Reviewing Lavido skincare

One of the things I love about subscription boxes is that occasionally they send something your way that you have never heard of and wouldn’t mind trying.  Sometimes different boxes from different companies send you products from the same line in the same month. From one box came the Lavido Age away replenishing cream  featuring Grapefruit seed, Melissa and avocado (retail $69) while another box provided Lavido’s 2-in-1 Purifying Facial Mask and Exfoliator (retail $36) featuring pomegranate seed oil, lemon and macadamia.

Since they arrived at the same time, and I was just finishing up a moisturizer trial, I decided to use them together. They arrived in early April and this morning (May 20th) I used the last of each of them.  So they lasted seven and a half weeks for me.  I will admit that one of the reasons I held off reviewing them was that I lost my initial weights (instead of putting it in the notebook where I usually keep things I jotted it down on a scrap of paper and then promptly lost said paper) so I figured I would just see how long they lasted with regular use.

Before I cover what I think of the products, let’s see what they have to say for themselves.  First, the Moisturizer. According to the Lavido website is…

Made with 11 innovative plant actives, this advanced anti-aging solution is clinically proven to diminish the appearance of dryness, wrinkles and rough texture while it deeply nourishes mature and compromised skin. Its rich, ultra-luxurious texture features Summer Snowflake, scientifically proven to strengthen cell integrity, slow the aging process, and stimulate new cellular regeneration. Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid boosts collagen production and imparts an instant volumizing effect for a naturally firmer, radiant, and more rejuvenated complexion.


The scent of the cream is floral.  It isn’t overwhelmingly cloying, but it is a noticeable scent. If you are sensitive to scents that might be something you want to consider.  The cream is also very thick.  A little dab into the hand was all that was needed.  It is designed for dry, mature skin and I think the formula would work really well with dry skin.  My skin is normal leaning towards oily on occasion.  Dry is not generally my skin care concern but fine lines are so I was happy to try it. 

white cast on skin after initial application of moisturizer (look towards the ear)

Because my skin isn’t dry I had some trepidation.  The fear was unfounded.  I needed only a little bit of the cream to cover my entire face and neck.  I will say that because it is so thick and my skin is not an arid desert, I had to spend some time massaging it into the skin.  If you look in the picture you will see a white cast on my skin where I only did a first pass rubbing it in. The benefit is that you sort of get a facial massage twice a day when using this product.  The down side is that it adds a little extra time to your morning and evening routine.

But if a product is worth it, I am willing to take a little extra time.  So is it worth it?

During this trial I used the cream morning and evening as my sole moisturizer.  When the weather was cooler (and the central heat still drying the air out) I really liked the moisturizer.  As the weather warmed, and in my part of the world the humidity rose, I found that while I still liked it as a night cream, I was less enthused by its use in the morning.  My skin was just not dry enough in the morning.  It was an excellent night cream however and I woke with my skin plumped and hydrated. Dare I say it, even glowing.  For my skin type I could use this as a night cream very happily or as a dry winter cream. It is an excellent cream and mature skin or not, I think the dryer your skin happens to be, the more you will enjoy this cream. I would have no problem repurchasing the Age Away Replenishing Cream as a night cream, but I wouldn’t use it as my go to daily moisturizer. Especially not at this time of year.

This moves us on to the 2-in-1 Purifying Facial mask and exfoliator. According to its product page…

This exfoliating and anti-aging multi-mask gently stimulates circulation and new cell regeneration while dried Pomegranate peel and seeds remove dead skin cells, revealing smoother, more radiant skin with fewer pimples, dark spots and wrinkles overtime. Use as an exfoliating cleanser or leave on as a mask to receive it’s full youth-giving benefits.

While I am always leery of any product that threatens to do too much, this isn’t too much of a stretch for a product.  As an exfoliator it is a fairly gentle one.  When applied to the skin it looks more like you have a slightly dirty face than are wearing a full mud mask. It has a slight roughness which you would expect from a physical exfoliator but it isn’t harsh.  I think because the peel is used rather than harder seeds.  I found it could be used every other day to brighten the completion without feeling like you were blasting away too many layers.  Used as an exfoliator it worked really well and I quite enjoyed it.  It has a slightly pomegranate scent to it but it is less present than the floral scent of the moisturizer and smells more fresh and clean than anything else.

