First Use: Klorane Shampoo and Conditioner with Mango

Ah yes, it is time once again for a first use of shampoo and conditioner. This time, the set come from Klorane. It came to me in a package of various products sent by the brand for the purpose of review. However the opinions about them are all my own.

I’ll be honest, my main thoughts about Klorane are about their dry shampoo. They are my favorite brand of dry shampoo and I always have at least one bottle floating around my house. Usually there is one in the bathroom and another in my gym bag actually. while the Nettle infused for dark hair is my favorite, I enjoy pretty much all of their dry shampoos.

Because of this though I generally don’t think of them when i think of regular shampoo. i know that sounds really strange and I have no idea why. Recently I have been trying other products from the brand. I absolutely adore their Coneflower waterproof eye makeup remover. Not only does it take off the eye makeup without a lot of harsh rubbing (something I find more important the older I get) but it doesn’t sting the eyes.

the sealed lid

I have also been using the Klorane Mango Hair Mask. It is from the same line as the shampoo and conditioner and I really enjoy it. Actually it very much came to my rescue after a debacle with an overly stripping clearing shampoo, but that is another tale. I was curious as to how the shampoo and conditioner (especially conditioner) compared with the mask.

With shampoos and conditioners I often find that while a first use can tell you a lot about the products, it is repeated use that really gives you a feel for the product. So what I tend to do is use the shampoo and conditioner on a day when I use no other products, no detangling spray, no heat protectant. then I let my hair dry naturally and then see how my hair performs. As I continue to use the products I will try pairing them with some of my favorite leave in conditioners, heat protecting sprays and styling products, but for this first use, the shampoo and conditioner stand alone.

To the shower, Batman!

Well not showering with Batman, but well you get the idea.

Before you turn on the water I would recommend opening the bottles. I know, that sounds like a silly reminder however as easy as the pull tabs are to remove and open the bottles, they are less easy with wet hands. So open them first and save yourself the trouble of trying to grip wet plastic with wet fingers. Otherwise they are super easy to open.

Wash and Air dried before the comb

This set is designed for dry hair. I know some people have very dry hair all of the time. I know some people have very oily hair all of the time. I can actually use both products for oily hair and products for dry hair. I generally trade them out. In the summer time the sun will dry out my hair, but then walking makes it incredibly greasy. So I use dry shampoo as a quick between washes fix, which also dries out my hair. In the winter I don’t spend as much time in the sun, so no sun drying, but also not as much sweating and then the central heat dries it out. So Sometimes I use products for dry hair, sometimes for oily hair and sometimes products for all hair types.

It why I often have more than one bottle of shampoo open at a time. My hair’s condition depends on what I’ve been doing to it and in my life. The only issue i have is if the shampoo and conditioner are too moisturizing.

The comb

So We start with the shampoo. It has a light fresh mango scent that is not too sweet. However once you start to lather it into the hair, the mango more or less fades. There is a very fresh scent to the shampoo though. It lathers quite well, which I also like. I know the bubbles aren’t actually required for cleaning but I like them. Growing up my Dad described soap bubbles as prison cells for dirt. the dirt became trapped in the bubbles as you wash your hands and then the bubbles haul the dirt and germs away. So even though the lather isn’t an integral part of the process, I really enjoy a good foaming lather, which this has. It also didn’t feel heavy on my hair.

And then I moved on to the conditioner. I will admit, I had a moment of trepidation. the conditioner looks and smells almost exactly like the Mango Hair mask. I know, it is from the same line, but the hair mask is very good at infusing moisture into the hair. And while I like the mask for a once a week hit of moisturizing goodness, I thought a conditioner might be a bit much.

I should not have worried.


It looks and smells the same but it is much lighter on the hair than the mask. I applied the conditioner and made certain to massage it into the ends. At the moment my hair needs a really good cut so the ends need a little extra help. I let the conditioner sit for two minutes while I shaved my legs and washed the rest of me, then I rinsed it out.

Even while wet in the shower, my hair felt soft and manageable. There were no major tangles in the shower. So I turned off the water, toweled my hair and let it air dry completely. And then, I introduced the comb. In general, unless my hair has been stripped dry, I don’t get a lot of tangles except at the ends. (hence the reason for the extra conditioner at the ends).

just combed out (no other products)

It will tangle more when it is as long a it is now. This is why I usually use the One Hit Wonder from The Mane Club. It is a detangler and heat protectant so it helps on both counts. But a this was the shampoo and conditioner’s first test, I went without.

The comb went through like a dream. I have pretty thick hair and it has been known to snap off the teeth of combs if i don’t use either a leave in conditioner or a detangling spray. I was able to comb out my air dried hair completely with no problems. My hair is soft and shiny and doesn’t feel weighed down by too much moisture.

So clean, dry and combed through I sniffed my hair wondering if it would be mango infused. It isn’t. My hair smelled like clean hair. There was no lingering fruit scent or scent of any shampoo or conditioner. with the mango Hair mask I do get a slight hint of Mango left behind. There is none with the shampoo or conditioner. Just clean hair remains. So if you are sensitive to scent, this might be a product you might want to look into. It is delicate in the shower and gone when the hair is dry. Over all I was very impressed with this First Use of the Klorane Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner with Mango. I can’t wait to see how it performs as I work my way through the bottle.

The Shampoo Surprise

As many of you know I was working through a bottle of the Zents Mandarin Shampoo and the Water Conditioner. They were quite fabulous and I highly recommend both of them. If you are especially sensitive to scented products, this might be a good treat for you. While they are scented, the scent is mild and fleeting, a brief delightful whiff before they are gone.

I posted a final wrap up about the Mandarin Shampoo, but because I use less conditioner than I use shampoo (due to masks and leave in conditioners rotating in and out of my routine) I still had some Zents Water Balancing Conditioner left over.

I also have several sample sized shampoos in my collection that I want to try out and see if a full bottle trial is for me. I thought this was a perfect opportunity.

It didn’t go as planned.

The first shampoo I tried was the SOLU Clarifying shampoo from Davines. I have tried a couple of shampoos from the brand before and they worked out pretty well for me. So I had high hopes. I expected that I would think it was a good shampoo and then debate over whether the scent was right for me and try to decide if I wanted to try a bottle.

My shampoo and conditioner list is a bit all over the place. Color Wow Color security Shampoo and conditioner are on the list of favorites as is Suave Rosemary and Mint. I really enjoy both products. If a product makes it onto the list then it is because I have tried it and liked it enough to buy it again. I have a lot of hair and it is pretty thick. When it is healthy, I feel pretty. When it is not doing well I feel bad. I know this about myself and don’t mind spending extra money on hair products. Also if a cheaper hair care product works well, I will roll that into my routine. (I think Suave Shampoo currently runs about $2.99 a bottle). what matters is that it works and it feels good.

Admittedly when I am not testing a shampoo or conditioner, I tend to use the cheaper products during the week and then after my weekly workouts are through I ‘treat’ myself to a pricier shampoo and conditioner. Kind of like giving myself a home salon visit.

But that is beside the point.

My hair is long and thick. It desperately needs a cut, but I am holding off until the heat breaks in September and I can start wearing it down more routinely. It is dyed. I get the eSalon Custom Hair kit once every four months. In between I use the root touch up to keep the roots covered. Over all it is, at the moment fairly healthy. Part of that is because I haven’t been going out much in the past year (obviously) and styling has mostly involved a bit of the Color Wow Dream Coat to keep the humidity from turning me into a frizz ball.

One of the products I use routinely is the Mane Club’s One Hit wonder spray. While it is a fantastic heat protectant I have been using it mostly as a detangler and letting my hair air dry for the most part. I also use a leave in conditioner on the ends (partially because they need the help as I have been putting off the hair cut and while the ends aren’t really split they tend to get a bit dryer than the rest of my hair.)

I know that is a lot of background for a shampoo sample.

The thing is, the SOLU Clarifying Shampoo stripped my hair. I very quickly used up the last of my conditioner, finding myself using more of it to balance it out. I also found myself Using the One hit Wonder Spray more because my hair kept getting tangled. At the moment I am using both the Klorane Mango leave in conditioner and the Mango Hair mask.

With the leave in conditioner I was using a pea sized amount on the ends of my hair. I tend to use a little more in the winter, but in the summer, this is usually enough for me. With this shampoo I realized I was using a quarter sized dollop of the leave in conditioner.

In addition, I was using the Mango Hair Mask from Klorane more often. Typically I use a mask on my hair once a week. It is a nice treat for my hair but it isn’t overly moisturizing so my hair is healthy but not bombarded with product. I know I reviewed this Mango Mask from Klorane before, but I just want to reiterate, it is a really good mask. So is the leave in conditioner by the way.

however with this SOLU Shampoo I was masking mid week because I felt my hair needed a little extra help. I realized how much extra product I was using (mostly because I had to re-order my One Hit Wonder and I hadn’t expected to for a while – It is an $8 product so as fabulous as it is, it doesn’t break the bank, but each bottle lasts a pretty long time too) and I stopped using the shampoo. It is definitely a no buy for me.

I was kind of irritated that I let my desire not to waste product have me using the shampoo longer than I did, so instead of breaking out the next single sample of shampoo I planned to try, I went right for the Kerastase.

I have a Sephora Insider’s account and each year you can choose a small birthday gift product. I chose the Kerastase Nutritive Shampoo and Conditioner set. I’ve used Kerastase products a number of times and I absolutely love the brand. In the last few years I have tended to go more for their Genesis line than anything else. (although the Serum Fortifiant has to be one of my favorite products from the brand. It is pricy but you use so little that it lasts for a really long time).

Because this is a set and I knew I liked the products, I was planning to hold off on using them while I tried out some new things. However if there was a time for a nutritive blast for my hair, this was it. So I opened the package. While the Mango Klorane line will take you on an instant tropical vacation, the Kerastase products whisk you off to a high end salon. The scent of the products is salon-esque and As I used them i could practically hearing a qualified stylist clucking over my not terminating my shampoo trial earlier. It didn’t help that I also trimmed my bangs a little too short a few days prior so i could feel the imaginary expert’s disappointment as at least my shampoo mistake could be corrected.

The Kerastase Nutritive shampoo smelled of the salon and create a thick rich lather. I rinsed it away and applied the conditioner. Again, there was the salon scent. I let it sit as I shaved my legs and gave the rest of me a wash. I actually just picked up the Olay Fresh Outlast Orchid and Black Currant Body Wash. Not only is it a fantastically hydrating body wash, but the scent oddly enough really complemented the Kerastase, which I hadn’t expected but found rather nice.

I rinsed out the conditioner, let my hair dry naturally and added no leave in conditioners or detangling sprays. I then took a fine toothed comb to see what the results would me.

Silk. That was the result. My hair felt like silk and there were no knots or snarls. When my hair is this long it almost always gets some snarls when I comb it out for the first time after air drying.

Not this time.

There were no tangles, my hair had body, the faded highlights from my last dye (it is time for a new eSalon custom color order)were teased out. My hair looked good and felt like silk. The salon scent faded back as my hair dried, although my babydoll said I still smelled ‘fancy’.

So I learned that while I don’t have issues with other davines products (even though they aren’t my favorite) the SOLU Clarifying shampoo is not for me. I learned that while I can make up for an overly clarifying shampoo with a Klorane hair mask and leave in conditioner double punch, I should really just stop trying to use up the shampoo that isn’t working. I have also learned that it is never a bad thing to have a little Kerastase on hand. My hair is now back to feeling fantastic and as a result, I feel really good.

It’s Hair Mask Time with Klorane

Klorane Nourishing mask with Mango

I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical when I opened the package from Klorane and saw a lot of Mango themed products. Don’t get me wrong, I love mango. It is a frequently purchased fruit in my household. I was however worried it would be either a little too tropical or too sweet or even too perfume-y.

If you’ve eaten mangos then you know mangos can fall into all of those categories. Some are ripe and delicious, some have a more pronounced vanilla flavor than others and others really do stray into the perfume section. With those, i tend to pair them with honey and yogurt in a smoothie. I find the greek yoghurt really tames down that flavor.

But this wasn’t about taste, it was about scent. Specifically the scent of the Klorane Nourishing Mask with Mango.

Still, I like Klorane products and I like mango. Perhaps it would be a good pairing. So I tried it out.

You know what? It was. The mask has a lovely tropical scent to it, but it is not overpowering. It is present, but it doesn’t dominate. And the scent dimms once it is actually on the hair. Once the product was applied to my hair I could close my eyes and feel as though a mango plant with ripe fruit was planted outside of my shower, but not feel like I was swimming in a smoothie, if that makes sense. It was just the right amount of scent. In addition the scent didn’t last past the shower. There was a light sweet scent to my hair when it was dry, but it wasn’t extra mango tastic wherever I went. which I kind of appreciate. In fact I think it is aptly named. It is a nourishing mask with mango, not a mango mask.

But although scent is a major factor to me, the product has to work. According to the website…

This 2-in-1 deep conditioning treatment provides long-lasting nourishment and hydration to dry, dehydrated hair. The plant-based mask seals in moisture and adds shine, without the weight. Can be used as an overnight mask.

  • Deeply nourishes the hair without weighing it down
  • Provides long-lasting hydration, softness and shine
  • Multi-use for an in shower treatment or overnight deep nourishment
  • Hair’s ability to lock-in moisture is strengthened
  • 8x more concentrated than conditioner
  • 98% natural origin ingredients
  • Biodegradable. Vegan
  • 100% recycled and recyclable jar

The fact that it is biodegradable and that the jar is not only 100% recycled but also recyclable, made me very happy. I’ve gotten in the habit of reusing any skin or haircare product container that can be reused but I am thrilled to see that it can be recycled if I don’t find another use for it. (A lot of my containers are now used for seed starting in the spring. Yogurt containers too, in case you were wondering.)

To test this I did first use it in the shower and then again I used it as an overnight mask. First the shower.

