This week’s Foundation Trial: Pur 4-in-1 Love Your Selfie

Pur 4-in-1 Love Your Selfie Foundation and Concealer

This week in my makeup bag I used the Pur 4-in-1 Love your Selfie Longwear Foundation and Concealer as my foundation. Well, I tried. It would be more accurate to say I struggled with it and then finally conceded defeat and pulled a different foundation from my dressing table. And yes that is my Make up Eraser underneath. I had one day where I was determined to try this foundation and make it work no matter what so I put on and removed product multiple times. This was a key element to my plan.

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But we’ll get to that in a minute.

First, what is the Pur 4-in-1 Love Your Selfie Longwear Foundation and Concealer?

Well according to the website…

I had high hopes as it seemed a good shade

Redefine complexion perfection with PÜR’s groundbreaking, longwear foundation & concealer, 4-in-1 Love Your Selfie Longwear Foundation & Concealer. Formulated to instantly mask blemishes and imperfections, leaving behind a natural, skin-like finish.

This multipurpose complexion miracle serves as both a foundation and concealer with a unique, dual-applicator component for quick and easy application. Conceal blemishes, dark spots and imperfections with the targeted, doe foot applicator or achieve flawless, allover coverage with the pump. Packed with skin-loving ingredients, this longwear formula helps protect skin against environmental stressors, like pollution and high energy visible blue light, for a healthier-looking complexion.

Key Ingredients & Benefits:

  • Energy Complex – A combination of ginseng, green tea and vitamin B that helps boost the skin’s natural metabolism and rejuvenate the skin’s appearance
  • Lingonberry Extract – Helps protect skin against abuse caused by high energy visible blue light
  • Polysaccahride Film – Provides a protective, breathable film on skin to help shield skin from environmental stressors, like pollution
  • Ceretin Complex – Helps smooth skin and refine skin texture and tone
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Gluten Free
Bare freshly washed skin

I like that it is cruelty free and vegan friendly.  Although from the way it’s phrased, I am not certain if it is actually a vegan product or if they just refrain from taunting vegans on the makeup playground or share out their carrot sticks at snack time. While I am not vegan, I tend to like a lot of vegan products. I dislike vagueness, especially on a product page.

The shade was a pretty decent match for me, so I had high hopes. They were not met.

I will say, that I didn’t care for the foundation, regardless or how friendly it is to passing vegans.  I tried it without primer first and it showed every nook and cranny of every single pore on my face. My skin kind of had the orange peel effect. Quite frankly my skin looked better with just a dusting of powder than it did with the foundation.

I can even see the chicken pox scar on my cheek from my bout with the childhood ailment. It is actually one of my personal markers. Nearly every product makes it invisible, or nearly so. This Pur Foundation seemed to highlight it.

The orange peel effect with just the foundation. (and yes I will be tackling my eyebrows this weekend.)

So I tried the foundation with the primer of the week.  The primer of the week was the Kaja primer.  It didn’t help the situation, but to be fair, I tried the primer under other foundations and I didn’t like it any better.  It is not my favorite primer and will soon be banished from my dressing table. 

Thinking that changing primers might help, I went for the tried and true Benefit Pore Professional.  The primer smoothed my skin and I was happy.  I applied the foundation and the Pur Foundation just looked cakey on me. 

I thought I used too much product, so I tried using less.  Then it just looked streaky and blotchy. My skin looked better with just the primer on. The Pur 4-in1 felt heavy on my skin, no matter how light an application I tried and it simply didn’t look good.  I did my best with the application and then found it settled into my fine lines after only a few hours. Other products like bronzer and powder helped sort of even things out a bit so it doesn’t look too bad, but foundation is supposed to give you a more or less clean slate to work on, not be something you use other products to battle. At least in my book.

After a few days I had to set the tube aside and return to my NYX Bare With Me Tinted Skin Veil. It was quick and easy and didn’t require extra fuss.The link will take you to my full review of the NYX product.

After three hours, all spent at a desk typing

I think part of the issue with Pur is that it tries to be both a foundation and a concealer and somewhere wires get crossed and it ends up doing neither well.  Virtually the only thing I liked about this product was that it is only a trial sized tube, so I don’t feel too guilty when I chuck the remainder. 

In general, I like Pur.  Their eyeshadows are really nice. And I am fond of their cloud cream. This is actually the first product I’ve tried from them that I didn’t like. This foundation is not something I am even remotely fond of using. 

It is rare that I can’t see any good in a product.  Usually I can see that if my skin were a little drier, or a little oilier or something to that effect it might work better so I know that somewhere out there is a person the product would suit better.  If there is good in the Pur 4-in-1 Love Your Selfie Longwear Foundation and Concealer, I am just going to have to let someone else find it.  This product is definitely not for me.

La Roche-Posay- ACD

Jouer Essential High Coverage Crème Foundation Review

The package of samples (each foil packet was in a slightly different shade in the Medium range

This week was an interesting week for foundation.  As opposed to my usual pick a product and try it all week, I chose to use a sample I received as a gift with purchase.  This wasn’t a tube sample, this was a foil packet sample.  Each of the little foil packet samples came from the shade range of medium. My plan was to use the foil packet to test it for a first impression and then see if I liked it enough to try a larger sample.  I figured on the days between I could use one of the foundations I currently have open.  At least that was the thought initially.