While the exfoliator does leave your skin soft and refreshed, leaving the product on mask like actually did increase the benefits of the product.  My skin did feel better if I allowed it to sit for a few minutes.  What I ended up doing was using it as sort of a cross over.  On the nights I used it, I would wash my face, apply the exfoliator and let it sit while I brushed my teeth and then used a lip exfoliator on my lips I’d then wet my hands, massage the mask a little to help with the exfoliation and then wash it off and continue with my routine.  I found this gave me the best the 2-in-1 could provide. 

I have to say I would unequivocally buy this product again.  It is listed as good for all skin types and I have to say my skin loved it.  It was a gentle but effective exfoliator that could also be worn as a mask.  I really enjoyed using it and was very sad to see it now an empty tube.

Until I received these products in subscription boxes, I had never heard of the company or heard anything about them.  I can’t actually say I would have tried them on my own, but I am glad I did and I am certain I will be seeing these products in my bathroom again.

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Weight Loss Regime Survival Tip #50: Effective Tools

Sometimes the right tools can make all of the difference

For anyone following along with my path towards a healthier me, you’ve probably noticed that my diet consists of monitoring portion sizes rather than banning foods all together from my world. This I of course paired with exercise. It is a slow process, at times to me it seems glacial, but it is sustainable.

I enjoy my food. I enjoy the crisp tang of a tart apple as I bite into it. I love the funk of a good cheese and I am fairly certain heaven smells like freshly baked bread. I am positive a slice from a fresh bread still warm from the oven spread with good butter melting in and maybe a drizzle of honey over the top is what they hand you once you pass St. Pete’s entry quiz. Conversely, I’m certain that hell smells like really good bread that you never get to eat. Maybe they pump the scent in from heaven’s ventilation system.

Regardless (now that I have given all of the mechanical engineers out there something to ponder in their spare time), I knew banning foods all together from my life was not going to be a pretense I could maintain. There are certain foods I don’t have all that often. Sure, that I can handle. After all some foods aren’t meant to be eaten every day. If you have cake every day what is the point of a birthday cake? But if you only have cake once in a blue moon than anytime it is served, cake itself makes the day an event.

Seriously, try it. Don’t have cake for a while and then out of the blue (and because when you went to get carrots at the grocery the only bag they had was a fifteen pound bag and once you got the giant bag home it was simply too many carrots not to do something with as they sat there accusingly until you agreed to make carrot cake) make a carrot cake. Every person passing through the kitchen will either ask you what the occasion is or assume they forgot something and sneak off to check their calendars. Because if you only have cake once in a while, when it arrives, it is an event.

Oddly enough this post is not about cake. I was just distracted. I blame the carrots.

I am far more likely to be taken down by savory than by sweet. Cheese in fact is one of my biggest weaknesses. While I can make camembert and stilton (along with their vast cornucopia of cohorts) occasional things, it is the everyday cheddar that has the ability to take me down. While I do treat the crumbly traditional cheddar with the same respect that I afford stilton, the big block of cheddar we get at the grocery store is designated for sandwiches and snacking.

I don’t know if you’ve looked but cheddar tends to be around 100 calories per ounce. And an ounce is not very much when you are talking about cheddar. It is very easy to go over that amount without realizing it. And when your system relies heavily on knowing how many calories you are consuming, it can be maddening. Enter the above two tools. One is a cheese slicer.

If you don’t have one, check the side of your box grater. There is usually a side with the slicer blades on it. I find this super handy for hard cheese like cheddar, especially if I am portioning it out. Sometime in the afternoon cheese and crackers sounds like a good snack. The slicer enables me to get thinner slices than I can manage with a regular knife (without slicing my fingers off in the process). The thinner slices give me the taste I want but not the mass. The slices my particularly effective tool produces (which I think is pretty standard) are the same as the parmesan shavings you see in fancy salads. One slice across a cracker is all that is needed for a snack.

