Weekly Weight: A little something different…

It is time I think, for a little something different.

Starting Measurements:

Bust: 49.5“

Waist: 47“

Hips: 49”

I am Ms. Mimsy and I am my own worst saboteur.  As far as confessions go, it isn’t an original one and it isn’t likely to make the crowd gasp with surprise.  We do have fresh coffee ant the back of the room if you’d like though.

Here’s the thing.  I recently sat down with a trainer and worked out a system.  It is a six week plan and at the end of the six weeks is an evaluation. Again not Earth shattering news. But here’s the thing.  In my head, I know that it takes time for my body to adjust to the new work outs (which it is actually doing) and it takes time to see the results. 

But decades of weight loss shows,  celebrity bodies bouncing back immediately after having kids and of course You Tube make me feel that if I am not seeing dramatic weight loss then I am doing something wrong. 

I know, the truth is I want slow and steady weight loss.  I want a steady decrease and not a massive drop in my weight.  That is what is good and healthy.  But in the back of my head I think, well, shouldn’t I be losing more weight?  And then I sabotage the new program even before it can get off the ground. 

I also learned that going an entire six weeks without measurements of any kind will just let me drift off into never never land and cause me to pack on the pounds without thinking about it.

So I am going to try something new for me. 

For the next six weeks I am not getting on the scale, but I am going to do a weekly measurement. Bust, Waist and Hips. I know those numbers won’t fluctuate a whole lot.  I’m not going to lose six inches in a week and that is fine.  While there are many mental images in my mind’s weight loss file of people holding up the large clothing that once fit them and dropping them to show their new figures, I always remember the visual on those rather than the inches lost. 

Plus while Doctors give you a weight range as a target and I guess about how many pounds I think I should be losing, I have no real mental scale for how many inches equals a pound of me.  So it is still a measurement and I will have to do my best to stick to the outlined plan, but I think I can do so without sabotaging myself because I don’t actually have any set expectations.  But since I know I have to measure myself I will keep a record and therefore stay on track.

That is the plan.  And for the next six weeks I am going to be trying it.

This week’s measurements will be called the Start and next week: May 14 will be called Week 1 of 6. Week six will land on June 18th.  My birthday is actually on June 27th so it will be a week before my birthday and therefore clear of any birthday extravagances (I always have champagne and ice cream cake on my birthday – not always together, but you get the gist.) It is also a long enough time that I will know how the new system is faring by how I feel, and hopefully by my measurements.

I’m sure people with expertise in this field would say that the inner saboteur must be faced down, but right now I think it might be best to be sneaky and not talk myself out of the new routine. I think it just might work.  Hopefully you will not mind seeing measurements instead of the scale photos for the next six weeks.  And who knows, perhaps this system might work for some of you out there with your own inner saboteurs.  I’ll post as I go along and who knows, we all may find something helpful.

Fingers crossed.

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The Daily: May 4th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings, I hope you are doing well and staying dry. I spent a large part of my day dealing with the flood waters of doom. Yesterday around four in the afternoon it started raining and quite frankly hasn’t stopped since. Its the sort of rain that makes you think that maybe you should have started building your own Ark. Sure the neighbors might complain and you’d have to spend some time figuring out how long a cubit actually is, but at the moment starting construction just seems sensible.

While our house is high and dry the street has turned to a river. Needless to say there will be no walking trail today as the streets turned River all empty into the park turned lake. Because there was also the potential for hail I ended up erecting a lean to defense for my newly planted seedlings. I was so proud to have finally gotten them into the garden this past weekend that letting the hail flatten them wasn’t an option. Our garden now boasts old woolen army blankets supported by tomato trellises. I’d feel odd about it if on of my neighbors wasn’t using a giant tarp to protect their garden and another turned one of those round plastic dog houses into a plant shelter.

We also had a drain pipe come loose in the night so I spent time on a ladder reattaching it so that water didn’t fall directly down to the foundation. And yes, today I am calling that my exercise. Climbing a ladder is like a stair climber and as I still had to work over my head to reattach the down pout I know my upper arms will be sore. Then there was the running through the yard and the hauling of plant protection equipment. I’m pretty sure i can call that some sort of workout circuit. At least that is how I am marking it down. And once it was complete I got to come back into the house dry off and actually put on my makeup for the day. which was kind of relaxing.

