The Daily: January 20th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. I hope you are having a good week this far. Mine as been pretty good. I maintained my early morning wake up and even pushed through a You Tube work out. It was short but my arms felt like limp noodles about two hours after so I think it was probably effective.

My afternoon post is coming a little late today because we had to do an emergency Target Run. While there I picked up a hair dryer. Is it the well researched one that I planned? No. I know nothing about this dryer other than it has both a smoothing and a volume attachment as well as a button for cold styling as well as hot. It is also a Revlon hair dryer and they are generally reliable.

When I research things I tend to take a while. In the summer time I can get away with it as air drying my hair is not a hardship. Air drying it in the winter is just miserable.

I can use towels to wick away a lot of the moisture but it is still going to be several hours with a wet head. So I picked up this Hair dryer to use while I do research. Who knows I may do my research and decide that this is the hair dryer I want. Or it could just be a hair dryer I use for now. Either way I now have a hair dryer and will not need to go running around the house with a wet head for several hours. We keep the heat low in our house and while it is fine normally when I wash my hair my ears get very cold by the time my hair is dry.

So hairdryer. Woo Hoo!

Especially since I have to wash my hair tonight.

Other than that I did my morning workout, which is good because my afternoon was interrupted by the target run (even if I am happy about the hair dryer). So if I hadn’t gotten up early I would be sans workout today. It doesn’t make me like mornings any better, but it was a benefit.

I’ve maintained my calories as well although I did want an annoyance snack. My Boxy Charm Add on order is marked as delivered by FEDEX and yet it is not here. Which means it might have been delivered to another address which has happened before. Never to the same address though. So now I have to wait until Fed Ex figures it out or one of my neighbors stops by. Thus far my neighbors have been good about things like this, but it always puts me on edge. fun stuff. Luckily there are no chips in the house for me to snack on. But it is still an annoyance. Beyond that, everything else is on track for mid week. I hope yours is doing the same.

The Daily: January 19th, 2021

Dieting and exercise are often an effort in delayed gratification. If you work out today and don’t eat the entire tray of cupcakes then at the end of the week you won’t be several pounds heavier. It is rare that you get an instant reward.

But sometimes, life just hands them to you.

Today my alarm went off at the new earlier time. I glared at it. The time didn’t magically roll back and the alarm shut off. So I turned it off and despite the fact that my bed was so cozy, I hauled myself out of it.

I actually slept pretty well last night. I claimed a solid chunk of sleep, but lets face it, I am never going to be a morning person. But at the moment it is necessary.

I will say I couldn’t face a Chloe Ting workout this morning. Some mornings a perky workout instructor is just too much to take. so I went on an early morning walk instead. My walking trail is well lit and there are loads of early morning joggers and dog walkers so despite the early morning darkness beigng held back by street lamps, it is fairly well trafficked and safe.

The grass was frosted white and it was chilly chilly chilly. But still better than facing a peppy workout instructor. And I get to see all of the heavy coated dogs in the area. It is a relatively warm climate where I live and this is the time of year that the huskies and Newfoundlands all look super excited about the world. Admittedly keeping the Newfies out of the creek is always a struggle, but as I’m not the one struggling, fun to watch.

This morning I went with old school Metallica as my work out music. It suited me and I walked jauntily along the trail. But what did I see when my steps brought me back to the house? Is that a UPS van pulling away from the curb? Why yes, yes it is.

Despite the fact that we have been getting all of our mail between the hours of 5 and 7 pm lately. this van decided a seven am package was on the schedule. I’m not complaining. Inside was my order from e-salon. They very kindly gifted me a card to order their custom hair kit so I could try out their process of customization and the custom hair color itself and when I returned from my early morning walk, there it was, newly dropped off by a UPS driver who seemed not to be in on the conspiracy of making me wait until the end of the day for packages. I’m sure someone will correct him.

