Weekly weight: Measurements Week 6 of 6

Weekly Weight Measurements Week 6

Week 6: Bust: 46”, Waist: 45.5”, Hips: 47”

Despite everything it looks like I am down about half an inch over all this week.  Which is nice to see.  Especially since there were several weeks with nothing at all changing.  So that is nice to see. 

It is also nice to have some positive news for the moment.  If you caught yesterday’s daily post, I had a dental emergency this week.  I have to admit, I am one of those people who is scared of the dentist.  I know there is no real reason why.  My dentist is a lovely man.  Quite nice.  Personable. Friendly.

Yet the angst that fills me even hearing his name is just incredible.

Add dental surgeon to the mix really just ratchets that up a notch.  However yesterday’s visit was unavoidable.  It was my first time meeting the oral surgeon.  I was very angsty going in but he was very nice.  I am pretty sure he uses botox and spends a little too much time in a tanning bed. I know I have several friends who I could say the same about, but it always seems strange to see these  things in a doctor.  Oddly enough wondering about why I find them strange in a doctor helped calm me down a little. 

Of course his over use of the word cutting ratcheted them back up again.

In case you are wondering I am having the shattered remains of the tooth removed and an implant put in. The surgery is next Friday so there isn’t too long of a wait and then I have three months to heal before the final implant can be inserted. It should be fine but The surgery is the 25th and my birthday is the 27th so there will be a decided lack of celebration for my Birthday weekend. Things have been reshuffled.  Eventually there will be a dinner out and maybe even ice cream, but not the weekend of my actual birthday.  While ice cream is soft, it is also really cold.  I foresee large amounts of yogurt and smoothies in my near future.  In fact after the consult with the oral surgeon yesterday I placed an order with Smoothie box to stock up. I suspect they will be my friend for a while. 

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If nothing else it will make my calories really easy to count.  As this is the end of the six weeks of no scale my scale will return sometime this coming week and I will officially weigh in on the 25th.  To be honest, I have no idea what is going to be going on with my weight for the next few weeks.  It is something I will have to play by ear.  I just really can’t tell what is going to happen with what I eat or how much I am able to workout.  It will definitely be a learning experience. 

But as things stand now…

Starting Measurements: Bust: 49.5“, Waist: 47“, Hips: 49”

Week 1: Bust: 48”, Waist: 47”, Hips: 48.5”

Week 2: Bust 47”, Waist: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

Week 3: Bust: 46.5”, Waist: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

Week 4: Bust: 46.5”, Waist: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

Week 5: Bust: 46.5”, Waist: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

Week 6: Bust: 46”, Waist: 45.5”, Hips: 47”

During the six weeks of no scale there were frustrations as I longed for a scale to let me know how I was doing, whether well or poorly. I had no knowledge of what to expect with the measurements which was both good and bad.  At first I was a bit lost, but I have to say I kind of liked paying attention to my body rather than the scale.  I didn’t actually need a number when my belly felt overly stuffed with comfort food and I felt lethargic from skipping my workouts.  I knew the number would have gone up had I seen it.  I like to think that when I felt good about myself after workouts that my weight would have gone down.  While I think I will probably go back to using the scale, I think that I might build in periodic times where I just take measurements instead of getting on the scale.  I think the breaks from the scale really are good for me just getting in tune with my body and taking a little while to just listen to it.  With the upcoming dental surgery I have no idea what to expect so I am going to use the scale to monitor what is going on just so I don’t worry about it. But I strongly suspect that there will come a point where I need to step away from the scale for a bit. It was a good lesson for me to learn.

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Weekly Weight: Measurements Week 5 of 6

Week 5: Bust: 46.5”, Hips: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

Yeah this week was a little hit and miss with exercises.  I made it to the gym on Monday, but then everything more or less fell apart. With good news from Mom, the stress has eased, but I’ll be honest, I missed more workouts than I made and I ate more comfort food than healthy meals.

It was not my best week. 

However, my measurements stayed the same.  I am not really sure how that happened. But then again I am not really sure how fast inches are lost or gained.  I actually tried looking it up but there really isn’t a reliable ‘how many pounds equals one inch’ because bodies are so different. 

There is a part of me that likes the fact that even in weight ain/los we are each individual snowflakes.

