The Friday Face Mask with Korres Hydra Biome

Korres Hyda-Biome Face Mask

I have talked about Korres before and I have tried several of their masks. The Pomegranate exfoliating mask remains one of my favorite. And while I love nearly everything I have tried from the Pomegranate line, I wasn’t the biggest fan of their rose line so I have put off branching out into their yogurt themed products.

Until today that is. The Korres Hydra-Biome Probiotic Superdose Face mask was offered for sale on the Boxy Charm add ons so I decided to take a chance and snap it up. (plus on the sale site it was $12 instead of the normal $49 so I thought it would be less of a risk.

Lately all of the ads I have seen for Korres feature one of the products from their yogurt line so I suppose it was time. I really hope they aren’t attempting to get rid of their pomegranate one though. So what is this wonder yogurt themed skin care product supposed to do? According to the product page…

This mask works to fortify your skin’s natural protective layer, often broken down by stress, pollution, diet and more. Through a clinically tested blend of superfoods, hyaluronic acid, and skin-rebalancing technology, it improves elasticity, radiance, and texture for a revitalized, healthier look. Key ingredients: – GREEK YOGHURT – delivers instant soothing, cooling sensation with a Superdose of pre and probiotics to nourish skin. MICROBIOME RE-BALANCING TECHNOLOGY – Cutting edge microbiome rebalancing technology clinically proven to balance your skin’s invisible microbiome to protect and relieve signs of stressed skin. – LACTIC ACID – a natural AHA that gently dissolves dead skin cells for a natural glow.

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Okay then, not a bad sort of claim. I respond well to lactic acid and I can always use a dose of prebiotic nourishment, so light the relaxing candles and bring on the mask. First of all I would like to say this mask comes in a really pretty frosted glass jar. I love masks in glass jars. I don’t know why but it always makes me feel like they are more luxurious. Plus when they are empty I can use them to start seeds in the spring. Seriously most of my seeds were started in glass Oui Yogurt jars or empty skin care product jars. Eventually they’ll make it to recycling, but for now they are being reused at home.

But I digress.

When opening the jar I found the typical plastic topper keeping the cream safe from the lid. Once removed I found a thick white cream that reminds me more of yogurt than face cream. It was kind of nice. I took a sniff, because you know I have to smell everything. It does not smell like yogurt. I was actually worried it would be like smearing my afternoo snack across my skin, but no, it is not. The scent is…healthy smelling. I know that is not a terribly great descriptior. It kind of smells a little like you just opened the dairy case in a healtfood store. You can smell the dairy, but you also know someone is stashing homeopathic concoctions somewhere nearby. It isn’t herbally, but it is like something that smells ‘good for you’.

after 20 min

And yes I have been thinking of that description since about noon and it is the best I can come up with.

It doesn’t smell like you are smearing yogurt on your face though, which is what I was worried about. So I was happy, and yes, the scent is going to bother me all weekend. You can rest assured my darlings that I will be thinking and ruminating on the scent trying to pin point it all weekend. I suspect it may come to me sometime in the dark hours after three am. Because I know I’ve smelled it before, I just can’t place it.

Okay so while my brain goes crazy trying to place the scent, I will apply it to my face. It goes on nice and smoothly. There are no solid bits in it. I expected that the mask would be cool and upon first application it was, but then it got a little war, I’m guessing that was the AHA activating and relieving me of dead skin cells. The feeling of warmth didn’t last long.

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As you can see from the pictures, as I sat for the twenty minutes with the mask on, much of the mask was absorbed into my skin. At the end of my masking time, I blew out the candles, washed off the mask and patted my face dry. My skin felt soft and refreshed and I think some of the redness I noticed on my skin was at least tamped down. Over all I was very pleased with this mask. I’m still not giving up my pomegranate themed line, but I suppose I can give yogurt more of a chance. Thanks Korres for suggesting I get out of my comfort zone.

Now freshed faced I am tackling the rest of my day. Burpee just delivered out live plants and soon we will have a bay tree in a large pot. For now it will live in the sun room. In a few weeks it will migrate to the back porch. And we will never go short of bay leaves for seasoning again. Once safely potted, I will get back to my writing. Then…then it will be the weekend. It is getting harder to remember which days are work days and which are weekends, but I hope you take some time off from working from home and do some fun weekend stuff. have a good one and I will see you back on Monday.


A few of my favorite things in 2019

A few of my favorite things from 2019

The end of the year approaches and thoughts naturally turn towards review.  In my mind I find events and decisions, both good and bad, thrown into sharp focus as I evaluate what I learned and what I want to revise about my life as I move into the new year. Should I try out more new walking trails in the area, should I attempt that weird machine in the gym that no one ever seems to use, should I try and make blancmange from scratch?

As is also natural, I also find myself thinking over not only the various products I’ve tried out, but the subscription services I’ve tried as well.  Some I will continue to use, others, I might allow to lapse.

The one subscription service that has never let me down deserves mention in this list of a few favorite things.  And that is Scentbox.

During this year I have had a subscription for a single monthly supply of perfume and I have increased it to two perfumes to try per month.  I have liked some and disliked others. There was one perfume sent to me where an allergic reaction caused me to test the return and exchange policy for the company. I put the subscription on hold for a month and then resumed. I have sent them questions and received prompt and complete answers. At every turn they either met or exceeded all of my expectations and so that is why, despite having several subscriptions that I really enjoy, Scentbox gets the list as one of my favorites for 2019.

My favorite perfume this year, found via scentbox

One of my favorite perfumes also came to me from ScentBox so I will move on to that as my next favorite. That perfume is Eau de Cartier by Cartier. It is soft, subtly and sophisticated.  The scent has become my current favorite for a night out.  I have yet to find a day scent I am willing to stick with as consistently, but perhaps that will come in 2020. I will certainly continue trying out new scents. Perhaps I will find a day time fragrance and perhaps I will find a night time one I like just a much if not more than Eau de Cartier, but at the moment, it is the unrivaled champion of the year.

For facial exfoliators, I have to give this year to Skin and Co’s Face Gommage. This was a surprise to me as I tried out quite a few this year and each time the new product was beaten by last year’s favorite Scrubatomic by Soap and Glory. I was certain nothing would come close to beating it, but in my December IPSY, this product arrived and I have to say it beat out Scrubatomic to take the 2019 exfoliator crown.

(Here she is its Miss Exfoliator – insert cheesy crooning lounge singer voice here please, thank you)

current favorite mask and primer

Balancing between exfoliator and mask, is the Pomegranate Resurfacing Mask from Korres.  While it is somewhat exfoliating, I’m putting it in the mask category of favorites.  It is a quick five minute mask that not only leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth but fresh feeling and looking.  Also from this pomegranate line by Korres comes my favorite moisturizer of the year.  The Pomegranate balancing moisturizer is one of the better moisturizers I tried this year.

The only time I had issues with it were in the transition weeks when the weather was switching.  Then I was torn between whether or not I was applying too much or too little.  For the transition times for moisturizer, I have to hand it to Purlisse Blue Lotus Moisturizer. This product rode those weather changes well and is one I will try again when winter begins to fade.

Before I completely leave exfoliators behind, I want to say one of the lip exfoliators I really enjoyed using this year was the ELF Sweet Cherry lip scrub.  It comes in a tube that looks like lipstick and is super easy to apply.  It is less messy than many other lip scrubs and works really well on dry winter lips.

ELF lip exfoliator in sweet cherry

As far as toners go, Thayers Facial Toner in Rose Petal is my current favorite. It feels nice on the skin, doesn’t smell like witch hazel and helps the pores on my nose look smaller.  It also got me an ‘I told you witch hazel was fabulous’ from some of my older family members when I went home over the holidays, but I won’t hold against the Thayers. I do still want to know who stole my bottle while I was home this year though. I took a bottle home with me at thanksgiving and it was mysteriously gone when I repacked to leave.

Clearly, it wasn’t just my favorite.

One final skin care item I have to mention is the Kypris Antioxidant dew serum. I love everything about this serum.  I love the scent, I love the way it absorbs into my skin and I love the way it makes my skin feel.  I will not only be using this product going into 2020, but I will be looking at others they produce to try out.  Hopefully other items work just as well. I can’t wait to find out.

To be honest, despite trying out numerous makeup products this year, as I review the year only three really stand out to me.  The first is the Yensa Essential Glow primer.  Not only is it a great primer under makeup but this summer when it was so hot that foundation was a laughable concept as it would either sweat right off or stay in place and cause massive breakouts from clogged pores, this was my favorite daily option. It has a slight tint to it and helps even up skin tone, but is light enough not to cause break outs.  As such there were many days where I wore it with no foundation at all.  As soon as it ran out, I immediately repurchased it and will be keeping it around.

The second item that stands out is the Trestique color+contour stick.  It is a cream bronzer, which I never thought I would like, but it blends out beautifully and stays put all day.  It is handy for travel as it is in a rather small container, and it comes with its own brush so a separate one doesn’t need to be packed. It is a great formula, just be advised that the magnet in the magnetic cap is pretty strong and will cause it to link up with any other metal object in the makeup bag.  It is a great help in retrieving earrings from the bottom of the bag, so there is that.

The third makeup item that I felt worth mentioning in my favorites of 2019 is the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara. I like the wand, I like the formula and of the multitude of mascaras that have come my way this year, it stands atop the pile as my favorite.

In the category of hair care, I have several leave in conditioner that I like and many different shampoos.  The product that stands out the most to me is the Beauty Protector protect and oil.  It is an Argan oil hair product that smells absolutely divine both in the bottle and in the hair. I think it stands out to me as I never thought I’d actually like a hair oil.  Surprisingly, this is very light weight and not at all greasy. I have long and somewhat thick hair and need only a tiny dab for my whole head.  It is great for taming flyaways, but I have found that if I rub a little on my hands and then rub it into the ends of my hair, I tend to get fewer split ends. Maybe it is just providing the ends with a little extra protection, but I really like it and plan to keep using it and to possibly give other hair oils more of a try in the future.

Finally, we come to and Cult Nail Lacquer. Not only is it a great nail polish that lasts quite a while without chipping, but I want to specifically mention the Doe My Dear shade.  It is a nice cool toned shade that is neutral without being beige.  It has almost a blueish cast to it and is great for daily wear.  It is also useful as a base for more jazzy gem stones or glitter polish as it serves as a nice backdrop to the shine.

I know there isn’t an item for every category of face, hair and body care, nor is there a favorite for every type of makeup product, but to be honest, not every category had a favorite this year. I tried many products in many categories and these are the things that stand out to me as I look back over the year. Perhaps 2020 will be the year of the eyeshadow or the face powder or even the foundation. 

Actually, as my favorite foundation was discontinued, 2020 may end up being the year of the great foundation quest. (begin the heroic dragon slaying music! I’ll go find my noble steed and makeup wipes.)

I’m not entirely certain what next year will hold, what trends will take hold or pass me by completely. Finding out is half the fun anyway.  I can tell you though, if glitter encrusted lips make a return, I will be passing this time.  I don’t mind flecks of glitter in my lipstick or gloss, but that fully packed on glitter lip from a few years ago, never again. My last attempt at trying it ended with glitter in my teeth that took two days, a tube of toothpaste and most of a bottle of mouthwash to finally remove. And it never looked quite right so I don’t even have one awesome picture from the ordeal. I had to replace my tooth brush, but on certain nights, I still think one of my back molars gleams. Beyond that, I look forward to trying all the new things this year brings to me.

