A little Papaya for the Friday Face Mask

Good afternoon my darlings I hope your Friday is going well. Mine has been kind of busy, but I can’t complain as it has also been quite quiet. So I’m taking advantage of the quiet to catch up on a few things. As a consequence, today’s face mask is being taken at the desk.

Through a mix of subscription boxes I managed to get three separate sample tubes of the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel mask. I am not complaining. First off because I really like Elemis products and second because the mask was already in my on-line shopping cart when the first of them showed up. Once the other two appeared I figured I could get a good long test and then I would know for certain if this was a product i wanted to purchase.

yesterday’s spot treatment

Before I get into this mask I should point out that while my skin is mostly clear right now I had a bunch of clogged pores that I am 90% sure are due to the eye cream I was using. One of the best ways I know to clear them out is to use the Herbal Dynamics Beauty Chamomile and Cacao clearing mask on the affected areas to bring them to the surface and then the following day use and exfoliating product to help clear them away. So yesterday I used the clearing mask. It is pretty strong so I try not to use it too often. It’s kind of a once a month mask or a spot treatment mask for me.

Yesterday I spot treated and then today I am using the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel mask. The mask is a thin white cream that has a consistency almost like a gel cream moisturizer. It smooths on well and has a lightly frutal/floral scent that actually reminds me of freshly cut papayas. You know that initial scent when you first slice into them. It isn’t a strong scent and it smells very clean.

mask on

I applied the mask and let it sit while I answered some e-mails at my desk. This isn’t a mask that lends itself to the lying down and relaxing. It has a zingy tingling so it that feels oddly energizing. If you’ve got no one in your office with you, this is definitely a mask you can work with. I went with a thin layer because I was concerned about the peeling aspect. I didn’t know how strong it was likely to be. Last night I did a test patch and had no reactions to it, but with the tingling I knew it did something so I figured caution was in order.

According to the Elemis Website this peel is…

After fifteen

A non-abrasive cream exfoliator infused with natural fruit enzymes to gently smooth and clarify tired, lacklustre skin. This rinse-off exfoliator gently dissolves dead skin cells without abrasion. Infused with the natural enzymes from Papaya and Pineapple, the mild cream formula purifies and protects whilst leaving skin looking and feeling smooth, revitalised and radiant.

Now I know a lot of people have issues with fruit enzymes and if you are one of them then I would steer clear. Personally I do not have issues with them.My skin has never reacted poorly to a product I’ve used containing them. everyone’s skin is different though, so check the label if you know your skin has issues.

I applied the mask, set the timer for fifteen minutes and began typing. In the fifteen minutes a lot of the mask absorbed into my skin. There is clearly some left on, but much of it was absorbed. I washed it off and my skin did look brighter once I had. it could have just been the dulling cream look to it, but I’ve posted before and after pictures below. It isn’t a massive brightening, but I think it is noticeable, especially in person. My skin felt soft and there were no negative after effects. I think the woord peeling just makes me a little nervous. It brings mental images from horror movies to mind where massive strips start peeling from the body exposing muscle and bone.

I should probably watch fewer horror movies.

But i was pleased it was a gentle and not overly dramatic and traumatizing peel.

The fact that most of it seemed to absorb in made me feel better about the thin layer I applied. It seemed like the right amount to get the job done. I liked the way my skin looked and felt. The only issue I had was with my lips.

Okay, I know that sounds strange because as you can see in the photos, I did not apply the mask on my lips. However when I washed it off I’m guessing some got onto my lips and the residue left my lips feeling a little waxy. I used my Milk Makeup Kush Lip Scrub, partially because it was handy and partially because it is almost empty and if the mask affected the remaining product it wouldn’t be an issue. I just didn’t want to leave something called a peeling mask on my lips too long. the mask took it off easily with no damage to the Milk Makeup, although it did scrape off the top layer with my finger nail just to be sure.

I really like this mask, but I think what I might do before the next application is to apply a lip mask first so that my lips are covered and it won’t be an issue. The only reason it makes me potentially nervous is that it is a peeling formula and my lips tend to dry and chap easily. I think peeling masks, like any exfoliator really, should be used sparingly so I will be using this mask as on occasional thing every couple of weeks to see how it performs. With three travel sized tubes I am set for quite a while on this mask. At the end of my supply I will definitely know if i want to purchase the full size, but for now, it looks very good.

Incidentally Elemis is having a customer appreciation sale going on right now. If you are looking to stock up on some of their products, now is a good time to look into it. I’ll post the link below.

To thank you for staying with us through a tough year, enjoy 25% off sitewide plus 30% off select daily items* Use Code: THANKYOU

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Rehydrating with the Vichy Mineral Masque

Good afternoon my darlings and I hope your Friday is going fabulously. The word of the day is hydration. In fact it was really the word of the week.

As I had some break outs to clear away, I started using the Acne Control Cleanser from Murad. While it did a magnificent job clearing everything away, once the bulk of my blemishes were dried out and gone, I didn’t stop using it. I just reached for it automatically because it was on the edge of my sink.

I know, bad Mimsy.

As a result I ended up with some very dry patches which were exacerbated by the cold wind that seems to be lowling through my area. So this week became all about hydration. While I switched up a lot of my products this week, one of my best friends has been the Vichy Laboratories Masque Mineral.