Surprisingly the Jouer foil packets gave me a full week of product.  Now I will say that I got a full week’s worth of product because I didn’t always use my correct shade.  For me Cashmere (a light medium shade with pink undertones) proved to be the best match for me, although it was a hair to light in direct sunlight. Mixing the shades wasn’t possible because of the way the foil packets were set up. I think I am between shades right now but I think Cashmere would do well for me in the winter.

Even though you only need a little drop of the foundation to cover your skin, when you open one of these foil packets, all of the product in the foil packet is going to come out.  At first you squeeze hoping for a drop and nothing comes, then the entire packet squirts out onto your hands.

So to find my foundation shade I started by opening one packet and when I realized it was out whether I chose it or not, I went ahead and used it for the day. (there were ten packets so I started at the lightest and have a couple left over – I’d like to say I’ll use one tomorrow but I know the last few really are way too yellow in tone for me so I probably will just start using next week’s selection starting tomorrow morning.

Since this week mostly involved me sitting at my computer with no witnesses, I just went with off shades to do the test. I surprised my babydoll when he stopped by my office but as all of my other conversations were on the phone, no one else noticed. So in case you look at the photos and wonder why things look a little off with my coloring, that is why. I So with some work I found my correct shade.  But I also wore the incorrect shades to lengthen the trial.

So let’s take about the Jouer Essential High Coverage Crème Foundation.

bare skin

According to the website…

A lightweight foundation with supreme coverage and an impeccable airbrushed, matte finish. Available in 50 shades, a small drop is all you need to achieve a flawless look all day.

Chamomile Extract:Calms redness while moisturizing and inhibiting the growth of bacteria. Cucumber Extract: Softens and hydrates skin. Hyaluronic Acid: Supports skin’s natural moisture retention. Tripeptide Complex: Supports natural collagen production for smoother, more youthful-looking skin.

Product on hand

Okay so those are the claims.  How did it live up to them?  Pretty well actually.  I wasted a lot of product because of the foil packets, but on my face I needed a touch of the finger to each cheek, on to the forehead, one to the nose and then another to the chin.  Then I went in with my foundation brush (incidentally I am loving my Bdellium foundation brush and it is no longer as pristine as it was last week but still pretty)and blended it in, touching it up in the corner of the eyes with the makeup sponge.

New arrivals at

dotted onto face

Very little product was needed.  In case you are wondering, after using the product I needed on my face, the left over product I blended into my arm to see how far it would go. 

Blending it in I covered my arm completely from knuckles to elbow before I ran out of product. So when they say a little goes a long way, they mean it. And when it says full coverage, it means full coverage as well. It is also extremely light weight. In case you are wondering, the day I took these photos I was running on about two hours sleep. No product in the world was going to touch the bags under my eyes. I will say, that while the foundation looked better on other days, the product didn’t make the bags worse.

Once it was on, I no longer felt it on my skin.  My skin didn’t feel cakey or dry as it often can with full coverage foundations.  It was also quite matte.  I had no shine, not even in my t-zone.

Half blended

I tried this foundation both with and without primer and this is definitely a foundation you will want to use with a primer if you have any enlarged pores or texture to your skin.  I tried using it without a primer and it showed every pore.These photos were taken on a day without primer underneath.  I think it is due to the consistency of the foundation. 

Because it is called a crème foundation I expected more of a cream consistency.  It is not.  The formula is a thin liquid.  I can see how the consistency really helps with the application, and allows it to cover the face with so little product as well as to feel light weight.  The other side to that is it really showed off my pores if I didn’t use a pore filling primer. You can see in the photo of it on my hand that when I tilted my hand, it ran to the other side. This clearly wouldn’t be a problem in a pump container, it was quite a mess with the foil packets.

just foundation

When I did use the primer with this foundation, I felt sad that I had no where spectacular to go as my skin really did look good.  Well, good when I had the right shade on my skin. Plus since I generally wear full coverage when I am going somewhere, just putting it on makes the day feel like an event.

Even though it has some pretty good skin care like ingredients listed in the description, those elements don’t make it feel like skin care, or even skin care adjacent.  They are more like neighbors who live in different apartment buildings on the same street and occasionally use the same coffee shop.

Full face with no primer underneath the foundation

I think those ingredients like chamomile, cucumber and hyaluronic acid just keep the skin from feeling dry and the foundation from being cakey. Both of which are very good things.  They make the foundation pleasant to wear, but not really skincare.

I did notice that the foundation did seep into the fine lines around the corner of my mouth towards the end of the day, but that tended to happen after about six to seven hours of wear.  Up until then, it was really good. It didn’t peel around my nose or show oil in my t-zone. It also didn’t emphasize my very deep bags on the days when they couldn’t help being present. (It was a loooong week this week my darlings)

Even if my head occasionally looked like it belonged on a different body due to the mismatched tones, the foundation performed well. I am glad I tried this sample and I have to say I am surprised that a full sized bottle of this foundation is only $38. It feels like a much more expensive foundation. I don’t often wear full coverage foundation, especially not in the summertime. The sun and humidity where I live just make full coverage a disaster waiting to happen. At least for me. I know there are people who can pull it off, I just am not one of them.