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Face Mask Friday: Korres Pomegranate Resurfacing Mask

Face Mask Friday: Korres

Earlier this week I finished the last of my Christmas shopping. And now as I arm myself with scissors, tape and wrapping paper, I wonder, what exactly is it about this festive season that turns otherwise ordinary people into such utter savages?


When I reached the end of my list, I took a second to do a double check before checking out at the last store to make sure nothing was forgotten.  I lifted the hand containing the list up so I could read it and got elbowed fiercely in the spine by someone seeking the product display behind me.

Now I understand the day before rush when you realize you inadvertently left someone off the list.  I also understand the last item remaining scenario.  But this was the first week of December and there was an entire wall of the item she grabbed.  In addition, I don’t think she actually noticed me.  She shoved, she snatched and she ran.

See. Savages.

Still, after checking my list and determining no one was forgotten, I decided to treat myself to a little something. One of my favorite little indulgences is my weekly face mask.  While there are sleep masks that can be done nightly and other such things during the week, my indulgence is the Friday Face Mask. 

That’s right.  I have made it through the week.  I have completed all of my workouts and met my deadlines and or endured unspeakable horrors the likes of which should never be discussed (depending on the week). And so on Fridays I like to take just a little bit of down time, apply a face mask and spend just a few minutes just to be. No planning, not plotting no scheming. Occasionally I re arrange scheduling, because I can’t help myself, but no e-mailing or texting. I like to put the mask on, put my headphones in and just take a few minutes to clear out my brain.

Then of course I wash it off and get back to work.

But those few minutes each week are mine.

Some weeks they are a reward, and some weeks they are a commiseration.

Other times they are a simple moment of sanity.

This week’s mask, picked up when my spine was still sore, was hard to put aside and wait for. I tried justifying its early use, but my will was strong and I waited. The mask is the Pomegranate AHAS & enzymes Resurfacing mask from Korres.  I chose it for two reasons, well three if you count soothing my annoyance at other shoppers. 

The first reason was that I recently finished a jar of the Pomegranate moisturizer from Korres and absolutely loved it.  It made me very eager to try another product from this line. The second is that it is a five minute mask rather than a twenty minute one.

While I still need my few minutes of mental clarity, I am still trying to settle my schedule from the time off for the Thanksgiving Vacation. I’m not as stressed as I am some weeks so I didn’t need the twenty minutes of mental silence, but there is a long list of things to check off before I can head into the weekend.

So five minutes plus rinse time worked for me.

First a little bit about this product.  It retails for $34 and  is designed for oily to combination skin.  It is meant to be worn for five minutes (less if you are sensitive, I am not, at least skin wise. I have been known to get teary at anything involving a dog going to extraordinary lengths to get home, but if you don’t at least get misty at that you are probably a monster. no judgement, I’m just pointing it out.) and then rinsed off. It has glycolic acid and pomegranate seeds. It is also formulated without all of the things you don’t want in your skin care and you can use it up to three times a week.

So to the bottle.  It is a squeeze tube and when the lid comes off the scent is surprisingly pomegranate-y scented. I know I shouldn’t be surprised that something labeled pomegranate actually smells like pomegranate, but honestly, I wasn’t really expecting that as the moisturizer had very little scent.

It is a pleasant scent and I really like it,  so that doesn’t bother me.  In fact it was a nice addition to the face mask especially since they don’t really add anything to create scent, it is just sort of what the product smells like naturally. The mask has a slightly gritty texture, but it is a very soft grit, if that makes sense.  It is not like the products with the more sandy textures or with the harder bits included for exfoliation, it is more that it is just not a smooth cream, it has bumps.

I’m pretty sure the bumps are the pomegranate seeds.

As per directions, I applied it to my face, rubbed it around gently and then let it sit for five minutes before rinsing it off.  I did notice that the bumpy bits softened as it sat so I really do think they are seeds.  After the initial application there was a moment where my skin warmed slightly, but that went away quickly and I sat through the full five minutes with it on before washing it off.