Its also super frustrating when i want concrete answers, but it is nice too.

I will say I felt a little blah without the exercises though.  I think that if I were to go and do a workout I would feel better.  I don’t really enjoy the workouts.  In fact while I am doing them, I kind of hate them.  I suspect that those who design weigh machines really want to design torture devices and are saddened by the fall of the Spanish Inquisition.

And there are so many more things I would rather spend my time doing. 

It seems like there are never enough hours in the day.

However, after the workout once I’ve cleaned up and showered and no longer feel gross, I feel energized.  Which I suppose means they are working.  Or at least getting my blood flowing. Which I’m sure is good for me. So I suppose when I am stressed I should in theory work out more instead of making a large bowl of rice pudding.

The rice pudding, while delicious, didn’t really make me feel energized.  Kind of the opposite in fact.

So for now I’m letting go of the stress and the rice pudding and getting back to my exercises.  At least, I didn’t gain any inches this week.  That has to count for something right? And truthfully while I’m happy with not gaining any inches, the big win of the week is that my mother’s CT scan revealed no hidden evils and that the one issue can be dealt with and she can be soon on the mend again. 

Regardless of weights and measurements, that makes this a good week. 

Starting Measurements: Bust: 49.5“ Waist: 47“ Hips: 49”

Week 1: Bust: 48”, Waist: 47”, Hips: 48.5”

Week 2: Bust 47”, Waist: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

Week 3: Bust: 46.5”, Hips: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

Week 4: Bust: 46.5”, Hips: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

Week 5: Bust: 46.5”, Hips: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

So here we are holding steady at the end of week five. Next week will be the last week of just measurements and then the scale will return. I have mixed feelings, but then I always have mixed feelings about the scale. Part of me really wants to see if I did gain the weight I think i gained and part of me never wants to look at the scale again and just concentrate on getting as healthy as possible, monitoring the inches and how I feel inside my skin. I know it sounds wishy washy but I both love and hate the scale. And probably always will. There is the possibility I may bring the scale back to satisfy my curiosity and then kick it out again for a little while. I haven’t decided. Part of me really just wants to concentrate on how i feel but I do so love a good solid number to look at. we’ll see how it shakes out. Regardless of the ultimate decision, there is one more week of measurements and then the scale will return. How long it stays is up for debate, but it will return.

Weekly Weight: Measurements Week 4 of 6

Measurements: Week 4: Bust: 46.5”, Hips: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

I have to say even though there was no change in the measurements this week, I am not sad. In fact I am somewhat relieved. Memorial Day weekend the diet went out the window. Scratch that. Common sense and restraint went out the window.

Time was spent with friends and it was just such a relief to spend time socializing with people that no real thought went into consumption. I mindlessly grazed and paid absolutely no attention to portion size.ything tasted good but I paid no attention to calorie counting. This week, the meal plan is back in place and the calories are pre counted based on meals. I will be paying attention.

This is one of those weeks where I am relieved to not get on the scale, but not getting on the scale also ,makes me a bit nervous. After a week of indulgences, I am certain my weight went up, even if my measurements stayed the same. This is one of those times where even though i would dread getting on the scale and might yell at myself afterwards, the scale is also helpful in getting me back on track. It lets me know in hard to ignore numbers what my indulgences did to my weight loss plan.

In case you hadn’t noticed, like a lot of people I have a complicated love hate relationship with my scale. It helps me but it also makes me a bit crazy some times. I try not to dwell or become obsessive, but at times it is hard to find the right balance. Because I sent the scale away for the six weeks of measurements, I can’t sneak a peek. Which is both good and bad. It is a relief and quite frustrating all at the same time. It is a relationship I am constantly working on. Well my thoughts on how I feel about the scale and why are things I work on. The scale is an inanimate object with a heavy mental representation.

Its a work in progress.

Week 1: Bust: 48”, Waist: 47”, Hips: 48.5”

Week 2: Bust 47”, Waist: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

Week 3: Bust: 46.5”, Hips: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

Week 4: Bust: 46.5”, Hips: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

So even though I can’t see what the weight is, the measurements stayed the same. In it’s own way that is a relief. And rather than argue with the tape measure, I am just going to accept this week’s numbers, make my meal plan and try to focus on my diet and exercise in the upcoming week. After all in the end, all we can do is move forward.

