.  This month the samples were both from Jimmy Choo.  One is the New I want Choo which looks interesting and the other is Jimmy Choo Man.  I will give that a sniff and see if it is unisex enough for me to wear or if it needs to pass to someone else but I am always happy to have new perfume samples to try out.

I have to say as much as I love the YSL Primer and the Makeup Eraser, this isn’t one of their better boxes.  Sadly I might have thought differently if the brush wasn’t wobbly and one of the eyeliners was in a shade other than black. 

Then I would probably have been a little happier.  But the brush was cheap feeling and there were two black eyeliners.  And as the boxes have been really good in the past few months, I just really expected more. I still think it is a good box for $15 and I am still glad to have it, but I feel it just isn’t as good as the other Macy’s boxes I’ve received in the past few months.

It’s still a good solid three out of five for me, but that is really because I love Makeup Erasers and am always happy to have another one in any size and because I really wanted to try out the YSL primer. Still a three isn’t all that bad all things considering.  It is solidly middle of the pack. It only feels like a letdown because the past few months have hit high fours and fives.

Makeup Eraser

Indulging in the curiosity of the Walmart Beauty Spring 2021 Box

Have you ever seen something and thought, I just want to know? I have been seeing the $5 walmart Beauty box floating around for quite a while. It is one of those things that swims into the edge of my consciousness every now and again and then darts back out before i can focus.

Now I will be the first to admit that I like a lot of high end products. I am also one to admit that I like a lot of low end products. I am both caviar and potato chips. (which incidentally is a really good combination. You need a dip of sour cream to cut through the salt bomb and choose a sturdy dipping chip, but it is actually quite a nice contrast of textures and flavors).

Plus as much as I do order most of my products on line, occasionally I forget to reorder and like to be able to run out locally to pick something up.

I also realized that while I will occasionally do a slow meander through Target, I only go to Walmart when I need something I know they have. The I go directly to where what i want is located, pick it up and get out as fast as possible. The Walmart near me is a bit of a zoo so by the time i make it through the parking lot i am generally ready to have the trip over with. As a consequence I have very little knowledge of their offered goods.

And I was curious as to what would actually be in a $5 beauty box.

First of all, it is no longer $5. It is, I believe $6.95. With tax it comes to $7.66. I always mark down the actual cost I pay in case you are wondering why one is a definite price. This is a quarterly box and the products are variable. When you sign up you take a short quiz. It is a fairly general quiz and not as in depth as something like Ipsy or Boxycharm, Not that either of them have been paying much attention to the quizzes lately, but that is another discussion. So the products vary from person to person.

The card that comes with the box lists a total of nine products and I received six of them. So it isn’t a huge variation. Before I move into the actual products I recieved, lets talk a little about ordering. This is a quarterly box. The Spring Box becomes available in February (or at least you are charged for it in February. The months you are charged are February, May, August,and November. However the system for shipping seems to be that as long as they ship it sometime in the quarter then it isn’t late. I placed my order in February and was charged immediately. I was sent a welcome e-mail with my general account information and then nothing until last week when the box shipped.

When it ships they send you an e-mail saying it shipped. To find out more you have to log into your account, go to the order and locate the tracking number. Clicking on the tracking number gives you the location but no dates on delivery expectations. It tells you when it left or arrived at a particular distribution center and that’s about it. I know I probably pay a little too much attention to tracking numbers than I probably should. So not having an estimated arrival date sort of made me twitch. I got over it, and my box did arrive about a week after I received the shipping notice.

So My box arrived. Lets see what is in it shall we?

First up is a Hello antiplaque and whitening toothpaste. It is in natural peppermint. I’ve heard of the brand Hello but not tried them and quite frankly didn’t know they were sold at Walmart. I am currently trying David’s Natural toothpaste (and am almost done with that review) so I will try this one out next. The tube is small but it is well filled and will no doubt be enough product to let me know how i feel about it.

