Weight loss Survival Tip # 2: Lipstick

I know not everyone will appreciate this tip.  In fact, it could just be me, but I feel it is worth passing on anyway.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but one of my favorite uses for lipstick is as an anti-snacking device. I’m pretty certain that this dates back to the era of very sticky lip glosses where if a barbeque flavored chip dared approach, lips would have to be parted wide, revealing a gaping maw lest the chip collide and chip dust imbed itself in the gloss, the flavor remaining long after the chips were consumed.

Even though for the most part sticky glosses are no longer my norm, the mental imprint remains. I can’t eat right after I have put on lipstick. Admittedly, I am using lipstick as a generic category because the thought remains even if I am putting on unscented chapstick. So as a consequence I always have something at my desk, usually a balm of some kind.

well used lip balm, note to self, turn lip balm when using to avoid the hump in the middle of the round sort.

Every time I think I want a snack, I swipe a coat over my lips. Now, I don’t do this when I am genuinely hungry and need to eat, just when I am avoiding temptation. January was particularly bad in our house.  Not only had I just started my weight loss plan and my determination was still a wavering thing, but a lot of my family members have their birthdays in January. Not me of course, I was quite sensibly born in June, far away from every other major holiday so that my birth could be celebrated as the event it so clearly needs to be. (Plus it made me a Cancer, the only zodiac sign with a death count.  Yup, Cancer kills a lot of folks. Just remember that when you decide to spend all of your time appeasing Virgos.)

And of course not every one of the birthday babies liked the same type of cake or ice cream.  In fact, I believe they each wanted different ones.  As the resident baker, I remember these sorts of things. Which meant that when the dust settled there was a lot of left over cake. 

A lot of cake. 

And a freezer full of ice cream.

In many varieties.

All sitting in the kitchen. 

Calling to me while I innocently worked away in my office. 

Wafting their delicious scents through the house. Luring me to their evil trap.

Who came to my defense then? That’s right, lipstick to the rescue.

Every time I thought that a slice or two would be a welcome addition to my day, I reached for my good buddy lipstick.  In this case I used a hydrating lip balm. Between the cake and ice cream of January and the chocolaty goodness that is the build up to the Valentine’s bonanza, I managed to go through an entire tube of lip balm.

I have to say, it was also the first January I can remember where chapped lips were in no way even remotely an issue. My lips were plump and hydrated despite the weather and ravages of the central heating systems drying of the inside air.

I always liked lipstick, in every variety and hue, I just never realized it would be my secret weapon.

Lipstick, you rock.

The Shoe Review: The beginning…

Brand new shoes right out of the box, and yes, they are on my desk.

As a large part of my exercise plan includes walking, shoes, or more specifically sneakers, have become an integral part of my world. They are the shoes I choose not because they are pretty or match my outfit or my mood. These are the workhorses of the footwear division. The infantry in my own battle of the bulge. Last week I had to bury a pair. I not only walked the sole off of them but managed to walk my pinkie toe right through the bottom.

sadly worn out

A new pair was duly ordered and a slight hitch was put in my schedule while I waited. Luckily delivery was swift and today we break in the new sneakers. As I waited though, I realized that I did not remember exactly how long my shoes lasted. I knew it was less than a year though, well pretty certain anyway. I also didn’t know how many miles it took to wear the sole down far enough to expose my toe to the harsh reality of the asphalt covered walking trail at the edge of my neighborhood. While it may be similar to finding out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop, I decided that with this pair, I wanted to find out.

Fresh new soles

So our contender: The Nike New Balance #574. Starting out Monday June 10th with factory fresh soles. They will be put into use today and I will record the mileage and wear, reporting back in one month and every month thereafter until they need to be replaced. It’s time to find out exactly how long my sneakers last and what exactly I am putting them through.

Jersey Shore Cosmetics Balm Bag

June 2019

I love getting things in the mail. Now that most things are on-line, I find I get more excited when I go to the mailbox and find something within. Seriously, the first thought in my head is ‘I got a present’. Even if it is something I ordered and paid for and know is coming to me.

