Weekly Weight: 214.8 lbs

The scale, November 20, 2020

This week was a bit of a rollercoaster for me.  I think that I managed to have an equal number of days where I didn’t get any exercise as days where I did.  Nothing I planned actually worked out as I planned and I felt like I was running to catch up the entire week. 

Quite frankly I am exhausted and so ready for the weekend.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that my weight did drop a little bit this week regardless of everything else.  Especially as I thought I might be approaching a bit of a plateau.  In all fairness I might be, but that will be clearer after next week.  This week things were so scattered that stress or missed walks could account for the small loss. 

I will also confess that as next week is Thanksgiving and I plan to have a celebratory meal with my baby doll, I will not be weighing in on Friday Morning (November 27th).  That would just be too cruel.  The day after a holiday no scales are allowed.  So no weigh in next Friday and a reevaluation of my diet plan on after the first Friday of December. 

How we reached the end of November is something of a mystery to me, yet somehow here we are.  So as they stand now… The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 215.0 lbs

This Week’s Weight: 214.8 lbs

Lost this week: 0.2 lbs

Lost thus far: 31.2 lbs

This weekend I will rest and recover.  Next week I will do my best to stay on schedule until Thursday, skip Friday’s weigh in and close out November with the same regime I started with.  Then I will reevaluate for December and the New Year.  As I will be reevaluating Subscription boxes as well as other elements of my world in December, it seems only fair to chuck my weight loss plan into the mix. 

I’d say it was a plan but I’ve grown suspicious of the word plan as every time I try and use it my world goes a bit bonkers. Instead I will say these are the ideas I have regarding my weight loss. And yes I hope to trick the Gods of planning who have apparently turned against me.  I will also be doing a google search to learn how I may appease these fickle beings.  Maybe it will require a daily planner exorcism.  That could be fun.

Also as we are going into the weekend before all of the sales kick off in a big way, I will be posting some sales notices so you can take advantage of them if you are shopping. The first I want to mention is actually from Nuxe. There sales vary by day and start on Monday. So November 23rd – 25th – 15% off sitewide, November 26th – 20% off + 2x minis WYS $50, November 27th – 29th – 30% off When you spend $70  and then November 30th – December 1st – 25% off When you spend $50. I hope that helps you plan. Personally, I will be going to Nuxe for the Insta-Masque line. I really liked the exfoliating one and want to try the other two in the line. with the sales it seems a good time to pick them up.

Weekly Weight: 215.0 lbs

The scale: November 13th, 2020

Welcome to Friday the thirteenth.  I know it really isn’t any spookier than any other day.  I will say however that no one thought to explain this to my coffee pot.  It chose this morning for catastrophic failure.  As reported by my babydoll.  Apparently, there were sparks.

My baby doll wakes up before I do because he really needs a few hours of mosey awake time in the morning. Oddly, he is a morning person, he just likes to take his time and savor the first hours of the day.


My wierdo who I love, but still

I am more of a get up and get moving because I have no choice about being awake at this ungodly hour sort of person. Admittedly I like to savor the night and could happily wind my day down slowly and maybe mosey to bed at two in the morning (provided I didn’t have to get up in the morning, which sadly I do) whereas once he reaches a certain point of the night then he has to fight to stay awake until bedtime and then conks out as soon as he lays down as though someone hit him with a brick. And then he doesn’t move until he wakes up the next morning.

It is somewhat disconcerting.

As I can count on one hand the number of times I have actually slept through the night, all of which are tied to some sort of illness or the fact that I stayed up more than twenty four hours straight prior to the sleep fest, I didn’t realize that real people actually did that.  I thought it was only in movies and cartoons.  You know, some sort of idealized version of sleep.

I wake up every hour or two even with a sleep mask and sleepytime gummies. I sort of cat nap throughout the night. A good night’s sleep means two blocks of three hours straight in one night, occasionally with an hour awake in between. And before you ask, any sleep drugs stronger than the gummies make me sleep walk. It’s just the way I am wired. Drove my mom crazy when I was a kid since she was convinced I needed to sleep through the night.  My dad wasn’t worried since apparently he did the same thing. And so did his dad. As well as a couple of my cousins.