The second tool is the smaller cutting board. Under normal circumstances it is terribly small and tends to look a bit decorative. Do not try carving a Sunday roast upon it. The results will not be pretty. However It is perfect for cheese. First of all for my snack I can place three crackers side by side across it’s length and that is a portion size according to the box. Add the cheese and I have my afternoon snack. It also helps make a small portion of cheese (or anything really) look larger than it is. Especially if you use the board to dress it up. Place the cheese on one side, fan out the crackers, maybe add a small bundle of grapes (not too many as you don’t want them to roll off or crowd the cheese, and maybe add a few olives.

The small board limits the amount you can place on it, and if you arrange things in a lovely manner instead of lumping them on the board, you fit even less. The hidden tool in this tip is the aesthetically pleasing presentation. Cooking shows may like to claim you eat with your eyes first, but quite frankly I think I eat with my nose first, then the eyes. Luckily scents can’t be electronically transmitted with the broadcast.

Secondary or not, the arrangement can help limit the portion size and is a fabulous tool.

I know some of you are thinking, Mimsy, that’s great but I don’t like cheese. My weakness is doughnuts. No problem. One doughnut won’t kill you. It’s the box that will take you down. So take one doughnut (not everyday of course, just once in a while). Place it on your pretty little board, or tray or whatever else you are using, then add a glass of your beverage. Use a low wide glass so it takes up a lot of real estate on your board and keep the amount of liquid low so it doesn’t over balance and spill while you carry you tray to the table (and so you don’t drink more calories than you eat).

That’s one of the reasons I kept the board empty in the photo. It may not make it an exciting picture, but it presents a blank canvas. For me, the weakness is cheese so I use a tool that helps me limit how much I take from the block and use a self contained place to arrange it nicely. Whatever your weaknesses are, I’m sure there are ways to do the same with them. It may require a little bit of thought at first but after a little while, reaching for the tools when you want to eat a certain type of food becomes habit. And that is really the goal here. To create better, healthier habits. This way you can still enjoy what it is you enjoy, just in a better way.

Glossy Box May 2020 review

Glossy Box May 2020

This month’s Glossy Box had the theme ‘Explore your Wild Side’ and the sturdy, reusable box came in either zebra or leopard print instead of the standard pink and black.  I received the gold and black leopard. Glossy box is $21 per month. 

For this price you get five items. They tend to be a mix between full and deluxe/travel sized samples. I know that this month’s box sold out super-fast and anyone ordering in May will get a mystery box instead of this one, but if you are thinking about this subscription as a possibility for you, I hope seeing what I got in my regular box will help you decide one way or the other.  In case you are wondering, this is a personal subscription, I did pay for this myself so it is a regular subscriber’s box.

The first item in my Glossy box this month was a nine pan Steve Laurent palette (retail $38).  I have several liquid lips and a couple of highlighters from Steve Laurent but this is my first eyeshadow experience.  While it is listed as a full sized palette, the pans are really kind of small. 

The shadows are a mix of earth tones with browns and bronze predominating the palette.  It is an interesting neutrals palette with four matte shades and five shimmers. 

It isn’t the most exciting looking palette and I would say it falls more into the earthy category rather than the wild side one, but I can see getting a lot of use out of it.  This is the size of palette I generally like to travel with as it fits nicely in my bag and I’ve noticed the smaller pans don’t tend to suffer from as much breakage as larger pans when on the road.  So over all I was pleased to see it. 

Next up is the EYEKO fat liquid liner (retail $22). Normally I am not super thrilled by eyeliners, however I do like eyeko liners and oddly enough I used up and had to part with both of my open Eyeko liners this past week. 

The go-to brand for eyes, focused on our award-winning mascaras, eyeliners & brows.

liner swatch

One was a regular liner and the other was the skinny liner.   So I was actually happy to see the liner in this box. I did a quick swatch with the liner as well, mostly because I knew I was opening it and using it right away. I was pleased to see it didn’t seep into any of the fine lines of my hand. It gives me great hope for its performance on my eyes.

