IT cosmetics Confidence in a Compact Review

The front package, complete with my photo taking reflection.

Fall is in the air, or at least it should be according to the calendar and who am I to argue with the calendar.  Actually I do argue, on a routine basis, not that it helps, but that is another story.

And with the autumn comes the autumn beauty routine change up.  Or at least planning the seasonal line-up. During the summer, unless I am going to a function that is completely indoors and well air conditioned, I skip the foundation step of my routine.  I tend to go with a quick primer mixed with sun screen and topped with a dash of powder to finish it out and kill the shine. 

So in the autumn my thoughts turn to foundation.

A few years back, during my holiday travels, I had an explosion of foundation. My brother’s dog, a very friendly Burmese mountain dog who likes very much to believe his is a lap dog of Lilliputian dimensions, greeted my arrival with great joy, causing my bags to fly and me to sit on my rear end in the middle of the yard, arms full of over a hundred pounds of wiggling fluffiness armed with a slobbering tongue. While my hind quarters survived with only a slight tender spot to mark the abrupt meeting with the ground, my bag landed badly on the concrete sidewalk hitting just right to cause a direct hit and subsequent explosion. (I also lost a small vial of perfume so it was a heavily scented as well as messy loss, should you want to picture the scene).

While I have learned to anticipate the routine joyous attack, protecting the breakables and adjusting my stance for impact, I thought it might be fun to try a solid foundation for possible use in travel. After all, it isn’t just flying dogs that cause breakage.

The sponge applicator and it’s plastic holder account for some of the bulky packaging.

With this in mind I picked up two separate solid foundations, one drug store and one not, to test out. I decided to go with the not test first. So the first test I did was on the IT Confidence in a Compact Foundation with SPF 50+  in the shade, fair. It retails for $38.

Interior showing the product, this is the shade fair.

According to the website:

Developed with plastic surgeons, Confidence in a Compact Foundation with SPF 50+ is your innovative solid serum foundation that delivers all the skincare benefits of your #1 anti-aging moisturizer*, Confidence in a Cream Moisturizer, plus flawless full coverage and SPF 50+ physical-only sunscreen—in one simple step!

Just a swirl of your foundation brush or the included makeup sponge activates the proprietary solid serum technology, transforming the solid formula into an ultra-lightweight serum foundation for mess-free, weightless coverage that feels like nothing—but does everything for your skin!

Bold statements indeed.

Me with freshly scrubbed face and nothing on the skin, hair tied back so as not to distract

Normally leery of multi-tasking products, I have no problem with sunscreen being added to my foundation in most cases.  Sometimes it affects the foundation, but the concept is one I like, especially since I tend to forget the sunscreen once the heat fades. I know the sun is just as damaging on a sunny but cold winter day as it is on a hot sunny summer’s day, but it is the heat that reminds me I need to add the sunscreen. I think my saving grace on that is that I spend as little time outside as possible once the temperatures drop.  I am one of those people who can take a lot of heat, but doesn’t deal well with the cold. My darling love (who ADORES the cold) tells me I am part lizard.

Because the claims involve a moisturizing component, I left the moisturizer out of my morning routine for this test. I did not miss it.  My skin felt well moisturized and not at all dry throughout the day.  But I am getting ahead of myself.

My skin with just the foundation. It sinks in well with a little greasy shiny spots, and isn’t really full coverage. It doesn’t sink into and exaggerate the fine lines around my eyes though which is a bonus. I am not wearing any concealer under my eyes.

First, the application.  The compact comes with a little sponge.  It and the plastic flap that holds it are part of what makes the packaging so bulky. I’m not really a fan of the bulky packaging but if it works well, I’ll live with it.

I tried using the included sponge, but felt like the product was staying on the sponge rather than going on my face, so I ditched the sponge. I then tried dipping my foundation brush in the product, but it sunk in and was over loaded with product.  I resorted to dipping my finger into the foundation drawing lines on my face with it, then using my foundation brush to spread it out to cover everything. That worked well.

Once I found an application method I liked, it went on smoothly and like the product claims, it felt weightless. It is however not what I would call full coverage.  It was light to medium coverage.  In fact, it was light enough that I had a hard time using my concealer with it.  I tried, then had to remove both it and the foundation and start again because the concealer was more full coverage than the foundation and it looked strange.

I don’t know if it is the inclusion of the SPF or the moisturizing component but after applying it I felt that my skin looked a little on the greasy side.  Since I applied powder over it, I didn’t worry too much about this aspect at the time.

Face complete. I went with a very neutral look for the day and clearly forgot to smile. I’m not a big morning person, smiling comes after coffee and this was pre-coffee intake.

So I finished up the look and went on my merry way. The items on my face over the foundation are the usual ones I use, but the eyeshadow was new.  Along with the foundation I was testing the longevity of the Violet Voss palette, more on that in the palette review.  I just wanted my face to be the standard things with the new foundation. (Incidentally that was the Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder and the Tarte Park Avenue Princess bronze and contour and Smashbox liquid lipstick. I went for a straight up neutral office look for the day.)

End of the day, looking a little greasy but everything more or less stayed where it was supposed to. There was no settling into fine lines, at least not that much and no pilling around the nose area especially. Plus there is better light here, which I need to remember when taking photos, sigh.

Seven hours later, my day pretty much over, coffee and lunch consumed, I took another photo.  I deliberately avoided mirrors throughout the day because I knew I would touch up things if I did.  As you can see from this photo, I am looking a bit on the greasy side in the T zone. There is however no pilling of the foundation or wearing away.  It stayed put, but just bled a little oil through my powder.

I think a lunch time blotting and powder should help that, but it is definitely something to keep in mind.  Wearing it again means that I will have to check on it to see at what point the oil starts coming through. It is a foundation that needs a little monitoring rather than one you can apply and then forget about through the day.

That being said, it feels weightless on the skin and when I removed it, my skin felt as though it had been well moisturized.  Usually my skin feels a little dry right after I take off my foundation. Since I take it off when I wash my face for bed, then apply either moisturizer or a night mask, that doesn’t bother me. The oil through the powder is the price you pay for that moisturization though, so you’ll need to decide if you want to do that trade off.

I don’t think this will be my go to daily foundation, as I don’t always remember to stop by a mirror in the course of my day and would very easily forget to powder my T-zone. I do think it would be good to travel with as it performs well and lasts throughout the day.  Plus, I tend to do a face check more when traveling, more to make sure I didn’t spill or smear anything on myself with snacks and whatnot, but I would still see the shine and apply powder.

It is most definitely not a full coverage foundation.  Personally, I like that as I tend to go for medium in that regard, but if you are looking for full coverage, this is not it.  I would say that this foundation performs well for the $38 price. I do not feel like I have overspent and wasted my money, nor do I feel it is worth more than its retail price. Next in this solid foundation testing is a foundation by Neutrogena, also with SPF 50 mixed in.  I can’t wait to see how they compare. I’m kind of curious as to the grease factor and if it is because of the sunscreen or something else. Stay tuned and I’ll let you know.