As I stated above, it had a pleasant but not overwhelming scent when used on wet hair.My hair was soft and shiny after using it and felt very hydrated. It has a thick consistency, like a soft butter, but it fairly melts into the hair with no harsh rubbing needed. I did find that when using this mask, you need to skip the conditioner. I know that is probably a no-brainer for most of you out there, but I get into the habit of shampoo, then conditioner followed by whatever else I am doing. When using this mask in the shower, skip the conditioner. Pair it with your favorite clarifying shampoo and then apply the mask after washing.

I tried it with my clarifying shampoo and it worked well. I also tried it with the Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying scrub with sea salt. When used the scrub replaces shampoo. Adding the Klorane nourishing mask right after in place of conditioner is just an amazing tag team duo for a little extra fabulousness.

But it pairs well with any shampoo,really, just skip your conditioner.

Trying it as an overnight mask was interesting. I have long and rather thick hair. So I applied it to the dry strands, twisted them up and put on a shower cap not only to keep the hair in place while I slept, but to keep it from getting all over my pillow (instead of staying in my hair).

The next morning I washed it out. My hair did feel nice and silky soft and well nourished. It might have felt a slight bit more nourished than when I used it in the shower, but to be honest, I couldn’t tell that much of a difference in my hair from when i just used it in the shower. The additional time did let the product sink in a little bit more so that was nice. I also needed slightly less product.

At the moment though my hair is fairly healthy. I think if I had a lot of damage from hot styling tools and other intense damage the overnight mask would have been fantastic as it would give my hair time to absorb it. I can see using this mask overnight when I did have some intense damage to take care of. However I think for me, if i am going to leave it on a longer period of time I would pick a day when I was working alone at my desk (or a weekend day) and apply it in the morning and rinse it out in the evening.

Part of that is that I just don’t like sleeping with masks on my hair. well actually it isn’t the mask I mind, it’s the shower cap. I think that the desk method would work better for me. I think I would use the mask over a longer period to deal with more damage or if it was a day or two before I was going somewhere and wanted my hair to look absolutely fabulous. As it is, I will happily use this mask in my once a week hair masking (usually Saturdays) until the mask is used up. And then I will repurchase it. The Klorane Nourishing Hair Mask with Mango worked as fantastically as every other Klorane product I’ve tried and I am now much less hesitant to try out all of the other mango scented products that were sent to me. I have a couple of shampoo samples I want to clear out, but soon, I will see how the mango shampoo stacks up to the mango mask. If it keeps pace, I will be a happy camper indeed.

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Trying out the Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind Avocado + Kiwi Mega Moisture Superfood Mask

In my house Saturday night is hair mask night. We’ll we do other things as well. we don’t sit around thinking Oh hair mask night, highlight of the week. It is however the night that I tend to treat my hair to a little extra something special in the form of a hair mask.

With mosk skin and hair care products I generally find that it is through repeated use that I can tell how much I like them. Hair masks are sort of a special category. Because they aren’t used every day, at least not by me, I can generally tell if I like them in one use.

I generally pick a hair mask that suits my hair’s needs at the moment and then see if the mask addresses them in that moment. It is probably why I find hair masks so satisfying. There is little waiting for a cumulative effect for most of the, There are some exceptions of course, but in general, you know if you like them with one use.

It is also what makes sample sizes so perfect. This week’s sample size is the Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind Avocado + Kiwi Mega Moisture superfood mask. It is a deluxe sample size and even though I can tell after one use how much I like it, the tube had three uses worth of product in it and this was my third use of this mask. The tube is now empty.

According to the product page…

For those with dry, dull and parched hair. This protein-free, nourishing hair mask is proven to boost moisture for softer, smoother and more manageable hair after 2 uses. 97% Naturally-Derived, Vegan & Cruelty-Free.

The first thing you notice when opening the mask is that it is green. I don’t know why I was expecting it to be white. I think it is because most maskst tend to be white or at least white-ish. But given the avocado and kiwi, the green makes sense. Given that I have been spending a lot of time in the sun, my hair does qualify as dry and parched, at least those were the concerns I went after this week.

This mask smells lovely. It actually smells a bit like candy to be honest. Very sweet and fruity. It has more of a kiwi sort of smell than anything, except the slight tartness I associate with kiwis is missing. I like the scent. It is quite delicious.

The mask applied well, it provided moisture and rinsed out easily, leaving my hair clean and hydrated. There was no heavy residue. It is a good mask. Is it my favorite mask? No. Don’t get me wrong it is a nice mask and there was nothing wrong with it. In fact if I received another tube in a subscription box I would be thrilled and I would use it. However I don’t think I would purchase it. I actually proffered the moisture in the Mane Club’s Cry Baby Mask, It made my hair soft, hydrated, silk and very manageable. To be honest, it worked a little bit better than the Briogeo. It was also $3 for a pouch that gave me between three and five uses. This mask is $38.

And it isn’t just the price. I also get better results from ESPA Pink Clay hair masks and at $72 per jar, they are more expensive than this Briogeo mask. I just find this Briogeo Mask to be very middle of the road in terms of results. It isn’t the best, but it isn’t bad. Would I use the Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind Avocado + Kiwi Mega Moisture superfood mask again? Yes, it is a good mask. However, there are other hair masks, both more and less expensive, that I do prefer. It is simply not as stand out as some of the others and would not be my first choice when buying a hair mask. It is nice, I just probably won’t be repurchasing it anytime soon.

The Daily July 1st, 2021

Oh my darlings we have made it to July. I have no idea where june went. It sort of flew by in a haze of stress and pain. Quite frankly i am rather glad to see the back of it.

I have high hopes for July.

And a good feeling.

Today there was an early morning walk to get the blood pumping through the veins and the limbs moving. My legs have mostly recovered from the bike ride earlier in the week. I really do have to figure out a way to set some sort of timer on my bike rides. Perhaps i just need to simply set an alarm on my I-pod so that it interrupts the music when I’ve reached the halfway point.

Its just that once I get going, I tend to stay moving until I have gone way past the point where i know I should have stopped.

I’m sure I will figure it out though. And I do have time. The days are getting hotter and while we may still have a splash of a cool day some time, July and August tend to be brutal here so i am not counting on it. I doubt I will manage to get my bike out again until September.

But the walk was nice.

And the mail actually came early today. Guess what arrived?

My order from The Skin Store. They had a sale going on for Grow Gorgeous (25% off) and since I have been liking their Overnight Hair mask (The review of which I will try to get posted next week) I decided to take advantage of the sale and pick up a shampoo and conditioner set. I am still using (and loving) the Zents Mandarin Shampoo and Water Conditioner so it will be a while before I get to try this out, but i did want to take advantage of the sale. It is still going on by the way, I’ll post the link below for those interested. I figure that my Zents will last until close to the end of the summer and then I will switch up the shampoo and conditioner sets as fall descends. About that time my dye kit from e-salon will come in and while I will probably still dye my own hair, I will be getting a professional to cut my hair.

I have come to the realization that I am useless with anything but trimming the ends. At this point there are no layers left in my hair and that someone other than me really needs to be in charge of trimming my bangs. I made an absolute mess of it this last time. You’d think I’d get better, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. At least by fall they will have grown out again and need a trim, instead of being the overly short and not quite even set I have now.

