Weekly Weight: 204.8 lbs

July 24th, 2020

In case you are wondering, yes that is exactly the weight from last week. But it is official. I found a bit of fluff stuck under the battery. Apparently someone checked the batteries while it was in my baby doll’s office (they were shipping a few things from the archives and needed an extra scale). Anyway the bit of fluff, small though it was, ended up being enough to throw its measurements out of whack when I tried to weigh me last friday.

However this week I had to go to the doctor’s office.

The bunnies got me.

Or at least the holes in the yard got me. I stepped in one and wrenched my ankle. It swelled to the size of a grapefruit so I went and had it checked out just in case. Nothing is broken but appearently in addition to twisting the ankle I bruised the bone (on a rock on the ground next to the bunny hole), which is why it felt like more than just a twisted ankle. So I’ll take it easy this weekend and next week ease into a workout that doesn’t involve too much activity for my right ankle.

It looks like there will be much chair dancing with arm weights in my future. maybe I will put together that work out sound track after all.

It was a crazy week. Our air condition was not up to the temperatures and went kerflooey. It was bearable in the day time in parts of the house with the fans running although I did end up with a more or less ongoing heat headache. Sleeping was the issue as it was hard to stay asleep in the heat.

But the repair man came. We were low on coolant although he couldn’t find a leak so he filled it and we will be monitoring it. We’re hoping for about five more years before we have to replace it.

When the air came back on I wanted to hug the masked repair man. I didn’t, but I wanted to. And last night in the newly chilled house, my baby and I went to bed early and slept like we had been clubbed over the head. It was glorious.

So while heat made my workouts early and rabbits kept the workouts mild I didn’t actually gain any weight. So I’m calling that a win. And the weight is official. I was weighed in at the doctor’s office and when I came home I immediately went to my scale to see the difference between the two and it registered the exact same weight as the doctor’s office. So things are officially calibrated. or as official as I plan to get. I’m sure there is some mathematical equation to determine why my scale should have registered slightly different due to time and distance, but I don’t care. It is close enough for me and as the only thing I really want the scale for is to monitor progress I’m good. Well actually the only thing I want it to do is to let me know when I get under the two hundred pound mark and that my weight starts with a one but I also want to know it isn’t a big fat liar when it does. So I remain happy.

So to the stats!

Starting Weight: 246.0lbs

Last week’s weight: who knows

This week’s weight: 204.8 lbs

Weight lost thus far: 41.2 lbs

Weight left to lose (apx.): 81.8 lbs

I will get there. or in some approximation of there soon. I didn’t think the lockdown would throw me off as badly as it did but it seems like I’ve mostly been holding my own rather than losing. I had a lovely conversation with my doctor about that too when I went to the doctor, so I might have to thank the bunnies. Or at least not chase them with the hose so much. Once my ankle is less tender, I have a plan for a few changes. So we will see how it goes.

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The Workout Waffle: July 14th, 2020

Yes, those are my penguin socks paired with the ankle weights.

While I stopped the Weight Loss Survival Tips Posts, I have really missed the weekly waffle about weight loss so I decided to add it back in.  While I like mentioning my workouts in my Friday Weekly Weight post, I feel that is more of just an accountability post to keep me motivated so don’t just throw in the towel mixed in with a post-game recap for the week. That way I feel I’ve done something even if the scale doesn’t move that week (or moves in the wrong direction).

This is just more of a chat really.

So lately, I have been doing some of the Chloe Ting Work outs from YouTube.  I know there seems to be a huge number of people following along with her programs. But they are good programs and they are free, I started doing the 28 day shred and sort of pared it down.  I’ve been starting the mornings with her warm up and one full exercise video and then I’m kind of done. (there are 4-5 videos recommended per day in the shred program).  I was trying to do them, but it was a bit much for me to do them all.

I’ve reached the conclusion that I am not a person who shreds.

I chip away. Like a sculptor.  A curmudgeonly one who can only deal with so much perky before my coffee. And man is she perky.

Yes, I do the workouts before my coffee.  I’ve found if I get up, go to the bathroom and put on workout clothes before I’m actually consciously awake, then I can just go into the workout before I’ve realized it.  Then halfway through, I promise myself buckets of coffee if I complete it without stopping. It’s how I get them over with each morning. (I still walk during the day, which I like, it is just the work out vid I have to tackle while half asleep)

Trickery and bribery folks. It’s a winning combo.

