The Daily: September 16th, 2020

Today I found another benefit of wearing masks in public. You know beyond not spreading disease. I had a conversation with a man who generally spits when he talks. Today we were both masked and the conversation was a lot more pleasant.

Other than that it has been a pretty quiet day. I went on my walks and for some reason had a cinnamon toast crunch craving at lunch time so I had a bowl of cereal for lunch. I’m not entirely sure how the Cinnamon Toast Crunch got into the pantry. I think when my babydoll stopped at the grocery by himself and I said, could you pick up cereal, he found a two for one special or something. Because my usual honey nut cheerios are in the pantry, this was just next to them.

And there are several bags of gummie bears which is his go to snack candy.

It was sort of a clue.

And why I usually don’t sent him to the grocery on his own.

I have to say, the cereal was a bad idea for lunch. I haven’t had this much sugar in a while. I was productive right after lunch and then I got jittery and then I wanted a nap. I’ve cut out a lot of sugar from my diet in the past year and with the exception of my ice cream birthday cake I’ve been doing pretty good on keeping it out.

Not today.

Today has just been wild. I don’t remember sugar affecting me this much before. Sweets were never my downfall before I went on my diet. It was the savory that always drew me in so I didn’t really think that much of it as I started cutting out the excess sugar from the few things I ate. But Wow. Sugar rush. Sugar crash and a bit of sugar nausea.

Its almost like instant Karma.

Admittedly that is not a well loved breakfast cereal. “Instant Karma Cereal – go for the pretty and feel the pain.” Or maybe that is Masochist-ios. I always get those two confused.

Beyond that I did have something I forgot to add to my Glossy Box Skincare Eye Boost Post. There are now Skincare Bundles available. With your exclusive Subscriber discount bundles start from just $27, with savings of up 68%. You can also use your Glossie credit on the bundles as well. You get the credit for reviewing the items in the box and then get to apply it to purchases like the skincare. The bundling lets you choose your own skin care concerns too which is kind of neat. Anyway I forgot to add that to the Eye Boost Post so there you have it.

Now I’m going to temper this sugar crash with a mug of Builders and make a giant spinach salad for dinner. At the moment I am well within my calories but I can’t say I feel especially good about my food choices today.

I am very glad I discovered a more pleasant way to have a conversation with a person who spits when he talks though, so there is that. Happy Wednesday.

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The Daily: September 15th, 2020

Have you ever had one of those meetings where you said all you needed to say in the first five minutes and then sat there as everyone else went over the same information repeatedly, arguing the same points with slightly different wording until you begin to wonder if they are even remotely listening to what they are saying let alone what anyone else is talking about?

That was where I spent the bulk of my day.

At the end of those sorts of meetings I always feel like I have stockpiled time off in pergatory so if I ever do anything that is condemnation worthy Saint peter will shave off a little time calling it Time Served.

At least that is the only point I can think of for sitting through such meetings.

And I didn’t shoot rubber bands at anyone.

Mostly because I didn’t have any and I was pretending to be a real adult instead of a faux one.

I might have been less of an adult if I did have rubber bands. Especially after the third repetition of the phrase, “What I’m really trying to say here is…”

And my adult like behavior was rewarded. I was invited back in the spring for round two of the same project. It will feel like a better thing once my brain is not mush.

Luckily i got my walk in earlier so I feel like I actually managed to accomplish something today. And luckily no one looked at my notes. Midway through the meeting I had a story idea involving a murder and noted down some police procedures I needed to look up. Since at that point my involvement was done until the spring, I was just waiting until i could escape so the notes helped me looked interested. And at least it was a strangulation murder so I wasn’t noting down poisons.

Such is life. So we are having a baked potato dinner tonight (mostly because we have potatoes we need to use up and as long as I lean more towards chives than either bacon bits or sour cream, I should be able to stay well within my calories today. So there is a bonus. I got a walk in, didn’t bust my calories and behaved like an adult in public. I also have an extended contract for the Spring and I made a note never to bring rubber bands to any meetings I attend for this company.

Its best to leave temptation outside.

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