Primer: Marc Jacobs Under Cover Blur-fection

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Foundation: Kosas Tinted Face oil

Bronzer: Marc Jacobs HI FI Filter

  • usually $49 but currently $29 with the sale

Blush: Ciate London Marbled Light

Powder: Pacifica Cherry Velvety Matte Translucent

Highlighter: Illamasqua Beyond Powder in OMG

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Eyeshadow Palette: Wet ‘n Wild My Glamour Squad

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Mascara: Wander Beauty Unlashed Volume and Curl Mascara

Lips: Sugar Coat by Sugar Rush in Sprinkle

I am still testing out the Marc Jacobs Primer and seeing how it performs with foundations. Today’s foundation was the Kosas Tinted face oil. I tend to go light when applying it and since right now I don’t have a lot of blemishes going on, I was fine with it. It is a foundation I choose when i want a light covering. As always I loved using the Marc Jacobs Hi Fi Filter as my bronzer. I will use that until I hit pan and then I will repurchase it. I might pick it up as just a bronzer next time as I don’t really do a lot of heavy contouring so the lighter shade just occasionally gets used to mellow out over enthusiastic blush. I do like having the option of the lighter contour though. well, either way it isn’t a decision I have to make today as there is still plenty of product.

Today’s blush was the Marbled light from Ciate london and I really like it. It is buildable rather than in your face pink so I don’t worry about applying too much too fast. I also ended up reaching for my Illamasqua highlighter again today. I think I might have overdone it a little on one side because the sun played peek a boo for a minute before the storm clouds rolled back in so the light had a strange shift to it. I’ll have to go into the artificial light of the bathroom to balance everything out in a bit.

I did reach for my Wet ‘n Wild My Glamour Squad palette. It may be one of the least expensive palettes I own, but it always performs so well for me. The colors blend out fairly easily and they are relatively well pigmented. I just find them easy to work with and I like the variation of the shades in this palette as well.

I used the Sugar Coat by Sugar Rush Liquid Lipstick today. It is in the shade Sprinkle which is a nice neutral color. Since I had so much going on with the eyes I didn’t want to go too poppy with the lips. This is an interesting formula. It never dries down all of the way so my lips don’t get super dry however after it sets even though it feels a little wet to my lips, it doesn’t leave any lip prints which I really like. I know that Sugar Rush is a sister brand to Tarte. i don’t actually think I’ve tried any tart lipsticks though so I am not sure how the formula compares. I’ve tried many other Tarte products, but somehow the lips escaped me. I may have to correct that. Not that I need an excuse to pick up another lippie. But I will take the excuse.

And so that was me today. I ran around the yard like a crazy person trying to keep plants safe and hopefully burned off a few calories doing so. I watched my nabors go crazy for the same reason as well as exercise their creativity and I made sure the water sheeting off ouf out roof goes into the yard instead of into the foundation. Not quite what i had planned when i woke up today, but I am still going to call it a successful day nonetheless. I hope wherever you are, your day is as successful and fabulous.


The Daily: May 3rd, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. Strange things are afoot in the neighborhood today. The house of Agnes is getting a makeover. A strange man with a tool kit has been meandering around the outside of the house fixing things and a short while ago a couple of people went into the back yard hauled the collected tree limbs and other piled logs away from the shed. It was kind of interesting. I looked out every time i passed by the window and got to see a small boat emerge from the tree limbs.

The boat has been buried since before we moved into the house and as her shed can be seen from the window over the kitchen sink we always speculated as to whether it was a boat or just a trailer. Only the hitch was visible. It is now most definitely a boat.

While Agnes wandered over here a few months ago, she hasn’t been seen much in the past year. Admittedly no one has really been seen much in the past year so that’s really not an indicator. I suspect though that Agnes might be moving into an assisted care facility or with a family member soon. The way they are tidying the house is the same sort of tidying that people tend to do just before they look at selling it. even though I don’t see her much it will be sad to lose Agnes as a neighbor.