I tend to stay in the medium coverage lane in general, however I like having a full coverage foundation around for special occasions. I can definitely see this being a contender for that spot in my makeup collection and now that I know my shade, I think that once the weather cools down, I may be picking up a bottle to see how it fares against the Becca Ultimate coverage. I think this coming week though, I will try for a product with just a single shade.

A week of Purlisse Perfect Glow BB Cream

The Purlisse Perfect Glow BB Cream, both the smaple size I am currently using and the unopened full sized bottle for comparison

Spending a lot of time at home lately has caused me to do a lot of spring cleaning and reorganizing.  I’m sure I am not alone in this.  I think a lot of people decided similar things if conversations with friends about which Goodwill is currently accepting donations and the plethora of Youtube declutter videos are any indication. 

In my attempt to organize the chaos, I found that I accumulated quite a few sample sized products.  I rotated all of the open ones to the front of my dressing table and did my best to work through most of them, clearing out the no longer good products and finally using up the last of a few fabulous products I for some reason I appeared to be hoarding.

“I know there is only one, possibly two uses left in this liquid lipstick sample from smashbox, but I’m going to hold on to it in case of an emergency.”

This appears to be my subconscious thinking. I’m not entirely certain what sort of emergency I would actually react to with a twenty to thirty minute rummage through the contents of my catch all makeup drawer to find a sample size lipstick of any variety (although I really did like the lipstick and will be purchasing a full sized version once I clear out some space by using up older lipsticks).

I ended up rotating the almost empty sample into my makeup bag, using it up and making note of the shade color and brand in my reorder notebook before I chucked it out. And yes I have a reorder notebook.  I mark things down, especially lipstick shades, so I remember which I liked (mostly because I am the queen of ordering the wrong shade of lipstick).  I also have a section of things I’ve heard of but haven’t tried yet in my notebook. Because there are so many things out there that I want to try.

Mixed in with these half opened products I had several unopened sample sizes of BB and CC cream as well as some foundation samples. I put them all in a box, shook the box up and selected one at random.  The one I chose to try this past week was the Purlisse Perfect Glw BB Cream with SPF 30. 

And as soon as I chose it for my weekly makeup bag, my Boxycharm box arrived with a full sized version of the product inside.

Like magic.

This is actually more product than I needed to cover my face. About half that proved to be what I needed

I decided to go ahead and use the sample size and save the full sized one.  I figured if I didn’t like it then I would only waste the little sample rather than the large one .  That way I could always pass the unopened full size to someone else.

I have to say, I’m keeping the full sized version.

But I’m going to leave it sealed until I work through some of the other open products. So it is still less wasteful.

This was the first makeup item I have tried from Purlisse.  I actually had to check on that because Purlisse has been a frequent visitor to my vanity and for a while I was certain I’d seen it before.

When I looked through my notes though, it was all skin care. Almost all of which I really liked. The serum wasn’t my favorite, but all of the moisturizers I have tried, I would order again. Their specialty seems to be the ability to work with your skin in an unstable climate.

You know, as soon as I wrote that I thought, apocalyptic skincare.

I didn’t mean pack it for the end of days, I meant like spring and fall temperature and humidity shifting.

(Although now I have a 1950’s style atomic bomb style commercial playing in my head – Hi there Mrs. Smith, Packing for the Apocalypse are we? Well don’t forget to pack your apocalyptic skin care. You’ll just love the radiation blocking capacity and that new fresh scent! – For those following along its a black and white cartoon with a movie tone narrator voice over. Just so you get the full picture. Cause I’d hate for you to get confused.)

Okay back to the actual Purlisse Perfect Glow BB Cream.

Bare skin

And while most of you are thinking I should just get to the BB Cream, these were the thoughts going through my head when I picked the BB cream up.  I wondered if it would have the same flexibility, shall we say, as seem to be built into their moisturizers.  But lets see what they have to say about it.

According to the Purlisse website…

Complexion perfection for a gorgeous matte meets dewy finish! Your multi-tasking beauty balm that glides on like a tinted moisturizer with all the age-defying, coverage, sunscreen benefits of a foundation and BB cream! It’s perfect for getting that Instagram- filtered version of yourself, featuring our exclusive Asian Herb extracts complex.

For normal or dry skin types, wear over Purlisse moisturizers. For oily skin, wear alone. For extra coverage, wear under foundation.

As we are in summer, I thought a lighter BB cream might be a good idea.  I especially wanted something lighter because I added the new layer of sunscreen to my daily routine. (I am completely in love with the Volition sunscreen)  I did use the Purlisse Perfect Glow one day without the sunscreen so that I could gauge the difference both with and without the Volition Sunscreen. The Volition sunscreen didn’t have issues with this or any other product I tried it with.  The Purlisse did really well for my skin either way. 

Just sunscreen and foundation

It is a very light coverage, but it is coverage. I’ve tried some BB creams that either covered nothing and were therefore pointless or tried too hard and were too heavy, thus defeating the purpose of the product. This BB Cream covered my skin enough to make me feel confident in my skin, but was the perfect summer skin almost bare look.

Because I think I have larger pores, I still used a primer with this BB Cream.  I was fine without the primer, but I really preferred the look of my skin with the primer underneath.  I don’t think that is the fault of the cream, I think that is my personal preference.

I will say that applying it really does need a makeup sponge.  The brush just wasn’t a good idea as it just sort of streaked it across the face and using my hands just ended up applying too much product. 

Start of the day

To apply I just put a little dab on my hand, dipped the damp sponge into the product and then dabbed on my face, blending as I went.  I started in areas where I have a couple of healing eruptions and then worked out from there so that the red spots received a little more product but my skin looked evenly balanced. It is a light enough product that it feels weightless and it doesn’t settle into any lines or cause issues.

The Purlisse BB Cream comes in eleven different shades.  The shade I am using for my summer tanned skin is light medium. There are two shades lighter on the scale pictured on their chart.

end of the day

This gives me a little wiggle room should I want to pick up another tube once the summer wanes.  It’s nice to know that, but truthfully, I almost never reach for BB creams in the winter.  For me they always seem like a summer product. I have friends who wear them year round, but I really tend to forget about them once the weather turns. Although in all honesty, I’ve never found a BB cream I liked as much as I like this one. So possibly, I will try it after the weather turns. I just have to adjust my summer only mindset.

Because I’m using a sample sized tube of product, I ended up using a substantial portion of it this week.  But I didn’t use it all.  So I am going to go ahead and give it a second week in my makeup bag to use up the sample tube and remove it from my dressing table drawer. I suspect if it returns to the drawer it will sink into darkness only reappearing as it shuffles zombie like from the depths, its remaining product of no use. So it is better to use it now.

I still have the full bottle in the regular size so I’m sure it will make an appearance again later in the summer, but this way I won’t have half a tube lingering forgotten and alone in the drawer. 

This means that next week, I will be skipping the foundation review since it will be a repeat. I’ll be sure to add something else to the makeup bag to take its place in the reviews though. There is always either something new I’ll be delighted to talk about or an old favorite I can tell stories about. If any of you see anything in the makeup bag you want to hear more about let me know, I can always break it out for a seperate review. I’ll be choosing next week’s bag tonight so that I can post a picture with this week’s post.

BB Cream SPF 30

Testing out the NYX Bare With Me Tinted Skin Veil

You know what happens when you only go shopping once a month and don’t really leave the house much between?  During your one outing you end up lingering in the makeup section wondering what would be fun to try.  Or at least you do if you are me.

I’d feel bad about it if my baby doll didn’t do the same thing at the liquor store.  Our Friday night cocktails have gone slightly experimental as he picks up a small bottle of ‘I’ve never even heard of this’ to go with whatever staple we went to replace at the end of the month. Some experiments are more successful than others.

I suppose the same can be said for my random make-up purchases.  The latest of which was the NYX Bare With Me Tinted Skin Veil.  Its product description on the NYX site reads…

Getting that glowing, lit up L.A. skin, “no makeup, makeup” look has never been easier with NYX Professional Makeup Bare With Me Tinted Skin Veil. This light, concealing veil comes in a variety of tone-evening, skin tinting shades and is the perfect alternative to foundation and heavy BB creams. Even out your natural skin tone and achieve a smooth satin finish with this breathable, lightweight cream formula. Cover your face in a hydrating second skin that never feels cakey. Amazing on its own, as a base for a smooth makeup application, and best with our other Bare With Me products.

I think the Bare With Me line is fairly new, or at least I didn’t see it the time before when I perused the section and this is the first product from the line I’ve tried. I have to say it sounded quite appealing.

In the summer, I find myself drawn to tinted moisturizers and lighter coverage.  Partially it is because of the sweat factor.  When it is hot, my skin likes to breathe.

Mostly it is because I am also layering on sunscreen.  Especially this year.  I’m actually testing out a Volition Sunscreen right now that sets beautifully on the skin and under make-up (review coming at the end of the trial), but I have to say a lighter base for my makeup is appealing. On the hand the product felt like a bit like a traditional foundation so I had my concerns, but I pressed ahead.

Bare, freshly washed face

And miracle of all miracles, I actually chose the right color for my current skin tone.  I know, such a shocker, Everybody MAMBO! I was excited by that fact alone.  I got it home and tried it on my hand and it pretty much disappeared into my skin.  I was excited.

Now, this week I was trying a few different things that I feel I ought to explain. 

The first involves tools.  Since this was my foundation trial of the week, I tried using my regular foundation brush to see how it applied.  I also used my old makeup sponge to test it.  I then replaced my old makeup sponge with the HUDA BEAUTY Basic B sponge from this month’s Ipsy box. (Mostly because it reached the end of it’s life and really needed to be replaced.) I also set my regular brushes aside to test out the Laruce Brush set after testing it with my regular foundation brush.There will be a tool review coming soon.

I know, it’s a lot of changing.  The end result was that this product applies better with a sponge than with a brush.  It is just such a light weight product that it gets lost in the brush and you end up using too much in an attempt to correct this.  It worked best if I put a little on my hand and then dabbed it on my face with the sponge and blended it in. 

Just the NYX Skin Veil

The next thing I tried was the powder before foundation trick.  Some of you may have heard of this.  It was all the rage on You Tube a few years ago.  I think everyone tried it.  I am certainly not the originator.  I watched a make up Artist named Wayne Goss in a 2014 video and I really liked his techniques. I also like his videos in general and recommend checking him out.

I tested this product both with and without.  The NYX Bare With Me Tinted Skin Veil worked beautifully both ways.  With the powder first I noticed that I didn’t need to go back in with concealer over anything and that everything stayed in place perfectly all day.  I also noticed that the extra shine I had from both an illuminating primer and my sunscreen was tamped down to a low glow rather than a bright shine. 

Start of the day. (and yeah my banges were just not happy. I need to trim them again.)

I’m going to try the technique again next week with a regular primer to see how it holds up but I really liked it. I should note that these pictures were all taken on the day I didn’t use this method and just applied it like normal.

There were a couple of things I noticed. This trick doesn’t work if you have a totally dry face.  If you are going to try this, make sure your moisturizer or whatever top layer you’ve applied, is still damp.  The technique requires that the powder blend in with the moisturizer or powder to lock in place.  Otherwise it is powdery and it becomes pointless.

I really liked this because I didn’t have to wait until my skincare dried all the way to apply my makeup products. I used loose powder which melted with the top layer of my liquid product and formed a smooth base for me to work with. As I was not using a pore filling primer but an illuminating one this week it was interesting since it ended up adding a pore filling element. So this cut down my time getting ready and expanded my range of products.  If the trick fills pores I am more willing to try non-pore filling primers basically.

So I will be trying the powder before foundation plan again.

End of the day

I did try the Bare With Me without doing it and it applied well also (hence the photos.  Without the powder underneath it lasted on my face without issue for the full eight hours of wear that it claims to provide.  With the powder I wore it for twelve with no problems.

I have to say this product met every claim it made.  It lasted eight hours, it wasn’t cakey, it gave me a natural look and it felt absolutely weightless on the skin. In addition, it didn’t have that odd greasiness that some tinted moisturizers tend to get. I know it isn’t actually a moisturizer, so that is probably why, but I have no idea what else to compare a skin veil to. Either way it was weightless, mattifying and not greasy.

All reasons I will definitely be keeping this in rotation.  It’s also why I will be picking up a lighter shade for winter. All in all a success.  I am almost sad that I have to rotate it out this week.  However I have a couple of sample sized tubes of BB and CC cream that I want to try to see if I want to try a full sized version later down the road. So I must set this aside. But rest assured, it will return.

If you are interested in NYX Products, they currently have some pretty good on-line deals you might want to check out.

Get Your Choice of Free Gift Set with $40 Purchase! Valid 6/18-6/24.

New items added to clearance up to 50% off! Valid 6/1-6/30.

Foundation Quest continues with…Too Faced

The next foundation in my great foundation quest is the Too Faced Dew You Full Coverage Fresh Glow Foundation from the Tutti Frutti line (retail $36).  To be honest I chose this foundation to try because of mixed reviews from friends.  In other words, when I asked around one friend absolutely loved it and another friend absolutely hated it. There did not seem to be any middle ground which I found intriguing.

But before I get into the foundation, I realized I didn’t mention much about my testing process in my last foundation test.  The reason for that was partially because I forgot and partially because the ELF foundation just worked beautifully regardless of which ways I tried it.  This was a bit more complicated.

So, in general, I test the foundation for a week.  I use it as my primary foundation every day that week. The first day I try it on with no primer. This is very hard for me because you know I love my primers. Because I love my primers, I have several on hand and so on the subsequent days I rotate through some of my favorite primers underneath the foundation to see how they work.

Then I sort of gather my thoughts and present them to you.

First a little about the Foundation.  It is a cream gel formula with a satin finish infused with watermelon and cucumbers.  When you go to the how to apply section on the webpage, it recommends you give other products a chance to settle before applying. There will be more on that in a minute.

the pump keeps things clean

So the foundation comes in a tube with a pump.  Personally I like this as the doe foot, droppers  and open bottles tend to make a bit of a mess with me. I do my best, but sometimes I rush and then the rims of the bottles get gunky and you have to clean them.  Plus with the tube you can squeeze it like toothpaste and get all of the product out.  I also like that it is kept safe from air and light. So packaging a plus.

I also like that I am the same shade across all of Too Faced’s foundations. I am the shade Porcelain regardless which is nice to know so I don’t have to guess shades each time I try a new product.

Now you know, I have to sniff the product first thing.  Its just what I’m going to do.  The name of the line is Tutti Frutti, so I had expectations. To be honest, it smells like a pack fruit striped gum. I don’t know if they still make it anymore since I haven’t seen it since I was a kid, but the gum always smelled so good but then the flavor dissipated too quickly and you were left just chomping a bit of unflavored gum. But I loved the smell and as I have no plans to eat this foundation, I was happy.

Thicker more cream like consistency than many foundations I’ve tried

The consistency of the foundation is rather thick.  It does have, as stated, a gel formula.  It spreads on the skin more like moisturizer than regular foundation.  Kind of like a night cream.  A little goes a long way and it is full coverage.  Once applied I did not need to spot conceal anything.  

I really liked how it applied and how light it felt on the skin.  I layered on my other products.  In the first trial I use my Trestique bronzer stick, Tarte blush Razzleberry eyeshadow palette from Too Faced and Dr. Facilier lipstick from Colourpop’s Villain’s collection. While he isn’t my favorite villain, I do love the color and will soon nee to re-order that one.

Bare skin freshly washed

And remember with the first test, I do not use primer.

That is a mistake with this foundation. By noon, I had lines showing around my mouth and under my eyes.  My under eyes actually looked extra tired. Partially it was the day, but in part it was the settling of the product.

Products on first day with no primer

So my following tests were done with primers. Of the ones I used the Elf putty primer was the best under this foundation. Millions of people have raved about it, and I have to agree, it is a good primer, especially under a full coverage foundation.  The key with this foundation is time.  Apply the primer, and let it sit.  Don’t go straight into the foundation.  Let that primer settle into place.  If you do then the foundation will last throughout the work day.  You will not have people telling you that you look really tired after lunch.

Or maybe you will, but it won’t be because of the foundation.

No primer, mid-day lines around my mouth are starting to show

Just let the primer settle in. remember to website’s directions.  In this case, they are helpful.

I would not recommend using a very slippy silicone-y primer under this as the foundation won’t last until noon with that underneath.  It will slide off and you will not leave your dressing table without having to fix things.  Go with something solid like the ELF Putty Primer or the Tatcha one if you have it. This is where those sorts of formulas shine.

End of the day with the ELF Primer under the foundation. Lines are starting to show but it is far less noticeable.

Incidentally in that second image, I used all of the same face products but used the Kat Von D single Lolita eyeshadow paired with the same brand’s cake eyeliner and Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara. I wanted to keep the face products relatively the same.

Over all it was a decent foundation if the proper primer is used.  With the primer it will last all day with no touch ups needed at lunch time, but I did notice that after dinner, even with the primer some cracks were starting to show. I think it could either be used for a work day or a night out, but not both in a row. There would need to be some major fixing between the end of the office and the start of the party.

I think this one will be interesting to see how I feel in a few weeks.  My plan with these foundations is to test them in batches.  I’ll test a handful and then rotate through those handful, seeing which ones I reach for and which ones I just push aside. To be honest, I don’t know which category this will fall into.  At the moment I don’t have a lot of full cover options, so I might reach for it just for that, or I might only reach for it when I have chosen the ELF putty Primer as my primer that day. 

For now it is good enough to stay in my makeup drawer.  Long haul, only time will tell.

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Minimo Skincare

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Neutrogena healthy skin compact makeup Review

As I’m sure you can see, the product does tend to smear a little on the inside of the clear plastic.

In my quest to delve into crème based foundation, I tried both IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact (Review previously posted) and a drug store brand.  The drugstore version I went with was the Neutrogena healthy skin compact makeup.  I chose this one for a number of reasons.  One it was a crème foundation (which is what I am testing) that has sunscreen.  While the It version has SPF 50, this has SPF 55, so it is relatively comparable.  While I will be making a comparison, mostly because the products are so similar in what they do, I also suspected that the reason the IT version was slightly greasy was due to the inclusion of sunscreen and I didn’t want to try a non-sunscreen version and skew my opinion of the product.

So to the basics. The product, to give it it’s full name is the Neutrogena healthy skin compact makeup with broad spectrum SPF 55 helioplex. On the Neutrogena site this product retails for $14.59 (currently on sale for $10.94).  I picked mine up at Target for $10.99 in case you are interested.  It wasn’t a sale so I think that is their normal Target price. Now since this is a comparison, I need to add that while the It Confidence in a Compact is $38, it comes with 0.63 ounces of product .  The Neutrogena version comes with 0.35 ounces of product or a little more than half the product. (To be sticklers 0.315 or 0.32 ounces would be exactly half although I’m sure you already did the math in your head).  

While the packaging is bulky and comes with a rather useless sponge, I do like the mirror that is fitted into the divide between sponge and product.

Since no one is going to sell you one of these products with 0.03 ounces of product removed, you would have to buy two of the Neutrogena products to equal the amount of the It Confidence in a Compact. That means to get the same amount of product, you’d need to buy two.  With the full retail price on the site that comes to $29.18 plus shipping, or $21.98 if you are going to Target. Personally the small price difference bothers me a little.  There has always been expensive makeup out there and even if you couldn’t afford it, there was the drugstore to fall back on.  The fact that there is less than $10 difference between the two (at full price) doesn’t sit right with me. I know Neutrogena is on the pricier side of the drug store, but still, over all drug store prices have been creeping up as of late.

me with freshly scrubbed skin

Personal worries aside, lets get to the claims.  According to the Neutrogena site:

This product offers…Compact makeup. Powerful protection.  Get a flawless, natural look, while helping to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays.  Our dermatologist-tested silky. Lightweight formula gives you buildable coverage and provides the most powerful level of UVA-UVB protection available in a compact foundation without feeling heavy or greasy. Broad Spectrum SPF 55 protection. With Helioplex UVA/UVB. Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores).

me with just the foundation on. I like that it didn’t gunk up in the corners near my nose or settle into the lines by my eyes. (In case you are wondering about the tilted pose, I was trying to show those sections of my face.