But for now I had a moment of instant gratification. I forced myself to wake up and get out of bed for exercise and as soon as it was over, boom early morning mail. while i’m not counting on a repeat of the instant gratification, it was nice to have it once. It made the whole day seem just a little bit nicer. The fact that it is completely personalized made that just extra sweet. And the remembrance might actually help me get out of bed tomorrow morning. Of course unless something else magically appears first thing, the feeling will fade, but if it helps me get up tomorrow, I will cling to the feeling, at least temproraily.

Although i am super excited about the e-salon box as well. Despite the fantastic shine the Color Wow brought to my hair, I very badly need to redye it. And I am excited about trying the e-salon system. Just a glance into the box lets me know that it is so much more professional looking than the regular boxed dye. I can’t wait to step my game up. And of course I’ll share each step with you. For now I need to finish up some paperwork and pop some potatoes in the oven. Tonight is our homemade baked potato bar for dinner. My potato will use up the leftover broccoli and a dusting of cheddar as it’s topping so it will be well within my calorie count. So I have exercised, I am holding steady on my calories AND the e-salon package arrived. Today is a good day. Plus, I really like baked potatoes.

Try eSalon Today! Only $15!

The Daily: January 5th, 2021

I’ll admit, I may have gotten up in time to get a cup of coffee before heading to work, but I hit the snooze alarm enough times in the process to make a workout a bit of an impossibility. Which kind of annoys me a little bit if I am honest.

This morning was the first time I woke up the day after a workout and I wasn’t at all sore. Well, not the first ever time, but the first in a while. It means my body is starting to get used to doing more than just walking for exercise.

I think I may have to move my clock to the other side of my night stand to make it harder to reach. Right now it is easy to just snake an arm out from under the covers and hit the button.If it is far enough away that I actually have to sit up and possibly even slide a leg out of bed to turn it off then I am already halfway up and it might make me just go ahead and get up.

Strategic spatial planning for for the non-morning person.

Be that as it may, I did manage to get two walks in today. Admittedly, they were partially for mental self-defense. Sometime in the night everyone decided they missed me and my inbox was packed full this morning, mostly with things that required at least one short immediate answer. It turns out that when there are a lot of short, but completely different responses needed, it ends up taking a lot of time.

The walks were more for mental clearing than anything else. They were good exercise, but today, that came in second to keeping my brain from imploding. Dinner tonight is roasted beets with walnuts, goat cheese and thyme. It is warm, comforting, yummy and not terribly caloric.

It is also likely to make me thing I have some sort of medical issue when everything comes out dyed toxicaly red tomorrow morning when I first visit the restroom. Maybe i could leave a postit note on the mirror. “There is no internal hemorrhage, you just had beets.”

I know probably too much information. But the beets will be yummy. as will be the warm and melty goat cheese mixed in with them. Speaking of which, i need to chuck them in the oven so they will be cool enough to peel and slice before dinner.

And then i need to keep digging out my inbox.

Well, that’s the rest of my day sorted then. I wish you luck with the rest of yours.

Oh and if you are looking to do a little shopping Julep has a sale going on today and tomorrow: 30% off all orders with coupon code “2D30” at check out. You also get a free gift and free shipping on all orders of $50+. Personally, I am a big fan of their Pore Minimizing Blush and their liquid lipsticks.

Julep Cosmetics

The Daily: December 29th, 2020

I have to say, today has been mostly quiet. Which is kind of good.  Last night the world outside my bedroom window was drip, drip, dripping and I kept waking up thinking the faucet was running.  It wasn’t.  It was just the last of the Christmas snow melting.

The world outside my house is a very soggy place today.

I’m sure there will soon come a frost to make it frozen solid again.

Today, I squelched my way through my walk.  It was cut short when I went sliding in the mud when the path took an incline.  Normally the incline is so gradual that it is hard to even notice.  I noticed it today.  Covered with slick mud it sent me skidding as thought it was ice.