But that is enough nosiness from me. If I happen to see one of the family members I know in the next few day maybe I’ll know more. For now I’ll just leave it be. It is good to know that it is a boat behind the house though.

Today I got my weights in at the gym but by the time it came to do cardio, all of the available machines were full and there were so many people in the gym that I began to feel twitchy. I decided to brave the off and on spitting rain of the walking trail instead. It was not really raining but the air was so saturated that it felt like I was pushing through water with every step. I got home and every article of clothing was damp and sticking to me. I was just going to rinse off but I did the full shower instead. I also decided against makeup today as I will be going in and out of the house this afternoon and suspect anything I put on my face will just make me look like I am melting. It usually happens more in the summertime, but today is just humid enough and just warm enough that I’m pretty sure the melting look would occur. So it is fresh faced for the day.

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Weekly Weight: 216.8 lbs

The Scale: April 30th, 2021

Good morning my darlings and welcome to Friday morning. It has been a rough week for me. I apologize if I have been off all week. In addition to starting the new workout schedule I had the dentist this week. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but I have a slight phobia about the dentist. It isn’t rational. He is a lovely man. In fact all of my dentists have been lovely people. the phobia is entirely irrational.

As soon as I make a dental appointment, the nightmares start. I alternate between two actually. There is one where the dentist slips and plunges one of the dental tools into my eye by mistake blinding me. And yes in the dream he usuallty slips on a banana peel just for that extra ludacris effect. although the second one is worse as far as logic goes. In that dream the dentist pulls out a tooth, finds it is deeply attached and keeps tugging, finally pulling my brain out of the tooth’s roots as though it was some sort of bizarre imitation of the Egyptian’s mummification ritual. I know that given the shape of the human skull and how things are actually connected that is beyond ridiculous but still, the dream haunts me.

It means the days leading up to the dentist I don’t get a lot of sleep, and then i am cranky due to lack of sleep and my own annoyance with myself at the dreams. Add in the new work out and I am just kind of toasted.

But things turned out okay yesterday. I wasn’t blinded and my brains weren’t ripped out in a pseudo mummification process. I had a fairly good night’s sleep last night so I am starting to feel more like me again. which is always nice. And despite everything I managed to shave off a little weight this week and I think I might have a pretty good handle on my schedule so i won’t get backed up next week. At least that is the plan.

To the stats!

Weekly Weight

Last week: To the Stats!

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s weight 217.2 lbs

This week’s weight:   216.8

Change this week:  lost 0.4 lbs

Lost over all thus far: 29.2 lbs

Okay slowly but surely moving forward. I know the new routine isn’t mgic but I did hope for a little bit more weight lost. I think stress may have thrown me a bit. But progress is still progress. And when I actually get to 30 lbs lost I will be doing the happy dance. It will be long and it will probably have no rhythm as my brain tries to mash up several different songs, but I will dance.

In other updates: The shoes.

A little more wear on the toes As you can see, it is not a comparison photo. I went into my folder this morning and realized in my grand purge I erased the photos. However I think i still have them on my i-pod. I’ll be going in this weekend and seeing if I can track them down. I haven’t cleaned that file out yet and as I deleted several of my before and after photos for skin care I am really hoping they are still tucked away. So fingers crossed that i will have the before and after photos when the shoes are finally word though. At the moment though they are perfectly worn in and not worn out so i have time. I believe we are coming up on the three month mark for the shoes and their use so so far, so good.

Weekly Weight: 217.2 lbs

The Scale April 23rd, 2021

Welcome to Friday morning my darlings. My weight is once again on the downswing and i feel fabulous. As soon as I am done with my morning posting I will be heading off to the gym and the first workout of the new system. It feels like the first day of school. I have my check list all ready and a new play list set up to play. It has actually been a while since I put together a new play list. Each of the ones I have right now have been with me for a while. It is certainly time for a shake up. New routine, new playlist and a new focus on my goals. I feel pumped and ready to face the day.