I can’t honestly say I miss the gym, but I will say that I do miss scheduling leaving my desk.  Plus, I did kind of like the machines. They were unnatural, but gave me story ideas for torture devices and provided people watching opportunities.

Although I am pretty sure that’s not supposed to be the point.

While I have been walking a lot lately, when it isn’t hot enough to melt the skin off my bones (yet oddly enough leave the fat behind), I’ve also been playing around with my leg weights. I actually picked up a set from ProsourceFit (I’ve linked them below if you are interested, they carry all sorts of fantastic home workout gear. I’ve been steadily adding to my collection since the arrival of Covid) and they have been a life saver.  I got the medium size leg/arm weights because they fit both my ankles and arms and instead of leaving them in the sunroom with my workout gear, I take them into the office with me. 


I allow myself to drink coffee only until ten in the morning. But the coffee pot is in the kitchen, not my office.  So I keep the leg weights on as long as I am drinking coffee.  Sometimes I do extra leg kicks and lifts (standing ones) when I move between kitchen and office.

After ten I take them off and feel light as a feather when walking around. Oddly enough, I find myself moving around a bit more just to enjoy the sensation while it lasts.  

Then throughout the day, I use the weights for my arms.  I don’t wear them constantly, that would be a bit much.  But sometimes I need to think through some wording or plan out a phone call or something and then I put them on my wrists and either do arm circles or arm lifts for a minute while I’m thinking. My arms still look a little chicken wing-esque, but I think it is helping. I know when people think of weights they generally tend to go kettle bells and dumbbells and weight balls, and I do use those, but I also really like the ankle/arm weights.

I am collecting a lot more home workout gear during quarantine actually. Some, good, some bad. Some I bought on a whim and now love, like the leg/arm weights.

It somehow doesn’t feel like I’m using weights with them, if that makes sense.  When they are on my legs I just feel like I am slogging through a heavy snow or something.

And yes sometimes that comes with one of the old nature show voices in my head

…And here we see the wild Mimsy as she makes her way across the frozen tundra in search of the elusive caffeine, a necessary component for her survival.  She will make this trek repeatedly, replenishing her inner storehouse so she can survive yet another day of seemingly endless conference calls discussing at length an issue that can be summed up in two sentences because others have become addicted to video conferencing… 

With the arms it just feels like I’m trying to distract my brain so I can think up the right words to use for whatever it is I’m actually doing, even if my muscles are sore the next morning. I’m sure it doesn’t burn a whole lot of calories, but I can feel it in my muscles and I’m pretty sure the wobbly chicken arms are wobbling less.

So that’s something. 

Plus when you take them off the Velcro makes a very satisfying ripping sound (without actually ripping anything). I have no idea why that is so satisfying, but it really is.

Now, if only I could get my baby doll to stop bringing home piles of snacks every time he goes out then I’ll be okay.  We were doing really good before Covid about not getting snacks, but stress and shopping once a month made each visit out of the house feel like an excursion.  When the two of us go together it is fine, but when he goes out alone, he comes back loaded with things not on the list.  For a while I was doing good resisting, and then the sneaky snack foods started creeping in a few bits at a time.  I think that is why even with increasing my workouts, my weight loss had plateaued during lock down.  Now that I’ve realized it, I’m starting to get it under control so hopefully soon I won’t feel like I’m standing still anymore and the weight will once again start to come off. 

So there you have it, my first Workout Waffle. I’m going to try to post these once a week, either Tuesday or Wednesdays. Mostly because I really miss talking to you about weight loss and workout stuff now that I’m not doing the weekly tip. I hope you enjoy them as well.

yoga gear

Weekly Weight: ???

July 10, 2020

I will be the first to admit that I am not what you’d call the brightest person in the world before I’ve had my morning coffee.  My mornings tend to run solely on routine for the first hour or so that I am awake.  It is actually one of the reasons it is so easy to incorporate a morning exercise into my start of the day routine.  Once it is routine, I just keep chugging along.

So when something comes along that is unexpected, it sometimes takes me a moment to process.  I will also add I was especially slow this morning as this week, I did not sleep well. We have one set of neighbors who are not taking the extended togetherness terribly well. I suspect few people on my street had a very restful week without some sort of chemical assistance.

At least it seems to have died down now.

Regardless, this morning when I went into the bathroom to weigh myself, it took me a few minutes to realize the scale wasn’t there. It lives in the small powder room so there aren’t many places for it to hide. I checked them in under five seconds.

It wasn’t there.

My first thought was that we’d been burgled. It soon became apparent that wasn’t the case as nothing else was missing so unless there is a roving band of scale thieves at large in my part of the world I began to suspect theft wasn’t the answer.

Okay first I pictured a roving band of scale thieves and tried to work out the maniacal plot they had involving a large number of scales.

It turns out that my baby doll needed the scale for work for some reason. His office is going back on a staggered schedule. Luckily he works in a building with only two people who have to spend any time in it so they alternate days. I don’t think that the scale plays any role in the alternation of days. I have been promised it’s safe return before next Friday though so I will just live with that.

So for the morning I offer a picture of my floor, showing off my pink and sparkly toes and then go about my day. I have to say my morning feels slightly off balance. I’m hoping more coffee will restore my equilibrium. So no weight today, despite the buckets of sweat over the week. I’m just going to claim that today I am esentially weightless and leave it at that.

Now for coffee, soon, the Make up Bag Post, then later the Friday Face Mask. In between, much writing and defiance of fairytale norms.

But for now, coffee.

Weekly Weight: 205.0 lbs

July 3rd, 2020

This has been a strange week for me.  Quite frankly I am kind of surprise it is only a slight weight gain.  Saturday was my birthday.  There was ice cream cake and champagne.  Also in an attempt to make it into a ‘special’ event, my babydoll managed to pick up most of the things neither of us have been eating in over a year as a celebratory splurge.

I think what we both ended up learning is that we literally can’t eat like we used to. We tried though.  For a day.  I had my spa day early in the day and then we splurged throughout the day with assorted goodies. Then after a day of birthday video chats, we opened the champagne and watched Svengoolie.

It was a Harryhousen film. The Seventh voyage of Sinbad.  Let’s hear it for early Claymation.

Sunday we both felt the effects of the food.  It was quite something. I think we both drank water in buckets trying to sort of flood out the richness. Admittedly, the remaining cake lasted all week, but we had small portions for desert after dinner rather than paring it with an over the top meal.

This was also the first week of my participation in the Chloe Ting 28 day shred. I started bright and early Monday morning.  It went well.  I did the low impact section and there were exercises I just couldn’t do, but not as many as I feared. I finished my first workout, showered and got to work.  I’ve noticed that if I do these workouts first thing in the morning I don’t have time to talk myself out of them.

Trickery is how I convince myself to work out.

Trust me, it isn’t a love of endorphins.

About two hours after I started work I got up from my chair and really felt the work out in the tops of my upper thighs. The next morning I woke up sore all over, but I pushed through and the workout loosened me up a bit.  By the end of the day though I found out that I did have muscles in my rear end because fat simply doesn’t hurt like that. 

I feared the next morning, but it honestly wasn’t that bad.

The really bad part was this morning.  On her system there are two days built into the week that are active rest days.  That means I do stuff, but I don’t do a Chloe Ting workout.  Which was fine, my muscles needed a break. This week Thursday was an ‘Active Rest’ day. But this morning, knowing I had to get back to it and start in on the work out first thing made me hit the snooze button a few extra times. I think for me, it is going to consistently be the day after a break day that is the hardest for me.

I think it is because I am anticipating the pain of the first day.

But I made it through my first week.  and currently my muscles appear to have forgiven me. They aren’t usd to it, but the arguments for abandoning the program have died down to a low comlaining and not an active revolt.

And while the scale is heavier than last week, I know the workouts aren’t to blame and to be honest, my clothes feel looser. I’m not taking measurements until the end of the month, but they really feel a little looser.  I did take measurements at the start and will post them along with my measurements at the end.  I just want to share some thoughts each week as I go through.  Also knowing that I am posting comments about it keeps me doing the actual exercises.  I need that sort of accountability.

So I finished a year and started a new one as well as started a new challenge. In addition, my phone company sent me an e-mail saying my phone was now officially too old for them to support any more so I had to come in and upgrade. I knew I needed to upgrade as my phone was 15 years old, but I resent the ultimatum.

So now I have an LG Stylo 6.  It is HUGE compared to my old phone and this weekend I need to find a case for it so I don’t destroy it in less than a week. Buying a phone wasn’t in my plans for the week, but it needed to be done.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one who got the cell phone ultimatum because there were a lot of folks with me.  All disgruntled, but all keeping their space.  I do have the distinction of being the oldest phone they upgraded that day.  All the sales reps gathered around as though it was a school field trip and I the traveling museum exhibit.

Gather round children and see how ancient man communicated.

Fun stuff.

It also blew a four hour hole through my schedule so I’ve been racing to catch up ever since.  This weekend I plan to get a cell phone case and catch my breath. But first, the stats!

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last Week’s Weight: 204.8 lbs

This week’s weight: 205.0 lbs

Change this week: +0.2 lbs

Weight lost thus far: 41.0 lbs

Weight left to lose (apx): 82.0 lbs

And now it is on with the day!

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Weekly Weight: 205.6 lbs

June 5th, 2020

It is finally Friday. This has been a long one. I think part of it was because I was out of the house more than I have been in a while. Don’t worry, I had my face mask. To be honest I think the change in my weight this week was due to just sweating in the heat while standing around. I certainly didn’t get in all of my normal walks.

I have to say, one thing that came in super handy this week were those Busy Beauty Body wipes. I may not have had to avoid the black showers of doom in my gym but I threw a hand full in my bag when I went out and while I used one, I shared with those around me, Let me tell you the peppermint cool was much appreciated on sun fried arms and legs. As my neighbor pointed out, we have now entered the season where we have the air you can wear. Seriously it is the fashion accessory no one wants, but you can’t leave at home.

This season comes between the spring rains and summer drought, in case you are wondering.

Its when all the rain that fell sort of hovers for a last goodbye before disappearing. You know, for that extra special touch that makes you wonder what you did to anger God. Or maybe not the big god, maybe like one of the little imps from Dante’s Infermo taking a short vacation from the seventh circle or maybe the eighth. It’s been a while since I read Dante.

Maybe I’ll read it this weekend. After I order more body wipes. Seriously, they are far more useful than I anticipated. Hopefully the new batch will be used in happier times.

Speaking of happy, despite everything I smiled when stepping on the scale this morning. It was such a weird week I had no idea what to expect. Exercise was strange and almost non-existent and food was really hit or miss rather than anythinglike a scheduled meal. It was a pleasant surprise and I’m trying to be very low key about actually passing the 40 lbs mark. That particular mark has made me exceedingly paranoid, so I’m not going to talk about it, just smile quietly to myself and list the stats.

Starting weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s weight: 206.4 lbs

This week’s weight: 205.6 lbs

This week’s loss: 0.8 lbs

Total lost thus far: 40.4 lbs (squee)

Total left to lose (apx.): 82.6 lbs

Okay, quiet giggles of personal glee, and off to work for the day. With everything going on this week I am so far behind and will be spending much of the day trying to see a reasonable dent in my inbox. I’ll be posting the Makeup Bag post right after this and then later today (hopefully after a mountain of work has been cleared) I will be back for the Friday Face Mask. Hope everyone has a good Friday.

Weight Loss Regime Survival Top #49: Patience

It is often said that there is nothing new under the sun. Willow bark becomes repackaged as aspirin and Taxis become ubers. While I don’t always agree with the nothing new, I have to say this week has been one where I have been destined to relearn one of the first lessons I had when I first decided to lose weight.


When I first decide that I was finished playing around with the idea of losing weight and actually decided to actively pursue it as a goal (my decision based more on not wanting my knees to give out on me than any desire to look good in a bikini), Patience was the first lesson I had to learn.

I wanted to run but could only make it once around the block walking before my body hurt too much to continue. I wanted to be able to lift large weights without a thought but found my arms shaking with the little baby weights. I wanted to keep pace with the slim athletic folks who make the work out videos but struggled to make it through one round.

Most of all, I wanted all of the excess weight to slide right off my body leaving me svelte and healthy with no aches in knees of feet.

The truth, as I’m sure all of you know, is that the weight didn’t all one day decided to pile on my bones. It wasn’t all going to leave in a single day, or even a single week.