20% off on orders $50+. Use Code: NEWYEAR21. Valid: 1/21-1/25.

I know this isn’t the first time I’ve talked about it and it won’t be the last. It is the mask I turn to when my skin just needs a really good hit of moisture. I use it in the summer when I’ve had too much sun, even though it is to moisturizing for everyday use then. The winter is it’s time to shine. Quite frankly I have lost track of how many jars of this I have gone through. It is the sort of mask you can put on and leave on overnight if you have to and I have been known to apply it to knees and elbows and let it sit until I shower it off. It is really good on dry skin and I have never had a problem with any sort of irritation from it.

It looks like blue tinted jelly and when you scoop it out of the jar it melts to liquid with the heat of your palm. It actually reminds me a lot of the Illamasqua primer I used this week. The scent of this mask is light and unsurprisingly slightly minerally. It actually reminds me of bottled mineral water. It is light and fresh as well as refreshing. While I have used it throughout the week, I will be using it again today for my Friday Face Mask.

I love the fact that it takes so little to cover the entire face. You can apply a thin coat and just let it absorb in and leave it for the afternoon or you can apply a thicker coat and just use it as a mask. Today i am going the mask route.

I applied it in the bathroom and set my timer for fifteen minutes before flopping out on the bed with my i-pod. Today, I went with a podcast. I’m going with Dressed: A History of Fashion by Cassidy Zachary and April Calahan. It is very entertaining and I am quite enjoying it. They are either starting their third year or they just finished their third year of podcasts. I only cam across them a few months ago so I am catching up. They have about two hundred podcasts in their library. Today I went back to the earliest ones and pulled up a podcast dealing with the House of Worth.

with the mask on, my face just looks wet It’s kind of a nice break from the pseudo bank robber look I usually get with masks.

It is however an hour long so I unfortunately only managed a short bit before I had to turn it off and go to wash my face. I’ll be finishing it up later. That is the one downfall. I tend to only listen to podcasts in short bursts so the longer ones I have to break up into segments.

But at least I can look forward to the rest.

When I went to wash my face it looked more or less like it did when I first applied the mask. Most of the mask soaked in but my skin still looked wet and felt slightly tacky to the touch. The remains of the mask washed off quickly with warm water and I patted my skin dry. After using this mask all week, my skin is now plumped and all of the dry spots are a distant memory.

The lesson remains though. Don’t over do it on the acne fighting cleanser. Sometimes less is more. At least with something that drying. I will say it took excellent care of my break outs though. And with the aide of Vichy Laboratories, no permanent harm was done. Once again my decision to always keep a jar of the Vichy Masque Mineral in my cabinet paid off. I love when that happens.

Vichy USA- ACD

Cool Down and Drop Kick with the Face Mask Friday

Good afternoon my darlings and welcome to the Friday face mask.  Today was a sheet mask kind of day.  I love masks but somedays are not meant for the wash off kind of masks.  This was one of those days.  This was a sheet mask day.  In fact it was a Cool Down Drop Kick kind of masking day. 

That’s right is was time to try the Haruharu mask that came in one of my Facetory Boxes.  For those who don’t know, Facetory is a sheet mask subscription.  I absolutely love it because it lets me try all sorts of different sheet masks so I can build a list of those I want to re order.  It also lets me reorder the ones I like. Sheet masks can pile up though, especially if you have any subscription boxes and Face Tory is super easy to pause. If you are drowning in masks you just press a button and skip the month.  They have different numbers of subscriptions.  I use the Four pack masking subscription as that is the right amount for me. 

Four-ever Fresh Subscription!

They also have other skin care products and non-sheet masks and you don’t actually have to be a member of the subscription service to order from them.  Even if you don’t sign up for a subscription, I highly recommend signing up for their free newsletter.  They’ll send you e-mails about deals that way. And every Monday they have a selection of masks reduced to a $1. The newsletter lets you know which ones.  Some of my favorites have made the rotation list into the $1 Monday lists so I think it is well worth checking out.

The only issue I have with some of the masks is that most of the information is in Korean.  I do not happen to be able to read Korean so sometimes I have to sort of guess as to what the mask is for.  This one actually says soothing and Maqui berry in English.  Hich would provide me with more information if I knew what a maqui berry was.

According to Healthline: Maqui berry (Aristotelia chilensis) is an exotic, dark-purple fruit that grows wild in South America. It’s mainly harvested by the native Mapuche Indians of Chile, who have used the leaves, stems and berries medicinally for thousands of years 

When I took the mask out, it smells somewhat grape like. Beyond that the only other English on the package is Cool Down Drop Kick.

I will say the mask, right out of the package is quite juicy with serum.  On the face it feels instantly cooling.  The extra serum means that the mask sticks well to the face.  Even though it felt oversaturated, no serum ran down my face once it was on.  I did have to wipe off my hands, but the mask didn’t drip.

So mask in place I lay down closed my eyes and listened to my ipod. Today was actually a Beethoven kind of day.  I know, surprise. But that was what appealed when I scrolled through my play lists. So I relaxed and I listened.

As I lay down, he mask almost felt like it was getting colder and colder.  It was kind of fun, in an odd sort of way.  After fifteen minutes I turned Beethoven off and returned to the bathroom. There was no noticeable drying of the mask.  It appeared just as soaked as when I applied it.  Once removed there was a lot of serum on my skin. I rubbed as much of it as I could into the skin but had to wipe some off in the end.  Once my skin was patted dry, I have to say I really liked it.  I felt super refreshed as though my skin just pounded back an energy drink.  It was kind of nice actually.  The skin felt soft and clean, but it was mostly the feeling of suddenly being wide awake that this mask provided.  That is I think this masks strong suit. I didn’t feel terrible soothed, but I did feel invigorated.  I feel ready to tackle the rest of my day.  And so that is where I will be going now.  Later I’ll return for the Friday Night Happy Hour post, but for now, I am going to finish out my workweek feeling energized and revived.  I also think that this mask is going to go on my list of masks to reorder. I don’t think it is one I would use often, but I can definitely see the perks of keeping it around for occasional use.

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Those who sign up for the welcome box receive the same member benefits that seasonal members enjoy (you can find them listed on the website) and the box will roll into the normal seasonal subscription in Spring of 2021. I haven’t heard any spoilers from the Spring box but their past boxes look really amazing, so I’m sure the Spring one will be as well. The Welcome Boxes go on sale to day and I expect they will run out quickly.

Tool Talk: Cosmedix Skincare Brushes

This summer, I entered the world of masking brushes.  Prior to this I simply used my fingers and thought ‘why would I bother using a masking brush?’

Then I ordered a super cheap one (less than $1) and tried it, just to see why so many people seemed to use them.

my less than a dollar masking brush

Wow, what a difference it made. 

I won’t lie and say I always use the brushes, because I don’t.  I also won’t say you HAVE to have the brushes. Because you don’t.  I also won’t tell you that you need expensive brushes, because you really don’t. But if you are interested in adding brushes to your masking routine, and maybe being a little extra, this might help you out.

First off, there are two main benefits to using the silicone masking brushes.

The first benefit I noticed is that I tend to use less product when I use the masking brushes than when I don’t. While there may be some seasonal swelling or water retention now and again, neither dramatically changes the surface area of my face in a massive way.  Yet when I use the silicone brushes, I use less product than when I don’t.

Part of that is because of benefit number two.

And that is less mess.  When applying masks with fingers, it naturally gets all over the fingers you are using to apply it to your face.  It can also get on the sink and the faucet taps, but mostly on your fingers. The silicon brush has less of a surface area than my fingers.  Even though I use a spoon or spatula to get masks out of the jar and start applying using one finger, I usually end up with three fingers covered in mask which I then have to wash off.  The silicone doesn’t absorb any of the mask so little is left on the masking brush.  In addition, it is easy to rinse off and in the case of peel off masks, you just let it dry, then peel the mask off.  Then of course you wash it, but that is super easy with the mask gone.

Easy Peasy.

Now the less than a $1 masking brush I picked up does the job no problem.  I am quite happy using it. However I recently received a Cosmedix Brush set in a Boxy Charm.  The set is composed of two brushes.

According to the Cosmedix website, the Cosmedix Skincare Brush Set…

Take cleansing to the next level with this embossed brush designed for gentle exfoliation and effective deep pore cleansing. Plus, bring the spa experience home with a dual-sided silicone spatula that effortlessly and evenly distributes product across your face. Use it to apply cream, exfoliator, serum, or masks with ultimate precision and no mess.

The set retails for $25. While you can clearly get brushes for less money, I would say this is not an unreasonable price. There are two brushes so you are paying $14.50 per brush.

Let’s look at the silicone brush first.  The handle is tapered and easy to hold.  The brush head itself is flat, with an angle and has one smooth side and one textured side.

The angle of the brush is really nice.  One of the ways my cheap brush falls down is that the shape of the head is triangular so the points are really hard to get into the crevices around the nose so I end up using my fingers to smooth things over, which sort of defeats the purpose of using the brush.

Not only is the Cosmedics brush angled but the corners are rounded which makes applying masks really easy no matter where on the face you are. The flat side of the brush is perfect for clay based masks.  I have been using it this week for my Herbal Dynamics Cacao and Chamomile Clearing Detox Mask and it has been fantastic.  I can run the brush over the top of the mask in the jar to pick up product and put it on my face with very little waste.

The textured side is not good for clay based masks but I find it is excellent for gel based ones.  Recently I used both the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber mask and the Kiehl’s Calendula Petal infused Gel mask.  While both of these masks could be applied with either side of the Cosmedix silicone brush, The textured side does have a purpose.  Just before those masks are removed, it is recommended that you massage the mask in a little before rinsing.  The textured side of the brush is perfect for this. Just remember to rinse thoroughly, possibly even soaking the brush a bit especially if it is an exfoliating mask with particles, so that you can be sure to get all of the particles out.

The second brush, I’ll admit, I found a little confusing at first.  I tried it a number of ways, but none of them seemed to be a benefit to my skin care routine. This second brush is not silicone, but an actual fiber brush with densely backed bristles.  The head of the brush is not flat but textured with a circle of round nubbins. The issue I had with it, was that it is very absorbent.  If you dip it into a mask or serum, or even a cleanser, it will soak up the product like a sponge, using far more than you actually need to use in one sitting.