This week i did pretty good in keeping on track. I stayed within my calories and got my walks in consistently. And it showed. I am down a pound from last week so I am happy with what I accomplished this week. It will be interesting to see how things change with the new system in place.

But I am getting ahead of myself. First workout this afternoon. Exercise first, evaluate after. Today I am actually working out with a watch so I can see how long the whole thing (including drive time) is going to take. It might mean a schedule shake up next week, but at least if I time it today I can plan over the weekend.

To the Stats!

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s weight 218.2 lbs

This week’s weight:  217.2

Change this week: loss of  1.0 lbs

Lost over all thus far: 28.8 lbs

And while I am thrilled at the one pound loss this week I a,m asl thrilled to have a marker on the day I started for evaluation purposes. It is always good to know where you start so you have a reliable benchmark. this is my benchmark day. In six weeks I meet with the trainer again for evaluation of both me and they system. So I’ll compare these to the June 4th numbers to come and end up with a pretty good idea of how things stand. I know it sounds a bit pedantic to restate it like that, but I really like having that set date. I didn’t think i would. I thought I’d be pressured. I think because it is a check in to see how the system suits me rather than any sort of enforced evaluation I feel better about it. I might feel different about it the closer I get to the date, but for now, I like knowing there will be an official comparison and evaluation of the system day. It makes it feel less like drifting.

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weekly Weight: 218.2 lbs

The Scale: April 16th, 2021

Yeah. It was a gain this week. I was hoping to just break even, but it is what it is. My normal routine went out the window and life just took precedence over fitness. It happens. I’m not happy about the gain but I am not going to beat myself up about it.

I will however be adjusting my schedule to make it to he gym today to start working off the added weight and get back on track. There really is nothing much to say. I have a balance of calories to consume and burn off and I am usually pretty good at slowly chipping away at the excess weight.

This week just didn’t balance.

Let’s look at the stats.

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s weight 216.4 lbs

This week’s weight: 218.2 lbs

Change this week: gain of 1.8 lbs

Lost over all thus far: 27.8 lbs

I am still chugging away. While I freely admit that this week was just sort of out of my control in certain aspects, what bothers me is that my weight loss always gets balky when I approach that 30 lbs down mark. I have been dancing around it for so long. I still want to get down to a point where my weight starts with a one, but I think I am going to mentally revise my goal to concentrate on getting thirty pounds lost. That would be 216 so it isn’t a hard goal. The I’ll concentrate on 35 and then 40, taking it in bites so that it doesn’t seem like that big a mass. I have really been trying not to obsess about the actual numbers on the scale. I am close to people who are dealing with eating disorders and we’ve had conversations about how destructive focusing on a number can be. It is far more important to focus on how your body feels. However I do need a tool to help me stay focused and as I found out when I took a month off from the scale and ended up gaining much of the weight I lost previously back, my tool is the scale. It is however a tool not an obsession. That is why I took down the last item that was once listed in the stats and that is the goal weight. There is no true goal weight. Once I get into a healthy range I will reassess and focus more on the personal assessment rather than numbers. But for now the numbers are useful.

And so with that settled, I am going to leave you. This week (and possibly next) is all about the 216 and finally getting past that 30 lbs blockade. Oh yes. There will be the gym this afternoon.

But before i leave, it is time for the shoe check. That’s right. We have reached the end of six weeks of continual use for this particular pair of sneakers. So how are they holding up?

Not bad actually. I’ve lost more definition on the treads by the toes but thus far nothing has been compromised and they are still comfortable to wear. And you can clearly see by the wear pattern that I balance my weight on my toes. I always have actually. It is really starting to show in the treads though. Please ignore the nail polish though. I took it off right after this photo was taken.

And so there I leave you as I begin my day. I’m adjusting my focus and now that both me and my baby doll have gone through the vaccination health has returned to our house. It will take a dip this evening with the planned Happy Hour replacement. After a week of barely eating My babydoll made a request for the evening’s menu that can’t in anyway be called light. It will be posted in this evening’s happy hour post if you are interested. So today will be the gym and tonight will be a treat with an exercise in portion control. wish me luck.