Logically I knew that. I understood it. But the constant barrage of miracle weight loss advertisements somehow wormed its way into my brain. I do a lot of my shopping on line. For long stretches of time I lived in remote areas where it was my best option if I wanted any sort of variety in my purchases.I also moved around a lot and ended up picking up favorites from different locals that were not available once I moved. As my weight increased, I also found a better selection in my size range on line. My largest size was 3X, thankfully a size I have left behind and actually cleared out of my closet. Most stores don’t carry a lot of clothes in 3X.

But the internet does.

However there are lovely little computer programs all over the world wide web and I very quickly found that once you start ordering clothes in a size 3X on line, the commercials that get flashed your way tend to lean into the miracle diet lane. The most sensible tend to promise things like fat flushing and a 10 lbs loss in a week.

I knew I wasn’t going to take any pills or potions but concentrate on creating a healthy, sustainable program for me to lose weight and set myself up for a sustainably healthy future. I was looking long term and permanant, not quick fix.

But it is hard chipping away slowly at the mass with the diet and exercise hammer and chisel when you see the pneumonic jackhammer of the quick fix flashing at you everytime you go online. Even with the suspicion of overblown claims and possible unpleasant side effects, they tested my patience.

For the most part, I have gotten past it.

To be honest the high boasts of many of the pills and tinctures kind of scare me out of using them anyway. I can’t think of anything that works that dramatically as being good for me. I will admit I have a strange fascination with the sort of neoprene looking sweat vests. You know the ones where you slip on a rubber lined band around your middle so you sweat more and lose weight fast. I don’t know why they fascinate me, but they sort of do. I suspect if I tried them then I would end up passed out under the summer sun from dehydration more than anything else, but still they draw me in.

For now, they too are relatively easy to ignore.

But now I am learning the same lesson of patience in a different format.

While my body is healing from my burn, parts have been slower to heal than others, mostly because they took more damage. My feet were particularly hard hit. While I can walk around the house and stand without pain, the joint where my ankle meets my foot is still raw and the rounded knob of ankle bone on the inside of my foot took a particularly hard beating from the sun.

Given that I could stand and walk around the house without pain I thought to myself, maybe a quick walk around the block just to see if I can. So I pulled on socks and shoes. I took three steps and then hobbled back to the bed to take the shoes and socks off. The angry red of the abraded flesh screamed all sorts of subverbal obscenities at me. So I am still not walking. I am doing some work with my weights and I am doing crunches and other basic exercises that don’t rely on me walking. They are helping me burn off some of my antsy energy, even if they don’t burn a high amount of calories.

And again I find myself remembering the lesson of patience. Rushing to walk before my feet are healed enough will cause more damage and a greater delay in getting back into my calorie burning walks. Taking the time now, helps me in the long run.

While I don’t always agree that there is nothing new under the sun, at this point in time it seems I am destined to relearn the same lesson I thought I mastered. weight loss, like many other goals in life, requires patience in order to achieve.


Weekly Weight: 208.2 lbs

May 8th, 2020

Welcome to Friday.  I have to say, this was a strange week for me.  Last weekend I managed (through my own carelessness) to get a rather bad burn on my legs.  As a consequence most of this week has been spent with my legs propped up and smeared with aloe.  There was no walking, there was no exercising.  There was lots of water as I tried to turn myself into something less desiccated and there was more enforced relaxing than I have done in a while.  This week was more about finding a way to sit that didn’t feel like it was going to split my skin open at any moment and less about being productive.

I had very strange Kafka-esqe dreams this week.

I am getting better and on Monday I will be easing into my workouts again (hopefully). Yesterday, I managed to keep a pair of socks on all day without having my ankles swell as blood rushed to the damaged areas. (the tops of my feet were burned.) Sunday, I plan on attempting shoes, if that goes well, a short walk may be in order Monday. 

I am hopeful.

Despite the lack of exercise I was trying not to have a massive gain. There was clearly some increase, but I didn’t balloon up by 20 lbs overnight, which is my fear.  I know not an entirely rational fear, but a fear nonetheless. I’ll get over it.  Gaining just under a pound and a half when my greatest activity is walking across a room, isn’t all that bad in my book. And the break was good for me. I got to read and slack off which is rare for me during the week. Even with the current stay at home orders in place there always seem to be more things to do in a day than I have time for so I probably needed a break anyway. 