However it is useful.  The first use I found for it was to loosen dried clay masks.  Wet the brush, but remember it will soak up a lot of water so when you first press it to your face be prepared for a release of water unless you squeeze the brush out first, and even then be prepared. It does an admiral job of loosening clay masks without harshly scraping the skin. The texture from the nubbins really helps in its effectiveness.

The second use is for massaging serums into the skin. Do not dip the brush into the serum or you will very quickly lose your serum as it is sucked in.  Apply the serum to the skin and then lightly massage it in with the brush.  The serum stays on your skin and the brush just helps it absorb.

brush with Erno Laszlo Black soap cleansing bar

I have also found that it is very useful if you are using a bar cleanser. While the brush will absorb liquid cleansers just like any other liquid.  If you have a bar cleanser like the Erno Laszlo Black soap (which I personally really like) you can wet the brush (which absorbs a lot of water) rub the water loaded brush on the cleansing bar and then apply it to the face.

Shop the iconic Laszlo-original cleansing bar!

Not only does it work really well, but it helps contain the mess that the Erno Laszlo Black soap can create with drips (although really, the cleansing bar is worth the drips).  If it stays on the dish or other container where you keep your soap then it can’t drip all over your sink.  It also helps keep the bar longer as bar cleansers (or any bar soap really) starts to disintegrate when it is wet.  The secret to keeping a bar of soap (or cleanser) for longer is to make sure it stays dry when you aren’t using it.  Because the brush localizes the water, the bulk of the cleansing bar stays dry. So it lasts longer.

All in all once I figured out the best way to use the second brush in the set, I enjoyed using the brushes and incorporating them into my skincare routines.  They are lightweight, but sturdy.  Not only do they look good but they perform well.

The brushes may not be absolutely necessary to any routine.  There are many other ways to apply product, but they do have benefits. If you are looking to add brushes to your skin care routine, this may be a set you might want to look into.  I am quite pleased to be able to use them. I believe my less than a $1 silicone brush will still be used when I do peel off masks as I don’t want to deal with the textured side of the Cosmedix silicone masking brush, but otherwise I will be using these brushes for quite a while.


Kiehl’s Calendula Petal Infused Calming mask

Welcome my darlings to Face mask, er, Wednesday. Yeah, Wednesday.  Again because of the holiday some of my scheduling has been a little off.  But no matter, today I masked!

Actually, I used this mask Saturday, Monday and today so that I could get a full week in with this mask.  Wile after the New Year’s holiday I will be doing a week of the Herbal Dynamics Beauty Cacao and Chamomile Clearing Clay Mask, detoxifying masks have a tendency to bring things to the surface (which is part of their job, to be fair).  And I know it is vain of me, but I will be doing a lot of friends and family video calls for New Years and I figured I would put off any potential detoxifying break outs off until after I did the video calls.

So this week I went with the Kiehl’s Calendula Petal Infused Calming mask. This mask came to me via the Macy’s beauty Bag and when you open the little glass jar the mask looks a bit like whipped honey. And since you know me, you know, I had to sniff it.

The scent is an odd cross between something vaguely medicinal and my grandmother’s dried flower arrangements. I know that sounds really strange, but after smelling it, and actually while I was wearing the mask, I looked up Calendula flowers and I believe she used them in her dry flower arrangements. However before we get further into my interpretations of the mask, let’s look at what Kiehls has to say about the mask…

This lightweight gel face mask refreshes and hydrates dry skin for a healthy-looking appearance. Experience a cool burst of hydration with our soothing face mask. Infused with Calendula and Aloe Vera, this hydrating mask leaves skin soft, smooth and refreshed.

Hydrates and soothes skin with moisture and helps reduce signs of distress; Bursts into a refreshing surge of cooling hydration upon application; Revitalizes skin over time for a healthy-looking complexion; For all skin types.

Mask On!

So on to my clean dry face the mask went.  The whipped honey look fades as it is applied and like many gel masks it leaves the face just looking a little wet rather than looking like you have a full face mask on. There are little bits in the gel which surprised me, until I realized they were small flower petals, Calendula flower petals to be exact and I realized that Calendula petal infused meant that there were petals in the mask.  I thought it would be like tea, you put them in when making the mask and then strain them out. 

Apparently not.

I didn’t mind the petals.  There weren’t that many of them and they are small so it wasn’t a concern. They are the darker spots on my face as I am wearing the mask.  See, really not that noticeable.  It was just the solid bits in the gel that threw me.  I got over it.

I’d like to say that I lit my candles and lay back for the fifteen minutes of quiet, but this week that would be a lie.  My Baby doll is on vacation this week and any attempt at zoning out was met with questions.

Why are you laying down, do you feel okay?

Why is your face so greasy?

What are you listening to?

Why is that timer running?

Are you done working for the day and can I use your computer?

Yeah, I love him but sometimes he can be like a sugar amped three year old, especially if he sees something unexpected.  Then he has to question it to death. While sometimes endearing, it is not conducive to quiet masking moments. So this week’s masks were taken at my desk, as when I’m in my office, I am clearly working and to be left alone. So, I worked while masking.