So it should be no surprise that I am a fan of subscription boxes. I do try to limit them to things I actually use though, which makes getting the package more fun. At least for me anyway.

This one I came across when poking around on cratejoy. It is the Jersey Shore Cosmetics Balm Bag. It is a monthly subscription where subscribers can get lip balms sent to them each month (1 for $2.50, 2 for $5 or 4 for $10).

I use a lot of lip balm. I tend to use lipstick and lip balm as an anti-snacking device, swiping it on instead of grabbing ships of candy, so I keep one on my desk to use throughout the day. I’ve never used this brand before. I’ve heard a lot of good things though so I figured why not give them a try.

I went with the one for $2.50 option. As I subscribed through Cratejoy it was actually $2.33 + tax. The tax brought this subscription up to a grand total of $5.50. As Jersey Shore Cosmetics balms retail for $10 each, I thought it was an okay deal. Since I typically do drug store lip balms I am not sure about the regular price, but the subscription seemed fairly reasonable, so I’ll have to decide if it ends up worth it.

This month’s selection is called Lemonade. It smells exactly like lemonade. It tastes like nothing (which in a lip product is actually a consideration) and it went on smooth and easy. It absorbed really well and isn’t overly greasy. I’ll have to see how it does throughout the month, but at the moment I am really liking it and am certain I will use this up. In addition it adds a light summer scent to my office when I uncap it, offsetting the regular office smells (which at the moment is heavily spiced with the scent of printer ink).

When I went to the company’s page I had a hard time finding the balm subscription so in addition to posting the link to the Jersey Shore Cosmetics site, I’ll post the Cratejoy one below as well. (I’m not any sort of affiliate, I just thought you might want to look for more info in official locations).

Jersey Shore Cosmetics

Cratejoy’s subscription for Jersey Shore Cosmetics Balm Bag Subscription

Weekly Weight: 220.4

The Scale: June 7th, 2019

Good morning everyone. Time for my weekly review of my weight and week.Since this is the first time I’m posting this, I’ll start with the basics.

One morning I got out of bed and shambled off to the bathroom and realized that I could not remember the last time I woke up without my feet and knees complaining. While I am a generally healthy person; very few colds or allergies, no high blood pressure, no high cholesterol, no asthma or other major health concerns, I realized my weight put me at risk for things like diabetes as well as the previously mentioned aches and pains.

While I am sure that somehow my death will eventually be on some list of statistics (mostly because I’m sure every death is recorded and used as a statistic, cause that is just the way the world works) I don’t want it to be a regular statistic. I want it to be the kind that makes newscasters think someone has hijacked their teleprompter.

…and in other news another tea cosy related death was reported today, that makes three this year world wide, up from one the year before. Clearly these sorts of deaths are on the rise, so be on the look out…did that just say…how does a tea cosy kill…Is Mike drinking again…we’re still on the air?… Um, right. Now over to Bob with weather, Bob how’s it looking out there today…

Personally, I’m not sure how a tea cosy kills either, nor do I have anything against them or suspect them of plotting my doom, but you get the idea. I’m not entirely sure that qualifies as a weight loss goal though, so I tamped down my inner lunatic and made some more reasonable sounding goals, or at least more reasonable than I want my death to be attributed to a tea cosy.

I am 5’4″ in height and somewhat delicate of bone, despite the rich marbling of fat on the meat surrounding said bones. According to my doctor, a healthy weight range for me is between 120-130 lbs. When I began this journey, I weighed 246 lbs. A number that nearly stopped my heart when I saw it as I had not been on a scale in years. So I staved off my imminent cardiac arrest with a plan.

While a healthy range is a good thing and provides some wiggle room, I needed one number to focus on, at least in the beginning. It is a place holder and not something I am obsessed with. Given the healthy range I was given, I decided that 123 was not an unreasonable goal. It would be on the low end of the healthy scale, but still in range and since I’m sure all of those reading can do simple math, you have realized it is exactly half of my starting weight.