I certainly slept like I did.

But like I said, I am on the mend.  It is just slower than I like.  I do know my mending isn’t all in my head though as my baby doll informed me that I am no longer walking like an arthritic penguin, but more like a gimpy pirate.

He is such a comfort to me.

It was the burning of the knees that caused the most trouble. It got the most sun and is also the skin that takes the most movement when I walk so I have been trying to walk by moving my knees as little as possible. Hence the penguin effect.  My left knee was burned more than my right so now I’m a gimpy pirate, which means the right is healing.

I will say pain has a way of narrowing your focus.  Nothing outside of my immediate reach has attracted my attention this entire week.  Instead of catching up on news casts, I read a couple of old Jennifer Crusie novels. Incidentally, for a fun, but not too taxing read I’d recommend Wild Ride.  It is about a daemon possessed amusement park.  Oh, and it’s a romance. It was an excellent choice for this week. I think they also have it as an audio book on Audible if you prefer listening to books. I listened to several others of hers on Audible this week as well.  Wild Ride I just happened to pick up at a book sale.

But now to the stats:

Starting weight: 246 lbs

Last week’s Weight: 206.8 lbs

This week’s weight: 208.2 lbs

Weight change this week: +1.4 lbs

Weight lost thus far: 37.8 lbs

Weight left to lose (apx): 85.2 lbs

It feels strange listing weight this week when I did so very little, but I am glad I did.  It keeps me focused and reminds me that this was just a break.  Even if my walking is slow getting started again next week, I think I will add a bit of arm work.  Mostly because even though I enjoyed the time off, I am starting to feel a bit antsy with all this lack of movement. I never thought sitting could be so exhausting. I hope everyone has a great Friday and I will see you back here for the Friday face mask later today.

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Weight Loss Regime Survival Tip #48: The Unexpected

Sometimes in life things happen and you just have to make adjustments.  I know this is something we are all familiar with at this point.  Sometimes however the unexpected is a little closer to home. You know, there are times when I think myself really clever.  I’ll do something or write something or figure out a snarl in my plot in an unexpectedly delightful way and I will feel really good about myself.

There are other times when I manage to do something so bone-headedly stupid that I wonder why I don’t have a slew of Darwin Award trophies on my mantle.

This weekend was one of my not so bright moments. 

If you’ve been following along, you most likely know that I garden and that we have had a boat load of spring rain in my area. This weekend, it was sunny. 

In fact, it was just about perfect.

roses from my yard

The sun was shining and the temperature warm but not too hot. The roses were beginning to bloom. In fact. I cut a few for inside. A cool breeze was blowing so that nothing seemed too warm even when drowsing in the sun.  I sprayed myself down with sunscreen and did some work in the garden.  I then moved all of my seedlings outdoors for a chance to spend some time outside. 

Afterwards everything looked so lovely I thought ‘why not read out in the back garden?’ 

It was a nice break from being inside all the time and I was, quite ready for an outdoor break.  I loved my Wonder Woman Marathon, but there is only so much time I can sit on the couch. 

I also decided to change out of my jeans and put on a loose fitting summer dress.  I was quite happy to get to take it out of the closet (mostly because it didn’t fit me last summer and is now a little too loose on me). I was proud of myself for getting to wear it.

As we all know, pride goes before a fall.

This was no exception.

I settled myself with a book and fell into my story. For several hours.

Occasionally I moved around and my skirt shifted with movements, especially when I propped my knees up.  But I thought ‘hey I might actually get some sun on my ghost white legs’.

And boy did I.

Oh yes, my darlings, I sprayed myself with sunscreen when wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but in my haste to enjoy the perfect day, forgot to apply more when I changed and put none at all on my legs or upper arms where the skin was covered previously.

What occurred was a motley patchwork of burns on my inner thighs, knees, calves and feet.  (I kicked off my shoes to prop my feet on an extra chair.) The burns were pretty bad and I have been hobbling around ever since.  My arms are painful, but my legs feel as though the skin shrunk (which I suppose it did) and any movement is somewhat painful and walking is certainly out of the question. Making it from room to room is an effort. There is no way I am making it on the trail this week.