Okay, so I like the sunscreen aspect of the product. Like it’s compatriot from IT, the packaging is bulky because they included a sponge and a separate compartment for it.  Also like its compatriot, the sponge is relatively useless. I tried to use it, failed miserably and reached for my foundation brush.  The brush sank into the soft formula and gathered too much product so I once again used my fingers to streak it across my skin like tannish war paint. You know the kind warriors wear to sneak into places that sell Dockers when attacking.

Full face and ready to face the day

Go ahead, take a moment to picture that. I assure you I did, then giggled. Go with an outlet mall for the setting. Don’t forget to add the head dress created out of time slips and weaponized staplers held at the ready. Done?  Good, I hope you giggled too.

The finger smear method worked, and then I used the brush to smooth it out.  The foundation blended well and provided a medium coverage.  It in no way felt cakey and to my surprise felt less greasy than I expected.  The formula felt like it would be greasy when I put finger to pan, but on the face it was as silky smooth as advertised.  And it did feel weightless.  Once on it was easy to forget that I applied it. It is super easy and comfortable to wear. But would it last?

Truthfully , yes. 

Me at the end of the day, foundation still in place with no actual issues.

I wore it all day, and while my lipstick did not survive, the foundation did. It lasted all day.  While I did not do any touch ups, remembering my last foray into sunscreen filled foundation, I checked it periodically. There was very little shine peeking through and at no time did I feel like I needed to re-powder my face.  (I should add with the exception of lipstick, I used all of the same products on my face as before). I wore this foundation eight and a half hours as well (The other foundation I wore for seven hours.  I didn’t intend to go longer, it just worked out that way).

I have to say, I really liked this product. And to be fair, I wasn’t expecting to.  Once I did the price math, my expectations were raised for the product and just on principle (high drug store cost) I didn’t want to like it.  But I do.  In fact I like it better than the IT confidence in a compact.  It felt better on the skin and didn’t require monitoring throughout the day.  I could put it on and forget I was wearing it as I went about my day. I would have preferred if they included more product and left out the useless sponge.  Not only would it have made the product more budget friendly, but it would have knocked down the size of the product.  They are both rather bulky items and contain excess plastic. But that is something for the marketing department.

In summary, I liked this product and would actually consider buying it again. After testing it, I think I would buy it over the IT version. As I always have a mental impression that the high end brand is going to be better than the drugstore version, this came as a bit of a surprise to me.  I suppose that means I need to revise my expectations.

At the moment the Neutrogena healthy skin compact makeup is a front runner for my non-liquid foundation traveling case. The fact that I will be traveling with it makes me want a slimmer package as well, but I can do nothing about that.  In my comparison quest for more travel friendly makeup, I will be testing two stick foundations next week. Again I will try one high end and one drug store version and see which works out better. Before I would have naturally placed one above the other, but now, who knows. I suppose it is some consolation though.  Drugstore products may be getting more expensive, but they are also getting better. That is something my inner accountant likes at least.

IT cosmetics Confidence in a Compact Review

The front package, complete with my photo taking reflection.

Fall is in the air, or at least it should be according to the calendar and who am I to argue with the calendar.  Actually I do argue, on a routine basis, not that it helps, but that is another story.

And with the autumn comes the autumn beauty routine change up.  Or at least planning the seasonal line-up. During the summer, unless I am going to a function that is completely indoors and well air conditioned, I skip the foundation step of my routine.  I tend to go with a quick primer mixed with sun screen and topped with a dash of powder to finish it out and kill the shine. 

So in the autumn my thoughts turn to foundation.

A few years back, during my holiday travels, I had an explosion of foundation. My brother’s dog, a very friendly Burmese mountain dog who likes very much to believe his is a lap dog of Lilliputian dimensions, greeted my arrival with great joy, causing my bags to fly and me to sit on my rear end in the middle of the yard, arms full of over a hundred pounds of wiggling fluffiness armed with a slobbering tongue. While my hind quarters survived with only a slight tender spot to mark the abrupt meeting with the ground, my bag landed badly on the concrete sidewalk hitting just right to cause a direct hit and subsequent explosion. (I also lost a small vial of perfume so it was a heavily scented as well as messy loss, should you want to picture the scene).

While I have learned to anticipate the routine joyous attack, protecting the breakables and adjusting my stance for impact, I thought it might be fun to try a solid foundation for possible use in travel. After all, it isn’t just flying dogs that cause breakage.

The sponge applicator and it’s plastic holder account for some of the bulky packaging.

With this in mind I picked up two separate solid foundations, one drug store and one not, to test out. I decided to go with the not test first. So the first test I did was on the IT Confidence in a Compact Foundation with SPF 50+  in the shade, fair. It retails for $38.

Interior showing the product, this is the shade fair.