Weekly Weight: 216.4 lbs

The Scale: April 9th, 2021

Welcome once again to the Weekly Weigh in.  As you can see, my scale has returned to the bathroom once again.  It went on walk about last week as it was needed elsewhere to weigh postage. It has now returned to weigh me and against all odds I am one pound less than I was the last time I stepped upon its surface.

Given that this week was topsy turvy at best I am very pleased with those results.  My goal is about a pound a week and for the past few months, well the past year actually, I haven’t actually hit that goal very often and in fact did some back sliding. 

But now that I am vaccinated I am going back to the gym with more confidence.  Although still wearing a mask and not actually venturing into the enclosed space of the locker room.  That’s right, I arrive in my work out clothes, leave in my somewhat sweatier workout clothes and shower when I get home.  I consider it a test for my deodorant. If no one runs away screaming as I make my way to the car, then congrats the deodorant is still working. With Easter feasts and vaccine issues, I didn’t actually get to the gym this week.  I am hoping to get back into a schedule next week. 

Admittedly there is one more foreseeable bump in the road.  Monday my babydoll gets his second vaccine. I don’t know if it will affect him as it did me, but it might.  The thing is that when I don’t feel well I want to be left alone to sleep.  When he gets sick, he really wants to be the center of attention. So there may be a bit of a shuffle, but hopefully I will be able to get back into a normal schedule. 

I know the scale doesn’t really matter and that it really is how you feel about yourself that counts and I really do feel pretty god about myself.  But I have to be honest, I really want to step on the scale and see my weight start with a one instead of a two. And it will happen. It may happen slowly but it will happen.

And at least if it happens slowly I won’t have those giant excess folds of skin people talk about from quick weight loss.  My loss is anything but quick. Still I digress.

To the Stats!

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s weight 217.4 lbs

This week’s weight: 216.4 lbs

Change this week: loss of 1.0 lbs

Lost over all thus far: 29.6 lbs

So we chug along slowly but surely. My sneakers are doing the same.  This is the end of the fifth week of use and they are still doing well. 

They are significantly more mud stained than before as I attempted a walk yesterday and slid down a mud covered incline.  I did not think it was a mud covered incline however I was wrong.  Luckily through my tactical use of the pinwheel method of balance I managed to keep my feet under me.  Ah yes, I was grace in motion. Poised and in control.  And if Don Quixote had seen me I would have a lance stuck in my belly button.  I was very much a windmill. But at least I was not a mud covered windmill.  So that is something. And with that, we start Friday.

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Weekly Weight: ?

Several of you may notice there is no photo accompanying this post at the top.  Look at you smarty pants. And now everyone is wondering why there is no scale.

I too am wondering why there is no scale. 

In fact I have been wondering it for quite a while this morning.  You see I woke up, went to the bathroom and low and behold there was an empty square of time where the scale usually resides. Now in general scales do not just get up and walk about on their own. 

At least I hope not.

I do not live alone so the thing to do would be to ask about to see if anyone else knows the location of the scale. 

However my baby doll had to head out to work a bit early this morning (they are preparing for some sort of furniture delivery) and so by the time I went looking to ask him about the scales disappearance, he was already gone.  I sent a text but have yet to hear a response.

In the past he has used it when they needed to weigh packages and estimate shipping charges.  That is the only reason I can think of that he would actually abscond with the scale.  I’m sure I’ll find out the details later. 

So there is no official weigh in this week.

This week was a strange one.  Monday went off without a hitch, everything proceeding as planned. Tuesday involved a trip to the dentist and wondering if art thieves had developed a penchant for dental themed art work.  Wednesday started off normal and then turned into a neighborhood flood, and power outage extravaganza. And while Thursday returned to normal I escaped to the gym to use the treadmill instead of wading through the flooded park. How today turns out is anyone’s guess.

We have a nice quiet weekend planned so that could end up interesting as well. In general ,this week relied mostly on my portion control.  I think I did pretty good.  I don’t think I lost much of any weight, but I don’t think there was any gain.  Without the scale I have no way of proving that though.  Hopefully tomorrow morning I can check it and see. But my pants aren’t any tighter which is always a good sign. Admittedly they aren’t any looser either.