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Weekly Weight: Measurements week 3 of 6

Measurements Week 3 of 6: Bust: 46.5”, Hips: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

Good morning my darlings and welcome to another Friday. It is once again time to take stock. The measurements haven’t really changed much since last week. there is half an inch less on my bust. But quite frankly i am not sure how fast I am supposed to lose inches. Which is sort of why I chose the measurements over pounds for this six weeks.

I didn’t want to get discouraged if I didn’t see the weight come off quickly and I have no idea what to expect from measurements. So by taking the measurements I have the requirement of measuring myself each week so I feel like i have to stick with the plan, yet because there are no set expectations, the number changes aren’t influencing how i feel about my week.

You know what is influencing how I feel about my week and the fitness? My body. That’s right, I am actually listening to how I feel. What a concept.

I have to say, I actually feel pretty good about what I did this week. I kind of ache all over, but I feel good about it. This week I decided to add one more set of reps to my workouts this week. At the moment the thighs from Wednesday wore the worst. Admittedly that may be because it isn’t until this afternoon that I add in the arms along with the extra set. My work outs are split out by days, Monday is abs, Wednesday is legs and Friday are arms. My abs took the extra set with no problems. My legs had no issues doing the extra set and I was fine until Thursday morning when the front of my thighs started thinking nasty thoughts about my workout plan. They are still a little achy this morning, but they are easing into it. I fully expect that my arms will protest a little during the work out and then Saturday I will wake up with achy yet limp noodle arms. My arms seem to need the most recovery time as well so at least they have a three day weekend.

Because Monday I am taking off from the gym. I am actually taking off from everything actually. There will be no Gym and there will be no Monday Posts. I am taking Memorial Day weekend completely off. Okay there will be some gardening work done over the weekend, but that’s about it. Everything else will wait becasuse sometimes, you just need a weekend off.

But before I take my weekend off. The current progress:

Starting Measurements: Bust: 49.5“ Waist: 47“ Hips: 49”

Week 1: Bust: 48”, Waist: 47”, Hips: 48.5”

Week 2: Bust 47”, Waist: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

Week 3: Bust: 46.5”, Hips: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

Not much change but I do feel good and right now, feeling good and getting healthy are the two top priorities. I made it to all of my workouts this week and managed to to find a time for my walks when I wasn’t half sweated to death. Over all, not a bad week.

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Weekly Weight: Measurements Week 2 of 6

Measurements Week 2 of 6: Bust 47”, Waist: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

Good morning my darlings.  I have just completed the second week of my six weeks with measurements instead of a scale and I have to say I am really liking it.  The numbers aren’t shrinking a lot, but they are moving.  As I have no idea what to expect with the numbers, I have no preconceived notions.  I am not obsessing about why I lost one pound one week and then had the same effort only lose half a pound the next.  It is really a bit freeing. 

Admittedly I am curious.  I want to see what the inches mean in terms of pounds.  But I can’t for another few weeks, which is why I had my babydoll hide the scale.  That way I won’t be tempted to cheat. 

I do like the fact that the scheduled workout activities are causing me to lose mass over my entire body instead of just in one area.  I really like that.  There isn’t one part of my body that is being targeted more than the others. Monday is Abs and Cardio, Wednesday is Legs and Cardio and Friday are Arms.  There are a lot of arms so I get to skip cardio at the gym on Fridays which is nice. 

Saturday mornings my arms still feel like jello but they aren’t as bad as they were when I started. And if any part of me needs a little extra time to recover it is my arms. They have never been my strongest body part.

Admittedly with the heat and humidity on the rise I may be switching a few of my walks to the treadmill just to not overdo it in the sun. I’m going to try tilting my schedule so that I walk earlier.  It is however nice to know that I have the option of the gym for those days when the walking trail is not an option.  Especially as everyone is saying this summer will be just as hot as last year.  Last summer if I didn’t walk before 8 am, then chances were pretty good I wasn’t walking at all.  This year I at least have the treadmill option.  It isn’t as much fun as the walking trail, but it is a good alternative. And the trick is to just keep moving.  I may not know what the scale says at the moment, but if the inches keep decreasing, I’m pretty sure the pounds will as well.

Starting Measurements: Bust: 49.5“ Waist: 47“ Hips: 49”

Week 1: Bust: 48”, Waist: 47”, Hips: 48.5”

Week 2: Bust 47”, Waist: 46”, Hips: 47.5”

The progress is slow and steady and I am feeling really good about my workouts actually. In fact I feel better about them than I have for quite a while. I just need to start switching the weekly meal plans into warm weather mode rather than the colder seasons meals and all will be well. I tend to go for lunch time smoothies rather than my regular mid day meals actually. They are cold and they can be consumed as I work, which is kind of nice. In the winter I tend to go four lunches involving soups, mostly because they are warm and can be consumed as I work. I know, i probably shouldn’t eat and work at the same time, but I don’t often have the time to take off for a full lunch mid day. My workouts and walks kind of eat up what spare time i have. Its a trade off but it works for me.

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Weekly Weight: Measurements week 1 of 6

If you remember last week’s post I decided to spend the next six weeks taking measurements instead of stepping on the scale for the weekly weigh in.  It is my way of not sabotaging the new fitness plan.  I knew that as I had to shuffle the schedule around if I didn’t see the weight coming off as fast as I wanted then I would start to drift away from the plan and not give it a true chance.  So I am taking measurements.

You know, I have to say I like taking measurements rather than stepping on the scale every Friday morning.  It is surprisingly a lot less stressful.  I think it is because with the measurements I have no idea what to expect. 

This week my bust and hip measurements went down but the waist stayed the same.  So it is progress and quite frankly more progress than I thought I would see after one week. 

This week was interesting.  We had a lot of rain which cut into my walking time, but I did manage to get to the gym and do my scheduled workouts.  I actually feel really good about making those workouts this week. This week was not exactly smooth sailing but I stuck to my workout schedule and managed to get that time in.   It was a good reminder that I needed to actually treat my workout time as something serious and not something that can just be shuffled to the side. 

I think that because it is something that I am doing just for me, I tend to feel a little selfish when I take time out of the workday to go to the gym.  I know it isn’t rational, but there it is. I think part of the reason that I was able to convince myself to maintain the schedule is because I do have a six week plan in motion.  Knowing that I have exactly six weeks before a final evaluation makes it feel more like a commitment.  And so far so good. 

The Stats:

Starting Measurements (last week): Bust: 49.5 “, Waist: 47”, Hips: 49”

Week 1: Bust: 48”, Waist: 47”, Hips: 48.5”

So the first week’s measurements are down and thus far things are looking good.  I don’t know what to expect with inches lost so there are no expectations to meet.  The numbers are less so I am happy that something is going on.  Hopefully at the end of six weeks that will mean at least some weight loss. At the moment, I have high hopes.

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Weekly Weight: A little something different…

It is time I think, for a little something different.

Starting Measurements:

Bust: 49.5“

Waist: 47“

Hips: 49”

I am Ms. Mimsy and I am my own worst saboteur.  As far as confessions go, it isn’t an original one and it isn’t likely to make the crowd gasp with surprise.  We do have fresh coffee ant the back of the room if you’d like though.

Here’s the thing.  I recently sat down with a trainer and worked out a system.  It is a six week plan and at the end of the six weeks is an evaluation. Again not Earth shattering news. But here’s the thing.  In my head, I know that it takes time for my body to adjust to the new work outs (which it is actually doing) and it takes time to see the results. 

But decades of weight loss shows,  celebrity bodies bouncing back immediately after having kids and of course You Tube make me feel that if I am not seeing dramatic weight loss then I am doing something wrong. 

I know, the truth is I want slow and steady weight loss.  I want a steady decrease and not a massive drop in my weight.  That is what is good and healthy.  But in the back of my head I think, well, shouldn’t I be losing more weight?  And then I sabotage the new program even before it can get off the ground. 

I also learned that going an entire six weeks without measurements of any kind will just let me drift off into never never land and cause me to pack on the pounds without thinking about it.

So I am going to try something new for me. 

For the next six weeks I am not getting on the scale, but I am going to do a weekly measurement. Bust, Waist and Hips. I know those numbers won’t fluctuate a whole lot.  I’m not going to lose six inches in a week and that is fine.  While there are many mental images in my mind’s weight loss file of people holding up the large clothing that once fit them and dropping them to show their new figures, I always remember the visual on those rather than the inches lost. 