The second item in my box was a little pot of cream. Moisturizer that is. It is the Olay Regenerist Ultra Rich Hydrating Moisturizer. Honestly it is on my list of products to try. the only reason I haven’t picked it up is because I wasn’t sure it the Ultra Rich Hydrating Moisturizer would be too moisturizing for me.

The New REGENERIST ULTRA RICH MOISTURIZER Fragrance Free now available for Pre Order. Get the REGENERIST ULTRA RICH MOISTURIZER for only $28.99 plus free shipping.

I do love the regenerist line so I have high hopes. It is just the moisture level I have to worry about. i am very happy to give it a go in the form of a trial size. It is small but again it is large enough to let me know it I want to try a full jar.

I’ll admit the Tanologist Face and Body Drops aren’t all that exciting to me. Even with layers of SPF me and the sun get along and even though it is barely spring my time in the garden is already starting to bring me out of my winter pale. I’ll try it on my legs though as I don’t really get a lot of sun on them and they are much paler than the rest of my body. It is interesting and I don’t mind trying it but I’m not all that excited.

I am kind of excited for the Dashing Diva Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Manicure stickers. Its a pack of 20 nail strips. At the moment I am trying out a strengthening formula from OPI but as soon as that trial ends I might give these a go. They look quite interesting actually and I certainly wouldn’t have picked them up on my own.

There was one makeup item in my walmart beauty box for spring and it is the Hard Candy Hydrating Primer. We all know I love a good primer. the fact that it is Hard Candy kind of tickles me.

I remember the brand from long ago and it has been a really long time since I tried them. I think I might try out the primer for just nostalgia’s sake. If it works I’ll be tickled. But it isn’t a brand i’ve used in a long time.

My last Item I was actually impressed by. It is a pack of five cloth scrunchies from scunci’s Wild Primrose collection. Despite the name they are all in shades of brown. There are several I quite like the look of and to be honest my hair is thick and heavy so once the weather warms up, 90% of the time I tie it up and out of the way.

Right now I am wearing it down as much as possible because soon it will be tied up and not released again until fall. Having a new set of scrunchies going into summer makes me very happy. they probably won’t last though summer but they will be quite useful.

I have to be honest, I had very few expectations for the box. I didn’t actually even anticipate reviewing it. I thought I’d get a box of samples that were small and not really worth the cost of the box. I really just ordered it to see what it really was. I have to say I am somewhat impressed. I will actually use all of the products inside. I am actually excited for a few of them.

It was a very good mix of health and wellness, and beauty and the items spanned a variety of categories. I anticipated getting the box and cancelling right away. Now I find myself a little curious to see what the summer box coming out in May holds. Admittedly I may not get it until the end of June, but for now, I’m willing to give the box a chance.

Unboxing the Ipsy Glam Bag for March 2021

My final subscription box for the month of March arrived.  For some reason the regular $12 IPSY Glam bag always seems to have a mail delay.  This month as soon as the tracking number went active, the link led me to a page that said there was a delay in transit.  I’m not entirely sure what that was about since it also said it hadn’t left the warehouse yet.

However postal mysteries aside, the IPSY Glam bag arrived. For those who don’t know the IPSY Glam bag is a subscription that gives you five usually sample sized products based on your profile with a small makeup bag.

This month’s bag is rather cute.  It has a nice graphic of four women holding hands which echoes back to the Stronger Together theme. The materials are nice and the bag is one of the nicer ones. It is one I can see myself getting a lot of use out of. 

There was one product outside of my bag this month and it was the F.A.R.A.H. Pressed Powder Brush 620 F.  It is not a bad looking brush actually.  I am always hit or miss with F.A.R.A.H Brushes.  I’ve had better luck with the line of tapered gold handles brushes than I have with ones from other lines. 

