Weekly Weight: Still no scale

Yeah. Turns out I was thinking 30 days and the person who challenged me thought it was until the end of September so My first new official weigh in will be October 2nd and not today.

So one more week without the scale.

I will still do the month in review here and then move forward next week. I strongly suspect I have gained a bit of weight over the past month. That could just be my orderly soul wanting exact measurments and projecting it’s unsettled feeling of being unable to check, but I think it is true.

I also think it is less about the scale and more the official weigh in at the end of the week that keeps me more on track. As I’ve been discussing the scale, even if I couldn’t use it, a lot this month this is the conclusion I have reached.

Each friday morning I get on the scale and see what effects my efforts throughout the week have had in black and white figures. Or at least digital figures. I then, because of this site, have to type in the numbers to let the world (or anyone reading this post) what those numbers are. And I post a picture of the scale so I can’t lie about it. Knowing that I have to do that helps keep me motivated.

Plus there is the past factor. When my weight started ballooning up, I stopped getting on the scale. I simply stopped weighing myself. When I actually committed to losing weight I got on the scale for the first time in at least five years. Before then I hid from it, both the scale and my weight. Committing to a weekly weigh in makes me not hide from it. It forces me to stop and think about my decisipons once a week if nothing else instead of drifting.

There has been a lot of drifting this month. I also have my babydoll who has taken advantage of the lack of scale to start slipping more meat themed meals into the menu plan. I can’t blame him, I let him do it. He’s had some rough instances with crazies at work lately so I didn’t hold as strictly to the standard one dinner with meat per week plan that we have been following. And it isn’t that I’m blaming meat per say, but those nights tend to be heavier meals anyway. Mostly because letting him have those meals is what gets him to agree to more veg heavy meals throughout the week and then Friday is the ‘treat meal’. If he’s craving a breaded pork covered in a sauce made with mushrooms, white wine and heavy cream, then that is the night. I take a smaller portion and admittedly add my friday night treat of an icy cold martini (Plymouth gin, Noilly Prat Vermouth and olive juice, if you please). Of course even the martini is a reasonable size as my martini glasses are straight out of the 1950s instead of the giant glasses as big as my face.

The problem isn’t the Friday night indulgences so much as the fact that he’s sort of had his friday meals creep to Wednesdays as well for a mid week pick me up. Which in all fairness, I let him. So even though the martini stays on Friday, the indulgent meal has doubled. Having the scale as sort of definitive proof that i don’t need to be doing that (although I know I don’t need to be doing that) will help me wrangle the meal plans back into place.

I think the weather change will help with that as well. While the cold veg meals such as the spring roll salad get us through the summer months when it is too hot to turn on the oven for very long, my baby doll tends to find the hot veg themed meals much more soul satisfying. I believe this will aid my wrangling quest.

I know, a lot of navel gazing for a Friday morning. But sometimes, my darlings, one has to spend a little time looking within if the goal is self improvement. which in this case has more to do with understanding the role of the scale in my life instead of actually thinking about weight loss.

So next week is the official October weigh in. If I’ve lost weight – great. If I stayed the same, fine. If I gained weight I will accept that it is not the end of the world, take it as a new start and continue moving on. I will be disappointed, but I will survive. I am willing to accept whatever outcome it is. Because in the end this month was about healthy thinking more than anything else. The reason I am losing weight it to make myself healthier and happier, with fewer aching knee and ankle joints. It is not about the number on the scale, whatever that may be, even if I do squeal and dance as the numbers descend. The happy dance is just for me (and really shouldn’t be seen by anyone else – I’ve heard there are petitions).


The Daily: August 26th, 2020

This morning I woke up on time but ended up hobbling to the bathroom to begin my day. My abs were more or less okay. I don’t know if I’ve been working on them enough that they took yesterday’s work out in stride or if they decided to remain quiet and let other body parts take the complaining spotlight.

The tops of my thighs ached today.

Let me say it made today a bunch of fun. I was fine once I was in place. I could sit for long stretches with no problem. I could even walk with no real issues. It was the standing up and sitting down parts that got me.

Today I lived the law of inertia. An object in motion tends to stay in motion, and object at rest tends to stay at rest. That was me today. Once I committed to sitting, I was willing to remain sitting. Once I got walking, I was willing to remain walking.

I did not do an additional workout this morning even though I was awake early enough to get it in before starting work. I just couldn’t face getting down onto the floor. I strongly suspected once on the floor I would remain there for the day. I’ll do the workouts tomorrow but I think this week those are going to be Tuesday/ Thursday work outs. Next week maybe I’ll get Monday/Wednesday/ Friday set. I think I need a day between attempts.

I did get a walk in today. A good long two hour one. Mostly because I knew that once I sat down I wouldn’t want to convince myself to get up again.


Aside from being betrayed by my thighs (which to be fair I probably betrayed them first by not using them as often as I should) my day has been pretty good. I am well within my calorie range. An ad campaign I saw earlier has me craving strawberry ice cream which is kind of an odd craving for me. I like strawberry ice cream but I don’t usually crave it. I blame advertising. Someone is very good at that job. Or maybe not. I can’t actually remember what they were advertising. I just remember the ice cream. I don’t think they were actually selling ice cream though. There is however no ice cream currently in the house. Mostly because my baby doll went out and panic shopped meat a few weeks ago so we have a freezer full of meat. If you are craving bratwurst, my house is the place to be. Not so much for the strawberry ice cream. Probably a good thing for my calorie counting, but still disappointing when I opened the freezer.