Plus while Doctors give you a weight range as a target and I guess about how many pounds I think I should be losing, I have no real mental scale for how many inches equals a pound of me.  So it is still a measurement and I will have to do my best to stick to the outlined plan, but I think I can do so without sabotaging myself because I don’t actually have any set expectations.  But since I know I have to measure myself I will keep a record and therefore stay on track.

That is the plan.  And for the next six weeks I am going to be trying it.

This week’s measurements will be called the Start and next week: May 14 will be called Week 1 of 6. Week six will land on June 18th.  My birthday is actually on June 27th so it will be a week before my birthday and therefore clear of any birthday extravagances (I always have champagne and ice cream cake on my birthday – not always together, but you get the gist.) It is also a long enough time that I will know how the new system is faring by how I feel, and hopefully by my measurements.

I’m sure people with expertise in this field would say that the inner saboteur must be faced down, but right now I think it might be best to be sneaky and not talk myself out of the new routine. I think it just might work.  Hopefully you will not mind seeing measurements instead of the scale photos for the next six weeks.  And who knows, perhaps this system might work for some of you out there with your own inner saboteurs.  I’ll post as I go along and who knows, we all may find something helpful.

Fingers crossed.

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Weekly Weight: 216.8 lbs

The Scale: April 30th, 2021

Good morning my darlings and welcome to Friday morning. It has been a rough week for me. I apologize if I have been off all week. In addition to starting the new workout schedule I had the dentist this week. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but I have a slight phobia about the dentist. It isn’t rational. He is a lovely man. In fact all of my dentists have been lovely people. the phobia is entirely irrational.

As soon as I make a dental appointment, the nightmares start. I alternate between two actually. There is one where the dentist slips and plunges one of the dental tools into my eye by mistake blinding me. And yes in the dream he usuallty slips on a banana peel just for that extra ludacris effect. although the second one is worse as far as logic goes. In that dream the dentist pulls out a tooth, finds it is deeply attached and keeps tugging, finally pulling my brain out of the tooth’s roots as though it was some sort of bizarre imitation of the Egyptian’s mummification ritual. I know that given the shape of the human skull and how things are actually connected that is beyond ridiculous but still, the dream haunts me.

It means the days leading up to the dentist I don’t get a lot of sleep, and then i am cranky due to lack of sleep and my own annoyance with myself at the dreams. Add in the new work out and I am just kind of toasted.

But things turned out okay yesterday. I wasn’t blinded and my brains weren’t ripped out in a pseudo mummification process. I had a fairly good night’s sleep last night so I am starting to feel more like me again. which is always nice. And despite everything I managed to shave off a little weight this week and I think I might have a pretty good handle on my schedule so i won’t get backed up next week. At least that is the plan.

To the stats!

Weekly Weight

Last week: To the Stats!

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s weight 217.2 lbs

This week’s weight:   216.8

Change this week:  lost 0.4 lbs

Lost over all thus far: 29.2 lbs

Okay slowly but surely moving forward. I know the new routine isn’t mgic but I did hope for a little bit more weight lost. I think stress may have thrown me a bit. But progress is still progress. And when I actually get to 30 lbs lost I will be doing the happy dance. It will be long and it will probably have no rhythm as my brain tries to mash up several different songs, but I will dance.

In other updates: The shoes.

A little more wear on the toes As you can see, it is not a comparison photo. I went into my folder this morning and realized in my grand purge I erased the photos. However I think i still have them on my i-pod. I’ll be going in this weekend and seeing if I can track them down. I haven’t cleaned that file out yet and as I deleted several of my before and after photos for skin care I am really hoping they are still tucked away. So fingers crossed that i will have the before and after photos when the shoes are finally word though. At the moment though they are perfectly worn in and not worn out so i have time. I believe we are coming up on the three month mark for the shoes and their use so so far, so good.

Weekly Weight: 217.2 lbs

The Scale April 23rd, 2021

Welcome to Friday morning my darlings. My weight is once again on the downswing and i feel fabulous. As soon as I am done with my morning posting I will be heading off to the gym and the first workout of the new system. It feels like the first day of school. I have my check list all ready and a new play list set up to play. It has actually been a while since I put together a new play list. Each of the ones I have right now have been with me for a while. It is certainly time for a shake up. New routine, new playlist and a new focus on my goals. I feel pumped and ready to face the day.