So at least it is genetic.

But regardless this is not about my odd fascination with the fact that some people can actually sleep an entire night through. It is about weight, the losing there of or in this week’s case the maintaining of the same number.

Yeah you aren’t wrong if you think you’ve seen this number before. It is the same as last week. So this week no loss, but at least no gain.  As I needed to take a few days off of walking, partially because of the blister I walked onto the back of my heel but mostly because the rain is still keeping the park flooded, I didn’t get as much calorie burning exercise in as I planned. I tried portion control so I was mostly able to stay within my calories.  The issue was that I did my menu planning intending to walk and my break from walking came towards the end of the week when I had fewer meal switching options.  But that is okay.  The rain will end, the park will dry and my blister will heal. And in the end, I didn’t gain anything this week. 

The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 215.0 lbs

This Week’s Weight: 215.0 lbs

Lost this week: 0.0 lbs

Lost thus far: 31.0 lbs

And now I am off to dig out the glass stovetop percolator from the depths of the cabinet.  The last time it was used was during a power outage. It became my BFF then.  My babydoll used the French Press. If I can’t find my beloved percolator than I will go the French press option myself.  But fear not, the now deceased Mr. Coffee will be mourned. 

And apparently even as the French press brewed my Babydoll’s morning cup, he ordered a new Mr. Coffee, a replacement is eminent. Which is kind of amusing.  He has been talking about getting a newer fancier coffee pot for a while.  I’m not sure which bells and whistles he things we need but he loves his gadgets.  This is far from the first coffee pot we have killed but each time, he automatically orders the exact same as a replacement.  The about three weeks later he realizes that he missed his opportunity and pouts for a week.  Then we get some other completely unrelated gadget that he has been eyeing and hasn’t gotten around to purchasing. It’s sort of our in house system.  I can’t wait to see what arrives by mail about a month from now. The new coffee pot will however be here this weekend.

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Weekly Weight: 215.0 lbs

The scale November 6th, 2020

This week has had some ups and downs.  I’ll admit a large chunk of them were my fault. I went bike riding mid-week and lost complete track of time.  Which, as I haven’t been bike riding in over a year really did my legs in.

But I am only feeling a twinge of stiffness at the moment.

The stress of the week didn’t help any.  In the spirit of fair confession there was a point this week where I binge watched election returns while powering through far too many packs of smarties than was good for me. We had only one trick or treater this year and even though we loaded him up with as much candy as possible there was still a lot left.  Significantly less after my binging.

I think I mindlessly packed away more than a year’s worth of recommended sugar intake this week. But elections like this don’t come along every day.  I’m sure the next one will be a lot calmer and less stressful.

And the dreams will hopefully end.

I swear mid-week I had a dream that to decide the final outcome of the election the GOP and the DEMs engaged in Knightly warfare; horses, armor, swords and battle axes.  I’m pretty sure it was a combination of too much news and researching battle gear for a fantasy novel I am writing. They merged into a very bizarre scenario. Admittedly, the battle was started when someone said “Racers on your marks” and then fired a starter pistol into the air.

No clue where that came from, but the person with the starter pistol looked and sounded a lot like Ru Paul.

But whatever the week brought I got on the scale.  I am happy to say, it was a loss this week. Not a huge loss but, I’m pretty sure that is some sort of minor miracle. I was fully expecting to gain weight this week.  Stress (and candy) usually do that to me. Perhaps the bike ride saved me as well as turned my thighs into achy jelly. Or maybe it was the early in the week yoga each morning (until the bikeride). Either way, something helped.

The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 215.4 lbs

This Week’s Weight: 215.0 lbs

Lost this week: 0.4 lbs

Lost thus far: 31.0 lbs

And so we soldier on, hopefully leaving the stress behind and taking the lessons forward. Candy should not be stockpiled in the house, watches should be worn on bike rides and for a good night’s sleep, I should not watch the news before bed. Or do research on armor and weapons. These are the lessons of the week. I’ll be sure to put them to good use.