Yeah, everyone has their own skills and talents. Cutting hair is definitely not in my wheelhouse. while it is good to branch out and try new things, sometimes it is also good to know what you need to delegate to someone else.

As for today’s makeup, I’m afraid there isn’t any. Today I decided that since i wasn’t going to really see anything but a few dog walkers on the walking trail and my computer screen, I would let my skin have the day off to breath. tomorrow i will start testing the natasha Denona Foundation. Doday, I have gone au naturale. Sometimes, you just gotta let the skin breathe.

And now it is time for me to get back to work. I’m hoping to clear off enough paperwork that tomorrow will be a nice and easy slide into the weekend. I’m not counting on it, but hope does spring eternal. I hope the rest of your day is absolutely fabulous.

4th of July Sale! Up to 50% + Extra 10% off Best-Selling Skincare

First Impressions: Zents Mandarin Balancing Shampoo and Water Hydrating Conditioner

Last week I was sent a lovely package from the brand Zents.  It included a collection of samples from their Eau de Toilette collection (ten scents in all) and a set of their Mandarin Balancing Shampoo and Water Hydrating Conditioner. While I will get to the perfumes, each in their turn, it is time to begin the shampoo and conditioner trial.

I know some of you may be familiar with my shampoo and conditioner process and others are just tuning in.  If you are new welcome, if you have been here before, welcome back. While a first test of a shampoo and conditioner can tell you if it is something you want to try or if it is definitely not for you, I typically find that often as I use the product sin my hair my opinion sometimes changes.  I’ve tried several shampoos that I adored on first use, but by the time I made it midway through the bottle I was ready to chuck it. I’ve tried a couple that didn’t thrill me at first, but by the end of the bottle I was sad to see the bottle emptied.

So I tend to do multiple posts about a shampoo and conditioner set as I work my way through the bottle.  That way I am actually fair to the product. The first of the posts is the First Impression post where I am just getting to know the products, the second is posted when I am about halfway through the bottle and the third will be at the end of the bottle when there is no more product.  Sometimes I reach the end sad at the empty, other times relieved.

So this is the first of three posts on the Zents Mandarin Balancing Shampoo and Water Hydrating Conditioner.

First off, I like the pump bottles.  I really like the way they dispense the product and I like that I can tell the levels of product.  If I like and routinely use a product, then I like to reorder it before it actually runs out and bottles like this let me do exactly that. It isn’t a major thing, but it is something that I like.

I have been a big fan of Zents Bath Truffles for a while now.  Mandarin is actually my favorite scent for those actually. The products in the line from shampoo to body wash and bath truffles are designed specifically for those who are sensitive to scent. 

Use code ZENTS15 for 15% off site-wide! Shop now!

While the owner and founder’s inspirational story can be found on the website, I’m not going to repeat it here, mostly because it is just very well written there.  I highly encourage you to read about the foundation of the brand.  There is one line that I have to quote because I really just loved it.

“We call our scents our “liquid memories” because they draw upon the brain’s powerful ability to connect scent to memory. With our scents we can relive our favorite moments.”


While I absolutely love scents, a lot of the time my sense of smell will help me determine whether or not I like a product.  Just recently I tested a perfume from Kierin NYC that I had a hard time actually describing because it smelled exactly like sitting in the sunroom with my mother when I was a child.  It was actually difficult for me to sit down and break that perfume into actual scent components.

While I do like scent, when it comes to a lot of hair products I often have some issues.  My hair is long, it is thick and it traps scents.  Sometimes it is an acivity scent,  If I am working in the kitchen and slow cooking items I will often carry that scent around with me.  Sometimes I like the scents of hair products, other items I don’t but whatever they are, they will usually stick with me for a while so I do judge shampoos and conditioners first on scent and then on how they work.  I know that sounds kind of strange but If I don’t like th scent I won’t use it no matter how good the product works.  I recently tested a shampoo and conditioner set like that.  The product worked well but the scent was not only strong and not to my liking, but it overpowered everything else.  I couldn’t wear perfume or even scented lotion because it clashed with the scent of my hair.

Now because I have used the Mandarin Bath Truffle I was prepared for the scent of the mandarin Shampoo.  I was wondering how different it would be.  The result is not different.  The scent is, as one would expect, orange. However it reminds me of the frozen pops my mom would make when we were kids.  Not the store bought kind but the kind where she just poured juice into reusable plastic pops and put it into the freezer.  We had a juicer when I was growing up and for frozen treats my mom would juice whatever fruit was in season. 

When it came to oranges, even frozen, you could smell the scent of orange.  It was blunted by the cold of the frozen pop, but you could still get a whiff of it.  That was the strength of the orange. When I dispensed it into my hand.  It was there, but not over powering.  When I applied it to my hair and began lathering, the scent was a little stronger, partially because it was closer to my nose and partially because of the steam in the air. I always find heat tends to intensify scents, at least to me.

When I rinsed my hair, the suds slipped off down the drain taking most of the orange scent with them. 

Then of course, came the conditioner.

The conditioner is not Mandarin scented, so it isn’t reinforcing the orange scent, which I liked. The scent of the conditioner is called Water.  I’ll admit, when the scent of water comes to mind it is a fifty/fifty shot if my brain goes to the beach or the mountains.  Part of me thinks of the ocean and the other part thinks of the cool green scent that always lingers around swift moving streams in the mountains where  I used to hike.  I read the description to see which I should expect.  The description of Water is…

WATER: Refreshing & Renewing: blue chamomile, coriander, lemon, mint, anise

Luxurious, color-safe WATER Conditioner nourishes all types of hair, delivering intensive moisture with 100% organic shea butter. Rich jojoba extract guards against sun damage and imparts manageability. Icelandic moss and Sunflower Oil fortify the hair and protect against breakage. WATER Conditioner leaves hair full, vibrant, and lustrous.

I’ll admit, I thought those scents would make it a bit strong as those are some pretty potent scent notes.  If you do a lot of baking, you know that those scents can easily dominate. They don’t. And it isn’t the massive scent bomb I feared. It is a light delicate fragrance.  The lemon and mint I can detect a little in the freshness that is leant to the floral that I am guessing is the blue chamomile.  It is lightly floral, with fresh notes and just a hint of spice. 

I’ll admit, I didn’t get the hind of spice until I washed it out.  And once the conditioner was in, I no longer had any hint of orange.   It is like the conditioner said, ‘thank you for coming’ and sent the scent on its way.  Not that the conditioner lingered for much longer.  Most of the scent dissipated when the conditioner rinsed out. By the time I stepped out of the shower, my hair just smelled clean.  I couldn’t detect anything but clean hair.  I got my babydoll to sniff and he asked if I was trying to trick him because there was nothing in my hair. 

As this was the first impressions of the shampoo and conditioner, I towel dried my hair and let it air dry naturally.  I put no additional products in it.  Since whenever I dry my hair I use a heat protectant spray, I didn’t use my hair dryer.  I also added no leave in conditioners and even skipped this week’s hair mask.

Don’t get me wrong, I will be using those items moving forward, but for the first impression, it was the Zents Mandarin Balancing Shampoo and Water Hydrating conditioner only. I also held off dying my hair (even though my new eSalon kit had just arrived) so that the products would stand alone. 

And wow, did it stand. 

When my hair was dry I ran my fingers through it to see how tangled things were likely to become. I had no tangles and my hair felt luxuriously soft. It felt light and not weighed down and I had fewer fly aways than usual.  In the photograph in this post, my hair is air dried and brushed through.  There is no styling as both the styling and styling products might skew the first thoughts.  I have to say I was very pleased with how my hair looked and felt with just a simple brush through after air drying.  As I make my way through the bottles I will do a dive into ingredients and discuss some of the ingredients that I think my hair is responding to as well as talking about how they continue to respond to the shampoo and conditioner.  There will of course be other products used so I’ll get to see how they interact with each other. But thus far in this first impression, I am absolutely thrilled with my hair. I can’t wait to see how this plays out as I work my way through the bottle.

Hiding the Grays in the Camo Mist (from eSalon)

As many of you know from previous posts, I routinely dye my hair. After losing my stylist (she moved, nothing untoward happened to her) I tried box dyes and then tried eSalon. They very kindly gifted me a selection of their products and I absolutely adored not only their hair dye but the well thought out way they arranged things.

Try eSalon Today! Only $15!

You can read my full review of the dying process by clicking this link, if you are interested. The short version is that their system takes into account how your hair color works with your hair from root to tips and provides you with easy to follow instructions on every step of the process. It seems like a lot of steps when you first see it but it is really easy to follow and I ended up with great results. I also like that their profile was details and their color selection was something I could play with so that I could get exactly the shade I wanted. If you are looking for at home custom color, I very much recommend them.

I actually reordered my color and will very shortly be eliminating my roots with a shipment that I paid for this time from eSalon. I think it is going to be my go to hair color for a while. I was thrilled with how it worked out and how long it has lasted without fading. Admittedly, part of that may be due to the Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner from Color Wow that I used throughout.

However, if you notice in the pictures below I really should have re dyed my hair quite a while ago. While my still dyed hair looks nice, the roots do not. It is, surprisingly intentional. I deliberately let the roots grow because I wanted to test out the Camo Mist from eSalon. I ordered it when I placed my hair dye order and it is in the same color as the hair dye that I ordered. I have to say I was a little hesitant about the concept of the Camo mist. I figured it would be like spray painting my head (and in a way it is) and I had bad images from baldness cures running through my head.

I was also intrigued by the product. I figured that if it worked then I could keep my roots touched up and extend the length of my dye so that I wouldn’t have to dye it that often. While the eSalon dye was gentle and i didn’t have a lot of breakage, in fact my hair is actually quite healthy at the moment, I still like to stretch the time between hair dyes because I feel the less I dye it the healthier my hair will remain. So I had my fingers crossed when I tried this product.

I have to say I was very impressed. I did run a comb through my hair just to see if the spray would flake off in case you are wondering why one side looks combed and the other didn’t.

When i sprayed it I kind of worked it into the hair as well. The nozzle for the spray is perfect for that. It has a small tip to direct the spray to exactly where you need it. The spray is light and has a sort of hairdresser’s scent to it. It smells like a salon. And it made my bathroom smell like a salon, which was kind of nice. I went rather light on the spray because I didn’t want to overload my hair with product. I think if I went a little heavier there would be no seam showing between my roots and the rest of my hair.

targeted nozzle

The product matched well because it was the same color as my hair dye and I think it is a very good way to extend the life of your dye. When you spray it, the product does go in wet. The label says to leave it to sit for a minute or two, which I did. After two minutes I touched the top of my head and my hair was dry. It has a slightly odd texture to the hair. While it feels weightless, when you touch it, you can tell your hair has something in it.

The texture feels a bit like you sprayed heavy duty hair spray into your hair and then brushed it out. You know where you’ve brushed out the spray so that the hair isn’t stiff any more, but you can still tell that there was a product in your hair? That is the same feeling.

Because of that, I think there is a practical limit to how long you can let your roots grow while using this to disguise it. I don’t mind using it on the top of my head, but once it got past the crown and extended down the sides of my head I don’t think I’d want to use the spray. I think it is definitely a product to use on the top of your head. For me it hid the grays and blended in with the hair. I think it is also very good for those sneaky grays that just sort of wait until I’ve dyed my hair to pop out of my scalp and laugh at me. Their taunting time is now at an end.

The comb didn’t dislodge the spray or eliminate the coverage, but when I washed my hair the Camo Mist rinsed right out with no residue left behind. It didn’t cover my scalp in the deep auburn hair color, but stuck to my hair which I liked. It made me feel less like i was spray painting my scalp. It is essentially not noticeable except by touch. I think that I will be using this spray until I do redye my hair. As I ordered the same color from eSalon, the Dark Auburn, I will keep the Camo Mist until the next time my roots grow out and then use it to touch up until I feel it is time to dye my hair once again. If you are ordering hair dye, I would highly recommend adding the Camo Mist to your shopping list. It isn’t very expensive ($15) but I know when I like how my hair looks, it makes me feel like a million bucks. And since the same people are creating your custom color, you know it is going to be the perfect match.

Getting a Bad Attitude with The Mane Club

As I’ve mentioned before each Saturday I treat my hair to a hair mask.  The mask I choose generally coincides with my hair’s needs.  Too much dry shampoo that week?  Let’s look into a scalp scrub.  Hair looking a little dull?  Why not something to bulk up the shine?

While I have always indulged in hair masks when I can, it was always sort of an afterthought. In the past year I have been on my own with my hair (aka sans stylist) and as a consequence I’ve had to pay more attention to it than I usually do. While I’m not sure trimming my own bangs can be considered a plus, in fact, I am pretty sure I am getting worse at trimming them as time goes on, the hair masks are a benefit. Because I can’t just make an appointment to deal with whatever is going on with my hair, I have started evaluating it like I do my skin and treating it according to need, hence the pre hair masking self questionnaire. Hair masks have really been a lifesaver and I am now in a routine of the once a week evaluation.

This week I pulled the Bad Attitude Volumizing and deep conditioning mask from my collection of products to try because my hair was feeling a little flat.  I believe this one came to me in a Glossy Box Mystery Box a while ago. Glossy Box remains one of my favorite subscriptions and while they don’t do their mystery boxes often, they do have limited edition boxes come out routinely. The next one is the Glossy Easter Egg which looks fantastic. But more on that later, back to the mask.

It is a Mane Club Hair mask and I have generally found that my hair reacts really, really well with Mane Club Products and my frugal side loves that they are only $3 each (they sent a package to me a while ago with products to try and I have been loving all of them.  Incidentally, their One Hit Wonder Spray I repeatedly mention and adore is  also featured in the buzzfeed Article – 25 Hair Products That Come Recommended From Hairstylists – It is number thirteen, I personally think it should have been number one, but that’s just me, maybe they had to build up to its fabulousness.)