This week i did pretty good in keeping on track. I stayed within my calories and got my walks in consistently. And it showed. I am down a pound from last week so I am happy with what I accomplished this week. It will be interesting to see how things change with the new system in place.

But I am getting ahead of myself. First workout this afternoon. Exercise first, evaluate after. Today I am actually working out with a watch so I can see how long the whole thing (including drive time) is going to take. It might mean a schedule shake up next week, but at least if I time it today I can plan over the weekend.

To the Stats!

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s weight 218.2 lbs

This week’s weight:  217.2

Change this week: loss of  1.0 lbs

Lost over all thus far: 28.8 lbs

And while I am thrilled at the one pound loss this week I a,m asl thrilled to have a marker on the day I started for evaluation purposes. It is always good to know where you start so you have a reliable benchmark. this is my benchmark day. In six weeks I meet with the trainer again for evaluation of both me and they system. So I’ll compare these to the June 4th numbers to come and end up with a pretty good idea of how things stand. I know it sounds a bit pedantic to restate it like that, but I really like having that set date. I didn’t think i would. I thought I’d be pressured. I think because it is a check in to see how the system suits me rather than any sort of enforced evaluation I feel better about it. I might feel different about it the closer I get to the date, but for now, I like knowing there will be an official comparison and evaluation of the system day. It makes it feel less like drifting.

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weekly Weight: 218.2 lbs

The Scale: April 16th, 2021

Yeah. It was a gain this week. I was hoping to just break even, but it is what it is. My normal routine went out the window and life just took precedence over fitness. It happens. I’m not happy about the gain but I am not going to beat myself up about it.

I will however be adjusting my schedule to make it to he gym today to start working off the added weight and get back on track. There really is nothing much to say. I have a balance of calories to consume and burn off and I am usually pretty good at slowly chipping away at the excess weight.

This week just didn’t balance.

Let’s look at the stats.

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s weight 216.4 lbs

This week’s weight: 218.2 lbs

Change this week: gain of 1.8 lbs

Lost over all thus far: 27.8 lbs

I am still chugging away. While I freely admit that this week was just sort of out of my control in certain aspects, what bothers me is that my weight loss always gets balky when I approach that 30 lbs down mark. I have been dancing around it for so long. I still want to get down to a point where my weight starts with a one, but I think I am going to mentally revise my goal to concentrate on getting thirty pounds lost. That would be 216 so it isn’t a hard goal. The I’ll concentrate on 35 and then 40, taking it in bites so that it doesn’t seem like that big a mass. I have really been trying not to obsess about the actual numbers on the scale. I am close to people who are dealing with eating disorders and we’ve had conversations about how destructive focusing on a number can be. It is far more important to focus on how your body feels. However I do need a tool to help me stay focused and as I found out when I took a month off from the scale and ended up gaining much of the weight I lost previously back, my tool is the scale. It is however a tool not an obsession. That is why I took down the last item that was once listed in the stats and that is the goal weight. There is no true goal weight. Once I get into a healthy range I will reassess and focus more on the personal assessment rather than numbers. But for now the numbers are useful.

And so with that settled, I am going to leave you. This week (and possibly next) is all about the 216 and finally getting past that 30 lbs blockade. Oh yes. There will be the gym this afternoon.

But before i leave, it is time for the shoe check. That’s right. We have reached the end of six weeks of continual use for this particular pair of sneakers. So how are they holding up?

Not bad actually. I’ve lost more definition on the treads by the toes but thus far nothing has been compromised and they are still comfortable to wear. And you can clearly see by the wear pattern that I balance my weight on my toes. I always have actually. It is really starting to show in the treads though. Please ignore the nail polish though. I took it off right after this photo was taken.

And so there I leave you as I begin my day. I’m adjusting my focus and now that both me and my baby doll have gone through the vaccination health has returned to our house. It will take a dip this evening with the planned Happy Hour replacement. After a week of barely eating My babydoll made a request for the evening’s menu that can’t in anyway be called light. It will be posted in this evening’s happy hour post if you are interested. So today will be the gym and tonight will be a treat with an exercise in portion control. wish me luck.