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Weekly Weight: 215.4 lbs

The scale, October 30th, 2020

I’ll admit I was a little nervous about the scale this week. Two days of rain with not a lot of activity made me count every single calorie a lot more closely than usual. But it kept me on track so my math wasn’t wasted. I am sort of annoyed with nutrition labels at the moment. All of the measurements for a recommended serving size had very little relation to what i wanted to eat. I know one of my issues has always been getting portion control correct but I cook a lot so I am generally dividing up produce, weighing meat and cheese, sifting flour and trying to figure out how much a medium egg weighs compared to a large one.

At the beginning of the pandemic we stocked the pantry and while I have been working through the more normal dry goods in a relatively steady fashion (we didn’t actually buy more than we would use in a month of those actually) however my baby doll panic-stocked his favorite prepackaged foods (because god forbid the apocalypse arrive and we not have cool ranch doritos). He added them to his personal workspace and has slowly been adding them to the pantry as we use up regular ingredients like rice.

And yes it seems very strange to run out of rice, but have three bags of doritos and eight chocolate bars.

There are other things too that he picked up: Premade soups, boatloads of canned tuna, that sort of thing. I actually had a look in his workshop and was rather surprised. As he hadn’t been opening cabinets and taking things out, merely adding one or two things at a time as ‘backup’ be was rather surprised as well. So he agreed not to panic buy for a while and we’ve been working through his stash.

To double back, usually my issue is with portion control. I usually want more than the recommended serving size. To be honest, the reverse is kind of true now on some of the junk foods. I don’t want as much as the serving suggests. Or I do but I can’t eat it. The culprit is sodium. Cooking at home with few premade packaged foods and not a lot of restaurant meals has dropped my sodium intake way down and I just can’t take the amount of salt I once did. Too much salt and my tongue starts to feel like it is burning.

I should point out that I have what’s called a geographic tongue. Mine is slight, one of my cousins has it way more than I do. His tongue looks as though he has been chewing on glass (sans Blood of course) when he sticks it out. By contrast, mine only has a few much smaller cuts. So it means some foods and chemicals hit me harder than other things. Salt in high quantities has always made my tongue feel burned, but now it takes much lower amounts of sodium to reach that level.

So there has been a lot of math as I counted my calories and argued with ingredients labels “I’m not going to eat five crackers, I’m only eating two you stupid box.”

My baby doll thinks it is amusing when I argue with labels about what I plan to eat. so he at least has had fun with my math this week.

But it paid off.

Starting weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s weight: 216.4 lbs

This week’s Weight: 215.4 lbs

This week’s loss: 1.0 lbs

Weight lost thus far: 30.6 lbs

So the math helped me out, even if very few labels had evenly splittable serving sizes. Three, five and seven were the most often recommended number of items to consume. I know there is a marketing reason for that, but I generally found I wanted to eat an even number. But truthfully, I don’t mind math in general. I just got annoyed when I didn’t think ahead and do the math before I got hungry. usually I plan things out better but I am working with unexpected ingredients and a sheepish man who apparently loves spaghetti-os. Luckily this weekend is our once a month grocery shopping excursion so I can restock actual pantry items. Fun stuff in the world of dieting. But at least it looks like next week will be clear and sunny. Cold, but clear and sunny.

Weekly Weight: 216.4 lbs

The Scale: October 23rd, 2020

Okay I am calm and relaxed. I know I was a bit of a mess yesterday. And as I suspected, I was a bit of a mess all the way upto the time the car pulled into the driveway. Then I was calm and relaxed. The visit was short and fun. I enjoyed myself immensely.

And once it was over I sort of collapsed.

Yeah, I wore myself out. And I apologize for the super stressed out daily post from yesterday. That was just the first time anyone who doesn’t live under my roof has been closer than my mailbox since March. It was surprisingly nerve wracking.