At the moment standing is not my favorite either. In fact the only position repotely comfortable is the one I was sitting in when I got the burn, ie. sitting with my feet propped up.  Monday morning I went to use the restroom and took longer than I expected because I had to work up the courage to stand back up and face the pain as the skin on my legs shifted.

It is getting better. Fear not, I don’t think I did myself any permanent harm. There are no blisters, just really red skin that feels really tight. It is just really painful at the moment.

Worse is that I know I did it to myself.

I did this stupid thing to me because I forgot extra sunscreen and lost track of time while reading.  As I almost always lose track of time while reading, I should have known better. Ghost white legs with no sun protection do not need to spend five hours in the sun.

Cool breeze or not.

So now I am dealing with the unexpected. I am giving my legs a break from walking, my body in general a break from exercising (mostly because I have no choice in the matter) and I am placing sunscreen at strategic points in the house so it is always visible. Although I think I will remember this for quite some time to come.

So unexpectedly I find myself with a week with no exercise.  I am watching my calorie count, but I do not have high hopes for Friday’s weigh in.  I really wish I could blame someone else, but really,  I can’t. this was all me. At best I could raise my fist and glare at the sun, but that really won’t help and it hurts to lift my arm that high at the moment anyway.

I will say, I am very happy to have that four pack of moisturizing face masks at the moment.  I have been lounging with them this week and suspect they will be used up by this coming weekend. 

Well timed Face-tory. 

Although I had about three layers of spf of differing strengths already on my face, so oddly my face is fine while the rest of me isn’t so happy. Still, I will admit, the extra serum in the mask packets is being applied to arms and legs and the extra moisture is quite appreciated.

As each day is a little less painful, I know that this too will pass.  I will probably be mobile by Friday in fact even if I leave off walking again until Monday.  But all my plans for this week have sadly been chucked in the bin.

For the moment I just have to accept that. Next week I will get back to walking and I will add in the Wii Fit to see if it actually adds anything to my at home workout.  This week, I am spending a lot of it with my feet propped up, a hydrating mask on my face and cartoons playing on the television.  At the moment, I’m partial to Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated.  It’s on Netflix if anyone is interested.  Louis Black plays the Mysterious Mr. E. which I find somewhat amusing. Plus, it is really hard to feel too bad about yourself when watching Scooby Doo. Or at least that’s my take on it. Maybe it just makes me feel better.

Regardless, next week, we resume real life, this week, I’m taking a bodily enforced break. If nothing else, let this serve as a reminder, don’t forget the sunscreen, even if it seems only mildly warm outside. We are entering the season of the sun. while SPF is important year round, it is doubly so now. Enjoy the sun responsibly.

Weekly Weight: 207.2 lbs

April 24th, 2020

I’ll admit, 0.2 lbs isn’t much of a loss, but I am happy with it. To be honest, I wasn’t entirely certain there would be a loss this week. After some debate, this week we actually left the house for a grocery run. It was a very quick one, mostly to pick up fresh veg (is it strange that the sight of fresh spinach made me giddy?) we decided to support one of our local restaurants who are still doing take out.

I have to say, take out food has never felt so clandestine.

We called in our order and were given an approximate time and told we would be called from the parking lot. At the appropriate time we pulled into the parking lot and saw we weren’t the only ones waiting. As we waited we saw other people receive their order. The person dispensing the orders would walk out place the to go box on a cloth covered restaurant style trolly (it looked like something a fancy old school place would wheel deserts around on. As this is a mexican place and they never wheeled anything around I’m guessing that it was used for another purpose, but that’s what it looked like). He then backed away and made a call on his cell phone. A person would exit one of the vehicles and walk over to pick up their order while being watched from the man standing six feet away. They would take their food and then he would whisk the cloth napkin away, toss it in a bin with the word WASH/LAVAR printed on it in sharpie. A new cloth was then laid down and the process repeated.

No one said a single word.

There were nods and the occasional smile. well from patrons anyway. The staff member of the restaurant was wearing both gloves and a face mask.

It felt a little nefarious.

But let me tell you those enchiladas were so worth the relay system. I over ate, but I can’t really regret it. Its the first meal I haven’t cooked in a while. The next day my body was not happy with me about the over indulgence and protested the mass quantities of gooey melted cheese and the restaurant level sodium content. I could actually feel my fingers swell.