Following the liner was something I was super excited to see.  And that was the Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm. (retail $14). It is the travel size but it was on my list of things to try out so I will enjoy getting to try it and seeing how long the travel size lasts before I commit to buying a full sized one. 

At the moment I am about a week away from finishing up my Versed Cleansing Balm so I will run that out before dipping into this one. 

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I will say I did open it to take a sniff and I liked the scent.  Oddly the only description I have for the scent is that it smells like Elemis.  I’m currently using both the Elemis Foaming cleanser and the exfoliating pads and they both have that same scent.  I’ll do my best to identify the scent before my review, but if you are looking to unify your skin care scents, these all have a similar scent. It’s a very nice scent actually.  It smells both lightly floral yet really clean at the same time. I am really looking forward to trying it out.  While I love the way the Versed cleansing balm makes my skin feel, it has a scent that reminds me a little of Vicks Vapor rub, which is not my favorite scent in the world.

A Kiss Proof Lip Cream from Bellapierre (retail $20)was the next item in my box and I was pleased to see it as well.  The color looks nice on the swatch I did and it dried down really well. 

I’ve used Bellapierre’s bullet lipsticks before and really liked the formula so I’m looking forward to seeing how the liquid ones work out for me.  I’m also happy that it is in a wearable shade. 

Lately I’ve been going through my lipsticks and found I have a lot of ‘off shades’.  They are lip products that aren’t really shades I would wear on the regulars basis. Purple seems to be the dominant color of that collection for some reason.  Closely followed by nudes that make my lips disappear into my face.  Most come courtesy of subscription boxes, or at least I hope that is where they come from and I haven’t been buying purple lipstick without realizing it.

I don’t think I buy lipstick in my sleep but I suppose anything is possible.

Anyway I am pleased this looks like a wearable shade.  If the formula is good, I will be very happy to have it around.

Finally we get to the Aloe Vera CBD infused Facemask ($6.99).  I’m not certain if there is a face mask in each box.  I received one last month and one this month.  I will say that after my sunburn I sort of hit the sheet masks in my collection pretty hard.  I think I used anything that had the words soothing, moisturizing and repairing on it during my week of forced immobility. 

I used the masks on my face but then used the extra serum on the skin that needed some love and attention. It worked well but my collection of masks has been seriously whittled down. I think I only have two actual sheet masks left at the moment and those are the ones that came in my IPSY box this month. For me that is actually some sort of record. This mask also came with a card for a discount at CBD It’s 25% off. Now that CBD products are starting to look a little more like regular skincare products instead of featuring cartoon bongs and other paraphernalia I have found myself looking into it more seriously and will have to check out the company and its products, especially if I like this mask. I know that sounds very shallow, but it is easier for me to take it more seriously when it is in more serious packaging. But maybe that is just me.

Moving on from my own psychological profiling…

The total retail of the May Glossy Box which cost me $21 turned out to be $100.99. That’s more than three times what I paid for it and more importantly, they are all items I am looking forward to using.  The arrival of both the Eyeko and the Elemis are timely as my eyeko eyeliner just died and I am close to using up my current cleansing balm. This is the second month of my subscription and I think that for now, I will definitely be keeping it. I generally like to give a subscription between three and six months before I make a decision on it and I have to say I am very much looking forward to seeing what month three has in store for me. The spoiler they put on the info card states that next month’s theme is A World of Beauty and will feature products from around the globe. Sounds like it could be interesting. Fingers crossed it’s a good one.

Reviewing the Lavish Brush Set

I know there are times when I have been known to apply eyeshadow with my fingers. Especially if there is glitter involved. Lets face it, sometime a finger is the tool you need. Other times, perhaps it is better to use the tools designated for the task.

Enter the Lavash Brush Set. It is a five piece set that came in a Boxycharm box a few months back It retails for $29.99.

I have to say I have been using it since I got the set and I have to say, I really like it.

Are they super high quality brushes? To be honest, no.