But it is done and we are moving on. With the exception of yesterday’s pound cake I did pretty good this week in following my diet and exercise routine. As my plan had to adapt mid week, I am pleased to see my efforts pay off. At the moment the place where I can see my efforts the most is in the bottom of my sneakers. I have some worn patches on them that let me know, I really need to replace them soon. Luckily I have their replacements ready and waiting.

So to the stats we go.

Starting Weight: 246 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 217.6 lbs

This week’s weight: 216.4 lbs

Lost this week: 1.2 lbs

Lost over all: 29.6 lbs.

So this week was more stressful than it had to be, but I still managed to get the scale to go down a little. My slow and steady progress is still slow and steady. Sometimes frustratingly slow. But that is just my instant gratification button wanting to be pushed. I’ll live if it isn’t. And in fact I’ll be better if it isn’t. Rapid weight loss makes me think that something wrong has occurred. I just need to temper my own impatience. And be happy about losing over a pound this week. As stress usually causes me to gain weight, that is minor miracle. And yes part of the impatience is due to yesterday’s visit and photos shared. But comparing myself to others won’t get me anywhere in the weight loss game. It just makes me feel impatient with my own body and that is never a good start. So I am shoving away my impatience and celebrating my 1.2 lbs loss this week with an extra walk through the park. I’m also going to spend the weekend immersed in Vincent Price horror movies which will not only kick of our in house week before Halloween fright fest, but it will switch the mental gears from comparing myself to others to wondering what you actually say to a contractor when you want to build a pit of acid in your basement. seriously, how do you commission that? Not that I intend to install one. Or even have a basement. But I have always been curious.

So 1.2 lbs gone (woo Hoo!), celebratory walk on tap and a weekend filled with old school horror. That’s me sorted. Hope you are up for your weekend.

Weekly Weight: 218.2 lbs

The Scale, October 9th, 2020

I know I am running a little behind today, but this morning has been a little surreal. I got up and stripped down to step on the scale. I stepped on the scale, took the picture and wiggled in a little happy dance. I may not believe that the scale’s numbers are the end all be all of my life but it is nice to have some validation of my efforts.

However as I reached for my clothes and began to dress, still bobbing my head to an impromptu happy dance. To the tune of “two pounds gone, oh yeah, two pounds gone, the sweat was worth it.”

Okay calling it a tune might be stretching the truth and possibly be an insult to music in general. But I was dancing to it nonetheless. When suddenly my bedroom was filled with flashing blue lights.

Sadly my first thought was “My dancing’s not that bad”.

I then realized I was still half naked and that if the police were indeed hunting me down for some unknown misdeed then I wanted to be fully clothed. So I finished dressing very quickly.

Turns out the police did not want to take me in for crimes against music. They were here for one of my neighbors. Incidentally the neighbor whose radio caused me to think i was going insane earlier in the week.

I have no idea what is up. In general I live in a pretty quiet neighborhood. Its one of those neighborhoods that is in the process of transitioning. We have a lot of folks who have lived here for fifty years and if they leave they are either going to an assisted living facility or the funeral home. Then we have a couple of young families with really little kids. Excitement in my neighborhood generally means an ambulance and the start of the house finding a new owner or my neighbor with dementia accusing one of the other neighbors of stealing her fudge pops.

For diabolical purposes I’m certain.

But I’m sure later I will find out what is going on with the neighbor and the police. with everyone working from home more (at least those that aren’t retired) gossip spreads along the walking trail even with everyone more than six feet away. which also means it is spread loudly to over come both distance and masks so you get to hear everything. I now know gossip about people I’ve never met. it’s kind of fun.

Anyway, that is for later. At the moment, I am happy my sweat paid off and my weight is going back down. Two pounds is a great loss for me this week and quite frankly provided me with the encouragement I needed to keep going. The weight gain from the month without a scale really got me down. this makes me want to continue. So to the new and improved stats!