Not exactly a fifteen minute break, but my skin enjoyed it.  Actually, my skin enjoyed it a lot.

before I applied the mask on the left and after I removed the mask on the right (the tap water was really cold so the redness is more from the really cold water than anything else, it faded once I warmed up a bit.

When I rinsed my mask off and patted my skin dry, my face felt healthy. It felt clean and refreshed, even without my attempts at zen.  My skin looked refreshed. I didn’t have any real damage to the skin that needed repair, but my skin felt very nice after using this mask.  After three uses my small jar is all but used up.  I think I have one more use left in the jar.  After that it will be gone.  This Calendula petal infused face mask however will be going on my to be repurchased list. 

And as an exciting aside, I have a jar of moisturizer from this same Kiehl’s line (the Calendula infused one) having used this mask, it makes me more excited to try it.  I am currently finishing up a moisturizer, but I think I may rotate the Kiehls into the line up after so I can test it out and compare it to the mask. Clearly they are different products with different uses, but I think it will be interesting to see if there are any crossovers or if one is better than the other. Perhaps I will like them both, who knows.  I do know that this mask is going on my repurchase list.

Herbal Dynamics Beauty

The Friday Face Mask with Rodial

Welcome once again my darlings to Face Mask Friday.  Today was an interesting masking experience.  First, if you see the white turban like structure on my head it is because I decided to wash my hair before applying the mask and to add the ESPA 20 minute scalp mask on to it. I figured letting the mask sit in my hair while I sat with a face mask was a good idea.

From my collection of sheet masks I pulled the Rodial vit c energizing Brighten and Renew face mask. I know it came in one of my subscription boxes.  I think it was a Glossy Box, but I’m not 100% on that. I know they currently have a limited edition Rodial box for sale (but it focuses on the Dragon’s blood line). Either way, it was the sheet mask I decided to try today. 

Usually sheet masks fall into two categories for me.  Category 1: Nice to use but not something I would go out and pick up multiples of and Category 2: Nice and must keep multiples of on hand.

This mask was something different.

We’ll start with the positives.  The serum in the mask was fantastic.  I really liked the way it felt on my skin.  My skin absorbed it well and felt fabulously energized just as the mask descriptor would lead me to believe.  I really liked the serum of this mask. And actually when I went to look this mask up, I found that Rodial sells this mask in a jar as a gel mask. I bet that is fantastic because the product in the mask was fantastic.

You know what I didn’t like? The actual mask the serum was on.

Thick mask material

I’ve had masks where part of the mask wouldn’t stick down onto my face because of sizing issues.  This was something else.  I think the difficulty was that the paper of the mask was so thick that it didn’t want to conform to my face.  It was folded into a square in the package and saw absolutely no reason why it should not retain its crease lines regardless of the contours of my face. 

That picture of me with the mask on is actually the best I could get it to conform to my face. And while I don’t need to have an exactly perfect fit on my mask, I do need it to lay against my skin, if only so that my skin could absorb the wonderful serum.

But the paper of the mask was too thick.  I lay down to wear the mask and kept having to reach up and try and press the mask back down onto my face.  I could actually feel it lifting. It was a distinctly unrelaxing masking experience.  There was no floating off into a moment of zen, there was not even a sing along to my music.  I didn’t actually put on my music as I was so fixated on the mask and what it was doing.

Would I wear this mask again?  No, most definitely not. However I will look up Rodial and see if they sell the serum for this mask as it is a serum I really would like to use for longer periods.  The sections of my skin that got the serum loved it.  And when I went to the bathroom to remove the mask, I squeezed out any remaining serum and smoothed it over the rest of my face to ensure that my whole face received the serum-y goodness. 

Then I let it sit for another five minutes before rinsing the mask out of my hair out so that my skin had time to absorb the serum and that it didn’t go down the drain with the hair mask. Incidentally the ESPA Scalp mask performed excellently this way.

I will not purchase this mask, but as the serum in the mask was excellent and Rodial does sell a jarred gel mask with the exact same name, I would consider purchasing that. I know there is such a thing as a qualified success.  I think I found it’s opposite, the qualified failure. And now face soothed, and hair gloriously treated, it is back to work for me for the rest of the afternoon. I hope everyone out there has a fantastic weekend.

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Time for a little golden self care – rose gold that is…

welcome once again to the Friday face mask. Now I know what you are thinking, and yes, I’ve reviewed this mask before. But this time I did something interesting. One of my Boxy Charm boxes had a five pack of the 111Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Masks. So I thought, huh, I wasn’t sold on the mask the first time, but most skin care requires repeat uses for results. I give other skin care products time to prove themselves, why not masks?

Why not use it multiple times to see if I really like it?

So since I usually do masks Monday and Wednesday evenings as well as Friday afternoon, this week I decided to use three of my five masks. That’s right I went all in to try out the mask. So what should I expect?

Originally created as limited-edition item, this mask has grown into a global cult product and a staple in the 111SKIN collection. Containing 24k Gold and Damask Rose, this mask works both to illuminate and calm the skin for a party-ready glow. Used by supermodels, celebrities and influencers – this is a must-have in any skincare arsenal.