So what does this volumizing mask do? I know a very unnecessary question, but let’s see what the product information has to say anyway shall we?

Hey babe, we’ll help keep your attitude and hair in check with this volumizing hair mask.


• Volumizes

• Strengthens

• Deeply Conditions

SCENT: Peaches

DIRECTIONS: Apply this goop to clean, wet hair, leave on for up to 5 minutes and rinse. Each package contains 2-3 uses.

The Mane Club

All of their hair masks that I have tried have given me three consistent uses and even though this was my first time using this mask, I know I have enough product for two more uses.  As always when faced with a packet like this, I dispense it into a separate container.  I generally find that the jar is not only easier to use, but also lets me more easily see how much product I am using so I don’t go overboard and try to use the entire packet in one sitting.

This time, I used an old Sunday Riley CEO Vitamin C Moisturizer jar.  It is a nice cream by the way, especially at night.  I’ve used it several times in the past and probably will use it again. The formula is good, the scent is like an orange creamsicle and the jar is also nice solid glass making it reusable. The mask fit perfectly inside. 

What I like to do with five minute masks is to wet my hair down with a spray bottle (this one came from my local Target.  They have them generally in the hair care or travel container sections.  I have found it is really useful  for a variety of things and rather inexpensive to boot.  I generally keep plain water in it and if nothing else spray down my comb to run through my bangs when I wake up and they are all wonky. It’s a super quick life saver.

But it is also good for hair masks. 

So I sprayed down my hair until it was wet (I put a towel on the floor first so it was not wet) and then I applied the mask to my hair, used the clip to wrap it up on top of my head and let it sit for five minutes. 

my non hair dryer drying procedure. I know, soooo high tech

Actually it took me almost exactly five minutes to gather my fresh clothes, go into the bathroom strip down and let the shower water heat up. Then I rinsed the hair mask out and let it air dry.

Because it is a volumizing mask I didn’t want to use my hair dryer to give it extra bulk it might not have.  I also didn’t want to add a heat protectorate spry over it in case it adjusted the product as well.  The first time testing a mask I like to just use the mask.

So that is what I did. 

I kept my hair in the towel for a bit to keep it from dripping, then let it air dry and ran a brush through the then dry locks.

I have to say my hair feels thicker.  It also feels silky soft.  There are a few fly aways so I will be taming them with the One Hit Wonder when I go to use my Revlon Curling Brush on my hair to actually style it. But I have to say that as always I am thoroughly impressed with The Mane Club. 

Pre mask on the left, post mask on the right. The slight curl in the left is due to holdove styling while the right side has only been dried and brushed not styled.

I was expecting volume and even with the note about deep conditioning on the label, some how that didn’t register at all. I only saw the volume. While I like the name Bad Attitude and I think it suitable, I think that because of the name I really had it in the back of my head that tangles and possible frizziness would go along with the volume. They don’t. I think it is just the word bad hat put the thoughts there. The conditioning aspect is really nice. It is also really hard to show in static photos, or in anything not in person really. It is a touch thing. My hair feels really soft and nourished.

And yes I did get volume. I also need to remember to wear light colored shirts when taking hair pics so things show up better. My hair was thicker and fuller after using the mask and to be honest, as strange as this sounds it really showed up when I wore my hair in a high ponytail. The ends didn’t look as thin and I was actually asked if I filled my hair out with anything. This mask is definitely going on my list of products to be ordered again. Which means that as far as hair masks go, I am sitting at three for three. That is a really good success rate.

I know I sound really surprised. I shouldn’t at this point, they make great products. I think that I’ve been a bit conditioned into believing that price equals quality and that expensive is always better. Truthfully with the exception of the t-shirts on their site, no product they currently offer is over $10. The masks are all $3 each (and you get three uses out of each) and their fabulous One Hit Wonder is only $8 and it leaves more expensive products in the dust. I still see the low price and am shocked by how well it works. I’ll get over it, but this is one hair care brand I am going to pay attention to even when I do finally begin the quest for a new hair stylist (my salon closed before the pandemic due to a rent increase and my stylist moved with her husband across the country – Colorado I think, but I could be wrong).So even when the world shifts back into a more regular everyday pattern I may be on my own with my hair care for a while.It is good to know what products I can trust while I search out a new stylist.

Incidentally, The One Hit Wonder is the March Product of the month for The Main Club. You might want to check it out, and maybe pick up a few hair masks while you are there. I can personally recommend Cry Baby, The Expert and Bad Attitude. I’m sure once I try more, my recommendations list will grow. It’s just that sort of company.

Trying out the Expert Procrastinator Anti Frizz Hair mask from The Mane Club

As many of you may recall from previous posts, I tend to treat my hair to a mask once a week (usually on Saturdays).  Recently Mane Club sent over a lovely package with their One Hit Wonder 10-in-1 spray (which I adore) and several of their masks for me to try. 

I’ll admit, I knew very little about the brand before they gifted me items to try so I looked into them as well as their items.   The brand is a relatively new one, started in 2019, which made me feel better about not recognizing them immediately.  It also makes me glad that I didn’t spend a lifetime not knowing about the One Hit Wonder spray. That would just have been too sad.  I can live with a few years though.

The brand is located in NYC and all of their products are vegan and cruelty free.  They are also what the brand calls junk free, which means they contain no sulfates, parabens and phthalates. I know, that list is often tagged on products these days but a simple break down is this:

Sulfates: can strip hair dawn making it dry and brittle, can also cause irritation in the skin like redness dryness and itching.

Parabens: Can cause dryness and itching of the scalp, hair loss and the fading of your color.

Phthalates: Can cause reproductive issues, increase the risk for breast and lung cancer and can cause or worsen asthma (among a long list of other possible dangers.)

While that is just a simple synopsis there are hundreds of articles and research papers out there by much more scientifically minded folks than me and if interested I would highly recommend checking some of them out.  But what it basically boils down to is that Having products with none of those three ingredients isn’t just some marketing ploy, it is actually really good to see that they are eliminated from the list.

You know what else is good? The fact that all of their hair care products are offered for less than $10. (technically their t-shirts are more than ten dollars, but all of their hair care products are under $10.  Yup that One Hit Wonder spray I love and keep raving about – even in a post about a hair mask – is only $8. I don’t mind paying extra for good hair care products, but I also don’t think it is a necessity.  If I can stock my hair care with affordable products that work fantastically well, then I am all in.

This Expert Procrastinator is the second mask I have tried from the brand.  The first one I tried was the Cry Baby repairing mask (retail $3) and I really enjoyed it.  There were a few things I noticed when I used it that I will be applying to the Expert Procrastinator as well. The first this is that Like Cry Baby, Expert Procrastinator comes in a tear open pouch.  While these pouches are super easy to tear open, even with wet hands, there is enough product in each pouch to give you three masking experiences.

Yes I procrastinated taking the tape label off of the reused jar. I have since replaced it.