Starting weight: 246 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 220.2 lbs

This week’s weight: 218.2 lbs

Lost this week: 2 lbs

Lost in total: 27.8 lbs

I am no longer putting a goal weight as I am just going to work at chipping away the excess until I feel healthy and am in a healthy weight range according to my doctor. I can use the scale as a tool without being ruled by it. And I can still enjoy the two lbs loss happy dance. It is not even illegal, as far as I know.

Weekly Weight: 220.2 lbs

Weigh in October 2, 2020

Yeah, I almost had a heart attack when i saw the numbers on the scale this morning. I knew my control slipped and that I greenlighted far more comfort foods in the past month than usual. I also let my portion control slip when I stopped logging my calories.

But what is done is done. I can’t wallow. Although I will admit to some very harsh words to myself this morning. Then I actually stopped and realized I wouldn’t actually say those things to anyone else and that I certainly didn’t need to hear them from myself.

So at least that is progress of a sort.

What matters now is not letting this setback become permanent. It happened and it is a good reminder of what happens when I stop paying attention, but it isn’t permanent. It is just my new starting point.

I won’t lie I thought I might gain a couple of pounds, but I didn’t expect this and I am somewhat disappointed in myself. However, I know I took a month off from the scale for a good reason. I also now know that I am still at a point where the scale is a tool I need to use to keep me on track. Clearly it helps me reinforce my good decisions and provides a marker for a course correction when I make bad ones. So this was what a month with no accountability got me.

I need the accountability of the weekly weigh in. And so it returns.

I’ll get over my disappointment in myself and keep moving forward. As a very good friend of mine once told me, ‘Failures are either lessons that propel you forward or weights that hold you back.’ The situation was completely different, but the theory remains the same. I’ve learned lessons, about both my weight and myself this month. I will let them guide me as I move on and not weld me into place.

Yeah I know. Sarcasm and mocking come naturally to me, positive thinking takes effort. And while I’ll never be the eternal optimist/cheerleader sort of person, in this instance it is important to set the disappointment to the side. In case you were wondering in high school my sports were Fencing and Debate. If I couldn’t skewer you with words, I went for the sword. Not a lot of cheerleaders for Fencing. Although I bet their cheers would just be simply awesome. I’m sure lunge and riposte would be just beat the word Defense hollow in cheer format.

But I suppose now I need to work on my riposte and be my own cheerleader. And at least trying to think up fencing and/or weight loss related cheers prevents me from wallowing. Humor may be a defense mechanism, but sometimes it keeps your brain from breaking. And I’d rather laugh than beat myself up for what is already done. So, as I move forward we have the new stats.

Starting Weight: 246 lbs

This week’s Weight: 220.2 lbs

I kept my original weight because it reminds me that I am not back to square one no matter how much it feels like it at this moment in time. I also am not adding my last weigh in because it is in the past and if I see it, I will dwell upon it and start to wallow. next week I will add the change in weight from this week’s record. (although the other weights are still posted so you can see them for yourself if you’d like). I am also leaving off the goal weight as I don’t want to fixate on a number and instead just focus on reaching a weight where I feel good and is within the range of healthy weight for my body type according to the doctor.

So the big scare first official weigh in back is complete. It was scary, but I get through it, and you can’t always walk away and hid from what scares you. Unless it is a knife wielding maniac. Then you should probably run and hide. And call the police. But scary things like facing the scale and weight gain. This is something I can do. A scary thing I can face. And if you are in the same boat, I know that you can do it too.

Weekly Weight: Still no scale

Yeah. Turns out I was thinking 30 days and the person who challenged me thought it was until the end of September so My first new official weigh in will be October 2nd and not today.

So one more week without the scale.

I will still do the month in review here and then move forward next week. I strongly suspect I have gained a bit of weight over the past month. That could just be my orderly soul wanting exact measurments and projecting it’s unsettled feeling of being unable to check, but I think it is true.

I also think it is less about the scale and more the official weigh in at the end of the week that keeps me more on track. As I’ve been discussing the scale, even if I couldn’t use it, a lot this month this is the conclusion I have reached.