And yes I use the face mask as an excuse to make faces at the camera, just accept that I am wearing a mask and blowing kisses at the camera and enjoy the love.

For the most part the mask rinsed off well.  It didn’t harden into a shell that needed to be chipped off.  I had to do one extra splash to make sure all of the seed particles were gone, but there was no real residue left on the skin. In addition my skin felt silky smooth and well hydrated.  As it is designed for oily to combination skin and I am on the combination end of that spectrum, I was slightly worried about my skin feeling stripped, but that was not an issue. 

The product page on this mask claims that it is supposed to improve skin texture, tone and smoothness. I have to say it met all three of those claims.

I absolutely adore this mask. While I will still use other products on Fridays, because I like trying new things and its really no fun for anyone if I review the same mask every week, I will more than likely be using this at least once a week as I really enjoyed the mask and the way it made my skin feel. Of course now I need to look into the rest of the Pomegranate line and see what other products they have that I might like.  So far they are two for two. I’ll have to look into that and get back to you.

Whether you use a face mask or simply take a moment of silence between meetings, I hope that you manage to take a little time for yourself as well, and if you are looking for a face mask, this is definitely one I would recommend trying out. It has certainly earned a spot on my shelf. Have a good weekend and I’ll see you next week, with another mask to try out.

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KORRES Pomegranate Balancing Cream Gel review

Korres Pomegranate Balancing Cream

I can BREATHE! That’s right my first of the season cold is gone. No more fever, no more chills just sweet, sweet oxygen and a world where not everything tastes like cough drops.

And just in time for traveling too. So no tissue filled sneeze mobile for me as I head down the highway. I suppose I can now remove the biohazard stickers from the side. That’ll probably make my neighbors happy too.

But that is not the point of this post. No this post is of the Korres Pomegranate Balancing Cream Gel and I have to say, this was an interesting trial for me.  I bought the cream, used it for a couple of weeks and then got a different cream in a subscription box.  I did my two week trial of that cream and reported my findings, then went back to using this cream. I repeated that again a second time and then just decided to finish the jar of cream before I reviewed it and I am pleased to say the jar is empty (and has been for a little over a week actually.)

And yes, I scraped that last little bit out.

So first let’s clear away the basics. The jar of Korres Pomegranate Balancing Cream Gel (and it is a frosted pink glass jar with a plastic lid) retails for $34 and contains 1.35 ounces/ 40 ml of product. It is listed as good for either oily or combination skin. I am in the combination category. I used it as both a day and night cream during my use.

So, to the claims on the website.

This pore-minimizing moisturizer delivers immediate and lasting hydration while simultaneously balancing oily to combination complexions and acne-prone skin. The unique, lightweight cream-gel texture is formulated with a blend of 15 percent pomegranate water, pomegranate extract, alpine willowherb, tannins, and polyphenols. These ingredients help reduce the appearance of pores and rejuvenate the look of skin while providing a matte finish. Hyaluronic and salicylic acids combine to offer an immediate moisture boost while conditioning skin for an overall smooth appearance.

This product contains 93.1 percent natural ingredients, and like all KORRES formulations, it is made without petrolatum, mineral oil, silicones, propylene glycol, and ethanolamines. It is dermatologically tested and cruelty-free.

Okay first to duration.  While most of the products I’ve been testing lately end up having around 1.7 ounces of product, they have generally lasted around five weeks. While this has 1.35 ounces of product inside (and was open a bit longer than my use of it) the cream lasted seven weeks and three days with two times of active use per day. So despite the lower product amount, it lasted longer. Also some of that use was when the weather was still hot and some of it was after the temperature changed and autumn made it’s late entrance. (if you’ve been reading this you may recall I used the Purlisse Blue Lotus Balancing Cream during the transition time, there is a review posted for that cream if you are interested, just follow the link).