What I like to do is take an empty jar and empty the pouch into it before I apply the mask.  This way all of the product is secure, I don’t add too much to my hair thinking that I need to use up the pouch in one sitting and in generally it just makes everything work a lot more easily.  I generally keep old glass moisturizer jars to reuse.  Often they end up getting used in my greenhouse, but they are excellent for use here.  By design most moisturizer jars keep product out of the sunlight and air so I know the mask will be safe.

For the Cry baby mask I ended up using the Volition Celery Green Moisturizer jar (excellent moisturizer by the way).  It is also the perfect size for the mask.  And as last week I finished the last of the Cry baby mask, it is freshly washed and ready to use for the Expert Procrastinator.  I just have to take my masking tape label off of it and put on a different masking tape label. Labels are key to not confusing yourself with the products. It is amazing how helpful masking tape and a sharpie can be.

But while I squeeze the mask into a new jar readying it for use, let’s look at what to expect from the Expert Procrastinator (other than expert procrastinating).

Hey babe, we all deserve a lazy day. Just relax and we’ll do the work for you with this frizz control hair mask.


• Smooths Frizz

• Hydrates

• Deeply Conditions 


DIRECTIONS: Apply this goop to clean, wet hair, leave on for up to 5 minutes and rinse. Each package contains 2-3 uses.

the mask in the jar is enough for three sessions

I love that it has a simple list of what it does.  This mask isn’t trying to do everything.  It is focused and I like that.  My hair often has different issues depending on the time of year and what horrors I have inflicted upon it in the recent past. Because of this I generally like to keep an array of hair masks (a masking library of sorts, that I can consult each week when I choose that week’s mask.  Do I feel like I have dry shampoo build up on the scalp?  Well, I have a mask for that.  Has my hair spent more time with the flat iron than usual due to an overwhelming number of meetings?  Well I have a mask for that too.

This week frizz control and deep conditioning sound like just the thing for my hair, which is why I chose this particular mask from the selection in the drawer.

The process of applying a hair mask is very simple.  You can do it in the shower or not.  I tend to like the outside the shower method.  I use a spray bottle  (picked up at Target for a dollar or so, I can’t remember the exact price as I’ve been using the same one for about 5 years at this point) to damp my hair, apply the mask, use a clip to secure the mask covered hair to the top of my head and then leave it sit for five minutes before jumping in the shower to rinse it out. 

I like this method because I don’t feel rushed.  I don’t hae to stand around in the shower, peeping out through the shower curtain to see if the timer is about to go off.  I also don’t have to risk soaking my timer from the shower.  I can apply the mask, gather my clean clothes for the shower and get everything ready.  By the time I’m ready for my shower, the five minutes have passed and I am ready to rinse the mask out continue with the rest of my shower.  I also generally apply a face mask while my hair mask is in.  I tend to avoid clay masks when I do this and stick to the more gel like masks.  Today I’m going with the Vichy Mineral Masque which is one of my favorites. Since I only have five minutes I apply a very thin layer and most of it is well absorbed before I get into the shower.

So this is what I did with the Expert Procrastinator mask. And how was the experience you ask?

Well, first off the scent is delightfully pear.  And yes the mask does say Pear scented, but I quite frankly didn’t think to look until I was applying it.  Personally I love the scent.  The pear is lightly sweet, not like sugar was added to the scent but more like the sweet scent you get when a pear is warm and ripe and just perfect to pull from the tree and eat. (we had a pear tree when I was a kid.)  It is a fantastic scent and I wish more products had the scent in it. 

The hair – no frizz, smooth soft and fabulously conditioned, although my bangs really need a trim.

The scent fades almost as soon as the mask is applied though, so it is a temporary delight.  It returns a little bit once you start rinsing it out in the shower and when dry if I press my hair to my nose I can smell a faint whiff of pears.  It is light and you really have to search to find it, so if you are bothered by lingering scents in your hair, this is not going to cause you any trouble.

In the shower it rinsed out well and even wet my hair felt that softness of conditioning.  But the proof is in the hair later.

So I finished my shower, toweled off and dressed and then went to my hair dryer.  I recently picked up the Revlon Laser Brilliance Shine Hair Dryer and I have to say I am really enjoying it.  I planned to do a bunch of research and but the fact is that while I don’t mind air drying my hair in the summer in the winter I just hair having the wet hair on my neck any longer than I have to. It just takes a really long time to dry on its own. This was the dryer Target had in stock so I figured it would do for now.  I really like it thus far. I think it was around $29 at Target and comes with both smoothing and volumizing attachments, in case anyone is looking for a decent affordable hair dryer.

And so how did the Expert Procrastinator do?


For this test I didn’t use any kind of other post shower product, I just blow dried my hair about 90% dry and combed it out while I did. Then I let it dry the rest of the way on its own.  While I will use a heat protecting spray in future uses (as I still have two masks worth of product sealed away in my jar) I had no issues with tangling and my hair came out soft and well-conditioned.  There is no frizz even though the heater is on in the house and I can feel the dryness of the air around me. And while my hair felt fantastic on the day I did use the mask it also felt really nice on the following day as well. 

This is definitely a mask I will be reordering and keeping in my arsenal.  I already put Cry Baby on the list to order and I will now be adding the Expert Procrastinator as well. I still have one more mask that The Mane Club sent for me to try out and that is the Cha Ching Moisturizing Hair mask (with a cherry Scent) and in addition I received the Mane Club’s Bad Attitude Volumizing hair mask that I received in a Glossy Box Mystery box to try out before I place my order. The Bad Attitude is listed as having a sweet and spicy scent so I am actually really looking forward to seeing what that scent is like. 

And no it isn’t just the scent I am curious about. I am curious about the volumizing aspect as well since sometimes volumizing products work well in my hair and sometimes they don’t.  Thus far everything I have tried from The Mane Club has worked well.  I’ve tested three items (the One Hit Wonder and two masks) and all three have made it onto my reorder list.  As all of their masks are $3 ordering a bunch of them to keep on hand is no hardship.  The trick is waiting until I’ve tried the ones I have so I know what I want to order.  I suspect that when I do order my favorites I am going to end up ordering several of their other products just to try.  With each product offered for under $10 how can I resist?

Putting on a Dream Coat with Color Wow

Have you ever stepped outside and had your good hair day turn into frizzy poof? 

Given that I live in a rather humid climate, this is not an uncommon event for me. This is one of the reasons I was so happy to try the Dream Coat from Color Wow when they sent it over to me.  I heard friends rave about it, but had not tried it before myself and so was happy to put it to the test.

I had pretty high hopes as I am currently loving the Color Wow Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner and adore the Dream Cocktail.  If Color Wow produced those items and still considered the Dream Coat to be one of their top products, you know I had to try it.

So first let’s look at what Dream Coat is.  According to the website…

This product is for: anybody who’s hair is affected by humidity. Ideal for frizzy, wavy, curly or coily hair. And coarse, dry or dehydrated hair. If you have color-treated or keratin-treated hair. Great for use on wigs, extensions and hair pieces. 