Each friday morning I get on the scale and see what effects my efforts throughout the week have had in black and white figures. Or at least digital figures. I then, because of this site, have to type in the numbers to let the world (or anyone reading this post) what those numbers are. And I post a picture of the scale so I can’t lie about it. Knowing that I have to do that helps keep me motivated.

Plus there is the past factor. When my weight started ballooning up, I stopped getting on the scale. I simply stopped weighing myself. When I actually committed to losing weight I got on the scale for the first time in at least five years. Before then I hid from it, both the scale and my weight. Committing to a weekly weigh in makes me not hide from it. It forces me to stop and think about my decisipons once a week if nothing else instead of drifting.

There has been a lot of drifting this month. I also have my babydoll who has taken advantage of the lack of scale to start slipping more meat themed meals into the menu plan. I can’t blame him, I let him do it. He’s had some rough instances with crazies at work lately so I didn’t hold as strictly to the standard one dinner with meat per week plan that we have been following. And it isn’t that I’m blaming meat per say, but those nights tend to be heavier meals anyway. Mostly because letting him have those meals is what gets him to agree to more veg heavy meals throughout the week and then Friday is the ‘treat meal’. If he’s craving a breaded pork covered in a sauce made with mushrooms, white wine and heavy cream, then that is the night. I take a smaller portion and admittedly add my friday night treat of an icy cold martini (Plymouth gin, Noilly Prat Vermouth and olive juice, if you please). Of course even the martini is a reasonable size as my martini glasses are straight out of the 1950s instead of the giant glasses as big as my face.

The problem isn’t the Friday night indulgences so much as the fact that he’s sort of had his friday meals creep to Wednesdays as well for a mid week pick me up. Which in all fairness, I let him. So even though the martini stays on Friday, the indulgent meal has doubled. Having the scale as sort of definitive proof that i don’t need to be doing that (although I know I don’t need to be doing that) will help me wrangle the meal plans back into place.

I think the weather change will help with that as well. While the cold veg meals such as the spring roll salad get us through the summer months when it is too hot to turn on the oven for very long, my baby doll tends to find the hot veg themed meals much more soul satisfying. I believe this will aid my wrangling quest.

I know, a lot of navel gazing for a Friday morning. But sometimes, my darlings, one has to spend a little time looking within if the goal is self improvement. which in this case has more to do with understanding the role of the scale in my life instead of actually thinking about weight loss.

So next week is the official October weigh in. If I’ve lost weight – great. If I stayed the same, fine. If I gained weight I will accept that it is not the end of the world, take it as a new start and continue moving on. I will be disappointed, but I will survive. I am willing to accept whatever outcome it is. Because in the end this month was about healthy thinking more than anything else. The reason I am losing weight it to make myself healthier and happier, with fewer aching knee and ankle joints. It is not about the number on the scale, whatever that may be, even if I do squeal and dance as the numbers descend. The happy dance is just for me (and really shouldn’t be seen by anyone else – I’ve heard there are petitions).


Weekly Weight: Fourth week no scale

I have to say I am somewhat relieved to see the title. More than anything the curiosity is eating me alive. Living without a scale for a month has been a bit of a trial. I’m glad I did it, and I learned several things about myself in the process, some of which will help me moving forward, others are things I really just need to keep an eye on.

I’ve learned that lists are really handy to keep me moving and motivated. I’ve learned that sometimes my body will let me know when it is not happy with my bad decisions. I’ve also learned that weekends are my weak spots. During the week I am very good at writing down my calories, getting my workouts in and generally staying on track. Once the clock hits end of work on Friday evening, I am not that great at remembering any of those things.

My brain sort of says ‘weekend’ and then shuts off. Part of it is that I am not at my desk as much over the weekend, so logging things in is harder to remember. At my desk I have a note pad set up to jot things down and make sure they are logged. On weekends, I lose that. I think that is also where I miss the scale the most. I really like having that friday accountability. There is no wiggle room. The scale shows the numbers to you in bold numbers. There is no interpretation of feelings. Just the numbers.