While I managed to save myself from falling into the creek that meanders through the park, I was soaked clean through and my hip and rear end hurt where I connected with the ground.  I must say my arm wasn’t too happy with having to grab a tree so hard and fast to maintain balance either.  Nothing is seriously damaged, but I suspect I will have a couple of bruises and a few aches in the morning.  Hile the mud soaked my jeans clean through, the tree I grabbed for support dropped the remaining snow it had in its branches on me, so I was as wet as if I had ended up in the creek.

Well almost anyway.

So instead of continuing my walk, I came home.  It may have warmed up enough for the snow to melt, but it is not warm enough to go wandering around dripping wet.

Clothes went into the washer, I went into the shower and I have pretty much been parked in front of my little space heater ever since, with my mug of tea by my side ever since. 

Today’s flavor is Twinings Lemon Ginger Black Tea. With a little bit of honey. (I mostly dip a clean spoon into the honey jar, pull it out straight instead of dipping an actual spoonful and then swirl it around in the hot tea.)

Not only has the tea kept my innards warm it has also kept me full to sloshing so that eating has been less of a thing today.  Because my babydoll is currently on vacation he stocked the house with a multitude of snack foods.  The temptation is pretty big.  Well big except for today. 

Today the hot tea rules. And the resulting calorie count is low.  Tonight’s meal is an omelet so providing I don’t go crazy with the additives, I should be on track for calories.  I might actually come ina little low, which is nice.  I’m pretty sure the New Year’s Champagne will put me over the calorie count later in the week, so I’m okay with dipping a little low now.

Other than that it has been a very quiet day.  I fought the elements and the elements won. So I retreated to my office.  Not all that exciting, but it has given me time to start wrapping up the last of my projects to be ready for the new year.  That’s a bit of a nice surprise.

While not very entertaining to read about, I’m kind of hoping tomorrow goes just as smoothly.  Fingers crossed.

The Daily: December 23rd, 2020

Oh my darlings, my babydoll is all a twitter. It seems snow is on the way. We very well might have a white Christmas here. My darling dearest is from Montana and has the firm belief that snow should be a possibility from October all the way through May.

We needless to say to not currently live in Montana and so he is disappointed that it is December and not a winter wonderland. last week I caught him gazing longingly at his snow boots. He loves the snow.

So I hope we get snow for his sake. If not on Christmas than sometime soon.

We’ll call it an extra present.

But for now it isn’t snowing, so I went on a walk. The sun is still sunny, but the temperatures have dropped and the wind picked up. It cuts through you like a knife. I’m pretty sure my cheeks got chapped within the first half mile of my walk. I stuck it out and did the full three miles. o I feel pretty proud of myself.

I’m also proud I remembered to grab my hat so I got home without feeling like my ears were about to fall off the side of my head.

I think I should get extra bonus points for that. Not that the bonus points add up to much, but I’ll knw they are there.

Over the next two days I doubt very much that I will actually get much exercise in. Well at least not much regular exercise. The goose is pretty heavy and toting it in the roasting pan is sort of weight lifting.

I’m not sure if peeling roasted chestnuts counts as finger exercises or some sort of finer torture but I’ll be doing that too. As I’m using the chestnuts for stuffing both in the goose and in a separate dish of stuffing as the aromatics take up most of the available space inside the goose, they will be roasted and peeled tomorrow while the goose has his moment in the spotlight Friday. Still between the meal prep and the mal cook, the exercise I get for the next two days will mostly be in the kitchen.

Hence the reason I’m so glad I got my walk in today.

Even though I knew I was taking off and it is a holiday, I still feel a slight twinge of guilt about doing so. i know there is no reason, and the twinge will pass. Or it will just fuel me when all is said and done and i make up for taking a couple of days off. The trick is to not over do it when I first get back to make up for the break. I tried that before. I managed a couple of days of really hard workouts, burnt myself out and lost about two weeks trying to get myself back into a normal groove again.

This year, i am going to remember not to do that.

You might hear that sentence repeatedly in the next few weeks as I need to remind myself. Sometime I can be quite stubborn about these things. But that is for later for now, I have a feast to plan out and prepare for. Strategy session tonight, prepwork tomorrow and cooking on friday. I just have to finish the last of my pre holiday paperwork and then the strategizing commences. Oh yes my darlings, there will be lists.