An admirable goal, I thought, but how to accomplish it? That was the question. Unfortunately, I voiced the question out loud. When it comes to weight loss EVERYONE has an opinion. It doesn’t matter whether they need to lose weight, have lost weight or have never had a problem with weight in their life. It is a topic about which everyone still has an opinion. And every body is different. What works for one person may not work for everyone. I went with the simple, eat less/better and exercise more plan. On my plan nothing is forbidden as long as I can count the calories. Portion control is my big weakness and the thing I needed to master to whittle down my mass.

So plan in place I set the goal of 123 ( a total of 123 lbs lost) with 1-2 lbs lost per week. Even though this is my first weekly weight post, I have been keeping track of things and my last official weigh in was last Friday, May 31st. On that morning I hit the scales at 222.4. Today I am 220.4, exactly 2 lbs down so Woo Hoo! Weekly goal achieved!

Last Week: 222.4

This week: 220.4

Weekly loss: 2 lbs

Total loss: 25.6 of 123

To go: 97.4

So my review of this week is that I am right on track. Have a good weekend and I will check in with the Weekly Weight next Friday.

Weight loss Regime Survival Tip #1: Cheap Cotton T-shirts

When I first started to exercise, I decided to use the t-shirts I already had and was comfortable wearing. The problem with this plan is simple, sweat. No matter how good your deodorant, no matter how often you do laundry or how fabulous your detergent is, routine sweat will take its toll on cloth. Even if all of the sweat stains wash out, the act of washing them out will leave a mark. For me the neck line was especially bad and very quickly took my existing t-shirts from comfortably worn to worn out. Your shirts will begin to look worn out and raggety and you will very quickly not want to wear them anywhere except places you plan to sweat.

In addition, I find it helpful to have separate work out clothes that I don’t wear anywhere else. It helps me shift my mind set. Lets face it, I am not one of nature’s natural born gym rats. I don’t like to sweat and I don’t really enjoy working out. I realize it is necessary, but it is not my happy place. Having clothes I don’t have to look at unless I plan to torture myself with exercise makes me feel better.

When you run out to the store to buy a pack of the cheap cotton t-shirts I would also advise a pack of cheap cotton panties make their way into your cart. No one has to see them and you can keep them with your other gym clothes. They will go from the drawer to your butt to the gym and then to the laundry. This is their life cycle and trust me they do not need to look sexy. Which is a definite plus since they too will take a beating. The cloth will very rapidly look worn and the elastic will wear out…fast. At some point they will reach the stage where you realize that your mother would be mortified if the EMTs had to see them if you happened to get into a car wreck. When you reach the mother mortification stage, throw them away and get another cheap pack.

Save the good underwear for after the post workout shower.

What you’ll find here…

Thanks for joining me! What you will find here are my honest opinions of various subscription boxes, products and yes, even myself. I have a love of subscription boxes and thought, why not post my opinions of them and the products they contain. There will also be individual product reviews as well as we continue on.

In addition, I am in the process of losing weight. I hit the new year at 246 lbs and decided I didn’t like it. I also didn’t like the way my feet and knees ached when I got up in the morning and asked them simply to carry me from the bed to the bathroom. So my weight loss began.

This morning I clocked in at 220 lbs. While proud of myself for beginning this journey, I realized that I still have a long way to go and that it might be interesting to keep track of it and see what I learn about myself and the world as I go. I also thought that if I was reviewing products, I might as well review myself and the process of my weight loss as I go.

There will me no fad diets, although I might review various things that come my way now and again like cleansing shakes and weight loss teas. For the most part my diet plan consists of eating less and exercising more. I watch my calories, both in and out and have a goal of losing 1-2 lbs a week. Which makes this a very long trip indeed.

I will be posting a weekly weigh in, subscription box and product reviews, tips, and quite possibly a few recipes for the things I’m eating along the way. In short, it is the random collection of this thing called life. Hopefully you will find it enjoyable to follow along. Welcome.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton