Rub a dub dub with Salt Body Scrub

I’ll be honest, it took me a while to pick up this Kosette Salt Body Scrub to try out. This sample size arrived in an IPSY Glam bag a while back but the look of it was not that appealing. while I love body scrubs, scrubs with charcoal always leave a lot of clean up behind in the shower and bath so often times I avoid them in favor of other products.

In my holiday/pre new year clear out, I found this scrub and decided it was time. I would try it out and face the bathtub clean out so that I could use the scrub and get it off the shelf. I honestly thought that any appeal the product had would be completely mitigated by the fact that I had to scrub charcoal out of the tub. It turned out to be a lesson in judging something by it’s appearances. First lets take a look at the product page.

Made to feel like a day at the beach — this body scrub gently exfoliates the skin with gray sea salt while bamboo charcoal extracts and entraps toxins to be washed away to achieve a balanced and smooth skin. Made from nature’s most effective ingredients, the Kosette SALT body scrub is your solution to flaking skin, body acne, and uneven texture.

100% vegan and cruelty-free. No Alcohol, Parabens, Coloring, or Synthetic Fragrances.

out of the tube

Now I do like salt scrubs and any time I have used charcoal in masks I have liked the way it draws out impurities, so theoretically this should be up my alley. And so I took the scrub to the shower. Oh in case you are wondering, I actually found two of these sample sizes in my bath samples when I went looking. I think one came as part of an IPSY bag and the other came in an IPSY mystery bag. while one went to the shower since I didn’t want to take pictures of me naked in the shower I took the second tube to the powder room and took pictures in my hand over the sink. There is no naked Mimsy in this post.

Dispensing the product it was as charcoal-ly black as I expected it to be. The salt granules are thicker than I expected as well. I don’t know why I thought they would be finer grained. I think it might be because I was trying out an exfoliator for my face earlier in the day. The thicker grains are perfectly sized for body scrubs though. just not for the face.

There is a bit of an oily feel to the scrub which are the skin softening oils that allow it to do it’s job. Oddly enough I was expecting a charcoal type earthy aroma from the scrub. That isn’t whjat I got. I also didn’t get a sea salt kind of scent from the scrub either. Despite what my eyes told me my nose should be smelling, I kept smelling oranges. I thought it was something else in the shower but at the moment I am finishing up the Candy Cane scented products from Native so everything in my shower smells of peppermint.

It wasn’t until I scrolled through the ingredients list that I realized it actually was the Salt Body Scrub I was smelling. buried in the list of ingredients is orange peel oil. It isn’t the first ingredient but it is the scent that is most prominent. Honestly I am quite happy with that as I not only like the scent of orange but it also went really well with the peppermint scents already in the shower.

turns gray as you rub

So nose approved, I began to use the scrub. As you can see from the photo of my hand, the scrub sort of emulsifies as you use it and turns gray. While the gray would make a lovely color on the wall, as a creamy product on the body it is less than appealing. However it continued to lighten as I scrubbed and by the time I rinsed off and the remaining product went down the drain there was very little residue left on the shower tiles.

The massively extra charcoal clean up that I feared was not needed. There may have been a little gray residue around the drain, but the entire shower was not gray black. In addition, my skin felt well scrubbed, clean and smooth. The salt scrub was not overly harsh and the oils in the product left my skin feeling smooth. The light orange scent of the scrub disappeared down the drain with the last of the product, but it was pleasant while it lasted. There was enough in one tube for a single shower with a little left over. Combining the little left over with the second tube I ended up eking out three showers from two sample sized tubes.

Now they are both empty and I am sad to see the product go. I went from avoiding it because it looked dark and forbidding (and likely to cause me to scrub charcoal from the tiles) to wishing I had another tube to use, or better yet, a full sized version of this Kosette Salt Body Scrub. I think this scrub is definitely going on my list of items to repurchase. Which just goes to show, never judge a product before you’ve tried it.

A tag team duo for Face Mask Friday

Okay I have to admit, I am kind of excited about today’ facemask. In the past year there have been a lot more Dr. Botanicals products cropping up in subscription boxes and because of that they have been pinging my radar a lot more. Dr. Botanicals tend to be very affordable and to be honest all of the products I have tried from them lately have just been killing it. Some of their products I would take over several higher priced items actually.

And in my masking drawer was a Turmeric Face mask from Dr. Botanicals that I had not yet tried. So I decided that today was going to be it’s day. As with all new masks, I took it out, slipped on my reading glasses (Incidentally Thinoptics has a 25% off sale going on. Plus, if you don’t know the strength of reading glasses you need they have a Clarity kit so you can find out. It comes with it’s own deal and I’ll link it down below) and looked at the back of the packaging.

Usually face masks say something along the lines of apply to clean dry skin. Dr. Botanicals recommended using an exfoliator on your skin before applying a thin layer of mask and letting it sit for twenty minutes. And so i thought to myself, ‘I don’t have any exfoliators currently open, but I do have that Elemis Skin Buff I have been wanting to open up.’