As for my shoes, I have pictured them below. 

Brand new shoes on the left and the same shoes with one month’s worth of wear

There isn’t much more wear than there was last week, however you might notice that they are cleaner.  I attempted a walk in the park when the water retreated and squelched down deep in the mud.  The air holes in the side of the sneakers meant to let your feet breath acted as mud sucking vacuums and when I got home the shoes needed to be chucked into the washer if I ever planned to wear them again.  I ended up drying them in a no heat dryer with a bunch of towels to keep it from banging up the dryer drum too much. 

They came out clean and no longer saturated with mud.  My feet are happy and the shoes took no damage. It’s a win-win. Thus far I have to say I am really liking these sneakers for walking.  They are light weight and they breathe well.  They are sturdy and while there is some wear the soles aren’t wearing down too fast. They are New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi (if they have a number I didn’t see it) in case you are wondering.  And no I am not an affiliate of any sort.  These just happened to be the sneakers I picked up to try out. They looked like they would be good for walking and thus far, they have been. Now I just have to wear them until they can’t be worn anymore and evaluate whether or not I want to get another pair just like it or try something new. Since they are comfortable, I am just waiting on the wear factor to figure that out. Hopefully it will take a while as they have just reached the comfortable stage of worn in.

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Weekly Weight: 217.4 lbs

The Scale: March 26th, 2021

I know it isn’t much of a weight loss.  To be honest I’m not surprised.  This week I did start to go back to the gym.  Which you would think would make the weight loss more.  The issue is of timing.  I forgot to schedule in the drive time and changing time and all the other little bits. There was even a first time back since the pandemic outbreak reorientation I had to go through. I’m not complaining.  The lecture actually made me feel better about going back to the gym. It just ate up more time than I expected. 

And there were fewer walks this week as well.  All in all I think I ended up with about a third less exercise than I usually get this week.  Hopefully next week will get better. I’m hoping to adjust things so that I can get my weights in at the gym and still burn calories on the walks.  I think the schedule will be a bit fluid as I try to work out the details.  But hopefully I will get there. I think I’ve figure out my timing now and am prepared.

Admittedly because of all of the tree pollen in the air here I have about a pound of snot in my head at this point so working out hard may be dependent on the pollen count.  At least the gym is indoors.  That is a good thing.  It also means I may use the treadmill there rather than the walking trail.  Next week.  I’ll have to play that one by ear.

The Stats:

Starting weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 217.6 lbs

This week’s weight: 217.4 lbs

This week’s loss: 0.2 lbs

 Total lost thus far: 28.6 lbs

So little by little chipping away, with of course the daily life’s ups and downs.

As I am trying to keep track of the wear in these sneakers as well, I have posted the original photo and this week’s update.  Thus far the shoes are holding up. They have reached the stage where my feet no longer think of them as new, but now feel they are comfortable. Hopefully the feeling will last a long time. Working out is miserable when your shoes don’t feel right.

The newly purchased and un worn shoes on the left and the current state of them on the right. And yes, they seem to have gone from blue to black. they are the same shoes.

I find the side by side comparison very strange. In real life the bottoms of the shoes are still blue. They have darkened from the bright blue but they are still actually more blue than they appear in this picture. I see more wear on my toes than anything else, which doesn’t surprise me as I have always balanced my weight more on my toes than anything else. not sure why, but it has always been the way I walk.Admittedly there is some wear starting to show on the rest of the shoes as well. This is after three full weeks of wear on them.

The Daily: March 23rd, 2021

Today has been interesting. Since I actually want to the gym yesterday, and plan to go back tomorrow, I am having to adjust my schedule. Oddly it isn’t the actual work out part that takes the time. I end up working out the same length of time there that I did at home, although I do end up working a bit harder at the gym. My muscles certainly feel it today.

The time difference is the drive time.

I actually spend more time driving to and from the gym than I do working out. It is something that has to be added to my schedule and adjusted around.