The Daily: December 15th, 2020

Good afternoon my darlings. Today has been an interesting exercise day for me. I am still on the Monday, Wednesday, Friday morning workout schedule with walks whenever I can shoehorn them in so this morning, there were no videos.

While my thighs are growing accustomed to the efforts I require of them, there was general relief all around with the skipping of the videos this morning. I think my the new year, I will be ready to bump it up a bit, but until then I will settle with the regimen I have going. Admittedly as two of the upcoming Friday’s will be holidays, those workouts will get bumped to Saturday.

I’m not going to be waking up bright and early Christmas morning to work out and anyone expecting a workout on New Year’s day will be sorely disappointed.

But as today was just a walking day, I walked. Actually I walked a lot today. Snow and sleet are predicted tomorrow so I added a little extra to my walks today to make up for what will surely be an indoors day tomorrow. If it were just snow, I could see walking. It would be like a nice pre-christmas wonderland. The prediction of sleet means it is going to be ugly and icy.

While I can deal with ugly, me on ice is just tempting fate. And I’d rather not start the new year with an injury I gave myself. It’s sort of a personal preference.

So extra walking was done today. and if the sleet doesn’t materialize, I can always walk tomorrow. The extra today won’t hurt me.

So that was the exercise sorted and as I have managed to keep my calories balanced today I am doing fine. The big concern is the moment it the box the postman just left. It comes from my babydoll’s mother. She decided that since no one was going anywhere, she was going to ship goodies. Most of the items we unpack will no doubt be his favorite so I can easily hand them off. The problem is that she knows I love peanut butter fudge and always makes a big batch just for me.

It is in an airtight tin so it will keep a while. I just may have to figure out if fudge can freeze. I believe in a little holiday indulgence, I just don’t think that I need to consume several pounds of homemade peanut butter fudge. Don’t get me wrong, it is fabulous fudge. It is the kind of melt in your mouth fudge that is somehow lighter than air. I have no idea how she does it. the salty balances the rich and if you sit down with an open box intending to eat one, you will have gone through half the box without realizing it. So they have to be parcelled out one at a time, the tin never leaving the kitchen. even if weight isn’t a concern it can send you into sugar shock. Overindulgence brings its own retribution.

But she was happy to send it and I am delighted to have it. I just need to be careful with it. I think with the box arriving, the holidays have officially begun at our house.

The Daily: December 8th, 2020

Well this morning I may have shot the alarm clock a dirty look, but i managed to get myself out of bed. It actually wasn’t that bad. My new container of Hum Sleep gummies came in so I took them last night (I’ve been out for about a week). As a consequence I managed to actually sleep fairly well last night.

In case you are wondering the gummies don’t actually knock you out like a sleeping pill they just help to sort of calm you down before sleep so that you actually can quiet your mind more easily and drift off. Because that is one of my problems. My brain doesn’t want to shut down enough to let me get to sleep. There is always something to keep it occupied. So for me, the gummies help. Plus any time I’ve tried regular sleeping pills I end up sleep walking.

But the point is that I got a decent night’s sleep so despite the dirty looks I got up on time AND because I not only laid out my clothes for my work out,but also lined up my you tube work out programs for the morning the night before, I was actually prepared.

That’s right my darlings, I conquered the morning!

At least this morning anyway.

This morning featured Chloe Ting and the Full Body No jumping Workout to burn Fat which was a little over sixteen minutes followed by the 10 Min Morning Routine to Burn Belly Fat | No Jumping also by Chloe Ting which ran a little over ten minutes. What can i say? It was a Chloe Ting morning.

I like her workouts actually, even though i complain about them. They are short enough that once I start them I feel foolish for stopping so I complete them. Plus I can also decide how many I actually want to do and what area I want to target. and I don’t need a lot of equipment. Key for at hime workouts.