Exfoliating with Elemis

So i used it as an excuse to open up the Elemis Skin Buff as my exfoliator. For a while I had a couple of exfoliators open and I wanted to use the open ones before opening another one. I just finished the Hey Honey Come Clean Exfoliator. It is really good and I already ordered a new one (gotta love sales, this was part of my stocking up from Lovely Skin order. The multi brand sales are just too hard to resist – and still going on if you ae interested). But it was time for the Elemis Skin buff.

This is actually my first time using it and I was happy to give it a go. It has a light and creamy almost face wash scent to it. The scent is very light. when dispensed the Skin Buff is white and creamy with very fine granules. I wet down my skin massaged the exfoliator in and found it gave a really nice gentle exfoliation. It rinsed clean away which was really good for me today specifically as I am using the mask right after. I was very impressed with the exfoliator and look forward to keeping it in the line up until it is used up. I am actually really happy the mask recommended it.

As the Elemis Skin Buff is going to be in rotation for a while I’ll just leave it with a positive first impression and move on to the Dr. Botanical’s Mask.

Post exfoliation/pre mask

After rinsing off the exfoliator and patting my face dry, I applied a thin layer of the Tumeric mask. It smoothed on easily, like a really thick moisturizer and then I left it for twenty minutes. The scent is lightly turmeric scented, but mostly the mask smells like a skin care cream. I then lay down with my headphones on for the twenty minute relaxation masking time. As always I lit my candles.

Mask on

I am currently using one of Paddywax’s Fall Favorites Black Fig and Olive in case you are wondering. It has just the right amount of sweetness and earthiness and just really suits the season. And it isn’t pumpkin spice. Don’t get me wrong I like pumpkin Spice. I actually have a candle called Pumpkin Souffle in my office, but not everything autumnal needs to be pumpkin. The fig and olive candle from Paddywax is a different scent profile and still very much with the season.

twenty minutes later (in case you are wondering the headband slipped and I had to adjust to keep my hair out of the mask

After my twenty minutes of relaxing, I went back to the bathroom to rinse off the mask. Most of the mask absorbed into my skin but on even the clear patches I could feel the mask residue as though it was a layer of plastic locking the rest of the moisture in. All of the mask, residue and all, rinsed of easily and cleanly. I essentially splashed water in my face, rubbed the skin to get the last of it rinsed off and then pat my skin dry with a wash cloth. It was essentially like removing a cleanser from the skin in terms of rinsing difficulty.

clean post mask skin

While I love clay masks, sometimes it is nice to have a mask that just rinses easily and cleanly away. This did just that. It is designed for skin calming and brightening. My skin feels nice and perhaps with repeated use I might see a brightening effect. I will certainly be happy to continue using this Dr. Botanicals Turmeric Face Mask as I really like the soft skin it leaves behind. For a first use though, it left a very positive impression.

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Happy Hour: Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread and Tomato Soup

Good afternoon my darlings and welcome once again to another Friday.  For me the work week is behind me and I am getting ready to enjoy a nice weekend.  To be honest, my big thrill this weekend involves getting my sleep patterns back into a more normal pattern. 

I know, not terribly exciting, but necessary. 

While my babydoll is still on antibiotics from a massive sinus infection happy hour is going to be a more tamed down affair.  Tonight’s drink is opening a bottle of my babydoll’s Cream Ale Home brew.  He made a batch that has finally reached the drinkable stage.  He was very proud of it.  So tonight it will be a bottle of that. 

I think he just wanted pretzels with it so he could savor the one drink so tonight’s treat is going to be dinner: a nice slice of jalapeno cheddar cornbread paired with some homemade tomato soup. I actually really like this as it feels quite comforting to me. While the cornbread has a healthy fat content with the added cheddar, the soup isn’t all that high caloric. And with the cheese in the cornbread it is moist enough that adding butter isn’t necessary, at least for me anyway. My babydoll adds it anyway. I prefer to dip my bread in the soup.

The richness of the cheese is cut through by the spice of the jalapenos, but still feels decadent. Plus one of the few plants that produced well this year in the garden were the jalapenos so we have absolute buckets of them.

I’ll be honest, tonight I took a little bit of a shortcut with the cornbread.  Essentially I doctored a box of Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix.  It is good, it is cheap and it is fast.  Plus, I spent a lot of time on the soup so it is nice to have something quick and reliable. I also happen to like the taste.

For the cornbread

Equipment: bowl, whisk, pan for baking (9 inch square works well), grater for grating cheese (mine is an OXO Box Grater), knife

1 pkg Jiffy Corn muffin Mix.

I egg

1/3 cup of milk

2 cups cheddar cheese, grated

2-3 jalapenos, diced.

Butter or non-stick spray to coat your pan.

I use three jalapenos because we really like the heat, but you can adjust that to your palette.

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Grease your baking pan and set aside. Dice your jalapenos and grate your cheese. In a bowl, mix the Jiffy mix, egg, milk, cheese and jalapeno.  It will be a chunky sort of mix.  You can make this into muffins if you want but I like the one solid piece that I can slice into the sizes I want.

The chunky mix – it won’t smooth out as you mix, just make sure it is well blended.

Pour the mix into your greased pan and smooth over top. 

Put into the oven.  How long you bake will depend on the size of your pan.  If you are using a standard 9 inch square pan, 18-20 minutes will do.  My baking dish is smaller so the mix is thicker.  I baked mine for 26 minutes.  You want to bake it until the top is golden brown and a knife stuck into the center of the pan comes out clean. Then take it out and let it cool.

It is baked when it is brown on the edges and a knife inserted in the center comes out clean. Let it cool a bit before cutting

For the Tomato Soup

Equipment: baking sheet (get one with a lip at the edge to prevent the spillage of juices) , tin foil, knife, soup pot, blender or stick blender, sieve

2 lbs Roma tomatoes sliced

Olive oil

1 med onion

5 garlic cloves, roasted

3 cups veg broth

1 T balsamic vinegar

1 cup basil leaves

1 T red pepper flakes

Salt and pepper to taste

Okay the first thing you are going to want to do is roast your garlic. (you can roast them with your tomatoes instead of separately – see below) It is super simple, but it takes a bit of time.  The benefit is that you can do it ahead of time and just use the rest of it as you need.  Personally I like a smear of roasted garlic on toast. So, to roast the garlic.  Take an entire bulb of garlic.  Slice the top off to expose the garlic within.  Rub the top of the now exposed garlic with a little olive oil and sprinkle with salt.  Then wrap the bulb up in tin foil.  Put it on a roasting pan and roast for 1 hour at 350 degrees.  Once it is done. Take it out and let it cool.  You can squeeze the roasted cloves out of the paper shell, they will be mostly paste and smash easily.

Next you have to roast your tomatoes.  Slice them in half and lay them on a baking sheet slice side up.  Some may lean over, it’s okay.  Drizzle with a little bit of olive oil and sprinkle with a little bit of salt. Roast for one hour at 350 degrees.  If you are doing the garlic and tomatoes on the same day, just put the foil covered garlic on one end of the pan and let it roast with the tomatoes. 

The tomatoes will look a little dried out but still be a bit on the juicy side. 

Dice your onion and in a large pot saute it with a little olive oil.  Retrieve your garlic cloves from the bulb and add them to the onions (they will mostly be paste so just make sure they don’t stick to the bottom of the pan and burn.  Saute your onions until they are translucent (about 8-10 min on med heat).

Add in the red pepper flakes and stir for about thirty seconds to let them release their oils.  Then add in your roasted tomatoes, and vegetable broth vinegar. Stir so that everything is combined and nothing is stuck to the bottom.  Bring it up to a boil and turn it down to a simmer.  Simmer for 20 minutes, add the torn basil and simmer for another five minutes (if you add the basil too early it can get a little bitter) and then remove it from the heat. 

Let the soup cool down.  (trust me this is important, you do not want to burn yourself in a blender related spillage.)

If you have a stick blender, this is the time to break it out.  If you don’t then go for the regular blender.  It will work just fine.  Blend the soup until it is smooth and creamy.  If the skins of your tomatoes aren’t breaking down enough for you then you can strain the soup through a sieve if you would like. 

I tend to strain my soup as we freeze a lot of it.  This is one of those soups that freezes really well.  So I generally make a big batch. 

Once it is a consistency you like, taste and adjust the salt and pepper if you want.  Dole out the portion you want to use, reheat it and set the rest aside for later.

So for us tonight is about celebrating my baby’s home brew and enjoying a nice comforting meal.  This week has been long and quite frankly it is nice to have something comforting to sit down to at the end of the week. And for me, this is just the start of the soup season. I tend to make the Tomato soup at the end of the summer when the tomatoes are in abundance (this year we planted San Marzano Roma Pole Tomatoes and they came up in abundance) and then freeze a lot of the soup for use throughout the winter. As fall progresses there will be more squash based soups as those veggies ripen and are ready. In the winter I love having the soups handy. Not only are they warm and satisfying but because I make them myself I know exactly what went into them.

The Daily: August 26th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. I don’t know about you but this week has felt like a bit of a slog for me. Part of it was a mistake on my part. I take night time gummies to help me sleep at night. Sometimes I use Hum (which I really like) and sometimes I use Ollie (Because I can pick them up more easily here. I generally use them when I run out of the Hum Nutrition and forgot to order more). Last time I ran out, I picked up the Ollie sleep gummies. Unfortunately I got the extra strength. They help me drift off like the regular ones, but they want me to sleep a little longer than I planned, so mornings this week have been really groggy for me.