Good or bad, those numbers help me on the weekend. If I did well I can talk myself out of a little something extra because I haven’t earned it, and if the numbers are good I can use them to talk myself out of a little something extra because I don’t want to undo all the work I did the week before. without that I sort of drift.

It makes me very worried that this month without the scale I did put on weight. So the 25th is looming large in my mind as the first day back on the scale.

And this past thirty days wasn’t the most placid of months for me either. Admittedly when I had the bank issues with someone hacking my account after dealing with it instead of stress eating I spent time researching voodoo dolls. So that is something at least. Still the stress was strong this month.

I did learn that while I use the scale and it’s number to keep me motivated, the end weight goal is really nit that important to me. I put up the number because it was within the doctor approved healthy range and it was exactly half of my starting weight and thus made a fun goal. But beyond that, it didn’t mean all that much to me.

Also through conversations with a family member who is recovering from an eating disorder, with therapy, I’ve learned to explain why I use the scale as a tool and will continue to use it in a way that is acceptable to her and compatible with my telling her that the scale should not be relied upon for a holy grail number. Its also why I am no longer going to put up a goal number and just continue on my weight loss until I am within a healthy range and not to achieve a specific number.

So over all this month has been a good thing. I will still be relieved to get my scale back (I sent it out of the house so I wouldn’t be tempted to cheat). Even if I did gain weight, which I will consider acceptable this month (even if I don’t really like the possibility) I will be very happy to know my current weight. Its the curiosity that is really getting to me. But for both family and self, it was definitely worth taking a month away from the scale to think about why and how I want to use it moving forward. I don’t now who out there is in the same weight loss boat as I am, but I hope these posts have helped you as well. I will be keeping up my daily posts next week. I might even keep them as a regular feature moving forward. Feel fee to let me know if you’d like to see them continue.

Weekly Weight: 3rd Week No Scale

Morning all. This week was a bit tumultuous. And I’ll admit there were a few days where my calorie count was broken. But I think I have managed to once again wrestle control of things, at least temporarily and I am back on track.

That has always been the key to any diet. Before when I would try to lose weight I would try, and do an okay job at it and then something would happen and I would get discouraged and give up. Now no matter what happens, I take the hit, understand that life happens and then get back on track.

Because in the end this isn’t about looking a certain way or fitting into a certain stereotypical image. It is about my health. Let’s face it when I was younger and in great shape I didn’t wear bikinis because I didn’t like feeling that exposed when I went to the swimming pool, so it isn’t like I’m trying for that now. I want to take pressure off of my knees and ankle joints as my primary goal.

Admittedly fitting into a smaller size of jeans this week was a really nice feeling.

And without the scale feelings are what I am going on for my assessment.

And today I feel pretty good. My eyes are a little puffy from the end of summer allergens floating through the air. I’m not certain what plant causes it but my eyes will be itchy and puffy from about now until the first cold snap that puts everything in it’s place. I’ll take something to help my nose before bed each night and then poof I will wake up, the dew will be a slightly crispy crust on the grass until the sun touches them and like magic no more puffy eyes until spring.

As far as allergies go it’s pretty mild, more an annoyance than actual trouble. Of course now even the slightest sniffle in public can cause you to be an instant pariah with people clearing a wide swath around you. As I personally know at least five people in my area with far worse allergies than me I’m sure the next few weeks will be fun to watch. Our local news has already started running the how to tell if it’s allergies and not covid broadcasts, so clearly I’m not the only one concerned.

But other than the seasonal eyeball itch, I feel pretty good physically. Mentally I am kind of spent. It was an exhausting week. This weekend I have pulled a couple of Peter Mayle Books from the shelf and plan to just sort of zone out into someone else’s fantasy world. Hopefully it will let my brain rest for a bit and recharge for Monday. Still missing the scale a bit, I can’t lie about that. But over all I think I did pretty well this week.

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