I was sweating and limber by the time I was done and I’ll admit it, thinking mean things about perky people in general. I couldn’t say them as the workout took my concentration and breath. which means it was a good workout. Which made me feel both virtuous and oddly more grumpy. I put an extra tablespoon of creamer in my coffee because of it. And yes the 30 extra calories did make me feel better.

Lets face it, I am never going to be eager to exercise. I love walking, but the gym (and workouts) will always be a chore, not a delight.

Still I needed to do it and i did. I also got a long walk in because the weather cleared up around mid day.

And despite the extra tablespoon of creamer, I did stay within my calories. Tonight is cauliflower curry so as long as I measure my rice I will be fine.

I’ve also decided to start implementing my personal rewards program. I used to give myself a reward for every ten pounds lost, but then I stopped. I think my weight loss stalled so I didn’t get the rewards and then i forgot about my personal incentive plan. So I am reinstituting it so that it will help motivate me. My next reward will be at ten more pounds down. Since my last weigh in was 216.2 my ten pound mark will be 206. When I reach 206 I can order a perfume from Sobelia. It is a company that specializes in perfumes at a discount. The purchase of full perfumes of samples I’ve enjoyed keeps getting postponed so I figure this will let me go through the list and actually order one I really want and know I will wear as well as motivate me. So on with the scented motivation. I know it is bribery, but it works.

I’ve linked both the Sobelia site and the Hum Nutrition below. One got me out of bed this morning and one is motivating me to keep working out. So it seemed like a good tag team. At the moment both have discount deals going that you might want to check out.

The Daily: December 7th, 2020

I will say that one thing walking in the cold does is that it slaps the sleepiness right out of you. This morning was cold and drizzly and while I did sleep through my alarm, I did get up in time to do a brief 20 minute Yoga routine.

I didn’t have a video loaded so I set a timer and made it up as I went. I’m sure no professional would be impressed, but I kept moving for the entire twenty minutes and at the end I was sweaty with my limbs all warmed up. Admittedly anytime I had to stop and think of a new move to add to the routine I did arm circles. My arms are not happy with me, but I did technically keep moving the entire time.

This afternoon I just needed a break from the computer and while it was over cast there was no actual rain / sleet coming down so I thought I’d risk it. The walk was cold, but relatively dry. I doubt it is going to stay that way for long. The entire time i was walking it felt like the sky was sinking lower and lower.

Snow is predicted tonight and I am pretty sure we are going to get it.

But I did learn my lesson, so tonight I am going to set up my workout playlist so that tomorrow morning I don’t have to think, I just have to hit play. I’ll also set out my work out clothes to put on right away. I did remember to do that last night and I think that was my one saving grace this morning. I put on the clothes I laid out without thinking about it and then realized I was dressed for a workout so I might as well do one. So I did. I think if I started in any other clothes i would have just skipped the yoga.

So it was a fashion victory as well as a fitness one. do you think I can get points for that and if so, can i stock pile them to help pay off the fashion police when my workout clothes look less than stellar? I noticed that while I replace my shirts routinely several of my leggings and yoga pants are looking a little worse for the wear. I don’t replace them as often as I do the shirts. Perhaps I should pop onto crate joy and see if I can find a subscription for workout clothes when I look at renewing my Jersey Shore Cosmetics Lip balm subscription. You know, before the fashion police issue me a citation.

Oh well, at least I remembered to wear my hat on my walk today so my ears don’t feel like they are about to fall off the side of my head. That’s something right?

Weekly Weight: 214.8 lbs

The scale, November 20, 2020

This week was a bit of a rollercoaster for me.  I think that I managed to have an equal number of days where I didn’t get any exercise as days where I did.  Nothing I planned actually worked out as I planned and I felt like I was running to catch up the entire week. 

Quite frankly I am exhausted and so ready for the weekend.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that my weight did drop a little bit this week regardless of everything else.  Especially as I thought I might be approaching a bit of a plateau.  In all fairness I might be, but that will be clearer after next week.  This week things were so scattered that stress or missed walks could account for the small loss. 