  • Acts like a mini Keratin treatment
  • Transforms all hair types, creating silky, glossy, frizz-free results
  • The key to Chris Appleton’s glass hair styles
  • No sulfates, no conditioning agents, no parabens, cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan

Requires blow drying to activate. Shampoo, condition, towel dry. Divide hair into sections. Spray liberally and evenly on DAMP (not wet) hair. (Do not apply other styling products while the hair is wet, you can apply styling products after completing the Dream Coat blow dry.) For best results, use every 3-4 shampoos.

Aqua/Water/Eau, Dipropylene Glycol, Polysilicone-29, DMDM Hydantoin, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Silicone Quaternium-18, Butylene Glycol, Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, Trideceth-7, Trideceth-12, Phenoxyethanol, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower, Extract, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Potassium Sorbate, Potassium Benzoate, Citric Acid FORMULA #703-0

Color Wow website

Okay, I wanted to get the how to use in there as well because not all hair products require heat to activate and because of the warning that you need to forgo any other products prior to use. Which for me meant no Mane Club One Hit Wonder Spray to detangle after my shower.  I have to admit, it is getting hard for me to remember not to reach for it as it is now my standard after every hair wash.

But to test The Dream Coat I set it to the side.

So let’s look at the actual product, now that we know reasonably what to expect. First it comes in a bright silver pump container that I personally find aesthetically pleasing to have out on the counter. It is however very hard to photograph as it reflects everything around it.

with the cap on

I like the pump as it makes it very easy to dispense and I have to say, I really like the little plastic cuff that locks down around the spray nozzle.  It locks it into place so that it doesn’t spray when you put it away.  Right now I have the spray on my dressing table with my currently in use products, but periodically I have to clear the top of the dressing table off because I need more space for something that I am doing and it is good to know that if I do have to temporarily put it in a drawer I can lock down the spray and not waste product.

If there is one thing I despise it is wasted product.

the sturdy plastic cap

So I washed my hair and towel dried it so that it was damp and not wet.  Actually, I tied it up in the Glov Head Wrap while I got dressed after my shower.  The Glov Hair Wrap came in a Look Fantastic box a while ago.  I’m sure those fibers have had something unnatural done to them, but that hair wrap sucks excess water from my hair like a vacuum.

So hair damp, but not wet, I relocated to my dressing table where the Dream Coat and my hair dryer waited.  I don’t know why but I expected some sort of gel or stream to come out of the spray nozzle when I dispensed it. I think the spray top just has that look to it for some reason.  However what comes out is a fine mist. I split my hair into sections and applied the spray to my hair.  I then picked up the blow dryer and got started with the drying.

My hair is relatively thick and has some slight curl to it naturally.  The longer it gets, the less curl it has as the weight of my hair tends to pull it straight.  In high humidity, the underside of my hair tends to poof up a little as the shorter strands underneath get more curl. The top of the hair just sort of gets a lot of fly aways. If that makes sense.  The longer strands on top are pulled down by weight but propped up underneath by humidity induced curl underneath. 

In general getting my hair to lie flat when humidity is high involves a lot of product and it is usually so heavy that it makes my hair look greasy.  This is the reason I spend most of the summer time with my hair twisted up on the back of my head. Somedays fighting the poof is just not worth it.

The Dream Coat was extremely light weight.  In fact it was really hard to tell I sprayed it into my hair at all. I kept the first use light as I didn’t want to overdo it.  I figured I could always add more, but I can’t take product out unless I wash it all over again.

First day

I was very impressed with the way the Dream Coat worked.  As I blew it dry I straightened it with a comb and by the time I was done, my hair lay flat, the underside poof gone, the fly away’s tamed and my hair looking silky and smooth. As we have been sitting at 60% + humidity where I live lately, this was quite the feat.

Because of my hair I did notice that I needed the Dream Coat more on the underside of my hair than I did on the top. The top was mostly to keep the fly aways down. Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled it did that, but it did require less product to accomplish the task.

I was extremely pleased with the results. But it does not only promise one day results. Oh no my darlings, this is a product that is supposed to work for three to four shampoos. 

So I had to put it to the test. 

I wash my hair every other day.  Any more and no matter how fabulous the shampoo, my hair feels stripped and behaves badly. Because I am trying to lose weight and working out, I do rinse my hair and use dry shampoo on the days I don’t wash my hair. The dry shampoo I use is the Klorane Nettle infused shampoo for dark hair targeted for oily hair. I flirt with other dry shampoos but always end up coming back to Klorane. So it was the dry shampoo I tested with the Dream Coat as it is my standard.

I used the Klorane Dry Shampoo on the day I didn’t wash my hair.  I did my standard use:  Spray, wait two minutes and then brush out the dry shampoo. There was no issues with the two being used together.  The Klorane worked as it always did and the Dream Coat continued working as it did the first day I applied it.

On the day I first used the Dream Coat, I washed my hair shortly after lunch and then dried it. I then went through the rest of the day, had the second day where I used the dry Shampoo and then on the third day I waited to wash it until around nine o’clock at night. The fly aways were still tamed but I could tell that the underside of my hair was just starting to lose its sleek straight look.  The rise wasn’t much, but I could tell it wouldn’t take too long before it started to have the humidity curl.

And so I stepped into the shower, washed and conditioned my hair and then stepped out of the shower.  I again deployed the Glov Hair wrap.  This time however since the Dream Coat is supposed to work through 3-4 shampoos, I didn’t apply the Dream Coat when I blew my hair dry.

Do you know what, my darlings?  The heat from the dryer reactivated whatever product was still in my hair. It wasn’t as fantastic as the day I applied the Dream Coat, but it was clear the product was still holding its own against the humidity.  It again was working well the following day when I again deployed the Klorane but by the time I was ready for my next hair wash it was clear there was little product left. When I dried it after my shower, the sleek effect was gone and I needed to use my detangling spray.

The product listing says that the product will last through three to four washes.  While no details are given about that I am fairly certain that it was tested with people who wash their hair more than I do.  As it is the product kept my hair in excellent condition with one application for four, almost five days.  I’m guessing that in testing it, they washed the hair every day which would give you three to four days with one application of product.  As I managed nearly five, I can’t complain.  Applying this Dream Coat into my hair once a week is certainly no hardship.  It is a slight mist with no scent to it whatsoever and made my hair sleek, shiny and kept the humidity at bay. 

I weighed the bottle both before and after use, but only one application of the product used so little that the scale didn’t actually register any change.  I think after a month or two I would have used enough product to be able to see a change on the scale and divide the numbers up to see how much product each use actually used but my scale was not sensitive enough to register one use as having any product missing from the overall weight.  Given that I only need to use the product once a week, I’m betting this 200 ml bottle will last quite a while.  Specific math will have to wait on that.

I will definitely be keeping track of it though.  While I am certain this bottle will last me into the spring and probably well into the summer, I want to figure out how much I use now with each use so I will do the math sometime before summer humidity arises.  Then my area has long stretches where 80-90% humidity is the norm and my hair remains tied up at the back of my head.  I am hoping that with the Dream Coat I might actually be able to have a couple of days here and there where I can actually wear my hair down.  As it is, I am definitely going to continue enjoying my once a week application of the Dream Coat.

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