Apply the mask to dry, clean skin. Wear for 20 minutes. Use up to three times per week, and for longer durations when extra hydration is needed. 

So I washed my face. Then, I took the mask out of the pouch and unfolded it. I placed it on my face, which did require a bit of negotiation as it was very slick and tended to slide. As you can see from the photos, it didn’t adhere well to certain parts of my face. I think it wanted a face that was bigger than mine and was grumpy about my average sized head.

The strange look is me trying feeling it slide lower around my mouth and not wanting to taste the serum

I could tell right away it wasn’t going to stay so I hustled over to my bed, grabbed my ipod and lay down. The Pogues provided today’s relaxation soundtrack in case you were wondering.

And I kind of needed something relaxing. Today two of my subscription boxes came in. I was thrilled. Since I figured it would take at least a week before any arrived I was very pleased. I opened them and discovered each of them was missing an item. Seriously, not just one item missing from one box, but both boxes each missing an item. I contacted both boxes and in both cases customer service was ready to leap into action, on that front I have no complaints. everyone was fantastic.

It was just disapointing.

And took a little extra time I had planned to do something else.

But losing time seems to be the general theme of the day. I lost time this morning when my happy dance was derailed by the police arriving for my neighbor and then my walk took twice as long as everyone had to stop me and ask if I knew what was going on because I am one of the closest neighbors. You’d think by now that they’d realize I never know what’s going on. I am the last link on the gossip chain. i’ve even heard gossip about myself that I didn’t know.

It wasn’t true though. Alas, I am not in charge of programing at any television network. I’m pretty sure no one wants me deciding what is on television. I have a couple of scripts I wrote, but that is as close to ‘programing’ as I get.

After 20 minutes, head is tilted to help control sliding

Incidentally, the deal with my neighbor is that he was arrested a few months back but due to the pandemic he was sent home under house arrest. Apparently there was a hearing or something last week and he declined to show up so someone was sent to help him with his carpool needs. I have no idea what the details are, but I’m sure one of my neighbors will come up with details at some point.

But I let it all go as I relaxed. Then after twenty minutes I stood up and had to hustle to the bathroom. The mask, which wasn’t dripping with serum when I applied it, had dried significantly and was losing it’s will to stay on my face.

As I said I have been using these masks all week and this is the third application. This loss of cohesion seems to be a common theme. The foil packet remains smeared with serum but the mask holds only enough for use. Any extra serum has to be scavenged from the packet. Its as though the mask material rejects the serum. which is a shame, the serum itself is nice. I would not mind having it in a bottle to apply with a dropper. The mask material though does not seem to be as big a fan.

At the end of the week I am left with the same thoughts I had when I first tried the mask. It is nice, I’d use it again if it came my way, but it’s not worth the price. It didn’t stick to my face. I had no choice but to lay down so it wouldn’t slide off and quite frankly I’ve had $3 masks that are as good, if not better in terms of results. 111skin has several really nice products that very much are worth their hefty price tag. This just isn’t one of them.

Vichy Quenching Masque Mineral for Face Mask Friday

Good Afternoon everyone, I hope you are having a great Friday. For me this morning was filled with a whole bunch of little tasks so part of me feels like I didn’t accomplish anything as I flit from one thing to another. At least I feel that way until I look at my to do list and realize how much I’ve actually managed to check off the list.

Once I saw that I was quite pleased with myself.

Ah perception, it’s a wonderful thing.

Today’s face mask is one I have tried before and couldn’t help but pick up again. It is one of my favorite post sun masks, although it is also really good in the deep winter when my skin feels parched from the central heat. The mask I used today was the Vichy Quenching Mineral Mask. It is a little different from my usual face masks.

First off because of the tinted jelly like formula in the clear glass, taking a picture of the mask in the jar is always fun. It either reflects the light or shows what is behind the jar. There is a light blue tint to the mask that makes it look a little like water. Which as all Vichy products are known for their inclusion of thermal waters it is kind of appropriate.

According to the Vichy Website…

Vichy’s first mineral mask enriched with 10% Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water and soothing Vitamin B3 to act as a hydration boost for dry and uncomfortable skin.

Formulated with 10% Vichy Mineralizing Water to help strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier function and protect against aggressors. To nourish and pamper dehydrated skin, Vichy’s Quenching Mineral Mask is a light, fresh and thirst-quenching formula to immediately hydrate and soothe skin. After 4 weeks of use, skin feels revitalized and rebalanced. Paraben-Free.

No mask on

What is interesting is that you don’t really wash this mask off. You apply a thin layer over the face and let it sit for five minutes. During the five minutes you sort of tap all over your skin and then rub the rest of the product into your skin. Then you are done. If using this as a face mask, remember to use a tiny amount as it goes a long way. As you can see from the photos, the mask just makes your skin look wet, so no bank robber look for me today.

There is no tingling, but the mask does feel cool and refreshing. It is one I highly recommend after a day in the sun. While I used it today because yesterday I spent quite a lot of time outside and felt the need for something soothing and quenching, my favorite way to use this is in the winter time.

