Ms. Mimsy Reviews


And now a little about me and why this site exists.

As my weight began to increase, I slowly stopped looking at myself in the mirror. I didn’t want to see myself, so I didn’t. I stopped wearing anything but chapstick, and reduced my skin care to a quick rinse and slap of night cream. My glances in the mirror were mostly checks to see if I had toothpaste spatter anywhere before leaving the house.

For me this was a drastic change from my former self. I have always enjoyed playing around with eyeshadows and my love of lipstick was well established. In fact I still collected lipsticks, I just didn’t wear them because I didn’t want to see me. Where as I once delighted in taking a long time in my skin care routine, in the night time especially, I used only one product, replacing the same jar repeatedly and trying nothing new.

Because new meant paying attention.

when I reached a point where I decided it was time to actually do something about my weight, I started paying attention again. To my weight, and to my skin. I not only forced myself to step on the scale and make a plan, I forced myself to look in the mirror. Now I will say that there is nothing wrong with wearing no makeup at all. There is also nothing wrong with wearing makeup. It is a personal choice. I was using the fact that I wasn’t wearing makeup as an excuse to avoid me.

And that had to change.

So when I started this blog I decided that I was going to pay attention. I was going to try new products and actually evaluate how they worked on my skin and how they made me feel. I was going to step on the scale each week and record my weight loss journey, marking down some of the lessons I’m learning along the way. Some of them are more amusements than lessons, but some, I hope others out there may find useful, or at least momentarily diverting.

I enjoy makeup. I enjoy skincare. And hair care, and bath and body products. I enjoy lipsticks and eyeshadows and face masks. I enjoy my attempts to weed ‘fat girl cloth’ from my wardrobe along with anything that has an X on the label (my highest as a triple X). I enjoy, and am sometimes completely frustrated by, my journey to a healthier self, both physically and mentally. Over all, I am enjoying reviewing all of it and sharing with you.

Hopefully, you will enjoy it too.