They are a rather general brush set. They two have two things going for them though. The first is their size. These brushes are on the petite side. Personally I like that. I know a lot of you may be questioning that, but I always feel like I don’t have as much eye real estate as some of the other people I see floating around the world and on line. Sometimes when I use a bigger brush the effect can be messier than I intended. Maybe it is because I have smaller eyelids, maybe it is because I am clumsy. I am not a trained makeup professional, I am a trained architectural historian who really likes makeup.

The only person I apply it on is myself and I feel the smaller brushes give me a great deal of control.

The second thing that these brushes have going to them is the mix of brushes included in the pack. there is one fluffy Tapered blending brush, one flattened eye shading brush which is useful for patting on the shadows, one small pointed pencil brush, a very thin fine line brush and a double ended brow brush that has a spoolie on one end and an eyebrow brush on the other end. In short the set has a mix of brushes useful for doing your entire eye look. It is a simple grab and go kit.

They don’t have the quality of say Sigma, or Luxie brushes, so I don’t expect them to last forever. I’ve already lost a couple of bristles in the tapered blending brush to be honest. I think that because their size and general usefulness as a kit, I will probably be grabbing them more often than some of my other better quality bushes so they will probably wear out quicker for me.

While I think it would be worth picking up a kit and stashing it in my traveling make up bag, because they are useful and it is a decently priced kit, I think I may spend some time looking some smaller brushes that are a better quality. While I have a collection of brushes it is a rather haphazard collection at best and there are many repeats and a few noticeable gaps. Seeing this set makes me realize I need to go through my brushes and make a list of what I actually need to purchase, possibly even buying a deliberate set. I certainly need to gt rid of some brushes I don’t reach for because I don’t like them. I suspect that might be my next declutter.

Because let’s face it tools are just as important as the products you apply. They can wreck a good product or bring out the best in a not so great one. and clearly, I need to spend a little more time thinking about my tools.

For those of you wondering, the palette pictured is the BH Cosmetics Glam Reflection Smoke Palette. I’ll be posting my review of it later this week as it was the palette I played around with most of last week.

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BoxyCharm May 2020 Review

Bocy Charm May 2020

Some of you may be aware that all was not happy in BoxyCharm land this month. Lots of folks were not happy with what they received.  I have to say I posted my Boxy Charm Premium review last week and I was really not happy.  It actually made me feel better that a lot of folks were disappointed and that it wasn’t just me.

Misery loves company, eh?

As a consequence there was a lot of damage control being done for the company via Instagram and TikTok as explanations about shipping delays and all were explained.  While it didn’t make me any happier, it was an explanation.  It makes me feel a little more lenient in my judgement. Or at least willing to think of May as a one off.   If you are interested in all that, I’d suggest reading through the whole mess on Instagram.

Here, we will just move on to my Boxy Charm base box for the month of May.  Now for those who don’t know for the price of $25 per month BoxyCharm subscribers get five full sized products in their subscription box.  Usually there is a card explaining the prices of the products, this month there was not.

The first item in my box this month was one I actually already reviewed for you.  It with the Glam Glow Berryglow recovery mask.  (retail $49) I wore it as my Friday Face mask last week. It is the item I chose for this box.  (I did end up ordering the Elemis exfoliating pads during add-ons once I chose it those are amazing by the way, at least thus far and a review will be forthcoming). Even though the mask didn’t turn out to be my favorite, I was still happy to give it a try and happy to see it in this month’s box.

I was however a little surprised to see it was sort of beat up. I am chalking this up to the fact that the jar itself wasn’t in an outer packaging but just in the box as you see it here. I don’t know if that is a safety precaution of what as Glam glow always has a box around the packaging, at least as far as I’ve seen. I could be wrong. I am not a consistent enough purchaser of Glamglow products to know. It is however pictured with a box on the website where I looked up the price information.

The second item in my box, I was less enthused about seeing.  It was the Daily Concepts Shampoo Bar. (retail $24). I am not a big fan of shampoo bars in general.  They make me feel like I need an extra hand when washing my hair.  I know that sounds strange but my hair is a bit thick so I like to get my fingers into my hair and sort of give my scalp a massage as I wash my hair. No matter how good the shampoo bar actually is I never feel like I get it all the way through my hair.  I always feel like I am only washing the top.  I was surprised by the $24 retail price as well. Something about it seems like something you’d pick up for under $10. That could just be my perception of the brand and the packaging though. I think it looks kind of cheap, but maybe I am missing something. The world of shampoo bars is not one I play in. Also this particular one was not the scent for me.  It smelled very manly and woodsy.  As a consequence I gave it to my baby doll to use.

He says it is okay but not his favorite.  And it’s the sort of ‘its okay’ that means he doesn’t want me to keep it in stock for him.  For example, I tend to get the Dr. Squatch soaps for him to use and when he runs out  he sort of sighs and when asked if I should reorder he responds “That’s okay, you don’t have to.  I can just use some…other product.” And then he gives me the puppy dog eyes. Which means he really likes it.  And I have to admit the citrus cedar makes the entire bathroom smell fabulous so I don’t mind. (Plus it is reasonably priced).

I did not get the puppy dog eyes or the overly dramatic sigh with the shampoo bar from Daily concepts.  So he’ll use it and I won’t re order.

The next item in my box was the Pretty Vulgar eyeshadow primer. (retail $22) I like Pretty Vulgar. Their Feathers Mascara is fantastic and I enjoyed their foundation as well so I have no problem seeing this in my box.  I’m also relieved to see makeup once again making an appearance. I don’t use a lot of eyeshadow primers as I tend to use whatever concealer I happen to have out to use with the rest of my face as the lid primer, but I am willing to give it a go. Who knows, I may end up loving it. It is nice to try something I may not have picked up on my own, (And yes I realize this comes after I complained about the shampoo bar, I just don’t like that particular shampoo delivery method.)

Also in my May Boxycharm box was an eyeshadow palette.  I received the Studio Makeup easy to wear palette.(retail $35). It is, according to the website, a BoxyCharm Exclusive. While I am happy to see more makeup in my subscription box, I have to say I wasn’t all that excited by the palette.  They are all neutrals I have in other palettes. 

I have heard very good things about the formula, but I think I may be passing it on to my mom.  She tends to keep neutral shades in single shadow form and has been talking about getting an actual neutral palette for a while, so I think, I’m going to not play with it and just send it her way. I’ll have to report back about what she thinks of it.

Finally this leads us to the last item in the box.  It is a packet of makeup wipes from Ayam. (retail $17) It is infused with Dead Sea Minerals and Vitamin C Serum. I have to say I did use one of the makeup wipes the other day and my skin felt really good after using it. To be honest, I think $17 is too low a price for these. It is a thick packet and they are far nicer than many of the more expensive wipes I’ve tried. It is rare that I actually say this, so I’ll repeat it for those too shocked to register the first time. I would actually pay more than the listed retail price for these wipes.

Well if I consistently used makeup wipes any more that is.

I am of two minds about make up wipes.  They are super handy and convenient to have around.  I stopped buying them though because of the waste.  I generally dampen one corner of my Makeup Eraser so use when cleaning up shadow fall out or other make up mistakes.  These seem to be really good and my big issue with makeup wipes is that I really do like them, I’m just trying to be a less wasteful person. But they are here, so I will use them and then feel virtuous when I go back to my Makeup Eraser.

Buy 1, Get 1 30% off! Use code BYEBYEWIPES

That was my BoxyCharm for the month of May.  While not the most exciting of boxes it was an okay box.  It may not have filled me with excitement, but it didn’t make me mad. And to be fair, even with the explanations, the premium box kind of left me feeling a bit salty this month. I saw several much worse postings for BoxyCharm this month so I also feel pretty lucky with what I recieved. The unboxed mask was a little odd and the shampoo bar was something I was never going to like but it is not a box I am mad about. So I have to say, the regular box was much better than the premium box this month.  Hopefully that is not a continuing trend moving forward.  I suppose we shall see.

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Its the Friday Face Mask with Berryglow from Glamglow

Welcome once again to the Friday Face mask.  I have to say, for me, it has been a good day.  The lack of pain has let me focus so much more today than I have gotten to do in the past two weeks and as a consequence I have been plowing through my to do list.

Items have been checked off, lines drawn through them with speed and I like to think a certain sort of flair.

While my stress level isn’t risen enough to demand I need a break given the amount I’ve gotten done, I feel I deserve my Friday break as a reward for my productivity.  As such I am turning to my newst mask.  This is the GlamGlow Berryglow probiotic recovery mask.  It came in this month’s BoxyCharm base box. As so many boxes came in at the same time I haven’t gotten a chance to post that box review yet. It will be up on Monday actually, along with my Glossy Box review.

But by then you will already know my feelings on the Berryglow.

If you hate spoilers you can always put off reading this until Monday afternoon.  I won’t mind.

Go ahead, all those who don’t like spoilers, I’ll wait.  Anyone waiting with me for them to leave can hum the Jeopardy theme song along with me.

Da de dum, da de dum…

Okay spoiler haters are gone. Which is good because I think I automatically went into the Final Jeapardy theme in my head.

Not that it actually matters…

So to the Glamglow.

Glamglow is one of those brands that I often find myself on the fence with.  Some products I like, some products I don’t. I know that’s not terribly unusual. There are several brands out there that have both products I love and those I hate.   With Glamglow it tends to be like and dislike instead of love and hate if that makes sense.  Of the products I’ve tried from them, the products I dislike aren’t ones I dislike enough that I wouldn’t continue to use them and simply not repurchase and those I like, I like, but don’t tend to love enough to seek out.

I find them to be very middle of the road leaning towards good.

At least for the products I’ve tried. 

If you’ve tried and loved them, send me a message and let me know what products I ought to give a go from them.  I’ll be honest because I am so ambivalent to the brand, I don’t actually seek them out so my trials with them are incidental rather than intentional.

Given their following I’m sure there is something they do that is fabulous.

I will say right off the bat, I love that when I opened the jar it was absolutely full. Right to the brim full, no extra air pockets.  All product. And being me, I of course took a great big sniff.

It smells of berry.  Which I hate to say because berry is not actually a scent.  Strawberry is a scent as is raspberry.  This is just general berry. There is an underlying scent to it though that makes it smell sort of like a smoothie that has been dosed with an artificial berry flavored protein powder. Not that I am advocating tasting the mask, it is just the same scent. Generic berry with an underlying scent of artificial-ness.

So time to apply it onto my clean skin. 


I will say the mask smooths on well.  It feels cold and not a lot of product is needed to cover the face.  Also the product in the jar seeps back into the divots created by taking some out to form a flat surface again.  It seems like a little thing but it limits the air contact to the top layer.  Or at least that is my thinking anyway. It also lets me see exactly how much I used.

after 20 min

Once on I left it twenty minutes and relaxed.  Unfortunately I am sans candle today.  I am eagerly anticipating my next Vella box shipment and hoping it arrives before next Friday. Although I can’t really blame them for my lack of candle.  I usually have a couple around the house but I was so focused on using up my winter candles that I didn’t buy spring and summer scents before self-sequestering.  I’m considering it part of my decluttering and spring cleaning.

Besides I don’t really need a candle to enjoy my face mask, it’s just part of my habit. Admittedly so is over stressing , but I’m happy to leave that out of today’s equation as well.

So the time passes. I spent the time listening to old 1980s tunes.  I just finished watching the American Horror Story 1984 so the tunes were stuck in my head. 

I heard the word jump a lot.

When I looked in the mirror I could see much of the mask was absorbed.  I washed the rest off my skin and patted my face dry.  The skin was nicely hydrated and felt smooth.  I have no complaints.  It is a nice product. I will enjoy using the rest of the jar.  Will I repurchase when the jar is empty? Probably not. 

clean skin

This falls into the nice to use since I have it, but not really amazing enough to repurchase category.  The claims of the mask are similar enough to the Korres Hydro Biome mask I tried a couple of weeks prior and I have to say I like that mask much better.  That I would repurchase once I’ve gone through the jar.  This I won’t.

Still it is a good product to use and I will enjoy using it while I have it. 

And now that I have had my break, it is back to work for me.  I still have a lot of items I want to check off my to do list before I call it a day. I’m hoping this afternoon will be just as productive as this morning.  Then I can rest and enjoy my weekend, ready to get back to my regularly scheduled routine on Monday. I hope everyone out there has a great afternoon and a fabulous weekend.  I’ll see you back here on Monday. Posted below are a couple of links from Korres in case you wanted to check them out.

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Weekly Weight: 207.0 lbs

May 15th, 2020

Good morning my darlings. I have to say I feel fabulous today. This morning I woke up and while the skin on my calfs felt dry and tight there was only one sore spot on my ankle. A heavy dose of body lotion (Sol de Janeiro – the original, if you are interested) and the dry skin was no longer as dry or as tight. It may help tighten up my stretch marks but my sun dried skin soaked it up and begged for more. Which I gave it. At this point I am all for spoiling my much abused legs like an overly indulgent grandparent coming to town after a two year absence. Nothing is too good for my babies… err legs.

I really think a walk might be in my near future. I’m waiting until monday because of that one last sore spot though. I will not risk the delay of the return to semi-normality by rushing and injuring. But soon. Sooooon. This week as I was feeling better but still unable to walk I reverted to some of my older exercises to burn off some of my energy. They were the ones I did when I knew my knees would get me to the floor but didn’t trust them to get me back up off the floor later.

Yup, I used the bed as my flat surface.

Covered with a double layer of towel to protect the coverlet, I did crunches and sit ups. I even managed some leg lifts. My legs were fine as long as I didn’t put pressure on them or attempt to bend the knees and ankles too much.

And I have to say, while I hoped this would just help me burn off some of my immobility angst, I was pleasantly surprised when I got on the scale this morning. I have to say that was the cherry on top of my almost no pain waking. Because today’s number was smaller.

Lets just add the stats here. (Can you tell I’m a bit excited?)

Starting weight: 246 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 208.2 lbs

This week’s weight: 207.0 lbs

Lost this week: 1.2 lbs

Lost thus far: 39 lbs

Left to lose (apx.) 84 lbs

For those who didn’t catch one of the earlier posts, my final weight is more or less a sliding scale. As I haven’t been a healthy weight in a really long time, I was uncertain what exactly to shoot for. I am a 5′ 4″ woman with rather delicate bones. My doctor gave me a range of between 120 – 130 as my healthy range, but because I needed a concrete number to sort of shoot for I picked 123.

Oddly I didn’t choose it because it was on the lower end of the scale or because I have some fascination with it, but because it amused me to type 123 into the calculator. I decided that tiny amusement was better than obsessing over a round number. Plus, if I kept the thought that this number was chosen only for amusement in my head, then I would have less fixation while still having a number for math. My plan is to see what weight actually looks healthy on me once I get closer to the range. As it feels like I’ve been battling the low 200s forever at this point I have plenty of time to work that final detail out.

Truthfully the numbers on the scale are more of a means to keep me focused and accountable rather than an end all goal. Health is the end all goal.

But today I am still happy the numbers are going down. Admittedly I think the grocery store visit this week helped with that. While veggies have still been a part of my daily diet, they have either been frozen, canned or the more substantial able to survive a few weeks after purchase things (like butternut squash). I was able to put open backed slides on my feet this week and we did a quick grocery run (masked of course). Fresh salad has never looked so beautiful. And with them in the house it was hard to be attracted to anything else.

That is definitely not something I would have said this time last year. while the current circumstances have a lot to do with it, I have to say I feel that I have actually changed in the year I have been actively working on my body. I’m pretty sure the me from last year would have stocked the freezer with frozen burritos and made certain to grab a pack of oreos on my run to the store. While I still like both, neither was what I craved.

I have to admit, I kind of like knowing that about myself.

So if this morning is any indication, I am primed for a good day. I hope you are ready to face the same. I will return later for the Friday Face Mask and hopefully settle into my 20 minute break with a sigh of satisfaction from a morning well spent rather than seeking solitude like a spa seeking missile. It would make a nice change of pace. See you then.