I don’t know if they are made differently or what, but they seem to be slightly better quality. The quality increase seems to be consistent.   However, for me this isn’t really a pressed powder brush, or even really a powder brush.  It is absolute perfect for powder highlighters though.  And that is what I will be using it for. I am still on a quest for brushes more useful for cream products, but I will get use out of this with powder highlighters.

So now I get to open the bag and see the four remaining items.  The first Item I took out of the bag is the item I chose.  It is the Ciate London Mango and Lime Burst Lip Oil.  I have the Watermelon lip oil and I have almost used the entire tube up. 

Incidentally Ciate still has their Spring Sale going on and currently these lip oils , normally $16 are $11.20 (they are the fill size where as this is just a sample size)

I really like Ciate’s Lip oils and I am so glad they come in different scents and flavors. This one smells really nice.  It has the sweet, slightly floral scent of a mango blended with the tang of the lime. The taste on the lips is slight sweet and more mango than lime.  I think I will get just as much use out of this as I did the watermelon version.

I am less thrilled about the Clearly Balanced Days It’s the (Lip) Balm in Peppermint.  The Lip balm has CBD in it, which is not a deal breaker for me.  I actually like CBD.  The scent is like someone put a drop of peppermint oil into a CBD lip balm.  It smells very heavily of CBD oil.  Again that isn’t too big a deal for me. 

It isn’t a bad product, but it isn’t exciting and in my profile I selected rarely receive lip balms.  I really like to choose my lip balms. Actually what I really like to do is go on Cratejoy and sign up for the Jersey Shore Cosmetics Lip Balm subscription a few times a year to stock up on my favorites. It is the lip balm I use the most of and so deliberately ask not to be sent this in subscription boxes.

I also asked to be sent Hand cream rarely but IPSY has been ignoring that for quite a while. This month was no different.  This month I received the Dionis Vanilla Bean Goat Milk Hand Cream

The scent is nice, the feel is nice, but at the moment I have a large batch of hand creams that I am working through.  I will say that as the full sized bottle with a pump is only $12 it does seem really nicely priced. From the scent and feel of it when I tried it, I would consider picking up a full size once I whittled down my hand cream stash. Which to be honest will take quite a while.

I seriously have hand creams stationed in every room in the house and still have a box full in the closet.  While I am willing to try out new hand creams and I understand that with all of the hand sanitizing it is a necessary item, the fact that I checked rarely send and they send quite often kind of irks me.

But to finish on a happier note, this month the final item in my IPSY Glam Bag    is the ECO Fabulous Cosmetics EcoFabulous Blush in Camellia.  It is a good looking blush in a reusable metal tin. 

While the blush pan is designed to pop out of the tin when used up and a new one inserted, the tin is a really nice size and could easily be reused to house bobby pins and things when traveling.  I like that the blush is held in a foam insert leaving the tin open inside and therefore usable for multiple things. 

It is a well-designed tin and I will be trying out the blush today when I put on my makeup and seeing how I feel about it.

This month I did receive a nice looking bag and five items that I will use. Was it the most exciting bag? No, not by a long shot.

I was a little irked that they don’t seem to be paying much attention to the profile, but they are nice products nonetheless and I will happily use them.  This will however be my last IPSY Glam Bag.  I will still keep my Glam Bag Plus and I will be keeping the Quarterly Glam Bag X for the time being.  I will however be opting out of the $12 bag. 

It is a good bag for the most part and a great subscription, but I’ve noticed that most of the items that I want to try are available as add ons.  At the moment, I would rather just get the one IPSY Subscription per month and then choose from the add ons if there is anything I want to try out.  For me it is a matter of product stockpiling.  I always want to try new things, but I also want to use up the items I have on hand. 

I suspect I will return to this subscription in the future.  I usually do.  I tend to let it go, use up a bunch of products and then see they have a sample coming up or a bag design I really like and then I’ll sign up for a few months.  So although this is farewell to this subscription, it is a temporary farewell.  I will no doubt return in a few months.

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