Mask on (it just looks wet, that’s it)

What I like to do is right after dinner, remove my makeup and ash my face so my skin is clean. Then apply a thin layer of this mask and let it soak in while I watch television or do whatever in the house that evening. I like to give it a good couple of hours and then just before bed I do my normal nightly ritual. I find this really combats the winter dry skin. I keep it around in the summertime for post sun dryness and in the winter to combat the effects of central heating.

Either way, I like having this mask around. It is a great, simple way to add a quick burst of moisture to your skin. I’ve never had a problem with breakouts or clogged pores from it so I have no problem using it when I am breaking out. It smells clean and fresh and is designed for sensitive skin. I tend to occasionally burn across the bridge of my nose and I’ve applied it over the burn before. It soothes and helps prevent peeling. I know that isn’t what it’s intended to do, but it is a useful trick to the mask if you happen to have it around.

While I chose this mask because of too much sun yesterday, I also chose it because it is quick to use. It is a five minute application and there isn’t a lot of rinsing afterwards. It is perfect on a busy day when you are working from home. which actually describes my day today perfectly. I may not have to see anyone today, but I have a few items I want to clear off my check list before I end the week and start my weekend. So now that my skin is refreshed, I am going to bid you Adieu for now and get back to work. I hope you finish out your week accomplishing all you set out to do and have a great weekend.

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Vichy USA- ACD

Peeling it off with the Hawaiian Black Salt mask from Freeman

Today I used the Hawaiian Black Salt Peel off mask (deep Cleansing) from Freeman.  This mask came to me via the July Glossy Box and the little pouch claims to have 3-4 uses in it.  So first the official details about the mask. I know that a pack this size can be picked up at Target for $2.99 while a full sized tube is $4.29 at Ulta. (for some reason I couldn’t find a listing for the full size at Target).

According to the Ulta product page…

Boost your skincare routine with this detoxifying peel-off mask. Freeman’s Hawaiian Black Salt Peel-Off Mask helps to gently exfoliate and rejuvenate skin for a luminous complexion. Perfect for all skin types.

It’s a simple description.  I will say it is more of a description than target had.

Freemans masks I am however quite familiar with.  I used to have quite a collection of their tubes in my mask drawer.  It has been a while since I purchased them however.I think they mostly fell out of my purchasing lists because target moved the shelf where they were placed so it is no longer in my direct line of sight.  Anf to be honest that’s how I generally think of Freeman masks.  They are masks I pick up if I see them but don’t really go out of my way to look for. 

But like I said, its been a while since I’ve used them.

So what was this like?

Yeah there is no way to make this look work, I’m resigned to the bank robber motif for friday afternoons

First off I would say that if you are sensitive to scents, this mask (and all the other masks I’ve tried from them) might not be for you.  It does have a strong scent.  I’m not exactly certain what the scent is in this case. Maybe charcoal?  I don’t know, I can’t really identify it.  It doesn’t smell overly chemically, but it is strongly scented.

I applied a thin layer and let it dry as I would any peel off mask.  I will say there is definitely enough product left in the packet for at least two more uses so to 3-4 uses on the label is something I would say is accurate.

And so we let the mask dry. I used the headphones again today instead of the candles and silence.  The Offspring provided my mask relaxation music, in case you are curious.  Not personally of course. There was no band visitation, just the i-pod. It probably indicates a personal flaw but the song Beheaded always makes me happy.

Moving on.

The mask dried well and didn’t take too long.  As with all peel off masks, the thinner the layer you apply the quicker it dries.  I will say it is not a solid sheet of black tar when I apply it.  There are a lot of thinner bits.  There is some pulling with the peel off and any peach fuzz is going to pull and hurt, but as far as peel off mask go, this wasn’t as painful as some I’ve used.  When I tried the Hey Honey Take Away the Drama Mask I actually contemplated leaving it on my face and telling people I had a copper based skin disorder.

My skin once I did peel it off was amazing though.

Maybe the pain is a tradeoff.  This didn’t hurt as much, but it also didn’t do as much.  My skin felt fine after I removed it.  I rinsed my face because it felt like there were small particles left behind.  Some of the under the surface clogged pores look like they are closer to coming to the surface but are not quite there so that is something.  Over all this is an okay mask.  It falls into the category of I’ll use it, and possibly when on a Target run in the future I might toss it in the basket if it catches my eye, but I won’t seek it out.

Which sort of puts it in the realm of all other Freeman masks.  It might be fun for a Saturday Spa day with the nieces, but it isn’t something I would turn to for serious skin care.

But I did enjoy the fifteen minutes of non-work relaxation on my Friday afternoon, and with luck the clogged pores along my face mask line will finally come to the surface this weekend so they can be dealt with. Since I’m only going as far as my backyard this weekend, my face gets a break from the mask and so I will be encouraging anything pore clearing before Monday. I hope whatever you have planned for the weekend is fun and fabulous as well.(or pore cleansing if you are in the same boat I am in.)