I feel a little stupid for not realizing that was why. i kept looking at my activities and my food and wondering why I felt so draggy in the mornings. It only occurred to me this morning because I left the container out last night instead of putting it back into the drawer. A light clicked.


There are just days where I am less than bright. Sometimes entire weeks. So the extra Strength are being relegated to the weekend when I don’t have an alarm going off and can just sleep until i wake up naturally. I swear, all week I have been wondering why I felt off. Now I know.

And I was blaming the weather.

I did get a walk in before it became too hot to take so I feel pretty good about that. We have more rain coming, so I’m hoping I can get a walk in tomorrow morning before things go wet again. while I don’t mind walking in the rain, we live in an area prone to flash floods. Even if the park isn’t flooded now, it has been wet enough that any rain now is going to cause issues. So it just isn’t safe to walk in the rain right now. Areas around us still have flood watches going on.

But that was not an issue this morning. And the walk helped clear the last of the sleep fog away.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer

Foundation: QMS Medicosmedics Active Glow

Blush/Bronzer/Highlight: The Ultimate Glow Getter Cheek Trio from Real Her

Powder: Becca Pink Haze

Eyeshadow: Wet ‘n wild Color Icon My Glamour Squad Palette

Mascara: Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara

Lips: Buxom Full Force Plumping Lipstick in Fly Girl (from their 90s throwback collection) with KAB Hydrating Lip oil as a topper

Setting Spray: Farsali Rose Gold Face Mist

I know, I was testing out the Vesca Primer. But I saw the Tatcha and it just looked so pretty I couldn’t resist. I love this primer. I really do. I love the look of the package, I love the scent of the product, I love the feel of the product on my skin and I love the way it performs. It is just a really good primer. My skin loves it and I can’t really think of any negatives. It was super hyped for a long time and it is very easy to see why. It is just a good product.

The QMS Active Glow is also a good product. I tend to forget about it but I think I might try to use it a little more for the next stretch as it is the perfect shade for my current skin tone. I enjoy all but the scent of this product. I can’t actually describe the scent. it reminds me of medicine for some reason although if I had to name a medicine I couldn’t. It’s not a chemical scent. I just am not certain what to call it. The scent is strong when you dispense it, but once you apply it, the scent dissipates quickly. It really isn’t a problem and it is such a good product that I really do need to use it more. I think the reason I don’t is that I pull off the cap, smell it and think, no. then I choose something else. I need to not sniff it first and just use it.

I was trying to use up my Pacifica Alight Foundation as it is close to being empty, but when I reached for it this morning I noticed it was separating. There is only about an inch of product left in the bottle so I was hopping to finish it out, but I think that I am just going to have to let the last of the product go. I just don’t trust it when it separates like that. I will repurchase it, but for now, it is going away.

The glow getter trio from Real Her I really like and will keep using. I have the foundation from them and I had high hopes because everything i have tried from them in the past has been excellent, but I had some issues with it and need to play around with it a bit more before i make final decisions. Plus it is in a really light tone that needs me not to be summer tan to work for me. It is a fall/winter shade for me, but not forgiving enough to be blended with powder. Hopefully when the shade is right, I will feel better about it. For right now though, the cheek trio is a well loved product.

I know I’m mentioning a lot of foundation this time around, but the separated Pacifica had me checking other products this morning. So it is kind of on my mind.

The Marc Jacobs mascara is one of my favorites so it was no hardship to use today. I also like the wet ‘n wild shadow palette. it is a bit on the older side and it has known a lot of love. The shadows are still lovely though and I really like the shades. They still perform well and even though it is getting along in age I’ve had no problems with it. I might actually pick up an updated replacement for it soon though. I am pretty sure it is old enough that the shadows are expired. Or at least edging that way. I think this might actually be the second My Glamour Squad palette I have owned. It is just a good mix of colors as well as being inexpensive and well performing.

I love my Buxom plumping lipstick. it is a goo neutral shade and while I can’t wear it alone because it will wash my lips into my face, if I put something over it, then i can wear it easily as a simple neutral, with plumping benefits. I really want to get more Buxom lipsticks because I love the formula, but I need to do a massive lip declutter before I can order any other shades of anything. I always have way too many lipsticks. it is so easy to just pick them up when I am shopping somewhere. I also have several shades that aren’t quite right for me but I like the formula, so I keep them around thinking I can play with them to make them look right. Which I often do, I don’t mind combining lipsticks, but I really need to just lay them all out and do a declutter. i know there are just some that I simply won’t wear and they need to go. I think part of the reason that I keep putting off my lip declutter (aside from the fact that i just love lip products) is that I can’t really pass them on. They can’t really be sanitized and passed to another. So decluttering them always feels like I am being wasteful. But it does need to be done.

It will be hard though.

Thankfully, that is a task for another day though. I can at least just get back to work and forget all about a lipstick declutter for the rest of the day.

I know, avoidance and procrastination aren’t always fabulous, but it will keep me focused on work the rest of the day. So that is something. And now it is back to work for me. I hope the rest of your Thursday goes spectacularly well for you.

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August 2021 IPSY Glam Bag X

It is time now for the Quarterly IPSY Glam Bag X box.  Each quarter IPSY has the possibility of upgrading your Glam Bag Plus to an IPSY X.  There is a price increase though.  On the Glam Bag X months you don’t get your regular Glam Bag Plus.  The total cost is $55 ($60.36 with all applicable taxes for me). This is the first year of the Glam Bag X and the third box they have done.  The boxes come out quarterly releasing in February, May, August and November.  I’m pretty sure the months were chosen so that they didn’t conflict with the Boxyluxe Months. Each quarter IPSY partners with someone for the box.  The first box was with Patrick Ta, the second with Khloe Kardashian and this third box is with Halsey.

With the increased price, there are increased expectations, at least on my part.  The first box (IPSY X Patrick Ta) was fantastic. The second box (IPSY X Khloe Kardashian) was a major let down. Let’s see what the third box with Halsey is like, shall we?

The first item in my IPSY X this month was the Herbivore Botanicals Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil (retail $48).  Herbivore is one of those brands that I have heard a lot of people rave about, but I honestly don’t know all that well.  There was an Herbivore Mask in a previous Glam Bag X.  I used it a couple of times but haven’t really used it enough to get a real feel for it.  I am happy to try something else out from the brand though.

The second item in this month’s box was an About Face Light Lock Highlighter.  (retail $32)  I was sort of expecting something from About Face as that is Halsey’s  brand and it would be quite strange if something form her product line wasn’t in the box. 

The packaging is beautiful.  I really like the cap that goes over the dropper.  It just sort of makes it feel a little more lux.  It also makes the liquid highlighter bottle rather large.  The highlighter itself is a lovely golden color, which tends to suit my skin tone better than many silver toned ones.  I am actually really looking forward to trying it out. 

The third item was the one I was most anticipating.  It is the Tatcha Silk Canvas Filter Finish Primer (retail $52). You know I love a good primer.  I have actually used this one before and really enjoyed it.  The last time I had this primer I used every speck of product before finally letting it go.  It is great under foundation, but I really liked it when I didn’t feel like wearing much makeup so I would just apply it and dust powder over and call it good. I am thrilled to have another one of these primers in my collection.   

The Nue co is a brand I have used before and rather like. This box had the Barrier Culture Cleanser.  (retail $42). I have never tried the Nue Co’s cleanser and am looking forward to giving it a go. I am always up for a good cleanser and it is one of those skincare categories that always gets used.  I may skip a serum now and again, but I always use the cleanser.

One of my choice items in this month’s box was the Laniege Lip Sleeping mask in Berry (retail $22). I have used the Laneige lip masks before and really like them.  In fact the one I used last was Berry.  It would have been nice to try the Apple Lime scent as I haven’t given that a go, but even though it was an option in the grand scheme of things, only the berry was in my choice section. 

But even without the scent choice, I am happy.  This is a mask you need so little of to coat your lips, so the product lasts a really long time.  And it comes with the cutest little silicone spoon to apply it.  With this mask I like the spoon not only because it keeps the mask from contamination by fingers, but it also lets you take out a smaller amount.  When I try to apply this mask with my fingers I always end up with too much and end up wasting it.  The little spoon is the perfect size for applying it cleanly and easily. 

This month I received a Fenty Beauty Mascara.  It is the Full Frontal Mascara.  (retail $ 24).  Those of you who read my daily posts know that I just finished up a tube of this mascara and sent it to the empties bin.  It is an okay mascara.  It isn’t fabulous.  It is a mascara I will use if it is here, but I won’t go looking for it when it runs out.  I will add it to my unopened drawer and eventually put it into circulation.  I am okay with having the mascara in the box.  It isn’t my favorite item, but it is a decent product.

Surprisingly, the last two items in my box this month, both choice items for me, weren’t even listed in the newspaper/pamphlet they sent with the box.  The first of these was the Elemis Skin Buff (retail $41).  I love Elemis and I am a big fan of exfoliators, so you know when I saw it on the list of options, I swooped in. 

I’ve used this product before and really liked it.  It is gentle enough to use once a week, at least for me.  I wouldn’t use it every day, but for a once a week exfoliation it is fantastic.  I will admit that the box looked like it had been through the wars by the time I excavated it from my Glam Bag X.  The box was crunched and beaten.  The product inside was fine so there aren’t any problems, but the box did look rough.

Finally there was the Saints and Sinners Hair Velvet Leave in conditioner.  (retail $20). I’ve tried one product from Saints and Sinners and I remember liking it but I can’t remember what the product was.  I think it might have been a heat protector, but I’m not entirely certain.  I am looking forward to trying out the leave in conditioner.  I really like leave in conditioners actually.

I thought it was a little strange that two of my items didn’t make it into the product information sheet.  However I really liked this box.  It is one of the better boxes we have received in a while.  It had a good mix of skincare, haircare and makeup.  In the selection categories, there were multiple products in each category that looked like items I would want to select.  In the past the options weren’t all that great.  This month was different.  There were options and I had to actually think about what I wanted to choose.  In addition the items chosen for me were based on my profile. 

The value ended up being $281 so it was well worth the cost of the box.  However more importantly to me the box contained products that I like and want to use.  There is nothing in this box that I won’t try actually.  There are a couple of things I am thrilled to receive.  In addition the box felt special. It felt luxe to receive.  As this is the first year of the category, I know there are going to be some bumps along the way.  I planned to give the box a full year to see how I felt about it and to decide if I wanted to continue on with it.  After May I was mostly certain that I was going to let this box go at the end of the year.  Now I am not so certain.  It was a fantastic box and I am very happy to have received it. IPSY has had a bit of a bumpy year this year, but the Glam Bag X from Halsey for the month of August, gets two thumbs up. Hopefully this is the start of an upward trend.

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The Daily: August 5th, 2021

Oh my darlings what a day. There was no gym. There was no makeup. There was me fighting with my computer. I think I might have actually threatened it a couple of times. I know, threatening inanimate objects doesn’t actually do any good. but it does make me feel better.

A little bit anyway.

It would make me feel better if the problem were actually fixed. this far it has resisted all attempts at correction. At this point frustration is high and the best thing I can do is attempt to stop fixing it, let someone else try and figure out what is wrong and just breathe. While I can’t access my photos on the desktop I can access them on my I-pad. Which is interesting. So I will be bouncing between my i-pad for photos and my desk top for text until this issue is resolved. So things may look a little wonky for a bit. Hopefully not too long.

I know yesterday I said I was almost back on schedule and looking forward to a couple of quiet work days to finish out the week, but I didn’t think it would trigger an incident. I should have known better in retrospect, but alas, I taunted the gods of chaos and am now repenting the thought of scheduling.

Some day I will learn.

Perhaps today. Perhaps today is the day I learn never to claim that I am on schedule.

Because as I have spent most of the day fighting with my computer I am once again behind. Luckily for me the report I filed this morning had the text and images saved in two separate files. The graphics designers wanted them that way. Which was kind of a life saver this morning. You go graphics team! I know you only did it so you could control formatting, but it helped me out anyway.

And yes, I am actually considering that to be today’s victory. Some days, you take what you can get. And now, as I have finished fighting with the computer and plan to let someone else fight with it later, I am going to go to the gym and walk some of my frustrations out on the treadmill. Personally, I think that might actually be the best use of my remaining afternoon. It will certainly put me in a better frame of mind.

I hope your Thursday is going much better than mine. If not, just remember, deep breaths, there is a solution in there somewhere, even if you have to get creative with the tech. And if all else fails, step away for a breather and possibly call in back up. That’s my best advice.

And now, with back up called, I am stepping away.

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Computer Difficulties

Good morning my darlings. I am having a very interesting morning. Today my computer has decided I am not allowed to access my photos. I’m not entirely certain why it things it is illegal for me to look at photos I’ve taken, but apparently it has. I’ve phoned a friend and with luck the issue will soon be fixed. I don’t really like having my computer think that I am performing illegal functions. It sounds like it is thinking of giving me detention. Fingers crossed it is a quick and easy fix. More later…

Reviewing the 111Skin Y Theorem Day Cream

Anyone who has read my posts for any length of time knows that I love trying new skincare.  Because of this I often try samples to see how they perform.  I find this saves both on money and waste.  After all regardless of the price there is no point in purchasing something that you won’t use.  While samples can’t tell you the whole story, they can give you an idea of how the product will work.  They can let you know if you like the feel of it, or if you are going to have any reactions to it. 

Somewhere along the way I managed to test a sample size of the 111Skin Y Theorem Day Cream NacY2.  I’m guessing it was a subscription box, but I have no idea which one or when it arrived. I tend to put my samples in a plastic container and just reach in when I want to try something new or set up a travel bag. But one morning I did pull the sample from the container and tried it until it was gone. If memory serves it lasted a little over a week. During that week, I liked it enough that I put it on my ‘to test in a full sized version’ list. For the past six weeks or so I have actually been using the full sized version of this day cream. And I am now ready to give my thoughts on it. 

First let’s look at the official description.

The vitamin, antioxidant, and Hyaluronic Acid-infused formula plumps and revitalizes the complexion while keeping the skin feeling hydrated and nourished. This rich Day Cream works to infuse the skin with anti-ageing active ingredients whilst providing a protective barrier to shield the skin from harmful aggressors. Ideal for people who work in polluted or urban surroundings, the Y Theorem Day Cream NAC Y2 is formulated to reduce the effects of environmental aggressors.

NAC Y2: A fusion of three ingredients that all improve antioxidant levels, providing the optimum environment for collagen and elastin production and reducing the effects of environmental damage. HYALURONIC ACID: A humectant naturally occurring in our bodies that captures and retains moisture in the skin, improving hydration and causing a plumping effect. VITAMIN COMPLEX: A potent combination of Vitamin A, C, E, F and H to help repair damaged skin and protect against environmental pollution.




So let’s look at that a little deeper at a few of the top listed ingredients.  Water, I think we are all familiar with and know it needs to be in any skincare that seeks to plump the skin.  After all it is hydration that helps with the plumping and the water has to come from somewhere. It is much better coming from the cream than deeper in your skin. ISOPROPYL MYRISTATE is an emollient and it helps the skin retain moisture.

PEG-40 HYDROGENATED CASTOR OIL I actually find kind of interesting.  I’ll admit I went a little science crazy in the deep dive of this ingredient but don’t worry I’ll keep it short (and provide a link or two for those interested.  Put simply it is too large a molecule to be absorbed into the skin and so it stays on top and stops moisture from leaving.  I found that really interesting.  I’m used to sing ingredients that help lock moisture into the skin as they absorb but I never really thought about having something that doesn’t penetrate the skin preventing moisture from leaving. 

It makes sense and I am certain other moisturizers use it, I just never thought about it and I don’t think it has been a part of any other moisturizers I have broken down before.  So I found it a bit fascinating.  This is one of the best articles I found to most concisely explain it if you want more information.

CAPRYLIC / CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDE is coconut oil mixed with a glycerin and it helps both to smooth skin and soften it. In fact most of the ingredients on this list are used to both smooth and soften skin as well as work as antioxidants.

To be honest I really like this moisturizer for a couple of different reasons.  The first is that it is a day cream.  I know this sounds a little strange, but walk with me on this one for a minute.  I know that the thought of having one cream that you can use for both day and night time use is a good plan. However I am noticing that my skin needs different things in the day time and night time.  During the day I need a moisturizer that absorbs well, doesn’t clog pores and doesn’t make me feel greasy when I work out.  So during the day I need something on the lighter end of the spectrum. 

At night, especially in the winter when we have the heater running and the air in the house becomes drier, I need a heavier cream to get me through the night. I am not opposed to putting a sleeping mask over my moisturizer, but I would really rather have a good night cream and just occasionally add a sleeping mask to my routine.

This 111Skin Y Theorem Day cream worked really well in that aspect.  It is too light for me to use during the night but was perfect for me to use during the day.  It absorbed well and I quite frankly had no real problems during my trial of the cream.  It has a light clean fragrance that fades into the background and becomes a ‘skincare’ scent rather than something you can identify by scent profile (ie. cucumber, rose and so on). So there were no scent issues.  The moisturizer absorbed well and fairly quickly.  I have been using it for the past six weeks and we have been having an unusually cold spring.

In the past week warmth has returned.  This past weekend I actually got some of my seedlings finally transferred out of the greenhouse and into the garden. As a reference point usually that is something I do the weekend after Easter where I live. As it is warming up, I find I am having more problems with the cream absorbing.  I have been having a little bit of a greasy feel to my skin which is not something that happened at all in cooler temperatures.  I have a week or two left of the 111Skin Y Theorem moisturizer left in the jar and I suspect as the temperatures increase I will find it a little more greasy.  This cream seems to be a very good moisturizer when the weather is cool, not so much when the weather turns warm. 

I could be wrong (lord knows I have been wrong many, many times before) but I suspect it has something to do with the PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor oil. According to all of the information I found, it is designed to sit on top of the skin.  In cooler weather this isn’t an issue, as the temperatures rise you can feel something sitting on the skin and for me it feels a little greasy.  Don’t get me wrong, it is not a major grease bomb, but it is noticeable to me.  I’ve had to pat my t zone with powder mid afternoon just a little bit more now that the central heating is not running.

You will notice that there are no before and after pictures with my skin and this cream. Part of that is because I accidentally deleted the photos in my grand spring purge. (I was so excited to make space on my hard drive that I simply didn’t think about what I needed to keep.) The other reason is that while this moisturizer did moisturize, any real work done on reducing fine lines I am pretty sure was done by other products. The hyaluronic acid in this moisturizer may have contributed, but serums and eye creams did the heavy lifting. This is a moisturizer and an environmental defense shield, it is not amazing at dealing with fine lines.

Over all, I do like this Day cream and I am very glad that I did try it in the full size.  I think that if I were to purchase this 111Skin Y Theorem Day cream again, I would do so knowing that it would be a moisturizer I would use in the cooler months and that I would need to pair it with some heavy duty anti-aging serums. Everything else has its season, why shouldn’t moisturizer. So in conclusion, yes I would repurchase this moisturizer, but I would be strategic as to when in the year I used it and what products I used it with so as to use it to its best advantage.

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The Daily: April 28th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. Today my Wednesday workout came with a side of drama. In the gym there was very terse conversation between two gentlemen regarding equipment cleaning. Apparently one believed the other did not clean properly. There was even a small demonstration as to how machines should be cleaned. It was a very odd lecture to hear from a large and very sweaty man.

I think my favorite aspect was that after he was done and everything went back to normal the woman next to me said: “and I can’t even get my husband to pick up his socks.”

when I tried to leave there was some sort of incident in the business next door. It involved an ambulance and fire truck, although I don’t think the fire truck was actually necessary as there didn’t seem to be a fire. It did more or less shut down the parking lot for a while so I went in to use the treadmill until they were cleared away. I didn’t see the end result but I hope everyone was okay.

So I ended up spending a little more time at the gym than expected. In the grand scheme of things it isn’t a bad thing. As long as whoever needed the ambulance turns out to be okay. My schedule just got slightly bent. I can live with that. Most of my life seems a bit bent at the moment anyway.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Marc Jacobs Undercover Blurfection Primer

Foundation: Catrice HD Liquid Coverage

Blush/Bronze/Highlighter: Real Her Ultimate Glow Getter Cheek Trio

Powder: No7 Perfect Light Pressed powder

Mascara: Tarte Gifted Mascara

Lips: bareMinerals Gen Nude Liquid Gloss in the shade Pout

Eyeshadow: Combination of the Cargo Swimmables Shadow Stick and the Cargo Cosmetics Palette Chill in the Six

Today was interesting with the makeup. The primer worked well and I think I will be reaching for it often. So go Marc Jacobs! The Marc Jacobs sale is still going on so if you are interested you might want to click the above link and see if the things you like are offered at a discount.

The Catrice Foundation I haven’t used in a while and quite frankly I forgot I had. I really shouldn’t as I really like the way it applies. I know I tend to say that about every foundation that I pull from the drawer but the truth is that if after a week of use I don’t like a foundation, I get rid of it. I see no reason to keep products that I don’t like using around. If it doesn’t work well for me after a respectable trial, I pass it on to a friend. During that time I make certain that droppers and dispensers don’t come into contact with my face. I tend to put foundation on my hand and then apply from there anyway, but i make sure everything is clean and wiped down with anti-bacterial cloth before passing it along. But if I don’t like it, it doesn’t go back in the drawer. It has been a while since I purchased a new foundation so I have used and like all that I have. I just forgot about this one and how much I like it. For me Catrice is an odd brand. It is an affordable brand but for me the products are a bit hit or miss. Some of the ones I’ve tried were really bad misses, but the hits end up being really good for me. This Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation was definitely a hit for me. The only problem I have with it is that by about noon I need a lunch time pat down with the powder to knock back the shine in my T-zone. It isn’t major, but a quick pat does the trick.

I love the No 7 Powder. It is in fact my go to powder but I have been trying to remember to use others so I don’t just plow through multiple compacts of the No 7. The Real Her Glow Getter Cheek Trio has certainly seen some love from me. All three products are starting to show the indent of the pan through them. There is no metal visible yet, but I know it is coming soon. And I know I will use every drop of the bareMinerals Gen Nude lip. It is such a nice subtle color that I can use when going neutral or to balance out a bold eye. Incidentally many of bareMinerals lippies are on sale right now. Not all of them though so you have to poke around a bit on the site. I did see that there was a duo of liquid lips usually selling for $20 now on sale for $12 so it is a pretty decent sale for the ones that are selling. You might want to poke around and see it they have your color up for sale if you are looking to stock up.

And speaking of eyes, todays were a bit of a mess. They were fine by the time i took the photos but getting to fine was a journey. and also why the up close is a little messy. I am currently testing the Cargo Swimmables Shadow Stick and today I decided to test it with powder shadows. I have a couple of Cargo palettes so I decided to try it with one of them. I chose the Chill in the Six which is a wintery, sort of palette with blues and purples. It really is a stunning palette. The darker shades of Ontario and Hockey can be a little patchy and need a little finesse but it is worth it for the rest of the palette. I really enjoy using this palette. I tend to reach for the more neutral shades but given the almost smokey blue of the shadow stick I went towards the purple side of the palette, using both Ontario and Hockey today. There were issues with the shadow stick. It did not want to play with the powders. I tried it on before the powders and it was quite bad. I tried it after the powders and again not great. In the end I went with just the Shadow palette and set the shadow stick to the side. They just weren’t playing well together and needed time apart.

In the end everything was fine. It just took me twice as long to work through as usual. And as I haven’t played with this palette in a while, it was fun to play with. Not what I had planned for today, but still fun.

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