But we supported a locally owned restaurant we love and restocked on fresh veg. So all is well. even though our governor is lifting a lot of the restrictions next week, it is doubtful we will leave the house for supplies for another few weeks at least. we are well stocked. So I have plenty of time to get over the mass of cheesey goodness.

I know, the excitements right now are small ones, but still kind of fun.

So the stats:

Starting Weight: 246 lbs

Last Week’s weight: 207.4 lbs

This Week’s Weight: 207.2 lbs

Weight lost this week: 0.2 lbs

Weight lost thus far: 38.8 lbs

Weight left to lose (apx).: 84.2 lbs

So that is all for my Friday update. I will see you all back here this afternoon for the Friday Face Mask. Hope everyone has a great Friday!

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Weekly Weight: 207.4 lbs

April 17, 2020

I will say, there was a happy dance this morning when I saw the numbers were decreased from last week. I think the main reason they went down this week was that the rain finally stopped the flooding left the park and the walking trail was again opened. Also the recent cold snap brought in by the rain meant that I was one of the few people in the park. There were a couple of people, mostly walking dogs with thick fur coats.

One of my neighbors has a Bernese Mountain dog who looked like he was just sprung from prison. His owner was thankful that she had yet to give him his summer hair cut.

A fact she told me from across the wide expanse of the eight foot trail as we each held tightly to our sides, hers a more trying effort as the dog wanted to make new friends. Apparently he’s having issues with social distancing. Of course he also had issues with his attempts to make friends with the herons who have more or less taken up the creek side of the park. I’m guessing they arrived with the rains as several looked confused that the lake covering the trail and surrounding flat land covered by the overflowing creek was now gone.

I’m not sure if it was an accident, surprise from the Bernese, or retaliation for invading the park the herons now claimed as their own, but when taking off one of them dropped a fish on me.It was only about four inches long and more rounded than long and it was still wiggling. I didn’t realize the creek had more than minnows.

I have to say, people may be having a hard time with staying at home and not conducting their lives as usual, but the wildlife, at least in my area, seems to be having a blast with the change in the status quo. While there are always birds in our park, especially at this time of year, at the moment they seem to have taken over.

While I use the trail nearly daily, the bulk of the people who are on the trail during the day come from the large office buildings and private (year round) school that back up onto the park and walking trail. I know the businesses have their own interconnected walking trail for employees only that ties into the public one and the school’s play area is adjacent to it. With the schools and office buildings (they are corporate offices I think) all closed with only one or two staff to check on the buildings now and again, the use of the walking trail has gone down significantly.

Luckily, the birds are of different varieties or I would feel as though I was walking into an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

They stare but they look more confused by my presence (and those walking dogs) than anything else. Kinda fun. Other than that it has been a quiet week. My seedlings are almost to the point where I can take them out of the green house and start hardening them in the day time at least for preparation for being left out overnight. I am already snipping off mint and oregano to dry in the oven for teas and seasoning and I can tell you that after limiting my fresh veg because of grocery store avoidance, I have been very focused on my tomato seedlings and lettuce beds.

While the tomatoes will have to wait until high summer, at which point I will probably be buried under them considering how many I planted this year (Lycopene for everybody!) I know I’m going to have to hold back on thinning the salad veg too aggressively.

I can honestly say when I started my diet, I never thought I would actually miss salad. Oh, how the world has changed in a year.

As you can probably tell, it was a relatively quiet week here, which given the alternative, suits me fine. So, as you’ve been caught up on my world,to the stats.

Starting weight: 246 lbs

Last week’s weight: 208.6 lbs

This week’s weight: 207.4 lbs

Weight lost this week: 1.2 lbs

Weight lost thus far: 38.6 lbs

weight left to lose (apx.) 84.4 lbs

So there you have it my darlings, not to shabby a week. Now it is time for me to get back to work, even if the back of my brain is still trying to plot out how to defend the lettuces against the brigade of rabbits already plotting their invasion strategies. There will more than likely be chicken wire in my future. There will also be a face mask this afternoon. I received two really interesting ones in subscription boxes this month so I have to decide which one I want to use first by this afternoon.Tune in later to see which I go for. Until then, have a great Friday.

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