The Friday Face Mask with Generation Clay in Purple

Friday Face Mask: Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask

Hello my darlings and welcome once again to the Friday Face mask.  Today I decided to go with the Generation Clay Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay mask.  This is one of those masks that I’ve had several times before, but only in the small trial sized tubes.  They come up frequently in IPSY sales (usually sold for $3 on their own or paired with something else).  When I see it, I tend to snap it up to keep on hand. I really need to get around to picking up a full sized version as I really do like it.  It is on my list of masks to pick up as soon as I whittle down my stash. I’ve had several Generation Clay masks before (the pink clay one was one of my first reviews I believe.) All of their products are good, at least the ones I’ve tried. (and no this is not sponsored)

Mask on

In the summertime, I really like clay masks in general.  I think it is partially because of the cooling effect of the clay.  This one especially feels cool and refreshing on the skin.  And let me tell you, today needs a little cool and refreshing.  Although I’m pretty sure cooling down in the heat isn’t quite why the mask was designed. According to the website…

Perfectly on point in a shade of Pantone’s Colour of the Year’s Ultra Violet, our Generation ClayTM Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask is packed with locally sourced superfruit, Davidson plum. A gentle, natural version of skin-exfoliating alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), the hardworking beauty hero rejuvenates dull, tired skin while lightening dark circles and pigmentation.

INGREDIENTS LIST:Aqua (Water), Kaolin, Bentonite, Glycerin, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, Arrowroot (Tapioca Flour), Vaccinium Myrtillus (Bilberry) Extract, Maltodextrin, Davidsonia Jerseyanan (Davidson Plum) Fruit Extract, Hibiscus Sabdariffa (Hibiscus) Flower Extract, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract, Citrus Glauca (Desert Lime) Fruit Extract, Citrus Sinensis (Sweet Orange) Oil, Citrus Reticulata (Mandarin) Essential Oil, Cedrus Atlantica (Cedarwood) Bark Oil, Pogostemon Cablin (Patchouli) Oil, Cananga Odorata (Ylang Ylang) Oil, Viola Odorata (Violet Leaf) Absolute, Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E), Helianthus Annus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Benzyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Lactic Acid, Silica, CI 77491, CI 77007., Limonene.


The mask goes on purple (and easily using my favorite low cost tool; the silicone mask brush) It dries to a lighter purple as it dries down.  With clay masks one of the hardest parts is getting them to rinse off.  While this does dry down to a crispy shell, what I tend to do is use a face brush to loosen it.  The face brush is way too harsh to use on my skin normally, but when I wet it down, I can lightly run it over the surface of the clay mask putting moisture back into the mask and allowing it to be rinsed off easily.  I don’t use a lot of pressure and stop brushing before I reach the skin. 

A friend of mine is a dermatologist and I have heard many a rant about the harsh bristles.  I think the brush came in a holiday gift basket one year so I didn’t go out and purchase it separately but I see them in the Dollar Tree periodically.  It is a handy little tool to have around, just not for actually washing my face.

Once dried down, re moistened and rinsed off, I gently pat my skin dry.  While I like using this mask, I don’t recommend using it before going out.  What I’ve noticed is that in addition to brightening the skin (which it does really well) this mask tends to bring blemishes to the surface of the skin. 

half scrubbed off

When I have clogged pores or pimples that are just under the surface of my skin and won’t actually rise so I can let it heal and send it on its way, this mask tends to bring them to the surface.  Maybe it is the drying effect of the clay, maybe it is the AHA exfoliate.  I don’t know, but I know that for me it works. Sometimes I will use the mask as a spot treatment, just masking over places I want blemishes to rise to the surface. For me that is often in the curve of my lower orbital bone so I end up looking like a bizarre imitation football player who couldn’t find the jar of whatever black stripes they put under their eyes. Sometimes I add the chin in for a strange purple clay goatee look. Generally I do this when I am in the house alone though as some things don’t need the mockery of others.

So, even though my skin does look brighter afterwards, it isn’t a mask I wear when I’m going out.  Luckily my baby and I have a Friday night in planned. My order from Napa Cabs came in (I haven’t signed up for their subscription service – 2 bottles per month starting at $50, but we do like to order from them occasionally. To be honest as they have a better wine selection than many of the places near us, I’ve been considering the subscription. For now we just place an order every few months) and my baby requested a meat and potatoes meal tonight.  Literally, actually. 

We are grilling a steak (it is enormous so we will only make the one and split it between us – it was the only beef in the store when we went shopping) and I am roasting potatoes with a little sprinkle of salt and hot curry powder. We’ll also have a side salad to go with it.  I’ll just have to decide which bottle from the order goes best with curry coated potatoes and steak.  Luckily, it’s mostly a box of mixed reds as we tend to lean towards red, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find something suitable. I just can’t remember what we ordered this time around. I tend to order and then forget so it’s always a surprise.

Then after dinner we have a creature feature movie night planned.  I know that The Thing has already been taken out and is ready to go into the DVD player. I heard my baby giggle as he selected it. I lean towards Vincent Price, but he loves his monster flicks. Where we go from there is anyone’s guess.  I suspect it will be The Tingler as it suits both of us and we haven’t watched it in a while.  Admittedly, we don’t have the fun, gimmicky seats, but I’m sure we’ll make do. 

For now it is back to work for me.  Only a little more to go and this new book I’m working out will be complete. Final edits are never my favorite, but at least they are almost done. I hope you have a great rest of the day, with whatever you plan to do and have a fantastic weekend planned.