I had no problem with this cream during either season. When I spent more time in the sun I tended to use a little bit more of the cream then when I was spending  more time indoors, but that was still not a lot of product. And that is the trick with this product.  You do not need to use a lot, so it lasts.

If you break it down then for $34 I received fifty-two days of use from this product which breaks down to about $1.53 per day (and since I used it twice a day instead of once it is about $0.76 per use, which isn’t bad.) which is a good deal for a product that works so well. If your skin is oilier than mine, you might actually use a little less. (I know it’s a strange thing to list out cost break downs about a face cream, but let’s face it, most of us don’t have unlimited funds and work with a budget, this checks the value for money box for me.)

I did find that when I applied what my skin decided was a ‘correct’ amount, the cream/gel formula (which I’ll be honest looks and feels like a cream to me) soaked into my skin well with very little wait time before applying my makeup over it.  My make-up also went on well over the product with no issues. If I used a little too much, my skin just took a little longer to absorb it but had no adverse reactions.  I just felt like I was wasting product, but that is a personal thing. It claims to be matte and to be honest, my skin did not look at all greasy after applying it and letting it sink into the skin.

The cream has a light, pleasant scent, but it is not overpowering.  Since Korres doesn’t add any extra scents beyond what is naturally in the product it is not a punch you in the face smell.  And as much as I like scents, I’m happy extra wasn’t added to my skincare. If scent is an issue for you, I don’t think this will cause you any problems. The scent is more of a ‘that’s a pleasant smell’ when opening the jar and sniffing more than an actual fruity type scent, if you know what I mean.

While I’m not sure of the scientific gauge for pore minimization, I can say this did help reduce the look of my pores, especially along my cheeks (near the nose area) and nose, which is where I have issues. My skin felt hydrated and I had no breakouts at all while using this.  In fact, I didn’t even have any bumpy under the skin blemishes appear while I was using this cream. (Those tend to drive me mad because they never actually erupt and clear out, they just half surface like some sort of strange skin ice burg to make the surface ripple and bump for a few days before slinking away again. Not to rant.  Okay, just the mini rant, I’m done now. And they weren’t an issue here anyway).

So essentially, Korres met all of the claims for its Pomegranate Balancing Cream Gel, even if it didn’t feel like a gel of any sort to me. Would I purchase this again?  Yes.  I would purchase this again.  And I would purchase this at full price instead of waiting for a sale (although really, you know me, I love my sales and currently they do have a sale going on on their site I’ve linked the site above and I think it’s currently at 40% some products at the time of me writing this.) because it is a good value for the money.

As we are edging into December, I am starting to mentally review the products I’ve used throughout the year and compile a list of my favorites. Personally, it is one of those activities I really like where I get to mentally revisit the good, the bad and the ‘oh, no never again’ that I encountered through the year.  At the moment this is actually my front runner for favorite everyday moisturizer. It dethroned the reigning champ.  Will it be able to stay on top? I won’t know until the end of the year, but at the moment, it is definitely a contender.

Normally I would end this here, but thinking about the Korres site sale, I wanted to mention another sale that is currently going on the Alyaka website.  They specialize in clean beauty products. Personally, as I like to try products before I commit to buying the full (and usually pricy) sized version, I pick up some of their trial kits. I haven’t done so in a while because I had a bunch of stuff accrue and I’m trying to clear out things before I purchase more (I know what a strange concept) but I loved their Lilah B test kit (which I think was $30) and there is a Kypris trial set I have my eye on at the moment. 

Anyway, while normally I would just post my affiliate code at the bottom of the page (and yes affiliate code means I do get a referral fee if you actually buy something when you use it, if that bothers you, just go to the site without using my code.) Not only are they having a large seasonal sale, but you can get you fifteen percent off with the posted code, so I’m posting it and actually mentioning it. Hopefully someone out there finds it useful.

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