So that is me today. I hope that those of you working on your own get fit plan are doing well , staying on whatever course you’ve charted and not in too much muscle pain. And if you are working out in the great out doors, remember, sunscreen and water. They are your friends and it is rude to ignore your friends.

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Weekly Weight: 202.8 lbs

August 14th, 2020

This week felt really good. I was able to get back to a more normal footing, so to speak. Not all my exercise involved my ProsourceFit arm weights. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, and I still did the arm movements when at my desk for a little extra movement, but it was nice to walk again.

And the weather sort of cooperated. It was a little cooler, although more humid and prone to afternoon showers. But I managed to get my slow and steady walks in during the cooler mornings when the sun hadn’t turned the air’s moisture into a complete misery. And my ankle didn’t balk once.

The trick for me is going to remember to keep up my food diary. I noticed that as I started walking more again, I started to forget to write things down. If I’ve realized anything on my enforced slow down of the past couple of weeks its that I need to do both. I need to watch my caloric input as well as my output if I want to manage my weight loss. I still can’t believe how off track I got by thinking that at this point I knew what I was doing.

So the food scale is out again and the measuring cups have reappeared for more than just baking. Because clearly I need the record. Thinking I was doing the right thing without double checking let all sorts of bad habits creep in, especially since my baby seems to think a pandemic means stockpiling snack foods and then slowly eating them throughout the month before they go bad. Sweets I can avoid, pretzels and dip I have a harder time with. Measuring them and counting the calories helps.

I know it’s not exactly new information. Every person on the planet trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle knows this. I just needed the reminder.

Also I started timing activities this week and I am starting to come up with a set schedule for the upcoming week. In my work life I find I am far more productive if I have a check list where I can just mark things off each day. I figure, why not try that with my exercising. After all when I go to the gym I do a specific number of reps (or time) at each machine moving in a circuit, so why not try it here? I’ll be putting a preliminary test routine together this weekend based on my notes from this week. I don’t know if anyone is interested but I will post my preliminary plan either Sunday or Monday. I’m sure it will be tweaked, but you might find it interesting to see what I set up.

But for now, the stats.

Starting weight: 246.0 lbs

Weight Last week: 203.8 lbs

Weight this week: 202.8 lbs

Weight loss this week: 1.0 lbs

Weight lost thus far: 43.2 lbs

Weight left to lose (apx): 79.8 lbs

I know I say this periodically, but take my weight left to lose with a grain of salt. It is an estimation. When I started my diet I asked my doctor for a healthy range for my frame and I found that at that time exactly half of my weight was within that range. So half of my body weight is the number I chose for my goal. I may approach the goal and decide that another number works better for me. I just needed a goal to more or less work towards. When I reach the stage where I feel healthy and look healthy, I will stop losing weight. The scale is a tool to help me reach a healthy weight not a flat out goal.

I feel I needed to say that this week as I had a conversation with someone who seems very obsessed with the numbers the scale reflects. While that may work for some, I personally think it is healthier to just use it as a tool and an estimation rather than to fixate on a number. I just needed the number to represent my goal of a healthy weight. The goal is health not some external ideal.

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Weekly Weight: 205.6 lbs

June 5th, 2020

It is finally Friday. This has been a long one. I think part of it was because I was out of the house more than I have been in a while. Don’t worry, I had my face mask. To be honest I think the change in my weight this week was due to just sweating in the heat while standing around. I certainly didn’t get in all of my normal walks.

I have to say, one thing that came in super handy this week were those Busy Beauty Body wipes. I may not have had to avoid the black showers of doom in my gym but I threw a hand full in my bag when I went out and while I used one, I shared with those around me, Let me tell you the peppermint cool was much appreciated on sun fried arms and legs. As my neighbor pointed out, we have now entered the season where we have the air you can wear. Seriously it is the fashion accessory no one wants, but you can’t leave at home.

This season comes between the spring rains and summer drought, in case you are wondering.

Its when all the rain that fell sort of hovers for a last goodbye before disappearing. You know, for that extra special touch that makes you wonder what you did to anger God. Or maybe not the big god, maybe like one of the little imps from Dante’s Infermo taking a short vacation from the seventh circle or maybe the eighth. It’s been a while since I read Dante.

Maybe I’ll read it this weekend. After I order more body wipes. Seriously, they are far more useful than I anticipated. Hopefully the new batch will be used in happier times.

Speaking of happy, despite everything I smiled when stepping on the scale this morning. It was such a weird week I had no idea what to expect. Exercise was strange and almost non-existent and food was really hit or miss rather than anythinglike a scheduled meal. It was a pleasant surprise and I’m trying to be very low key about actually passing the 40 lbs mark. That particular mark has made me exceedingly paranoid, so I’m not going to talk about it, just smile quietly to myself and list the stats.

Starting weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s weight: 206.4 lbs

This week’s weight: 205.6 lbs

This week’s loss: 0.8 lbs

Total lost thus far: 40.4 lbs (squee)

Total left to lose (apx.): 82.6 lbs

Okay, quiet giggles of personal glee, and off to work for the day. With everything going on this week I am so far behind and will be spending much of the day trying to see a reasonable dent in my inbox. I’ll be posting the Makeup Bag post right after this and then later today (hopefully after a mountain of work has been cleared) I will be back for the Friday Face Mask. Hope everyone has a good Friday.