According to the website:

Developed with plastic surgeons, Confidence in a Compact Foundation with SPF 50+ is your innovative solid serum foundation that delivers all the skincare benefits of your #1 anti-aging moisturizer*, Confidence in a Cream Moisturizer, plus flawless full coverage and SPF 50+ physical-only sunscreen—in one simple step!

Just a swirl of your foundation brush or the included makeup sponge activates the proprietary solid serum technology, transforming the solid formula into an ultra-lightweight serum foundation for mess-free, weightless coverage that feels like nothing—but does everything for your skin!

Bold statements indeed.

Me with freshly scrubbed face and nothing on the skin, hair tied back so as not to distract

Normally leery of multi-tasking products, I have no problem with sunscreen being added to my foundation in most cases.  Sometimes it affects the foundation, but the concept is one I like, especially since I tend to forget the sunscreen once the heat fades. I know the sun is just as damaging on a sunny but cold winter day as it is on a hot sunny summer’s day, but it is the heat that reminds me I need to add the sunscreen. I think my saving grace on that is that I spend as little time outside as possible once the temperatures drop.  I am one of those people who can take a lot of heat, but doesn’t deal well with the cold. My darling love (who ADORES the cold) tells me I am part lizard.

Because the claims involve a moisturizing component, I left the moisturizer out of my morning routine for this test. I did not miss it.  My skin felt well moisturized and not at all dry throughout the day.  But I am getting ahead of myself.

My skin with just the foundation. It sinks in well with a little greasy shiny spots, and isn’t really full coverage. It doesn’t sink into and exaggerate the fine lines around my eyes though which is a bonus. I am not wearing any concealer under my eyes.

First, the application.  The compact comes with a little sponge.  It and the plastic flap that holds it are part of what makes the packaging so bulky. I’m not really a fan of the bulky packaging but if it works well, I’ll live with it.

I tried using the included sponge, but felt like the product was staying on the sponge rather than going on my face, so I ditched the sponge. I then tried dipping my foundation brush in the product, but it sunk in and was over loaded with product.  I resorted to dipping my finger into the foundation drawing lines on my face with it, then using my foundation brush to spread it out to cover everything. That worked well.

Once I found an application method I liked, it went on smoothly and like the product claims, it felt weightless. It is however not what I would call full coverage.  It was light to medium coverage.  In fact, it was light enough that I had a hard time using my concealer with it.  I tried, then had to remove both it and the foundation and start again because the concealer was more full coverage than the foundation and it looked strange.

I don’t know if it is the inclusion of the SPF or the moisturizing component but after applying it I felt that my skin looked a little on the greasy side.  Since I applied powder over it, I didn’t worry too much about this aspect at the time.

Face complete. I went with a very neutral look for the day and clearly forgot to smile. I’m not a big morning person, smiling comes after coffee and this was pre-coffee intake.

So I finished up the look and went on my merry way. The items on my face over the foundation are the usual ones I use, but the eyeshadow was new.  Along with the foundation I was testing the longevity of the Violet Voss palette, more on that in the palette review.  I just wanted my face to be the standard things with the new foundation. (Incidentally that was the Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder and the Tarte Park Avenue Princess bronze and contour and Smashbox liquid lipstick. I went for a straight up neutral office look for the day.)

End of the day, looking a little greasy but everything more or less stayed where it was supposed to. There was no settling into fine lines, at least not that much and no pilling around the nose area especially. Plus there is better light here, which I need to remember when taking photos, sigh.

Seven hours later, my day pretty much over, coffee and lunch consumed, I took another photo.  I deliberately avoided mirrors throughout the day because I knew I would touch up things if I did.  As you can see from this photo, I am looking a bit on the greasy side in the T zone. There is however no pilling of the foundation or wearing away.  It stayed put, but just bled a little oil through my powder.

I think a lunch time blotting and powder should help that, but it is definitely something to keep in mind.  Wearing it again means that I will have to check on it to see at what point the oil starts coming through. It is a foundation that needs a little monitoring rather than one you can apply and then forget about through the day.

That being said, it feels weightless on the skin and when I removed it, my skin felt as though it had been well moisturized.  Usually my skin feels a little dry right after I take off my foundation. Since I take it off when I wash my face for bed, then apply either moisturizer or a night mask, that doesn’t bother me. The oil through the powder is the price you pay for that moisturization though, so you’ll need to decide if you want to do that trade off.

I don’t think this will be my go to daily foundation, as I don’t always remember to stop by a mirror in the course of my day and would very easily forget to powder my T-zone. I do think it would be good to travel with as it performs well and lasts throughout the day.  Plus, I tend to do a face check more when traveling, more to make sure I didn’t spill or smear anything on myself with snacks and whatnot, but I would still see the shine and apply powder.

It is most definitely not a full coverage foundation.  Personally, I like that as I tend to go for medium in that regard, but if you are looking for full coverage, this is not it.  I would say that this foundation performs well for the $38 price. I do not feel like I have overspent and wasted my money, nor do I feel it is worth more than its retail price. Next in this solid foundation testing is a foundation by Neutrogena, also with SPF 50 mixed in.  I can’t wait to see how they compare. I’m kind of curious as to the grease factor and if it is because of the sunscreen or something else. Stay tuned and I’ll let you know.