I will also confess that as next week is Thanksgiving and I plan to have a celebratory meal with my baby doll, I will not be weighing in on Friday Morning (November 27th).  That would just be too cruel.  The day after a holiday no scales are allowed.  So no weigh in next Friday and a reevaluation of my diet plan on after the first Friday of December. 

How we reached the end of November is something of a mystery to me, yet somehow here we are.  So as they stand now… The Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 215.0 lbs

This Week’s Weight: 214.8 lbs

Lost this week: 0.2 lbs

Lost thus far: 31.2 lbs

This weekend I will rest and recover.  Next week I will do my best to stay on schedule until Thursday, skip Friday’s weigh in and close out November with the same regime I started with.  Then I will reevaluate for December and the New Year.  As I will be reevaluating Subscription boxes as well as other elements of my world in December, it seems only fair to chuck my weight loss plan into the mix. 

I’d say it was a plan but I’ve grown suspicious of the word plan as every time I try and use it my world goes a bit bonkers. Instead I will say these are the ideas I have regarding my weight loss. And yes I hope to trick the Gods of planning who have apparently turned against me.  I will also be doing a google search to learn how I may appease these fickle beings.  Maybe it will require a daily planner exorcism.  That could be fun.

Also as we are going into the weekend before all of the sales kick off in a big way, I will be posting some sales notices so you can take advantage of them if you are shopping. The first I want to mention is actually from Nuxe. There sales vary by day and start on Monday. So November 23rd – 25th – 15% off sitewide, November 26th – 20% off + 2x minis WYS $50, November 27th – 29th – 30% off When you spend $70  and then November 30th – December 1st – 25% off When you spend $50. I hope that helps you plan. Personally, I will be going to Nuxe for the Insta-Masque line. I really liked the exfoliating one and want to try the other two in the line. with the sales it seems a good time to pick them up.

The Daily: November 10th, 2020

Have you ever done something out of habit and then thought, well that was a bad idea. Cause that is sort of me today. Remember yesterday when I reported a blister from my new walking shoes?

Yeah, I didn’t think about it when I went for my walk today. I got down the street and then the rubbing of the new shoes made me remember it, but I figured, I’m sure it will be fine. Yup, it ruptured when I was at the furthest point of my walk. Right where i turn around to head back home.

And so was rubbed completely raw by the time I got home.


So I limped home and will not be walking tomorrow. I am also buying bandages. I’m thinking of looking for maybe Scooby Doo themed ones. either way, no walking tomorrow.

Tonight is Bean Burgers for dinner. I love that somehow once I turn the beans into a patty and put it on a bun, my Babydoll stops thinking it is veg night. He knows it isn’t meat, but somehow the bun and patty make him think it isn’t a veg night. Its the veggie meal that flies under his radar. I think it is hios innate love of cheeseburgers.

Which lets me sneak in an extra veg night. While both of us do eat meat, I like to eat meat only once a week at the most. He doesn’t consider it a meal if there isn’t meat in it. And actually when we first got together he referred to chicken and fish as ‘meat substitutes’ and claimed they were his vegetarian nights. (and yes I know poultry and fish are separate categories and that meat generally refers to non-avian and non-aquatic creatures like pork, beef and lamb, but poultry and fish are still not vegetables.)

Oh, how far we have come. He may still only eat a limited number of vegetables, but he at least admits that chicken and fish aren’t vegetables. Although he still will occasionally refer to a fish meal as a meatless dinner.

So that’s progress.

Of a sort.

So I am off to hobble through the rest of my afternoon, more annoyed with myself than anything, but looking forward to dinner. I am also putting a post it note on my computer screen so that tomorrow I will remember not to go on a walk. I figure a day of resting my heels should do it. Then I can use a cotton ball held on with a bandage to protect the abraded skin and hopefully get back to walking. You know this happens with every new pair of walking shoes. You’d think I’d learn by now. One day I am going to find a pair of shoes that doesn’t do this the first time out. Clearly that time is not now, but someday soon. I will find those shoes.