It is actually one of the kind of amusing things about trying to lose weight. When you decide to make an effort to actually lose weight, or become healthier people will talk about a lot of things. They will talk about the aching muscles and the adjustments their bodies need to make. They will talk about clothing and workouts and even the effects of water. I’ve even found articles dealing with the rubbing of cloth against sensitive bits that runners face from their clothing.

One thing that doesn’t get a lot of mention is that if you are putting in a serious effort you really have to consciously sit down with your schedule and plan. It is very easy to say, Oh I can easily incorporate an extra fifteen to twenty minute workout into my schedule no big deal. But it is never just fifteen to twenty minutes. Unless you are hanging out in your workout clothes all day, there is the changing clothes, the going to wherever your workout is going to be, doing the fifteen to twenty minute workout, driving back, showering and changing clothes (along with applying makeup if you are doing that) and and then getting back into the swing of your day.

There are ways to minimize things like getting up early and starting your day with the workout or finishing work and ending the day with it, but those require adjustments as well. Family meals might be shifted around. Homework assistance adjusted as well as a bunch of other little details.

The details vary from person to person, but the point is the same. You have to plan around it and that a fifteen to twenty minute workout will always take longer than fifteen or twenty minutes.

I forgot this in my excitement about going back to the gym (and wow i never thought I would ever put the words excitement and gym in the same sentence)

While I am still doing my walks, I am adding in the twenty minute workout three times a week. So I am in the middle of adjustment. I’ll get there, I am just a little upset at myself for forgetting i needed to think it through. Hopefully you can learn from my mistake and if adding to your routine, take a few minutes and think it through so you don’t get too tangled up.

One good thing about playing catch up at my desk today is that aside from my walk I am not really going anywhere so I can wear one of my favorite pair of dangling earrings. These are a real pain to wear with a mask on so i haven’t been wearing them that much. I believe they are in the shape of lilies. I honestly can’t remember where I got them. Which kind of bugs me as I would very much purchase more jewelry from whoever did make them if I knew where I actually got them from in the first place. I remember purchasing them online but I can’t remember the site. It will continue to irk me.

Today’s Look

Primer: K Voss Bronzing Potion Glow Cream

Foundation: NYX Bare With Me Tinted Skin Veil

Bronzer: TrestiQue Bronzing Stick

Blush: Eco Fabulous in Camilla

Highlighter: Illamasqua Beyond Powder in OMG

Eyeshadow: Pretty Vulgar Early Bird Eyeshadow Palette

Brow: Il Makiage in Truffles

Concealer: Julep Cushion Correction Concealer

Mascara: Beauty For Real Hi-Def Mascara

Lips: Yensa Lip Oil in Pink Shine

There were several repeat products from yesterday. The bronzer I used, the Trestique Bronzer Stick is really too heavy to pair with the NYX tinted moisturizer so I tried to use a light hand. I still think it is a bit heavier than I planned. However it will be the last time i use this stick. I thought I had more product, but alas I did not. The Trestique is now empty. It will be repurchased as I really like it with my foundations, it is just a little much for tinted moisturizers though.

I did however want to use the NYX Bare with Me today because I am testing out the K Voss Bronzing Potion Glow Cream and the EcoFabulous Blush and I wanted a variety of foundations to work with so I could see how it performed. Thus far I am liking both products. Plus, i like the NYX Bare with Me.

I picked up the Illamasqua highlighter again because I forgot to put it away yesterday and because I really like it. It was no hardship to use it twice in a row. I like the early Bird Palette as well. It has been a while since I used this Pretty Vulgar Palette. I recently did a palette declutter and I am rotating through my palettes to see if I still want to keep all of the palettes I still have (as I still think I kept too many) My rule is that if I don’t use them this year or find myself avoiding reaching for them this year then at my end of the year declutter they will go away.

To be honest, I forgot i had this palette. It was small enough that it got buried. I am very glad I unearthed it and i will be using it more. I like the softer colors of the mattes. The shimmers too are a little more muted. I am not as big a fan of them as I am of their mattes. They don’t give a massive shine pay off and apply best with a fingertip. There are enough mattes in this palette to do a nice soft look. It is one i will definately be playing around with more now that I have remembered that I have it in my collection.

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